The Cistercian Houses of Devon: Introductory - 1. Buckland.

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 7 (1875), pp. 329-366.


J. Brooking Rowe

Prepared by Michael Steer

Rowe's paper, delivered at the Association's July 1875 Torrington meeting is an introduction to his series on Cistercian Houses in Devon. The first of these, Buckland Abbey was founded in 1278 by Amicia, Countess of Devon and was a daughter house of Quarr Abbey. It remained an abbey until the Dissolution of the Monasteries. In 1541 Henry VIII sold Buckland to Sir Richard Grenville. His grandson Richard converted the abbey into a residence and eventually sold it to Drake in 1581. Drake lived in the house for 15 years, as did many of his collateral descendants until 1946, when it was sold to Arthur Rodd, who presented the property to the National Trust in 1948. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

A complete list of the Abbots is presented on p. 362

Pedigree of the Redvers family at p. 363

Extensive Pedigree of the Drake family at pp. 364-366

Affeton, Richard of359
Albemarle, Isabella Countess of351-4, 356
Albemarle, Earl of334
Aquitaine, Duke of352
Aquitaine, Queen Eleanor353
Bastard, Baldwin the354
Bate, Mr C Spence345
Bedingfeld, Edmund Esq337
Bellworthy, Ralph de340, 362
Bikells, William of354
Bitton, Bishop Thomas339-40
Brenton, William de339
Brommor, Br Thomas Prior of359
Bronescombe, Bishop Walter335, 351
Brundon, Abbot John340, 362
Bryton, Abbot John340, 362
Buckland, Galfridus339, 362
Buckland, Abbot John362
Buckland, Robert Abbot of335, 337, 339, 353-4, 362
Buckland, Thomas Abbot of362
Buckland, Walter Abbot of340, 362
Buckland, William 2nd Abbot of339, 362
Buckland, William 5th Abbot340, 359, 362
Budekeside, William of359
Buttyckyswordy, John Prior of340
Charles II351
Chaumbernon, Sir Henry356
Chudlegh, James Esq338, 359
Clare, Lord Gilbert of353-4
Coleford, Robert of359
Coplestone family344
Crymes family345
Crymes, Richard344
Crymes, William344
Denham, Oliver de356
Derkeham, Robert339-41, 362
Derneford, James Esq338, 340, 359-62
Devon, Amicia Countess of334-6, 339, 343, 349, 352, 354, 357
Devon, Baldwin Earl of334-5, 339, 353-4
Devon, Isabella Countess of353-4
Devon, Margaret Countess of339
Devon, Redvers Earls of342
Donnesterre, Humphrey of354
Drake arms350
Drake, Dr351
Drake, Elizabeth351
Drake family344, 350-1
Drake, Sir Francis344, 350-1
Drake, Sir Francis (2)350
Drake, Thomas351
Dugdale330, 351
Edward I334-5, 339, 351-2
Edward II353
Edward III336, 351
Edward IV338
Edward VI344
Eleanor, Queen353-4
Elford, Elizabeth351
Elford, John351
Ferrars, Reginald de354, 359
FitzJohn, Sir Richard359
Fortescue, Henry361
Fortibus, Isabella de336, 351-2, 356, 358
Fortze, Isabella de334
Fortze, William de334
Glanville family344
Gloucester & Hertford, Count of353-4
Gregorie arms351
Gregorie, Elizabeth351
Gregorie family351
Grenville family344, 350
Grenville, Lady Mary344
Grenville, Sir Richard343, 345, 350
Greynfeld, Richard343
Gros, William le334
Gwynne, Nell351
Gyreband, Thomas337-9, 362
Harding, Stephen330-1
Harris, Christopher344
Hayne family345
Hele, John344
Henry II353-4
Henry IV351
Henry VI360-1
Henry VII340
Heywood family344-5
Hillersden family344
Hylle, Abbot John340, 362
Hylle, Prior William338
Hyndeston, William361
Jordan, John342
Knovile, Gilbert of359
Lacock, Margaret nun of353-4
Lenham, Ralph of354
Lopes, Sir Manasseh Massey344
Lopes, Sir Massey344-5
Lynham, Ralph of359
Lysons, Messrs330
Maynard, Thomas342
Meavy, Richard354
Molesme, Robert Abbot of330
Oliver, Dr329-30, 336, 338, 340, 343, 351-2, 362
Olyver, Abbot Thomas338, 340, 362
Parker, Mr J H336-7
Peverell, Hugo de354, 356, 359
Plympton, William Prior of359
Pole, Sir William330
Pollard, George343
Pomeroy, William de340, 362
Prideaux family344
Prince, Rev John330, 341
Pye, William le338
Pyn, Thomas of354
Quarr, Abbot of335
Quivell, Bishop Peter339
Redvers, Amicia342
Redvers arms342
Redvers family342
Richmond, Earl of340
Ripariis. Margaret de339, 362
Risdon, Thomas344
Risdon, Tristram350
Rolff, Abbot William340, 362
Secchevel, Warren of354
Sharpe, Mr333, 348
Slanning family344
Slanning, John344
Smirke, Sir E340
Spore, Abbot John340, 362
Stapeldon, Bishop Walter340
Stapeldon, William of359
Stephen, abbot?343
St Leger, Sir George344
Stoyll, Stephen of (also Stoil)354, 359
Sweet family344
Tavistock, Abbot of337
Toker, Abbot John (also Tucker)341-2, 362
Travailesworth, Simon of359
Tucker, Hugh341
Tucker, Robert341
Tucker, William341
Twynham, Richard Prior of359
Valdez, Don Pedro de350-1
Valletort, John de354
Vitry, Cardinal de331
Wappelegh, Abbot Thomas340, 362
Whyte, Abbot Thomas339-40, 362