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Most of my collection is research that I have either copied and researched from the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office. This began as a hobby 15 years ago and I have used them for local history exhibitions so none of it is on discs so its either in my own hand or copied. All my research has come from original documents. The Wills were downloaded from the National Archives. Newspaper clips are from Find My Past and some that I have used the Plymouth Reference Library to research. I do searches for people who come to the village in search of their family history which I have always done free of charge (usually after being referred to by the Parish Council or Church members) for my own enjoyment. I am an amateur historian for the village of Brixton but all my research has come from original resources and always I check and double check in the original records.


  • Nicholas Algar 1656
  • John Avent 1685 of Spriddleston Farm
  • John Avent 1656 Spriddleston Farm
  • Elizabeth Crossman 1614
  • William Stevens 1665
  • Grace Stevens 1659
  • Thomas Winston of Winston 1651
  • Agnes Rider 1654
  • Thomas Maynard 1626 of Sherford Barton
  • John Gale 1799
  • Mary Gale  1802
  • Thomas Splatt 1775 of Brixton House
  • Thomas Splatt 1833 Junior of Brixton House
  • Nicholas Rowe 1822
  • John Wood Winter of Hareston 1823
  • John Wood Winter of Hareston 1840
  • Thomas Veale of Coffleet House and Bradley House Attorney 1774 (Then Yealmpton now Brixton)
  • Thomas Lane of Coffleet 1817
  • Penelope Lane 1855 of Coombe
  • James Parrot 1815 of Brixton Lodge

Miscellaneous Records and Articles:

  • Notes taken from The History and Genealogy of the Parish of Brixton. Hand written book by the Rev Richard Lane vicar of St Mary’s Church Brixton 1802-1860 and of Coffleet House and Bradley. Book held in the Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and copies in Plymouth Central Library Reference Dept. Written between 1830’s and 40’s.
  • Brixton St Mary’s Church Burials and monuments now disappeared by Rev Richard Lane circa 1834.
  • Brixton Apprenticeship Records late 18th century and 19th century.
  • Social Welfare and Church Brixton Section.
  • Notes on Elize Hele and his charitable trust (Elize was born in Brixton his father is buried in Brixton Church.)
  • Quinquennial Inspection of Brixton Methodist Church 1980’s.
  • Brixton National School Notes staff and students names 1871-1904.
  • Copy of hand written Diary of Emily Lane eldest daughter of Rev Richard Lane 1831-35 she married into the Baring Short family of Bickham House Kenn near Exeter. Given to me by her 4x Grandaughter.
  • Copies of several pages of farm accounts for Halwell Farm Brixton of Arthur Rowe 1850’s , apprentice names and wages, farm accounts and some personal notes.
  • Murder at Halwell Farm, notes and newspaper articles 1855 (Arthur Rowe’s son was accused but found not guilty.
  • Apportion of the rent charges in lieu of tithes for the parish of Brixton Oct 1840-Devon county council.
  • A copy of the The Tragedy at Hareston House by Ronald Fowler (Doidges West County Journal ) 9 family members died within 6 weeks from contaminated well water 1803.

My own research:

  • Buried in Brixton Churchyard - Fydell Edmund Garret - 1865-1907 (The son of Derbyshire vicar who became a newspaper journalist and editor for the Pall Mall Gazette in London and lived in South Africa for several years as a local Newspaper editor. Suffered from consumption for most of his life but came to Brixton four years before his death.)
  • The Lane family of Coffleet House and Bradley House. 1720-1900’s.
  • The Splatt and Collins - Splatt family of Brixton House 1770’s-1900.


  • Sales Particulars for Wiverton Acre, Wiverton House, Brixton House, Elbridge House, Harestone House and Farm, Butlers/Butlas Farm, South Barton Farm and Brixton Lodge.
  • An assortment of copies of newspaper article regarding the parish of Brixton.
  • Many other bits and bobs regarding Brixton Parish history
  • Coffleet House information which became part of Brixton Parish around 1860’s before it was part of Yealmpton. Although access to this Estate is only possible from Brixton Village..


  • I have transcribed the Brixton Burial Records 1638-1999.
  • I have a copy of a survey of the Gravestones that were still standing in 1980’s in Brixton St Mary’s Churchyard.
  • I am working on the Baptisms at present have 1668-1691.
  • Marriages 1772-1804 (work in progress).

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January 2017