The life of Tristram Coffin of Nantucket, Mass. Founder of the family line in America


Allen Coffin

Nantucket: Hussey & Robinson, (1881) 64 pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Tristram Coffin (1605-1681) was born to Peter and Joanna (Kember) Coffin on 11 March 1605 in the parish of Brixton near Plymouth. He was of the landed gentry and married Dionis Stevens in 1630. They had nine children, the first five born in England. The Coffins immigrated to Massachusetts and 1659 where he led a group of investors who bought Nantucket from Thomas Mayhew for thirty pounds and two beaver hats. He became a prominent citizen of the settlement. The book presents "reminiscences and anecdotes of some of his numerous descendants and some historical information concerning the ancient families named Coffyn". This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the Harvard University Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers..

Ackley, Lieutenant Seth M60
Adams, Alexander31
Adams, Mary31
Albemarle, Duke of9
Allen, Edward59
Allen, Mary59
Andross, Governor Sir Edmond35-6, 51
Atkinson, Sarah54
Austin, Deborah58
Austin, Joseph58
Austin, Sarah58
Bampfylde arms10
Barefoot, Walter53
Barnard, Eleanor56
Barnard, Elizabeth57
Barnard family (see also Burnard)42
Barnard, Judith59
Barnard, Nathaniel39, 56-7, 59
Barnard, Nathaniel jr57, 59
Barnard, Robert (Bernard)46
Barnard, Thomas (Bernard)28-9, 44, 46
Barnes, Elizabeth59
Barnes, Henry59
Bath, Earls of10
Bear, David de la16
Beaumont family9
Bishop, John29, 46
Boleyn, Queen Anne13, 15
Bourchier arms10
Bronescombe, Bishop9
Brown, John Coffin Jones Esq2
Buckingham, Duke of19
Bunker, Deborah56
Bunker, Elizabeth56
Bunker, George56, 58
Bunker, Jane58
Bunker, Jonathan56
Bunker, Mary56, 58
Bunker, Peleg59
Bunker, Susannah59
Bunker, William56, 58-9
Burnard, Robert (see also Barnard)28
Burnard, Thomas (see Barnard)28
Butler, Eunice31
Butler, William18, 22, 31
Cambell, Benjamin29
Canterbury, Archbishop of19
Carey family9
Carr, George23
Charles I11, 17, 19-20
Charles II8-9, 20, 22, 50
Chase, Miss Stella L2
Chudleigh family9
Clarence, Duke of60
Clark, Elizabeth56
Clark, Thomas56
Clement, Job22
Clement, Margaret22
Clements, Robert22-3
Clifford family9
Cofferer, John le5
Cofferer, Ralph le5
Coffin, Abigail52-3, 56
Coffin, Abigail (Starbuck)57
Coffin, Anna (also Anna L)53-4, 59, 62
Coffin, Annie59
Coffin, Apphia55
Coffin arms10, 64
Coffin Benjamin56, 58
Coffin, Benjamin jr56
Coffin, Bethia56
Coffin, Beulah58
Coffin, Christian58
Coffin, Damaris56
Coffin, Daniel59
Coffin, Deborah53-4, 56, 58
Coffin, Dinah25, 56
Coffin, Dionis23, 25, 38-41, 52, 59
Coffin, Dionis jnr25
Coffin, Ebenezer56
Coffin, Edward53
Coffin, Eleanor56
Coffin, Sir Elias10, 13
