Chittlehampton Baptisms 1700-1837

Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

[Though all the entries have been double-checked, there might, of course, still be errors, so users are advised to also check the originals in the record office.]

12 April 1700Johnson ofBartholomewCHAMPION Carpenter
16 April 1700Williamson ofWilliamCOOCH Husbandman
30 April 1700Eliasson ofEliasNOTT Butcher
20 May 1700Marydaughter ofBenjaminWARREN Husbandman
4 June 1700Agnesdaughter ofHenryGOOLE Husbandman
26 June 1700Johnson ofJohnCHAPPLE Gentleman
28 July 1700Jamesson ofJohnTAPP Sawyer
31 August 1700Marydaughter ofJohnBAKER Woolcomber
17 September 1700Walterson ofPeterTRUMP Husbandman
22 October 1700Philipson ofLewisGERMAN Husbandman
29 October 1700Annedaughter ofPhilipHOOPER Sawyer
5 November 1700Georgeson ofGeorgeFORD Husbandman
18 December 1700Johnson ofFrancisMORRIS Yeoman
22 December 1700Williamson ofJamesBERE Saddler
25 December 1700Johnson ofJamesBRAYLEY Husbandman
31 December 1700Williamson ofWilliamNICOLLS Husbandman
19 February 1700Katherindaughter ofChristopherBUCKINGHAM Yeoman
11March 1700Elizabethdaughter ofJohnNOTWELL Blacksmith
18 March 1700Francesdaughter ofSamuelROLLE, Esq  
23 March 1700Johnson ofNicholasUPHAM Husbandman
30 March 1701Johnson ofWilliamBERE Saddler
10 April 1701Ferdinandoson ofRogerFEATHERSTONE Yeoman
12 April 1701Lewisson ofLewisBURD Husbandman
15 April 1701Philipson ofJohnPOPE Husbandman
16 April 1701Margaretdaughter ofJohnSAUNDERof Blackwall 
22 April 1701Williamson ofJohnGRIFFEY Tailor
29 April 1701Johnson ofJohnIRELAND Woolcomber
4 May 1701Gracebase child ofMaryBENDLE  
11 May 1701Marybase child ofMaryGOVIER  
20 May 1701Humphryson ofAnthonyBURD Woolcomber
9 June 1701Elizabethdaughter ofJohnFOOKE Tailor
18 June 1701Isetdaughter ofJohnCALLARD Husbandman
29 June 1701Elizabethdaughter ofJesseSOMER Tailor
3 July 1701Johnson ofMichaelTHORNE Tailor
20 July 1701Williamson ofWilliamDAVEY Husbandman
12 August 1701Williamson ofJohnMULES Husbandman
19 August 1701Marydaughter ofAnthonySAUNDER Yeoman
27 August 1701Davidson ofNicholasKELLAND Sawyer
27 August 1701Joandaughter ofJohnDOWN Cordwainer
8 September 1701Lovisdaughter ofThomasFORD Husbandman
14 December 1701Susannadaughter ofWilliamCHAPPELL Miller
12 December 1701Williamson ofLewisHACCHE  
13 January 1701Maletson ofBaldwinHALS  
28 January 1701Henryson ofHenryPICKARD Butcher
10 February 1701Josephson ofJohnDELL Husbandman
17 February 1701Richardson ofEliasNOTT Butcher
3 March 1701Williamson ofJohnCRANG Husbandman
10 March 1701Anthonyson ofAnthonyTUCKER Woolcomber
17 March 1701Elizabethdaughter ofNicholasMILLS Woolcomber
6 April 1702Elsonbase child ofPriscillaTAYLOR  
7 April 1702Elizabethdaughter ofGeorgeSHOBROOKE Husbandman
7 April 1702Elizabethdaughter ofGeorgeFORD Husbandman
15 April 1702Elizabethdaughter ofSamuelROLLE, Esq  
12 May 1702Annedaughter ofJohnPINCOMBE Woolcomber
19 May 1702Josephson ofJohnDOWN Woolcomber
21 May 1702Joandaughter ofJohnBRAYLEY Carpenter
2 June 1702Charitydaughter ofJohnNOTWELL Blacksmith
16 July 1702Marybase child ofMaryNICOLLSof Tawton-bishop [Bishops Tawton] 
16 August 1702Williamson ofWilliamGOVIER Husbandman
25 August 1702Thomasson ofThomasLEWES Husbandman
15 September 1702Dorothydaughter ofPhilipGUARD Woolcomber
16 September 1702Marydaughter ofJohnGILFORD Tailor
29 September 1702Williambase child ofElizabethBERE  
13 October 1702Joandaughter ofRichardDOWN Husbandman
19 October 1702Andrewson ofAndrewBERE Husbandman
21 October 1702Sarahdaughter ofRichardBUTCHER Husbandman
4 November 1702Lewisson ofBartholomewCHAMPION Carpenter
16 November 1702Philipson ofLewisGERMAN Husbandman
25 December 1702Johnson ofRichardMORRIS Husbandman
12 January 1702Annebase child ofEmmTAYLOR  
21 January 1702Robertson ofWilliamGILFORD Miller
2 February 1702Dorothydaughter ofRogerFEATHERSTONE Husbandman
6 February 1702Elizabethdaughter ofJohnDYER Husbandman
18 February 1702Williamson ofRobertKISNGSLAND Husbandman
22 February 1702Elizabethbase child ofJaneDALLIN  
23 February 1702Anthonyson ofEdwardSMALRIDGE Husbandman
2 March 1702Joandaughter ofChristopherSIMONS Husbandman
9 March 1702Samuelson ofJohnBRIGHT Husbandman
14 March 1702Thomasson ofThomasDELL Husbandman
16 March 1702Johnson ofThomasHALSE Husbandman
17 March 1702Marydaughter ofJamesBERE Saddler
26 March 1703Annedaughter ofLewisBURD Husbandman
6 April 1703Gilesson ofPhilipHOOPER Sawyer
21 April 1703Philipson ofJohnCALLARD Yeoman
29 April 1703Henryson ofJohnFOOKE Tailor
11 May 1703Williamson ofHenryPICKARD Butcher
17 May 1703Anthonyson ofWilliamBEAR Saddler
7 June 1703Sarahdaughter ofJohnBAKER Woolcomber
8 June 1703Williamson ofHenryGOULD Husbandman
29 June 1703Samuelson ofSamuelROLLE, Esq  
29 June 1703Margaretdaughter ofJohnPOPE Husbandman
20 July 1703Alicedaughter ofRichardCHAPPELL Mason
31 August 1703Arthurson ofAnthonySAUNDER Yeoman
12 October 1703Annedaughter ofPeterTRUMP Gardener
12 October 1703Susannadaughter ofWilliamHILL Husbandman
19 October 1703Marydaughter ofJohnCRANG Husbandman
9 November 1703Elizabethdaughter ofChristopherBUCKINGHAM Yeoman
30 November 1703Agnesdaughter ofThomasFORD Husbandman
27 December 1703Elizabethdaughter ofJamesFINNEY Goldsmith
1 January 1703Johnson ofWilliamWILLIAMS Joiner
10 January 1703Emlindaughter ofNathanielTHORNE Mason
19 January 1703Eliasson ofEliasNOTT Butcher
25 January 1703Elizabethdaughter ofDanielBARKAR Husbandman
26 January 1703Williamson ofFrancisMORRIS Yeoman
26 January 1703Marydaughter ofJohnCHAPPELL Husbandman
27 January 1703Williamson ofWilliamMELHUISH Husbandman
10 February 1703Elizabethdaughter ofJohnGILFORD Tailor
19 March 1703Annedaughter ofJohnTAPP Sawyer
21 March 1703Edmondson ofEdmondHUXTABLE Husbandman
21 March 1703Benjaminson ofBenjaminWARREN Husbandman
28 March 1704Anthonyson ofEdmondSAUNDER, junior Cooper
20 April 1704Richardson ofJohnDELL Husbandman
9 May 1704Nicholasson ofNicholasMILLS Woolcomber
29 June 1704Michaelson ofMichaelTHORNE Tailor
2 July 1704Josephson ofThomasDALL Husbandman
30 July 1704Venner-loveringson ofSamuelROLLE Esq
14 August 1704Williamson ofJohnIRELAND Woolcomber
16 August 1704Williamson ofEliasGERMANof Satterley [Satterleigh]Husbandman
14 September 1704Richardson ofRichardHOCKIN Miller
1 October 1704Johnbase child ofElizabethSHEPHEARD  
3 October 1704Johnson ofJohnCRANG Husbandman
4 October 1704Margaretdaughter ofThomasLEWIS Husbandman
10 October 1704Hughson ofRichardCHAPPELL Mason
31 October 1704Williamson ofWilliamBUDD Tailor
2 November 1704Bartholomewson ofBartholomewCHAMPION Carpenter
28 December 1704Thomasson ofAmosROWCLIFFE Woolcomber
9 January 1704Elizabethdaughter ofRogerFEATHERSTONE Husbandman
17 January 1704Elizabethdaughter ofRobertGRATER Husbandman
5 February 1704Elizabethdaughter ofPhilipGUARD Woolcomber
27 February 1704Georgeson ofHughMORRIS Husbandman
28 February 1704Annedaughter ofJohnGOVIER Tailor
17 April 1705Johnson ofCharlesHARTNOLL Husbandman
24 April 1705Annedaughter ofRogerSARLES Cordwainer
2 May 1705Anthonyson ofAnthonySAUNDER Yeoman
23 May 1705Johnson ofJohnCHAPPELL Husbandman
7 June 1705Sarahdaughter ofJamesBERE Saddler
27 June 1705Johnson ofBartholomewBERRYof GambustonYeoman
1 July 1705Ruthdaughter ofGeorgeFORD Husbandman
30 July 1705Williamson ofLewisSMALRIDGE Husbandman
6 August 1705Joandaughter ofAlexanderSKINNER Husbandman
2 October 1705Thomasson ofThomasHALSE Husbandman
7 October 1705Williamson ofJohnPINCOMBE Woolcomber
13 October 1705Wilmotdaughter ofRichardPOPE Husbandman
16 October 1705Marydaughter ofArthurFEATHERSTONE Sawyer
18 October 1705Richardson ofAnthonyBURD Husbandman
30 October 1705Nathanielson ofNathanielTHORNE Mason
5 November 1705Richardson ofBarnardDELL Husbandman
6 November 1705Elizabethdaughter ofHenryGOULD Husbandman
21 November 1705Francesdaughter ofJohnCHAPPELL Gentleman
26 November 1705Elizabethdaughter ofPhilipHOOPER Sawyer
3 December 1705Charitydaughter ofNicholasKELLAND Sawyer
18 December 1705Joandaughter ofJohnBAKER Woolcomber
26 December 1705Gracedaughter ofJohnGILFORD Tailor
20 January 1705Johnson ofRobertKINGSLAND one of the poor
29 January 1705Jamesson ofMatthewJENKIN Husbandman
29 January 1705Johnson ofJohnBRIGHT Husbandman
5 February 1705Johnson ofAmosROWCLIFFE Woolcomber
26 February 1705Susannadaughter ofChristopherCHAPPELL Husbandman
5 March 1705Williamson ofBenjaminWARREN Husbandman
26 March 1706Agnesdaughter ofThomasDUE Woolcomber
9 April 1706Johnson ofArthurCHAPPELL Husbandman
13 April 1706Williamson ofWilliamREDEN  
16 April 1706Rogerson ofRogerFACY Husbandman
30 April 1706Williamson ofEliasNOTT Butcher
7 May 1706Marydaughter ofPeterTRUMP Gardener
21 May 1706Humphryson ofJohnMULES Husbandman
29 May 1706Rebeccabase child ofGartrudeWESTERN  
18 July 1706Alicedaughter ofHenryPICKARD Butcher
25 August 1706Joanbase child ofAgnesDOWN  
17 September 1706Johnson ofLewisGERMAN Husbandman
17 September 1706Edwardbase child ofJaneDALLIN  
22 September 1706Williambase child ofHannaCORNISH  
17 October 1706Petroneldaughter of BARBOR Doctor
27 November 1706Jacobson ofJohnDELL  
23 December 1706Marydaughter ofRichardDOWN  
25 December 1706Samuelson ofJohnFOOKE  
15 January 1706Sophiadaughter ofRogerFEATHERSTONE  
22 January 1706Johnson ofJohnBERRY  
4 February 1706Wilmotdaughter ofNicholasKELLAND  
6 February 1706Johnson ofJohnBRAYLEY  
18 February 1706Henryson ofWilliamBERE  
20 February 1706Ellenordaughter ofThomasWOODCOCK  
26 February 1706Jamesbase child ofJoanSOMER  
2 March 1706Dinahbase child ofHesterCOCKRAM  
4 March 1706Williamson ofJohnCRANG  
20 March 1706Gracedaughter ofBartholomewCHAMPION  
14 April 1707Elizabethdaughter ofWilliamWILLIAMS  
26 April 1707Marydaughter ofJohnTAPP  
29 April 1707Samuelson ofJamesFINNEY  
22 May 1707Joandaughter ofJohnLOPE  
16 June 1707Marydaughter ofThomasDELL  
1 July 1707Johnson ofJohnSAGE  
2 July 1707Gracedaughter ofSamuelKEVILL  
21 July 1707Marydaughter ofLewisBURD  
22 July 1707Edwardson ofRichardSQUIER  
23 July 1707Rogerson ofJohnCALLARD  
29 July 1707Johnson ofRobertKING  
12 August 1707Elizabethdaughter ofBartholomewBERRYof Gambuston 
16 August 1707Johnson ofChristopherCHAPPELL  
16 September 1707Philipson ofPhilipGUARD  
23 September 1707Marydaughter ofNathanielTHORNE  
22 October 1707Johnson ofBarnardDELL  
28 October 1707Joandaughter ofJohnHITCHCOCK  
30 October 1707Johnson ofThomasLEWES  
4 November 1707Alicedaughter ofThomasFORD  
10 November 1707Marydaughter ofWilliamDAVEY  
2 December 1707Dorothydaughter ofFrancisMORRIS  
26 December 1707Janedaughter ofJamesBERE  
13 January 1707Elizabethdaughter ofArthurCHAPPELL  
27 January 1707Johnson ofAlexanderSKINNER  
2 March 1707Margerydaughter ofThomasHALSE  
10 March 1707Johnson ofFrancisFEATHERSTONE  
16 March 1707Jamesson ofWilliamLAKE  
5 April 1708Susannadaughter ofJohnNOTTof Warkley [Warkleigh] 
6 April 1708Marydaughter ofJohnDYER  
22 April 1708Elizabethdaughter ofRichardTUCKER  
3 May 1708Lewisson ofJohnCHAPPELL  
5 May 1708Edmondson ofWilliamTRICKER  
11 May 1708Humphryson ofNicolasMILLS  
25 May 1708Marydaughter ofCharlesPARKER  
30 May 1708Thomasson ofEliasNOTT  
1 June 1708Johnson ofJohnTANNER  
12 June 1708Amosson ofAmosROWCLIFF Woolcomber
14 June 1708Johnson ofJohnMAN  
28 June 1708Johnson ofJohnTEDBALL, junior  
29 June 1708Williamson ofWilliamDAVEYof Shilston 
7 July 1708Honordaughter ofJohnDOWNE Cordwainer
13 July 1708Marydaughter ofMichaelTHORNE Tailor
26 July 1708Marydaughter ofWilliamCHAPPLE Cordwainer
9 August 1708Annedaughter ofWilliamMOUNTJOY Thetcher
26 August 1708Johnson ofMr FrederickFANNING  
11 September 1708Elizabethdaughter ofMr AnthonySAUNDER  
27 September 1708Meriumdaughter ofJohnBAKERof Chittlehamholt 
19 October 1708Marydaughter ofLewisJERMANof Chittlehamholt 
26 October 1708Ursuladaughter ofMatthewJENKIN Husbandman
16 November 1708Gracedaughter ofJohnCALLARDof Chittlehamholt 
23 November 1708Henryson ofHenryPICKARD  
30 November 1708Julyandaughter ofJamesDITCHET  
13 December 1708John Baronson ofMr JohnGILFARD  
6 January 1708Arthurson ofArthurHALS, the younger  
30 February 1708Peterson ofHughGOVIERof Warkley [Warkleigh] 
10 March 1708Margrettdaughter ofRobertSKINNERof Kingsnympton [Kings Nympton] 
15 March 1708Marydaughter ofPhillipHOOPERof Chittlehamholt 
3 April 1709      
3 April 1709Ellinordaughter ofRichardRAWLE  
19 Ap,ril 1709Joandaughter ofCharlesHARTNOLL  
11 May 1709Robertson ofJohnSAGE  
17 May 1709Agnisdaughter ofEliasNOTT  
21 May 1709Williamson ofJohnFOOK  
20 June 1709Hagarbase child ofJoanUPHAMof Chittlehamholt 
5 July 1709Marydaughter ofJohnCRANG  
5 July 1709Priscilladaughter ofHenryGOULDof Chittlehamholt 
8 August 1709Joandaughter ofCharlesPARKER Woollcomber
22 August 1709Anthonyson ofRichardPOPE  
13 September 1709Johnson ofJohnSKINER  
27 September 1709Annedaughter ofLewisBIRD  
24 October 1709Annedaughter ofJohnHITCHCOCK  
30 October 1709Jamesson ofJohnHEWET  
2 November 1709Annedaughter ofNathanielTHORNE  
5 December 1709Robertson ofPeterTRUMP  
7 December 1709Bartholomewson ofBartholomewBERRYof Gambuston 
8 December 1709Annedaughter ofBartholomewCHAMPION carpenter
13 December 1709Thomasson ofJohnMULES  
2 January 1709Agnisdaughter ofBernardDELL  
10 January 1709Janedaughter ofJohnPOPE  
9 February 1709Gracedaughter ofPhillipNOTT  
23 February 1709Simonson ofEmannuelDUE  
7 March 1709Annedaughter ofArthurFEATHERSTONE  
30 March 1710Johnson ofJohnHALL, junior  
9 April 1710Joandaughter ofWilliamREDING  
18 April 1710Richardson ofJohnVOYSEY  
9 May 1710Marydaughter ofGeorgeBOWDON  
11 May 1710Gracedaughter ofChristopherCHAPPLE  
14 May 1710Joandaughter ofPhillipGAURD  
16 May 1710Christiandaughter ofWilliamCHAPPLE  
23 May 1710Bartholomewson ofJohnBERRY  
28 May 1710Johnson ofAmosROWCLIFFE  
11 June 1710Rosedaughter ofRichardSQUIER  
10 August 1710Margretdaughter ofRichardTUCKER  
31 August 1710Johnson ofJohnWHITEFEILD  
11 September 1710Marydaughter ofGabrielBUDD  
3 October 1710Marydaughter ofWilliamLAKE  
16 October 1710Thomasson ofLewisRENDLE  
14 November 1710Jamesson ofJamesBEARE  
21 November 1710Elizabethdaughter ofWilliamMELHUISH  
12 [?] 1710Benjaminson ofAlaxanderSKINER  
4 February 1710Jamesson ofJamesDEADMAN, alias DOWNE  
13 November 1711Isaackson ofJacobPENBERTHY  
20 November 1711Joandaughter ofJohnTIDBALL, junior  
27 November 1711Johnson ofArthurSAUNDER, junior  
4 December 1711Elizabethdaughter ofMichaelTHORNE  
11 December 1711Johnson ofPhillipCOWLER  
11 December 1711Marydaughter ofThomasHALS  
29 January 1711Henryson ofJohnCRANG  
2 February 1711Phillicedaughter ofJohnDELL  
28 February 1711Henryson ofBernardDELL  
24 March 1711Annedaughter ofCorneliusRENDLE  
25 March 1712Georgeson ofJohnBRAYLEY  
15 April 1712Marydaughter ofThomasWOODCOCK  
16 April 1712Marydaughter ofWilliamTRICKER  
22 April 1712Thomasson ofJohnMEWLES  
5 May 1712Williamson ofJohnCHAPPLE  
8 May 1712Gracedaughter ofRichardTUCKER  
29 May 1712Williamson ofBartholomewBERRY  
10 June 1712Marydaughter ofThomasDUE  
7 July 1712Marydaughter ofSamuelKEIVILL  
7 July 1712Elizabethdaughter ofBaldwinACLAND  
15 July 1712Annedaughter ofAnthonyNOTT  
28 August 1712Annedaughter ofRichardCANN  
17 September 1712Agnisdaughter ofEliasNOTT  
17 October 1712Rachelldaughter ofCaeserGIFFARD, Esq  
1 November 1712Elizabethdaughter ofWilliamREDING  
25 November 1712Johnson ofMr AnthonySAUNDER  
2 December 1712Elizabethdaughter ofCharles and MaryPARKER  
25 December 1712Henryson ofHenryWARENof Swimbridge 
31 December 1712Elizabethdaughter ofGabrielBUDD  
5 January 1712Williamson ofRichardLIMEBEAR  
19 January 1712Annedaughter ofJohnCALLARD  
20 January 1712Georgeson ofGeorgeCOUCH  
3 February 1712Johnson ofWilliamLAKE  
11 February 1712Marydaughter ofHeneryPECKARD  
3 March 1712Hughson ofPhillipNOTT  
24 March 1712Georgeson ofJamesBEAR  
29 March 1713Richardson ofJohnTANNER  
7 April 1713Marydaughter ofJohnDOWN Husbandman
9 April 1713Johnson ofNicholasFORD  
14 April 1713Johnson ofJohnCOALE  
2 June 1713Elizabethdaughter ofThomasLYMEBEAR, the younger  
3 June 1713Williamson ofWilliamSHORT  
22 June 1713Richardson ofRichardHILL  
29 June 1713Annedaughter ofLewisCOALE  
30 June 1713Levyson ofEmannuelDUE  
2 July 1713Marybase child ofMaryBREWER  
5 July 1713Marybase child ofElizabethSHEPHERD  
11 August 1713Jacobson ofJacobPENBERTHY  
27 September 1713Charlesson ofGeorgeROW  
11 October 1713Calebson ofJohnHEWET  
11 October 1713Alisedaughter ofJonasREDING  
15 October 1713Elizabethdaughter ofEdwardCLARK, alias HEARD  
27 October 1713Johnson ofJohnFOOK  
2 November 1713Joandaughter ofPeterTRUMP  
12 November 1713Williamson ofGeorgeBOWDON  
20 December 1713Susannadaughter ofWilliamTAYLER  
22 December 1713Elizabethdaughter ofCalvinRADMORE  
30 December 1713Johnson ofRichardSQUIER  
25 January 1713Margartdaughter ofJohnCHAPPEL  
9 February 1713Jamesson ofJamesDITCHET  
24 February 1713Williambase child ofMaryTHOMAS  
4 March 1713Jamesson ofBartholomewCHAMPION  
9 March 1713Rogerson ofRogerSEARLE  
11 March 1713Johnbase child ofAnsticeWARREN  
23 March 1713Johnson ofHeneryHARTNOLL  
29 March 1714Janedaughter ofAlexanderSKINER  
11 May 1714Matthewson ofGilesSKINER  
1 June 1714Johnson ofChristopherBLAKE  
2 June 1714Marthadaughter ofEliasNOTT  
2 June 1714Williamson ofJohnBRIGHT  
18 July 1714Elberyson ofJohnSEAGE  
9 August 1714Robertson ofWalterMAIRE  
9 August 1714Annadaughter ofAnthonyNOTT  
13 August 1714Marydaughter ofBartholomewBERRY  
17 August 1714Annadaughter ofRichardDRAKE  
14 September 1714Pricilladaughter ofPhillipHOOPER  
21 September 1714Williamson ofWilliamCHAPPELL  
22 September 1714Heneryson ofFrancisCOTHAY  
24 November 1714Joandaughter ofHenreyHILL  
24 November 1714Williamson ofWilliamBEAR, the younger  
27 December 1714Johnson ofJohnHITCHCOCK  
26 January 1714Williamson ofMichellTHORNE  
14 February 1714Marydaughter ofRichardTHORN  
1 March 1714Jonedaughter ofHughPASSMORE  
16 March 1714Elizabethdaughter ofGeorgeROW  
22 March 1714Marydaughter ofGeorgeCHAPPLE  
23 March 1714Elizabethdaughter ofEdmondHILL  
30 March 1715Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryTRICKER  
3 April 1715Marybase child ofMaryFORD, widow  
6 April 1715Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and MaryDEW  
19 April 1715Gilesson ofJohn and SusannahCAMPE  
3 May 1715Priceson ofEdward and HonorHEARD  
5 May 1715Marydaughter ofHenry and AnneLEWORTHY  
10 May 1715Johnson ofJohn and GraceGRIGG  
16 May 1715Henryson ofRichard and AgnisGULLEY  
26 May 1715Williamson ofArthur and ElizabethHALL  
14 June 1715Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and MaryDELL  
6 July 1715Joanedaughter ofCornelius and JoneRENDALL  
12 July 1715Williamson ofBernard and ElizabethDELL  
17 August 1715Marydaughter ofCesar and MaryGIFFARD, Esq  
28 August 1715Katherinedaughter ofArthur, jun and AgnisSAUNDER  
30 August 1715Arthurson ofMr Anthony and ElizabethSAUNDER  
6 September 1715Calvinson ofCalvin, jun and JaneRADMORE  
11 September 1715Annedaughter ofJohn and AnneDELL  
6 September 1715Marydaughter ofLewis and MaryRENDALL  
25 October 1715Elizabethdaughter ofGiles and ElizabethSKINNER  
25 October 1715Marybase child ofJoneUPHAM  
2 November 1715Simonson ofJohn and SarahWHITFIELD  
20 November 1715Jonedaughter ofEdward and JoneSMALRIDGE  
22 November 1715Samuelson ofSamuel and JoneKEVILL  
23 November 1715Elizabethdaughter ofChristopher and ElizabethBLAKE  
14 December 1715Charitydaughter ofPhillip and WilmottLEY  
28 December 1715Johnson ofJohn and MaryLAKE  
12 January 1715Johnson ofJohn and PhillisDOWN  
17 January 1715Johnson ofGabriel and SusannahBUDD  
22 January 1715Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryHUETT  
22 January 1715Nathanielson ofWilliam and AliceBEAR  
7 February 1715Johnson ofJohn and GraceSAUNDER  
8 February 1715Margerydaughter ofJohn and MaryTANNER  
9 March 1715Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryTAYLER  
13 March 1715Richardson ofRichard and SusannahLYMBERE  
17 March 1715Annedaughter ofHumphry and ThomasinBARROW  
25 March 1716Johnson ofJohn and AnneSLOCOMBE  
25 March 1716Johnbase child ofSusannahYEO  
2 April 1716Johnson ofJonas and JoneREADING  
3 April 1716Johnson ofJames and AnnePARKIN  
24 April 1716Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPELL  
10 May 1716Marydaughter ofThomas and JudithPOPE  
15 May 1716Agnesdaughter ofWilliam and MargaretLAKE  
7 June 1716Thomasson ofWilliam and ElizabethSHORT  
12 June 1716Hannahdaughter ofJames and SusannahBEARE  
19 June 1716Marydaughter ofNicholas and GraceFOARD  
3 July 1716Johnson ofHugh and JoneGOVIER  
5 August 1716Henrybase child ofAnneDOWN, alias DEDMAN  
2 September 1716Richardson ofRichard and HannahPOPE  
16 September 1716Marydaughter ofFrancis and JoneCOTTY  
25 September 1716Williamson ofGeorge and JoneCOUTCH  
2 October 1716Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryNICHOLS  
9 October 1716Nicholasson ofNicholas, jun and ElizabethKELLAND  
15 October 1716Hannahdaughter ofAnthony and ElizabethNOTT  
16 October 1716Racheldaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethREADING  
16 October 1716Henryson ofHugh and SusannahHEARD  
6 November 1716Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCOWLER  
11 December 1716Richardson ofJohn and AnnaCAMPE  
17 December 1716Williamson ofRichard and MargaretSQUIRE  
18 December 1716Johnson ofJohn and EleanorRUDD  
1 January 1716Marydaughter ofRoger and SusannaBOWDONof Swimbridge 
22 January 1716Johnson ofHugh and MaryPASSMORE  
22 January 1716Georgeson ofGeorge and ElizabethROWE  
12 February 1716Alexanderson ofAlexander and CharitySKINNER  
10 March 1716Christopherson ofRichard and AgnesGULLEY  
12 March 1716Elizabethdaughter ofLewis and ElizabethCOLE  
12 March 1716Alicedaughter ofHenry and PatienceHILL  
13 March 1716Johnson ofJohn and MaryMILTON  
17 April 1717Elizabethdaughter ofBartholomew and MaryCHAMPION  
23 April 1717Marydaughter ofEmanuel and ElizabethDEW  
30 April 1717Johnson ofWilliam and SusannaTAYLER  
6 May 1717Joandaughter ofJohn and PrudenceCHASE  
2 June 1717Hanahbase child ofWilmotRAWLE  
16 June 1717Thomasson ofJohnWOOLWAY  
24 June 1717Anndaughter ofRichardDRAKE  
14 July 1717Rogerson ofGeorgeBOWDEN  
15 July 1717Johna base child TIDBALL  
26 July 1717Marydaughter ofJohn and DorothyFAIRCHILD  
19 August 1717Patiencedaughter ofJohn and MaryTANNER  
4 September 1717Edwardson ofEdward and HonourHEARD  
29 September 1717Charlesson ofCharles and MaryPARKER  
5 November 1717Marydaughter ofRobertDAVIE  
12 November 1717Elizabethdaughter ofEdwardSMALRIDGE  
12 November 1717Anndaughter ofSimonLEY  
26 November 1717Johnson ofHenry and JoanUPHAM  
26 November 1717Beatondaughter ofThomas and ElizabethGOLD  
27 November 1717Simonson ofHenry and SusannaCRANG  
27 November 1717Susannadaughter ofThomas and AliceUPHAM  
31 December 1717Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryLAKE  
6 January 1717Anndaughter ofArthurHALS, deceased  
17 January 1717Janedaughter ofMr Humphrey and SusannaPRICE  
21 January 1717Williamson ofJohn and ThamasinDAVEY  
6 February 1717Thomasson ofRichard and AgnesHOOPER  
6 February 1717Marybase child ofJoanSOMMER  
6 February 1717Williambase child ofJoanSOMMER  
2 March 1717Johnbase child ofHanahCORNISH  
3 March 1717Jeremiahson ofWilliam and AliceBEER  
9 March 1717Robertson ofRobert and SusannaROWDON  
9 March 1717Rogerson ofRoger and GraceYEO  
17 March 1717Robertson ofJohn and RebeccaMILDON  
31 March 1718Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryTAYLOR  
15 April 1718Agnesdaughter ofRichard and AgnesGULLEY  
29 April 1718Marthadaughter ofWilliam and MaryTRICKER  
29 April 1718Williamson ofJohn and GraceGRIGG  
11 May 1718Williamson ofArgentum and AnnWESCOTT  
21 May 1718Marydaughter ofJames and MaryIRELAND  
11 June 1718Edwardson ofEdward and MargaretAGLAND vicar of this Parish
22 June 1718Janebase child ofJoanVICARY  
6 July 1718Sarahdaughter ofHenry and PatienceHILL  
7 July 1718Johnson ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
15 July 1718Margaretdaughter ofRichard and MargaretSQUIRE  
3 August 1718Thomasson ofJohn and AgnesSAGE  
5 August 1718Elizabethdaughter ofBernard and ElizabethDELL  
17 August 1718Bartholomewbase child ofAnnTHORNE  
21 October 1718Johnson ofRichardLIMEBEERof Chittlehamholt 
21 October 1718Gracedaughter ofLaurence and JaneBRAGGINTON  
6 November 1718Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and MaryPASSMORE  
12 November 1718Johnson ofJamesDITCHET  
4 December 1718Joanbase child ofThomasinLANG  
16 December 1718Williamson ofHumphry and CharityTHORNE  
16 December 1718Marydaughter ofSimon and MargeryMONTJOY  
26 December 1718Elizabethdaughter ofAnthony and ElizabethNOTT  
6 January 1718Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and JoanKEVILL  
6 January 1718Margaretdaughter ofHumphry and ThomazinBARROWof Swimbridge 
31 January 1718Marydaughter ofMichael and RebeccaTHORNE  
31 January 1718Josephson ofMichael and RebeccaTHORNE  
2 February 1718Edwardson ofEdward and JoanSMALRIDGE  
2 February 1718Marydaughter ofFrancis and MaryJONESof the City of Dublin, Ireland 
10 February 1718Hughson ofHugh and SusannaHEARD, al. CLARK  
24 February 1718Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethNOTTof Bishops Tawton 
4 March 1718Johnson ofFrancis and JoanCOTTAY  
11 March 1718Marydaughter ofJohn and SarahWHITEFIELD  
16 March 1718Arthurson ofJohn and GraceSAUNDER  
23 March 1718Jamesson ofWilliam and AliceBEER  
27 March 1719Johnson ofJohn and GraceBAKER  
7 April 1719Philipson ofPhilip and WilmotLEY  
8 April 1719Susannadaughter ofMichael and JoanTHORNE  
9 April 1719Jamesson ofThomas and ElizabethBRANSCOMB  
14 April 1719Williamson ofJohn and ElinorRUDD  
14 April 1719Jonasson ofJonas and JoanREDING  
17 April 1719Williamson ofThomas and HesterCLARY  
19 April 1719Simonson ofSimonLEYof Chittlehamholt 
19 April 1719Williamson ofRoger and SusannaBOWDENof Swimbridge 
8 May 1719Anndaughter ofJames and AnnPARKIN  
8 May 1719Jamesson ofJames and AnnPARKIN  
8 June 1719Anndaughter ofHugh and JoanGOVIER  
14 June 1719Marydaughter ofJohn and ThomazinDAVEY  
7 July 1719Johnson ofJohn and PrudenceCHAISE  
26 July 1719Emlindaughter ofNicholas and GraceFORD  
14 August 1719Margaretdaughter ofEdward and MargaretAGLAND vicar of this parish
18 August 1719Elizabethdaughter ofRoger and EmlinPEARSE  
25 August 1719Agnesdaughter ofJohn and MaryLAKE  
26 August 1719Susannadaughter ofAnthony and MargaretANDREWSof Swimbridge 
13 September 1719Dorcasbase child ofMaryDELL  
15 September 1719Williamson ofWilliam and SarahBAKER  
24 September 1719Williamson ofWilliam and AgnesMOREMAN  
28 September 1719Richardson ofGrabriel and SusannaBUDD  
1 October 1719Anndaughter ofEdward and HonourHEARD, al. CLARK  
6 October 1719Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and AliceUPHAM  
13 October 1719Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MargaretLAKE  
27 October 1719Hughson ofGiles and ElizabethSKINNER  
3 November 1719Jonathanson ofHenry and SalomePICARD  
10 November 1719Johnson ofRichard and PriscillaDRAKE  
25 November 1719Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDOWN  
10 December 1719Hughson ofThomas and ElizabethGOLD  
11 December 1719Gracedaughter ofHenryUPHAM  
31 December 1719Marydaughter ofRoger and GraceYEO  
9 February 1719Edwardson ofJohn and JoanCOALE  
11 February 1719Johnson ofHumphry and SusannaPRICE  
17 February 1719Georgeson ofChristopher and MaryBEER  
1 March 1719Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnRODD  
8 March 1719Williamson ofJohn and SusannaSCAMP  
28 March 1720Edwardson ofEdward and MaryROWCLIFFE  
30 March 1720Johnson ofJohn and PhillisDOWN  
5 April 1720Edmondson ofEdmondHILL  
10 April 1720Marydaughter ofWilliam and SusannaTAYLOR  
19 April 1720Jamesson ofRobert and MaryDAVIE  
19 April 1720Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and SusannaROWDEN  
16 May 1720Johnson ofJohnDOWN  
29 May 1720Amiadaughter ofJohn and AgnesSAGE  
3 July 1720Georgeson ofArgenham and AnnWESTCOTT  
3 July 1720Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryHEWETT  
27 July 1720Richardson ofRichard and AgnesGULLEY  
27 July 1720Richardson ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
14 August 1720Sarahbase child ofElizabethTRUMP  
16 August 1720Johannadaughter ofHugh and JoanPARKER  
27 August 1720Elizabethdaughter ofJaneGALLIFORD  
21 September 1720Jamesson ofJohn and GraceBAKER  
4 October 1720Johnson ofJohn and MaryBERRY  
1 November 1720Marydaughter ofRichardHOOPERof Pilton 
16 November 1720Williamson ofLewis and ElizabethRANDLE  
16 November 1720Margaretdaughter ofPhilip and ElizabethNOTT  
6 December 1720Anthonybase child ofRachelROBINS  
26 December 1720Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryTRICKER  
28 December 1720Marydaughter ofLewis and ElizabethCOALE  
15 January 1720Georgeson ofSimon and MargeryMONTJOYof Tawton 
15 January 1720Williamson ofEdward and JoanSMALRIDGE  
19 February 1720Joandaughter ofJohn and RebeccaMILDON  
14 March 1720Williamson ofWilliam and JoanPARSLEY  
24 March 1720Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
29 March 1721Johnson ofJohn and MaryBUSHON  
11 April 1721Johnson ofEdward and HonourHEAD, als. CLARK  
17 April 1721Williamson ofBernard and ElizabethDELF  
17 April 1721Agnesdaughter ofJohn and ThomasinDAVIE  
3 May 1721Marydaughter ofHenry and PatienceHILL  
1 June 1721Johnson ofJohn and MaryMOOR  
27 June 1721Susannadaughter ofPhilip and WilmotLEY  
