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Transcribed by Lindsey Withers


Date of BurialNameRelationshipOccupationAgeResidenceInformation
23 March 1706Sarah BOYLES Widow   
2 September 1707Henry PARSLEY     
3 October 1707Humphry PENNYson of Catherine Penny, widow, a stranger    
16 October 1707Eleanor BARROWEwife of Henry Barrowe    
12 February 1707Joane WATTS Widow of North Molton 
17 May 1708William BOYLESson of Francis and Mary Boyles    
27 July 1708Thomas BOYLESson of Francis and Mary Boyles    
21 November 1708Jane YEOwife of Edward Yeo    
6 February 1708John LEWORTHYson of George, the elder, and Sarah Leworthy    
22 February 1708Agnes FORDwife of Robert Ford  of Chawleigh 
23 March 1708Elyzabeth BAKERdaughter of Humphry and Agnis Baker    
6 June 1709George HUXTABLEson of John and Peternell Huxtable    
12 December 1709George BOYLESson of Alice Boyles, widow    
18 January 1709Thomas LEACH     
21 January 1709Edward YEO     
4 May 1710Margarett HOISEY Single woman   
7 May 1710John COMER the Elder   
17 November 1710Joane HOWE     
16 April 1711Anastasia PARTRIDGE Widow   
12 June 1711Elysabeth Jewellwife of John Jewell    
28 February 1711John GOULDEson of Nicolaus and Joane Goulde    
23 April 1712English HOULE     
24 June 1712William BOYLESson of Francis and Mary Boyles    
18 July 1712Grace BOYLESdaughter of Alice Boyles, widow  of Charles 
26 August 712Elysabeth SOUTHWOODdaughter of Richard and Grace Southwood    
3 April 1713Micael SOUTHWOODson of Richard and Grace Southwood    
10 May 1713Margaret HOLLANDdaughter of John and Joane Holland    
10 June 1713Francis BOYLES     
28 February 1713George GOULD     
14 March 1713Henry BARROW     
6 May 1714Mary LANGDON Widow of Charles 
6 December 1714Amy HALSE   of Chittlehampton 
12 November 1715Grace BENNETT Widow of Charles 
19 November 1715Clement GOULD   of Charles 
30 November 1715Grace GOULD     
3 April 1716Agness LEWORTHYdaughter of George and Martha Leworthy    
24 april 1716Robert MEARE     
2 July 1716Margarett BEARDwife of George Beard    
4 July 1716Henry DAVY     
1 August 1716John HOLLANDson of John and Joane Holland    
26 August 1716Clement HUXTABLE     
30 September 1716Hugh COMER     
5 February 1717Symon SMITH A stranger and tinker   
24 July 1718Richard BAKERson of Humphry and Agnes Baker    
7 August 1718Agnes LEWORTHY Widow   
1 October 1718Ursula YEO     
7 November 1718Sarath GOOLE     
17 November 1718Martha COMER Widow   
3 September 1719Mrs Mary GREGORIE     
13 January 1719George GREGORIE Rector and Patron of this Parish   
11 July 1720Elizabeth BALE     
20 July 1720Margery GOULD     
6 March 1720Grace BARROWwife of John Barrow  of High Bray 
13 July 1721Abraham HARTNOL     
19 July 1721Ann LAVERCOMBE     
10 August 1721Nicholas GOULD     
3 February 1721Suzanna LEWORTHY     
29 May 1722Henry HARTNELson of Abrham and Thomzin Hartnol    
10 September 1722Thomzin GOULDdaughter of George and Dorithie Gould    
8 May 1723William TAYLERson of John and Mary Tayler    
2 June 1723John LEWORTHYson of George and Elizabeth Leworthy    
10 June 1723John HOLE Senior   
1 October 1723Thomzin COMERdaughter of John and Martha Comer    
4 October 1724Margrett BEARDdaughter of Anthony and Jane Beard    
29 October 1724Mary GOULDdaughter of George and Dorithie Gould    
2 November 1724Sarah COMERdaughter of John and Martha Comer    
24 November 1724Thomzin BRAY     
26 November 1724Wilmot BLAKE     
6 January 1724John HOLLAND     
9 January 1724Elizabeth GOULD     
10 January 1724Agnes BAKER     
10 January 1724William HOLLANDson of John and Joan Holland    
12 January 1724Catherine JONES     
16 January 1724Prudence BALE     
16 February 1724John TAYLERson of John and Mary TAYLER    
15 March 1725Mary HOLE     
13 June 1726Henry BRAY     
15 January 1726George BOYLESson of Henry and Grace Boyles    
16 February 1726Margrett WAYBRON     
17 July 1727Martha GOULD     
18 October 1727Ursulah BENDLE     
3 November 1727Hugh MAIRE     
6 March 1727Grace HATCH     
6 April 1728Richard BRAYson of Henry and Elizabeth Bray    
18 May 1728John BENNETTson fo William and Grace Bennett    
13 April 1729John HUXTABLE     
20 April 1729Sarah LEWORTHIE     
8 June 1729Mary MAIRE Widow   
16 May 1731Amie DYER     
4 June 1731Joane DODS     
13 June 1731Catherine DODSdaughter of John and Agnes Dods    
11 July 1731John BLAKE     
8 September 1731Johan GOULD Widow   
13 February 1731Richord BOYLESwife of Anthony Boyles    
17 April 1732Elizabeth BAKERdaughter of Humphrey Baker    
3 July 1732Hester GOULDdaughter of George and Dorothy Gould    
12 November 1732John HOWLE     
22 April 1733William LEWORTHYson of Samuell and Catherine Leworthy    
22 April 1733Catherine LEWORTHYdaughter of Samuell and Catherine Leworthy    
27 April 1733George LEWORTHY Senior   
28 April 1734George BEARD     
12 June 1734Katherine VICARY     
12 June 1734Agnes DADDS     
23 April 1736Joan LAVERCOMBwife of Lawrence Lavercomb  of North Moulton [North Molton] 
23 May 1736Robert HEWET     
22 September 1736Thomas BENNETTson of William Bennett medius    
10 October 1736Hannah BONDdaughter of Charles Bond   Joan Blake made affidavit
17 October 1736John BONDson of Charles Bond   The mother has made affidavit
