An Index to the Names of Persons Found in the Monumental Inscriptions in Devonshire Churches

Copied in the years 1769-93

by Thomas Wainwright

(Read at Teignmouth, July, 1904)

[Transcription by Jonathan Frayne]

Note: The books of MIs have themselves have apparently never been transcribed - they are in the North Devon Record Office, to whom any requests for further information should be addressed.

In three volumes preserved in the Muniment Room of the North Devon Athenaeum Barnstaple [now in the NDRO] are given copies of the inscriptions on the monuments and tombstones in the churches and churchyards of 128 Devonshire parishes, in which inscriptions the names given below occur. These parishes are situated in the rural deaneries of Barnstaple, Shirwell, South Molton, Chumleigh, Torrington, Hartland, Holsworthy, Tiverton, Collumpton, Honiton, Aylesbeare, Ottery and Moreton.

These copies were made in the following years, 1769-72, 1774-6, 1779-81, 1788-93, by Mr Benjamin Incledon, Recorder of Barnstaple, excepting those made from monuments in the churches of the following parishes: Huish, Merton, Petrockstow and Saterleigh, which were taken by Mr. Thomas Bemridge; Welland, taken by Rev. John Sydenham; Bradford, East Putford and Langtree, by Rev. John Phillipps. A few lines are often prefixed descriptive of the church and its bells, making mention of any other religious foundations in the parish, giving the name of the incumbent, and frequently that of the "resident" curate. In the case of married women it has been considered advisable to give in this index their maiden names, when stated, as well as their married names, as in this way families may be traced which would otherwise not be found. Since many of the monuments from which these inscriptions were taken have been destroyed by church "restorations" or otherwise, and since in other cases inscriptions which could be deciphered a century and a quarter ago are now illegible, it is hoped that this index may be of service to antiquaries and genealogists by directing attention to the parishes in the registers of which information may be looked for concerning any families whose pedigrees are being investigated.

Ackelane, Acland, Ackland Barnstaple, Bittadon, Chittlehampton, Goodleigh, Heanton Punchardon, Landkey, Tiverton
Ackerman Branscombe
Addams Yarnscombe
Adlam Kings Teignton
Aires Barnstaple
Akerman Sidbury
Alford Farway, Weare Giffard
Allen Shirwell, Stoke Rivers
Andrew Monkleigh, West Putford
Andrews Barnstaple
Arscott Black Torrington, Bradford
Arundell Mortehoe
Askham Barnstaple
Atherton Tiverton
Atkey Ilfracombe
Austin Otterton
Avant Salcombe
Avery Barnstaple, Dowlan, West Putford
Ayer Ven Ottery
Aylmer Filleigh
Ayshe Chumleigh
Ayshford Up Lyme
Babington Sidbury
Badstone Kilmington
Bailey, Bayley Alverdiscot, Langtree, Northleigh, Woolfardsworthy
Baitson Chulmleigh
Baker Barnstaple, Buckerell, Chittlehampton, High Bray, Ottery St. Mary
Ball, Balle Dawlish
Ballement Colaton Raleigh
Baller Barnstaple
Ballyman Heanton Punchardon, Ilfracombe
Baltin Bradford
Bamfield, Bampfield, Bampfylde Arlington, Black Torrington, Branscombe, Kings Teignton, Langtree
Barnfield East Putford
Barnes Honiton
