Summary of the Will of Anthony Snell

Proved 28 April 1618

© Crown Copyright

Devon Heritage Centre - ref. Olive Moger, Wills, Coll.8/36,

Transcribed by Fay Sampson

To my son William S, the moiety of tenement of West Docombe in Chawleigh demised unto my exors. for a term of 1000 years by John Stucley Esqre & George Norris Yeoman decd. by deeds dated 31 May 25 Q. Eliz [1583]

To my son George S, the remr. of my term of 2000 years in the moiety of Wood als Woodhouse (in tenure of George Webber) the moiety of East Tottley (in tenure of Grace White & one Thomas White) & the moiety of Hill als East hill (in occupation of Robert Bird); all in Chawleigh & parcels of the Manor of Chawleigh, which were demised unto my exors. by Andew Blunden Esqre by deed dated 18 Novr. 45 Q. Eliz [1602]: & likewise the other moiety of Wood als Woodhouse, which John Stucley Esqre & George Norris Yeoman by deeds dated 31 May 25 Q. Eliz: [1603]: demised to Hugh Broughton by deed dated 20 May 45 Q. Eliz: [1603]: granted to his son William Broughton Gent. who died possessed of same, & by whose brother & admor. Humfrey Broughton Gent. it was demised to me by indenture dated 11 Jany. 2 K. James; [1605]: remr. to any wife or child of my sd. son George S; remr. to my sons Anthony S, & Robert S, equally.

To my son Robert S, the other moiety of Tottley & the other moiety of Hill als East hill of which I am possessed for a great number of years yet to come; remr. to any wife or child of my sd. son Robert S; remr. to my sons Anthony S, & George S, equally.

To my son Anthony S, the ¼ th part of messuages &c called Higher Ford als Eastford other heridts. in Chawleigh (sometime in the tenure of Philip Wilsdon decd.) which Robert Brett of Twickenham Esqre sold to me by indenture dated 29 April 39 Q. Eliz. [1597]: & in default of issue of sd. Anthony, remr. to my son Robert S, & in default of issue, remr. to my right heirs.

To poor of Chawleigh 40/-

To my daughter Charity £180

To the children of my son William S, & of my daughter Grace Cory 40/- each.

To the daughters of my son Edmond S, 20/- each.

To every of my godchildren 12d each.

To my wife Elizabeth £20 &c. also the moiety of my plate &c. in my new dwelling house called Fiddlecott in Chawleigh.

To my children Anthony, Robert, George & Charity the other moiety of my plate &c.

My son Edmond S, my son-in-law Robert Kelland & John Edworthy of Chawleigh to be my exors. in trust.

Overseers, John Molford & John Pearse.

(W) John Molford, John Pearse, Roger Molford, sign. Thomas Hunt.

Codicil, undated. [Noncupative]

To his son Anthony a roan colt &c.

To his wife Elizabeth 30 sheep.

To his 3 younger sons Anthony, Robert & George the Bends & Bark in Boradge Woods equally.

To his sons Edmond & William S, the sd. 6 acres of Bend & Bark in Boradge Woods equally (sic)

To his wife's brother Jeffrey Takell 6/8

To Alexander Takell, William Mogford, Margaret Carpenter, Amy Guest &Elizabeth Tossell, each a lamb.

(W) Margery Calle, Robert Snell.

Inventory 27 Jany 1617/8 by Robert Bird, John Snell the elder, George Rest, John Snell the younger, & Robert Hill £1308: 4:4 (Cattle, Corn. Apparel £4. Leather, Furniture. 11 silver spoons £2:4:0: A silver piece & silver slat gilted £4. Lease for years for Woodhouse East Hill ...... & West Ducham £600. Owed upon speciality £4:12:0: & without £2:4:0:)

Bond 28 April 1618 by Edmond Snell of Chulmleigh Yeoman, Robert Yelland of Rackenford Gent & John Eddenford of Chawleigh, Yeoman, in £1000.

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