The Customs of the Manor of Braunton

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 20 (1888), pp. 254-303.


R. Dymond

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, delivered at the Association's 1888 Exeter meeting examines the court rolls that together constitute the "Book of the Customs" that in 1516 the Abbot of Cleve in Somerset required William Wyott of Braunton to compile. The three manors that were his focus were Braunton Abbott, Braunton Gorges and Braunton Dean. The book took seven years to compile and was revised periodically by the Abbot and Sir Thomas Colmer, Vicar of Braunton. Its contents provide insights into the customs that governed the proceedings of Devonshire manors in Tudor times. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Ackland, Richard Esq301
Alyn, Richard293
Andrewe, Margaret295
Arscott, Arthur Esq299
Arundell, Joan297
Arundell, John Esq297
Arundell, John Kt297
Ash, Martha302
Ash, Richard302
Babecomb, Robert292
Balamey, Richard292
Bassett, John Esq299
Battysell, John265
Berwyck, Richard295
Bery, Richard296
Billisford, Peter294
Blake, Dorothy302
Blake, George302
Blake, George jnr302
Blake, Susanna302
Blount262, 273
Bourgh, John292
Bow, William292
Bremelhay, Richard295
Broke, Agnes296
Broke, Philip294-5
Broke, Thomas296
Broke, William293
Brooking Rowe, Mr262
Broune, Emma265
Brounyng, Johan293
Brounyng, John294
Brounyng, Moryce293
Brounyng, William294
Bryt, Joan264
Bryt, Robert264
Burges, Robert294
Burgoyne, Thomas gent299-300
Buscombe, Walter293
Byry, John296
Callard, John293
Callard, Michell293
Chanter, Mr John R255-6
Chapple, William256
Charles II302-3
Chauntrell, John (Chantrell)296, 300
Chauntrell, Richard293
Chauntrell, Thomas266
Chauntrell, William295-6
Chechester, Mr293, 295
Cleve, John Abbot of255, 264
Cleve, William Abbot of267
Coates, William300
Cock, John295
Cock, Margaret295
Cock, Thomas295
Cock, William295
Coke, William295
Colemore, John292, 294
Colmer, Sir Thomas255, 289
Comings, James303
Comings, Joan303
Cooke, John299
Cooke, Paule294
Cooke, Thomas295
Cooper, George302
Cooper, Mary302
Cooper, Peternell302
Court, Thomas294
Courtenay family256
Courtenay, Sir William297-8
Crascomb, Davy293
Craze, Phillip300
Crosse, Day & Crosse, Messrs257, 298
Culme, Mr294, 296
Cusshe, Jeffrey266
Dallyn, Ambrose299
Dennys, Thomas gent299
Denys, Hugh295
Devon, Earl of256
Dillon, Mr299
Dirward, John295
Dirward, Richard295
Dovell, William255, 289
Drew, William296
Dyer, Henry302
Dyer, Philip292, 296
Dyer, Susannah302
Edwards, John295
Emlyn, George301
Emlyn, George jnr301
Emlyn, Margaret301
Eyre, Roger294
Fairman, John296
Fayrelynche, Thomas296
ffairchild, Edward300
ffortescue, Archelaus300-1
Fleming, Grace303
Fortescue, Mr Bartholomew292-4, 296
Frenth, Henry303
Gibb, John293
Goole, Robert295
Gorges, Sir Edward Knt255, 289
Gorges family257
Gourdon, William299
Gourdyn, Geffrey293
Greneway, Henry292, 295
Gribble, Arthur300
Grose, William295
Gryffen, John295
Haches, Andrew295
Hamond, Christian302
Hamond, William302
Hamont, John (Hamond)294, 302
Harris, Oliver299-300
Hart, Richard294
Hartnoll, John300
Hawke, Tobias299-300
Heale, Jane302
Heale, John302