Baron Rockbeare
Bartlett Branscombe, Colyton
Basset, Bassett Marwood, Heanton Punchardon
Bath Burrington
Battershill Stokeinteignhead
Bawdon Seaton
Beaple Barnstaple
Bear, Beare, Beer, Bere Barnstaple, Bovey Tracy, Chittlehampton, Heanton Punchardon, Kings Teignton, Landkey, Loxhore, Thornbury, West Putford
Beaumont Gittisham
Beavis Clayhidon
Beeke Kings Teignton
Belfield Salcombe
Bennet, Bennett Aylesbeare, Bishops Tawton
Bepul Marwood
Berrie, Berry Barry Narbor, Chittlehampton, Georgham, West Buckland, Westleigh
Best Stokeinteignhead
Bickford Bradford
Bishop Rockbeare
Blackmoor, Blackmore Hemyock, Ilfracombe, Martinhoe
Blagdon Honiton, Langtree, Tiverton
Blake Alwington, Barnstaple, Heanton Punchardon, High Bray
Blampyne Gittisham
Blinch Meeth
Bluet Heanton Punchardon
Bodley Clyst Hydon
Borough Southleigh
Boteler Littleham
Bouchier, Bourchier Heanton Punchardon, Pilton
Bowdage, Bowdige Axminster, Northleigh
Bowden Berry Narbor
Bowen Ilfracombe
Bowman Langtree
Boyse Barnstaple, Shirwell
Brace Halberton
Braddick Branscombe
Braddon West Putford
Bradford Goodleigh
Bradley Luppitt
Bragg, Bragge Fremington, Kennerleigh
Braginton Woolfardisworthy
Branton Alverdiscot
Braund Bradford, West Putford
Bray Bovey Tracy, Langtree
Brent Langtree
Bret, Brett Membury, Pilton
Brighouse Fremington
Brisco, Briscoe Mugsbury, Up Lyme
Brockedon High Week
Brooke Thorncombe
Brown, Browne Bicton, Clayhidon, Honiton, Ilfracombe
Browning Lynton
Brudenell Sandford
Bruton Alwington, Ilfracombe, Littleham
Budgell Up Lyme
Buckland Welborough
Buckwell Farway
Bulteel Bishops Tawton
Bunston Musbury
Burch Shirwell
Burdon Black Torrington
Burgess Abbotsham, Black Torrington
Burgh Barnstaple
Burgoyne Alwington
Burnard Ottery St. Mary
Burridge Marwood
Burrough Gittisham
Burwell Ottery St. Mary
Bury Chulmleigh, Ilfracombe
Butterfield West Buckland
Calmady Membury
Camppin Yarnscombe
Canham Arlington, Bittadon, East Downe, Marwood
Cann West Putford
Carder West Down
Carew, Carewe Haccombe, Ottery St. Mary, Sandford
Cary, Carie Alwington, Woolfardisworthy
Carpenter Kings Teignton, Loxhore
Carter Branscombe, Halberton, Seaton, Teignmouth West
Case Feniton
Casielis West Putford
Casy Chulmleigh
Catford Hockworthy
Cauniers Filleigh
Challacomb, Challacombe Combe Martin, Trentishoe, West Downe, Westleigh
Chamberlyne Halberton
Champneys Yarnscombe
Channon Branscombe, Churchstanton, Harpford, Ottery St. Mary
Chaplen Ottery St. Mary, Tiverton
Chapman Colyton
Chappell Chittlehampton, Fremington
Chard Awliscombe, Kentisbury
Charley Kentisbury
Chave Willand
Cheek Awliscombe, Axmouth, Combpyne
Chichester Arlington, Barnstaple, Bishops Tawton, Bittadon, Georgham, Marwood, Pilton, Shirwell, Swymbridge, Weare Giffard, Widworthy
Child Westleigh
Chowne Halberton
Churchill Branscombe, Rockbeare
Churchward Goodleigh
Clapham Barnstaple
Clarke Bittadon, Colyton, Halberton
Clatworthy Chittlehampton
Cleake Bovey Tracy
Cleaveland Honiton
Cleveland Westleigh
Cleverdon Woolfardisworthy
Clifford Chittlehampton, Kings Teignton
Clode Southleigh
Coate, Cote Seaton
Coats West Down
Cobleigh Chittlehampton
Cock Ilfracombe
Cockeram Black Torrington
Coffin, Coffyn Alwington, Huish, Monkleigh
Coham Black Torrington
Coke Ottery St. Mary