Coffin, Eliphalet53
Coffin, Elizabeth31, 53, 56-60
Coffin, Enoch54, 58
Coffin, Experience56, 59
Coffin family (also Coffyn)throughout
Coffin family, Martha's Vineyard58
Coffin, Florence54
Coffin, Sir Geoffrey12-3, 16
Coffin, Hannah58
Coffin, Admiral Henry E, RN6, 22
Coffin, Hephzibah56, 59
Coffin, Hope58
Coffin, Sir Hugh10
Coffin, Sir Hugo10, 16
Coffin, Mr Humphrey11
Coffin, Admiral Sir Isaac Bt6, 17, 55, 59-61, 64
Coffin, James10, 25, 27, 29-31, 39-41, 46-7, 51, 54-6, 59
Coffin, James jr56
Coffin, Professor James Henry LLD63
Coffin, James (Severance)57
Coffin, Jethro53
Coffin, Joanna53
Coffin, John56, 58
Coffin, General John55, 59
Coffin, Lieutenant John58
Coffin, Mr John11, 38-41, 47, 54, 56
Coffin, John Richard Pine Esq8, 16
Coffin, Jonathan56
Coffin, Joseph56
Coffin, Joshua Esq23, 26, 61-2
Coffin, Judith53-4, 59
Coffin, Judith jnr54
Coffin, Love56, 58
Coffin, Lydia54, 58
Coffin, Miriam58
Coffin, Mehitable59
Coffin, Mary53-6, 58-9
Coffin, Mary (Severance)57
Coffin, Maude9
Coffin, Nathaniel55-6, 59, 64
Coffin, Nicholas (Coffyn)9, 17-8
Coffin, Parnell53
Coffin, Paul59
Coffin, Peter58-9
Coffin, Peter jnr53, 55, 57
Coffin, Peter (Starbuck)57
Coffin, Captain Reubin63-4
Coffin, Richard (Coffyn; Cophin)7-9, 13, 15, 18
Coffin, Sir Richard13, 16
Coffin, Robert22, 53
Coffin, Ruth56
Coffin, Sambo60
Coffin, Samuel58
Coffin, Sarah54-5
Coffin, Stephen24, 38-41, 47, 54, 58
Coffin, Stephen jr59
Coffin, Captain Seth61
Coffin, Susannah59
Coffin, Thomas56, 62
Coffin, Mr Thomas Amory54
Coffin, Tristram jnr53-4
Coffin, Tristram (2)58
Coffin, William59
Coffin, Mr William E2, 22
Coffin, Sir William Kt13-5
Coffyn, Anne17-8
Coffyn, Deborah18, 31
Coffyn, Eunice18, 31
Coffin, Hope56
Coffyn, Joan17-8, 31
Coffyn, John (see also Coffin)18, 20
Coffyn, Lionel18
Coffyn, Mary18, 31, 37
Coffyn, Nicholas jnr18
Coffyn, Hon Peter (Coffin)18, 28-32, 34-6, 40, 44-6, 52-3
Coffyn, Philip18
Coffyn, Sir Richard, Kt7
Coffyn, Robert10, 40
Coffyn, Tristram snrthroughout
Coffyn, Tristram jnr18, 28, 30-1, 45-6, 53-4
Colby, Anthony27
Colcord, Deborah53
Coleman family42
Coleman, Isaac27, 30
Coleman, John58
Colemen, John jr58
Coleman, Priscilla58
Coleman, Thomas46
Coll family10
Corane, Robert44
Coudy, Christian58
Courtenay arms10
Courtenay family9
Courtenay, John de8
Cranfield, Lieutenant Governor52
Cromwell, Oliver19
Davis, Thomas23
Davison, Nicholas44
Davidson, Abigail53
Davidson, Daniel53
Defriez, Judge T C62
Dole, Apphia55
Dole, Rishard jnr55
Dole, Richard snr55
Dole, Sarah55
Drake, Sir Francis4, 17
Duck arms9
Dudderigge, Thomas de9
Dyer, Joanna53
Dyer, Henry53
Eastman, Roger27
Eddy, Beulah58
Edgerly, Thomas53
Edward the Confessor7, 10
Edward I9-10, 13, 17
Edward II13
Edward III64
Edward VI18
Elizabeth I12, 18-9
Exeter, Bishops of10
