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Help and advice for Bridestowe: The Bidlakes of Bidlake (1905): index

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Name Index


The Bidlakes of Bidlake

Devon Notes & Queries, vol. 3, Part 8 (1905), pp. 241-248.


J.H.B. Wollocombe

Prepared by Michael Steer

Bidlake as a name, first appears as a description of a Devon land area. A deed to Radus de Combe (Ralph of Combe) in 1168 is for land in the area known as Bidlake, and one of the witnesses to the deed was Nicholas of Bidlake. Their original seat was Combe or Combebow, in the parish of Bridestowe, where they had a mansion on a knoll of limestone rising out of a narrow valley. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Harvard University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Adam, John 244
Baron, John 246
Beare, Mrs 247
Becklake 247
Bidlake, Agnes 245
Bidlake, Alice 241, 243
Bidlake, Ann 247
Bidlake, Anna 245
Bidlake, Anne 243, 245
Bidlake, Charles 246
Bidlake, Edmund 243
Bidlake, Elizabeth 243, 245, 247
Bidlake family throughout
Bidlake, Geoffrey of 241
Bidlake, Henry gent 243-8
Bidlake, Johanna 242
Bidlake, John of 241-3, 245
Bidlake, Katherine 243
Bidlake, Mary Ann 247
Bidlake, Matilda 241
Bidlake, Mr Esq 246
Bidlake, Mrs 246
Bidlake, Philippa 244-5, 247
Bidlake, Ralph of 241
Bidlake, Sir Richard Bt 247
Bidlake, Thomas 242-3, 247
Bidlake, William 245, 247
Burgette, Alice 242
Burgette, Thomas 242
Calmady, Shilston 242
Charles I 245
Chychecote, Robert 241
Cloberry, John 246
Combe, Alice 241
Combe, Joan 242
Combe, John 241
Combe, Nicholas de 241
Combe, Ralph of 241-2
Combe, Reginald of 242
Combe, Richard 241
Combe, William de 241-2
Cooke, John 243
Cooke, Katherine 243
Courtenay, Edward 242
Courtenay, Lady Elizabeth 242
Courtenay family 242
Courtenay, Sir Peter 242
Cromwell, Richard 246
Denys, Anne 243
Denys, Roger gent 243
Ebsworthye, Leonard 244
Edgecombe, Richard 246
Elizabeth I 242
Furlong, Anthony 247
Furlong, Elizabeth 247
Furlong, Thomas 247
Giles, Sir Edward 245
Greenwood, Edward 247
Greenwood, Mary Ann 247
Hadde, Elizabeth 243
Hadde, Katherine 243
Hadde, Thomas 243
Hamlyn, Mrs Calmady 242
Hawkins, Daniel 246
Hele, Sir Thomas Bt 245
Herring, Mrs 247
Hiern, Mary 247
Hiern, Mrs 247
Hore, David 246
Kelly family 241
Kelly, Philippa 245-6
Kelly, Mr William 245-6
Kneebone, Edward 247
Kneebone, Mary Ann 247
Langford, Elizabeth 245
Langford, Roger 245
Lile, Prudence 246
Luffincott, Matilda de 241
Luffincott, Nicholas de 241
Philip & Mary 243
Ponne, James de la 241
Powell, John 246
Riche, le family 241
Riche, Henry le 241
Riche, Hugh le 241
Riche, Ralph le 241
Rolle, George 243
Rolle, Sir Henry 243
Roper, Elizabeth 243
Roper, John (also Roop) 243
Rowe, Nicholas 246
Rundle, Tabatha 245
Seddon, Ann 247
Seddon, Edward 247
Shilston, Elizabeth 242
Shilston family 242
Siccaville, Warren de 241
Stoddon, Thomas 244
Sture, Agnes 245
Sture, Richard (of Morley) 245
Talbot, William 241
Taverner, Anna 245
Taverner, Elizabeth 247
Taverner, John 245
Tremayne, Hon Mrs 241
Veteri Ponte, Nicholas de 241
Warne, Mrs 247
Wether family 242
Willyams, John 244
Wode, Alice atte 242
Wode, Richard atte 242
Wode, William atte 242
Wolcot, Johana 242
Wolcot, John 242
Wollacombe, Mary 247
Wollacombe, Colonel Thomas 247
Wrey, John 241