Cokwordy, Cokworthy Yarnscombe
Cole Dawlish, Ottery St. Mary, Thornbury, Woolfardisworthy
Colemore Heanton Punchardon
Coles Bicton, Fremington
Colesworthy Rockbeare
Colley Chittlehampton, Martinhoe, Shirwell
Collibear Barnstaple
Collier Ilfracombe
Collins, Collyns Filleigh, Offwell, West Putford
Colmer Woolfardisworthy
Commins Halberton
Connant Colaton Raleigh
Cook, Cooke Barnstaple, Burrington, Dawlish, Goodleigh, Littleham, Thorncombe, Trentishoe
Cooper Fremington
Coplestone Ottery St. Mary, Weare Giffard
Copplestone Abbotsham
Copp Petrockstow
Coprell Dawlish
Cornish Barnstaple, ilfracombe
Cornwall Swymbridge
Courtenay, Courteny Barnstaple, Honiton, Otterton
Cove Bishops Teignton
Cowell Landkey, West Putford
Coxe Farway
Coyle High Week
Crocker Axminster, Bradford, Fremington
Cross, Crosse Clayhidon, Halberton
Crossing Combe Raleigh, Otterton
Crow, Crowe Colyton, Combpyne, Widworthy
Cudertin Ottery St. Mary
Cudmore Fremington
Culliford Clyst Hydon
Culling Bovey Tracy
Culme Buckerell
Cutcliffe Combe Martin, Ilfracombe, Mortehoe, Swymbridge, Westleigh
Dalling Martinhoe
Dally Tiverton
Dare High Bray, Seaton
Dart Bishops Tawton
Davie Barnstaple, Fremington, Sandford, Stoke Rivers, Westleigh
Davis Clayhidon, Fremington
Davy Broadhembury, Thelbridge
Dawkins Fremington
Deem Branscombe
Delbridge Barnstaple
Dene Clyst Hydon, Frithelstock
Dening Axmouth
Dennis, Dennys Bradford, Ilfracombe, Langtree
Dennor Woolfardisworthy
Descome Chulmleigh
Dewstow Langtree
Dier Weare Giffard
Dillon Heanton Punchardon, Mortehoe
Doddridge Barnstaple
Dommett Churchstanton
Dore Axmouth
Downe Dawlish, Ilfracombe, Pilton
Downing Cotleigh, Kings Teignton, West Putford
Downman Arlington
Downrich Sandford
Drake Axminster, Aylsbeare, Colyton, Musbury, Salcombe, Southleigh
Drewe Broadhembury, Ottery St. Mary
Duck, Ducke Broadhembury, Rockbeare
Duke Branscombe, Otterton, Ottery St. Mary, Up Lyme
Duncan Barnstaple
Dunn West Putford
Dye Ilfracombe
Dymock Axmouth
Earle, Erle Axmouth, West Downe
Eastbrook Alverdiscot
Eastchurch Bishops Teignton
Ellet Rockbeare
Ellicot Branscombe
Elyet Woolfardisworthy
Encleton Ilfracombe
Estmond Landkey
Eveleigh Bovey Tracy, Gittisham, Musbury, Ottery St. Mary, Petrockstow
Fairchild, Fairchilde Barnstaple, Challacombe
Fane Barnstaple
Farrand Musbury
Farrant Axminster, Clyst Hydon
Farrer Luppitt
Ferris Barnstaple
Fiennes Gittisham
Finney West Buckland
Flamanke Parracombe
Fleming Ilfracombe, Marwood, Westleigh
Flexman Langtree
Follet Shute
Forbes Bovey Tracy
Force Aylesbeare
Ford Burington, Honiton, Offwell, Plymtree, Seaton
Forrester Up Lyme
Fortasque Bradford
Fortescue Barnstaple, Filleigh, Musbury, Up Lyme, Weare Giffard
Foss, Fosse Berry Narbor, Ilfracombe
Fraine, Frayne Langtree, Swymbridge
French Branscombe, Thorncombe
Fry Buckerell, East Downe, East Putford, Heanton Punchardon, Membury, Offwell
Furlond Stokeinteignhead
Furlong Bishops Tawton, Stokeinteignhead
Futts Langtree
Gaich Kilmington
Gale Kings Teignton
Gambon Halberton
Gapper Thorncombe
Gardener Bovey Tracy
Garland Marwood
Gauard Littleham
Gay Black Torrington, Frithelstock, Langtree, Meeth, Monkleigh
Gayer Bicton
Geaton Chittlehampton
Gibson Gittisham, Goodleigh
