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Broadhempston Parish Registers

Pre-Register Bishops Transcripts - Baptisms


Jan 12 LOWMAN Willm son of John
Apr 23 WOTTON John son of Richard
Jul 30 TAPLEY Georg son of Willm
Oct 7 VENNING Anstice dau of Willm
Oct 12 EDWARD Gregorie son of Richard
Nov 10 LAPP Willmott dau of Thomas
Feb 17 BOVYE Robert son of Thomas
Apr 10 WIDDICOMB Anna dau of John
May 28 ROBBINS Willm son of John
July 27 DAMERLL Willm son of Nicholas
July 29 WEBBER Johand dau of John
July 29 TOSER Henrie son of Willm
Aug 10 FORD Willm son of Richard
Sept 4 SYDNAM Prudence dau of Georg
Nov 4 CHIDLER Elizabeth dau of Willm
Dec 7 AVERY Richard son of Richard
Jan 23 BOVY Joan dau of Edward
Mar 2 KENNOT Elizabeth dau of James
Mar 23 BARTER Rose dau of John
Mar 23 BARTER Ann dau of Thomas
Apr 26 IRISH Prudence dau of John
June 13 LAYMAN Francis son of Robert
June 20 BERRY Robert son of Thomas
June 23 AVERIE Willmott dau of Willm
June 26 BELL Gregorie son of Gregorie
June 29 WOTTON Elizabeth dau of Richard
Oct 4 KNOLLING Christofer son of James
Oct 22 BOVY John son of John
Jan 4 LEAMAN Tamsin dau of John
Jan 6 LEAMAN Henrie son of Willm
Feb 19 SKYNNER Georg son of Robert
Apr 8 VENNING Lewys son of Willm
Apr 8 BOVY Julian dau of Richard
Apr 8 GARDLER Christen dau of Margarett
Apr 12 WIDDICOMB Joan dau of John
May 15 COOKE Katherine dau of Thomas
May 23 PEARSE Sara dau of John
June 13 BELL Gilbert son of Gregorie
Aug 7 PETER Elizabeth dau of John
Aug 30 PHILLIPP Willm son of Willm
Oct 11 SCHRICH Robert son of Robert
Oct 25 DAMERLL Elizabeth dau of Nicholas
Nov 1 COOK Alice dau of Willm
Nov 4 SHAPLEY Nicholas son of John
Dec 4 KNOLLS Joane dau of Jasper
Dec 5 SOPER Cicilie dau of Willm
Dec 23 SYDNAM John son of Georg
Jan 5 SUMPTER Nicholas son of Edmund
Jan 19 EDWARDS Generie dau of Richard
Mar 6 WEBBER Marie dau of John
Mar 25 BLACKALLER Richard son of Richard
Mar 25 WHITEWAY Annes – dau of John
Apr 1 BOUND Annes – dau of Peter
Apr 13 HOLMES Prudence – dau of Christopher
Apr 19 BOVY Richard son of Richard
May 7 SUMPTER Jacob son of Edmond
June 13 EDWARDS Joane dau of Samuell
Aug 1 COLLITON Joane dau of William
Aug 10 BENNETT Annes – dau of William
Aug 27 EALES Elizabeth dau of Leonard
Sept 1 SHAPLEY Richard son of John
Sept 12 DAMRELL Jacob son of Nicholas
Sept 12 WIDECOME Charity dau of S..?