28 December 1736Margaret CLARKE    Jane Beard made affidavit
18 September 1737Charity HEWET    Elizabeth Moreman made affidavit
30 October 1737Elizabeth PARKIN    Winnifred Rudd made affidavit
21 May 1738Hester GOULDdaughter of Thomas Gould   Joan Blake made affidavit
21 May 1738John CRIDGEson of John Cridge   Joan Blake made affidavit
4 June 1738Mary BOYLES Widow  Jane Beard made affidavit
17 September 1738Sarah HOLLANDdaughter of Joan HOLLAND   Grace Boyles made affidavit
4 February 1738William DADDSson of William and Jane DADDS   Joan Boyles made affidavit
25 February 1738Jane GOULDbase daughter of Jane Gould  of North Molton 
4 March 1738Thomazin DAVY Widow   
18 March 1738Christian BOYLEwife of Anthony Boyles   Winnefred Rudd made affidavit
17 May 1739George GOULDson of George and Peternella GOULD junior    
10 October 1739Robert BENDALL    Martha Comer made affidavit
22 June 1740William BARROW   of Goodleigh 
12 July 1740George GOULDson of Thomas and Joan Gould    
16 January 1740Anne LAVERCOMBE     
14 February 1741Hester GOULDdaughter of Thomas and Joan Gould    
15 April 1742Joan WALL   of Bishops Tawton 
10 August 1742Joan BENDLE     
13 September 1742John SHOPLANDson of Hugh and Joan SHOPLAND    
8 December 1742Phillip PALFREEMAN     
15 December 1742Humphry BAKER     
19 December 1742William BENDLE     
19 January 1742George CRIDGEson of John and Grace Cridge    
22 March 1742Dorothy STONE     
20 April 1743Grace LEWORTHYdaughter of Samuel and Catharine Leworthy    
13 July 1743Ann DAVY   of Chittlehampton 
8 September 1743Dorothy GOULDdaughter of George and Dorothy Gould    
12 May 1745John GOULDson of George and Pitternell Gould    
27 June 1745William GOULDson of George and Edith Gould    
15 August 1745Christoher BENDLE     
14 May 1746Grace CRIDGEwife of John Cridge    
10 February 1746Thomas CLARKE     
12 February 1746Hester BENNETdaughter of William and Grace Bennet    
16 February 1746William BENNETson of William and Grace Bennet    
21 July 1747Joan GOULDdaughter of George and Edith Gould    
11 August 1747Agnis HUTCHINGSwife of Richard Hutchings    
13 September 1747Hugh COMERson of William and Mary Comer    
21 February 1747Richard BRAYson of John and Margaret Bray    
6 March 1747John LEWORTHYson of George and Elizabeth Leworthy    
16 September 1748William BENNET the elder   
18 November 1748Catharine LEWORTHYwife of Samuell Leworthy    
11 December 1748Mary BRAYdaughter of John and Margaret Bray    
22 December 1748Joan PARSONS a stranger   
11 June 1749Elizabeth COMERdaughter of William and Mary Comer    
26 March 1749Joshua GOULDson of Thomas and Joan Gould    
12 May 1750George GOULD the elder   
24 October 1750Joan GOULD Single woman   
29 November 1750Elizabeth BUCKINGHAMwife of Rev. Mr Dennis Buckingham    
15 December 1750Elizabeth BUCKINGHAMdaughter of Rev. Mr Dennis and Elizabeth Buckingham    
12 March 1750Henry GOULD     
21 September 1751Joan GOULDdaughter of Thomas and Joan Gould    
29 September 1751Sarah COMERdaughter of Agnes ComerSingle woman   
18 April 1752Jane HOARE     
27 April 1752Pitternel HUXTABLE     
24 May 1752Amelia PASMOREdaughter of John and Joen Pasmore    
15 December 1752Grace BENNETwife of William Bennet    
13 January 1754Henry LEWORTHYson of Henry and Elizabeth Leworthy    
10 February 1754Ann ELMSWORTHY     
24 February 1754Martha COMERwife of John Comer    
8 September 1754John COMER     
10 December 1754Thomas GOULDson of Thomas and Joan Gould    
22 January 1755William DADDS     
12 February 1755Mary DADDS     
6 April 1755Mary BLACKMOREdaughter of John and Joan Blackmore    
24 April 1755Joan PARKING     
20 May 1755Jane BEARDwife of Anthony Beard    
29 August 1755Thomas GOULD     
12 January 1756Dorothy GOULD     
29 February 1756Lettice BOYLESwife of Anthony Boyles    
17 April 1756George GOULD   of Grass Park 
20 April 1756Anthony BOYLE     
22 april 1756Mary TOSSELwife of John Tossel    
22 April 1756John GOULDson of George and Edith Gould    
6 May 1756George LEWORTHYson of George and Elizabeth Leworthy    
15 August 1756Mary HUXTABLEwife of John Huxtable    
6 October 1756Mary THOMAS     
14 November 1756Edward CRIDGE     
25 December 1756John BOYLES     
1 February 1757Hester BENNET     
27 February 1757Humphry KINGDON     
28 February 1757Nicolas GOULD     
14 March 1757Grace GOULDdaughter of Joan Gould, widow    
12 April 1757Mary DADDS     
5 May 1757James PARKING     
14 August 1757John TOSSEL     
25 December 1757Richard HUTCHINGS The elder   
19 January 1758Hannah BURGESS     
19 January 1758Sarah CLARK     
19 March 1758Mary HUXTABLEdaughter of John Huxtable  of East Buckland 
4 May 1758Henry BOYLES     
23 July 1758Honor EMLINdaughter of John and Prudence Emlin    
23 October 1758Jane SLADERdaughter of John and Grace Slader    
2 November 1758George LEWORTHY The elder   
19 August 1759Peter DADSson of Mary Dadsa single woman   
24 November 1759Edward Hammon LEWORTHYson of Rev Mr George and Joan Leworthy    
2 July 1760John Tanner BUCKINGHAMson of Rev. Mr Dennis and Elizabeth Buckingham    
25 November 1760John EMLIN The elder   
19 February 1762Robert MAIRE     
4 June 1762Elizabeth DAVYwife of Robert Davy    