Giffard Alwington, Chittlehampton, Huish, Westleigh, West Putford
Gift Merton
Gilbert Bradford, Langtree
Gildon Kings Teignton
Gill, Gyll Colyton, Honiton, West Teignmouth
Gilling Harpford
Glanville Plymtree
Glubb Fremington
Godard Clayhidon
Goodall Ottery St. Mary
Goswill Payhembury
Gough Ilfracombe
Gould Colaton Raleigh, Farway, West Buckland
Graves Buckerell
Graynfield Musbury
Greeby Weare Giffard
Greene Gittisham
Greening Weare Giffard
Greenslade Heanton Punchardon
Gregory Barnstaple, Combe Martin, Goodleigh, West Putford
Gribble Fremington, Ilfracombe
Grigg Salcombe
Grose Lynton
Gundry Musbury, Sidbury
Hacch, Hatch Saterleigh, Thornbury
Hackwill, Hakewill Barnstaple, Heanton Punchardon
Hall Stokeinteignhead
Hallarde Awliscombe
Hallet Axmouth
Hals, Halse Chittlehampton, Kings Teignton
Ham Branscombe, Halberton, Southleigh, Yarnscombe
Hamlyn Woolfardisworthy
Hammett Woolfardisworthy
Hammond Arlington, East Downe, Loxhore, Thornbury
Hanarcke Musbury
Hancock Combe Martin, Kentisbury
Handford, Hanforde Swymbridge
Hankford Bulkworthy, monkleigh
Hankin Creacombe
Hanmer Barnstaple
Harder Bittadon
Harding Combe Martin, Fremington, Monkleigh
Harnaman Woolfardisworthy
Harper Seaton
Harpur Ilfracombe
Harison Huish
Harrington Pilton
Harris Barnstaple, Bishops Tawton, Chittlehampton, Frithelstock, Georgeham, Talaton
Harte Bishops Teignton
Hartnoll Bittadon, Marwood, Willand
Harvey Burrington, Chittlehampton, Chulmleigh
Harward Plymtree, Talaton
Hatch, Hacch Saterleigh, Thornbury
Hawker Halberton, Luppitt
Hawkey Bishops Tawton
Hawking Langtree
Hawkins Fremington
Haydon Alwington, Farway, Ottery St. Mary
Hayne Pilton, Up Lyme, Woolfardisworthy
Head Seaton
Heale Petrockstow
Healy Thorncombe
Heard Dowland
Hearn Petrockstow
Heathfield Tiverton
Hele Bovey Tracy, Kings Teignton, Shirwell
Hellier Churchstanton
Hender Bovey Tracy
Hengscot, Hengstecot Bradford
Henlake Black Torrington
Henly Axminster
Herding Landkey
Herring Huish
Hewet Bishops Teignton, Luppitt
Heysett Black Torrington, Luppitt
Hickes Whimple
Hiertha Chittlehampton
Hill, Hyll Broad Hembury, Chittlehampton, Dunkeswell, Fremington, Haccombe, Pilton, Wolborough, Woolfardisworthy
Hoblyn Bradford
Hockin Alwington
Hockmore Combeinteignhead
Hody Alverdiscot
Hole Bishops Tawton, Burrington
Holland Black Torrington
Hollway, Holway Clayhidon, Luppitt
Holme Gittisham
Holwill Aylesbeare, Membury
Holworthy Halberton
Honeycombe Weare Giffard
Hony Abbotsham
Hook Combpyne
Hooper Barnstaple, Salcombe, Sandford
Hopping Colaton Raleigh
Hore Kilmington
Horn Langtree
Horsham Barnstaple
Horsley Sidbury
Horwell Kings Teignton
Hothersall Axmouth
How Colyton
Howard Ilfracombe
Huddy Haccombe
Hume Fremington, Pilton
Hutchings, Hutchins Farway, Kentisbury, Meeth, Up Ottery
Hutton Up Lyme
Huxtable Bratton Fleming, Chittlehampton
Huysh Frithelstock
Ians Ilfracombe
Incledon Barnstaple, Pilton
Isack, Isacke, Izack Ottery St. Mary, Sidbury, Widworthy
Ivatt Combe Martin
Jeffery Stoke Rivers
Jennings Barnstaple, Martinhoe
Jerman Meeth
Joce Brendon, Chittlehampton, Shirwell, Stoke Rivers
Johns Langtree, Thornbury
Johnson Luppitt
Jones Kentisbury, Pilton, Up Lyme
Joyce Upottery
Judd Langtree
Keate Axminster
Kelland, Kellond Alwington, Tiverton
Kellie, Kelly Fremington, Hemyock