Sept 21 HOLEMAN Maryan dau of Mary
Sept 20 QUASH Thomas son of William
Oct 3 YARD Ales dau of Mr John
Oct 18 HORRA William son of Anthony
Nov 11 BARTER Andrew son of John
Nov 14 NICHOLAS Joane dau of Thomas
Dec 19 BURNE Eada dau of Arthure
Dec 27 LUCRAFT Agnes dau of Thomas
Feb 21 TAPLEY Jonathan son of Richard
Feb 23 BOVY Barbary dau of John
Mar 18 WIDECOMBE John son of John
Mar 20 EDWARD William son of Gregory
1614   Barely legible  
    2? Illegible entries  
? ? LAPTHORN [illegible] son of John
    Illegible entry  
July 11 WOTTON Richard son of Richard
July 11 WINSOR Richard son of Richard
Sept 17 MAN Margery dau of William
Feb 12 BOVY Margaret dau of John
Feb 19 BLACHALER Tamsin dau of Edward
Feb 22 MILLER Josias son of John – the younger
Mar 5 AVERY David son of William – the younger
Apr 15 BOUNDE Alse
Apr 28 COLLITON David
Apr 29 BOVY Tho:
May 20 WOTTON John
May 10 BURNE Joane
Aug 7 SKINNER Rebecca
Aug 27 LANGE Rebecca
Sept 21 QUASH John
Oct 20 DAMREEL Margery
Oct 20 DYER George
Dec 10 COYTE Hugh
Dec 25 AVERY Tho:
Dec 27 CRAFTING Mary
Jan 19 MAN Peter
Jan 26 AVERY Rebecca
Feb 2 JEFFERY Amey
Mar 9 EDWARD Arthur
Apr 19 LANGRASHELL John son of Hughe
Apr 19 BOVVYE Christian dau of Richard
Apr 26 VICAR Phillip son of Roger
May 10 COYTE Prudence dau of John
May 10 TOZER John son of Hennery
May 30 AVORY Jhone dau of John
June 21 IRISH Rebecka dau of Edmontt
June 21 IRISH Elizabeth dau of Edmont
July 17 TAPLEY Richard son of Nicholas
July 17 IRISH Mary dau of Edward
Aug 27 NICOLES Anne dau of William
Sept 26 WEBBER John son of David
Oct 4 COOKE Margerye dau of William
Oct 8 AVERY John son of Richard
Oct 18 CATER Willmott dau of Valentine
Oct 25 TUCKER Debora dau of William
Nov 1 GARLER John son of Cristen
Jan 3 TOZER Susan dau of Robert
Jan 31 PEETER Matthew son of George
Mar 2 DENCH Grace dau of Edward
Apr 22 TUCKER Proteza dau of William
May 27 WEBBER Jennery dau of David
June 8 GUSWILL John son of John
June 8 LANTASHELL Wilmot dau of Hugh
June 19 BLACKLER John son of George
July 18 ALEXANDER Mary dau of Richard
July 18 BEARD Jane dau of Richard
July 22 WIDDICOM Thomas son of Thomas
Oct 2 FULL Thomas son of John
Jan 13 MAN William son of William
Feb 5 EALES Margaret dau of Edward
Feb 17 IRISH Lewes son of Edward
Feb 17 WHALE Robert son of Mathew
Mar 8 LOVECRAFT Honor dau of John
Mar 20 DENNING Tamsin dau of Thomas
Mar 31 SMARDON Arthur son of Arthur
Apr 14 COKE Richard son of Richard
May 19 FORD Elizabeth dau of Elkanach
May 26 DAMMERELL William son of William
May 26 WHYTE John son of John
July 15 PRISTON Elizabeth dau of Alexsander
July 22 SKINNER Walter son of George
July 22 CATER Agnes dau of Valentine
July 25 TAPLEY William son of Richard
Aug 4 WEBBER Rebeca dau of Robert
Aug 8 HODGE Elizabeth dau of John
Sept 1 HUNNIWILL Andrew son of Andrew
Sept 22 PETER John son of George
Sept 22 SMITH John son of John
Oct 20 EALES Avis dau of Edward
Nov 17 WINDIATT Wilmott dau of Robert
Dec 7 SHORT Cyprian son of Cyprian
Jan 19 STEVENS Joane dau of Nicholas
Jan 26 MAN George son of John
Feb 9 WIDDICOM Grace dau of Thomas
Feb 9 QUASH Unity dau of William
Feb 16 ENDEL Joane dau of Andrew
Mar 5 FARLEY John son of William
Mar 9 WELCH Elizabeth dau of John
Mar 16 WINSOR John son of John
Mar 16 DAMMERELL Nicholas son of William
Mar 16 LUSCOM [illegible] son of John
Mar ? LOVECRAFT Edward son of John
Apr 8 HINGSTON Mary dau of Hugh
May 13 WINSOR Dainell son of John
June 17 FULL John son of Jo... [eroded]
June 17 FULL Lewes son of Jo... [eroded]
July 8 PETER Samuell son of George
Aug 19 IRISH Anna dau of Edward
Sept 2 GEFFERIE Fresred? dau of Zacharias
Sept 9 LANGRASHELL Debara dau of Hugh
Sept 30 HONIWILL Christopher son of Andrew
Oct 21 WARRINGE Thomas son of William
Oct 21 WARRINGE Thomasin dau of William
Oct 28 TAPLEY John son of Richard
Nov 11 LOVECRAFT John son of Thomas
Jan 13 LOVECRAFT Samuell son of Samuel
Jan 14 WELCH Peter son of John
Jan 30 AVERIE Anne dau of Benjaman
Feb 13 MANN Edward son of John
Mar 17 BENETT Agnes dau of Richard
Mar 19 AVERIE Thomas son of Richard
1640   Fragment  
Apr 6 LAWES Robert son of Robert
Apr 6 FAREMAN Elizabeth dau of Robert
Apr 12 HINGSTON Elizabeth dau of Hugh
Apr 26 MANN Anna dau of Willm
May ? KEELE Millson dau of Jno
? ? VICARY Roger [son] of John
June ? BURIE? Sara [dau of ] Conrad ?