6 October 1762John SLADERson of John and Grace Slader    
20 October 1762Grace SLADERwife of John Slader    
21 October 1762Agnis HUTCHINGSdaughter of Richard and Susanna Hutchings    
7 December 1762Mary GILES     
26 December 1763Agnis LEWORTHYdaughter of Samuel Leworthy    
19 April 1763Richard HUTCHINGS The elder   
24 April 1763Susanna HUTCHINGS Widow   
29 May 1763William LEWORTHYson of Henry and Elizabeth Leworthy    
9 September 1763Mrs Jane GREGORY     
29 November 1763Sarah CRIDGEdaughter of John and Sarah Cridge    
12 April 1764John HILL     
21 November 1764Mary PASMOREdaughter of John and Joan Pasmore    
10 February 1765Margaret BRAYdaughter of John and Margaret Bray    
19 May 1765Anthony BEARD     
16 December 1765Joen LOCKdaughter of John LOCK    
24 January 1766Samuel LEWORTHY The elder   
9 February 1766Grace BOYLES Widow   
10 April 1766Susanna LEWORTHY     
19 January 1767John BUTLER     
8 March 1767Richard PASMORE     
15 November 1767William POPEson of William and Joan Pope    
29 November 1767Joan SHAPLANDwife of John Shapland    
17 January 1768Henry BRAYson of John and Margaret Bray    
22 January 1768Grace BRAYwife of William Bray    
30 January 1768John BRAYson of William and Grace Bray    
7 February 1768John SHAPLAND     
2 March 1768Elizabeth HUTCHINGSdaughter of William and Elizabeth Hutchings    
30 June 1768Martha LEWORTHY Widow   
24 August 1768John RADFORDson of Thomas and Margaret Radford    
26 December 1768George GOULDson of George and Grace Gould  of Mockham 
8 April 1770John HUXTABLE     
3 November 1770Joan GOULDdaughter of George and Grace Gould    
28 November 1770George GOULD     
17 March 1771Joan DOWNMAN Widow   
19 May 1771Richard HUTCHINGS     
14 May 1772William HUTCHINGS The Elder   
18 September 1772George LEWORTHY The elder   
19 February 1774Dorothy DUN a single woman   
14 March 1774Joan SMITHdaughter of John Smith    
30 April 1776Charles BOND     
10 October 1776Richard CRIDGEson of John Cridge    
16 January 1777Elizabeth EMLINdaughter of John and Prudence Emlin    
10 February 1777George GOULD   of Grass Parke 
7 March 1777Revd. Mr William UPCOTT sojourner   
22 March 1777Joshua GOULDson of Joshua and Elizabeth Gould    
10 June 1777Hugh SHAPLAND     
15 May 1778Elizabeth COOK     
23 June 1778Revd. Mr BUCKINGHAM Rector and Patron   
22 April 1779Agness GOULDdaughter of George and Edeth Gould    
7 July 1779Elizabeth LEWORTHY     
5 December 1779Joan LAVERCOMBE a single woman   
12 December 1779Grace MUXWORTHYwife of William Muxworthy  of East Buckland 
19 January 1780Joan GOULD widow   
11 February 1780George HUXTABLE     
31 May 1780Hannah BOND widow   
27 August 1780Jane DADS widow   
12 October 1780Robert GAMMON     
24 October 1780Elizabeth LEWORTHY   of Newtown 
12 November 1780William BENNETT the elder   
1 April 1781William COMER     
1 April 1781John EMLIN     
6 April 1781Joan SHAPLAND     
12 November 1781George GOULD     
12 May 1782Sarah HOYLEdaughter of Philip and Julian Hoyle    
20 June 1782Mary NICHOLLSdaugher of Philip Nicholls    
24 June 1782Betty BRAYdaughter of Richard and Jane Bray    
22 April 1783Robert HEALson of John and Alice Heal    
6 July 1783Jane KINGDONdaughter of Jane KINDON, a single woman    
24 August 1783Winifred BENNETTdaughter of William and Winifred Bennett    
4 January 1784John HEALson of John and Alice Heal   this name in the former part of the old Register is Hele
11 January 1784Sarah PARKINdaughter of James and Thomasin Parkin    
8 February 1784William COMERson of Hugh and Mary Comer    
31 May 1784Margaret CHAPPLEwife of Isaac Chapple  of Chittlehampton 
19 December 1784John KINGson of Ann KingSingle woman   
7 February 1786John BENNETT the Elder   
24 November 1786Edeth GOULD Widow   
3 December 1786Philip HOYLE Poor   
31 December 1786Elizabeth WEBBERdaughter of James and Sarah Webber    
26 January 1787Joan HUXTABLE Widow   
28 January 1787Agness DADS Widow   
22 July 1787Winifred GOULDwife of William Gould    
23 January 1788Thomas HERDson of Thomas and Elizabeth Herd    
6 April 1788Elizabeth HARRIS Poor   
18 December 1788Thomas LEWORTHY the Elder   
4 January 1789Rebecca LEWORTHYwife of Samuel LeworthyPoor   
15 March 1789Alice HUTCHINSdaughter of Richard and Joan Hutchins    
21 March 1789Sarah WEBBERdaughter of James and Sarah Webber    
29 March 1789Margaret BRAYwife of John BrayPoor   
22 October 1789John CRIDGE the Elder   
10 January 1790Thomasin HOYLEdaughter of Richard and Thomasin Hoyle    
2 May 1790Mary WEBBERdaughter of James and Sarah Webber    
22 April 1791Sarah WEBBERdaughter of James and Sarah Webber    
4 September 1791Jon CRIDGEson of John and Richord Cridge    
4 September 1791Elizabeth LEWORTHY     
24 September 1791Richard CRIDGE     
12 February 1792Mary HUTCHINS an infant   
8 November 1792Joan PASMOREwife of John Pasmore  of East Buckland 
31 March 1793Mary HUTCHINGS the elder, widow   
8 September 1793John SLADERson of George and Mary Slader    
22 October 1794Mary HUTCHINS pauper  Baptised 20 April 1730
10 April 1795Emme SHAPLAND widowaged 72  
5 May 1795William HUTCHINSson of William and Elizabeth HUTCHINS aged 22  
22 June 1795John PASMORE widoweraged 67of East Buckland 