Kelliowe, Killiowe Ilfracombe
Kent Ilfracombe
Kestell Ottery St. Mary
Kift Kentisbury
Kimpland Barnstaple
King Membury
Kirkeham Berry Narbor, Feniton
Knight Kentisbury, Lynton, Musbury
Lacy Branscombe
Lake Barnstaple, Black Torrington, Chittlehampton
Lale Chittlehampton
Lambe Frithelstock
Lancey East Downe, Shirwell
Land Bishops Teignton
Landgdon Ilfracombe
Lane Barnstaple, Sandford
Lang Stokeinteignhead
Larwell Ilfracombe
Lavercombe Bratton Fleming, High Bray
Lawrence Axminster
Leach Talaton
Lear, Leere Bishops Teignton, Bovey Tracy
Lee Branscombe, Luppitt, Salcombe
Leigh Branscombe, Shirwell
Lerwill Kentisbury
Lester Ilfracombe
Lethbridge Pilton
Lewes Broadhembury, Chulmleigh
Lewis Axminster, Meeth
Ley Bishops Tawton, Chittlehampton, Combe Martin, East Downe, Marwood, Meeth, monkleigh, Shirwell, Weare Giffard
Liddon Axminster
Limebear Berry Narbor
Littlejohn Fremington, Woolfardisworty
Lock Parracombe
Long Colyton
Locker Shirwell
Louis Alwington
Loveband Yarnscombe
Lovering Barnstaple
Lowman Seaton
Luce High Week
Luck Barnstaple
Lugge, Lugg Barnstaple, Meeth, Shirwell
Luscombe Ilfracombe, Membury
Luttrell Woolfardisworthy
Mabank Barnstaple
Maine Otterton
Mallack Axmouth, Farway
Mallet Alverdiscot, Landkey
Manley Widworthy
Manning, Manninge Fremington, Wolborough
Manwaring Dawlish
Marder Tiverton
Marker Ottery St. Mary
Marshall Barnstaple
Martiall Fremington
Marten, Martine, Martyn Barnstaple, Harpford, Bishops Teignton
Marwode, Marwood Colyton, Honiton, Marwood, Northleigh, Up Ottery, Widworthy
Mason Tiverton
Mathew, Matthew Fremington, Rockbeare
Maudit Ottery St. Mary
Maunder Halberton, Honiton
May Fremington, Halberton
Maynard Barnstaple, Bradford, Thornbury
Mayne Bradford, Stoke Rivers, Swymbridge
Meddon Alwington
Medford Barnstaple
Melhuish Barnstaple
Mervin Heanton Punchardon, Marwood
Mew Axmouth
Michell, Mitchell, Mychell Branscpmbe, Combeinteignhead, Gittisham, Salcombe, Wolborough
Middleton Fremington
Mildon Chittlehampton
Mill Langtree, Pilton, West Putford
Mills Chittlehampton
[A gap here of about 40 names]  
Paige Barnstaple, Black Torrington, Fremington
Palmer Barnstaple, Chittlehampton, Kings Teignton, Petrockstow
Parminter, Parmynter Barnstaple, Berry Nabor, Ilfracombe, Marwood, Stoke Rivers, West down
Parret Buckerell
Parslewe Arlington
Parsons Colytoon, Luppitt, Sidbury
Partridge Martinhoe
Pasmore Barnstaple, Tiverton
Passemer Awliscombe
Patch Coffinswell
Paul Gittisham
Paynter Dawlish
Peake West Down
Peard Barnstaple, Marwood, Tiverton, West Down
Pearse Luppitt, Westleigh
Pellaven Ashford
Pennicot, Pennicott Burrington, Chulmleigh
Penny Colaton Raleigh
Penrose Fremington
Periam, Peryam Colyton, Heanton Punchardon, Rockbeare
Perram Whimple
Perriman Whimple
Pester Axminster
Petherick Thornbury
Phelp Barnstaple
Phillips, Phillipps East Putford, Ilfracombe
Pierce Honiton
Pine see Pyne  
Pinney Combpyne, Farway
Pinsent Bovey Tracy
Plumly Buckerell
Podge Westleigh
Podger Warkleigh
Pointz Bittadon, East Downe, Marwood
Pole Colyton, Shute
Pollard Abbots Bickington, Chulmleigh, Fremington, Yarnscombe
Polwhele Arlington
Pomerey Bradford
Popham Colyton
Potbury Payhembury
Poule Ilfracombe
Pow Meeth
Powell Farway
Poynes Yarnscombe
