From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

Transcribed by John Bishop CHALLACOMBE, among the hills,near the source of the river Bray, 10 miles N.E. of Barnstaple, has in its parish 305 souls, and 5430 acres of land including a portion of high moorland waste, extending Eastwards to the borders of Somersetshire. Earl Fortescue is lord of the manor, owner of most of the soil, and patron of the rectory valued in K.B. at £11 9s. 2d., and in 1831 at £164. The Rev. J.C. Carwithen M.A. is the incumbent, and has a good cottage residence in a romantic dell, and about 40A. of glebe. The tithes have been commuted for £180 per annum. The Church (Holy Trinity,) is a small dilapidated structure, which is about to be rebuilt, except for the tower which contains four bells. The poor have the interest of £40, given by Wm. Partridge and Thos. Facche, and an annuity of 20s. left by Rebecca Crocombe.

Baker, Thomas, blacksmith
Carwithen, Rev. J.C., M.A. Rectory
Huxtable, Richard, miller & vict. New Inn
Huxtable Wm. & Jones, D., wheelgts
Leworthy Samuel, shopkeeper
Leworthy James, blacksmith
Webber James, beerseller


Crang Wm. || Dallyn Thomas
Dallyn John || Dallyn Wm.
Huxtable, Wm. || Lancey Susan
Leworthy Wm. || Ridd, Humphy.
Ridd Partridge, Oldclose
Vellacott Nathl. C. || Webber James

Brian Randell, 10 Dec 2008