From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

BRIDFORD is a village and parish, 9 miles S.W. by W. of Exeter, and 4 miles E. of Moreton Hampstead. It contains 560 souls, and 4090 acres of fertile land. The river Teign bounds the parish on the north and east, and has here two corn mills. Sir L.V. Palk is lord of the manor, but part of the soil belongs to the Northcote and other families. It was held in demense by Joel de Totneis, at Domesday Survey, and afterwards passed to the Valletort, Champernowne, Leach, and other families. The ancient lords had the power of inflicting capital punishment. Lapflode estate was anciently held by a family of its own name. The Church (St. Thomas a Beckett,) is an ancient fabric, and its register commences in 1538, and contains notices of the insurrection in Devon and Cornwall in 1549. The rectory, valued in K.B. at £13. l5s., and in 1831 at £350, is in the gift of Sir L.V. Palk and incumbency of the Rev. Henry Palk. In 1706, Edward Hall left the yearly sums of 10s. for a sermon, 3s. for the poor, and 3s. 4d. to buy hassocks for the church. An annuity of 40s., left by John Stoke, is applied in relieving the poor, and buying sacramental bread and wine.

Bailey Eliz. vict. Harriers
Palk Rev Henry, rector of Bridford and Duchideock
Taverner John, butcher and shopkpr
Whitter Rev Walrond, curate


Branscombe Ths.
Wills John


Adams John
Booley John


Bailey Geo. parish clerk
Beer George


Dorman George, Stone
Woodbridge Wm.


* are Owners, & ! at Westcote.
* ! Adams Nichls.
Beer Jonas
Bennett James, Swanford
* ! Berry John
Harvey Daniel, Lapflode
Hemens Wm.
Lamacroft John, Beaconton
! Miller Thomas
Mudge Thomas, Lowtan
Parratt Septms.
Passmore John
* Smallridge Jno., Stone Farm
Smith John
Tancock John
* Tuckett Nichls.
Tuckett Wm.
Vooght Wm.
* Wills Wm. Furzeland
Wolland Wm.


Rendle James
Stamp Thomas


Bearn John
Pike John

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1998