Prance, Praunce Alwington, Feniton, Woolfardisworthy
Prat, Pratt Colyton, West Buckland
Prideaux Abbots Bickington, Alwington, Broadhembury, Farway, Talaton, West Putford
Prince Axminster, Ilfracombe
Pringe Awliscombe
Prust Monkleigh, Woolfardisworthy
Pugsley Seaton
Pulman Combe Raleigh
Punchard Barnstaple
Purse Shute
Putt Gittisham
Pyne, Pine Alwington, Axmouth, Barnstapple, East Downe, Huish, Ilfracombe, Marwood, Rockbeare
Pytt Heanton Punchardon
Ramson Otterton
Randall Fremington, Kentisbury
Rawle Brendon
Reed Ilfracombe
Reeve Loxhore
Rendall Woolfardisworthy
Reynel, Reynell Otterton, Wolborough
Reynolds Rockbeare
Richards Axminster, Georgrham, Honiton, Kentisbury, Otterton, Trentishoe
Ridge Dowland
Risdon Bishops Teignton, Woolfardisworthy
Robbins West Putford
Roberts West Downe
Rock Chittlehampton
Rodge Honiton
Rogers Bratton Fleming, Pilton, Shirwell
Rolle Bicton, Chittlehampton, Fremington, Merton, Petrockstow, Weare Giffard
Rose Broadhembury, Southleigh
Rosier Barnstaple, Heanton Punchardon, Swymbridge
Roswell Musbury
Rouse, Rowse Huish, Langtree
Row, Rowe Alwington, Axmouth, Barnstaple
Rugg Kilmington
Rygge Honiton
Salmon Ilfracombe
Salter Musbury, Ottery St. Mary, Payhembury
Saltren Woolfardisworthy
Sampson Branscombe, Colyton, Membury
Sanders Feniton, Plymtree, Stokeinteignhead
Sanford Pilton, Plymtree, Stokeinteignhead
Sarle Colaton Raleigh
Satterley Bovey Tracy
Saunder Chittlehampton
Saunders Chittlehampton, Huish, Mortehoe, Payhembury
Savery Bishops Tawton
Sayntleger Monkleigh
Scot High Bray
Scott Chittlehampton, Stoke Rivers
Searle Honiton, Kings Teignton, Northleigh, Otterton, Sidbury
Seaward Broadhembury
Sedgwick Buckerell
Segar, Sugar, Suger Axmouth, High Week
Selden Kentisbury
Seller Kilmington
Sellie Warkleigh
Selwood Ilfracombe
Serle Axmouth, Honiton
Sesse Ottery St. Mary
Seward Axmouth
Shapcot Barnstaple
Shapley Littleham
Sharpe Hockworthy
Shear, sheere Halberton, Huish
Shebbear Abbotsham
Sherman Fremington, Ottery St. Mary
Short Honiton Clyst, West Putford, Woolfardisworthy
Showers Whimple
Shuckburgh Westleigh
Simons Shirwell
Skinner, Skynner Dawlish, Plymtree
Slade Langtree
Slee Shirwell
Slocombe Countisbury
Sloley, Sloly Fremington
Smale Black Torrington, Langtree
Smith Alwington, Awliscombe, Whimple
Smyth Teignmouth West
Snell Burrington
Snytall Meeth
Somars Ilfracombe
Somaster Widworthy
Somers Marwood, Ilfracombe
Sommers Ilfracombe
Southcot Dawlkish, Heanton Punchardon, Offwell
Southcote Bovey Tracy, Monckton
Southcott Kilmington
Southwood Churchstanton, Landkey
Speccot Weare Giffard
Spinster Widworthy
Sponer East Downe
Spry Bovey Tracy
Spurway Huish
Squire Landkey
Stafford, Stofford Chittlehampton, Dowland
Stanbury Ilfracombe, Shirwell
Standon Langtree
Stapledon Woolfardisworthy
Starr Axmouth, Beer, Farway, Seaton
Stawell Bovey Tracy
Steare Bishops Teignton
Steed Barnstaple
Stephens Barnstaple, Hockworthy
Stevins Barnstaple
Stocker Harpford, Shute
Stokes Aylesbeare, Barnstaple
Stone Sidbury
Stowey Chittlehampton
Stradling Chittlehampton
Straine Shirwell
Stribling Ashford
Strode Bishops Tawton, Payhembury, Sandford, Seaton
Stroud Woolfardisworthy
Strowde Colyton
Stuckey Branscombe
Stuckley Landkey
Stucley West Putford
studleigh Kings Teignton
