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Help and advice for Prowse memorials in Chagford church (1916): index

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Prowse memorials in Chagford church

Devon Notes & Queries, vol. 9, Part 4 (1916), pp. 121-123. [Supplementary to vol. 9, p.81, par.77.]


F. Were

Prepared by Michael Steer

Were's submission is a rather lengthy and blunt criticism of Lega-Weekes' earlier 'Note' on the Prouse family memorials in St Michael's Church. That together with her rebuttal of these several criticisms all appear in the 1916-17 collection of D & CN & Q. Were attempts to correct her errors in certain of the heraldic blazons as well as the order in which she presented them from the marshalling on the Prouse family's Chagford shield. He also attempts to further unravel some of the intricacies of a lengthy and excessively convoluted Prowse pedigree. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is available from the Internet Archive.


Arscott arms 122
Arscott, Catherine 122
Arscott, Joane 122
Arscott, John 122
Arscott, Robert 122
Bellew, Honor 122-3
Cobb arms 122
Cobb family 122
Colby 121-2
Cole family 122
Cornwall arms 121
Cruwys family 122
Damerell, Alis 121
Damerell, Sir John 121
Dinham arms 121
Dinham, Sir Robert Knt 121
Dinham, Lord 121
Elford, Anne 123
Elford arms 123
Elford, Roger 123
Ferrers, Alice 121
Ferrers family 121
Gidlegh, de arms 121
Giffard arms 121
Giffard, Emma 121
Giffard family 121
Giffard, Walter 121
Goff arms 123
Gogh arms 123
Gough, Alice 123
Gough, Richard 123
Laplode arms 123
Lega-Weekes, Mrs C 121
Lippincott, Anne 123
Lippincot, Alice 123
Lippincott, John 123
Lippincot, Philip 123
Lippingcott arms 122
Lippingcott, Jane 122
Lippingcott, John 122-3
Mules, Alice 121
Mules, Alis 121
Mules, Sir Roger 121
Norton family 122
Orchard family 122
Pole, Sir William 121-2
Pomeray 122
Ponte arms 121
Ponte, Elana de 122
Ponte, Jeffery de 122
Ponte family 121-2
Prous, Elana 122
Prous, Honor 122
Prous, John 123
Prous, William 122
Prous, Sir William 121
Prouse arms 122
Prouse, Humphry (also Prous) 121-3
Prouse, William 121
Prouz family 121
Redvers arms 121
Renston family 122
Renston arms 122
Rietstap 122
Scudamore arms 123
Tilley family 122
Tilley, Joane 122
Tilley, Nicholas 122
Vivian 121-2
Wadecote family 121-2
Wibbery arms 122-3
Widworthy, Alice 121
Widworthy arms 121
Widworthy, Emma 121
Widworthy, Sir Hugh 121
Wybbery, Jane 122
Wyberry, John 122
Wyberry, William 122