11 July 1721Williamson ofBartholomew and MaryCHAMPION  
14 July 1721Anndaughter ofThomas and ElizabethBRANSCOMBE  
24 July 1721Winifreddaughter ofEdward and MargaretAGLAND Vicar of this Parish
14 August 1721Williamson ofFrancisCOTTAY  
24 August 1721Theodoreson ofHumphrey and SusannaBRICE  
5 September 1721Georgeson ofJames and MaryIRELAND  
18 September 1721Thomasson ofThomas and AliceUPTON  
21 September 1721Emlindaughter ofWilliam and AliceBEAR  
24 September 1721Anndaughter ofSamuel and JoanKEVILL  
16 October 1721Williamson ofJohn and MaryLAKE  
26 October 1721Ambroseson ofThomas and ElizabethGOLD  
22 November 1721Margaretdaughter ofJohn and AgnesBARROW  
23 November 1721Johnson ofWilliam and AgnesMOORMAN  
9 February 1721Susannadaughter ofHugh and SusannaCLARK  
6 March 1721Georgeson ofGiles and ElizabethSKINER  
6 March 1721Susannadaughter ofJohna nd ElizabethFOOKE, als BRITTON  
14 March 1721Johnson ofHumphy and CharityTHORN  
10 April 1722Joandaughter ofEdward and MaryROWCLIFF  
26 April 1722Richardson ofRichard and PriscillaDRAKE  
8 May 1722Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ThomasinDAVEY  
31 May 1722Samsonson ofNicholas and GraceFORD  
19 June 1722Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryPOPE  
20 June 1722Bartholomewson ofHugh and MaryHAYIN  
20 June 1722Hughson ofHugh and MaryHAYIN  
12 July 1722Edwardson ofEdward and MargaretAGLAND Vicar of this Parish
17 July 1722Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethDOWN  
17 July 1722Johnson ofGeorge and GraceFORD  
17 July 1722Williamson ofChristopher and ElizabethBLAKE  
5 August 1722Josephbase child ofMaryTIDBALL  
4 September 1722Williamson ofJohn and AgnesSAGE  
17 September 1722John Chapple Dunsfordson ofWilliam and ThomasinDUNSFORDof Tiverton 
16 October 1722Richardson ofEdmond and ElizabethHILL  
16 October 1722Johnson ofLewis and ElizabethRANDLE  
24 October 1722Williamson ofChristopher and MaryBEAR  
27 October 1722Janedaughter ofRichard and SusannaLYMBERE  
3 November 1722Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBAKER  
9 December 1722Johannabase child ofElizabethDELL  
1 January 1722Miriamdaughter ofWilliam and SarahBAKER  
1 January 1722Johnbase child ofJaneFRY  
8 January 1722Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MaryTRICKER  
14 January 1722Johnson ofRichard and AgnesGULLEY  
28 January 1722Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSHORT  
2 February 1722Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryBERRY  
2 February 1722Sarahdaughter ofRichard and AgnesHOOPER  
12 February 1722Joandaughter ofWilliam and JoanPARSLEY  
28 February 1722Richardson ofRichard and MargaretSQUIRE  
15 March 1722Johnson ofGeorge and MaryMILDONof ye Holt [Chittlehamholt] 
23 April 1723Anndaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethBOWDON  
29 April 1723Johnson ofWilliam and HanahBOWDON  
30 April 1723Johnson ofHenry and RuthTORRINGTON  
20 May 1723Margaretdaughter ofDavid and ElizabethGUFFIOT  
14 June 1723Williamson ofEdward and GraceNORRIS  
26 July 1723Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MarySOMER  
26 July 1723Gracedaughter ofWilliam and SusannaTAYLOR  
30 July 1723Williamson ofWilliam and MargaretLAKE  
11 August 1723Johnson ofEdward and JoanSMALRIDGE  
12 August 1723Susannahdaughter ofThomas and ElizabethBRUNSCOMB  
28 August 1723Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
3 September 1723Joandaughter ofJohn and MaryLAKE  
23 September 1723Robertson ofThomas and AliceUPTON  
25 September 1723Williamson ofJames and AnnPARKIN  
13 October 1723Marybase child ofAnnDOWN  
22 October 1723Bartholomewson ofJohn and RebeccaMILDON  
22 October 1723Margaretdaughter ofHumphry and MarySOMER  
31 October 1723Thomasson ofThomas and ElizabethGOLD  
5 November 1723Dorothydaughter ofSamuel and JoanKEIVEL  
5 November 1723Lewisson ofHugh and MaryMAYNE  
12 November 1723Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryMOORE  
24 November 1723Honordaughter ofJohn and AgnessNICHOLLS  
3 December 1723Johnson ofJohn and MaryIRELANDof the Holt [Chittlehamholt] 
5 December 1723Margaretdaughter ofEdward and HonorCLARK  
18 December 1723Georgeson ofJohn and MaryLEWIS  
26 December 1723Jamesson ofRobert and SusannaROWDON  
1 January 1723Williamson ofMichael and CicelyTAPP  
6 January 1723Jamesson ofJohn and MaryBUSHON  
18 January 1723Honordaughter ofEdward and MargaretAGLAND  
4 February 1723Johnson ofJohn and MaryPOPE  
18 February 1723Jamesson ofBernard and ElizabethDELL  
17 March 1723Johnson ofGiles and ElizabethSKINER  
7 April 1724Thomasson ofJohn and ThomasinDAVEY  
10 April 1724Elizabethbase child ofElizabethPINCOMBE  
12 May 1724Johnson ofMatthew and JoanHOBBS  
7 June 1724Marydaughter ofRichard and SusannaTHOMS  
23 June 1724Williamson ofJohn and PhilisDOWN  
14 July 1724Richardson ofThomas and RuthDOWN  
4 August 1724Aaronson ofJohn and EmlinALLENof Swimbridge 
30 August 1724Johnbase child ofRachelROBINS  
15 December 1724Johnson ofHugh and SusannaCLARK  
25 January 1724Anthonyson ofWilliam and MargeryBEAR  
9 February 1724Francisson ofFrancis and JoanCOTTAY  
11 February 1724Anndaughter ofJohn and SarahMORGAN  
14 February 1724Thomasson ofWilliam and JaneRUDDING  
24 March 1724Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethNOTTof Bishops Tawton 
3 April 1725Williamson ofRichardDRAKE  
5 May 1725Marydaughter ofWilliam and EleanorWESTACOTT  
23 May 1725Johnson ofWilliam and JaneSHUTE  
24 May 1725Margaretdaughter ofLewis and ElizabethRANDLE  
1 June 1725Marydaughter ofJohn and EleanorTOMS  
7 June 1725Ferdinandoson ofWilliamBUTLER  
15 June 1725Sarahdaughter ofRobert and SarahLEY  
28 June 1725Williamson ofEdwardCLARK  
6 July 1725Marydaughter ofAlexander and MargaretSKINNER  
27 July 1725Williamson ofAnthony and MaryBEAR  
24 August 1725Marydaughter ofJohn and JudithTURNER  
1 September 1725Johnson ofEdwardROWCLIFFE  
9 November 1725Elizabethdaughter ofWilliamPARSLEY  
21 November 1725Agnesdaughter ofJohn and AgnesSAGE  
18 January 1725Elizabethdaughter ofNicholas and PrudenceANDREWof Swimbridge 
19 January 1725Joandaughter ofJohn and ElizabethNOTT  
24 January 1725Susannahdaughter ofThomas and AliceUPHAM  
9 March 1725Laurenceson ofRichard and AgnesGULLY  
15 March 1725Johnson ofThomas and ElizabethGOLD  
16 March 1725Jamesson ofDavid and ElizabethGOSSIOT  
27 March 1726Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and SarahBAKER  
4 April 1726Marydaughter ofPhillip and AnnMOGGRIDGE  
26 April 1726Robertson ofJohn and MaryMOORE  
26 April 1726Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and JoneSOMMERS  
2 May 1726Edwardson ofJohn and MaryMILTON  
8 May 1726Joshuabase child ofAnnFORDE  
19 May 1726Thomasson ofHumphry and CharityTHORNE  
6 June 1726Thomasson ofThomas and MaryHEWES  
12 June 1726Anndaughter ofWilliam and SusannaTAYLOR  
12 June 1726Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethGOVERof the Holt 
12 July 1726Susannahdaughter ofThomas and RuthDOWNE  
25 August 1726Johnson ofHughWAYNE  
30 August 1726Williamson ofJohn and MaryBUSSHON  
5 October 1726Johnson ofJohn and SarahMORGAN  
24 October 1726Joycedaughter ofWilliam and MargarettLAKE  
16 November 1726Johnson ofAndrew and ElizabethRUDDING  
13 December 1726Williamson ofThomas and JaneBREALY  
15 December 1726Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethBARBOR, Esq  
22 December 1726Georgeson ofJohn and MaryPOPE  
22 January 1726Laurenceson ofHugh and SusannaCLARK  
25 January 1726Rogerson ofEdward and HonourCLARK  
2 February 1726Marydaughter ofNicolas and MeldredSEARLES  
25 February 1726Sarahdaughter ofMargeryMOUNTJOY  
25 February 1726Marthadaughter ofMargeryMOUNTJOY  
29 March 1727Elizabethdaughter ofJames and AnnPARKIN  
5 April 1727Matthewson ofMatthew and JoneHOBS  
14 April 1727Williamson of[?]DOWNE  
19 April 1727Richardson ofJohn and ThomasinDAVY  
23 April 1727Elizabethdaughter ofAlexander and MargrettSKINNER  
23 April 1727Agnesdaughter ofWilliam and AgnesMOREMAN  
24 June 1727Marydaughter ofRobert and JoneSOMMERS  
22 July 1727Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and FrancesCHAPPLE  
23 July 1727Alixanderson ofThomas and JoanSKINER  
16 August 1727Agnessdaughter ofMichael and SisleyTAPP  
27 August 1727Georgeson ofElizabethHARVY  
3 September 1727Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethNOTT  
11 September 1727Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryTHORN  
12 September 1727Johnson ofShadrick and MaryTREBLE  
20 September 1727Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryIRELAND  
30 October 1727Thomasson ofWilliam and MargeryBEER  
6 November 1727Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and JudithTURNER  
9 November 1727Elizabethdaughter ofAnthony and MaryBEER  
10 December 1727Richardbase child ofJoanDOWNMAN  
3 January 1727Edmondson ofEdmond and WillmottHUXTABLE  
29 January 1727Gracedaughter ofPhilip and JoanMOGRIDGE  
2 April 1728Jamesson ofLewis and ElizabethRENDLE  
14 April 1728Johnson ofWilliam and JoanPARSLEY  
22 April 1728Anndaughter ofAgnessJERMAN  
14 May 1728Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryTUCKER  
29 May 1728Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
9 June 1728Thomasson ofHughCLARK  
10 June 1728Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDOWN  
11 June 1728Peterson ofPeterGODBEAR  
28 June 1728Margaretdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBAKER  
1 July 1728Henryson ofJohn and MaryMOORE  
5 August 1728Johanahdaughter ofRichard and AgnessGULLEY  
25 August 1728Williamson ofJohn and MaryBEER  
2 October 1728Johnson ofAnthonyTUCKER  
22 January 1728Elizabethdaughter ofAnthony and ElizabethSAUNDER  
6 February 1728Thomasson ofThomas and RuthDOWN  
10 February 1728Williamson ofWilliam and JaneREDING  
2 March 1728Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and ElizabethGOULD  
12 March 1728Agnessdaughter ofJeffery and AgnessHARRIS  
13 March 1728Johnson ofJames and AnnJENKINS  
1 April 1729Joandaughter ofMr James and ElizabethWHITE  
1 April 1729Marydaughter ofPhilip and JoanCOWLER  
27 April 1729Williamson ofPhilip and MaryBOWDEN  
4 May 1729John Brittonbase child ofMargaretBENDLE  
4 May 1729Elizabethbase child ofRachelROBINS  
26 May 1729Agnessdaughter ofHugh and JoanGOULD  
26 May 1729Jamesson ofJohn and MaryBAKER  
23 June 1729Marydaughter ofNicholas and MeliorSEARLE  
6 July 1729Joanbase child ofJoanGRIGG  
8 July 1729Johnson ofJohn and EllinorTHOMBS  
15 July 1729Agnessdaughter ofPhilip and JoanMOGRIDGE  
16 July 1729Marydaughter ofThomas and JaneBRAYLEY  
11 August 1729Georgeson ofAndrew and ElizabethREDING  
16 August 1729Johnson ofRichard and MaryFISHER  
18 August 1729Williamson ofMr William and MaryBAKER  
21 August 1729Williamson ofWilliam and JaneIRELAND  
30 September 1729Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
14 October 1729Peterson ofGeorge and MaryMILDON  
21 December 1729Johnson ofJohn and JudithTURNER  
30 December 1729Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryTHORN  
30 December 1729Johannadaughter ofJohn and MaryTHORN  
11 January 1729Marthadaughter ofJohn and ThomasinDAVY  
16 February 1729Marydaughter ofThomas and ChristianLISET  
17 February 1729Jamesson ofJohn and MaryLAKE  
8 March 1729Agnessdaughter ofWilliam and JoanPARSLEY  
10 March 1729Elizabethdaughter ofEdmond and WillmottHUXTABLE  
23 April 1730Williamson ofJohn and MaryMORRISH  
28 April 1730Anthonyson ofAnthony and MaryBEER  
28 April 1730Benjaminson ofAnthony and MaryBEER  
3 May 1730Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AgnessMOREMAN  
12 May 1730Richardson ofJohn and MaryPOPE  
27 May 1730Joandaughter ofFrancis and JoanCOTHAY  
3 June 1730Robertson ofRobert and MaryGOULD  
7 June 1730Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and SusanahTAYLOR  
8 June 1730Richardson ofWilliam and JoanGOVIOUR  
21 June 1730Johanahdaughter ofThomas and MaryHUES  
13 July 1730Joandaughter ofPhilip and JoanBOYNS  
14 July 1730Marydaughter ofJonas and ElizabethLEY  
27 July 1730Johnson ofWilliam and JaneREDING  
3 August 1730Anndaughter ofRichard and ElizabethCOLLACOTT  
16 August 1730Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethNOTT  
6 October 1730Elizabethdaughter ofEdward and JoanROWTLEY  
22 October 1730Elizabethdaughter ofArthur and MaryNICHOLS  
10 November 1730Dorothydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethROWTLEY  
2 December 1730Joandaughter ofRobert and JoanSOMERS  
16 December 1730Marydaughter ofMr William and MaryBAKER  
9 March 1730Johnson ofRichard and AgnessGULLEY  
16 March 1730Georgeson ofWilliamBARBOR, Esq  
17 March 1730Elizabethdaughter ofJamesHANDFORDof Atherington 
24 March 1730Marydaughter ofJamesJENKINS  
29 March 1731Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
16 April 1731Gracedaughter ofThomas and AnnLATY  
16 April 1731Johnson ofJohn and MaryBASSET  
19 April 1731Anndaughter ofJohn and CharityLEY  
26 April 1731Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryFISHER  
5 May 1731Thomasson ofAlixander and MargaretSKINER  
11 May 1731Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryIRELAND  
18 May 1731Jamesson ofMr James and ElizabethWHITE  
19 May 1731Gracedaughter ofWilliam and JoanIRELAND  
30 May 1731Thomasson ofHugh and MaryCLARK  
17 June 1731Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and RuthDOWN  
26 June 1731Marydaughter ofPhilipCOWLER  
30 June 1731Marydaughter ofJohnBUSHON  
19 July 1731Bridgetdaughter ofThomasMILLS  
23 July 1731Marydaughter ofAnthony and AnnPOPE  
16 August 1731Williamson ofThomas and ElizabethGOULD  
31 August 1731Edmundson ofAnthony and ElizabethSAUNDER  
2 October 1731Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
2 October 1731Williamson ofHugh and AgnessCHAPPLE  
21 October 1731Hughson ofHugh and JoanGOULD  
28 October 1731Johnson ofMr Thomas and MaryGIFFARD  
1 December 1731Amosson ofThomas and ElizabethROWTLEY  
8 December 1731Johnson ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE  
11 December 1731Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryALIASof Swimbridge 
1 January 1731Johnson ofSamuel and MargaretFOOK  
2 February 1731Henryson ofGeorge and MaryMILDON  
27 February 1731Williamson ofJoseph and MaryDELL  
29 May 1732Richardson ofRichard and MelliorSEARLE  
14 June 1732Richardson ofThomas and ChristianLISSET  
19 June 1732Gracedaughter ofJohn and MaryTHORN  
10 July 1732Williamson ofAndrew and ElizabethRODING  
19 July 1732Anthonyson ofJames and AnnPARKIN  
2 August 1732Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and MaryHATCH  
23 August 1732Elizabethdaughter ofJonas and ElizabethLEY  
27 August 1732Johnson ofWillmottHUXTABLE  
9 September 1732Johnson ofArthur and MaryNICHOLS  
9 September 1732Jamesson ofJames and MaryPOPEof Swimbridge 
12 September 1732Johanahdaughter ofLewis and DorothyRUDDof Bishops Tauton [Bishops Tawton] 
1 November 1732Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethNOTT  
21 December 1732Williamson ofThomas and JaneBRAYLEY  
2 January 1732Gracedaughter ofAnthony and AnnSTRIBLINGof Swimbridge 
2 January 1732Lewisson ofLewis and ElizabethRENDLE  
10 January 1732Johnson ofJohn and GracePEARSE  
16 January 1732Rosedaughter ofJohn and MargaretTIBBS  
13 February 1732Williamson ofJohn and MaryPOPE  
20 February 1732Susanahdaughter ofWilliam and SusanahKINGSLAND  
1 March 1732Sarahdaughter ofMr Thomas and MaryGIFFARD  
7 March 1732Johnson ofWilliam and GraceHILL  
20 March 1732Jonathanson ofEdward and ElizabethWILLMOTSof Swimbridge 
25 March 1733Williamson ofGeorge and JaneTUCKER  
27 March 1733Arthurson ofFerdinando and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
22 April 1733Henryson ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
24 May 1733Georgeson ofMr George and ElizabethSAUNDER  
9 June 1733Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and AnnSEARLE  
2 July 1733Marydaughter ofChristianMARELEY  
9 July 1733Joandaughter ofWilliam and MaryIRELAND  
13 July 1733Hughson ofHugh and AgnessCHAPPLE  
12 August 1733Sarahbase child ofElizabethWARREN  
20 August 1733Margaretdaughter ofJohn and EllinorTHOMBS  
21 August 1733Dorothydaughter ofThomasROWTLEY  
26 August 1733Joandaughter ofJohnKINGDON  
28 August 1733Johnson ofThomas and AnnLATY  
9 September 1733Jamesson ofJerimiah and MaryBRUER  
22 September 1733Isaacson ofAndrew and JoanBEER  
25 September 1733Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethGRINING  
26 September 1733Thomasson ofThomas and AnnCRANG  
30 September 1733Marydaughter ofHugh and SusanahHEARD  
2 October 1733Michaelson ofBenjamin and SusanahSKINER  
10 October 1733Williamson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
16 October 1733Richardson ofAnthony and AnnPOPE  
30 October 1733Gracedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDOWN  
5 November 1733Henrybase child ofGraceGRIGGORY  
14 November 1733Marydaughter ofThomas and RuthDOWN  
19 November 1733Elizabethdaughter ofMr Francis and LovedyPOWEL  
22 January 1733Marydaughter ofRobert and MaryGOULD  
14 February 1733Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE  
6 March 1733Henryson ofMr William and MaryBAKER  
18 March 1733Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and MaryMILDON  
24 March 1733Johnbase child ofHagarUPHAM  
3 April 1734Janedaughter ofJohn and AnnSEAGE  
3 April 1734Pasiencedaughter ofRichard and AgnessGULLEY  
3 April 1734Elizabethbase child ofMaryDELVE  
29 April 1734Elizabethdaughter ofNicholas and MelliorSARLES  
30 April 1734Susanahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryPARSLEY  
3 May 1734Jamesson ofIsaac and DorothyROWDEN  
13 May 1734Anndaughter of[blank] and GraceSAUNDER  
11 June 1734Marydaughter ofJohn and JaneFEATHERSTONE  
2 July 1734Marydaughter ofRichardHILL  
29 July 1734Johnson ofRobert and SusanahROWDEN  
11 September 1734Marydaughter ofWilliam and SusanahKINGSLAND  
24 September 1734Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and JoanGOULD  
4 October 1734Georgeson ofWilliam and AgnessMOORMAN  
6 October 1734Robertson ofRobert and RachelLEY  
6 October 1734Elizabethdaughter ofMr George and ElizabethSAUNDER  
12 October 1734Johnson ofJohn and MaryLEY  
21 October 1734Elizabethdaughter ofJames and MaryJENKINS  
17 December 1734Anthonyson ofAnthony and ElizabethSAUNDER  
23 January 1734Williamson ofJeremiah and MaryBRUER  
2 February 1734Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnALIAS  
8 April 1734Marydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethGOULD  
8 April 1735Marydaughter ofThomasGOULD  
9 April 1735Rebeckahdaughter ofWilliamGRIGORY  
24 April 1735Philipson ofWilliamROW  
15 May 1735Jonasson ofJonasLEY  
15 May 1735Elizabethdaughter ofEdwardWILLMOTTSof Swimbridge 
22 June 1735Johnson ofJohnIRELAND  
6 July 1735Johnson ofAlixanderSKINER  
14 July 1735Janedaughter ofJohnMORRIS  
15 July 1735Marydaughter ofThomasROWTLEY  
18 July 1735Williamson ofJohnGRINING  
15 August 1735Thomasindaughter ofJohnDAVY  
7 September 1735Johanahdaughter ofJohnNOTT  
1 November 1735Johanahdaughter ofJohnBAKER  
5 November 1735Isaacson ofIsaacBOWDEN  
13 November 1735Marydaughter ofPhilipISAAC  
26 November 1735Richardson ofLewisRUDDof Tauton Bishop [Bishops Tawton] 
28 January 1735Susanahdaughter ofJohnSEAGE  
29 January 1735Prudencedaughter ofNicholasANDREWof Swimbridge 
3 February 1735Willmotdaughter ofJohn and JoanKINGDON  
3 February 1735Marydaughter ofHughRADFORD  
28 February 1735Elizabethdaughter ofWilliamBUTTLER  
29 February 1735Marydaughter ofWilliamCOUCH  
3 March 1735Racheldaughter ofRobert and RachelLEY  
4 March 1735Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and ElizabethMORRISH  
10 March 1735Elizabethbase child ofMargaretCOMER  
10 March 1735Lovedybase child ofMargaretCOMER  
17 March 1735Elizabethdaughter ofMr GeorgeSAUNDER  
22 March 1735Jamesson ofGeorge and MaryFOLLYof Tauton Bishop [Bishops Tawton] 
25 March 1736Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
5 April 1736Johnson ofPhilipCOWLER  
26 April 1736Davidson ofDavid and ElizabethGOSSINET  
27 April 1736Elizabethdaughter ofAnthonyPOPE  
2 May 1736Williamson ofWilliamIRELAND  
11 May 1736Marydaughter ofAnthony and ElizabethSAUNDER  
19 May 1736Pawlson ofJohnSAUNDERS  
19 May 1736Francesdaughter ofJosephROSSWELL  
30 May 1736Sarahdaughter ofWilliamBEER  
3 June 1736Samuelson ofNicholasSARLS  
14 June 1736Henryson ofHenryATKINS  
14 June 1736Williamson ofRobert and JoanSOMERS  
16 June 1736Elizabethdaughter ofHenryTHORNE  
1 July 1736Johnson ofRichard and AnnSARLS  
11 August 1736Elizabethdaughter ofArthurNICHOLS  
13 August 1736Anndaughter ofRichardHILL  
24 August 1736Thomasson ofWilliamGRADDON  
25 August 1736Johnson ofJohn and MaryLEY  
25 September 1736Williamson ofWilliam and MaryANDREW  
19 October 1736Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and MaryPOPE  
19 October 1736Thomasson ofThomasGALLIFORD  
5 November 1736Alixanderson ofAlixander and MargaretSKINER  
5 November 1736Marybase child ofElizabethNIGHT  
13 November 1736Margaretdaughter ofThomasDOWN  
18 November 1736Anndaughter ofPhilip and MaryMOGRIDGE  
2 December 1736Gracedaughter ofRobert and MaryGOULD  
28 December 1736Johnson ofJohn and MaryPARKMAN  
28 December 1736Georgeson ofGeorge and WillmottMILLDON  
28 December 1736Johnson ofWilliamLIMBEAR  
6 January 1736Anndaughter ofPhilipGUARD  
16 March 1736Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethMORRIS  
17 March 1736Johnson ofLewis and BarburyBIRD  
17 March 1736Beatondaughter ofHugh and JoanGOULD  
30 March 1737Rogerson ofFerdinando and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
1 April 1737Eliasson ofRichard and MaryNOTT  
6 April 1737Anndaughter ofEdward and AnnMARE  
18 April 1737Marydaughter ofSamuel and MargaretFOOK  
13 June 1737Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and SusanahKINGSLAND  
29 June 1737Anthonyson ofAnthony and MargaretANDREW  
4 July 1737Edmundson ofEdmundRUDD  
4 July 1737Johnson ofJohn and JoanBRAYLEY  
8 August 1737Johnson ofJohn and MaryIRELAND  
August 1737Richardson ofJohn and GraceMOONE  
6 September 1737Susanahdaughter ofEdmundWILLMOTTS  
7 October 1737Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryTANER  
1 November 1737Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and AgnessCHAPPLE  
10 November 1737Arthurson ofMr George and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
17 November 1737Johnson ofJohn and AnnTIDBALL  
21 November 1737Elizabethdaughter ofMr Thomas and MaryBUCKINGHAM  
21 November 1737Anndaughter ofThomasCRANG  
21 November 1737Georgeson ofGeorge and AgnessCRON  
28 December 1737James Tap Herdingson ofRichardHERDING  
5 January 1737Robertson ofMr James and ElizaWHITE  
28 February 1737Christopherson ofPhilip and MaryCOWLER  
23 May 1738Johnbase child ofElizabethHATCH  
24 May 1738Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSHORT  
5 June 1738Sarahdaughter ofJonas and ElizabethLEY  
6 June 1738Richardson ofRichard and RuthGLOYNS  
6 June 1738Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryLEY  
19 July 1738Joandaughter ofJames and AnnDITCHET  
23 July 1738Robertson ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
24 July 1738Thomasson ofThomas and MaryBRAMSCOMBE  
6 September 1738Richardson ofRichard and AnnHILL  
11 September 1738Margaretdaughter ofHenryTHORN  
13 September 1738Henryson ofHenryPICKET  
14 September 1738Eliasson ofHugh and ElizabethRADFORD  
11 October 1738Johnson ofJohn and AlisTUCKER  
18 October 1738Johnson ofGeorge and WillmotMILDON  
25 October 1738Philipson ofPhilipMOGRIDGE  
1 November 1738Johnson ofJohn and AnnSEAGE  
1 November 1738Elizabethbase child ofElizabethKEIVEL  
7 November 1738Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
17 November 1738Elizabethdaughter ofWilliamGRIGORY  
6 January 1738Marybase child ofAgnessBRAMSCOMBE  
9 January 1738Robertson ofRobert and MarySEAGE  
11 January 1738Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethNOTT  
26 January 1738Richardson ofAgustin and AnnREEVE  
30 January 1738Marydaughter ofJames and MaryMAY  
5 February 1738Nathanielson ofWilliamIRELAND  
14 February 1738Georgeson ofJohn and SusanahSAUNDERS  
14 February 1738Johnson ofJohn and SarahCRAZE  
21 February 1738Johnson ofJohnPARKIN  
28 February 1738Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryTHORN  
6 March 1738Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryTREWIN  
4 April 1739Johnson ofJohnBUNSON  
10 April 1739Joandaughter ofRichard and MaryNOTT  
23 April 1739Hanahdaughter ofAnthonyPOPE  
24 April 1739Johnson ofAlixanderSKINER  
9 May 1739Elizabethdaughter ofRobertMAIR  
9 May 1739Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
14 June 1739Philipson ofPhilipISAAC  
25 June 1739Henryson ofJohn and MaryPARKMAN  
27 June 1739Francesdaughter ofElizabethBRAYLEY  
15 July 1739Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryANDREW  
29 July 1739Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ChristanCOUCH  
3 August 1739Williamson ofArthurNICHOLS  
4 August 1739Abrahambase child ofMargaretEDGER  
19 August 1739Marybase child ofMaryDUE  
27 August 1739Williamson ofJohnBRAYLEY  
28 August 1739Arthurson ofMr George and ElizabethSAUNDER  
28 August 1739Hanahdaughter ofMr ThomasBUCKINGHAM  
18 September 1739Hannahdaughter ofRichard and AnnHERDING  
2 October 1739Johnson ofJamesCHAMPION  
12 October 1739Williamson ofFerdinandoFEATHERSTONE  
28 October 1739Elizabethdaughter ofEdmund and ElzaTRICKER  
6 November 1739Georgeson ofPhilip and MaryPOPE  
12 November 1739Josephson ofHenryKINGSLAND  
14 November 1739Johnson ofThomas and RuthDOWN  
29 November 1739Margaretdaughter ofMichael and RoseTHORNE  
26 December 1739Thomasson ofLewis and BarburyBIRD  
27 December 1739Ambroasson ofHugh and JoanGOULD  
11 March 1739Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethFOOK  
16 March 1739Thomasson ofHenry and AnnTOUT  
23 March 1739Israelson ofJohn and MargaretPARKER  
7 April 1740Sarahdaughter ofNicholasSEARLS  
8 April 1740Elizabethdaughter ofSamuelBERRY  
9 April 1740Williamson ofNicholas and MaryJOCE  
13 April 1740Williamson ofWilliamBUDD  
16 April 1740Robertson ofRobert and MaryMANATON  
18 April 1740Bartholomewson ofGeorge and WillmotCHAPPLE  
20 April 1740Williamson ofWilliamKINGSLAND  
22 April 1740Williamson ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE  
4 May 1740Elizabethdaughter ofWilliamLIMBEAR  
11 May 1740Gracedaughter ofRobertGOULD  
14 May 1740Elizabethdaughter ofRichardMORRISH  
1 July 1740Williamson ofJohnPERKIN  
15 July 1740Gracedaughter ofJohnREESE  
13 August 1740Susanah Thorndaughter ofWilliamSHORT  
29 September 1740Marydaughter ofSimonWHITFIELD  
5 October 1740Marydaughter ofRichardHARRIS  
7 October 1740Thomasson ofHugh and AnnCHAPPLE  
12 October 1740Georgeson ofCharlsROW  
14 October 1740Williamson ofWilliam and MargaretMINOR  
19 October 1740Jamesson ofJamesDITCHET  
23 October 1740Johnson ofRichardHILL  
25 November 1740Sarahdaughter ofHenryMORRISH  
3 December 1740Margaretdaughter ofJohnWILLIAMS  
26 December 1740Richardson ofRichardCLATWORTHY  
6 January 1740Robertson ofHenryPICKET  
20 January 1740Johnson ofJohnJERMON  
12 February 1740Williamson ofThomas and MaryBRAMSCOMBE  
9 March 1740Johnson ofHumphry and MaryMULES  
9 April 1741Williamson ofHenry and DorothyTHORN  
17 April 1741Richardson ofRichard and AnnSEARLS  
26 April 1741Marydaughter ofJohn and FrancisKINGSLAND  
10 May 1741Jamesson ofJohn and AnnSEAGE  
31 May 1741Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethCAMP  
12 July 1741Samuelson ofRobert and MarySEAGE  
19 July 1741John  COURT  
9 August 1741Davidson ofPhilip and AlisPEAKof Swimbridge 
14 August 1741Alisdaughter ofMr George and ElizabethSAUNDER  
14 October 1741Marthadaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
20 October 1741Marydaughter ofWilliam and AgnessALLAVOR  
16 November 1741Anndaughter ofPhilip and MaryISAAC  
17 November 1741Gracedaughter ofWilliam and JudithSHOPLAND  
30 November 1741Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryANDREW  
27 December 1741Jamesson ofJohn and MargaretPERKIN  
16 February 1741Edwardson ofJohn and JoanBRAILY  
3 March 1741Jamesson ofGeorge and MaryTREWIN  
12 April 1742Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryJEANS  
14 April 1742Williamson ofSamuel and ElizabethBERRY  
1 June 1742Marydaughter ofPhilip and MaryPOPE  
7 June 1742Margaretdaughter ofAnthonyTUCKER  
8 August 1742Janedaughter ofJonas and ElizabethLEY  
30 August 1742Alicedaughter ofWilliam and AliceCHAPPLE  
12 September 1742Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryTANNER  
19 September 1742Anthonybase child ofAbigalNORAWAY  
25 October 1742Catharinedaughter ofPhilip and AgnesPEAKE  
7 December 1742Johannadaughter ofFardinando and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
4 January 1742Johnson ofNicholas and MaryJOCE  
16 January 1742Johnson ofRichard and AnnHERDING  
23 January 1742Georgeson ofJohn and MargaretPERKING  
2 February 1742Arthurson ofArthur and MaryNICHOLS  
12 February 1742Williamson ofLewis and EmlynCHAMPION  
23 February 1742Hughson ofJohn and MaryPARKMAN  
6 March 1742Marydaughter ofJames and GraceCHAMPION  
15 March 1742Marydaughter ofRobert and MaryMANNATON  
20 March 1742Johnson ofRichard and JoanTRIGGS  
6 April 1743Johnson ofNicholas and MeliorSEARLS  
9 April 1743Robertson ofEdmond and ElizabethWILMOTTS  