1 November 1795John BRAY pauper  baptised 5 January 1716
21 April 1796Susanna BENNETT    baptised 28 December 1767
20 October 1796William BENNETTson of John and Elizabeth BENNETT and husband of Grace   baptised 4 November 1770
1 November 1796William BENNETTson of William Bennett, deceased and Grace aged 10 months  
6 August 1797Grace GOULD widow   
13 February 1798John HOLLAWAYson of Thomas and Mary HOLLAWAY   baptised 9 July 1797
21 February 1798Prudence EMLYN widowaged 74  
6 April 1798John BOWENson of George and Mary BOWEN   baptised 21 January 1798
11 August 1798Sarah WEBBERdaughter of James and Sarah Webber   baptised 14 January 1798
20 January 1799Martha Philippy LEWORTHYwife of John Leworthy, a private in the North Devon Militia aged 20  
18 April 1799Peternella GOULD widow  baptised 26 February 1715
2 June 1799Elizabeth BENNETT widow   
27 November 1799William WEBBERson of James and Sarah Webber aged about 5 weeks  
8 June 1800John HEALE blacksmithaged 51  
3 July 1800Philip NICHOLLS     
16 October 1800John WEDLAKE    baptised at High Bray 16 March 1730
27 November 1800Grace BUCKINGHAM    baptised 5 November 1723
11 February 1801Elizabeth GOULDwife of John Gould aged 54  
11 May 1801Margaret LEWORTHY widow   
4 October 1801Phoebe PERRYNdaughter of John and Mary Perryn    
7 March 1802William BOWENson of George and Mary Bowen    
14 March 1802Mary COMER widowaged 87  
6 June 1802Samuel LEWORTHY widoweraged 84  
8 September 1802Joan HUTCHINSwife of Richard Hutchins aged 27  
26 September 1802Mary HUTCHINSinfant daughter of Richard Hutchins, widower    
7 November 1802John LEWORTHYson of John and Mary Leworthy  of East Buckland 
5 March 1803Richard WEBBERson of James and Sarah Webber    
21 August 1803Joshua PUGSLEYson of William and Betty Pugsley  of High Bray, but late of this parish 
18 April 1804John HUTCHINS    baptised 17 May 1748
22 April 1804William BRAY  aged 62of South Molton 
12 July 1804Susanna PERRYNdaughter of John and Mary Perryn    
6 January 1805Richard HUTCHINSbastard son of Elizabeth Hutchins    
26 February 1805Eleanor SMYTHwife of Mr John Smyth, the elder    
17 March 1805Julian HOYLE widow   
8 August 1805George SMYTHinfant son of Mr James Smyth, of North Molton and Elizabeth his wife    
22 December 1805Frances KINGDONwife of John Kingdon    
17 January 1806Mary HARRIS single womanaged 78late of the parish of East Down 
9 February 1806John KINGDONinfant son of John Kingdon, widower    
13 February 1806Elizabeth RIDDwife of John Ridd  of Bratton Flemingbaptised 21 January 1784
3 April 1806Thomas WEDLAKE bachelor  baptised 7 July 1776
24 June 1806Sarah PUGSLEYdaughter of Nicholas and Sarah Pugsley    
29 December 1806Mary HUTCHINS widowaged 67  
10 February 1807Nicholas PUGSLEY laboureraged 41  
19 April 1807William HUTCHINS sexton  baptised 1 June 1740
22 April 1807Thomas COCKINGS labourer   
14 May 1807George WEBBERson of James and Sarah Webber    
26 August 1807Joanna KINGDONwife of Joseph Kingdon   baptised 1 August 1749
17 March 1808Philippy LEWORTHYwife of William Leworthy aged 73  
27 March 1808Grace WEDLAKE widowaged 75  
15 April 1808Frances BOWDONwife of George Bowdon aged 28of Filleigh 
26 April 1808John HUTCHINSson of William and Elizabeth HUTCHINS   baptised 10 March 1778
9 March 1809Sarah RIDDbastard daughter of Charity Ridd    
4 May 1809George GOULD    baptised 23 January 1742
13 May 1809Abraham MOGRIDGE yeoman   
11 June 1809John WEBBERson of James and Sarah Webber    
26 June 1809John SHAPLAND yeoman; widower   
28 September 1809Mary SMYTHdaughter of William and Mary Smyth    
1 December 1809John CRIDGE the elder  baptised 9 September 1739
5 October 1810Mr John SMYTH widower   
14 April 1811Elizabeth SMALLDONdaughter of Christopher and Grace Smalldon    
19 April 1812Thomas PERRYNbastard son of Elizabeth PERRYN   baptised 21 February 1802
23 June 1812Elizabeth WEDLAKEwife of Edward Wedlake    
18 November 1812Elizabeth HUXTABLEwife of Mr John Huxtable    
24 November 1812Agnes RADLEYwife of Samuel Radley    
8 December 1812Elizabeth SMYTHdaughter of James and Elizabeth Smyth  of North Molton 
6 January 1813Joan HEANwife of William Hean  of Bear Street, Barnstaplebaptised here 27 March 1739
13 May 1813Edith GOULDdaughter of Mary Gould  of Grass Park, Charlesbaptised here 30 November 1806
3 November 1813William HUTCHINSson of Richard and Grace Hutchins  of Charles Townbaptised here 15 February 1801
4 September 1814Joan HUTCHINSdaughter of Richard and Joan Hutchins  of Charles Townbaptised here 5 February 1786
3 May 1815Mary NORMANwife of John Norman  of Kite's Nest, Charlesbapatised here 13 July 1766
12 June 1815Mary FRYdaughter of Richard and Eleanor Fry aged one weekof Poor House, Charles 
8 July 1815Eleanor FRYwife of Richard Fry aged 44of Poor House, Charles 
11 January 1816John NORMAN  aged 48of Kite's Nest, Charles 
9 June 1816George HUTCHINSson of George and Catharine Hutchins aged 2 monthsof Charles Town 
18 July 1816Elizabeth PALMERbastard daughter of Rebecca Palmer  of Church House, Charlesbaptised here 12 June 1816
29 May 1817William GOULD widoweraged 71of Grass Park, Charlesbaptised here 6 July 1746
29 March 1818Thomas MANN  aged 14of Charles Town 
