From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

Transcribed by Neil Stanton

BROADWOODWIGER, or Broadwood Wiger, is a village of old cob buildings, on the acclivity of a valley, six miles N.E. of Launceston. Its parish contains 923 souls, and 8780A. of land, including 1500A. of common, 140A. of wood, 100A. of orchards, the hamlets of Rixton and Kallacott, and many scattered houses. The manors and their owners are, Broadwoodwidger and Upcott, Hy. Blagrove, Esq.; Norden Bason, Lord Clinton; More Malherbe, Rev C. T. C. Luxmoore; and Deanacary, Hy. Hawkes, Esq. Lord Ashburton, Sir Wm. Molesworth, the Misses May, Jas. Lay, Esq., and several smaller owners, have estates here, mostly freehold. The Church is an ancient structure, with a tower and five bells. It retains most of its old carved oak benches, and has some remains of stained glass in its windows. The Dean and Chapter of' Bristol are appropriators of the tithes, and patrons of the perpetual curacy, now held by the Rev. Ponsford Cann, of Virginstow, who has yearly £67. 18s. 8d. from Queen Anne's Bounty, and £24. 6s. 8d. from the tithes, which were commuted in 1844, for £410 per annum, and are leased to the Rev. C. T. C. Luxmoore. Here are two small chapels, belonging to the Wesleyans and Bible Christians.

Squires Jph. vict., Hare and Hounds
Walters Thomas, vict., Thorn Moor

Brown John
Burden Henry
Newbury James
Routley Richard
Shopland Wm.
Clifton John
Hicks Wm.
Squires John
Andrews Wm.
Kerslake George
(* are Owners.)

Axworthy John
Bailey Walter
Bale James
Banbury Richard
Barsett Jacob
*Bickle George
Bickle John & Rd.
Boscobell Richard.
Braund. John
Bray Nathaniel
Brimmicombe J
Cornish George
Davey Wm.
Down Rd. & Thos.
Down Wm.
*Eastcott Richard
Fursman J.
Gregory Susanna
*Hall John
Harris T. & W.
*Helson Robert
Jennings James
Kitton John
Martin Richard
Meadows Thomas
Meathrell Philip
Newcombe Wm.
Northcott James
Page John
*Palmer Richard
*Perkins Richard
*Perkins Thomas
*Reap Wm.
Rice George
*Rich James
*Rockey John & E.
Rogers Richard
Rowe Wm.
*Smale Jas. & T.
Spry Peter & S.
Squance Wm.
*Squire John & Jph.
Taunton Richard
Vale John
Veale Michael
Vicary Christopher

Fry John
Martin John
Perkins James
Spry Sampson

Andrews Wm.
Kerslake George

Eastcott Wm.
Raymont Augustus
Shopland Wm.
Squires John

Brian Randell, 30 Aug 2003