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Notes on the Ancient Parish of Brixham, Devon, and on some of its Ancient People

Trans. Devon Assoc., Vol. 18, (1886), pp. 197-214.


P. Varwell

Prepared by Michael Steer


Brixham was called Briseham in the Domesday Book. Its population then was 39. It was part of the former Haytor Hundred with a population of 3,671 in 1801, and 8,092 in 1901. In 1334, the town's value was assessed at one pound, twelve shillings and eightpence; by 1524, the valuation had risen to £24 and sixteen shillings. It is recorded as a borough from 1536, and a market is recorded from 1822. William Prince of Orange (afterwards King William III) landed there with his mainly Dutch army, on 5 November 1688 during the Glorious Revolution, and issued his famous declaration "The Liberties of England and The Protestant Religion I Will Maintain". Many local people still have Dutch surnames, being direct descendants of soldiers in that army. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the University of Michigan Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.
Alfred, King 204
Arnald, Edwin 214
Ashworth, Mr 212
Bakere, John de 214
Beauchamp, Lord 204
Berners, Dame 206
Blake, Adam 208
Boone, Charles 214
Bosun, John 214
Brennus of Gaul 200
Brewer, Dr 200
Brightric, King 200
Brixi 200
Buller, Judge Francis 207
Campbell 204
Carew family 210
Carew, Sir George 209-10
Carey, Rev A F 211
Champernoun, John 204
Charles I 211
Claudius 199
Cole, John 204, 214
Cole, William 204
Corbet, Roger 208
Corbett family 204
Corbett, Peter 204, 207-8
Courtenay, Sir Edward Knt 208
Davidson, Mr James 198
Dollynge, Thomas 208
Dymond, R Esq FSA 201
Edgar, King 204
Edward the Confessor 201-2, 207
Edward I 208
Edward II 208
Edward III 208
Farwell, Arthur 214
Flavel, Rev John 206
Fonte, John de 214
Getsius, Rev Walter 211
Glushill, Daniel 212
Gray, Henry 204
Grigge, Peter 211
Gyles, Sir Edward 214
Hayne, William 206, 214
Hayne, Susannah 207
Henry VIII 207, 209
Herte, William 214
Herygawde, Richard 208
Hind, Mr J R 213-4
Hody, Alexander 214
Hody, Andrew 205
Hody, Christopher 205
Hody, Mrs Dorothy 211
Hody family 211
Hody, John Esq 205, 211
Hody, Sir John 204-5
Hody, Margaret 205
Hody, William 205, 214
Hody, Sir William 205
Hollingshed 208
Holrygge, Richard 205, 208
Huntingdon, John Earl of 208
Lane, John 205
Leland, John 210
Lythe, Walter 208
Mary, Queen 214
Mason, John 208
Matthews, Roger 214
Merrit, Sir John 204
Mohun, Elizabeth 205
Mohun, William 205
Nero 199
Newland, John 209
Nicholas IV 207
Nicholas V 206
Orange, William Prince of 198, 211-4
Osmund, Bishop 206
Otre 201, 205
Penhale, John 205
Penhale, Richard 205
Peniles family (also Pennyl, Pennell) 205-6
Pennell, Agnes 205
Pennyle, William 205
Pennyls, Elias 205
Pennyls, Margaret 205
Pole, Sir William 205
Pomeroy, Edward 204, 209
Pomeroy family 204-5
Pomeroy, George 211
Pomeroy, Henry de la 204
Pomeroy, John 204
Pomeroy, Ralph de 201
Pomeroy, Roger 214
Prince, John 202
Pyak, John 208
Seymour, Edward 214
Seymour, Sir Edward 214
Shordich, Thomas 208
Smale, William 214
Smith, Thomas 208
Suffolk, Duke of 204
Totenais, Judhel de 201-5
Travers, John 211
Ulf 201-2, 204
Upton, Agnes 205-6
Upton, Elizabeth 206
Upton family 202, 206
Upton, John Esq 205-6, 211-2, 214
Upton, Nicholas 206
Valdryan, Eustace 208
Valletort family 204-5
Valletort, Roger de 204
Vespasian 199
Vosse, William atte 214
Wadham, Nicholas Esq 208
Wadham, Walter 208
Wake, Thomas 214
Waltham, Richard de 214
Whiting, Nicholas 214
Whyte, John 208
William I 202
William, Prince of Orange 198
Woolcombe 199
Yarde, Edward 214
Yarde, Francis 207
Yarde, Margaret 205
Yarde, Mr 211
Yarde, Richard 205
Yarde, Susannah 207