Sugar, Suger see Seger  
Swallow Axminster
Sweeting Heanton Punchardon
Sydenham Seaton
Symes Axminster, Shute
Symon Stokeinteignhead
Symonds, Symons Barnstaple
Takell, Takill Honiton
Tallon West Downe
Tamlyn Marwood
Tanner Offwell
Tawley Stokeinteignhead
Tawman Ilfracombe
Tawton Meeth
Taylor Branscombe, Bishops Tawton, Littleham
Terry Payhembury, Talaton
Tewe Fremington
Thomas Berry Narbor, Ilfracombe
Thompson Barnstaple
Thomson Barnstaple
Thorne Cotleigh, Fremington, Halberton, Marwood, Saterleigh, Shirwell
Thorpe Up Lyme
Thurston Plymtree
Tilley Plymtree
Tillie Up Ottery
Titherly Langtree
Tonkin Broadhembury
Tooker Barnstaple, Bradford, Woolfardisworthy
Tozer Feniton, Kings Teignton
Traci Mortehoe
Tregerthen Ilfracombe
Trehane Fremington
Trenchard Colyton
Trender Barnstaple
Trevelyan Yarnscombe
Trick Bradford
Triggs Bratton Fleming, Chittlehampton
Tripe Dawlish
Tristram Barnstaple
Trope Colyton
Trosse Dawlish, Ottery St. Mary, Wolborough
Trowbridge Barnstaple
Tucker Abbotsham, Axmouth, Barnstaple, Berry Narbor, Chittlehampton, Churchstanton, high Bray, Landkey, Langtree, Luppitt, Membury, Woolfardisworthy
Turner Halberton
Turney Honiton Clyst
Turvile Berry Narbor
Tyncomb High Bray
Underhay Kings Teignton
Upcot, Upcott Ashford, Axminster
Upton Ottery St. Mary
Vaughan Honmiton Clyst, Ottery St. Mary
Vellacott Berry Narbor, Fremington
Ven Thelbridge
Venton Bradford, Petrockstow
Vicary Dunkeswell, Whimple
Vickers Southleigh
Vincent Landkey
Vye Berry Narbor, Ilfracombe
Waad Honiton
Wakeman Barnstaple
Waldron Hemyock
Walker Whimple
Wallaston Luppitt
Waller Alwington, Wolborough
Walron Chulmleigh
Walrond Branscombe, Ottery St. Mary Seaton, Sidbury
Walsh Thorncombe
Walshe, Welshe Alverdiscot
Ward Brendon, East Downe, Shirwell
Ware Sidbury
Warminton Woolfardisworthy
Warren Musbury, Sidbury, Yarnscombe
Watts Ottery St. Mary,
Waty Axminster
Wauchop Bratton Fleming
Way, Waye Dawlish
Waymouth Woolfardisworthy
Weare, Were Halberton, West Putford
Webb Alverdiscot, Chulmleigh, Woolfardisworthy
Webber Honiton Clyst, Loxhore, Meeth, Plymtree
Weekes Shirwell
Welch Talaton
Welsh Bradford, Littleham
Welshman Fremington
Wesley Tiverton
Westcombe Bishops Teignton, Payhembury
Westcott Berry Narbor
Westlake Barnstaple, Wolborough
Westofer Colyton
Weston Membury
Wheaton Branscombe
Whichehalse Lynton, Martinhoe
Whidbourn Dawlish
White Plymtree, Stoke Rivers
Whitefield Heanton Punchardon
Whitelock, Whitelocke Langtree, Woolfardisworthy
Whitter Tiverton
Wiete Ilfracombe
Wilde Rockbeare
Wilkins Colyton
Willet, Willett Abbotsham, Alwington
Williams Bishops Teignton, Chittlehampton, Combeinteignhead, Ilfracombe
Willoughby Seaton, southleigh
Willson Bratton Fleming
Wilson Clayhidon
Windham Alverdiscot
Wiott, Wyat Pilton, Stoke Rivers
Wislake Wolborough
Witty Axminster
Wonnacot Thornbury
Wood Honiton, Willand
Woodward Branscombe
Woolacott Black Torrington
Woolcot Feniton
Woolocombe Huish
Wortley Bratton Fleming
Wright Axmouth, Feniton
Wybord Heanton Punchardon
Yarde Hugh Week, Honiton Clyst, Kings Teignton, Ottery St. Mary
Yeallaton Kentisbury
Yeo Chittlehampton, Huish, Merton, Petrockstow, Weare Giffard
Yolland Landkey, Langtree
Yonge Axminster

Brian Randell, 3 Apr 2002