Exeter, John Bishop of9
Felton, Cornelius C61
Ferrers family10
Ferrett, Mr James28
Fforrett, James gent43-4
Filiol family11
Filiol, Sir William11
FitzHugh, John9
Folger, Anna62
Folger, Benjamin Franklin27, 32
Folger, Eleazer (Foulger)37
Folger family42
Folger, Elezer59
Folger, George Howland Esq2, 61
Folger, Judith59
Folger, Peter (Ffoulger)27, 29, 31, 34-5, 45-7, 59, 62
Folger, William C Esq2
Foliot family10
Fforrett, James25-6
Fowlett, Margaret10
Fowlett, William10
Franklin, Dr Benjamin27
Fryer, Mr53
Gardner, Abigail56
Gardner, Anna53, 59
Gardner, Benjamin58
Gardner, Bethiah58
Gardner, Eunice57
Gardner family42
Gardner, George57
Gardner, Hannah58
Gardner, Hephzibah59
Gardner, Hope56, 58
Gardner, James56-7
Gardner, Captain John50-2
Gardner, Mr John33-4, 42, 49, 53, 56-7
Gardner, Joseph56, 58
Gardner, Miriam58
Gardner, Mary53, 56-7
Gardner, Nathaniel56
Gardner, Priscilla53, 56
Gardner, Richard46, 49, 56-7, 59
Gardner, Richard jr58
Gardner, Ruth56
Gardner, Samuel59
Gardner, Sarah56
Gardner, Solomon59
Gayer, Damaris56
Gayer, Dorcas57
Gayer, Dorcas (Starbuck)57
Gayer, William56
Gayer, William (Starbuck)57
George, Sir Ferdinando (Gorges)28, 45
Gerrish, Elizabeth55
Gerrish, William55
Gilman, Elizabeth53
Gilman, Joanna53
Gilman, Colonel John53
Godfrey, Jane58
Godwin, Thomas10
Green, Henry53
Greene, General59
Greenleaf, Abigail55
Greenleaf, Daniel55
Greenleaf, Edmund53, 55
Greenleaf, Elizabeth31, 55
Greenleaf, John55
Greenleaf, Judith53, 55
Greenleaf, Margaret55
Greenleaf, Mary55
Greenleaf, Samuel55
Greenleaf, Sarah53, 55
Greenleaf, Stephen28-9, 31, 43-4, 55
Greenleaf, Stephen jnr31
Greenleaf, Tristram55
Greenly, Lady Elizabeth60
Greenly, Sir Isaac Coffin60
Greenly, William Esq60
Grenville family11
Hall, Dr9
Hall, Captain Richard50, 52
Hallett, Miss Emma V61
Hallock, Rev Moses63
Harker, Ebenezer56
Harker, Hephzibah56
Hathaway, Thomas58
Hathaway, Hephzibah58
Henry I9, 13
Henry II13, 16
Henry III8-10, 13, 16
Henry IV13
Henry V11
Henry VI17
Henry VIII10-1, 13-5, 17
Hicks, Elias62
Hills, Elizabeth55
Hoker, John10
Holbrine, John Esq10
Holbrine, Margaret10
Holway arms10
Hooke, Florence54
Hough, Mr Franklin B34, 43
Humbert, Saint25
Hureton family10
Hussey, Christopher22, 28, 44, 46
Hussey family42
Hussey, Martha39
Irving, Washington59
James I18-9
James VI18
John, King13
Kent, John55
Kent, Sarah55
Kingsley, Rev Charles12
Knapton, Captain Cesar50, 52
Knight, Deborah54
Knight, Joseph54
Kymer, Sir Edward11
Lamoyne, Captain Bernard50
Le Clere, Monsieur6
Leigh, Sir Amyas12
Le Moyne family9
Le Moyne, Hugh9
Le Moyne, Maude9
Le Moyne, Peter9
Little, Joseph54
Little, Lydia54
Little, Mary54
Little, Moses54
Logan, John58
Logan, Lydia58
Long, Robert44
Look, Experience59
Look, Thomas59
Lovelace, Governor Francis26, 33-4, 47