1 May 1743Johnson ofRichard and MaryCLATWORTHY  
1 May 1743Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethWHITE  
1 May 1743Elizabethdaughter ofJames and ElizabethWHITE  
19 June 1743Anndaughter ofBenjamin and SusannaSKINNER  
3 July 1743Williamson ofSimon and AmyWHITEFIELD  
17 July 1743Marthadaughter ofGeorge and AgnessCRON  
8 August 1743Williamson ofJohn and JoanBEARof Tawton 
29 August 1743Anndaughter ofAnthony and MargaretPICKETof Swimbridge 
27 September 1743Thomasson ofJames and MaryMAY  
4 October 1743Johnson ofSamuel and MaryMANNING  
11 October 1743Jamesson ofThomas and MaryBROWNSCOMBE  
12 October 1743Janedaughter ofPhilip and MaryMOGGRIDGE  
18 October 1743Marydaughter ofHenry and DorothyTHORNE  
8 November 1743Anndaughter ofEdward and SophiaCLARKE  
13 December 1743Johnson ofWilliam and AliceCHAPLE  
25 December 1743Janedaughter ofAnthony and MaryCRISPIN  
26 December 1743Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCAMP  
27 December 1743Elizabethdaughter ofCharles and ElizabethROWE  
16 January 1743Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSHORT  
30 January 1743Johnson ofWilliam and JudithSHOPLAND  
13 February 1743Marydaughter ofElbury and AliceSAGE  
15 February 1743Samuelson ofSamuel and ElizabethBERRY  
15 March 1743Williamson ofRoger and JaneBOWDEN  
27 March 1744Joandaughter ofThomas and RuthDOWN  
10 April 1744Janedaughter ofPhilip and MaryISAAC  
1 May 1744Nathanielson ofWilliam and MaryREED  
7 May 1744Williamson ofWilliam and MargaretMINOR  
17 May 1744Marydaughter ofJohnBAKER  
22 May 1744Fardinandoson ofFardinando and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
22 May 1744Agnessdaughter ofPhilip and MaryPOPE  
29 May 1744Arthurson ofJohn and MaryLEY  
4 June 1744Jamesson ofHumphry and MaryMULES  
4 June 1744Johnson ofJohn and AnnELLISof Swimbridge 
28 June 1744Margaretdaughter ofHenry and AnnTOUTE  
3 July 1744Gracedaughter ofJohnTUCKERof Swimbridge 
10 July 1744Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethDAVIESof Swimbridge 
17 July 1744Thomasson ofThomas and MaryGIFFARD  
5 August 1744Williamson ofRichard and JoanTRIGGS  
14 August 1744Christianadaughter ofEdmond and ElizabethWILMOTS  
20 August 1744Johnson ofHenry and ElizabethWARRENof Swimbridge 
28 August 1744Marydaughter ofJohn and FrancesKINGSLAND  
9 October 1744Bartholomewson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
21 October 1744Jamesson ofJohn and MargaretPARKING  
13 November 1744Lewisson ofLewis and EmlynCHAMPION  
14 November 1744Anthonyson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDER  
4 December 1744Edwardson ofEdward and MarySMALDRIDGE  
17 January 1744Elizabethbase child ofElenKIFT  
23 January 1744Elizabethdaughter ofJames and JaneDADS  
28 January 1744Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AgnessOLIVER  
15 March 1744Robertson ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
19 March 1744Agnessdaughter ofJohn and MaryPARKMAN  
9 April 1745Thomasson ofJohn and JoanBRAYLEY  
29 May 1745Walter Acklandson ofRobert and ElizabethMAIRE  
19 June 1745Marydaughter ofJohn and ArminelHORWOODof Swimbridge 
25 June 1745Anndaughter ofJonathan and ElizabethLAUDY  
14 July 1745Marydaughter ofJames and AnnDITCHET  
14 July 1745Robertbase child ofSarahREEVE  
12 August 1745Marydaughter ofThomas and HonorPHILLIPS  
8 September 1745Sarahbase child ofDinahWESTACOTT  
12 September 1745Jamesson ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
29 September 1745Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnBUDD  
9 October 1745Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCAMP  
10 October 1745Johnson ofSamuel and ElizabethBERRY  
10 October 1745Michaelson ofAnthony and MaryCRISPIN  
29 October 1745Fardinandoson ofAnthony and AnnTUCKER  
29 October 1745Williamson ofWilliam and MeliorCOUCH  
14 January 1745Johnson ofJohn and PatienceSNOWof Warkleigh 
15 January 1745Johnson ofRichard and MaryCLATWORTHYof Warkleigh 
12 February 1745Johnson ofRichard and JoanTRIGGS  
13 February 1745John Parkingbase child ofJanePOPE  
16 March 1745Richardson ofWilliam and EmlenDAVIEof Swimbridge 
24 March 1745Susannadaughter ofJohn and SusannaHARRISof Swimbridge 
24 March 1745Johannadaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSHORT  
11 February 1745Margaretdaughter ofWilliam and AliceCHAPPLE  
5 November 1745Nicholasson ofNicholas and MarySNOW  
31 March 1746Elizabethdaughter ofDavid and HannahHARRIS  
1 April 1746Henryson ofHenry and ElizabethWARRENof Swimbridge 
29 April 1746Williamson ofAnthony and MargaretPICKARD  
27 May 1746Elizabethdaughter ofSimon and AmyWHITEFIELD  
3 June 1746Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MargaretPARKIN  
10 June 1746Williamson ofJohn and AnnWELCHMAN  
10 June 1746Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnWELCHMAN  
23 June 1746Christopherson ofWilliam and JudithSHOPLAND  
7 July 1746Williamson ofJames and MaryMAY  
14 July 1746Richardson ofRichard and RebeccaBUD  
30 July 1746Johnson ofRoger and JaneBOWDEN  
3 August 1746Robertbase child ofSusannaDOWN  
7 August 1746Philipson ofPhilip and ElizabethSCOTT  
19 August 1746Marydaughter ofGeorge and AgnessCRON  
19 August 1746Josephson ofGeorge and AgnessCRON  
26 August 1746Sarahdaughter ofHenry and DorothyTHORNE  
8 September 1746Annbase child ofJoanPARKIN  
10 September 1746Marydaughter ofWilliam and MargaretMINOR  
17 September 1746Sarahdaughter ofArthur and MaryNICHOLS  
6 October 1746Walterson ofJohn and HannaELLIOTT  
20 October 1746Dorothydaughter ofThomas and RuthDOWNE  
10 November 1746Charlesson ofCharles and ElizabethROWE  
18 November 1746Marydaughter ofWilliam and MargeryCOTHAY  
11 December 1746Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and AgnessOLIVER  
6 January 1746Anthonyson ofEdward and MarySMALRIDGE  
7 January 1746Johnbase child ofJaneFEATHERSTONE  
9 February 1746Williamson ofRobert and MaryMANATON  
11 February 1746Joandaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDER  
18 February 1746Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBAKER  
24 February 1746Johnson ofPhilip and MaryISAAC  
18 March 1746Henryson ofRoger and CatherineHANDFORD  
20 April 1747Janedaughter ofEdmond and ElizabethWILMOTTS  
28 April 1747Johnson ofJohn and JoanFOOKE  
29 April 1747Charlesson ofNicholas and MarySNOWat West Buckland 
3 May 1747Henryson ofRichard and JoanTRIGS  
8 May 1747Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
14 May 1747Robertson ofJohn and PatienceSNOW  
26 May 1747Georgeson ofPhilip and MaryPOPE  
7 June 1747Susannadaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethHUTCHINS  
12 June 1747Williamson ofJohn and MaryPARKMAN  
6 July 1747Margarethdaughter ofJohn and MarySMALRIDGE  
12 July 1747Johnson ofRichard and MaryTANNER  
12 July 1747Joandaughter ofHenry and AnnTOUT  
21 July 1747Susannadaughter ofJonathan and ElizabethLAWDY  
20 August 1747Estherdaughter ofJohn and MaryBAKER  
16 September 1747Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnMILDON  
10 November 1747Williamson ofJohn and EllenorHORWOODof Swimbridge 
18 November 1747Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBRAYLEY  
29 November 1747Samuelbase child ofAnnLEY  
1 December 1747Edward Taylorson ofWilliam and SusannaCONGRAM  
8 December 1747Elizabethbase child ofMargaretCONYER  
28 December 1747Jamesson ofAnthony and AnnTUCKER  
11 January 1747Williamson ofWilliam and AliceCHAPPLE  
19 January 1747Marydaughter ofThomas and RachelCOLLEY  
2 February 1747Johnson ofIsaac and DorothyBOWDEN  
2 February 1747Joandaughter ofJohn and JoanBRAYLEY  
8 March 1747Jamesson ofNicholas and MaryJOCE  
29 March 1748Johnson ofJohn and MargarethPARKIN  
11 April 1748Johnson ofJohn and MargarethBAKER  
15 April 1748Elizabethdaughter ofJames and SarahTAPP  
18 April 1748Anthonyson ofAnthony and MaryCRISPIN  
24 April 1748Gracedaughter ofThomas and HonorPHILIPS  
7 May 1748Janedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDEN  
29 May 1748Thomasson ofPhilip and ElizabethSCOTT  
6 June 1748Johnson ofJohn and FrancesKINGSLAND  
12 June 1748Thomasson ofRichard and AnnHERDING  
13 June 1748Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryFORD  
10 July 1748Simonson ofWilliam and MaryCOUCH  
20 July 1748Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and ElizabethWARRENof Swimbridge 
16 August 1748Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and MaryMOGGRIDGE  
31 August 1748Margarethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSHORT  
19 September 1748Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethMOREMAN  
12 October 1748Williamson ofEdmond and ElizabethTRICKER  
13 October 1748Hannahdaughter ofDavid and HannahHARRISof Swimbridge 
30 November 1748Williambase child ofGraceCHAMPION  
30 November 1748Bettydaughter ofWilliam and MargarethMINOR  
28 December 1748Joandaughter ofWilliam and AgnessOLIVER  
28 December 1748Johnson ofJohn and HannahELLIOTT  
7 January 1748Sarahdaughter ofJohn and AnnWELSHMAN  
14 January 1748Marydaughter ofJames and AgnessBROWNSCOMBE  
17 January 1748Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryPARKMAN  
29 January 1748Elizabethbase child ofSarahHILL  
30 January 1748Jonathanson ofAnthony and MargarethPECKARDof Swimbridge 
22 February 1748Henryson ofHenry and DorothyTHORNE  
28 March 1749Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MeliorCOUCH  
3 April 1749Janedaughter ofCharles and ElizabethROWE  
11 April 1749Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCAMPE  
11 April 1749Elizabethdaughter ofRoger and JaneBOWDEN  
4 May 1749Elizabethdaughter ofLewis and EmlynCHAMPION  
16 May 1749Johnson ofJohn and MaryBAKER  
23 May 1749Joandaughter ofEdward and MarySMALRIDGE  
12 June 1749Jamesson ofEdward and AnnGALLIFORD  
13 June 1749Elizabethdaughter ofJames and MaryROWDEN  
24 June 1749Johnson ofWilliam and MaryPARSONS  
9 August 1749Arthurson ofWilliam and GraceNICHOLS  
15 October 1749Edward Downebase child ofElizabethDALLING  
8 November 1749Thomasson ofFardinando and MaryBUTLER  
9 November 1749Williamson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
2 December 1749Edwardson ofEdward and SophiaCLARKE  
10 December 1749Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryBURGESS  
17 December 1749Musgraveson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDER  
17 December 1749Williamson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDER  
31 December 1749Johnson ofJohn and DinahWHITEFIELD  
13 January 1749Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethNOTT  
11 February 1749Richardson ofRichard and MaryTANNER  
16 February 1749Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDEN  
1 March 1749Marydaughter ofHenry and AnnTOUTE  
28 April 1750Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and LunaJERMAINE  
1 May 1750Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AliceCHAPPLE  
15 May 1750Marydaughter ofThomas and JulianHOOKWAY  
19 May 1750Johnson ofJohn and MaryGALLIFORDof Swimbridge 
5 June 1750Michaelson ofHumphrey and ElizabethWESTCOTT  
5 June 1750Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCAMPE  
18 June 1750Eleanordaughter ofJonathan and ElizabethLAUDY  
21 June 1750Joandaughter ofPhilip and JoanGUARD  
1 July 1750Marydaughter ofAnthony and MaryCRISPIN  
10 July 1750Margarethdaughter ofWilliam and MargarethMINORS  
13 July 1750Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethGOULDof Swimbridge 
13 July 1750Williamson ofHugh and ElizabethRADFORD  
16 July 1750Susannadaughter ofThomas and HonourPHILIPS  
16 July 1750Marydaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethHUTCHINS  
29 July 1750Johnbase child ofElizabethLEY  
28 August 1750Richardson ofWilliam and SusanCONGRAM  
1 September 1750Gracedaughter ofWilliam and GraceNICHOLS  
2 October 1750Johnson ofRobert and ThomasinNOTT  
24 October 1750Thomasson ofJames and JaneHOLWILL  
6 November 1750Gracedaughter ofJohn and MariamPIERCE  
18 November 1750Elizabethbase child ofSusanLOOSEMORE  
25 November 1750Emanuelson ofWilliam and MaryCOUCH  
25 November 1750Marybase child ofJoyceLAKE  
5 December 1750Williamson ofHenry and ElizabethWARRENof Swimbridge 
18 December 1750Gracedaughter ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
2 Janaury 1750Agnessdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethMOREMAN  
23 January 1750Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryBURGESS  
24 January 1750Elizabethdaughter ofChristopher and ElizabethVICARY  
30 January 1750Edmondson ofEdmond and ElizabethTRICKER  
2 February 1750Marydaughter ofJohn and HannahELLIOTT  
26 February 1750Williamson ofWilliam and EmlinDAVEY  
3 March 1750Johnson ofJohn and MaryFRAINE  
11 March 1750Christopherson ofWilliam and MaryPARSONS  
12 March 1750Johnson ofJohn and GraceDOWNE  
26 March 1751Johnson ofWilliam and MargeryCOTHAY  
8 April 1751Johnson ofJohn and JaneHOW  
8 April 1751Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBRAYLEY  
8 April 1751Anndaughter ofEdward and AnnGALLIFORD  
9 April 1751Francesdaughter ofDavid and HannahHARRISof Swimbridge 
11 April 1751Georgeson ofJohn and MargaretBATER  
21 April 1751Anndaughter ofRoger and JaneBOWDEN  
22 April 1751Johnson ofJoseph and ElizabethPUGSLEY  
27 April 1751Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryPARKMAN  
29 April 1751Georgeson ofJohn and MargarethPARKIN  
21 May 1751Marydaughter ofJohn and MargarethCROOKEof Swimbridge 
22 May 1751Johnson ofHenry and DorothyTHORNE  
22 May 1751Jamesson ofJohn and JoanBRAYLEY  
2 July 1751Elizabethdaughter ofAnthony and MargarethPECKARD  
7 July 1751Johnbase child ofJaneFEATHERSTONE  
13 August 1751Johnson ofPhilip and MaryPOPE  
25 August 1751Annbase child ofJoanRICE  
26 August 1751Gracedaughter ofJames and AgnessBROWNSCOMBE  
28 August 1751Elizabethdaughter ofJoseph and JoanDOWNE  
1 September 1751Marybase child ofAnnNICHOLLS  
7 September 1751Anndaughter ofThomas and JoanHUNT  
21 September 1751Johnson ofThomas and HagarWARDE  
6 October 1751Robertson ofJohn and FrancesKINGSLAND  
6 October 1751Johnson ofDenys and AnnROLLE, Esq  
9 October 1751Williamson ofRobert and SusannaBROWNE  
26 November 1751Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethCAMPE  
26 November 1751Elizabethdaughter ofMr Philip and ElizabethSCOTT  
2 December 1751Johnson ofWilliam and MaryLOCK  
9 December 1751Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
11 December 1751Johnson ofGeorge and AgenssWILMOTS  
11 December 1751Sarahdaughter ofMr George and ElizabethSAUNDER  
29 December 1761Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnBUDD  
30 December 1751Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MarySMALRIDGE  
1752 New Style      
6 January 1752Williambase child ofMaryNOTT  
6 February 1752Johnson ofEdmond and ElizabethTRICKER  
17 February 1752Thomasson ofPhilip and MaryMOGGRIDGE  
18 February 1752Williamson ofFerdinando and MaryBUTLER  
24 February 1752Williamson ofJohn and MarySNELL  
7 March 1752Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethCAMPE  
15 March 1752Johnson ofWilliam and MeliorCOUCH  
26 April 1752Peterson ofPhilip and JoanWILCOX  
4 May 1752Anthonyson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
12 May 1752Richorddaughter ofJohn and JaneHOW  
19 May 1752Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethHORNE  
14 June 1752Williamson ofThomas and RuthDOWNE  
21 June 1752Williamson ofRichard and MaryTANNER  
22 June 1752Johnson ofJohn and AnnMILDON  
5 July 1752Johnson ofSimon and EmmeWHITEFIELD  
27 July 1752Charlesson ofGilbert and ElizabethNEIL  
2 August 1752Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDEN  
2 August 1752Hannahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDEN  
16 August 1752Jonathanson ofJonathan and ElizabethLAWDY  
26 August 1752Susannadaughter ofJohn and SusannaHANDFORD  
26 September 1752Alicedaughter ofWilliam and AliceCHAPPLE  
2 October 1752Johnson ofJohn and MargarethBATER  
8 October 1752Jamesson ofWilliam and MargarethMINOR  
8 October 1752Williamson ofRoger and CatharineHANDFORD  
15 October 1752Marydaughter ofJames and AnnDAVIE  
22 November 1752Agnessdaughter ofJohn and MargarethCROOKE  
22 November 1752Anndaughter ofJohn and MarySMALDENof Swimbridge 
28 November 1752Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethNICHOLS  
29 November 1752Joandaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCOWLER  
3 December 1752Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryLEY  
4 December 1752Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethMOREMAN  
12 December 1752Abrahamson ofRobert and FrancesMANATON  
6 January 1753Christopherson ofJohn and MargarethPARKIN  
9 January 1753Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MariamPEIRCE  
19 January 1753Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and JulianHOOKWAY  
24 January 1753Georgeson ofMallet and AgnessHALSE  
25 January 1753Anndaughter ofChristopher and ElizabethVICARY  
6 February 1753Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryWESTCOTT  
20 February 1753Robertson ofJames and MaryROWDEN  
28 February 1753Charitydaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethBERRY  
27 February 1753Philipson ofAnthony and MaryCRISPIN  
18 March 1753Marydaughter ofWilliam and SarahLEWIS  
10 April 1753Johnson ofThomas and HonourPHILIPS  
17 April 1753Williamson ofJohn and GraceDOWNE  
18 April 1753Elizabethdaughter ofLewis and ElizabethBRAYLEYof Swimbridge 
24 April 1753Elizabethbase child ofMaryDOWNE  
28 April 1753Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethNOTT  
30 April 1753Jamesson ofEdward and AnnGALLIFORD  
1 May 1753Marydaughter ofWilliam and SarahMORRICEof Swimbridge 
6 May 1753Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and SusannaBROWNE  
10 May 1753Peterson ofPeter and AnnMILDON  
10 May 1753Georgebase child ofSarahREIVE  
3 June 1753Philipson ofPhilip and JoanGUARDE  
10 June 1753Jamesson ofRoger and JaneBOWDEN  
24 June 1753Robertson ofEdward and ElizabethWILMOTTS  
25 June 1753Marydaughter ofEdward and MarySMALRIDGE  
5 August 1753Anndaughter ofHenry and DorothyTHORNE  
14 August 1753Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and JaneHOW  
26 August 1753Marydaughter ofJames and AgnessBROWNSCOMBE  
11 September 1753Arthurson ofJohn and MargarethGRATTON  
16 September 1753Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBAKER  
10 October 1753Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryBRAYLEY  
6 November 1753Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethTURNER  
23 December 1753Anndaughter ofGeorge and FrancesTHORNE  
4 January 1754Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWIDGERY  
13 January 1754Philipson ofRichard and SarahDENNIS  
17 January 1754Isabella Harriot Charlottadaughter ofDenys and AnnROLLE, Esq  
27 January 1754Margarethdaughter ofWilliam and AgnessSQUIRE  
30 January 1754Joandaughter ofHenry and ElizabethWARRENof Swimbridge 
20 February 1754Williamson ofWilliam and MargareyCOTHAY  
26 February 1754Solomedaughter ofRichard and JoanWEBBER  
27 February 1754Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryBURGESS  
5 March 1755Williamson ofJohn and JoanMULESof Swimbridge 
15 March 1754Johannadaughter ofGeorge and AgnessWILMOTTS  
23 April 1754Gilbertson ofGilbert and ElizabethNEIL  
6 May 1754Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryMILTON  
8 May 1754Hannahdaughter ofJohn and HannahELLIOTT  
13 May 1754Johnson ofJohn and MaryLEWORTHY  
14 May 1754Johnson ofJohn and SusannaHANDFORD  
22 May 1754Williamson ofHumphrey and MaryBUTLER  
27 May 1754Thomasson ofNicholas and MaryJOCE  
4 June 1754Jenneydaughter ofHugh and ElizabethRADFORD  
16 June 1754Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnMILDON  
1 July 1754Henryson ofPeter and AnnMILDON  
14 July 1754Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
20 August 1754Georgeson ofEdmond and JoanHUXTABLE  
24 September 1754Jamesson ofJohn and MargaretBATER  
30 September 1754Williamson ofJohn and MarySMALDENof Swimbridge 
15 November 1754Bettydaughter ofWilliam and MargarethMINORS  
19 November 1754Elizabeth Galliforddaughter ofFardinando and MaryBUTLER  
27 November 1754Thomasson ofJames and AnnDAVY  
26 December 1754Anthonyson ofJohn and JoanBRELAY  
1 January 1755Eliasson ofElias and MaryEASTWAY  
16 January 1755Marydaughter ofEdmond and ElizabethTRICKER  
5 February 1755Charlesson ofNicholas and MarySNOW  
11 February 1755Marydaughter ofThomas and ThomasinCOUCHof Swimbridge 
21 February 1755Henryson ofWilliam and MargeryCOTHAY  
4 March 1755Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCAMP  
11 March 1755Elizabethdaughter ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
16 March 1755Williamson ofPhilip and JoanWILCOCKS  
30 March 1755Rogerbase child ofJoanPARKIN  
31 March 1755Johnson ofJohn and MarySNELL  
7 April 1755Johnson ofThomas and JoanSKINER  
9 April 1755Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethMOREMAN  
20 May 1755Christopherson ofChristopher and ElizabethVICARY  
27 May 1755Jamesson ofRobert and SusannaBROWNE  
15 June 1755Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethNICHOLS  
2 July 1755Hughson ofRichard and MaryTANNER  
15 July 1755Margarethdaughter ofEdward and MarySMALRIDGE  
29 July 1755Jenneydaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethBERRY  
11 August 1755Williamson ofRichard and SusannaSEARLE  
12 August 1755Williamson ofLewis and ElizabethBRELAYof Swimbridge 
13 August 1755Johnson ofJohn and MaryROWCLIFFE  
19 August 1755Janedaughter ofRoger and JaneBOWDEN  
25 August 1755Johnson ofRobert and FrancesMANATON  
1 September 1755Johannadaughter ofJohn and JoanSKINNER  
7 September 1755Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethPASMORE  
10 September 1755Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and SarahLEWIS  
24 September 1755Thomasson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDER  
25 September 1755Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINS  
6 October 1755Thomasson ofEdward and AnnGALLIFORD  
21 October 1755Marydaughter ofBenjamin and AgnessBEAR  
25 October 1755Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethCAMPE  
4 November 1755Marydaughter ofJohn and MariamPIERCE  
5 November 1755Jamesson ofJohn and PatienceSNOWof Warkleigh 
6 December 1755Annbase child ofElizabethPOPE  
12 December 1755Sarahdaughter ofSimon and EmmWHITEFIELD  
14 December 1755Richardson ofPeter and AnnMILDON  
16 December 1755Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethBERRYof Swimbridge 
16 December 1755Johnson ofJohn and MargarethGRATTON  
16 December 1755Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBARNSof Swimbridge 
27 December 1755Marydaughter ofElias and MaryEASTWAY  
14 January 1756Marydaughter ofPhilip and MaryMOGRIDGE  
16 February 1756Joandaughter ofJohn and MargarethBATER  
18 February 1756Thomasson ofRobert and ElizabethSTAFFORD  
20 February 1756Philipbase child ofRosePARKIN  
21 February 1756Janedaughter ofJohn and JaneHOW  
22 February 1756Jamesson ofJohn and SarahGRATER  
2 March 1756Johnson ofEdward and MaryDYERof Swimbridge 
13 March 1756Georgeson ofGeorge and FrancesTHORNE  
28 March 1756Joandaughter ofJohn and JoanMULESof Swimbridge 
31 March 1756Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethTURNER  
17 April 1756Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MargeryCOTHAY  
20 April 1756Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethBAKER  
25 April 1756Henryson ofHenry and AnnTOUTE  
14 May 1756Margarethdaughter ofJames and SarahRENDLE  
7 June 1756Johnson ofJohn and SusannaGRINNEY  
7 June 1756Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBRELAY  
14 June 1756Margarethdaughter ofMichael and RoseTAPP  
8 July 1756Thomasson ofWilliam and ElizabethAVERY  
16 July 1756Jamesson ofRichard and JoanWEBBER  
18 July 1756Peterson ofGraceGODBEAR  
30 July 1756Arthurson ofJohn and SusannaHANDFORD  
8 August 1756Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethNOTT  
22 August 1756Johnson ofJohn and AnnGERMAN  
25 August 1756Agnessdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethGOULDof Swimbridge 
29 September 1756Mariadaughter ofJonathan and MaryLAWDY  
30 September 1756Jamesson ofJames and AgnessBROWNSCOMBE  
29 October 1756Edwardson ofZacheus and MaryGUARD  
1 November 1756Georgeson ofGiles and MarySKINNER  
7 December 1756Marydaughter ofRichard and GraceROOKE  
27 December 1756Robertson ofMaryTUCKER  
7 January 1757Johnson ofJohn and AgnessBEAR  
19 January 1757Marydaughter ofWilliam and HonorGOULD  
23 January 1757Johnson ofHumphrey and ElizabethWESTCOTT  
30 January 1757Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and FrancesKINGSLAND  
1 February 1757Johnson ofThomas and GraceHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
7 February 1757Johnson ofJohn and MargarethDAVEY  
9 February 1757Margarethdaughter ofThomas and JoanSKINER  
16 February 1757Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethPASMORE  
20 February 1757Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and MaryFORDE  
1 March 1757Johnson ofEdmond and JoanHUXTABLE  
8 March 1757Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBRELAY  
15 March 1757Racheldaughter ofJohn and MaryBURGESS  
20 March 1757Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and JoanGUARDE  
19 April 1757Hannahdaughter ofJohn and JaneHOW  
15 May 1757Richardson ofHumphrey and MaryBUTLER  
30 May 1757Anndaughter ofPeter and AnnMILDON  
30 May 1757Jamesson ofJames and AnnDAVY  
26 June 1757Christopherson ofRobert and SusannaBROWNE  
6 July 1757Jamesson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDER  
14 August 1757Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethMOREMAN  
21 August 1757Henryson ofJohn and PatienceSNOW  
11 September 1757Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnPARSONS  
11 September 1757Elizabethbase child ofMarySHORT  
13 September 1757Williamson ofLawrance and ElizabethGULLEY  
23 October 1757Alexanderson ofGilbert and ElizabethKNILL  
16 November 1757Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethWIDGERY  
21 November 1757Robertson ofWilliam and ElizabethAVERY  
2 January 1758Johnson ofJonathan and MaryLAWDY  
7 January 1758Robertson ofNicholas and MarySNOW  
18 January 1758Dorothydaughter ofMichael and RoseTAPP  
23 January 1758Marydaughter ofHenry and Elizabeth?WARINGat Swimbridge 
5 February 1758Williamson ofWilliam and MargeryCOTHAY  
8 March 1758Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethPASMORE  
15 March 1758Johnson ofBartholomew and JoanMILDON  
24 March 1758Richardson ofWilliam and SarahMORRICEof Swimbridge 
4 April 1758Johnson ofPhilip and JoanBURGESS  
10 May 1758Robertson ofJohn and ElizabethBERRY  
29 May 1758Rogerson ofRoger and JaneBOWDEN  
4 June 1758Robert Edgerson ofRobert and EleanorTYTE  
18 June 1758Eleanordaughter ofJohn and MarySMALRIDGE  
7 July 1758Johnson ofJohn and AnnBURGES  
1 August 1758Gracedaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethBERRY  
12 August 1758Jamesson ofJoanBRAYLEY  
13 August 1758Marydaughter ofEdward and AnnGALLIFORD  
23 August 1758Edmundson ofJohn and MaryMILTON  
23 August 1758Johnson ofJohn and MaryMILTON  
12 September 1758Jamesson ofJohn and SusannaGRINNEY  
8 October 1758Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCAMPE  
11 October 1758Johnson ofJohn and MaryLEWORTHY  
11 October 1758Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and MaryCHAPPLE  
26 October 1758Marydaughter ofThomas and JoanSKINNER  
30 October 1758Samuelson ofDenysROLLE, Esq  
30 October 1758Denys Bruceson ofDenysROLLE, Esq  
1 November 1758Bettydaughter ofJohn and JoanMULESof Swimbridge 
8 November 1758Johnson ofRobert and ElizabethSTAFFORD  
19 November 1758Williambase child ofMaryWHITEFIELD  
13 December 1758Marydaughter ofJohn and MarySMALDONof Swimbridge 
13 December 1758Marydaughter ofPeter and MaryGOVIER  
19 December 1758Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINS  
27 December 1758Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethNICHOLS  
27 December 1758Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
14 January 1759Mariamdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBAKER  
16 January 1759Margarethdaughter ofWilliam and SarahLEWIS  
23 January 1759Racheldaughter ofJohn and RachelSHUTT  
23 January 1759Marydaughter ofZacheus and M.GUARD  
23 January 1759Josephson ofZacheus and M.GUARD  
4 February 1759Williamson ofWilliam and MeliorCOUCH  
7 February 1759Margaretdaughter ofElias and MaryEASTWAY  
16 February 1759Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and MaryBEAR  
19 February 1759Johnson ofJohn and JoanSKINNER  
21 February 1759Williamson ofAnthony and ElizabethBEERof Swimbridge 
21 February 1759Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryHILL  
26 February 1759Alicedaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethAVERY  
26 February 1759Gracedaughter ofSimon and EmmaWHITEFIELD  
14 March 1759Johnson ofJames and SarahRANDLE  
29 March 1759Margarethdaughter ofSimon and ElizabethAMOS  
29 March 1759Margarethdaughter ofNicholas and MaryGOULD  
4 April 1759Sarahdaughter ofJohn and AnnTUCKER  
13 April 1759Mariamdaughter ofJohn and MariamPIERCE  
25 April 1759Agnessdaughter ofEdward and MaryDYERof Swimbridge 
9 May 1759Johnson ofJohn and MaryTOMBS  