23 May 1819Charles GOULDson of William and Agnes Gould   baptised here 24 January 1819
28 July 1819Alice HEALE widowaged 70of Horstone, Charles 
1 August 1819Edward WEDLAKE widoweraged 83of Brayfordbaptised here 21 February 1736
22 August 1819Dorothy LYDDON widowaged 78of Highbray, but late of South Molton 
24 October 1819Maria HOLLOWAYdaughter of John and Elizabeth Hollowayan infant of Charles Town 
5 November 1820Mary BOWENwife of George Bowen  of Brayfordbaptised here 2 June 1761
18 November 1820Dorothy PASMOREwife of John Pasmore  of Charles Townbaptised here 21 August 1753
14 January 1821Hugh COMER Serjeant in the North Devon Militia of Bratton Flemingbaptised here 9 January 1757
8 July 1821Samuel PEARCEson of Abraham and Mary Pearcean infant of Brayford 
9 August 1821Thomasin HOYLEwife of Richard Hoyle  of Charles Townbaptised here 26 January 1756
6 November 1821Mary HUXTABLEdaughter of James and Mary Huxtable  of Charles Townbaptised here 19 June 1820
16 March 1822Abraham MOGRIDGE   of Charles Townbaptised here 24 March 1791
21 April 1822Grace CLARKEwife of John Clarke  of Ireland 
24 November 1822Mary GILES   of Charles Townbaptised here 21 August 1748
26 November 1822Samuel LEWORTHYson of John and Margaret Leworthy  of Charles Bottombaptised here 1 August 1813
29 December 1822Prudence KINGDONwife of Thomas Kingdon  of Horestone, Charlesbaptised here 31 July 1753
20 April 1823Mary BAWDEN  Aged 62of Charles Townlate of South Molton
2 October 1823George HUTCHINS   of the City of Exeterbaptised here 22 May 1756
19 October 1823Mary KINGDONwife of John Kingdon aged 86of Horestone, Charles 
8 December 1823William PASMOREson of Michael and Elizabeth Pasmore  of Charles Townbaptised here 15 June 1823
6 November 1824Mary FORDwife of Thomas Ford  of Charles Townbaptised here 20 November 1786
10 April 1825John PERRYN  aged 71of Poor House, Charles 
3 June 1825Roger CROCKER  aged 54of Charles Town 
19 December 1825John CRIDGE   of Whilcombe, Charlesbaptised here 22 December 1761
7 June 1826John DYERson of John and Edith Dyer aged 10of Brayford 
19 June 1826Elizabeth HUTCHINSwidow of William Hutchins aged 84of Stoke Rivers 
20 November 1826Richard HOYLE widower, pauper of Charles Townbaptised here 2 February 1749
3 December 1826James HUXTABLEson of James and Mary Huxtable aged 15 monthsof Newtown, Charles 
17 January 1827Mary HOYLEdaughter of Richard and Mary Hoyle aged 3 yearsof Charles Town 
4 March 1827Richard HUTCHINS sexton of Newtown, Charlesbaptised here 24 April 1743
20 January 1828Edwin GOULDson of William and Agnes Gould  of Grass Park, Charlesbaptised here 20 June 1824
25 June 1828James DYERson of James and Mary Dyeran infant of Brayford 
29 June 1828William ROBERTS  aged 35 yearsof Brayford 
25 September 1828John HUXTABLE   of Charles Townbaptised here 3 September 1744
1 February 1829Thomas HOLLOWAY   of Howard's Tenement, Charlesbaptised here 4 June 1770
1 April 1829Mary TAMLYNdaughter of John and Mary Tamlyn  of Charles Townbaptised here 29 June 1828
17 May 1829John ABBOTTson of Amos and Susannah Abbott  of Howard's Tenement, Charlesbaptised here 30 November 1828
26 December 1829James TAMLYNson of John and Mary Tamlynan infant of Charles Town 
7 February 1830Frances HALSEwife of Philip Halse aged 68 yearsof Lane, Charles 
14 February 1830Elizabeth BRAY a pauperaged 80 yearsof Kentisbury 
9 April 1830Elizabeth GOULDwidow of George GOULDa pauper of Loxhorebaptised here 16 June 1754
24 April 1830John MOGRIDGE   of Charles Townbaptised here 13 August 1820
4 October 1830Mary RADLEY widowaged 92 yearsof Charles Town 
8 June 1831John KINGDON widoweraged 85 yearsof Horstone, Charles 
25 September 1831Agnes WEBBERwife of James Webber, junior aged 32 yearsof Charles Town 
30 October 1831Sarah WEBBERwife of James Webber, senior aged 67 yearsof Charles Town 
24 December 1831George PASMOREson of John and Agnes Pasmore aged 19 yearsof East Buckland 
26 February 1832Jane SKINNERwife of Thomas Skinner aged 57 yearsof Mockham, Charles 
28 April 1832George BOWEN  aged 67 yearsof Kite's Nest, Charles 
18 November 1832Thomas KINGDON widoweraged 82 yearsof Horstone, Charles 
17 June 1833Abraham MOGRIDGE   of Charles Townbaptised here 28 June 1815
9 October 1833Samuel RADLEY  aged 53 yearsof Charles Town 
28 March 1834Mary HUTCHINS  aged 39 yearsof Newtown, Charles 
28 August 1834William MUXWORTHY  aged 81 yearsof Village, Charles 
4 December 1834William LEWORTHY Parish Clerkaged 92 yearsof Village, Charles 
18 February 1835William SMYTH  aged 4 yearsof Lane, Charles 
17 January 1836Ann CROCKER  aged 68 yearsof Brayford 
19 Janaury 1836Mary PERRYN  aged 75 yearsof Hobb's Tenement, Charles 
22 February 1836William TAMLYN  aged 5 yearsof Tossell's Barton, East Buckland 
6 March 1836Dennis BUCKINGHAM  aged 7 weeksof Wilcombe, Chalres 
10 March 1836Mary SMYTHwife of Mr John Smyth, yeoman aged 62 yearsof Walland, Charles 
13 March 1836John CLARKE  aged 97 yearsof Hudley Mill 
2 October 1836Joan PASSMOORE a pauperaged 83 yearsof Poor House, Charles 
4 March 1837James SMYTH  aged 1 dayof Molland, North Molton 
20 April 1837Jane CUTLAND  aged 2 years 4 monthsof Village, Charles 
8 July 1837Joan HUTCHINS  aged 84 yearsof Village, Charles 
