List of Incumbents

St Antony (of Egypt) Church at Cowley, Exeter

Provided by John Williams

[This was a "Church of Convenience" in the parish of Brampford Speke. The church was first consecrated by Bishop Walter Trower on Monday 4th May 1868 and the last service was held in the church 18th September 2011. It is currently (May 2013) on the market as a private property.]

1868    J. Gillam
1875W.J.R. Neame
1878J.S. Maler
1880F.E. Molyneaux
1883S.E. Martin
1886P.J. Pulman
1888W.R. Barnes
1892W. Bonns
1900W.W. Secretam
1902J. Eaves
1903E.E. McG.Benson
1907W.A. Garrard
1911E. Johnson-Smith
1916E.D. Drake-Brockman
1922J.M. Fulford
1937J. Pearmain
1938D.M. Cooper
1941A.L. Langley
1943J.E. Blakeman Ball
1949E.S. Phillips
1950R.C.B. Llewellyn