14 May 1759Gracedaughter ofThomas and GraceHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
29 May 1759Johnbase child ofElizabethVICARY  
10 June 1759Bartholomewson ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
18 June 1759Williamson ofJohn and AnnGERMAN  
4 July 1759Johnson ofGeorge and FrancesTHORNE  
23 July 1759Thomasson ofWilliam and HonorGOULD  
19 August 1759Henryson ofWilliam and MargeryCOTHAY  
2 October 1759Thomasson ofThomas and HonorPHILIPS  
11 October 1759Eliasson ofElizabethNOTT  
29 November 1759Elizabethdaughter ofJames and MaryDAVY  
11 December 1759Rosedaughter ofRobert and MargarethGOULD  
2 December 1759Annbase child ofElizabethROWCLIFFE  
16 December 1759Elizabethdaughter ofHumphrey and ElizabethWESTCOTT  
25 December 1759Bettydaughter ofJohn and SarahGRATER  
27 December 1759Richardson ofRichard and JoanWEBBER  
27 December 1759Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWIDGERY  
6 January 1760John Chappleson ofRobert and EleanorTYTE  
7 January 1760Richardson ofRichard and JoanWEBBER  
9 January 1760Marydaughter ofRoger and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
20 January 1760Marydaughter ofRichard and ElizabethCLATWORTHY  
22 January 1760Johnson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
27 January 1760Marydaughter ofPhilip and SarahHARRIS  
6 February 1760Gracedaughter ofJohn and AgnessBEAR  
20 February 1760Elizabethdaughter ofHumphrey and MaryBUTLER  
23 February 1760Jamesson ofJohn and MargarethBATER  
23 February 1760Matthewson ofGilbert and ElizabethKNILL  
27 February 1760Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethTURNER  
20 March 1760Charlesson ofJonathan and MaryLOWDEY  
1 April 1760Marydaughter ofEdmond and JoanHUXTABLE  
8 April 1760Racheldaughter ofPeter and MaryGOVIER  
22 April 1760Georgeson ofGiles and MarySKINNER  
23 April 1760Thomas Buckinghamson ofJohn and MaryPARRAMORE  
7 May 1760Henryson ofJohn and SusannaHANDFORD  
14 May 1760Johnson ofFardinando and MaryBUTLER  
20 May 1760Bartholomewson ofBartholomew and JoanMILDON  
26 May 1760Joandaughter ofPhilip and JoanBURGESS  
30 May 1760Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
12 June 1760Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethAVERY  
14 June 1760Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethMOORMAN  
14 June 1760Agnessdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethMOORMAN  
21 June 1760Bartholomewson ofJohn and MaryTOMBS  
7 July 1760Marydaughter ofWilliam and AliceCHAPPLE  
7 July 1760Marydaughter ofPeter and AnnMILDON  
15 July 1760Joandaughter ofJohn and MaryBURGESS  
13 August 1760Marydaughter ofRichard and AnnBERRY  
21 August 1760Marydaughter ofHugh and MaryCHAPPLEof Swimbridge 
31 August 1760Johnson ofLawrence and AnnCLARKE  
8 September 1760Eleanordaughter ofJohn and MargarethBRELAY  
26 September 1760Philipson ofPhilip and HannahGILBERT  
21 October 1760Marydaughter ofNicholas and MaryGOULD  
2 November 1760Johnson ofJohn and HannahELLIOTT  
4 November 1760Bettydaughter ofJohn and JoyceGOULDof Warkleigh 
7 November 1760Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnBURGESS  
18 November 1760Anndaughter ofJames and AnnDAVIE  
1 January 1761Susannadaughter ofZacheus and MaryGUARD  
1 January 1761Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDAY  
18 January 1761Joandaughter ofJohn and JaneLIMEBEAR  
19 January 1761Mary Anndaughter ofJoseph and SarahCOOMBE  
3 February 1761Henryson ofJames and AgnessBROWNSCOMBE  
7 February 1761Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnTUCKER  
19 February 1761Hughson ofElias and MaryEASTWAY  
24 February 1761Anndaughter ofThomas and ThomasinCOUCHof Swimbridge 
26 February 1761Jamesbase child ofJemimaMILTON  
23 March 1761Johnson ofThomas and MaryHILL  
25 March 1761Johnson ofEdward and AnsticeSAUNDERS  
29 March 1761Johnson ofEdward and AnnGALLIFORD  
8 April 1761Johnson ofJohn and RachelSHUTT  
24 April 1761Gracedaughter ofAbraham and JoanWALDRON  
10 May 1761Richardson ofRichard and GraceROOKE  
14 May 1761Thomasbase child ofMaryROWCLIFFE  
26 May 1761Marydaughter ofRobert and AnnSCOTT  
27 May 1761Alicedaughter ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
18 June 1761Thomasson ofJohn and MarySMALDONof Swimbridge 
19 July 1761Marydaughter ofRobert and JoanTAPSCOTT  
12 August 1761Johnson ofNicholas and MarySNOW  
23 August 1761Simonson ofSimon and ElizabethAMOS  
25 August 1761Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKE  
31 August 1761Williamson ofThomas and GraceHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
9 September 1761Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBERRYof Swimbridge 
4 October 1761Margarethdaughter ofJohn and MargarethBATER  
15 October 1761Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINS  
29 October 1761Margarethdaughter ofJohn and MaryTOMBS  
30 October 1761Peterson ofRoger and JaneBOWDEN  
4 November 1761Marydaughter ofJohn and EglinDALLYNof Swimbridge 
8 November 1761Johnson ofWilliam and SarahLEWIS  
18 November 1761Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryREEVE  
2 December 1761Nannydaughter ofPeter and MaryGOVIER  
10 December 1761Johnson ofJohn and MargeryMASON  
21 December 1761Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLEY  
28 December 1761Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethCOWLER  
29 December 1761Margarethdaughter ofThomas and MargaretBEAR  
11 January 1762Johnson ofWilliam and HonorGOULD  
18 January 1762Anndaughter ofRichard and JoanWEBBER  
18 January 1762Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDAVY  
24 January 1762Johnson ofThomas and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
24 January 1762Marydaughter ofJohn and MargarethSTEVENS  
10 March 1762Williamson ofJames and MaryDAVEY  
17 March 1762Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryLEY  
21 March 1762Williamson ofBartholomew and JoanMILDON  
21 March 1762Racheldaughter ofRoger and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
27 March 1762Georgeson ofBartholomew and AliceCHAPPLE  
31 March 1762Jamesson ofJames and SarahRENDELL  
31 March 1762Susannadaughter ofWilliam and SusannaRICE  
4 April 1762Humphryson ofHumphry and MaryBUTLER  
13 April 1762Sarahdaughter ofRobert and ElenorTYTE  
27 April 1762Thomasson ofJohn and JoanSKINNER  
23 May 1762Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MargeryCOLLY  
26 May 1762Marydaughter ofCharles and AnnSEAGE  
2 June 1762Elizabethdaughter ofGilbert and ElizabethKNILL  
1 June 1762Philipson ofJohn and AnneGARMAN  
15 June 1762Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethSCAMP  
20 June 1762Richardson ofHenry and JanePICKARDof Warkleigh 
27 June 1762Georgeson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
12 July 1762Christiandaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWIDGERY  
12 July 1762Gracedaughter ofRichard and FrancesTAPPof Warkleigh 
19 September 1762Georgeson ofGeorge and ElizabethBEER  
2 October 1762Joandaughter ofPeter and AnnMILDON  
6 October 1762Johnson ofJohn and AnnSKINNER  
19 September 1762Elizabethdaughter ofJames and AnnDAVY  
20 October 1762Florencedaughter ofDenys and AnnROLLE, Esq  
24 October 1762Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethBRELAY  
1 November 1762Thomasson ofThomas and MaryAVERY  
21 November 1762Johnson ofWilliam and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
22 November 1762Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethSHUTE  
30 November 1762Johnson ofJohn and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
4 December 1762Abrahamson ofAbraham and JoanWALDRON  
19 December 1762Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARK  
24 December 1762Elizabethdaughter ofNicholas and MaryGOULD  
27 December 1762Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethDAYof Swimbridge 
6 January 1763Johnson ofGeorge and JoanAVERY  
10 January 1763Philipson ofPhilip and [blank]SHADDICK  
26 January 1763Eliasson ofElias and MaryEASTAWAY  
2 February 1763Johnson ofJohn and MargaretBRELAY  
13 February 1763Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnTUCKER  
14 February 1763Philipson ofPhilip and JoanBURGESS  
16 February 1763Hughson ofThomas and AnnHOPKINS  
28 February 1763Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
1 April 1763Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBRELAY  
5 May 1763Sarahdaughter ofHugh and MaryCHAPPLEof Swimbridge 
10 May 1763Joan Lockedaughter ofArthur and MarySAUNDERS  
23 May 1763Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MarySMALDENof Swimbridge 
30 June 1763Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHELE  
4 July 1763Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryMILTON  
24 July 1763Philipson ofPhilip and SarahHARRIS  
8 August 1763Annedaughter ofGeorge and AnneBATER  
8 August 1763Georgeson ofGeorge and AnneBATER  
9 August 1763John Lokerson ofJames and AnneSEAGE  
28 September 1763Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethNICHOLLS  
9 October 1763Marydaughter ofHenry and MaryPARKMAN  
9 October 1763Dorothydaughter ofJohn and DorothyJOCE  
10 October 1763Nedson ofPaul and AnnSAUNDERS  
21 December 1763Williamson ofGeorge and FrancesTHORNE  
9 January 1764Thomasindaughter ofWilliam and MaryLEY  
2 February 1764Robertson ofRobert and MargaretGOULD  
13 February 1764Francisson ofEdward and AnstisSAUNDERS  
11 March 1764Ruthbase child ofDorothyDOWN  
9 April 1764Thomasson ofThomas and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
23 April 1764Jamesson ofJames and ElizabethBRELAY  
24 April 1764Jamesson ofJohn and MaryTOMBS  
24 April 1764Gracedaughter ofThomas and MaryAVERY  
25 April 1764Gracedaughter ofRichard and GraceROOK  
29 April 1764Agnesdaughter ofJohn and MaryDOWN  
6 May 1764Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethLEY  
7 May 1764Mollydaughter ofSimon and ElizabethAMOS  
21 May 1764Williamson ofRichard and CharitySHOPLAND  
4 June 1764Marydaughter ofGeorge and JaneMILDON  
9 July 1764Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
29 June 1764Marydaughter ofThomas and MargaretBEER  
1 July 1764Annedaughter ofJohn and AnnMORRIS  
21 September 1764Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and JoanTAPSCOTT  
21 September 1764Robertson ofRobert and JoanTAPSCOTT  
24 September 1764Samuelson ofRobert and ElenorTYTE  
24 September 1764Gracedaughter ofJohn and AnneBARTLETT  
1 October 1764Marydaughter ofJohn and AgnesSNELL  
18 October 1764Richardson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
18 October 1764Williamson ofWilliam and SusannaRICE  
25 October 1764Gracedaughter ofJames and AgnesBROWNSCOMBE  
5 November 1764Georgeson ofArthur and MarySAUNDERS  
11 November 1764Johnbase child ofJoanKINGSLAND  
1 January 1765Robertson ofBartholomew and JoanMILDON  
6 January 1765Johnson ofAnthony and MaryCOLMER  
8 February 1765Jennydaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
18 February 1765Williamson ofJohn and MargeryMACEY  
4 March 1765Bartholomewson ofWilliam and SarahSOMERVILLE  
9 March 1765Joannadaughter ofJohn and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
9 March 1765Arthurson ofJohn and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
17 March 1765Johnson ofGeorge and ElizabethBEER  
18 March 1765Williamson ofWilliam and HonorGOULD  
9 April 1765Gracedaughter ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
15 April 1765Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBRELAY  
25 April 1765Johnson ofWilliam and PenelopeBUDD  
25 April 1765Johnson ofWilliam and JaneALLENof Swimbridge 
1 May 1765Levibase child ofElizabethWHITEFIELD  
27 May 1765Elizabethdaughter ofJames and SarahRENDALL  
27 May 1765Catherinedaughter ofThomas and GraceHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
28 May 1765Philippadaughter ofJames and SarahVERNEY  
2 June 1765Williamson ofWilliam and JaneMOULE  
7 July 1765Robertson ofJohn and ElizabethHELE  
7 July 1765Williamson ofJames and AnnSEAGE  
4 August 1765Benjaminson ofAnthony and ElizabethBEEREof Swimbridge 
24 August 1765Anndaughter ofJames and ElizabethHAYDON  
1 September 1765Williamson ofRoger and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
1 September 1765Anndaughter ofPaul and AnnSAUNDERS  
2 September 1765Marydaughter ofRobert and ElizabethMILDON  
20 October 1765Anndaughter ofSimon and EmlynWHITFIELD  
27 October 1765Johnson ofJohn and MaryMOULE  
1 November 1765Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnMORRIS  
3 November 1765Marybase child ofAnnTUCKER  
5 November 1765Samuelson ofAbraham and JoanWALROND  
7 November 1765Janedaughter ofJohn and JaneLIMEBEARE  
10 November 1765Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethDAYof Swimbridge 
18 November 1765Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSHUTT  
6 January 1766Sarahdaughter ofJohn and JoyceGOULD  
9 February 1766Marydaughter ofHumphry and ElizabethWESTCOTT  
11 February 1766Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
190 February 1766Josephson ofRichard and MarthaMOUNTJOY  
14 April 1766Agnesdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
14 April 1766Johnson ofThomas and JaneCHAPPLE  
1 April 1766Marydaughter ofJohn and JaneCARTERof Rose Ash 
16 April 1766Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and FrancesTHORNE  
8 May 1766Annedaughter ofRichard and MarthaSMITH  
11 May 1766Robertson ofRobert and ElizabethTAPSCOTT  
19 May 1766Johnson ofJohn and MaryCOTHAYof Atherington 
22 June 1766Annedaughter ofPeter and MaryGOVIER  
13 July 1766Bartholomewson ofPhilip and SarahHARRIS  
14 July 1766Agnesdaughter ofHugh and MaryCHAPPLEof Swimbridge 
24 July 1766Hannah Ridgewaydaughter ofJames and SarahBIGWAY  
4 August 1766Thomasson ofJohn and BettyLEY  
4 August 1766Gracedaughter ofElias and MaryEASTWAY  
10 August 1766Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethTURNER  
7 September 1766Hughson ofThomas and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
20 October 1766Williamson ofJohn and MaryTOMBS  
27 October 1766Richardson ofRobert and MargaretGOULD  
17 November 1766Sarahdaughter ofJames and SarahVERNEY  
1 December 1766Susannadaughter ofAnthony and SusannaSMALRIDGE  
7 December 1766Joandaughter ofJohn and MiriamPEARSE  
19 Janaury 1767Annedaughter ofWilliam and AnneJARMAN  
19 January 1767Johnson ofJohn and MargaretSTEPHENS  
1 February 1767Johnson ofJames and AnneADAMS  
8 February 1767Johnson ofJohn and MaryDOWNE  
8 February 1767Ruthdaughter ofThomas and MargaretBEER  
1 March 1767Susannadaughter ofWilliam and MaryLEY  
17 April 1767Catherinedaughter ofPhilip and ElizabethMARLOW  
3 May 1767Marybase child ofMargaretVICARY  
3 May 1767Margaretdaughter ofPhilip and JoanBURGESS  
8 May 1767Thomasson ofGeorge and JoanARTHUR  
10 May 1767Marydaughter ofJohn and AnneMORRIS  
11 May 1767Catharinedaughter ofJohn and AnneBARTLETT  
12 May 1767Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryLOCK  
24 May 1767Williamson ofJames and SarahCAMP  
13 July 1767Susannadaughter ofZaccheus and MaryGUARD  
1 August 1767Marydaughter ofRogerFEATHERSTONE  
2 August 1767Jamesbase child ofJaneLEY  
23 August 1767Johnson ofWilliam and SusannaRICE  
20 September 1767Bettydaughter ofJames and MaryKENT  
29 September 1767Thomasson ofThomas and GraceHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
9 October 1767Annedaughter ofHenry and MaryPARKMAN  
26 October 1767Johnson ofRichard and MarthaSMITH  
11 November 1767Williamson ofWilliam and PenelopeBUDD  
19 December 1767Elizabethdaughter ofEdmund and RachellHUXTABLE  
1 January 1768Williamson ofWilliam and JoanTRICKS  
6 January 1768Christiandaughter ofJames and AnneWARREN  
10 January 1768Jamesson ofGeorge and ElizabethBOWDEN  
24 January 1768Jamesson ofJames and AnneSEAGE  
30 January 1768Pollydaughter ofWilliam and MaryCOLE  
16 February 1768Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and SarahBALMANT  
3 March 1768Lawrenceson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
3 March 1768Robertson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
6 March 1768Rebeccadaughter ofBartholomew and JoanMILSON  
10 March 1768Marydaughter ofSebastian and AnnGREENY  
13 March 1768Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryTOMMS  
27 March 1768Williamson ofJohn and JaneLIMEBEARE  
3 April 1768Williamson ofJames and SarahRENDALL  
8 April 1768Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethSHUTT  
17 April 1768Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethNICHOLLS  
24 April 1768Johnson ofRobert and MaryBIRDof Swimbridge 
12 May 1768Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
23 May 1768Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBOUCHER  
5 May 1768Susannadaughter ofJohn and SusannaSEAGE  
30 May 1768Sarahdaughter ofAbraham and JoanWALROND  
12 June 1768Arthurson ofJohn and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
12 June 1768Marydaughter ofJames and SarahCAMP  
12 June 1768Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSCOTT  
16 June 1768Emanuelson ofPhilip and SarahHARRIS  
29 June 1768Williamson ofJames and SarahVERNEY  
24 July 1768Hannah Jonesdaughter ofAnnTEPPERof South Molton 
25 July 1768Georgeson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
14 August 1768Williamson ofWilliam and SarahSOMERVILLE  
14 August 1768Jamesson ofGeorge and AnnBATER  
24 August 1768Margaretdaughter ofJohn and MargaretBRELAY  
28 August 1768Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and ElizabethMILDON  
28 August 1768Elizabethdaughter ofSimon and ElizabethAMOS  
11 September 1768Johnson ofSamuel and MaryLEY  
23 October1768Gracedaughter ofHenry and JaneMOORE  
14 November 1768Richardson ofJohn and BettyLEY  
14 November 1768Jennydaughter ofRobert and ElizabethTAPSCOTT  
20 November 1768Anndaughter ofJames and AnnADAMS  
26 December 1768Bettydaughter ofRobert and MaryALFORD  
21 January 1769Johnson ofJohn and AnnTUCKER  
6 February 1769Johnson ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
6 February 1769Johnson ofRichard and AliceSEARLES  
13 February 1769Marydaughter ofJames and MargaretPEARSEof Swimbridge 
27 February 1769Penelopedaughter ofElias and MaryEASTWAY  
6 March 1769Anndaughter ofAnthony and SusannaSMALRIDGE  
13 March 1769Williamson ofThomas and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
15 March 1769Marydaughter ofRichard and MarthaSMITH  
28 March 1769Charitydaughter ofRichard and CharitySHOPLAND  
16 April 1769Williamson ofPhilip and JoanBURGESS  
18 April 1769Thomasson ofThomas and MaryLOCK  
30 April 1769Peterson ofPeter and MaryGOVIER  
15 May 1769Janedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDAYof Swimbridge 
6 June 1769Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethNICKOLLS  
27 June 1769Williamson ofJohn and MaryKING  
9 July 1769Marybase child ofElizabethWHITEFIELD  
18 July 1769Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEWINGSof Swimbridge 
25 July 1769Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and JaneCHAPPLE  
1 August 1769Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and MaryBAKER  
8 August 1769Williamson ofJohn and JoanRICEof Swimbridge 
2 September 1769Phillipson ofZacheus and MaryGUARD  
23 October 1769Williamson ofThomas and MargaretBEER  
21 November 1769Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
28 November 1769Annedaughter ofWilliamLOWDAYof Chittlehamholt 
5 December 1769Williamson ofThomas and MaryAVERY  
17 December 1769Hughson ofWilliam and SusanahRICE  
26 December 1769Williamson ofGeorge and JoanARTHURS  
10 January 1770Williamson ofJames and ElizabethBRAYLEY  
30 January 1770Edwardson ofEdward and AnistissSAUNDERS  
30 January 1770Susannabase child ofJoannaSHORT  
5 February 1770Georgeson ofEdward and MaryMAIRE  
9 April 1770Robertson ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
23 April 1770Marydaughter ofJames and SarahVERNEY  
23 April 1770Charitydaughter ofJames and SarahSCAMP  
30 April 1770Williamson ofWilliam and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
28 May 1770Sarahdaughter ofJohn and SarahBALMAN  
3 June 1770Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneALLEN  
6 June 1770Charlesson ofJames and AnnSEAGE  
13 June 1770Bettydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSCOTT  
20 June 1770Richardson ofRichard and MarthaMOUNTJOY  
21 June 1770Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
22 June 1770Jamesson ofJames and AnnADAMS  
26 June 1770Wilmotdaughter ofEdmund and RachaelHUXTABLE  
26 June 1770Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethBOUCHER  
26 June 1770Anndaughter ofSabastin and AnnGRENY  
23 August 1770Alexanderson ofJohn and AnnSKINNER  
25 August 1770Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
27 August 1770Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and AliceSEARL  
27 August 1770Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLLOWAY  
3 September 1770Benjaminson ofBenjamin and ElizabethDRAPER  
25 September 1770Anndaughter ofAlexander and AnnSKINNER  
1 October 1770Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and MarthaSMITH  
1 October 1770Marybase child ofMarySNOW  
23 October 1770Thomasson ofJohn and MaryWITHICOMBE  
4 December 1770Edwardson ofGeorge and AnnBAKER  
17 December 1770Johnson ofGeorge and SarahCASWAY  
25 December 1770Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnBARTLETT  
28 December 1770Arthurson ofWilliam and ElizabethNICHOLLS  
30 December 1770Williamson ofJohn and MargaretCLARK  
1 January 1771Williamson ofWilliam and MargaretSUMMERS  
6 February 1771Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
17 February 1771Marydaughter ofHenry and MaryPARKMAN  
20 February 1771Agnessdaughter ofThomas and JoanHARRIS  
5 March 1771John Maybase child ofMaryMAY  
27 March 1771Johnson ofWilliam and JaneJIBBET  
30 March 1771Marydaughter ofSimon and ElizabethLEIGH  
1 April 1771Thomasson ofThomas and ElizabethBRALEY  
2 April 1771Anthonyson ofAnthony and SusannaSMALLRIDGE  
3 April 1771Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethJOCE  
21 May 1771Charles Minorson ofCharles and MargaretSTOCK  
27 May 1771Gracedaughter ofPaul and AnnSAUNDERS  
9 June 1771Johnson ofJames and ElizabethLUXTON  
11 June 1771Georgeson ofJames and MargaretPEARCEof Swimbridge 
11 June 1771Williamson ofEdward and ElizabethCONGRAM  
9 July 1771Jennydaughter ofJohn and SusannaBLACKMORE  
30 July 1771Ambroseson ofElias and MaryEASTWAY  
7 August 1771Henryson ofHenry and ElizabethMOLEof Swimbridge 
18 August 1771Susannadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
25 August 1771Williamson ofJohn and AnnMORRIS  
18 September 1771Williamson ofBenjamin and BettyDRAPER  
8 October 1771Richardson ofRichard and JaneGRADDON  
8 October 1771Catharinedaughter ofThomas and MaryLOCKE  
13 October 1771Tammydaughter ofSimon and ElizabethAMES  
22 October 1771Elizabethdaughter ofJames and SarahVERNEY  
3 November 1771Johnson ofJohn and SarahFOOK  
5 November 1771Johnson ofGeorge and MaryBAKER  
17 December 1771Marydaughter ofEdward and JoanHERD  
25 December 1771Hughbase child ofJoannaUNDERELL  
27 December 1771Joannadaughter ofJames and ElizabethGRADDON  
1 January 1772Johnson ofGeorge and JoanARTHURS  
2 January 1772Johnson ofJames and JaneGARDNER  
6 January 1772Janedaughter ofHenry and JaneMOORE  
13 January 1772Anndaughter ofWilliam and MargaretCONGRAM  
20 January 1772Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBOUCHER  
21 January 1772Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethNICKOLLS  
22 January 1772Abrahamson ofThomas and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
30 January 1772Anndaughter ofIsaac and MaryMAY  
30 January 1772Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHOW  
4 February 1772Peterson ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
2 March 1772Eleanordaughter ofWilliam and JoanLAWDAY  
24 March 1772Gracedaughter ofThomas and MaryHILL  
31 March 1772Johnson ofAbraham and JoanWALDRON  
21 April 1772Sarahdaughter ofPeter and MaryGOVIER  
29 April 1772Gracedaughter ofJohn and ChristianDOWN  
5 May 1772Jonasson ofJohn and ElizabethSHUTE  
6 May 1772Johnson ofJohn and JaneWHITIFIELD  
19 May 1772Margaretdaughter ofJames and AnnADAMS  
24 May 1772Michaelson ofJohn and CharityPEARSE  
14 June 1772Janedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBLIGHT  
15 June 1772Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethSMITH  
30 July 1772Anndaughter ofZaccheus and MaryGAURD  
30 July 1772Gracedaughter ofZaccheus and MaryGAURD  
4 August 1772Marydaughter ofArthur and MaryLEY  
4 August 1772Marydaughter ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
4 August 1772Marydaughter ofThomas and [blank]JONES  
11 August 1772Gracedaughter ofJohn and AnnBURGESS  
24 August 1772Arthurson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
8 September 1772Julianadaughter ofJames and JoanBURGESS  
25 September 1772Georgeson ofRobert and ElizabethTAPSCOTT  
25 September 1772Josephson ofJohn and ElizabethHEALE  
18 October 1772Marydaughter ofIsaac and MargarethCHAPPLE  
4 November 1772Dolldaughter ofThomas and MargaretBERE  
17 November 1772Christopher Showbrookson ofWilliam and JaneGIBBET  
17 November 1772Margaretdaughter ofBenjamin and BettyDRAPER  
24 November 1772Georgeson ofJohn and MaryFORD  
26 November 1772Marydaughter ofRobert and MaryDOWN  
29 November 1772Samuelson ofJames and AnnSEAGE  
3 December 1772Johnson ofRichard and AliceSEARLE  
28 December 1772Jennydaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
30 December 1772Valentineson ofJohn and SarahBALMANT  
5 January 1773Margaretdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
6 January 1773Jamesson ofWilliam and SusannaRICE  
12 January 1773Jennydaughter ofGeorge and JoanARTHURS  
19 January 1773Johnbase child ofAnnTHORN  
9 February 1773Thomasson ofThomas and MaryAVERY  
11 February 1773Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethBERE  
9 March 1773Johnson ofAlexander and AnnSKINNER  
18 March 1773Anndaughter ofJoseph and MargaretPITCHARD  
28 March 1773Anndaughter ofWilliam and JaneALLEN  
18 April 1773Georgeson ofGeorge and SarahCASWAY  
6 May 1773Susannadaughter ofJohn and SusannaBLACKMORE  
9 May 1773Robertson ofRobert and MaryBIRDof Swimbridge 
11 May 1773Marydaughter ofAnthony and SusannaSMALRIDGE  
16 May 1773Johnson ofHenry and MaryPARKMAN  
30 May 1773Williamson ofJohn and JoannaESCOTT  
6 June 1773Marydaughter ofWilliam and MarySOMERFIELD  
17 July 1773Robertson ofWilliam and PenelopeBUDD  
28 July 1773Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethJOCE  
5 August 1773Johnson ofPaul and AnnSAUNDERS  
18 October 1773Williamson ofPeter and MaryMILDON  
24 October 1773Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and JoanBURGESS  
28 October 1773Elizabeth Johnsa base child    
5 November 1773Sarahdaughter ofEdmond and RachaelHUXTABLE  
5 November 1773Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MaryFUING  
5 November 1773Marydaughter ofWilliam and CatharineHOWARD  
24 November 1773Williamson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
30 November 1773Johnson ofWilliam and MaryMORRISof Swimbridge 
30 November 1773Marydaughter ofThomas and JaneHARRIS  
25 December 1773Georgeson ofEdward and AnistissSAUNDERS  
8 January 1774Arthurson ofLawrence and ElizabethGULLEY  
18 January 1774Johnson ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
18 January 1774Agnessdaughter ofWilliam and MargaretCONGRAM  
18 January 1774Anndaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethLEY  
8 February 1774Georgeson ofGeorge and MargaretCROCKER  
10 February 1774Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
22 February 1774Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethNICHOLS  
1 March 1774Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and JoanGRINEY  
4 March 1774Charlesson ofWilliam and JoanLAWDAY  
29 March 1774Francisson ofJohn and MaryCOTHAYof Swimbridge 
5 April 1774Isaacson ofThomas and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
5 April 1774Charitydaughter ofJohn and AnnBARTLET  
19 April 1774Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
24 April 1774Elizabethbase child ofSarahHARRIS  
26 April 1774Bettydaughter ofJames and SusannaMINORS  
2 May 1774Jamesson ofJohn and MaryFORD  
3 May 1774Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneGIBBET  
30 May 1774Johnson ofJohn and AnnSKINNER  
30 May 1774Johnson ofJohn and HannahBRALEY  
15 June 1774Marydaughter ofArthur and SarahNICHOLS  
28 June 1774Johnson ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
5 July 1774Alicedaughter ofElias and MaryEASTAWAY  
5 July 1774Joandaughter ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
9 August 1774Philipson ofBenjaminDRAPER  
15 August 1774Johnson ofNoah and AgnessWILLS  
15 August 1774Williamson ofJames and AnnADAMS  
23 August 1774Robertbase child ofMaryPALFRYMAN  
6 September 1774Williamson ofThomas and MaryLOCK  
11 September 1774Johnbase child ofJoannaBRALEY  
12 September 1774Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and MargaretBERE  
23 October 1774Johnson ofJohn and MargeryHUET  
6 November 1774Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBOUCHIER  
13 November 1774Marthadaughter ofSimon and ElizabethWHITIFIELD  
15 November 1774Williamson ofPeter and MaryGOVIER  
17 November 1774Marybase child ofJaneGUARD  