13 September 1837Richord CRIDGEwidow of John Cridge, late of Whilcombe aged 63 yearsof South Molton 
6 November 1837Elizabeth HUTCHINGS  aged 68 yearsof Village, Charles 
26 February 1838John PASSMOORE  aged 84 yearsof Charles 
8 April 1838James WEBBER, senior a pauperaged 78 yearsof Charles 
19 July 1838Elizabeth SMYTHwife of Mr James Smyth aged 31 yearsof Molland, North Molton 
9 September 1838Mary Jane LANGWORTHY  aged 3 yearsof Newtown, Charles 
17 October 1838William BULLED  aged 70 yearsof Huntson, North Molton 
18 November 1838Elizabeth HUTCHINS  aged 88 yearsof Village, Charles 
18 November 1838George LEWORTHY  aged 68 yearsof Village, Charles 
28 August 1839Mary LEWIS  aged 15 yearsof Blakewell, Charles 
6 November 1839William BUCKINGHAM  aged 53 yearsof Village, Charlesbroke his neck by falling from a cart at Wrickdown and died instantly, 31 October
17 December 1839John DALLYN  aged 6 weeksof Brayford 
25 February 1840John HASKINS  aged 6 monthsof Lane, Charles 
12 April 1840Ann BLACKFORD  aged 3 weeksof Wallscott, North Molton 
19 July 1840Grace WEBBER  aged 11 yearsof Village, Charles 
10 August 1840John LEWORTHY Masonaged 67 yearsof Eardleys Tenement, Charles 
11 May 1841Grace HUTCHINSwife of Richard Hutchins, carpenter aged 68 yearsof Village, Charles 
25 July 1841John BARROW  aged 3 weeksof Lower Shutscombe, Charles 
1 August 1841Margaret LEWORTHY  aged 64 yearsof Eardleys Tenement, Charles 
30 January 1842James WEBBER  aged 47 yearsof Village, Charles 
10 April 1842Elizabeth MUXWORTHY  aged 86 yearsof Broomclose Farm, East Buckland 
13 April 1842Rebeccah HARPERtwin daughter of Captain John Harper, of the Manganese Mine aged 5 daysof Village, Charles 
13 April 1842Hannah HARPERtwin daughter of Captain John Harper, of the Manganese Mine aged 5 daysof Village, Charles 
7 May 1842John BLACKMORE rector of Combmartinaged 79 yearsRectory, Combmartindied at Combmartin 2 May 1842, formerly minister of this parish
21 May 1842Jane MOGRIDGE schoolmistressaged 52 yearsof Village, Charles 
30 June 1842John HASKINS farmeraged 42 yearsLane Farm, Charles 
21 August 1842William COMERson of John and Winifred Comer aged 15 yearsof Blackmore's Tenement, Charles 
15 June 1843Richard HUTCHINS  aged 15 monthsof Village, Charles 
20 June 1843Mary BLACKMOREwidow of the late Revd. John Blackmore, Rector of Combmartin aged 80 years died at Ilfracombe, 14 June 1843
20 June 1843John BARROW  aged 11 monthsof Lower Shutscombe, Charles 
24 September 1843William SEAGE  aged 27 yearsof Hobbs' Tenement, Charles 
5 November 1843Molly MAIREwife of Robert Maire, blacksmith aged 77 yearsof Brayford 
19 November 1843John SEAGE, junior  aged 25 yearsof Gunn, Swimbridge 
14 January 1844Robert MAIRE blacksmithaged 82 yearsof Brayford 
12 May 1844William BENNETT  aged 91 yearsof Higher Shutscombe, Charleslate of Charles Bottom
18 June 1844John BUCKINGHAM  aged 52 yearsof Goodleighlate of Wilcombe
24 November 1844John SEAGEson of John Seage, junr, lately deceased and Sarah his wife aged 10 monthsof Village, Charles 
13 January 1845William GOULD  aged 63 yearsof Grasspark, Charles 
16 March 1845Winifred BENNETT  aged 93 yearsof Blackmore's Tenement, Charles 
13 April 1845William COMER  aged 2 monthsof South Molton 
4 May 1845Grace LEWORTHY  aged 13 monthsof Village, Charles 
16 July 1845Keziah WHITE  aged 24 yearsof South Molton Union Workhouse 
24 September 1845Betty WARD  aged 84 yearsof Village, Charles 
5 November 1845Edith DYERwife of John Dyer aged 61 yearsof Brayford 
13 November 1845Susan HOLLOWAYdaughter of G and K. Hutchings aged 31 yearsof Bratton Fleming 
10 January 1846Ann COMER  aged 2 daysof South Molton 
19 February 1846Richard HARPUR  aged 8 yearsof Village, Charles 
22 March 1846Thomas HUTCHINSson of William and Thomasin aged 7 monthsof Village, Charles 
1 April 1846Richard HUTCHINS  aged 73 yearsof Sandypark, Charles 
5 May 1846John PASSMORE  aged 34 yearsof Village, Charles 
27 September 1846Elizabeth MOGRIDGE  aged 4 yearsof Highdown, Filleigh 
25 October 1846Christopher SMALDON  aged 70 yearsof Hudley Mill 
30 October 1846Mary BLACKMOREsister of the late Revd. J. Blackmore aged 76 years died at Southmolton 24 October
18 November 1846Susan BUCKINGHAMwidow of W. Buckingham aged 61 yearsof Village, Charles 
17 December 1846Mary LEWORTHY  aged 71 yearsof Village, Charles 
7 March 1847Hannah LEWIS  aged 56 yearsof Beard's Tenement, Charles 
20 March 1848Jane COLLINS  aged 42 yearsof Hillclose, Highbray 
23 March 1848Thomas SKINNER  aged 82 yearsof Loxhore 
18 May 1848Grace BOWEN  aged 75 yearsof North Molton 
1 June 1848John DYER  aged 66 yearsof Brayford 
2 July 1848Nancy KINGDON  aged 60 yearsof Mount Whistle, Charles 
14 December 1848James TAMLYN  aged 13 yearsof Tossell's Barton, East Buckland 
13 October 1849Mary GOULD  aged 72 yearsof Village, Charles 
30 October 1849George MOGRIDGE  aged 2 yearsof Ilfracombe 
9 December 1849Samuel GARMAN  aged 2 yearsof Brayford 
13 March 1850Agness PASSMORE  aged 67 yearsof Middlecott, East Buckland 
4 April 1850William HILL  aged 4 yearsof Broomclose, East Buckland 
6 April 1850Joan SMYTH  aged 57 yearsof Lane, Charles 
20 June 1850Elizabeth Widlake MOGRIDGE  aged 4 yearsof Village, Charles 
