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Historical Sketch of the Parish of Chagford

Trans. Devon Assoc. vol. 8 (1876), pp. 62-81.


G. Wareing Ormerod

Prepared by Michael Steer

Ormerod's paper, presented at the Association's July 1876 Ashburton meeting provides a great deal of descriptive and factual information on the history of this small, but important moorland town. Archaeological remains confirm that a community has existed there for at least 4000 years. In historical times, Chagford grew due to the wool trade and from tin mining in the area, and in 1305 was made a stannary town where tin was traded. A cattle market in the town survived until the 1980s. In a Civil War skirmish Sydney Godolphin, the poet and Royalist MP for Helston, was shot and killed in the porch of the Three Crowns. The Appendix to the paper presents a list of the Rectors of Chagford from 1319 to 1852. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, William 72
Becausawe, Robert 81
Benson 70
Berkeley, Sir John 76
Berry, Richard Leach Esq 67, 78
Bilbie, Thomas 68
Bonneville, Leva 72
Bonneville, Thomas 72
Bonville family 72
Branscome, Bishop 66
Burgess, Robert 81
Cann, John 72
Canville, Geoffrey de 65
Carie, Mr 75
Chagford, Hugh de 65
Chagford, Isabella de 65
Chagford, Simon Rector of 65, 81
Chagford, Thomas de 63, 65
Champernowne, Alexander 72
Chirbury, Robert 81
Clarendon 76
Coniam, Mr Thomas Taylor 77
Constantine, Bishop of 63
Coplestone, Catherine 76
Coplestone family 72
Coplestone, Francis 81
Coplestone, Master 72, 76
Coplestone, John 76
Coplestone, Thomas 81
Cornwall, Duke of 63
Dennys, Sir R 75
Disraeli, Benjamin 65
Disraeli, Isaac 65
Dodo 63
Dowrish 70
Dynham, John 81
Edward I 65
Edward III 63-4
Edward IV 62
Edward VI 67, 70, 77
Elizabeth I 62, 70-1
Ellicombe, Rev H T 67
Erasmus 70
Evans, Adjutant J 67
Eveleagh, Mr 72
Fellowes, Mr 77
Ferguson, Mr 63
Fisher, Robert 81
Ford, William 81
Fulford, Thomas de 81
Gambon, John 72
Godolphin, Sydney 76
Goldston, German 76, 81
Gorges family 69, 72
Gorges, John 72
Hames, George Hayter 81
Hames, Rev Hayter George 71, 81
Hames, Mrs Hayter 69, 71, 73, 77
Hames, Kathleen 69
Hames, Rev William 67, 81
Hardyn, Doctor 70
Harneman, Robert 81
Hayter, George 81
Hayter, George (2) 81
Hayter, John 65
Hayter, Joshua 81
Hayter, Mr William 65, 77
Hele, Gregorie 72
Henry III 65
Henry VIII 63, 67
Hollis, Sir W 77
Hoare, Charles Esq 77
Hore family (also Hoare) 77
James I 77
Jule, Doctor 70
King, Mr 69
Lecerdekne, Michael 65, 81
Leland 73
Lillycrop, John 72
Lloyd 76
Loskye, Mr Richard 74
Lydeford, John 81
Mary, Queen 70, 77
Mayon, William 81
Mole, Timothy 72
Moleton, James de 65
Moore, William 81
Nicholas, Pope 63
Northmore, Mrs Jemima Hayter 67
Oliver, Dr 65
Polwhele 72-3
Portsmouth, Earl of 77
Prous family 76
Prous, Johanna 76
Prous, John Esq 76
Raleigh, Sir Walter 75
Read, Rev William 65, 81
Rennell, Thomas 81
Richard II 77
Shilstone, Elizabeth 77
Shilstone, W 77
Slaughter, John 81
Stoyle, Richard 81
Tolthorp, John 81
Trugge, William 81
Turner, Colonel J B 67
Warryn 74
Weston, Robert 81
Whiddon family 66, 77
Whiddon, Sir John snr 77
Whiddon, Sir John 67, 77
Whiddon, Roger 65, 77
Whipham, Rev Arthur 73, 77
Wibbery family 65
Wibbery, John 65, 71-2
Wibbery, Leva 65, 71-2
Wibbery, Simon de 65
Wilbury, Laurence de 81
Williams, Mr Herbert 63, 73
Worth, Joshua 81
Wylughby, Edward 81
Yolden, T 75