20 November 1774Mary Cuckdaughter ofEmanuel and AnnCUCK  
26 November 1774Christopherson ofJohn and CharityPEARSE  
6 December 1774Richardson ofWilliam and JoanHUXTABLE  
11 December 1774Williambase child ofJaneCUCK  
13 December 1774Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHOW  
13 December 1774Johnson ofThomas and MaryAVERY  
11 January 1775Anndaughter ofCharles and AnnLUXON  
17 January 1775Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethLUXON  
2 February 1775Johnson ofJames and SarahVERNEY  
2 February 1775Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnJERMAN  
11 February 1775Jennydaughter ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
12 February 1775Annbase child ofMaryTOUTE  
15 February 1775Mariadaughter ofEdward and AnnCLARK  
15 February 1775Johnson ofJames and JoanBURGESS  
5 March 1775Williamson ofRobert and ElizabethTAPSCOTT  
7 March 1775Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethSLADER  
7 March 1775Anndaughter ofJohn and SarahBALMANT  
21 March 1775Williamson ofGeorge and MaryBAKER  
28 March 1775Johnson ofWilliam and GraceBAKER  
17 April 1775Georgeson ofGeorge and JoanARTHURS  
9 May 1775Jennydaughter ofHugh and MaryPREDISof Swimbridge 
11 May 1775Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMILDON  
15 May 1775Richardson ofJames and AnnSEAGE  
17 May 1775Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
19 May 1775Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and JaneMILDON  
20 May 1775Eliasson ofElias and AnnKNOT  
23 May 1775Williamson ofJohn and GraceWHITEFIELD  
30 May 1775Thomasson ofAmos and MaryROWCLIFFE  
9 July 1775Marydaughter ofWilliam and JoanEASTMAN  
9 July 1775Marydaughter ofBenjamin and BettyDRAPER  
26 July 1775Henryson ofJonathan and MargarethPICKARD  
31 July 1775Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and PenelopeBUDD  
3 September 1775Johnson ofHenry and JaneMOORE  
5 September 1775Johnson ofJohn and SusannaBLACKMOORE  
26 September 1775Richardson ofGeorge and MargarethCROCKER  
8 October 1775Williamson ofJames and SusannaMINORS  
24 October 1775William Jamesbase child ofThomasinJOSLIN  
21 November 1775Williamson ofWilliam and CatharineHOWARD  
21 November 1775Marydaughter ofNoah and AgnessWILLS  
21 November 1775Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSHUTE  
26 November 1775Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethCASWAY  
26 November 1775Johnson ofJohn and CatharineMORRIS  
5 December 1775Georgeson ofWilliam and JaneGIBBET  
17 December 1775Mariadaughter ofPaul and AnnSAUNDERS  
24 December 1775Marydaughter ofJohn and JoannaESCOTT  
14 January 1776Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethJOCE  
16 January 1776Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnSKINNER  
21 January 1776Henryson ofHenry and MaryPARKMAN  
29 January 1776Johnson ofWalter Acland and HonorMAIRE  
2 February 1776Williamson ofWilliam and MaryIWINGSof Swimbridge 
4 February 1776Johnson ofWilliam and JoanLAWDAY  
6 February 1776Johnson ofJohn and MaryKING  
13 February 1776Henryson ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
20 February 1776Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
20 February 1776Gracedaughter ofZacchaus and MaryGARD  
6 March 1776Janedaughter ofThomas and MaryHILL  
13 March 1776Andrewson ofHenry and MargarethBERE  
16 March 1776Henryson ofHenry and Amy MolsworthMILDON  
17 March 1776Williamson ofWilliam and MargarethCONGRAM  
19 March 1776Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHORWOOD  
24 March 1776Bettydaughter ofPeter and MaryMILDON  
17 April 1776Marydaughter ofCharles and AnnLUXON  
20 April 1776Williamson ofWilliam and JaneJOCE  
20 April 1776Williamson ofRoger and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
28 April 1776Jacobson ofThomas and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
8 May 1776Williamson ofChristopher and ElizabethCOWLER  
22 May 1776Richardson ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
2 July 1776Johnson ofArthur and SarahNICHOLS  
6 August 1776Marydaughter ofJames and AnnADAMS  
20 August 1776Honordaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSLADER  
27 September 1776Johnson ofWilliam and MaryCAMP  
30 September 1776Anndaughter ofRobert and MarySNOW  
4 October 1776Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryDOWN  
8 October 1776Jennydaughter ofIsaac and MargarethDADDS  
27 October 1776Jennydaughter ofJames and SarahVERNEY  
5 November 1776Jamesson ofPhilip and JoanBURGESS  
5 November 1776Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and HannahBREYLAY  
10 November 1776Williamson ofRoger and JoanPARKING  
15 November 1776Johnson ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
2 December 1776Jennydaughter ofJohn and AnnGRIFFIN  
3 December 1776Williambase child ofThomasinJOSLYN  
17 December 1776Georgeson ofRichard and AliceSEARLE  
25 December 1776Jinnedaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBOUCHIER  
25 December 1776Margerydaughter ofRobert and ElizabethCROCKER  
26 December 1776Johnson ofJohn and JoannaESCOTT  
28 December 1776Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethTRICKER  
6 January 1777Humphryson ofWilliam and GraceBAKER  
19 January 1777Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and CatharineHOWARD  
17 February 1777Joandaughter ofWilliam and JoanLEWIS  
24 February 1777Johnson ofPhilip and JoanGRINEY  
11 March 1777Gracedaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
18 March 1777Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and SusannaBALLof Swimbridge 
7 April 1777Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethLUXON  
20 April 1777Georgeson ofWilliam and MargarethSUMMERS  
20 April 1777Elizabethbase child ofMaryMAY  
22 April 1777Williamson ofRichard and JudithGRADDON  
29 April 1777Williamson ofJohn and CharityCOTHAY  
4 May 1777Anndaughter ofJames and ElizabethGRADDON  
6 May 1777Johnson ofJames and MaryVERNEYof Swimbridge 
6 May 1777Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
15 May 1777Catharinedaughter ofJohn and CatharineMORRIS  
19 May 1777Marydaughter ofJames and SalomeBAKER  
19 May 1777Annbase child ofAnnWOOLWAY  
21 May 1777Jennydaughter ofJohn and MaryFORD  
21 May 1777Georgeson ofJohn and MaryFORD  
24 May 1777Robertson ofWalter Acland and HonorMAIRE  
27 May 1777Sarahdaughter ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
10 June 1777Thomasson ofJohn and AnnSKINNER  
2 July 1777Jennybase child ofJaneKENNING  
27 July 1777Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and MaryHUNTof Swimbridge 
17 August 1777Charlesson ofCharles and AnnLUXON  
26 August 1777Elizabethdaughter ofSebastian and AnnGRINEY  
26 August 1777Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethHORWOOD  
31 August 1777Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and JaneDAVEY  
11 September 1777Jamesson ofThomas and MaryLOCK  
12 September 1777Anndaughter ofPhilip and MaryWILCOX  
18 October 1777Bettydaughter ofGeorge and AnnZEAL  
2 November 1777Williamson ofWilliam and MaryMORRISof Swimbridge 
5 November 1777Anndaughter ofThomas and MargaretBERE  
9 November 1777Peterson ofHenry and AmyMILDON  
24 November 1777Johnson ofGeorge and JoanARTHURS  
3 December 1777Jamesson ofNoah and AgnessWILLS  
16 December 1777Johnson ofAnthony and SusannaSMALLRIDGE  
22 December 1777Bettydaughter ofJohn and MargarethCLARK  
6 January 1778Anndaughter ofEmanuel and AnnCUCK  
12 January 1778Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and JaneJOCE  
12 January 1778Elizabethdaughter ofAmos and MaryROWCLIFF  
13 January 1778Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
18 January 1778Johnbase child ofElizabethRADFORD  
20 January 1778Thomasson ofWilliam and GraceBAKER  
20 January 1778Johnson ofRichard and ElizabethREEDof Swimbridge 
20 January 1778Marydaughter ofJohn and GraceWHITFIELD  
15 February 1778Joandaughter ofJames and JoanBURGESS  
22 February 1778Williamson ofSamuel and MargarethGOSS  
15 March 1778Johnson ofJohn and AnnGRIFFITH  
17 March 1778Johnson ofJohn and PenelopeBEARD  
2 April 1778Jennydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDAVEY  
20 April 1778Johnson ofElias and AnnKNOTT  
26 April 1778Arthurbase child ofThomazinJOSLYNE  
26 April 1778Janedaughter ofHenry and JaneMOORE  
26 April 1778Henryson ofHenry and JaneMOORE  
27 April 1778Marydaughter ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
19 May 1778Williamson ofWilliam and MaryCAMP  
26 May 1778Elizabethdaughter ofRoger and JoanPERKIN  
5 June 1778Marydaughter ofWilliam and MargarethSUMMERS  
8 June 1778Rachaeldaughter ofEdmund and RachaelHUXTABLE  
8 June 1778Georgeson ofJohn and ElizabethMILDON  
16 June 1778Johnson ofHenry and MargarethBERE  
18 June 1778Susannadaughter ofJonathan and MargarethPICKARD  
20 June 1778Anndaughter ofHumphry and JoanJOPE  
23 June 1778Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLWAY  
11 August 1778Bettydaughter ofJohn and CharityCOTHAY  
14 August 1778Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBOWDENof Swimbridge 
15 August 1778Arthurson ofArthur and SarahNICHOLLS  
16 August 1778Anndaughter ofJames and SarahVIRNEY  
3 September 1778Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryPOTTER  
20 September 1778Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
23 September 1778Johnson ofWilliam and SarahSOMERVILLE  
29 September 1778Margarethdaughter ofWilliam and MargarethCONGRAM  
4 October 1778Margarethdaughter ofJames and SusannaMINORS  
11 October 1778Samuelson ofJohn and JoannaESCOTT  
5 November 1778Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryNARROWAY  
15 November 1778Anndaughter ofGeorge and SarahCASWAY  
16 November 1778Isabelladaughter ofGeorge and MargarethCROCKER  
1 January 1779Samuelson ofWilliam and JoanLAWDY  
17 January 1779Elizabethbase child ofJoannaBRALEY  
22 January 1779Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and MollyROOK  
2 February 1779Henry Cothayson ofThomas and JoanSKINNER  
7 February 1779Rachaeldaughter ofJohn and AnnSMALLDON  
7 February 1779Francis Saundersson ofJohn and AnnZEAL  
9 February 1779Christiandaughter ofJohn and JoanLEYof Newton 
9 February 1779Jamesson ofRichard and AliceSEARL  
21 February 1779Marydaughter ofHenry and MaryBAKER  
3 March 1779Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBEER  
9 March 1779George Southcomebase child ofMaryMILDON  
25 March 1779Williamson ofAbraham and AnnWALDRON  
25 March 1779Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryDOWN  
30 March 1779Marydaughter ofSimon and ElizabethWITIFIELD  
26 April 1779Johnson ofRev. John and AgnessBLAKE  
26 April 1779Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneJOCE  
26 April 1779Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEWINSof Swimbridge 
5 May 1779Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethTRICKER  
9 May 1779Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryLITHYBY  
4 June 1779Bettydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
21 June 1779Henryson ofGeorge and MaryBAKER  
5 July 1779Anndaughter ofPeter and MaryMILDON  
18 July 1779Jennydaughter ofWilliam and CatharineHOWARD  
1 August 1779Janedaughter ofJohn and CatharineMORRIS  
2 August 1779Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
29 August 1779Josephson ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
10 September 1779Judithdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
10 September 1779Johnson ofArthur and HannahFEWIN  
13 September 1779Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and MaryPASMORE  
19 September 1779Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBOUCHIER  
30 September 1779Henryson ofJames and AnnADAMS  
10 October 1779Williamson ofNathaniel and MaryMAY  
25 October 1779Charlesson ofWilliam and JoanLEWIS  
26 October 1779Williamson ofWilliam and HannahBRALEY  
28 October 1779Catharinedaughter ofCharles and AnnLUXTON  
9 November 1779Johnson ofSamuel and CatharineWESTACOTT  
16 November 1779Jennydaughter ofThomas and JaneHARRIS  
29 November 1779Georgeson ofRichard and MaryRUD  
30 November 1779Williamson ofJames and SalomeBAKER  
19 December 1779Johnson ofJohn and HannahWIDGERY  
28 December 1779Williamson ofRobert and MaryBIRDof Swimbridge 
18 January 1780Johnson ofNoah and AgnessWILLS  
18 January 1780Williamson ofWilliam and JoanGULLEY  
24 January 1780Dorothydaughter ofJohn and AnnWARD24 January 1780 
25 January 1780Marydaughter ofWalter and SarahEVANS  
27 January 1780Samuelson ofJohn and JoannaESCOTT  
28 February 1780Mary Rowebrought byMaryALFORDof Chulmleigh 
6 March 1780Charlottedaughter ofThomas and ElizabethNARROWAY  
16 March 1780Bettydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethRADFORD  
21 March 1780Anndaughter ofHenry and AnnMILDON  
27 March 1780Marydaughter ofRichardREEDof Swimbridge 
30 March 1780Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHANDFORD  
9 April 1780Marydaughter ofRobert and AgnessWOOLCOTof Warkleigh 
19 April 1780Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethMURCH  
19 April 1780Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
25 April 1780Elizabethdaughter ofEdmund and RachaelHUXTABLE  
27 April 1780Williamson ofWilliam and SarahSYMONDS  
30 April 1780Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHOLWAY  
4 May 1780Lewisson ofGeorge and SarahCASWAY  
15 May 1780Janedaughter ofHenry and SusannaSNOWof Warkleigh 
21 May 1780Joandaughter ofGeorge and JoanARTHURS  
23 May 1780Bettydaughter ofThomas and MaryAVERY  
27 June 1780Elizabethdaughter ofMichael and ElizabethEVANS  
4 July 1780Georgeson ofThomas and MaryLOCK  
11 July 1780Jamesson ofRichard and JaneDAVEY  
11 July 1780Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBOWDEN  
16 July 1780Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnGRIFFITH  
8 August 1780Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethDAVEY  
8 August 1780Marydaughter ofPhilip and JoanGRINEY  
8 August 1780Johnson ofJohn and AnnSMALDON  
20 August 1780John Minorsson ofJohn and BettyBELLEW  
20 August 1780Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryBERRY  
30 August 1780Marydaughter ofRoger and JoanPARKIN  
3 September 1780Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MarySKINNER  
10 September 1780Thomasindaughter ofWilliam and MargarethSUMMERS  
12 September 1780Williamson ofJohn and GraceGRINEY  
26 September 1780Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryHUNTof Swimbridge 
24 October 1780Charlesson ofAlexander and SusannaKNILL  
15 October 1780Eleanordaughter ofJohn and JoanLEY  
31 October 1780Williamson ofHenry and MargarethBERE  
1 November 1780Richardson ofWilliam and MaryMORRISof Swimbridge 
12 November 1780Samuelson ofWilliam and JoanLAWDAY  
12 November 1780Elizabethdaughter ofJohnCLATWORTHYof Warkleigh 
26 November 1780Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethSHORT  
9 December 1780Catharinedaughter ofJames and JoanBURGESS  
9 December 1780Francesdaughter ofJames and JoanBURGESS  
12 December 1780Williamson ofArthur and SarahNICHOLLS  
16 December 1780Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
11 January 1781Gracedaughter ofJohn and MaryLITHABY  
15 January 1781Thomasson ofNoah and AgnessWILLS  
16 January 1781Janedaughter ofHenry and MaryPASMORE  
21 January 1781Marydaughter ofElias and AnnKNOTT  
11 February 1781Elizabethdaughter ofHumphry and JoanJOPE  
11 February 1781Thomas Gallifordbase child ofMarySNOW  
22 February 1781Georgeson ofJohn and ElizabethSLADER  
4 March 1781Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethHORWOOD  
6 March 1781Thomasson ofArthur and HannahIWINGS  
6 March 1781Marydaughter ofPeter and MargarethGODBEER  
6 March 1781Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryPARKIN  
15 April 1781Thomasson ofWilliam and JaneJOCE  
16 April 1781Richardson ofWilliam and GraceBAKER  
16 April 1781Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethSTADDON  
13 May 1781Nannydaughter ofGeorge and AnnZEAL  
20 May 1781Thomasson ofJohn and MaryDOWN  
14 June 1781Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
24 June 1781Georgeson ofJohn and ElizabethBLAKE  
23 July 1781Thomasson ofGeorge and MaryBAKER  
25 July 1781Sarahbase child ofSarahWHITEFIELD  
12 August 1781Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryBARTLETT  
24 August 1781Henryson ofHenry and MaryBAKER  
4 September 1781Samuelson ofGeorge and MargarethCROCKER  
9 September 1781Williamson ofJohn and GraceCOTHAY  
9 September 1781Williamson ofJames and ElizabethRENDLE  
7 October 1781Georgeson ofJames and ElizabethGRADDON  
8 November 1781Williamson ofJames and SusannaMINORS  
12 November 1781Marydaughter ofHenry and AmyMOLESWORTH MILDON  
20 November 1781Joandaughter ofGeorge and AnnARTHURS  
20 November 1781Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnGRIFFITH  
16 December 1781Janedaughter ofRichard and MaryROOK  
18 December 1781Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
18 December 1781Marydaughter ofSimon and [blank]HILL  
19 December 1781Marydaughter ofJames and SalomeBAKER  
19 December 1781Miriamdaughter ofJames and SalomeBAKER  
13 January 1782Johnson ofWilliam and MaryIWINSof Swimbridge 
15 January 1782Bettydaughter ofJames and AlliceMAY  
30 January 1782Georgeson ofJohn and FrancesHOWARD  
31 January 1782Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
4 February 1782Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnWARD  
4 February 1782Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCROCKER  
10 February 1782Jamesson ofJohn and CatharineDUNN  
24 February 1782William Campson ofMargarethSTOCK  
10 March 1782Anndaughter ofNathaniel and ElizabethMAY  
7 April 1782Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethBURGESS  
15 April 1782Elizabethdaughter ofAnthony and SusanSMALDRIGE  
18 April 1782Johnson ofRobert and RachaelSCOINS  
21 April 1782Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBERRY  
22 April 1782Marydaughter ofEdmund and RachaelHUXTABLE  
28 April 1782Georgebase child ofMaryLIVERTON  
29 April 1782Johnson ofWilliam and JoanLEWIS  
30 April 1782Susannadaughter ofJohn and GraceGRINNEY  
1 May 1782Salomedaughter ofRev. William and ElizabethBUCKINGHAM  
2 May 1782Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethSLADER  
5 May 1782Alexanderson ofWilliam and JaneGILBET  
5 May 1782Richardson ofJohn and JoannaESCOTT  
15 May 1782Lewisson ofJohn and JoanLEYof Newton 
20 May 1782Marydaughter ofPeter and MaryMILDON  
28 May 1782Henryson ofJohn and MargarethBAKER  
26 May 1782Anndaughter ofMark and AnnDART  
30 May 1782Elizabethdaughter ofWaltor and SarahEVANS  
3 June 1782Elizabethdaughter ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
24 June 1782Georgeson ofWilliam and SusannaRICE  
24 June 1782Anndaughter ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
30 June 1782Thomasson ofRobert and MaryBIRDof Swimbridge 
14 July 1782Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHORWOOD  
30 July 1782Hannahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWIDGERY  
30 July 1782Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethTRICKER  
6 September 1782Jamesbase child ofSusannaPHILIPS  
6 September 1782Thomasbase child ofSusannaPHILIPS  
22 September 1782Williamson ofJohn and BettyBELLEW  
9 October 1782Johnson ofRichard and MaryRUDD  
24 October 1782Robertson ofRobert and RichordROWDEN  
20 November 1782Johnson ofWilliam and SarahSIMMONS  
17 November 1782Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryLITHERBY  
24 November 1782Richardson ofJohn and MaryMOREMANof Swimbridge 
1 December 1782Jonasson ofWilliam and JoanLAWDAY  
8 December 1782Lewisson ofJohn and ElizabethBLAKE  
10 December 1782Anndaughter ofSimon and ElizabethWHITFIELD  
31 December 1782Thomasson ofJohn and AnnSMALDON  
9 January 1783Williamson ofSimon and EleanorHILL  
23 January 1783Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryHUXTABLE  
5 February 1783Michaelson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLWAY  
6 February 1783Johnson ofWilliam and MargarethCONGRAM  
9 February 1783Marydaughter ofHenry and JaneMOOR  
11 February 1783Williamson ofWilliam and AnnCLATWORTHYof Warkleigh 
11 February 1783Marydaughter ofRichard and JaneDAVEY  
16 February 1783Johnson ofJohn and MaryPHILIPS  
16 February 1783Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryBOWDENof Swimbridge 
3 March 1783Gracedaughter ofPeter and MargarethGODBEER  
17 March 1783Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and JudithGRADDON  
17 March 1783Marydaughter ofAlexander and SusannaKNILL  
30 March 1783Thomasson ofJohn and GraceWHITEFIELD  
31 March 1783Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINGS  
31 March 1783Williamson ofMichael and ElizabethEVANS  
6 April 1783Williamson ofArthur and HannahIWINS  
4 May 1783Henryson ofHenry and MargarethBEER  
4 May 1783Sarahdaughter ofGeorge and SarahCOSWAY  
1 June 1783Williamson ofThomasHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
9 June 1783Elizabethdaughter ofArthur and SarahNICHOLLS  
22 June 1783Johnson ofWilliam and MaryCAMP  
24 June 1783Henryson ofRichard and AliceSEARLE  
25 June 1783Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and GracePARKIN  
27 June 1783Marydaughter ofCharles and AnnLUXTON  
13 July 1783Amydaughter ofHenry and AmyMILDON  
23 July 1783Gracedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
24 July 1783Williamson ofJohn and RoseFEATHERSTONE  
12 August 1783Thomasson ofWilliam and ThomazineSMALE  
12 August 1783Elizabethdaughter ofJames and ElizabethMILTON  
26 August 1783John Campson ofMargarethSTOCK  
7 September 1783Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethMILDON  
16 September 1783Williamson ofHenry and ThomazinCOTHAY  
7 October 1783Richardson ofRobert and FrancesHERN  
12 October 1783Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHELE  
12 October 1783Janebase child ofJaneTOSSEL  
6 November 1783Susannadaughter ofWilliam and JaneJOCE  
5 November 1783Elizabethdaughter ofAbraham and JaneMANNATON  
25 November 1783Fannydaughter ofJohn and AnnGRIFFITH  
28 November 1783Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDIER  
16 December 1783Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
16 December 1783Williamson ofJames and AliceMAY  
6 January 1784Jamesson ofGeorge and MaryBAKER  
20 January 1784Johnson ofJohn and MaryKNOTT  
3 February 1784Gracedaughter ofRichard and AnnBENDEL  
15 February 1784Nicholasson ofJohn and ElizabethJOCE  
2 March 1784Philipson ofPhilip and MaryTAMLIN  
7 March 1784Margarethdaughter ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
14 March 1784Jamesson ofJohn and GraceGRINEY  
15 March 1784Marydaughter ofRobert and RachaelSCOINS  
16 March 1784Williamdaughter ofWilliam and MaryBERRY  
16 March 1784Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDAVY  
16 March 1784Christiandaughter ofJohn and AnnWARD  
21 March 1784Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryRUDD  
11 April 1784Georgeson ofMichael and ElizabethEVANS  
12 April 1784Jamesson ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
20 April 1784Edmundson ofEdmund and RachaelHUXTABLE  
10 May 1784Bettydaughter ofPaul and AnnSAUNDERS  
31 May 1784Williamson ofAbraham and MargarethWALDRON  
31 May 1784Elizabethdaughter ofJames and ElizabethRENDALL  
14 June 1784Williamson ofRoger and JoanPARKIN  
18 June 1784Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethNARROWAY  
24 June 1784Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
28 June 1784Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLCOT  
2 August 1784Williamson ofSamuel and CatharineDUNN  
2 August 1784Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCLARKE  
6 August 1784Elizabeth Webberdaughter ofRobert and RichordROWDEN  
15 August 1784Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKER  
23 August 1784Georgeson ofGiles and ElizabethSKINNER  
5 September 1784Gilbertson ofMatthew and MaryKNILL  
14 September 1784Joandaughter ofPhilip and JoanGRINNEY  
5 October 1784Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryVOLTER  
5 November 1784Anndaughter ofJohn and GraceCOTHAY  
14 November 1784Agnessdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
19 November 1784Johnson ofJohn and RebeccaBRELEYof Swimbridge 
27 November 1784 ofWilliam and MaryMORRISof Swimbridge 
30 November 1784Jennydaughter ofPeter and MaryMILDON  
7 December 1784Georgeson ofJohn and JoannaESCOT  
21 December 1784Thomasson ofWilliam and EleanorDELVEof Swimbridge 
25 December 1784Joandaughter ofJohn and MaryHUXTABLE  
27 December 1784Sarahdaughter ofAntony and SusannaSMALRIDGE  
4 January 1785Jamesson ofNathaniel and MaryMAY  
11 January 1785Johnson ofAbraham and JaneMANNATON  
11 January 1785Susannadaughter ofJames and SusannaMINOR  
17 January 1785Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethBLAKE  
17 January 1785Anndaughter ofPeter and MargarethGODBEER  
2 March 1785Margarethdaughter ofNoah and AgnessWILLS  
5 March 1785Williamson ofJohn and MaryBARTLETT  
15 March 1785Anndaughter ofJohn and MargarethBAKER  
3 April 1785Williamson ofThomas and MaryPHILIPS  
3 April 1785Sarahdaughter ofWalter and SarahEVANS  
27 April 1785Williamson ofWilliam and ThomazinSMALE  
30 April 1785Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
15 May 1785Johnson ofRichard and MaryPICHARD  
22 May 1785Georgeson ofRobert and MaryBIRDof Swimbridge 
29 May 1785Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBURGESS  
31 May 1785Anndaughter ofGeorge and MaryPARKIN  
5 June 1785Hannahdaughter ofWilliam and AnnDADDS  
8 June 1785Thomasson ofWilliam and JoanHOLLAND  
10 June 1785Marydaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethBEER  
12 June 1785Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHORWOOD  
14 June 1785Jamesson ofSamuel and CatharineWESTACOTT  
19 June 1785Marydaughter ofJohn and BettyMILDON  
19 June 1785Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryHATCH  
8 July 1785Marydaughter ofThomas and HannahGOULD  
11 July 1785Andrewson ofAbraham and AnnWALDRON  
17 July 1785Elizabethbase child ofElizabethLIVERTON  
17 July 1785Michaelson ofJacob and ElizabethCARTER  
11 August 1785Sarahdaughter ofArthur and SarahNICHOLLS  
14 August 1785Richardson ofRichard and JaneDAVY  
25 August 1785Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethTRICKER  
28 August 1785Josephson ofJoseph and MargarethPICKARD  
27 September 1785Achsah Elizabethdaughter ofRev. William and ElizabethBUCKINGHAM  
26 September 1785Johnson ofJohn and MaryCROSMAN  
4 October 1785Jamesson ofJohn and AnnGRIFFITH  
23 October 1785Johnson ofJohn and RoseFEATHERSTONE  
30 October 1785Johnson ofAmos and ElizabethROWCLIFFEof Swimbridge 
1 November 1785Bettydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDYER  
1 November 1785Williamson ofWilliam and MargarethCONGRAM  
6 November 1785Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLYTHABY  
20 November 1785Bettydaughter ofJohn and BettyBELLEW  
21 November 1785Rachaeldaughter ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
21 November 1785Henryson ofHenry and ThomasinCOTHAY  
30 November 1785Bettydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKER  
25 December 1785Sarahdaughter ofPhilip and SarahPARKINof Satterleigh 
26 December 1785Robertson ofRobert and RachaelSCOINS  
26 December 1785Patiencedaughter ofArthur and SarahSNOW  
6 January 1786Williamson ofPhilip and ElizabethROWDEN  
25 January 1786Bettydaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
28 January 1786Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBOWDENof Swimbridge 
30 January 1786Robertson ofWilliam and GraceBAKER  
30 January 1786Margarethdaughter ofWilliam and MargarethSUMMERS  
7 February 1786Johnson ofJames and CatharineABRAHAMS  
7 February 1786Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and SarahSIMMINS  
9 February 1786Johnson ofAbraham and SarahHARRIS  
13 March 1786Marydaughter ofJohn and [blank]LAKE  
19 March 1786Honordaughter ofJohn and AnnWARD  
2 April 1786Bettydaughter ofHenry and ElizabethWOOLCOT  
2 April 1786Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
23 April 1786Elizabethdaughter ofNoah and AgnessWILLS  
25 April 1786Robertson ofJohn and MaryDOWN  
27 April 1786Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryKNOTTof Warkleigh 
30 April 1786James Campson ofMargarethSTOCK  
5 May 1786Anndaughter ofRichard and AliceSEARL  
25 May 1786Marydaughter ofMatthew and SusannaKNILL  
25 May 1786Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryBERRY  
18 June 1786Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
25 June 1786Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHANFORD  
2 July 1786Jennydaughter ofGeorge and AnnWESTACOT  
4 July 1786Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSTRIBLING  
4 July 1786Bettydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSTRIBLING  
23 July 1786Richardson ofRichard and ElizabethREEDof Swimbridge 
23 July 1786Robertson ofRichard and AnnGOULD  
25 July 1786Josephson ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
25 July 1786Philipson ofPhilip and JoanGRINNEY  
25 July 1786Georgeson ofRichard and SarahCONGRAM  
30 July 1786Janedaughter ofArthur and HannahIWINGS  
6 August 1786Hughson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARK  
