From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

CHITTLEHAMPTON, a large and pleasant village, 5½ miles W. of South Molton, and 6½ miles S.E. of Barnstaple, has in its parish 1893 inhabitants, and 8720 acres of land, extending westward to the Taw Valley, and including the village of Chittleham-holt, and the hamlets of Ambow, Bidicot, Brightley, Stowford, Newton, and Head, and many scattered farmhouses, &c. There is some beautiful scenery on the banks of the Taw, particularly near Head Wood. A fair is held in the village on the third Saturday in March. The manor of Chittlehampton belongs to the heirs of the late Lord Rolle, and was formerly held by the Fitzhamon, Spenser, Dauberry, Pollard, and Venner families. The manor of Chittleham-holt belongs to John Brown, Esq., whose son has a pleasant seat here. Hudscot, a neat mansion with pleasant grounds, is the seat of the sister of the late Lord Rolle. J. Tanner, the Rev. P. Johnson, and several smaller owners, have estates in the parish. The Church (St. Hieritha,) is a large and handsome structure, in the perpendicular style, with a fine tower and six bells. Its tutelary saint is said to have been interred here. It contains several handsome monuments, and has a finely carved stone pulpit. It was appropriated by Robt. Fitzhamon to Tewkesbury Abbey. The heirs of the late Lord Rolle are now impropriators of the rectory, and patrons of the vicarage, valued in K.B. at £34. 18s. 11½d., and in 1831 at £435. The Rev. Rt. Henry Chichester is the incumbent, and has 44½A. of glebe, and a neat Vicarage House, erected in 1844, in the Elizabethan style, at the cost of £1500. The tithes were commuted in 1844, the vicarial for £575, and the rectorial for £675 per annum. St. John's Church, at CHITTLEHAM-HOLT is about three miles S. by E. of Chittlehampton, and is a neat structure, in the early English style, built in 1838, at the cost of £1000. It was founded by the late Lord Rolle, who also built a good house for the minister, at the cost of £900. His heirs are patrons of the perpetual curacy, now in the incumbency of the Rev. Edmund Bennett, M.A. The Baptist Chapel, at Chittlehampton, has been sold to the Wesleyans. The Plymouth Brethren have a chapel at Chittleham- holt. The Parish Lands, &c., have been long vested for the use of the parish church, and comprise 30A., 15 houses, and several gardens, worth about £40 a year. Belonging to the same trust is an annual rent-charge of £1. 2s. 8d. Here is a National School, partly supported by subscription.

Marked 2, at Chittleham-holt.

Anstey Wm. miller, Bray Mill
Ballard Wm. police superintendent
Bennett Rev Edm. incbt. St John's
2 Brown John, jun. Fraynes
Burgess Mrs Jane, Langaton
Chichester Rev Rt. Henry, Vicarage
2 Clarke Mary, schoolmistress
Gregory Thomas, miller, Brightley
Griffin James, cooper
2 Handford Wm. mason, &c
Holloway James, tailor
2 Nettleship Wm. curate
Rolle Hon. Miss, Hudscot
Watts Corder, maltster, &c
2 Webber John, mason, &c


Barnstaple Inn, Emanuel Isaac
Bell, Wm. Manaton
Exeter Inn, John Jenkins
Golden Lion, John Rendle
New Inn, Wm. Crocker
Rolle's Arms, James Brailey


Dart Michael
Nott Thomas


Holloway John
Hunt Richard
Seage Wm.
Smith Wm.
2 Westacott Wm.


2 Baker Henry
2 Baker John
Govier Richard


2 Huxtable Wm.
Sanders John
Smaldon James


Arthur Thomas
Baker James
Baker John
Barnes Arthur
2 Bartlett Wm.
2 Bater John
2 Bater Thomas
2 Bowman Thos.
Bowman Sarah
Brailey Amos
Brown Wm.
Buckingham Wm.
Burgess Jane
Crocker George
Crocker Mary
Dunn Henry
Dyer John
Ellicott John
2 Ellicott Robert
Facey John
Gill John
Godbere John
2 Govier Peter
Graddon James
Graddon John, Brattan
Graddon Wm.
Guard Philip
Harris Js. Ambow
2 Hooper John
Howard Ephm.
2 Huxtable John
Joce Eliz. & Wm.
2 Lake John
2 Lewis John
2 Loosemore Ths.
Loosemore John
Luxton John
Manning Js. Head
Manning John
2 Manning Thos.
2 Martin Robert
Mildon Wm.
Mills John
Morris John
2 Phillips Wm.
Rendle John
2 Rowe Peter
Sanders James, Langaton
Sanders George
2 Sholbrook John
Skinner Alex.
Skinner Thomas
Smalbridge Fdk.
Vatter Wm.
2 Ward Wm.
2 Webber Richard
2 Westacott Ths.


Chapple Judith
Griffin John
2 Huxtable Emly.
Nott Thomas


2 Heard Wm. & Edward
Lock Bartw.
Phillpots Thos.
Tinson James

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