Summary of Will of Barnabie Mallett (1606)

[Cresswell 1940, Archdeaconry of Totnes]

By permission of West Country Studies Library

Provided by Mike Mallett <mm-lists AT ntlworld.com>

MALLETT, Barnabie of Broadwoodkelly.
Date of Will 5 April 1606.
Proved 26 June 1606.

April 5 1606. I Barnabie Malllett of Broadwoodkelly To the the poor of the parish of Broadwood xijd To my son Danyel one shepe and vs in money. To Oliver Mallett my son two keyne & six shepe provided alwayes that if he doth take the living that his mother in law now dwelleth in or any other living that Oliver Mallett of Iddesleigh shall think fit for him, that then his portion or legacies shall be made worth £10. Unto Rycharde my wife all my right and title yet to come in Woodland.
The rest of my goods to Rycharde my wife, sole executrix.

[a signature of testator or witnesses]

Proved June 26 1606.

A trew inventory of the goods &c of Barlebyn (sic) Mallett late of Broadwoodkelly deceased praysed by Oliver Mallett, Symon Worthy & Richard Rattenbury and John Taylor xxv April 1606.

Five kyne of which some have calvesxli  
One heaffer of 2 yeares & 1 yearling xxxiiijsiiid
Fourteen sheepiiijlxs 
One pigge vjsviijd
Two acres of wheat & rye & 2 of otesvlvjsviijd
The corne within dores xs 
Crockes & pannes xxiiijs 
Pewter vessels xiijsivd
Wooden vessels vs 
Beef & Baken xvs 
Foure coffers vjs 
Beds performed xxvjsviid
His aparrell xxxs 
One table bord, 1 form & other stooles ijsvjd
One turne  vijd
Mattocks & shovels with hooks and hatchetsvs  
One winnowing sheet with sieves & semelsvijsvjd 
One brandise pot hangers & gridiron and toasser  xxd
Two little bedsteads iijsiiijd
Woodricks xs 
Hay, reeds, cheesewring & a wheelbarrow iijs 
Crockes  xijd
Two borde clothes ijs 
One ladder  xijd
Sum totalisxxvjlvsviijd

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