"BROAD CLIST, or Broad Clyst, is a pleasant village, in the picturesque valley of the small river Clist, 5 miles N.E. of Exeter. . . . its extensive parish has about 2650 inhabitants, and 10,270 acres of land, extending several miles along the valleys of the rivers Clist and Culm, and comprising many scattered farm-houses, several handsome seats, and the small villages of Beer, Budlake, Westwood, Church Hill, and Black Dog; the latter of which has been built on the Common, since the enclosure in 1832. . . . The manor was held by the Crown at Domesday Survey, but was granted by Henry I. to the Novant family, from whom it passed to the Chudleigh, Arundell, Morice, and other families. In 1808 it was purchased by Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, Bart., M.P., who owns more than half the parish, and resides at KILLERTON HOUSE, a large and handsome mansion, delightfully seated in an extensive and well-wooded deer park . . . . The Church (St. John,) is a large antique fabric, with a lofty tower and six bells. It has a good organ and several neat monuments. . . ." [From White's Devonshire Directory (1850)] 

A parish in Cliston Hundred, the Archdeaconry and the Diocese of Exeter. Columb John is a private chapel of the Acland family; St Paul, Westwood is a modern chapel (1874).



Letters of a Distinguished Physician: Sir Henry Wentworth Acland - "A digital book edited by Jane Rupert".

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MIs for this parish are included in the Devon FHS index - see under Cemeteries on the main Devon page.

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Transcription by Neville Randall of the 1841 Census for Broadclyst (280 kb).


Church History

Broadclyst - from J. Stabb. Some Old Devon Churches (London: 1908-16).

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Church Records

Parish Registers going back to 1653 are held in the Devon Record Office.

Transcripts of the Parish Registers going back to 1653 are held in a special collection in the Westcountry Studies Library.

The Devon FHS publishes indexes covering (as of June 2004): Marriages 1754-1837, Burials 1813-1837 - for details see their Devon Parish List.

Other churches and chapels (with pre-1840 records):

  • Wesleyan Chapel: Registers for c1818-37 - see Exeter Mint (PRO RG 4/1207, 1208)

Entered into the IGI (as of Jan 1993): Parish Church Christenings 1653-1850, and Marriages 1653-1662, 1685-1850.

Burials 1837 - 1841, 1842 - 1846, 1847 - 1851, 1852 - 1856, 1857 - 1861, 1862 - 1866, 1867 - 1871 and 1872 - 1876, provided by Devon Heritage.

The Deanery of Aylesbeare: An index of baptisms, marriages and burials in the parishes of Aylesbeare, Bicton, Branscombe, Broadclyst, Clyst Honiton, Clyst St.George, Clyst St.Mary, Colaton Raleigh, East Budleigh, Farringdon, Harpford, Huxham, Littleham, Lympstone, Otterton, Ottery St. Mary, Pinhoe, Poltimore, Rockbeare, Salcombe Regis, Sidbury, Sidmouth, Sowton, Stoke Canon, Topsham, Venn Ottery, Whimple, Withycombe Raleigh and Woodbury. With photographs of the churches and extracts from White's Devonshire Directory 1850 and Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of England 1844, CD-ROM, Exeter, Devon FHS (2012). [Aylesbeare Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Bicton Bapt: 1813-1843, Mar: 1755-1835, Bur: 1813-1852, Bur: 1725-1845 (BTs); Branscombe Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1545-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Broadclyst Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Clyst Honiton Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1836, Bur: 1813-1837; Clyst St. George Bapt: 1813-1837, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Clyst St. Mary Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1756-1840, Bur: 1813-1837; Colaton Raleigh Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; East Budleigh Bapt: 1813-1841, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; East Budleigh Salem Chapel, Bur: 1832-1837; Farringdon Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1836, Bur: 1813-1852; Glenorchy Independent Exmouth, Bur: 1784-1818; Harpford Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1755-1837, Bur: 1809-1837; Huxham Bapt: 1813-1852, Mar: 1758-1836, Bur: 1813-1864; Littleham (near Exmouth) Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Lympstone Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1836, Bur: 1813-1837; Otterton Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Ottery St. Mary Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Pinhoe Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1844, Bur: 1813-1838; Poltimore Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1800-1837; Rockbeare Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Salcombe Regis Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Sidbury Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1830, Bur: 1813-1837; Sidmouth Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Sowton Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1800-1837; Stoke Canon Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Topsham Bapt: 1813-1840, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Venn Ottery Bapt: 1813-1841, Mar: 1755-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Whimple Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1836, Bur: 1813-1837; Withycombe Raleigh Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1755-1837, Bur: 1813-1837; Woodbury Bapt: 1813-1839, Mar: 1754-1837, Bur: 1813-1837.]


Court Records

Register of Freeholders - Braunton, Cliston, & Coleridge c1816, Exeter, Devon Family History Society, (Booklet & PDF D126). [Foreword]


Description & Travel

Section on Broadclyst from Samuel Lewis: A Topographical Dictionary of England (1831), provided by Mel Locki

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Official Guide to the Parish of Broadclyst, Devon. With map and illustrations, etc., pp. 16. iii. Home Publishing Co.: Croydon, [1949].[BL 010368.r.18]

You can see pictures of Broadclyst which are provided by:



The transcription of the section for this parish from the National Gazetteer (1868), provided by Colin Hinson.



This parish is one of the growing number of places for which the Devon Heritage website provides census or parish register transcriptions, articles, and/or illustrations, etc.

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Sue Davey's Broadclyst pages provide historical information, and parish register extracts.

Broadclyst - the Fire of 1870, from the Illustrated London News.

Killerton, Devon. - 2nd ed. London: National Trust (1978) 32p: ill, plan. [Westcountry Studies Library - p728.8/BRO/NAT]


Land & Property

Spreadsheet transcription of the Tithe Apportionments.

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Killerton, Devon (3rd ed.). [SOG Library: DE Tracts Box]



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You can see maps centred on OS grid reference SX981972 (Lat/Lon: 50.765411, -3.446276), Broadclyst which are provided by:


Names, Personal

Protestation Return of 1641/42 from Devon Heritage.


Poor Houses, Poor Law

Bird, Marjorie E. Poor law settlement examinations in Broadclyst: a case study. Trans. Devon. Assoc. 127, (1995) pp.121-144.