21 May 1851Thomas GOULD pauperaged 66 yearsof Newtown, Charles 
12 October 1851Edwyn CUTLAND  aged 21 monthsof Village, Charles 
5 December 1851George SMYTH  aged 38 yearsof Walland, Charlesdied of Typhus Fever
16 December 1851Elizabeth GOULD  aged 86 yearsof Village, Charles 
21 December 1851Aaron SMYTH  aged 35 yearsof Walland, Charlesdied on 20th of Typhus Fever
23 December 1851John SMYTH  aged 85 yearsof Walland, Charlesdied on 22nd of Typhus Fever
8 January 1852Maryann SMYTH  aged 53 yearsof Walland, Charlesdied on 7th of Typhus Fever
24 January 1852William Quartly SMYTH  aged 1 yearof Dulverton 
28 February 1852Henry SMYTH  aged 42 yearsof Walland, Charlesdied on 27th of Typhus Fever
10 January 1853Samuel GARMAN  aged 6 monthsof Southmolton Union Workhouse 
23 February 1853Winifred COMER  aged 63 yearsof Blackmore's Tenement, Charles 
17 April 1853Elizabeth GREENSLADE  aged 2 3/4 yearsof Glebe Farm, Charles 
10 July 1853William GOULD  aged 7 yearsof Gunn, Swimbridge 
10 July 1853Ann HUTCHINSdaughter of George and Jane Hutchins aged 3 yearsof Village, Charles 
1 December 1853Maria HUTCHINS  aged 15 yearsof Village, Charles 
24 June 1854Emily Jane GOULD  aged 18 monthsof Hillclose, Highbray 
23 July 1854Grace LEWORTHY  aged 85 yearsof Village, Charles 
19 October 1854John SEAGE  aged 58 yearsof Village, Charles 
2 November 1854Thomas Darch DELVE  aged 6 yearsof Popham, North Molton 
5 November 1854Thomas KINGDON  aged 73 yearsof Mount Whistle, Charles 
23 November 1854Philip GAMMON  aged 27 yearsof Village, Charles 
26 November 1854John MUXWORTHY  aged 77 yearsof Newtown, Charles 
5 December 1854Grace QUICKsister of the before named John Muxworthy aged 75 yearsof Piltonburnt to death
7 January 1855William NORMAN  aged 58 yearsof Howard's Tenement, Charles 
13 February 1855Isaac CUTLAND  aged 9 yearsof Village, Charles 
27 June 1855Elizabeth GOULD  aged 38 yearsof Gunn, Swimbridge 
12 July 1856Elizabeth LANCY  aged 80 yearsof Village, Charleslate of Bratton
31 August 1856Betty SHAPLAND a pauper of Newton Turnpike Gateof Bishops Nympton
24 March 1857Mary MOGRIDGE  aged 50 yearsof Lary, Chittlehampton 
15 September 1857Richard HOYLE  aged 68 yearsof Village, Charles 
20 September 1857Ellen HUTCHINSdaughter of William and Thomasin aged 11 monthsof Village, Charles 
1 October 1857John SMYTH  aged 68 yearsof Dulvertonlate of Lane Farm, Charles
1 January 1858Charlotte MARSHALL  aged 70 yearsof Village, Charles 
19 January 1858Maryann BLACKMOREdaughter of the late Revd. J. Blackmore, formerly minister of this parish aged 65 yearsof Pilton 
28 March 1858Edwin HUTCHINS  aged 9 monthsof Village, Charles 
11 April 1858John RICHARDS  aged 5 yearsof Newtown. Charles 
30 May 1858Matthew KINGDON  aged 70 yearsof Mount Whistle, Charles 
10 June 1858Betsy HUTCHINS  aged 7 daysof Village, Charles 
20 June 1858Philip GAMMON  aged 52 yearsof Village, Charleslate of Marwood
18 December 1858Ann Quartly SMYTH  aged 7 monthsof Dulverton 
20 February 1859Nancy HOILE  aged 74 yearsof North Moltonlate of this Parish
21 May 1859John GREENSLADE  aged 47 yearsof Glebe Farm House, Charles 
5 June 1859Richard HOILE  aged 8 yearsof Molland, North Molton 
17 August 1859Grace SMALDON  aged 83 yearsof Bromclose, East Buckland 
21 October 1859George WILKIE  aged 17 yearsof Mountwhistle, Charles 
26 February 1860William SEAGE  aged 20 yearsof North Molton 
24 April 1860John HOILE  aged 78 yearsof North Moltonlate of this Parish
27 June 1860William NEWTON  aged 6 yearsof Hillclose, Highbray 
17 February 1861Elizabeth GARMAN  aged 26 yearsSouthmolton Union Workhouse 
20 February 1861David HUTHINS  aged 9 yearsof Fyledon, North Molton 
29 March 1861Hannah Maria THORNE  aged 10 monthsof Village, Charles 
14 May 1861Charles Edwin GOULDson of Nicholas Gould aged 20 yearsof Barnstaple 
12 September 1861Susan BOWEN  aged 69 yearsof Mount Whistle, Charles 
20 September 1861Ellen WATTS  aged one dayof Glebe Farm, Charles 
28 November 1861John HUTCHINSson of George and Eliza Hutchins aged 18 yearsof Village, Charles 
12 January 1862Samuel WOOLACOTT  aged 3 yearsof Village, Charles 
11 February 1862Alice MUXWORTHY  aged 85 yearsof Newtown, Charles 
14 July 1862Mary CRIDGE  aged 70 yearsof Grasspark, Charles 
4 September 1862John CUTLAND Blacksmithaged 59 yearsof Village, Charles 
6 November 1862Thomas SERRIDGE A Pauper and Roundsmanaged 50 yearsof Village, Charles 
23 November 1862George SAUNDERS  aged 20 monthsof Mount Whistle, Charles 
14 January 1863Thomas WOOLLACOTT  aged 19 monthsof Whilcombe, Charles 
14 January 1863Martha WOOLLACOTT  aged 2 monthsof Whilcombe, Charles 
15 January 1863Emily COOK  aged 2 monthsof Walscott, North Molton 
15 January 1863Ellen COOK  aged 2 monthsof Walscott, North Molton 
22 January 1863Mary THORNE  aged 2 monthsof Sandypark, Charles 
3 May 1863Richard HUTCHINS Carpenteraged 89 yearsof Village, Charles 
22 September 1863George HUTCHINS Carpenteraged 81 yearsof Village, Charles 
16 December 1863Daniel MUXWORTHY  aged 59 yearsof Walscott, North Molton 
30 December 1863Betsy GOULD  aged 58 yearsof Loxhore 
3 January 1864Robert BOWEN  aged 69 yearsof South Molton Untion, late of Mount Whistle, Charles 
13 January 1864Ann SEAGEWidow of John Seage aged 67 yearsof Village, Charles 
