Will of Susanna Cumby, Widow

Proved 11 October 1836

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/1867/395, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Ros Dunning

I Susanna Cumby of the Parish of Brixham in the County of Devonshire Widow being in good health and sound mind and memory blessed be God for the same do this sixteenth day of July in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty two make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following (that is to say) I give and devise unto my Son Charles Mash otherwise Charles Cumby a Commander in the Royal Navy all my household furniture linen and plate except my Silver Soup Ladle which I give unto my dear Son Anthony Cumby and my paid of butter knives and my best silk Gown to Mrs Susanna ffrance in remembrance of our long acquaintance I desire my furniture to be sold as soon as decent time after my death and that my said Son Charles purchase a plate of the value of thirty pounds and present to his brother Captain William Pryce Cumby as a small a very small return for the may kind favors I have received from him I likewise appoint my said Son Charles my sole Executor giving him all arrears of Pension due to me at my death and all monies in the Stocks standing in my name I likewise give Mrs Sarah Cumby my Watch beging her to send part of my Clothes to my Sister Lamb and in case she is dead to her daughter Matilda and some of my common things to Ann Heath if living with me at the time of my death and five pounds in money as a reward for her honesty In Testimony of this being my last Will I now set my hand and seal Susanna Cumby

(Attestation Clause)

Nathl Thos France _ Mary Ann France

Codicil to my Will I revoke the gift of part of my Clothes to my Sister Lamb and to her daughter Matilda and give the whole to my daughter in Law Sarah Cumby Wife of my Son Charles Mash otherwise Charles Cumby _ Susanna Cumby Witnesses to the above Codicil _ Brixham 25 April 1834 _ Louisa Bartlett _ Ann Heath

Proved at London with a Codicil 11 October 1835 to Charles Cumby Esq in the Will written Charles Marsh otherwise Cumby