13 August 1786Williamson ofPhilip and MaryTAMLINof Swimbridge 
15 August 1786Johnson ofJames and ElizabethRENDLE  
15 August 1786Williamson ofPhilip and JaneRUDD  
3 September 1786Thomas Gallifordson ofRichard and AnnGALLIFORD  
17 September 1786Sarahdaughter ofJohn and RachaelBRELAYof Swimbridge 
8 October 1786Johnson ofJohn and BettyASHELFORD  
1 November 1786Williamson ofHenry and MaryWATTSof Warkleigh 
1 November 1786Annbase child ofSarahWHITEFIELD  
9 November 1786Agnesdaughter ofEmanuel and AnnCUCK  
20 November 1786Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLEWIS  
30 November 1786Alexanderson ofAlexander and SusannaKNILL  
17 December 1786Marydaughter ofJames and AliceMAY  
1 January 1787Robertson ofJohn and MaryLITHABY  
9 January 1787Marydaughter ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
22 January 1787Eleanordaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSLADER  
23 January 1787Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryNICHOLS  
29 January 1787Sarahdaughter ofEdmund and RachaelHUXTABLE  
11 February 1787Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBLAKE  
11 February 1787Bettydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethCLARK  
19 February 1787Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryCAMP  
26 February 1787Honordaughter ofJohn and MaryHUXTABLE  
5 March 1787Peterson ofPeter and MargarethGODBEER  
11 March 1787Richardson ofWilliam and MargarethCONGRAM  
12 March 1787Johnson ofThomas and HannahGOULD  
18 March 1787Robertson ofJohn and AnnSMALDON  
15 April 1787Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBOWDENof Swimbridge 
1 May 1787Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnGRIFFITH  
1 May 1787Johnson ofHenry and ThomasinCOTHAY  
22 May 1787Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethJOCE  
3 June 1787Williamson ofThomas and MaryPHILIPS  
11 June 1787Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethDAVEY  
11 June 1787Johnson ofJohn and MargarethBAKER  
17 June 1787Johnson ofNathaniel and MaryMAY  
10 July 1787Johnson ofJohn and SusannaSKINNER  
15 July 1787Mariadaughter ofJames and SarahSNELL  
15 July 1787Robertson ofGeorge and SarahCASWAY  
29 July 1787Jamesson ofWilliam and EleanorDELVEof Swimbridge 
2 September 1787Abrahamson ofAbraham and MargarethWALDRON  
9 September 1787Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
11 September 1787Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryCROSMAN  
23 September 1787Anndaughter ofWilliam and BettySCOINS  
25 September 1787Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and JaneJOCE  
29 October 1787Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryTINSON  
12 November 1787Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINGS  
22 November 1787Robertson ofArthur and SarahNICHOLS  
5 December 1787Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethLITHABY  
6 December 1787Rachaeldaughter ofPeter and MaryMILDON  
16 December 1787Michaelson ofMichael and ElizabethEVANS  
26 December 1787Jamesson ofJohn and RoseFEATHERSTONE  
27 December 1787Johnson ofJohn and AnnDADDSof Warkleigh 
30 January 1788Anndaughter ofGeorge and MaryGULLEY  
30 January 1788Gracedaughter ofJohn and GraceCOTHAY  
10 February 1788Georgeson ofRichard and MaryROOK  
10 February 1788Rachaeldaughter ofRobert and RachaelSCHOINS  
17 February 1788Richardson ofRichard and MayRUDD  
26 February 1788Johnson ofWilliam and AgnesJERMAN  
26 February 1788Susannadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDYER  
2 March 1788Johnson ofGeorge and EleanorRUDD  
24 March 1788Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and ElizabethSULLEY  
6 April 1788Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKER  
6 April 1788Thomasson ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKER  
8 April 1788Catharinedaughter ofHenry and AmyMILDON  
13 April 1788Bettydaughter ofJohn and JoannaESCOTT  
20 April 1788Marydaughter ofJames and BettyJENKINGS  
25 April 1788Richardson ofJohn and JoannaESCOTT  
1 May 1788Aaronson ofJohn and ElizabethSTRIBLING  
9 May 1788Johnson ofJohn and GraceLAKE  
25 May 1788Marydaughter ofRichard and ElizabethSLEE  
25 May 1788Williamson ofJohn and AnnWARD  
24 June 1788Georgeson ofWilliam and SarahSIMMINS  
5 July 1788Jamesson ofThomas and BettyASHELFORD  
20 July 1788Marydaughter ofJames and SusannaMINORS  
29 July 1788Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethRENDLE  
3 August 1788Johnson ofPeter and BettyBOWDEN  
7 August 1788Anndaughter ofPhilip and JoanGRINNEY  
10 August 1788Jamesson ofJohn and BettyBELLEW  
10 August 1788Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethHARWOOD  
11 August 1788Margarethdaughter ofWilliam and JoanLAWDAY  
17 August 1788Williamson ofWalter and SarahEVANS  
26 August 1788Mariadaughter ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
24 September 1788Jamesson ofJames and CatharineABRAHAMS  
26 September 1788Philippadaughter ofMatthew and MaryKNILL  
14 October 1788Janedaughter ofWilliam and MaryNICHOLLS  
19 October 1788Anndaughter ofArthur and HannahIWINS  
26 October 1788Samuelson ofRichard and ElizabethREEDof Swimbridge 
26 October 1788Hannahdaughter ofPhilip and JudithDOWNING  
5 November 1788Richardson ofWilliam and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
5 November 1788Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARK  
9 November 1788James Daveyson ofRichard and AnnGOULD  
23 November 1788Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLITHABY  
30 November 1788Johnson ofJames and ElizabethMILTON  
16 December 1788Williamson ofPhilip and PrudenceGUARD  
17 December 1788Alicedaughter ofJames and AliceMAY  
17 December 1788Anndaughter ofJames and AliceMAY  
21 December 1788Sarahdaughter ofJames and SalomeBAKER  
26 December 1788Jamesson ofRobert and MaryBIRD  
4 January 1789Williambase child ofMarySCOINS  
13 January 1789Williamson ofRobert and MollySNOW  
15 January 1789Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryHUXTABLE  
21 January 1789Bettydaughter ofGeorge and JoanSAUNDERS  
26 January 1789Johnson ofGeorge and MaryGULLEY  
1 February 1789Francesdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBLAKE  
8 February 1789Jamesson ofRichard and AnnGALLIFORD  
15 February 1789Anndaughter ofPhilip and MaryTAMLINof Swimbridge 
19 February 1789Humphreyson ofElias and ThomasinMILLS  
24 February 1789Christopherson ofJohn and GraceIRVING  
24 February 1789Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and GraceBERE  
9 March 1789Anndaughter ofSimon and [blank]AMES  
9 March 1789Marydaughter ofRobert and JoanROWDEN  
22 March 1789Johnson ofRobert and SarahGALLIFORD  
23 March 1789Jamesson ofJames and ElizabethRENDLE  
25 March 1789Catharinedaughter ofGeorge and AnnWESTACOTT  
25 March 1789Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryMOREMAN  
29 March 1789Bettydaughter ofRobert and SusannaAVORY  
5 April 1789Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryCAMP  
5 April 1789Elizabethdaughter ofJames and SarahSNELL  
14 April 1789Johnson ofEdmund and RachaelHUXTABLE  
14 April 1789Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethJOCE  
15 April 1789Marydaughter ofJohn and SusannaSKINNER  
19 April 1789Anndaughter ofPhilip and MaryJERMAN  
26 April 1789Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryRUDD  
30 April 1789Thomasson ofThomas and GraceCAMP  
16 May 1789Rogerson ofJohn and MaryLITHABY  
21 May 1789Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARK  
21 May 1789Georgeson ofGeorge and EleanorRUDD  
21 May 1789Hughson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
4 June 1789Williamson ofThomas and HannahGOULD  
7 June 1789Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCROSMAN  
7 June 1789Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnSMALLDON  
10 June 1789Richardson ofRichard and AliceSEARL  
21 June 1789Marydaughter ofWilliam and CatharineHOLLAND  
21 June 1789Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryMORRIS  
21 June 1789Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINGS  
5 July 1789Williamson ofWilliam and AnnTANNER  
9 July 1789Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MaryBERRY  
12 July 1789Jennydaughter ofJohn and RoseFEATHERSTONE  
13 July 1789Philipson ofRoger and JoanPARKIN  
6 September 1789Edwardson ofThomas and MaryPHILIPS  
16 September 1789Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCRISPIN  
16 September 1789Johnson ofRichard and MargarethHUXTABLE  
4 October 1789Thomasson ofRichard and JaneDAVY  
18 October 1789Johnbase child ofMarySTEVENS  
5 November 1789Williamson ofNed and MarySAUNDERS  
5 November 1789Johnson ofJohn and AnnCHAPPLE  
5 November 1789Johnson ofEmanuel and AnnCUCK  
27 November 1789Williamson ofWilliam and AgnesJERMAN  
6 December 1789Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnGRADDON  
20 December 1789Williambase child ofMaryFORD  
21 December 1789Marydaughter ofPhilip and AnnBOWDENof Kings Nympton 
26 December 1789Samuelson ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
6 January 1790Fannydaughter ofJohn and AnnMANNATON  
24 January 1790Agnesdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAM  
25 January 1790Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and JoanLAWDAY  
30 January 1790Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryVOLTER  
30 January 1790Williamson ofWilliam and MaryVOLTER  
21 February 1790Williamson ofWilliam and JaneRICE  
21 February 1790Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
21 February 1790Marydaughter ofHugh and ElizabethSULLEY  
8 March 1790Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethDAVEY  
10 March 1790Williamson ofHugh and SarahCHAPPLE  
2 April 1790Mary Scampdaughter ofMargarethSTOCK  
11 April 1790Richardson ofJohn and HonorIWINGS  
11 April 1790Williamson ofRobert and ElizabethKNOTT  
2 May 1790Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and RachaelSCOINS  
16 May 1790Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and SusannaCLATWORTHYof Swimbridge 
23 May 1790Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethTHORN  
24 May 1790Robertson ofNathaniel and MaryMAY  
24 May 1790Robertson ofArthur and HannahIWINGS  
24 May 1790Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethHUXTABLE  
30 May 1790Philipbase child ofSarahMORLAY  
7 June 1790Williamson ofMatthew and MaryKNILL  
13 June 1790Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBOWDONof Swimbridge 
27 June 1790Jennydaughter ofJohn and SusannaSKINNER  
2 July 1790Georgeson ofPhilip and SarahPERKIN  
4 July 1790Gracedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBLAKE  
5 July 1790Johnson ofPeter and MaryGODBEAR  
7 July 1790Johnson ofWilliam and MaryFISHER  
11 July 1790Marydaughter ofThomas and BettyASHELFORD  
11 July 1790Robertson ofJohn and RoseFEATHERSTONE  
18 July 1790Thomasson ofThomas and ElizabethCLARK  
21 July 1790Johnson ofPhilip and MaryJERMAN  
8 August 1790Georgeson ofWilliam and MaryHORWOOD  
8 August 1790William Tuckerbase child ofSusannaIWINGS  
9 August 1790Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethDYER  
9 August 1790Johnson ofJames and GraceJENKINGS  
14 August 1790Anndaughter ofHenry and JoanBURDON  
29 August 1790Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnTANNER  
19 September 1790Hannahdaughter ofGeorge and MaryPERKIN  
7 October 1790Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryNICHOLLS  
10 November 1790Williamson ofRichard and GraceHUNT  
14 November 1790Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and AnnGOULD  
28 November 1790Peterson ofPeter and ElizabethROWDEN  
8 December 1790Williamson ofJames and CatharineABRAHAM  
8 December 1790Johnson ofGeorge and JoanSAUNDERS  
8 December 1790Gracedaughter ofJohn and GraceLAKE  
14 December 1790Joandaughter ofJames and [blank]BAKER  
14 December 1790Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryHELE  
27 December 1790Jennydaughter ofJohn and MaryCROSSMAN  
28 December 1790Eleanordaughter ofAnthony and SusannaSMALLRIDGE  
28 December 1790Marydaughter ofJohn and GraceCOTHAY  
16 January 1791Johnson ofJohn and AnnWARD  
20 February 1791Anndaughter ofRichard and AnnGALLIFORD  
24 February 1791Marydaughter ofFrancis and MarySAUNDERS  
6 March 1791Johnson ofWilliam and GraceFORD  
7 March 1791Richardson ofRichard and ElizabethSLEE  
27 March 1791Johnson ofJohn and FrancesFORD  
28 March 1791Thomasson ofJohn and MargarethBAKER  
28 March 1791Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethBAKER  
28 March 1791Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethLITHABY  
6 April 1791Jamesson ofJames and MarySAUNDERS  
12 April 1791Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and JoanROWDEN  
17 April 1791Anndaughter ofJohn and BettyBELLEW  
17 April 1791Williamson ofWilliam and [blank]FORD  
22 April 1791Johnson ofRichard and MaryRUDD  
22 April 1791Williamson ofJohn and AnnGULLEY  
24 April 1791Edwardson ofNed and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
25 April 1791Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnDADDS  
25 April 1791Susannadaughter ofWilliam and MarySCOINS  
12 June 1791Matthewson ofMatthew and MaryKNILL  
13 June 1791Johnson ofRobert and MollySNOW  
16 July 1791Philipson ofPhilip and PrudenceGARD  
25 July 1791Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryGULLEY  
12 August 1791Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKER  
12 August 1791Anndaughter ofPhilip and JudithDOWNING  
12 August 1791Johnson ofThomas and AnnWESTACOTT  
21 September 1791Johnson ofJohn and MaryHUXTABLE  
5 October 1791Williamson ofGeorge and AnnWESTACOTTS  
6 October 1791Georgeson ofGeorge and ElizabethBERE  
3 November 1791Williamson ofJohn and MaryJOCEof Bratton 
21 November 1791Williamson ofJohn and AnnCHAPPLEof the Holt 
13 December 1791Anndaughter ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
8 January 1792Williamson ofHenry and JaneMOORE  
8 January 1792Arthurson ofThomas and MaryPHILIPS  
8 January 1792Gracedaughter ofHugh and ElizabethTULLEY  
22 January 1792Williamson ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
2 February 1792Johnson ofPhilip and MaryTAMBIN  
2 February 1792Wilmotdaughter ofEdmund and RachaelHUXTABLE  
12 February 1792Eleanordaughter ofJohn and MaryLITHABY  
14 February 1792Williamson ofWilliam and MaryKNOTTof Learo 
14 February 1792Marydaughter ofJohn and BettyELLIOT  
14 February 1792John Waldronbase child ofMaryDART  
22 February 1792Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethRENDLE  
26 February 1792Robertson ofJohn and AnnMANNATON  
26 February 1792Marydaughter ofArthur and HannahIWINS  
1 March 1792Mary Courtneydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethTHORN  
4 March 1792Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethLEWIS  
15 March 1792Johnson ofJohn and AnnWARD  
18 March 1792Marydaughter ofWilliam and JoanGULLEY  
30 March 1792Joshuason ofJoshua and GraceSNOW  
15 April 1792Williamson ofThomas and BettyASHELFORD  
19 April 1792Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryTINSON  
19 April 1792Williamson ofThomas and ElizabethCLARK  
25 April 1792Williamson ofJohn and GraceLAKE  
29 April 1792Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and SarahCHAPPLE  
29 April 1792Williamson ofWilliam and JaneRICE  
6 May 1792Bettydaughter ofJohn and BettyCLARK  
8 May 1792Susannadaughter ofWilliam and MaryVOLTER  
9 May 1792Gracedaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethRADFORD  
10 June 1792Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethHUXTABLE  
13 June 1792Jamesson ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
17 June 1792Samuelson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLLAND  
8 July 1792Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryCAMP  
8 July 1792Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and AnnWESTACOT  
8 August 1792Georgeson ofJames and MarySAUNDERS  
3 September 1792Wilmotson ofRobert and RachaelSCOINS  
3 September 1792Jamesbase child ofElizabethTURNER  
9 September 1792James Whiteson ofJames and AgnesTURNER  
13 September 1792Marydaughter ofWilliam and MarySEAGE  
23 September 1792Williamson ofJohn and MaryMOREMANof Swimbridge 
30 September 1792Anndaughter ofJames and SusannaMINORS  
30 September 1792Jamesson ofHenry and ThomasinCOTHAY  
5 November 1792Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethLITHABY  
5 November 1792Johnson ofHenry and MaryBAKER  
11 November 1792Anndaughter ofJames and AliceMAY  
4 December 1792Jamesson ofJames and GraceJENKINGS  
21 December 1792Marydaughter ofRichard and CatharineGULLEY  
24 December 1792Anndaughter ofRichard and SusannaSHADDICK  
26 December 1792Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and MaryJERMAN  
26 December 1792Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
29 December 1792Emalindaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBLAKE  
2 January 1793Williamson ofWilliam and MaryNICHOLLS  
2 January 1793Johnson ofJohn and SusannaSKINNER  
8 January 1793Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDYER  
13 January 1793Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethFEATHERSTONE  
25 January 1793Marydaughter ofJames and CatharineABRAHAMS  
4 February 1793Williamson ofJohn and MaryCROSMAN  
12 February 1793Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEATHERSTONE  
12 February 1793Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSCOINS  
24 February 1793Johnson ofWilliam and MaryHORWOOD  
24 February 1793Jamesson ofRobert and ElizabethNOTT  
25 February 1793Marydaughter ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
5 March 1793Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
13 March 1793Marydaughter ofMatthew and MaryKNILL  
19 March 1793Henryson ofNathaniel and MaryMAY  
19 March 1793Jennydaughter ofJohn and [blank]BRELAYof Tawton 
2 April 1793Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and AnnSAUNDERS  
4 April 1793Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and ElizabethGULLEY  
7 April 1793Jennydaughter ofHenry and MargaretBERE  
19 April 1793Susannadaughter ofPeter and MargaretGODBEER  
25 April 1793Williamson ofThomas and HannahPARKIN  
5 May 1793Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and ElizabethPARKIN  
19 May 1793Anthonyson ofGeorge and MaryGULLEY  
20 May 1793Williamson ofSamuel and SusannaDAVEY  
29 May 1793Edwardson ofJohn and AnnGRIFFITH  
29 May 1793Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethSOMERVILLE  
5 June 1793Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnDADDS  
9 June 1793Susannadaughter ofWilliam and MaryBOWDENof Swimbridge 
16 June 1793Anndaughter ofThomas and AmySMITH  
30 June 1793Johnson ofThomas and PenelopeROWCLIFFE  
21 July 1793Johnson ofRichard and AnnGALLIFORD  
21 July 1793Williamson ofJohn and AnnGOULD  
25 July 1793Johnson ofFrancis and MarySAUNDERS  
28 July 1793Williamson ofPeter and BettyBOWDEN  
12 August 1793Richardson ofRobert and JoanROWDEN  
2 September 1793Edmundson ofJohn and MaryHUXTABLE  
23 September 1793Anndaughter ofNed and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
24 September 1793Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLEY  
7 October 1793Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethDAVY  
8 October 1793Haydonson ofRichard and AliceSEARL  
20 October 1793George Berrybase child ofMaryBIRDof Swimbridge 
29 October 1793Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryMORRISof Swimbridge 
29 October 1793Gracedaughter ofPhilip and CatharineGARDof Swimbridge 
3 December 1793Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDAVY  
10 December 1793Marydaughter ofJames and GracePHILPOT  
15 December 1793Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and ElizabethROWDEN  
17 December 1793Anndaughter ofWilliam and AgnessJERMAN  
20 December 1793Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethRENDLE  
20 December 1793Elizabethbase child ofAnnTRICKSof Swimbridge 
23 December 1793Johnson ofJohn and AgnessWINTER  
26 December 1793Marydaughter ofJames and GraceCLARK  
26 December 1793Jamesson ofJohn and GraceCOTHAY  
30 December 1793Johnson ofJohn and CatherineSNOW  
30 December 1793Johnson ofGeorge and EleanorRUDD  
9 February 1794Hughson ofWilliam and JaneRICE  
11 February 1794Sarahdaughter ofPhilip and PrudenceGARD  
4 March 1794Samuelson ofJames and ElizabethRENDLE  
4 March 1794Johnson ofWilliam and JoannaLAWDAY  
4 March 1794Marydaughter ofThomas and MargaretLOCK  
25 March 1794Thomasson ofThomas and AnnWESTACOTT  
30 March 1794Francisson ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
30 March 1794Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKER  
1 April 1794Rogerson ofJohn and MaryJOCE  
1 April 1794Elizabethdaughter ofJames and ElizabethSAUNDERS  
1 April 1794Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBUDD  
4 May 1794Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCLARK  
4 May 1794Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryLYTHABY  
8 May 1794Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryVILE  
5 June 1794Williamson ofJoshua and MarySNOW  
9 June 1794Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
9 June 1794Abrahamson ofEmanuel and AnnCOUCH  
9 June 1794Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethHUXTABLE  
10 June 1794Williamson ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
22 June 1794Christiandaughter ofJohn and ChristianRENDLE  
22 June 1794Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLEWIS  
15 July 1794Marydaughter ofGeorge and AnnSAUNDERS  
20 July 1794Thomasson ofThomas and HarrietGOULD  
27 July 1794Jennydaughter ofRobert and RachaelSCOINS  
3 August 1794Eliasson ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINGS  
19 August 1794Jamesson ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
31 August 1794Johnson ofJohn and AnnMANNATON  
7 September 1794Williamson ofAnthony and AnnSMALRIDGE  
9 September 1794Jamesson ofJohn and MaryDAVY  
16 September 1794Thomasson ofJames and GraceJENKINGS  
24 September 1794Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and CatherineGULLEY  
24 September 1794Johnson ofJames and AnnWESTACOTT  
16 October 1794Philipson ofPhilip and MaryJERMAN  
21 October 1794Marybase child ofElizabethHARRIS  
4 January 1795Johnson ofRobert and ElizabethGULLEY  
4 January 1795Joannabase child ofGraceJOPE  
6 January 1795Marydaughter ofJohn and JennySNOW  
18 January 1795Williamson ofRichard and MaryRUDD  
18 January 1795Johnson ofGeorge and ElizabethSMALDON  
15 March 1795Susannadaughter ofWilliam and SusannaBRELEYof Bishops Tawton 
22 March 1795Thomasson ofWilliam and MaryCAMP  
15 April 1795Robertson ofRichard and ElizabethBARROW  
21 April 1795Thomasson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
21 April 1795Marydaughter ofJohn and BettyFEATHERSTONE  
26 April 1795Sarahdaughter ofPhilip and JudithDOWNEY  
26 April 1795Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethDYER  
3 May 1795Rosamonddaughter ofJohn and MaryCROSSMAN  
3 May 1795Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MaryRICHARDS  
15 May 1795Marydaughter ofJohn and BettyHANDFORD  
17 May 1795Faithdaughter ofRichard and [blank]SLEE  
20 May 1795Samuelson ofJohn and AnnWARD  
22 May 1795Robertson ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
2 June 1795Susannadaughter ofJohn and SusannaSKINNER  
7 June 1795Williamson ofPeter and MargaretGODBEER  
21 June 1795Thomasson ofThomas and PenelopeROWCLIFFE  
14 July 1795Johnson ofThomas and MargaretLOCK  
19 July 1795Williambase child ofMaryHOWARD  
1 August 1795Marydaughter ofAnthony and AnnSMALRIDGE  
5 August 1795Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryHUXTABLE  
5 August 1795Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryNOTT  
17 August 1795Thomasson ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
17 August 1795William Lockasson ofWilliam and MarySAGE  
6 October 1795Francisson ofFrancis and MarySAUNDERS  
17 October 1795Jamesson ofJames and AliceBRAYLE  
20 October 1795Bettydaughter ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
22 October 1795Williamson ofGeorge and MaryGULLEY  
25 October 1795Agnesdaughter ofJames and AgnesTURNER  
25 October 1795Anndaughter ofJames and MaryWEBBER  
25 October 1795Hughson ofWilliam and ElizabethRADFORD  
28 October 1795Marydaughter ofHugh and SarahCHAPEL  
10 November 1795Williamson ofJames and GraceJENKINS  
15 November 1795Johnson ofJohn and AgnesWINTER  
18 November 1795Marydaughter ofNathaniel and MaryMAY  
29 November 1795Henryson ofJohn and ElizabethBELLEW  
1 December 1795Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnDOD  
2 December 1795Johnson ofEdward and MarySAUNDERS  
13 December 1795Bettydaughter ofJohn and JoannaVILEof Bishops Tawton 
25 December 1795 daughter ofJamesCLARKEof Chittlehamholt 
1 January 1796George Skinnerson ofGiles and ElizabethSKINNER  
4 January 1796Williamson ofJohn and AnnBUDD  
5 January 1796Georgeson ofWilliam and MaryDAVIS  
5 January 1796Johnson ofJohn and TammyBLACKMORE  
10 January 1796Hughson ofHugh and MaryPARKER  
10 January 1796Marydaughter ofAbraham and SusannahCHAPEL  
18 January 1796Gracedaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
31 January 1796Williamson ofJohn and AnnBUDD  
31 January 1796Sarahdaughter ofThomas and AnnSMITH  
13 February 1796Johnson ofJohn and MaryCLARKE  
13 February 1796 daughter ofSusannahFEWING  
13 February 1796Marydaughter ofJohn and MarySKINNER  
14 February 1796Jamesson ofJohna nd MaryBAKER  
29 February 1796Jennydaughter ofRoger and MaryPARKIN  
6 March 1796Honordaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSLADER  
14 March 1796Jamesson ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
29 March 1796Thomasson ofGeorge and AnnSAUNDERS  
29 March 1796Jennydaughter ofRoger and JoanPARKIN  
1 April 1796Gracetwin daughter ofWilliam and MaryHORWOOD  
1 April 1796Sallytwin daughter ofWilliam and MaryHORWOOD  
5 April 1796Samuelson ofMr John and MaryJOCEof Bratton 
31 March 1796Johnson ofJohn and MaryCLARK  
6 April 1796Henryson ofHenry and MaryWATTS  
19 April 1796Samuelson ofJames and MarySAUNDERS  
25 April 1796Samuelson ofJohn and MaryJOCE  
5 May 1796Marydaughter ofJohn and MarySKINNER  
16 May 1796Marydaughter ofJohn and RebeccaHILL  
18 May 1796Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethRENDLE  
30 May 1796Catherinedaughter ofPhilip and CatherineGUARDof Swimbridge 
5 June 1796Johnson ofJohn and ChristianRENDLE  
17 June 1796Ameydaughter ofWilliam and MaryNICHOLLS  
20 June 1796Johnson ofMatthew and MaryKNIEL  
27 June 1796Thomasson ofJames and ElizabethRENDLE  
27 June 1796Anndaughter ofRobert and RachelSCOINS  
5 July 1796Thomasson ofJohn and JennySNOW  
10 July 1796Johnson ofSamuel and AnnBROOK  
31 July 1796Betsydaughter ofJohn and MaryVILE  
7 August 1796Johnson ofGeorge and ElizabethSMALDON  
21 August 1796Robertson ofThomas and AnnWESTCOTT  
28 August 1796Edmundson ofWilliam and ElizabethHUXTABLE  
4 September 1796Gracedaughter ofWilliamHORWOOD  
4 September 1796Sallydaughter ofWilliamHORWOOD  
4 September 1796Marydaughter ofRobert and ElizabethNOTT  
18 September 1796Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneRICE  
18 September 1796Simonbase child ofAnnWHITFEILD  
25 September 1796Robertson ofRobert and ElizabethSNOW  
25 September 1796Charlesson ofThomas and HarrietPARKIN  
9 October 1796Johnson ofJames and MaryADAMS  
19 October 1796Anndaughter ofRichard and AnnGULLY  
27 October 1796Johnson ofSamuel and SusannaRADMORE  
27 November 1796Marydaughter ofRobert and ElizabethGULLY  
27 November 1796Joandaughter ofWilliam and SusannaROAL  
11 December 1796Mary Anndaughter ofRobert and AnnBOWDEN  
19 January 1797Henryson ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
12 February 1797Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryGUARD  
12 February 1797Mariadaughter ofGeorge and [blank]WESTCOTT  
1 March 1797Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryDAVY  
5 March 1797Jamesson ofRobert and MarySNOW  
6 March 1797Marydaughter ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
8 March 1797Williamson ofWilliam and ThomasinSNELL  
15 March 1797Georgeson ofRobert and AnnWESTCOTT  
2 April 1797Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryLEATHERBY  
6 April 1797Williambase child ofElizabethTURNER  
16 April 1797Philipson ofGeorge and EleanorRIDD  
17 April 1797Anstisdaughter ofEdward and AnstissSAUNDERS  
17 April 1797Marydaughter ofThomas and SusannaSKINNER  
23 April 1797Williambase child ofMaryISAAC  
23 April 1797Marydaughter ofRobert and SarahGALLIFORD  
23 April 1797Sarahdaughter ofAbraham and MargaretWALDREN  
11 June 1797Johnson ofJohn and AnnCOTHAY  
11 June 1797Jamesson ofJames and GraceCLARK  
12 June 1797Williamson ofJames and JoanRICE  
3 July 1797Bettydaughter ofThomas and MargarettLOCK  
16 July 1797Johnson ofRichard and ElizabethSLEE  
23 July 1797Marybase child ofMaryWHITFEILD  
23 July 1797Joandaughter ofJohn and MaryCROSSMAN  
28 July 1797Johnson ofJohn and MargaretWHITFEILD  
30 July 1797Marydaughter ofGeorge and MaryPARKIN  
16 August 1797Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnBEERof Swimbridge 
3 September 1797Marydaughter ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
3 September 1797Bettydaughter ofWilliam and AnnBARROW  