Hemyocott, John296
Henry IV264, 267
Henry VI296
Henry VIII264-5, 292, 297
Heynes, Simon292
Hooper, Nicholas Esq299
Hooper, Peter299, 301
Horden, Peter299
Horden, Philip299, 302
Hordon, Johan293
Hordon, Richard296
Horwood, George303
Hough, Thomas295
Hunt, Charles299-300, 302
Hunt, Edward302
Hunt, John300
Hunt, Catherine301
Hunt, Richard302
Hunt, Robert301
Hunt, Susanna301
Husband, John293
Hutchings, George300
Incledon, Amy302
Incledon, Henry299
Incledon, James302
Incledon, Lucy302
Incledone, Robert Esq292-3, 297-8, 302
Incledone, Thomas292-4
James II302
John, King302
Jule, John (Juyll)294, 296
Keen, Mrs Deborah301
Kene, William295
Knill, Christian300
Knill, Richard jnr301
Knyght, John295
Knyght, Richard294
Knyll, Mathew294
Knyll, Richard (Knill)295, 299
Knyll, Scale293-4
Kyste, John293
Lamprey, Catherine302
Lamprey, Charles302
Lamprey, Joan302
Langdon, John299
Langdon, Samuell299, 301
Lipscomb, Mr R H257
Lorimer, Elyn295
Lovering, John264, 293
Loveryng, Johan295
Lugge, William264
Luscote, John de297
Luscote, William de296-7
Mark, William295
Marke, John292
Marks, William295
Michell, John296
Moore, John Esq301
Morys, John294
Morys, William295
Mosaven, Johan293
Mosaven, John293
Mosaven, Peter294
Musavin, Martha302
Oliver, Joan296
Olyver, John296
Parkin, John300
Parkman, John296
Parminter, Elizabeth303
Parminter, John303
Payne, John293, 295
Peake, Anne303
Peake, John303
Perriman, Nicholas300-1
Peters, Richard293
Pike, George301
Pincombe, John Esq300-1
Predyaux, Salomey293
Predyaux, Stephen295
Purcer, Helyn293
Pyke, Margaret301
Pyle, John296
Rede, Thomas294
Reigny, Richard264
Ridd, Dorcas302-3
Ridd, Elizabeth302
Ridd, John302-3
Ridd, John jnr302-3
Ridd, William302
Risdon, Tristram256
Roberts, Joan301
Roberts, Nicholas301
Rogers, John300-1
Rolle, Sir John300
Rolle, Hon Mark257
Rolle, Robert Esq299
Saint Hugh the Bishop266-7
Salisbury, William296
Score, John295
Shephard, Peter294
Sheptor, William294-5
Sheve, John292, 294
Sheve, William293-4
Shune, Joan264
Shune, John264
Shuvea, William296
Simons, Philip303
Skinner, Anne303
Smith, Henry299
Smith, Oliver300
Smythe, Johan294
Somer, Thomas294
Stapledon, James299
Stapledon, Thomas293
Stephens, Prance & Prance, Messrs257
Stephyn, Richard (Stevins)296, 301
Stevins, Elizabeth303
Stevins, Mr John (Stevens)297, 299, 303
Stevins, Lewis299, 301, 303
Stevins, Mary303
Swete, Philipp294
Symon, John294
Tallyn, Richard295
Tamlin, Oliver299
Tamlyn, Mr Richard300
Tomlayn, John (Tamlyn)296, 300
Taylor, Agnes294
Taylor, Mr William300
Thorne, Mary300
Toker, John295
Toker & Dyer296
Trelawny, Mr Charles257
Trelawny family257
Ulff, Jeffry296
Vinculo, St Peter ad256
Voler, Richard294
Walker, Charles300
Walkey, Thomas295
Walter, Jacobus292
Walter, John295
Walter, Thomas293
Walter, William293-4
Webber, Edmand303
Webber, Edmund303
Wheke, John296
White, Joan301
White, Margaret301
White, Nicholas300-1
Whitefield, John299
Whitfield, David299
Whyte, Fooke293
Whytyngdon, Mr293
William III301
Wode, Clement293
Worth, Alice264-5
Worth, Thomas264-5
Wurth & Tremayne294
Wyot, John293
Wyott, Philip255, 292-5
Wyott, William255-7, 265, 289-90, 297-8
Yeo, Hugh Esq265, 293-6
Yewer, Joan296