Name Listing from the Brixham Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Baddeley, John C: Agent (Lloyds)                                Ranscombe
Collier, Caleb: Auctioneer                                      Fore Street
Sparke, John Bartlett: Auctioneer                               Middle Street
Gasking, John: Baker                                            Market Place
Rowe, Giles: Baker                                              Quay
Hine: Banker
Holdsworth: Banker
Thomas, Wm: Block & Pump Maker                                  Quay
King, Wm: Bookseller                                            Fore Street
Adams, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Fore Street
Langlea, Henry: Boot & Shoe Maker                               Fore Street
Penny, Wm Tozer: Boot & Shoe Maker                              Fore Street
Gillard, John: Brazier                                          Little Street
Bartlett, George: Brewer                                        Bank Street
Lakeman, Stephen: Brewer                                        Cross Corner
Adams, Mary: Butcher                                            Cross Corner
Dugdall, John: Butcher                                          Middle Street
Hoare, Henry: Butcher                                           Middle Street
Meathrel, Richd: Butcher                                        King Street
Minnis, James: Cabinet Maker                                    Little Street
Richards, Philip: Cabinet Maker                                 Fore Street
Gill, Francis: Carrier                                          Fore Street
Shiers, James: Carrier                                          Church Town
Shiers, Wm: Carrier                                             Church Town
Sparkes, John: Carrier                                          Middle Street
Worth, John: Carrier                                            Fore Street
Burn, Wm: Confectioner                                          Fore Street
Chaster, John: Conveyancer                                      Fore Street
Peters, John: Cooper                                            Quay
Peters, Wm: Cooper                                              King Street
Tyrer, John: Cooper                                             King Street
Bartlett, George: Corn Dealer                                   Bank Street
Crews, Francis John: Corn Dealer
Crews, Richard: Corn Dealer
Calley, John: Druggist                                          Quay
Gilbert, Mary: Druggist                                         Middle Street
Tozer, John Underhay: Druggist                                  Quay
Collier, Caleb: Fire Office Agent (British)                     Fore Street
Woods, G: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)                     Fore Street
Tozer, J U: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)                  Quay
Calley, J: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)                  Quay
Collier, Caleb: Fire Office Agent (Westminster)                 Fore Street
Calley, John: Grocer                                            Quay
Clarke, Wm: Grocer                                              Fish Market
Pomery, Thos: Grocer                                            King Street
Skardon, Wm: Grocer                                             Church Town
Tozer, John Underhay: Grocer                                    Quay
Turner, Richd: Grocer                                           King Street
Clarke, Jas: Hatter                                             Fish Market
Adams, Christopher: Iron Monger                                 Fore Street
Calley, Samuel: Iron Monger                                     Market Place
Tucker, Joseph: Iron Monger                                     Quay
Peters, George: Lath Maker                                      Quay
Browse, Nicholas: Linen Draper                                  Market Place
Lane, Elizabeth: Linen Draper                                   Fore Street
Lane, Philip: Linen Draper                                      Fore Street
Lloyd, Jas: Linen Draper                                        Quay
Way, Wm: Linen Draper                                           Quay
Woods, George: Linen Draper                                     Fore Street
Furneaux, Robt: Merchant                                        King Street
Archer, Nicholas: Painter & Glazier                             Quay
Lamzed, Wm: Painter & Glazier                                   Quay
King, Wm: Post Master                                           Fore Street
Langdon, Robt: Saddler                                          Fore Street
Gibbs, Jas: Sail Maker                                          Pier Head
Baddeley, Fredrick: Ship Builder                                Ranscombe
Watthews, Dewdney: Ship Builder                                 Ranscombe
Baddeley: Ship Owner                                            Ranscombe
Ball, Robt: Ship Owner                                          King Street
Clarke, Wm: Ship Owner                                          Fish Market
Green, Barnabas: Ship Owner                                     Quay
Green, Joseph: Ship Owner                                       Quay
Hoare, Henry: Ship Owner                                        Middle Street
Hyne, Roger: Ship Owner                                         Fore Street
Langley: Ship Owner                                             Ranscombe
Martin, James: Ship Owner                                       King Street
Martin, John: Ship Owner                                        King Street
Matthews, Dewdney: Ship Owner                                   Ranscombe
Meathrel, Richd: Ship Owner                                     King Street
Reed, John: Ship Owner                                          Fore Street
Rennells, Daniel: Ship Owner                                    Fore Street
Tozer, Samuel: Ship Owner                                       King Street
Tyrer, Moses: Ship Owner                                        King Street
Vittery, Edward: Ship Owner                                     Quay
Vittery, John: Ship Owner                                       Quay
Vittery, Samuel: Ship Owner                                     Quay
Johnson: Straw Hat Maker                                        Fore Street
Swaffham: Straw Hat Maker                                       Fore Street
Bartlett, Michael: Surgeon                                      Church Town
Brooking, Charles: Surgeon                                      Fore Street
Browse, George: Surgeon                                         Cross Corner
Browse, George: Tallow Chandler                                 Cross Corner
Pomery, Jas: Tallow Chandler                                    Church Town
Rowe, John: Tavern/Inn (Bell)                                   Church Town
Veysey, W: Tavern/Inn (Blue Anchor)                             Fore Street
Rennell, G: Tavern/Inn (Buller's Arms)                          Quay
Rider, P: Tavern/Inn (Crown & Anchor)                           Fore Street
Jarmond, John: Tavern/Inn (Dolphin)                             Quay
Saunders, Saml: Tavern/Inn (George)                             Market Place
Gaskin, Robt: Tavern/Inn (Globe)                                Fore Street
Underhay, J: Tavern/Inn (London Inn)                            Fore Street
Coyde, E: Tavern/Inn (Lord Nelson)                              Church Town
Booles, Agnes: Tavern/Inn (Star)                                King's Quay
Loram, Chas: Tavern/Inn (Victory)                               Quay
Upham, Matthew: Tavern/Inn (Waterman's Arms)                    Church Town
Couch, Rd: Watch Maker                                          Quay

Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online
Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999