Macy, Bethia56, 58
Macy, Deborah58
Macy family42
Macy, John56, 58
Macy, Obed25
Macy, Sarah37
Macy, Thomas25-31, 33-7, 39, 41, 44-5, 47, 58
Manors, Lady13
Marston, Thomas de9
Matthews, Annie59
Matthews, William59
Maury, Captain M F, USN63
Mayhew, Thomas gent25-6, 28-9, 31-2, 37-8, 43-6
Mayhew, Thomas jnr43
Medecroft, Henry de11
Mirick, B L22, 31
Monk family9
Monk, George9
Moody, Caleb55
Moody, Mary55
Moodey, Rev Joshua52-3, 55
Mooers, Samuel23
Mott, James62
Mott, Lucretia56, 62
Normandy, Robert Duke of6
Northleigh arms10
Norton, Dinah (Dionis)25, 59
Norton, Jacob25, 59
Noyes, Elizabeth55
Noyes, James55
Noyes, Thomas55
Oliver, Dr George9-11
Oxenham arms9
Page, Thomas44
Parker, Rev Thomas54
Percey family11
Philip, King52
Pike, John54
Pike, Lydia54
Pike, Robert28-9, 46
Pile, William28, 30, 44
Pinkham, Mary56
Pinkham, Richard56
Piper, Margaret55
Pole, Sir William7, 16
Polwhele, Mr14, 17
Prideaux family9-10,
Prince, Rev John7, 12, 14, 15-6
Prust arms10
Pyne family11
Pyne-Coffin family11
Raleigh, Sir Walter4, 17
Reynolds, Katherine56
Richard I10, 16
Richardson, John57
Robey, Henry53
Rolfe, John47
Sanborn, John54
Sanborn, Judith54
Scale, Edward45
Scobbahull, Sir Robert de10
Severance, Abigail55
Severance, John55
Severance, Mary55
Seymour arms10
Shakespeare, William19
Sherratt, Hugh23
Smith, Armstrong59
Smith, Mehitable59
Smyth, John (Smythe)45-6
Somerby, Abiel55
Somerby, Abigail55
Somerby, Henry53-4
Somerby, Judith53
Southcot arms9
Starbuck, Abigail52
Starbuck, Ann58
Starbuck, Barnabus57
Starbuck, Dinah25, 56-7
Starbuck, Dorcas46, 57
Starbuck, Edward27-31, 46-7, 52, 56
Starbuck, Elizabeth53, 57
Starbuck, Eunice57
Starbuck family42, 56
Starbuck, Hephzibah58
Starbuck, Jethro57
Starbuck, Katherine52, 56
Starbuck, Mary24, 31, 37, 53
Starbuck, Mary jr56
Starbuck, Nathaniel31, 37, 47, 53, 56-7
Starbuck, Nathaniel jnr25, 56
Starbuck, Captain Obed62
Starbuck, Paul58
Starbuck, Priscilla58
Stephen, King13
Sterling, Lord28, 43-5
Stevens, Dionis (Dyonisia)3, 18
Stevens, Robert Esq3, 18
Stillman, Richard44
Strafford, Earl of19
Swain, Mr Alfred2
Swain family42
Swain, John (Swayne)28, 46
Swain, Mary37
Swain, Richard (Swayne)28-9, 44, 46
Tavistock, Abbot of7
Thaxter, Lydia58
Thaxter, Thomas58
Thember, Joan (Thumber)18
Tothill arms9
Tor, Simon Abbot of10
Vines, Richard gent28, 45
Ward, John23
Washington, General George59
Washington, Colonel William59
Watson, Philip44
Wawinnesit (also Amos)45
West, Mr John50, 52
Westcote10, 16
Wheeler, George45
Wheeler, Roger45
White, Charles Esq22
White, William23
Whittier, John Greenleaf25, 61
Wilcox, Judith59
Wilcox, Stephen59
William I4, 6-7, 9, 12, 16-7
William IV60
Wilson, Rev Mr31
Winthrop, John Esq, the elder43
Worth, Mr William34-5, 39-40, 51
York, James Duke of36, 51