16 January 1864Emily Ellen GOULD  aged 1 yearof Walscott, North Molton 
17 January 1864Betty HUTCHINS Sextonnessaged 71 yearsof Village, Charles 
11 February 1864George SHAPLAND  aged 64 yearsof Newtown, Charles; lae of Walscott, North Molton 
31 July 1864William MOGRIDGE  aged 51 yearsof Lary, Chittlehampton 
25 October 1864William GOULD  aged 57 yearsof Village, Charles 
4 November 1864Charlotte LEWORTHY  aged 49 yearsof Village, Charles 
4 November 1864Charles Gould MARSHALL  aged 6 weeksof Charles Bottom 
6 December 1864Frederic GOULD  aged 9 weeksof Village, Charles 
9 March 1865Richard HUTCHINS  aged 20 yearsof Village, Charles 
15 November 1865Agness GOULD  aged 78 yearsof Charles Bottom; late of Grasspark, Charles 
3 December 1865Edwin FAIRCHILD  aged 5 monthsof Village, Charles 
3 March 1866Charles COOK  aged 2 yearsof Hill Close, High Bray 
28 March 1866James SMYTH  aged 94 yearsof Parracombe 
3 April 1866William SHAPLAND  aged 38 yearsof Whilcombe, Charles 
26 April 1866Abraham MOGRIDGESon of William and Mary Mogridge aged 17 yearsof Village, Charles; late of Lary in Chittlehampton 
27 April 1866John COMER  aged 81 yearsof Blackmore's Tenement, Charles 
5 May 1866Michael STEVENS  aged 88 yearsof Charles Bottom 
5 July 1866Mary BOWDEN  aged 67 yearsof Blackmore's Tenement, Charles; late of Kings Nympton 
11 July 1866Elizabeth SMYTHWidow of James Smyth aged 86 yearsof Parracombe 
11 November 1866John HUTCHINS Shoemakeraged 74 yearsof Village, Charles 
17 March 1867Mary WEBBER  aged 81 yearsof Village, Charles 
28 March 1867John PASSMORE  aged 84 yearsof Village, Charles; late of Middlecott in East Buckland 
31 July 1867Elizabeth PASSMORE  aged 78 yearsof Village, Charles 
3 August 1867Charles Edwin COOK  aged 8 weeksof Hill Close, High Bray 
2 June 1868Eliza HUTCHINSWife of George Hutchins aged 45 yearsof Brayford 
27 June 1868Mary SMYTHWife of W. H. Smyth, Yeoman aged 30 yearsof Brayford 
1 July 1868Samuel COLLINS  aged 65 yearsof Walscott, North Molton 
18 December 1868George Gould MOGRIDGE Yeomanaged 86 yearsof Village, Charles 
19 December 1868Katharine HUTCHINSWidow of George HUTCHINS aged 82 yearsof Village, Charles 
17 June 1869Ann BLACKMOREWife of Rev. R. Blackmore, Rector aged 69 yearsof Rectory, CharlesDied 10 June 1869
24 June 1869Ann GOULD  aged 25 yearsof Village, CharlesFormerly Ann Zeal
8 October 1869Mary Ann GOULDDaughter of William and Betsy Gould aged 26 yearsof Village, Charles 
3 April 1870Frederic GAMMONSon of Jeremiah and Mary Gammon aged 7 monthsof Brayford 
9 April 1870Ann WOOLLACOTT  aged 47 yearsof Middlecott, East Buckland 
1 June 1870William CUTLAND Blacksmithaged 37 yearsof Village, Charles 
5 June 1870Thomas SANDERS  aged 78 yearsof Howard's Tenement, Charles 
20 July 1870John HUTCHINS Carpenteraged 67 yearsof Village, Charles 
27 July 1870George COOK  aged 6 weeksof Rocks Head, High Bray 
23 September 1870William GOULDSon of William and Ann ?quond in Zeal aged 2 yearsof Village, Charles 
8 November 1870Elizabeth MOGRIDGEWidow of the late G. G. Mogridge aged 86 yearsof Ilfracombe, but previously of Charles Bottom 
6 December 1870Joan SANDERS  aged 74 yearsof Howard's Tenement, Charles 
14 February 1871John CROCKER  aged 17 monthsof Village, Charles 
16 March 1871Thomas DALLYN  aged 16 yearsof Brayford 
11 April 1871Mary CROCKER  aged 69 yearsof Village, Charles 
29 April 1871Ann HUTCHINS  aged 60 yearsof Sandypark Farm, CharlesFormerly Ann Gould of Grasspark
28 June 1871Mary SMYTHWife of William Smyth aged 63 yearsof Blakewell Farm, Charles 
8 July 1871John LAKE  aged 63 yearsof Village, Charles 
16 July 1871John LEWIS  aged 90 yearsof Higher Lane, Charles 
30 August 1871John SMYTHSon of John Smyth, who was buried here 1 Oct 1857 aged 57 yearsof Lane Farm, CharlesLate of Lane in this Parish, but died in Dulverton
4 February 1872James HUTCHINS Sextonaged 74 yearsof Village, Charles 
20 February 1872Betty MARSHALL  aged 81 yearsof Hobb's Tenement, CharlesLate of Kitesnest, Charles
28 May 1872Frederick STREETGrandson of the late Sexton Hutchins aged 1 yearof Walscott, North Molton 
25 June 1872Robert WALTERS  aged 77 yearsof Village, Charles 
30 June 1872William HOLWAY  aged 64 yearsof West BucklandKilled by a fall from one of my Village cottages on June 26th
9 January 1873John MARSHALL  aged 81 yearsof Hobb's Tenement, CharlesLate of Kitesnest, Charles
25 February 1873Elizabeth BALL  aged 55 yearsof IlfracombeLate Mogridge of Charles. Living in Ilfracombe with her brother, George
29 January 1874Maude STREET  aged 6 monthsof Walscott, North Molton 
23 April 1874Mary HOOPER  aged 10 monthsof Village, Charles 
21 June 1874William MILTON Laboureraged 36 yearsof Village, Charles 
5 July 1874William LEWORTHY  aged 66 yearsof Eardleys Tenement, Charles 
22 November 1874Sally HUTCHINSWidow of John Hutchins, shoemaker - buried 11 November 1866 aged 71 yearsof Village, Charles 
27 April 1875Mary LEWORTHYWidow of the above William Leworthy aged 72 yearsof Eardleys Tenement, Charles 
25 August 1875Henry John Blackmore TURBERVILLEGrandson of the late Revd. J. Blackmore aged 51 yearsof Pilton 
20 November 1875David WEDLAKE  aged 2 monthsof Blakewell, Charles