? ? MARDON Thomas [son of] Robert
? ? BEARD Rebecca [dau? of ] [eroded]
? ? CRIMPE [illegible] son [of] [eroded]
? ? LOVECRAFT [eroded]
? ? HOLLOWAY [eroded]
    Remainder of page illegible  
Feb 18 BENNET Richard son of Richard
Feb 24 KINSMAN Wilmote dau of Joseph
Feb 28 BLACKLER Joane dau of Richard
Mar 3 WARRINGE William son of Willm
May 15 QUASH Joane dau of John
May 26 BLACKLER Joane dau of Richard
July 12 IRISH Joane dau of Edward
Sept 8 LOVECRAFT Agnes dau of Samuell
Oct 20 WEBBER Jane dau of Richard
Dec 12 EALES Aves dau of Edward
Dec 24 WEBBER Tamsin dau of Edward
Feb 23 QUASH Thomas son of William
Mar 13 LEYMAN Thomas son of Allyn
Mar 20 GOSSE William son of William
June 14 PAULKE Christian dau of William
June 25 LAKE Elizabeth dau of Stephen
July 29 SULLICK Willmott dau of William
Oct   NICHOLES John son of John
Dec 4 FULL Thamsin dau of Thomas
Sept 6 AVERY Joane dau of John
Dec 17 AVERY Elizabeth dau of William
Jan   COYT John son of Leonard
Feb 25 SUMPTER Peter son of Nicholas
Apr 22 QUASH William son of Thomas
Apr 22 LAKE Mary dau of John
Apr 29 WILKING Arthur son of Arthur
May 6 NICHOLS Margory dau of John
May 13 AVORY Rebecka dau of Thomas
Aug 16 WEBBER Peter son of John
Oct 7 SMITH William son of William
Nov 11 FARRLY Elenor dau of Lawrence
Nov 23 SHEARES? Dianisha dau of Thomas
Dec --- WILLIAMS Jane dau of Thomas
Dec 10 WILLIAMS Joan dau of John
Jan 12 MEATHERELL John son of John
Feb 12 HOLLOWELL Anna dau of John
Mar 3 COYT Richard son of Lenard
Mar 26 FULL John son of Thomas
Mar 31 ELES Prothesa dau of Richard
Apr 2 MAN Richard son of Richard
Apr 20 FARRLY Elias son of Henery
1669   Creased & eroded  
May 4 AVORY William son of Thomas
June 2 WESTAWAY Thomas son of Samuell
June 6 BUFFE ...las son of William
June 30 BLACKLER [eroded] dau of Richard
Aug 4 WESTTORN son of John
Aug 8 RISON [eroded] dau of Henery
Aug 23 AVORI [eroded] son of John
Aug 29 LAKE [eroded] dau of John
Aug 29 AVORY [eroded] dau of William
Sept 5 BOWDEN [eroded] dau of Thomas
Oct 11 TAPLY [eroded] dau of Richard
Dec 12 LAVIS ..ary dau of Benjeman
Dec 25 COASE Richard son of Richard
Dec 30 WILLIAMS Phillia son of Thomas
Jan 21 FARLY Mary dau of Lawrence
Jan 23 WALCH Mary dau of Samuell
Feb 6 BOUFFE John son of John
Feb 6 CHAMPLING Dorithy dau of William
Feb 20 LUCKCRAFT Mary the dau of
Mar 2 WIDDECOM William son of John
Apr ?? MAN Margery dau of Richard
??? 23 COYT Mary dau of Lennard
July 2 CHAMPLIN William son of William
??? 12 HAMLIN Richard son of Joane
??? 17 WESTORNE Edward son of John
??? 17 STONEMAN Joane dau of the widdowe
??? 8 STEVENS Elizabeth dau of Samuell
??? 19 COOPER Christian dau of Thomas
Nov 24 CHRISTOPHER Thomas son of Margerie
Nov 24 CHRISTOPHER Nathenell son of Margerie
Jan 1 MARDON Edward son of Thomas
Jan 7 SKINNER Joane dau of Edward
Feb 20 WIDECUMBE Joane dau of John
Feb 11 WEBBER John son of John
Feb 11 BOVIE? Edward son of John
Feb 11 NORMAN William son of John
Feb 18 COOKE Rebecca dau of Richard
Mar 10 DAMMRELL Joane dau of William
Mar 10 WESTORN Joane dau of Thomas


End of Transcription