3 September 1797Annbase child ofRebeccaDYER  
17 September 1797Marydaughter ofWilliam and SarahMAJOR  
25 October 1797Williamson ofJames and MaryPREIST  
3 December 1797Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnMANATON  
10 December 1797Hughson ofJohn and AnnWARD  
22 December 1797Margaretdaughter ofJames and MaryRICHARDS  
24 December 1797Johnson ofMarySIMPSON  
26 December 1797Henryson ofPhilip and MaryJARMAN  
27 December 1797Jamesson ofWilliam and FrancesVERNEY  
31 December 1797Bettydaughter ofJohn and BettyFEATHERSTONE  
1 January 1798Marydaughter ofPhilip and MaryBAWDEN  
4 January 1798Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryGULLEY  
8 January 1798Williamson ofHugh and MaryCLARK  
12 January 1798Johnson ofJohn and AnnBUDD  
15 January 1798Rogerson ofPhilip and SarahPARKIN  
16 January 1798Susannadaughter ofJohn and TammyBLACKMORE  
25 January 1798Anndaughter ofFrancis and MarySAUNDERS  
8 February 1798Dianadaughter ofWilliam andDAVIS  
19 February 1798Johnson ofJohn and GraceCOTHAY  
11 March 1798Alexanderson ofMatthew and MaryKNEEL  
18 March 1798Williamson ofAnthony and AnnSMALLRIDGE  
25 March 1798Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethLEWIS  
25 March 1798Williamson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
10 April 1798Anndaughter ofGeorge and AnnSAUNDERS  
10 April 1798Josephson ofPhilip and JudithDOWNEY  
22 April 1798Williamson ofWilliam and AnnBEAR  
24 April 1798Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethSKINNER  
6 May 1798Marthadaughter ofThomas and ElizabethASHELFORD  
8 May 1798Alexanderson ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
13 May 1798Marydaughter ofJohn and JoannaBRAYLEY  
3 June 1798Bettydaughter ofJames and GraceJENKINS  
3 June 1798Anndaughter ofJohn and MarySKINNER  
18 June 1798Johnson ofJames and WilmotBARNS  
8 July 1798Lewis Coleson ofJoseph and GraceSNOW  
9 July 1798Williamson ofWilliam and AnnBOWDON  
15 July 1798Marydaughter ofJames and MaryBOWDON  
15 July 1798Johnson ofJohn and MargretNICKOLLS  
5 August 1798Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and AnnBROCK  
19 August 1798Williamson ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
19 August 1798Sallydaughter ofWilliam and AnnGRADDON  
23 August 1798Marydaughter ofJames and AliceBAATER  
4 September 1798Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryGRINEY  
6 September 1798Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethRADFORD  
16 September 1798Gracedaughter ofRobert and RachelSCOINS  
21 September 1798Marydaughter ofThomas and PenelopeROWCLIFF  
30 September 1798Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
1 October 1798Sallydaughter ofWilliam and AnnGRADDON  
16 October 1798Marydaughter ofJames and AliceBAATER  
28 October 1798Johnson ofJohn and MaryVILE  
6 November 1798Abrahamson ofAbraham and SusannaCHAPPLE  
13 November 1798William Gillson ofJohn and AnnPASSMORE  
18 November 1798Marydaughter ofWilliam and SusannaROAL  
20 November 1798Susannadaughter ofThomas and SusannaSKINNER  
27 November 1798Bettybase child ofAnnBRADLY  
29 November 1798Williamson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
9 December 1798Johnson ofJames and AgnesTURNER  
16 December 1798Williamson and base child ofGraceBARTLETT  
26 December 1798Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethRADFORD  
26 December 1798Johnson ofThomas and ElizabethRENDLE  
26 December 1798Williamson ofJohn and SusannaSKINNER  
6 January 1799Johnson ofWilliam and AnnBEERof Swimbridge 
13 January 1799Elizabethdaughter ofHercules and MargretBARROTT  
15 January 1799Johnson ofJames and AliceBRAYLEY  
22 January 1799Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethRENDLE  
10 February 1799Isaacson ofEmanuel and SusannaCHAPPLE  
10 February 1799Georgeson ofJohn and MaryCROSSCOOME  
17 February 1799Marydaughter ofPhilip and CatherineGUARD  
24 February 1799Marybase child ofSarahWHITEFEILD  
10 March 1799Henryson ofRobert and JoanPICKARD  
18 March 1799Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBUDD  
25 March 1799Marydaughter ofThomas and GraceDALLIN  
25 March 1799Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDAVEY  
7 April 1799Thomasson ofWilliam and ElizabethHUXTABLE  
30 April 1799Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSMALDON  
5 May 1799Williamson ofWilliam and FrancesVERNEY  
19 May 1799Johnson ofDavid and AliceCLEMENT  
21 May 1799Epaphrasson ofWilliam and MarySEAGE  
2 June 1799Richardson ofWilliam and ThomazinSMALEof Tawton 
6 June 1799Elizabethdaughter ofJames and MaryBUCKINGHAM reverend
16 June 1799Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKE  
18 June 1799Jennydaughter ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
23 June 1799Williamson ofWilliam and SarahMARE  
29 June 1799Michaelson ofThomas and MargaretLOCK  
9 July 1799Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and MaryBAKER  
14 July 1799Bettybase child ofMaryBENDLE  
14 July 1799Marybase child ofMaryBENDLE  
21 July 1799Marydaughter ofHugh and MaryEASTAWAY  
21 July 1799Richardson ofWilliam and MaryHUTCHINS  
28 July 1799Marydaughter ofJames and GraceCLARKE  
4 August 1799Johnson ofWilliam and AnnSMYTH  
25 August 1799Johnson ofThomas and AmySMYTH  
25 August 1799Georgeson ofJohn and SusannaWHITEFIELD  
8 September 1799Williamson ofPhilip and MaryJARMAN  
15 September 1799Elizabethdaughter ofEdward and MarySAUNDERS  
15 September 1799Hannahdaughter ofJohn and BettyJOANES  
22 September 1799Marydaughter ofEdward and MargaretSAUNDERS  
29 September 1799Danielson ofPeter and ElizabethBOWDEN  
20 October 1799Joandaughter ofJames and MaryWEBBER  
27 October 1799Richardson ofWilliam and AnnBARROW  
7 November 1799Anndaughter ofThomas and AnnWESTACOTT  
13 November 1799Georgeson ofJames and JoanRICE  
17 November 1799Bettydaughter ofJohn and ThomazinBLACKMORE  
1 December 1799Williamson ofJames and ElizabethMILDON  
1 December 1799Johnson ofRobert and ElizabethNOTT  
11 December 1799Susannadaughter ofWilliam and MaryNICKOLLS  
15 December 1799Johnson ofJohn and MaryJIBBIT  
26 December 1799Alicedaughter ofJames and WilmottBARNES  
29 December 1799Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and EleanorSHADDOCK  
31 December 1799Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEWINGSof Swimbridge 
5 January 1800Jamesson ofJames and SarahBAKER  
15 January 1800Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryJOCE  
19 January 1800Dorothydaughter ofWilliam and AnnBEER  
21 January 1800Anndaughter ofRobert and SarahPUNCHARD  
2 February 1800Jamesson ofJames and MaryBOWDEN  
9 February 1800Abrahamson ofJohn and MaryWALDRON  
18 February 1800Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
23 February 1800Marydaughter ofRobert and AnnPALFREEMAN  
26 February 1800Alexanderson ofJohn and MargaretBAKER  
9 March 1800Johnson ofHugh and MaryCLARKE  
16 March 1800Bettydaughter ofJohn and AnnWARD  
16 March 1800Racheldaughter ofMatthew and MaryKNEEL  
23 March 1800Honorbase child ofGraceFEWINGS  
23 March 1800Susannadaughter ofWilliam and JaneRICE  
30 March 1800Jamesson ofJoseph and ElizabethMAY  
30 March 1800Thomasbase child ofGraceKING  
6 April 1800Williamson ofJohn and AnnMANNATON  
4 May 1800Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLEY  
18 May 1800Johnson ofJohn and EleanorRADFORD  
19 May 1800Williamson ofJames and MarySAUNDERS  
8 June 1800Philipson ofPhilip and SarahPARKIN  
29 June 1800Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryCAMP  
13 July 1800Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethWOTTON  
20 July 1800Philipson ofPhilip and MaryBURGESS  
20 July 1800Sallydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSEAGE  
3 August 1800Johnson ofRobert and JoanPICKARD  
5 August 1800Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
17 August 1800Henryson ofAndrew and ElizabethBEER  
24 August 1800Janedaughter ofThomas and HannahPARKIN  
12 October 1800Jennydaughter ofJames and MaryRICHARDS  
5 November 1800Alexanderson ofThomas and SusannaSKINNER  
11 November 1800Williamson ofGeorge and AnnSAUNDERS  
30 November 1800Williambase child ofMaryHUXTABLE  
2 December 1800Anndaughter ofPeter and ElizabethMILDON  
3 December 1800Johnson ofRobert and SarahPUNCHARD  
13 January 1801Susannadaughter ofJohn and MaryTINSON  
27 January 1801Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryCLARK  
15 February 1801Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
22 February 1801Racheldaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethHUXTABLE  
22 February 1801Betseydaughter ofJohn Screech and MaryPOPHAM  
25 February 1801Emilydaughter ofJames and MaryBUCKINGHAM Reverend
1 March 1801Mariadaughter ofAnnWESTCOTT  
29 March 1801Robertson ofRobert and AliceHEAL  
5 April 1801Robert Birdson ofWilliam and SarahJANE  
6 April 1801Alicedaughter ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
7 April 1801Susannadaughter ofElizabethBEER  
11 April 1801Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethCHAPPLE  
3 May 1801Anndaughter ofPhilip and MaryJARMAN  
3 May 1801Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnBEERof Swimbridge 
10 May 1801Thomasson ofJames and GraceJENKINS  
17 May 1801Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethSMALDON  
2 June 1801Marydaughter ofJames and AliceBRAYLEY  
14 June 1801Georgeson ofThomas and BettyASHELFORD  
14 June 1801Jamesson ofJohn and MargaretWHITFIELD  
21 June 1801Marydaughter ofMichael and BettyMAYN  
21 June 1801Mary Averydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBUDD  
5 July 1801Susannadaughter ofThomas and MargaretLOCK  
12 July 1801Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBEER  
19 July 1801Bartholomewson ofJohn and MaryMILDON  
11 August 1801Samuelson ofRichard and AnnLILE  
23 August 1801Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKE  
11 September 1801Johnson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
30 November 1801Johnson ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
2 December 1801Johnson ofJohn and MarySHAPLAND  
13 December 1801Thomasson ofJames and ElizabethSHADDOCK  
27 December 1801Thomasson ofAbraham and SusannaCHAPPLE  
28 December 1801Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethRENDLE  
28 December 1801Williamson ofJohn and MaryDAVEY  
1 January 1802Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
3 January 1802Charlesson ofJohn and MaryCROSSMAN  
12 January 1802Johnson ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTT  
7 February 1802Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryWALDRON  
21 February 1802Thomasson ofPhilip and CatherineGUARD  
3 March 1802Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
4 April 1802Jamesson ofJames and JoanRICE  
4 April 1802Bettydaughter ofJohn and MargaretNICHOLLS  
23 May 1802Marydaughter ofJohn and ThomazinBLACKMORE  
1 June 1802Marydaughter ofJames and HannahLOCK  
14 June 1802Johnson ofJohn and SarahPARKIN  
20 June 1802Humphreyson ofJohn and SusannahWHITEFIELD  
6 July 1802Sarahdaughter ofJames and WilmotBARNES  
11 July 1802Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryMOORMAN  
18 July 1802Johnson ofRobert and AnnPALFREEMAN  
25 July 1802Williamson ofWilliam and SusannaMOAL  
28 July 1802Williamson ofRobert and SarahPUNCHARD  
28 July 1802Elizabethdaughter ofFrancis and SarahZEAL  
15 August 1802Edwardson ofJohn and JoanHEARD  
15 August 1802Bettydaughter ofJohn and MarySKINNER  
15 August 1802Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethDOWN  
17 Aujgust 1802Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDYER  
29 August 1802Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethCONGRAM  
29 August 1802Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethCONGRAM  
29 August 1802Johnson ofJames and MaryBOWDEN  
5 September 1802Johnson ofWilliam and MaryFEWINGSof Swimbridge 
15 September 1802Marydaughter ofThomas and SusannaSKINNER  
26 September 1802Bettydaughter ofHugh and MaryEASTAWAY  
17 October 1802Marydaughter ofHugh and MaryCLARK  
24 October 1802Georgeson ofJohn and MaryJIBBIT  
5 November 1802Marydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethRENDLE  
5 November 1802Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryLOCK  
5 November 1802Williamson ofThomas and GraceDALLING  
28 November 1802Henryson ofJames and BettyMILDON  
28 November 1802Georgeson ofDavid and AliceCLEMENT  
30 November 1802Gracedaughter ofJames and AliceBAATER  
5 December 1802Marydaughter ofAndrew and ElizabethBEER  
19 December 1802Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and JaneRICE  
28 December 1802Johnson ofJames and MarySAUNDERS  
28 December 1802Johnbase child ofSarahMARLOW  
6 January 1803Richard Birdson ofWilliam and SarahJANE  
6 January 1803Marydaughter ofPhilip and MaryBURGESS  
6 January 1803Johnbase child ofMaryARSCOTT  
25 January 1803Johnson ofNed and MarySAUNDERS  
25 January 1803Richardson ofJohn and ElizabethPOPE  
13 February 1803Gracedaughter ofJames and GraceJENKINS  
1 March 1803Johnson ofJohn and AnnBOWDON  
6 March 1803Jamesson ofJames and MaryWEBBER  
6 March 1803Thomasson ofWilliam and AnnBEER  
15 March 1803Susannadaughter ofJohn and MaryJOCE  
17 March 1803Janedaughter ofWilliam and MaryJOCE  
27 March 1803Mary Miltonbase child ofElizabethPARKIN  
29 March 1803Williamson ofWilliam and MarySEAGE  
29 March 1803Jamesson ofJohn and AnnMANNATON  
30 March 1803Williamson ofJohn and MarySHAPLAND  
17 April 1803Paulbase child ofMarySAUNDERS  
1 May 1803Marydaughter ofPeter and BettyBOWDON  
1 May 1803Johnson ofHenry and AnnJOCE  
5 May 1803Anndaughter ofPhilip and SarahPARKIN  
8 May 1803Williamson ofJames and GraceCLARK  
11 May 1803Edmundson ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLE  
11 May 1803Williamson ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
22 May 1803Johnson ofWilliam and AnnBEER  
22 May 1803Wilmotdaughter ofJohn and WilmotBOWDON  
29 May 1803Williamson ofRichard and ElizabethSLEE  
29 May 1803Laurenceson ofRobert and ElizabethGULLY  
31 May 1803Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
1 June 1803Jennydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethHUXTABLE  
5 June 1803Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBUDD  
12 June 1803Marydaughter ofJohn and BettySLADER  
12 June 1803Edwardson ofWilliam and SarahMARE  
19 June 1803Jamesson ofFrancis and GraceROOK  
19 June 1803James Scoinsbase child ofMaryHERSETT  
3 July 1803Margaretdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBEER  
5 July 1803Thomasson ofJames and AliceBRAYLEY  
17 July 1803Margaretdaughter ofRobert and SarahGALLIFORD  
17 July 1803Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSMALDON  
17 July 1803Honordaughter ofJohn and BettyJOANES  
17 July 1803Bettydaughter ofJames and AgnessTURNER  
24 July 1803Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethTUCKER  
24 July 1803Johnson ofJames and SarahCOURTNEY  
31 July 1803Marydaughter ofRoger and BettyBUCKINGHAM  
7 August 1803Robertson ofRobert and AnnWESTCOTT  
14 August 1803Richardbase child ofMaryPHILIPS  
14 August 1803Catherinedaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
4 September 1803Marydaughter ofElias and AnnNOTT  
11 September 1803Agnessdaughter ofJohn and MaryTINSON  
2 October 1803Sarahdaughter ofMatthew and MaryKNEEL  
4 October 1803Jamesson ofRobert and SarahPUNCHARD  
9 October 1803Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnSMITH  
9 October 1803Robertson ofThomas and MargaretLOCK  
23 October 1803Hannahdaughter ofThomas and HannahPARKIN  
17 November 1803Bettydaughter ofAbraham and MargaretWALDRON  
27 November 1803Johnson ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
27 November 1803Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARK  
26 December 1803Richardson ofJohn and MaryCROOK  
1 January 1804Elizabethbase child ofMaryLEY  
1 January 1804Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryCROSSMAN  
8 January 1804Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and ElizabethASHELFORD  
10 January 1804Williamson ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTT  
11 January 1804Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
12 January 1804Richardson ofJohn and MaryDAVEY  
17 January 1804Johnson ofJohn and GraceSMITH  
22 January 1804Jennydaughter ofJohn and ThomazinBLACKMORE  
23 January 1804Bettydaughter ofJohn and MaryGUARD  
29 January 1804Jennydaughter ofWilliam and MaryRICHARDS  
19 February 1804Williamson ofWilliam and JennyODAM  
28 February 1804Johnson ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERS  
28 February 1804Marybase child ofMaryMOUNTJOY  
4 March 1804Bettydaughter ofWilliam and BettyBAKER  
6 March 1804Johnson ofThomas and MaryHOLLWAY  
13 March 1804Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryLOCK  
2 April 1804Bettydaughter ofJohn and MarySTEPHENS  
2 April 1804Marydaughter ofAnthony and AnnSMALRIDGE  
2 April 1804Elizabethdaughter ofAnthony and AnnSMALRIDGE  
15 April 1804Anndaughter ofPhilip and MaryBURGESS  
15 April 1804Marydaughter ofJohn and MargaretNICKOLLS  
29 April 1804Sallydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLITHABEE  
20 May 1804Robertbase child ofGraceLITHABEE  
21 May 1804Susannadaughter ofJohn and MaryGRINEY  
5 June 1804Johnson ofJohn and GraceMORRIS  
12 June 1804Philipson ofPhilip and GraceCROCKER  
20 June 1804Hariottdaughter ofJames and MaryBOWDON  
26 June 1804Jamesson ofJames and HannahLOCK  
1 July 1804Bettydaughter ofJohn and MarySHAPLAND  
22 July 1804Anndaughter ofMichael and ElizabethMAYNE  
14 August 1804Anndaughter ofRobert and AnnPALFREEMAN  
4 September 1804Thomasson ofThomas and SusannaSKINNER  
7 October 1804Williamson ofPhilip and JudithDOWNEY  
14 October 1804Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnGRADDON  
30 October 1804Marydaughter ofJohn and MarySHAPLAND  
25 November 1804Johnson ofWilliam and AnnBEER  
29 November 1804Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryJOCE  
12 December 1804Charlottedaughter ofWilliam and SarahJANE  
16 December 1804Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethPOPE  
23 December 1804Williamson ofRobert and AliceHEAL  
27 December 1804Williamson ofThomas and ElizabethRENDLE  
27 December 1804Racheldaughter ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLE  
10 January 1805Alexanderson ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
13 January 1805Elizabethdaughter ofJames and AmyBRAGG  
16 January 1805Johnson ofFrancis and SarahZEAL  
20 January 1805Nancybase child ofCatherineCOLE  
3 February 1805Anndaughter ofPhilip and CatherineGUARD  
3 February 1805Johnson ofThomas and MaryBAKERof Swimbridge 
3 February 1805Johnson ofJames and MaryMARSH  
24 February 1805Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and BettySLADER  
24 February 1805Jamesson ofWilliam and JaneRICE  
3 March 1805Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryGUARD  
3 March 1805Jamesbase child ofElizabethSNOW  
5 March 1805Robertson ofJohn and ElizabethEASTMOND  
12 March 1805Henryson ofJohn and ElizabethDYER  
17 March 1805Amydaughter ofJohn and AnnCAMP (STOCK)  
24 March 1805Williamson ofJohn and AnnSYMONDS  
31 March 1805Thomasson ofRobert and SarahPUNCHARD  
7 April 1805Marydaughter ofJames and SarahCOURTNEY  
16 April 1805Alicedaughter ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
21 April 1805Jamesson ofJohn and SusannaWHITFIELD  
25 April 1805Jamesson ofMarySAUNDERS  
21 May 1805Jennydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethDAVEY  
26 May 1805Georgeson ofNed and MarySAUNDERS  
28 May 1805Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
28 May 1805Alexanderson ofMatthew and MaryKNEEL  
4 June 1805Johnson ofRobert and AnnROWDON  
23 June 1805Margaretdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethDOWN  
24 June 1805Sarahdaughter ofJohn and SarahPARKIN  
4 July 1805Johnson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
7 July 1805Christopherson ofJames and GraceCLARK  
9 July 1805Johnson ofJames and JoanRICE  
14 July 1805Johnson ofJohn and JaneTURNER  
14 July 1805Williamson ofJames and MarySCOIN  
21 July 1805Gracedaughter ofRichard and ElizabethSLEE  
6 August 1805Jamesson ofGeorge and CatherineBEER  
18 August 1805Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryBOWDONof Swimbridge 
1 September 1805Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryLOCK  
8 September 1805Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and SarahMARE  
15 September 1805Jamesson ofJohn and AmyPODGERS  
29 September 1805Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethRENDLE  
6 October 1805Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLCOTT  
6 October 1805Annbase child ofAnnWHITFIELD  
6 October 1805Jamesson ofJohn and JoanHERD  
20 October 1805Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnBOWDON  
20 October 1805Isaacson ofJohn and AnnBOWDON  
10 November 1805Johnson ofJohn and JoannaBRAYLEY  
24 November 1805Marydaughter ofWilliam and BettyBAKER  
26 November 1805Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
17 December 1805Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTT  
22 December 1805Sallydaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
27 December 1805Elizabethdaughter ofJames and MaryRICHARD  
27 December 1805Georgeson ofJames and AliceBATER  
27 December 1805Anndaughter ofRobert and ElizabethGULLEY  
31 December 1805Williamson ofJames and AliceBRAYLEY  
6 January 1806Jamesson ofJohn and MaryGRINEY  
19 January 1806Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryBLAKEof Swimbridge 
19 January 1806Sallydaughter ofJohn and MargaretNICKOLLS  
26 January 1806Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEWINGSof Swimbridge 
2 February 1806Jamesbase child ofJennyGRIFFIN  
2 February 1806Betseydaughter ofThomas and GraceDALLIN  
23 February 1806Williambase child ofCatherineBURGESS  
23 February 1806Bettybase child ofMaryBEER  
5 March 1806Marydaughter ofThomas and AnnBENTLEY  
8 March 1806Robertson ofWilliam and MaryBUDD  
16 March 1806Jamesson ofJohn and MaryJIBBIT  
16 March 1806Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnBEERof Swimbridge 
18 March 1806Johnson ofNicholas and ElizabethJOCE  
30 March 1806Marydaughter ofJohn and BettyBUCKINGHAM  
30 March 1806Gracedaughter ofPhilip and GraceCROCKER  
6 May 1806Williamson ofJames and WilmotBAZNER  
11 May 1806Emanuelson ofEmanuel and MaryCHAPPLE  
12 May 1806Anndaughter ofWilliam and AgnessMORRIS  
10 June 1806Georgeson ofWilliam and SarahFORD  
16 June 1806Williamson ofJohn and GraceMORRIS  
22 June 1806Jamesson ofJohn and MaryTINSON  
29 June 1806Joseph Fairchildson ofWilliam and MaryBUCKINGHAM  
29 June 1806Mariadaughter ofJno. And MaryCROSSMAN  
30 June 1806Johnson ofJohn and AgnessWINTER  
1 July 1806Gracedaughter ofFinneyBUCKINGHAM  
15 July 1806Jamesson ofWilliam and ElizabethSKINNER  
10 August 1806Francisson ofFrancis and SarahZEAL  
10 August 1806Georgeson ofGeorge and JaneARTHURS  
24 August 1806Henryson ofJames and GraceJENKINS  
2 September 1806Marydaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLWAY  
15 September 1806Abrahamson ofJohn and MaryDAVEY  
17 September 1806Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryJOCE  
28 September 1806Johnson ofJohn and MarySTEPHENS  
5 October 1806Anndaughter ofRobert and GracePAW  
8 October 1806Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethBAKER  
15 October 1806Sarahdaughter ofThomas and SusannaSKINNER  
2 November 1806Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnROWCLIFF  
2 November 1806Eliasson ofRobert and ElizabethNOTT  
4 November 1806Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethDOWDLE  
9 November 1806Jamesson ofJohn and ThomazineBLACKMORE  
11 November 1806Christopherson ofJohn and MarySHAPLAND  
15 November 1806Anndaughter ofMatthew and MaryKNEEL  
4 December 1806Johnson ofElias and AnnNOTT  
28 December 1806Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
30 December 1806Georgeson ofGeorge and CatherineBEER  
30 December 1806Henryson ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
30 December 1806Bettydaughter ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLE  
4 January 1807Richardson ofJames and SarahCOURTNEY  
8 January 1807Marydaughter ofThomas and MarySNOW  
13 January 1807Thomasson ofThomas and ElizabethRENDLE  
1 February 1807Williamson ofJohn and MarySHAPLAND  
8 February 1807Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and MaryBURGESS  
22 February 1807Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnBEER  
24 February 1807Williamson ofJames and HannahLOCK  
1 March 1807Alexanderson ofRichard and AnnSLEE  
3 March 1807Anndaughter ofPeter and BettyMILDON  
8 March 1807Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLCOTT  
30 March 1807Elizabethdaughter ofJames and GraceCLARK  
1 April 1807Jamesson ofJohn and GraceGRIFFIN  
4 April 1807Anndaughter ofJohn and BettyEASTMOND  
5 April 1807Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethFEWINGS  
19 April 1807Johnson ofThomas and ElizabethDAVEY  
26 April 1807Henryson ofJohn and AnnCAMP  
26 April 1807Bettydaughter ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLING  
7 June 1807Alexanderson ofCharles and GraceKNELL  
14 June 1807Georgeson ofJohn and AnnSYMONDS  
28 June 1807Jamesson ofJohn and MaryBAKER  
7 July 1807Williamson ofWilliam and SarahJAMES  
21 July 1807Williamson ofWilliam and MaryLOCK  
26 July 1807Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBAKER  
26 July 1807Williambase child ofEleanorSMALRIDGE  
2 August 1807Johnbase child ofMaryBATER  
16 August 1807Eliasson ofHugh and MaryEASTAWAY  
13 September 1807Jamesson ofJohn and BettyJOANES  
20 September 1807Janedaughter ofAnthony and AnnSMALRIDGE  
27 September 1807Johnson ofWilliam and MarySYMONDS  
27 September 1807Alicedaughter ofJohn and BettySLADER  
28 October 1807Thomasson ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTT  
3 November 1807Mary Cothaydaughter ofMaryROWDON  
4 November 1807Janedaughter ofNicholas and ElizabethJOCE  
6 November 1807Robertson ofRobert and AnnROWDON  
8 November 1807Georgeson ofWilliam and SarahMARE  
8 November 1807Robertson ofRobert and AnnPALFREEMAN  
22 November 1807Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethDOWN  
20 December 1807Jamesson ofJohn and MaryVILE  
27 December 1807Johnson ofThomas and MaryHOLLAND  
28 December 1807Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryBURROW  
5 January 1808Bartholomewson ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
11 January 1808Johnson ofGeorge and AliceARSCOTT  
14 January 1808Marydaughter ofJohn and CatharineBURGESS  
25 January 1808Jamesson ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
31 January 1808Janedaughter ofRobert and JoanKINGSLANDof Warkleigh 
3 February 1808Marydaughter ofSamuel and BettyCROCKER  
7 February 1808Janedaughter ofWilliam and SarahHODGE  
14 February 1808Johnson ofEdward and MargaretSAUNDERS  
28 February 1808Johnson ofJames and MaryRICHARDS  
27 March 1808Sarahdaughter ofRobert and ElizabethGULLEY  
27 March 1808Marydaughter ofJohn and JoanHEARD  
3 April 1808Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnMANNATON  
3 April 1808Emanuelson ofEmanuel and MaryCHAPPLE  
3 April 1808Janedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBEER  
18 April 1808Bettydaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
20 April 1808Anndaughter ofThomas and AnnBENTLEY  
25 April 1808Jamesson ofEdward and MarySAUNDERS  
5 May 1808Marydaughter ofFrancis and SarahZEAL  
8 May 1808Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethPOPE  
8 May 1808Williamson ofPhilip and CatharineGUARD  
8 May 1808Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnCLARK  
8 May 1808Marydaughter ofThomas and AnnHODGE  
22 May 1808Gracedaughter ofWilliam and AnnBEERof Swimbridge 
22 May 1808Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethEVANS  
24 May 1808Marydaughter ofJohn and MargaretMILDON  
6 June 1808Betseydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethBAKER  
13 June 1808Anndaughter ofHenry and SarahSKINNER  
19 June 1808Judithdaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethDADDS  
28 June 1808Catharinedaughter ofJohn and GraceMORRIS  
3 July 1808Anndaughter ofJohn and MargaretNICKOLLS  
5 July 1808Williamson ofFinney and MaryBUCKINGHAM  
6 July 1808Mariadaughter ofThomas and SusannaSKINNER  
24 July 1808Hannahdaughter ofDavid and MaryAZE  
24 July 1808Williamson ofWilliam and AnnGRADDON  
2 August 1808Robertson ofJohn and MaryDAVEY  
4 September 1808Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryJIBBET  
6 September 1808Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLWAY  
9 October 1808Henryson ofJohn and SusannaWHITFIELD  
16 October 1808Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnSLEE  
16 October 1808Jamesson ofJob and MaryWILLS  
1 November 1808Jamesson ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
6 November 1808Thomasson ofJames and SarahCOURTNEY  
6 November 1808Elizabethdaughter ofMargaretWHITFIELD  
20 November 1808Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCROSSMAN  
27 November 1808Anndaughter ofWilliam and MarySMITH  
13 December 1808Marydaughter ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLE  
26 December 1808Williamson ofPhilip and GraceCROCKER  
3 January 1809Williamson ofThomas and BettyDAVEY  
15 January 1809Margaretdaughter ofPhilip and MaryBURGESS  
17 January 1809Elizabethdaughter ofJames and AliceBRAYLEY  
29 Janaury 1809Thomasson ofRobert and GracePAW  
1 February 1809Marydaughter ofWilliam and GraceBURGESS  
12 February 1809Anndaughter ofJohn and GraceGRIFFIN  
19 February 1809Edwardson ofThomas and BetseyDYER  
26 March 1809Marydaughter ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLING  
26 March 1809Marydaughter ofThomas and GraceASHELFORD  
9 April 1809Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLCOTT  
9 April 1809Thomasson ofJohn and ThomazinBLACKMORE  
22 May 1809Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and JennyODAM  
6 June 1809Arthurson ofJames and MarySAUNDER  
11 June 1809Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethFEWINGS  
20 June 1809Georgeson ofSamuel and BettyCROCKER  
25 June 1809Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBOWDON  
2 July 1809Thomasson ofJohn and MaryHAYDON  
6 July 1809Janedaughter ofPhilip and ElizabethROCK  
6 July 1809Georgeson ofWilliam and MaryLOCK  
6 July 1809Williamson ofJohn and JaneLUXTON  
16 July 1809Jamesson ofRichard and BettyCOURTNEY  
27 July 1809Williamson ofJames and PrudenceTUCKER  
6 August 1809Amydaughter and base child ofElizabethCHAMPION  
13 August 1809Williamson ofWilliam and AgnessMORRIS  
27 August 1809Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLATWORTHY  
3 September 1809Williamson ofWilliam and MaryMILDON  
3 September 1809Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryMILDON  
10 September 1809Georgeson ofJames and HannahLOCK  
17 September 1809Henryson ofJohn and ElizabethPHILPOTT  
17 September 1809Anndaughter ofJames and SarahCOURTNEY  
24 September 1809Johnson ofAnthony and AnnSMALRIDGE  
29 October 1809Henryson ofHenry and JennyADAMS  
5 November 1809Mary Anndaughter ofRobert and AnnROWDON  
12 November 1809Peterson ofWilliam and SarahMARE  
12 November 1809Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryCONGRAM  
28 December 1809Jamesson ofNicholas and ElizabethJOCE  
1 January 1810Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMAYNE  
7 January 1810Johnson ofJohn and BettySLADER  
9 January 1810Richardson ofAbraham and SusannaCHAPPLE  
21 January 1810Jennybase child ofMaryCLATWORTHY  
21 January 1810Williamson ofElias and AnnNOTT  
23 January 1810Anndaughter ofJames and AliceBATER  
6 February 1810Bettydaughter ofJohn and AnnCLARKof Swimbridge 
11 February 1810Johnson ofWilliam and BettyLETHABEE  
18 February 1810Marydaughter ofJames and AgnessTURNER  
18 February 1810Edmundson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
11 March 1810Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnSYMONDS  
14 March 1810Eliza Carderdaughter ofWilliam and MaryWATTS  
1 April 1810Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryCHAPPLE  
1 April 1810Williamson ofRobert and AnnPALFREEMAN  
4 April 1810Edmund Dowelingbase child ofMaryHARRIS  
10 April 1810Susannadaughter ofWilliam and MaryJOCE  
29 April 1810Jamesson ofGeorge and ElizabethEVANS  
13 May 1810Thomasson ofThomas and GraceASHELFORD  
27 May 1810Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and SarahHODGE  
11 June 1810Sarahdaughter ofJohn and MargaretMILDON  
25 June 1810Johnson ofBartholomew and AnnLOCK  
26 June 1810Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MarySHAPLAND  
1 July 1810Johnson ofFinney and MaryBUCKINGHAM  
2 July 1810Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryBARROW  
9 July 1810Anndaughter ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
15 July 1810Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnSLEE  
12 August 1810Edwardson ofWilliam and ElizabethCONGRAM  
12 August 1810Marydaughter ofGeorge and CatharineBEER  
23 September 1810Williamson ofWilliam and MarySYMONDS  
28 October 1810Janedaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethLIMEBEER  
28 October 1810Jamesson ofJames and SarahCOURTNEY  
11 November 1810Philipson ofRobert and AliceHOAL  
11 November 1810Janedaughter ofWilliam and BettyBAKER  
11 November 1810Johnson ofPhilip and HannahISAAC  
11 November 1810Marybase child ofDorothyWARD  
20 November 1810Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryBEER  
25 November 1810Annbase child ofMarySAUNDERS  
2 December 1810Bettydaughter ofJohn and MaryMANNATON  
16 December 1810Betseydaughter ofJohn and BetseyLETHABEE  
12 February 1811Williamson ofJohn and GraceGRIFFIN  
26 February 1811Johnson ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLE  
3 March 1811Marydaughter ofPhilip and GraceCROCKER  
10 March 1811Janedaughter ofJohn and SusannaWHITFIELD  
17 March 1811Georgeson ofJohn and MaryPOPE  
26 March 1811Johnson ofThomas and GraceKINGDON  
14 April 1811Thomasson ofThomas and AnnHODGE  
16 April 1811Williamson ofSamuel and BettyCROCKER  
28 April 1811Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and MaryBATER  
5 May 1811Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryBUDD  
5 May 1811Henryson ofJohn and ElizabethBEER  
12 May 1811Johnson ofRobert and EleanorRUDD  
19 May 1811Mary Huxtabledaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLE  
23 May 1811Sallydaughter ofRobert and SusannaAVERY  
26 May 1811Anndaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLANDof Swimbridge 
3 June 1811Marydaughter ofThomas and AnnBENTLY  
5 June 1811Carder Williamson ofWilliam and MaryWATTS  
9 June 1811Georgeson ofJames and MaryRICHARDS  
9 June 1811Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethRENDLE  
11 June 1811Johnson ofThomas and MarySNOW  
30 June 1811Susandaughter ofWilliam and GraceBURGESS  
30 June 1811Marydaughter ofThomas and AnnCAMP  
2 July 1811Hannahdaughter ofRobert and ElizabethGULLEY  
9 July 1811Sarahdaughter ofJames and AliceBRAYLEY  
15 July 1811Jamesson ofJames and ElizabethRENDLE  
28 July 1811Philipson ofJames and JoanRICE  
18 August 1811Anndaughter ofRichard and ElizabethCOURTNEY  
8 September 1811Nancydaughter ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLING  
8 September 1811Isaacson ofEmanuel and MaryCHAPPLE  
8 September 1811William Beerson ofPeter and ElizabethMILDON  
15 September 1811Walterson ofWilliam and SarahMAIR  
1 October 1811Janedaughter ofJohn and AnnCLARKof Swimbridge 
22 October 1811Danielson ofGeorge and BettyLOCK  
27 October 1811Williamson ofJohn and ThomazineBLACKMORE  
5 November 1811Johnson ofWilliam and JoannaTAMLIN  
10 November 1811Williamson ofRobert and GracePAW  
29 December 1811Johnbase childBettyBELLEW  
9 January 1812Williamson ofGeorge and MaryISAAC  
12 January 1812Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethFEWINGSof Swimbridge 
12 January 1812Johnson ofAbraham and BettyWALDRON  
19 January 1812Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryMILDON  
19 January 1812Alicedaughter ofJohn and MaryHAYDON  
26 January 1812Williamson ofWilliam and MaryPHILIPS  
23 February 1812Johnbase childAnnAVERY  
23 February 1812Johnson ofWilliam and JaneODAM  
1 March 1812Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnCAMP  
4 March 1812William Burdenson ofWilliam and MaryJOCE  
8 March 1812Sarahdaughter ofJohn and BettySLADER  
15 March 1812Elizabethdaughter ofMatthew and ElizabethKNEEL  
15 March 1812Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnBEER  
22 March 1812Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLATWORTHY  
30 March 1812Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and SarahSKINNER  
26 April 1812Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethEASTMOND  
26 April 1812Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethEASTMOND  
26 April 1812Anthonyson ofAnthony and AnnSMALLRIDGE  
3 May 1812Williamson ofJohn and MaryCONGRAM  
10 May 1812Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethPOPE  
10 May 1812Mary Anndaughter ofJames and AgnessCURTICE  
31 May 1812Williamson ofHenry and JennyADAMS  
7 June 1812Janedaughter ofJohn and MargaretNICKOLLS  
14 June 1812Johnson ofThomas and GraceASHELFORD  
28 June 1812Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLE  
5 July 1812Edwardson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARK  
5 July 1812Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryWATTS  
5 July 1812Johnson ofJohn and MargaretMILDON  
6 July 1812Rebeccadaughter ofWilliam and MaryLOCK  
12 July 1812Bettydaughter ofRobert and AnnPALFREEMAN  
25 July 1812Anndaughter ofHugh and MaryEASTAWAY  
9 August 1812Williamson ofWilliam and AnnEASTMOND  
13 August 1812Marydaughter ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
27 August 1812Jamesson ofJames and PrudenceTUCKER  
6 September 1812Johnson ofWilliam and AnnSLEE  
27 September 1812Danielson ofJob and MaryWILLS  
4 October 1812Williamson ofPhilip and JennyBURGESS  
4 November 1812Marydaughter ofThomas and JennySKINNER  
15 November 1812Williamson ofJohn and JoanHERD  
15 November 1812Henryson ofWilliam and BettyBAKER  
29 November 1812Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and SarahCROSSMAN  
13 December 1812Bettydaughter ofJohn and AnnSYMONDS  
3 January 1813Williamson ofJohn and MaryBARROWVillageCooper
6 January 1813Wilmotdaughter ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLEPronsburyFarmer
10 January 1813Thirzadaughter ofGeorge and CatherineBEERVillageLabourer
10 January 1813Johnson ofJames and HannahLOCKVillageLabourer
13 January 1813Georgeson ofGeorge and BettyLOCKFurze, VillageYeoman
17 January 1813Sarahdaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLOWAYVillageSmith
9 February 1813Marydaughter ofWilliam and JoannaTAMLINDiptfordYeoman
14 February 1813Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethPEARSEDutcheton WaterYeoman
10 March 1813Williamson ofGeorge and HannahPARKINEastacottLabourer
14 March 1813Georgeson ofJohn and ThomazinBLACKMOREWhitstoneMill carpenter
21 March 1813Marydaughter ofJames and CharlotteRENDLEHigher DiptfordMason
21 March 1813Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLLACOTTSwimbridgeLabourer
28 March 1813Jamesson ofElias and AnnNOTTVillageCarpenter
2 May 1813Johnson ofPhilip and GraceCROCKERHoeLabourer
2 May 1813Marydaughter ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageSmith
2 May 1813Williamson ofPhilip and HannahISAACVillageLabourer
30 May 1813Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLEVillageLabourer
30 May 1813Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryPOPEFurzeLabourer
27 June 1813Janedaughter ofJohn and MarySNOWBishop's TawtonLabourer
18 July 1813Georgebase child ofHonorSLADERTown's EndSpinster
25 July 1813Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCONGRAMChittlehamholtLabourer
1 August 1813Williamson ofJohn and CatherineBURGESSMill HouseLabourer
8 August 1813Marydaughter ofThomas and EleanorRUDDBishop's TawtonLabourer
8 August 1813Abrahamson ofJohn and JennyMANNATONNew BuildingsLabourer
5 September 1813Johnson ofEmmanuel and MaryCHAPPLEBlackmantleLabourer
19 September 1813Johnson ofAnnCAMPFurzeSpinster
29 September 1813Johnson ofSamuel and BettyCROCKERBiddicottYeoman
12 October 1813Jamesson ofJohn and GraceMORRISLerwillYeoman
7 November 1813Thomasson ofThomas and BettyDAVEYWhite HillLabourer
26 December 1813Elizadaughter ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtLabourer
27 December 1813Charlottedaughter ofThomas and AnnBENTLYBray MillMiller
28 December 1813Sarahdaughter ofHenry and SarahSKINNERCleaveYeoman
28 December 1813Marydaughter ofJohn and JennyLUXTONVillageLabourer
2 January 1814Joannadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethFEWINGSSwimbridgeYeoman
6 January 1814Johnson ofJohn and HannahCLARKEWarkleighBlacksmith
9 January 1814Marydaughter ofWilliam and MarySYMONSDownsLabourer
13 January 1814Anndaughter ofBartholomew and AnnLOCKVillageCarpenter
16 January 1814Johnson ofJohn and JoanASHELFORDTray DownLabourer
30 January 1814Jamesson ofHenry and JaneADAMSVillageYeoman
6 February 1814Georgeson ofFrancis and SarahZEALDiptfordYeoman
13 February 1814Johnson ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLINGEastacottLabourer
24 February 1814Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryWALLSVillageMason
14 March 1814Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethRENDLEEastacottYeoman
20 March 1814Mariadaughter ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastacottLabourer
20 March 1814Marydaughter ofJames and PrudenceTUCKERNorth BradburyYeoman
3 April 1814Johnson ofJames and ElizabethEASTMANHoeLabourer
17 April 1814Jonathanson ofThomas and MarySNOWVillageTailor
1 May 1814Williamson ofRobert and MaryROWDENVillageTailor
8 May 1814Georgeson ofAnthony and AnnSMALLRIDGEHoeLabourer
16 May 1814Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryBAKERChittlehamholtCordwainer
30 May 1814Thomasson ofThomas and JennySKINNERBradburyYeoman
12 June 1814Susannadaughter ofMatthew and ElizabethKNEELChittlehamholtYeoman
12 June 1814Abrahamson ofAbraham and ElizabethWALDRONBlackmantleCarpenter
19 June 1814Williamson ofWilliam and MaryHANDFORDChittlehamholtMason
19 June 1814Williamson ofThomas and AnnHODGETray DownLabourer
19 June 1814Mariadaughter ofRobert and AnnPALFRYMANTown's EndLabourer
26 June 1814Johnson ofRichard and BettyCOURTENEYFurzeLabourer
26 June 1814ElizabethBase Child ofSusannaPICKARDVillageSpinster
26 June 1814Johnson ofWilliam and AnnCROSSMANNew BuildingsLabourer
24 July 1814Janedaughter ofJohn and AnnMANNATONWater GateThatcher
7 August 1814Jamesson ofJohn and BettySLADERWarkleyLabourer
7 August 1814Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryISAACBlackmantleLabourer
14 August 1814Charlesson ofWilliam and SarahMASONLower Ditcheton WaterLabourer
21 August 1814Williamson ofJohn and MaryTOUTWest DorridgeLabourer
21 August 1814Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARKEVillageYeoman
4 September 1814Anndaughter ofPhilip and EleanorPARKINEastacottSawyer
11 September 1814Georgeson ofRobert and GracePON [?Pow]MiddlecottLabourer
25 September 1814George Beerson ofWilliam and MaryMILDONTown's EndLabourer
9 October 1814Marydaughter ofSamuel and AnnHOLLANDLittle BlackwallsLabourer
16 October 1814Williamson ofJohn and MarySTEPHENSVillageLabourer
23 October 1814Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLEVillageCordwainer
23 October 1814Alicedaughter ofSamuel and AliceRENDLEVillageCarpenter
23 October 1814Johnson ofJohn and MaryCONGRAMTown's EndLabourer
13 November 1814Ellendaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethLETHABYChittlehamholtLabourer
20 November 1814Janedaughter ofWilliam and JennyODHAMSwimbridgeLabourer
27 November 1814Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCLATWORTHYVillageLabourer
4 December 1814Marydaughter ofJohn and AnnSYMONSAmbowLabourer
7 December 1814Thomasson ofThomas and ElizabethJOCELangatonyeoman
26 December 1814Johnson ofWilliam and MaryPHILLIPSVillageMason
1 January 1815Williambase child ofAnnROUTCLIFFEVillageSpinster
3 January 1815Johnson ofGeorge and MaryBULLIEDSnydollsYeoman
10 January 1815Thomasson ofThomas and ElizabethJOCELangatonYeoman
12 January 1815Charlesson ofWilliam and JoannaTAMLINDiptfordYeoman
15 January 1815Jane Swiftdaughter ofHenry and MaryPHILLIPSVillageSaddler
18 January 1815Johnson ofPhilip and GraceGULLEYVillageMaltster
25 January 1815Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryLOCKFurzeCarpenter
25 January 1815Richardson ofRichard and MaryBARROWNew BuildingsYeoman
24 February 1815Sallydaughter of[?] and MaryHUXTABLEPowsburyYeoman
27 March 1815Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDENSwimbridgeLabourer
2 April 1815Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and HannahKINGDONVillageLabourer
2 April 1815Susandaughter ofJohn and BettyJONESVillageLabourer
9 April 1815Johnson ofEdward and Mary AnnFAIRCHILDHadscott DownLabourer
9 April 1815Williamson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLEVillageLabourer
23 April 1815Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBEERSouthcottLabourer
23 April 1815Mariadaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEWINGSSwimbridgeYeoman
23 April 1815Gracedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethPEARSEDitchaton WaterYeoman
4 June 1815Jamesson ofPhilip and HannahISAACVillageLabourer
4 June 1815Williamson ofJohn and AnnCLARKESwimbridgeYeoman
11 June 1815Bettydaughter ofWilliam and CatherineHUXTABLEChittlehamholtLabourer
14 June 1815Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethFEWINGSBiddacottYeoman
18 June 1815Anndaughter ofPhilip and GraceCROCKERHoeLabourer
19 June 1815Johnson ofHenry and SarahSKINNERCleaveYeoman
19 June 1815Janedaughter ofJohn and GraceMORRISLerwellYeoman
25 June 1815Sarahdaughter ofJames and CharlotteRENDLEHigher DiptfordMason
26 June 1815Williamson ofRobert and MarySCOINSCollatownLabourer
29 June 1815Anndaughter ofJames and AliceBRAILEYAshYeoman
2 July 1815Amydaughter ofJohn and CatherineBURGESSMooreYeoman
2 July 1815Henryson ofHenry and ElizabethBAKERNether CleaveLabourer
15 July 1815John Gulleyson ofRichard and EleanorTHORNESwimbridgeYeoman
16 July 1815Thomasson ofJames and HannahLOCKVillageLabourer
23 July 1815Mary Anndaughter ofAlexander and FrancesMOSSBishop's TawtonLabourer
6 August 1815Johnson ofWilliam and AnnPRICEChittlehamholtLabourer
14 August 1815Johnson ofRobert and ElizabethMIDDLETONChittlehamholtYeoman
20 August 1815Thursadaughter ofWilliam and AnnELLIOTTChittlehamholtTailor
24 August 1815Marydaughter ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTVillageLabourer
27 August 1815Johnson ofRobert and ElizabethMIDDLETONChittlehamholtYeoman
27 August 1815Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageSmith
3 September 1815Thomasson ofThomas and AnnKINGDONTray DownLabourer
3 September 1815Elizabethdaughter ofEphraim and ElizabethHOWARDDiptfordYeoman
18 September 1815Johnson ofHenry and JoneADAMSVillageMason
8 October 1815Marydaughter ofJohn and GraceGRIFFINNorth ShilstonYeoman
5 November 1815Williamson ofGeorge and CatherineBEERNew BuildingsLabourer
8 November 1815John Gulleyson ofRichard and EleanorTHORNESwimbridgeYeoman
10 November 1815Williamson ofThomas and MaryCLARKEBrightley Smith ShopSmith
12 November 1815Jamesson ofJames and JoanRICENarrowcotLabourer
26 November 1815Williamson ofWilliam and AnnSLEEVillageLabourer
3 December 1815Williamson ofThomas and MaryCLARKEBrightley Smith ShopSmith
10 December 1815Marydaughter ofJohn and MarySNOWBishop's TawtonLabourer
19 December 1815Edwardson ofFinney and MaryBUCKINGHAMCoombeYeoman
24 December 1815Williamson ofJohn and ThomazinBLACKMOREWhitstoneCarpenter
24 December 1815Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneBADCOCKVillageLabourer
25 December 1815Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and GraceLEWISChittlehamholtLabourer
1 January 1816Marybase child ofHannahJOPEVillageSpinster
28 January 1816Marydaughter ofJohn and EleanorROOKLIFFESwimbridgeLabourer
28 January 1816Anndaughter ofGeorge and AnnPARKINEastacottLabourer
2 February 1816Johnson ofGeorge and MaryBAKERChittlehamholtYeoman
11 February 1816Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethDOWNLittle BlackwallCarpenter
18 February 1816Marydaughter ofWilliam and SarahBADCOCKChittlehamholtCordwainer
25 February 1816Thomasson ofJohn and JaneASHELFORDLower Tray DownLabourer
25 February 1816Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLEVillageLabourer
3 March 1816Johnson ofJohn and MaryBARROWVillageCooper
3 March 1816Thomasson ofWilliam and MaryWALLSVillageMason
10 March 1816Williambase child ofBettyBERRYBlackmantleSpinster
17 March 1816Johnson ofRobert and MaryMANNATONVillageThatcher
24 March 1816Jamesson ofAnnCAMPVillageSpinster
25 March 1816Williamson ofEdward and AnnJOPEVillage 
7 April 1816Johnson ofPhilip and JaneBURGESSVillageLabourer
15 April 1816Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKINBrightley Smith ShopSawyer
5 May 1816Johnson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtLabourer
23 May 1816Johnson ofJohn and AnnCAMPVillageCordwainer
23 May 1816Eliasson ofElias and AnnNOTTVillageCarpenter
23 May 1816Anndaughter ofJames and Mary BiddacottYeoman
25 May 1816Marydaughter ofRichard and ElizabethCOURTENEYSwimbridgeLabourer
2 June 1816Williambase child ofNancyMAYBlackmantleSpinster
2 June 1816Marydaughter ofWilliam and SarahCOURTENAYDennis'sLabourer
2 June 1816Henryson ofHenry and GraceTOUTPlymouthMason
3 June 1816Marydaughter ofWilliam and SarahRUDDVillageLabourer
16 June 1816Edwardson ofJames and AgnesGRIFFINSwimbridgeLabourer
23 June 1816Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastacottLabourer
23 June 1816Aaronson ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLINGEastacottLabourer
30 June 1816Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryDAVEYVillageLabourer
30 June 1816Jamesson ofJohn and MarySLEEChittlehamholtLabourer
14 July 1816Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryBARROWBradburyYeoman
25 July 1816Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and AnnBENTLYBray BridgeMiller
11 August 1816Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethEASTMANAtheringtonLabourer
25 August 1816Marydaughter ofJohn and JennyMANNATONSwimbridgeLabourer
25 August 1816Fannydaughter ofSamuel and AnnHOLLANDDownsLabourer
8 September 1816Richardson ofJohn and ElizabethMAYNEChittlehamholtCarpenter
22 September 1816Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and EllisRENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
29 September 1816Aaronson ofGeorge and SarahBAWDONLittle BlackwallLabourer
6 October 1816Eleanordaughter ofGeorge and JaneRUDDBrightley Smith ShopLabourer
6 October 1816Sallydaughter ofEmanuel and MaryCHAPPLEBlackmantleLabourer
13 October 1816Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryHANDFORDChittlehamholtMason
18 October 1816Williamson ofThomas and MarySNOWVillageTailor
20 October 1816Williamson ofAnthony and MaryGULLEYSwimbridgeLabourer
20 October 1816Johnson ofJohn and MaryTOUTWest DorrageLabourer
20 October 1816Williamson ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLEVillageCordwainer
20 October 1816Johnson ofWilliam and SusannaFEATHERSTONEMile HouseCarpenter
20 October 1816Bettydaughter ofWilliam and AnnCROSSMANCourtLabourer
22 October 1816Robertson ofWilliam and JoannaTAMLYNCourtYeoman
27 October 1816Jamesson ofGeorge and BettyLOCKFurseYeoman
3 November 1816Harriotbase child ofMarySAUNDERSFilleighSpinster
17 November 1816Hughson ofRobert and AnnPALFRYMANTownsendLabourer
24 November 1816Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCONGRAMTownsendLabourer
8 December 1816Thomasson ofRichard and EleanorTHORNESwimbridgeYeoman
15 December 1816Marydaughter ofAbraham and ElizabethWALDRONBlackmantleCarpenter
22 December 1816Rebeccadaughter ofMatthew and ElizabethKNEELChittlehamholtYeoman
26 December 1816Marydaughter ofPhilip and GraceGULLEYVillageMaltster
29 December 1816Johnson ofWilliam and MaryLOCKFurzeCarpenter
12 January 1817Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and GraceLEWISChittlehamholtLabourer
15 January 1817Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnRICEChittlehamholtLabourer
19 January 1817Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryBAKERChittlehamholtCordwainer
26 January 1817Sallydaughter ofGeorge and MaryBATERChittlehamholtYeoman
16 February 1817Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and JaneADAMSVillageMason
19 February 1817Anndaughter ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLEProusburyYeoman
25 February 1817Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryPOPEFurzeLabourer
2 March 1817Sallydaughter ofJohn and AnnSYMONDSAmbowLabourer
2 March 1817Marydaughter ofFrancis and ElizabethHOLLANDVillageLabourer
25 March 1817Georgeson ofRichard and MaryCROCKEREastacottYeoman
6 April 1817Georgeson ofRoger and AnnPARKINFurseSawyer
6 April 1817Charitydaughter ofWilliam and MaryPHILLIPSEastacottMason
4 May 1817Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDENSwimbridgeLabourer
11 May 1817Thomasson ofJohn and AnnCLARKESwimbridgeYeoman
22 May 1817Johnson ofRichard and ElizabethWEBBERChittlehamholtLabourer
8 June 1817Agnesdaughter ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTVillageLabourer
8 June 1817Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryMILDONVillageLabourer
16 June 1817Frederickson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtMason
29 June 1817Richardson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARCKVillageYeoman
3 July 1817Thomasson ofRichard and JaneBURGESSLangatonYeoman
13 July 1817Jamesson ofThomas and MaryHOLLOWAYVillageBlacksmith
15 July 1817Susannadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethFEWINGSBiddacottYeoman
11 August 1817Marydaughter ofJohn and GraceMORRISLearwellYeoman
31 August 1817Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethGRADDONWindsorYeoman
7 September 1817Fannydaughter ofWilliam and MaryFEWINGSSwimbridgeYeoman
7 September 1817Janedaughter ofJohn and SarahCROSSMANNew BuildingsCarpenter
5 October 1817Williamson ofWilliam and MaryMARLOWCollatownLabourer
5 October 1817Richardson ofGeorge and AliceALLSCOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
12 October 1817Henryson ofWilliam and JennyODAMBishops TawtonLabourer
12 October 1817Johnbase child ofFannyWESTACOTTBishops Tawton 
18 October 1817Johnson ofGeorge and MaryISAACVillageLabourer
5 November 1817Sarahdaughter ofJames and MarySHADDOCKVillageLabourer
10 November 1817Johnson ofJames and ElizabethRENDLEEastacottYeoman
16 November 1817Eleanordaughter ofPhilip and EleanorPARKINPark EndLabourer
25 December 1817Johnson ofRobert and MarySCOYNSTraydownLabourer
27 December 1817Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
28 December 1817Marydaughter ofGeorge and SarahBawdonChittlehamholtLabourer
3 January 1818Johnson ofWilliam and MaryLAKEChittlehamholtLabourer
4 January 1818RobertBase Child ofAnnTURNERChittlehamholt 
13 January 1818Thomasson ofPhilip and HannahISAACVillageLabourer
28 January 1818Henryson ofHenry and SarahSKINNERCleaveYeoman
1 February 1818Johnson ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
14 February 1818Katharinedaughter ofJohn and KatharineBURGESSMoorYeoman
15 February 1818Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and SarahBADCOCKMiddlecottCordwainer
22 February 1818Johnson ofWilliam and MaryWATTSVillageMason
22 February 1818Anndaughter ofEdward and MaryMACDONALDWorkhousePauper
1 March 1818Johnson ofWilliam and AnnELLIOTTVillageTailor
3 March 1818Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERVillageYeoman
8 March 1818Sarahdaughter ofRobert and EleanorRUDDAtheringtonLabourer
15 March 1818Bettydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethWOOLLACOTTSwimbridgeLabourer
17 March 1818Samuelson ofRichard and MaryCROCKEREastacottYeoman
22 March 1818Edmundson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLEVillageLabourer
24 March 1818Williamson ofJames and CharlotteRENDLEHarracombeMason
25 March 1818Janedaughter ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastacottLabourer
29 March 1818Elizadaughter ofRobert and MaryMANNATONVillageThatcher
29 March 1818Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERSWhitehallMason
31 March 1818Anndaughter ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageSmith
12 April 1818Williamson ofJohn and GraceROWCLIFFESwimbridgeYeoman
14 April 1818Fannydaughter ofJohn and GraceGRIFFINWarkleyYeoman
20 April 1818Johnson ofThomas and ElizabethJOCELangatonYeoman
29 April 1818Mary Anndaughter ofHenry and MaryPHILLIPSTownsendSaddler
3 May 1818Janedaughter ofHenry and SusannaGAYTONMiddlecottLabourer
8 May 1818Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryMILFORDVillageSmith
16 May 1818Sarahdaughter ofWilliam and AnnSLEEWorkhousePauper
17 May 1818Jamesson ofThomas and ElizabethDAVYNorthshilstonLabourer
19 May 1818Johnson ofThomas and SusannaEARLVillageMaltster
24 May 1818Anndaughter ofThomas and MaryWESTACOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
11 June 1818Bartholomewson ofBartholomew and AnnLOCKVillageCarpenter
20 June 1818Johnson ofThomas and MaryCLARKEBrightlySmith
28 June 1818Anndaughter ofJohn and EleanorROWCLIFFELittle BlakewellLabourer
28 June 1818Mariadaughter ofHenry and ElizabethBAKERBrightlyLabourer
5 July 1818Ephraimson ofEphraim and ElizabethHOWARDNethercleaveYeoman
5 July 1818Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and JaneMURCHHoeYeoman
5 July 1818Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBEERSouthcottLabourer
21 July 1818Johnson ofWilliam and AnnEASTMONDNethercleaveLabourer
26 July 1818Marydaughter ofJames and GraceFORDChittlehamholtLabourer
2 August 1818Eleanordaughter ofRichard and EleanorTHORNESwimbridgeYeoman
16 August 1818Williamson ofWilliam and GraceLEWISChittlehamholtLabourer
30 August 1818Williamson ofWilliam and JaneBADCOCKVillageLabourer
6 September 1818Jacobson ofJohn and ThomazineBLACKMOREFurseMillwright
25 September 1818Peterson ofGeorge and MaryISAACVillageLabourer
27 September 1818Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and ElizabethMOORENew BuildingsLabourer
29 September 1818Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and JohannaTAMLINDipfordRoper
20 October 1818WilliamBase Child ofElizabethLIMEBEERGagham 
25 October 1818William Guardson ofJames and SarahBRAILEYSwimbridgeYeoman
25 October 1818Johnson ofFrancis and ElizabethHOLLANDTownsendLabourer
27 October 1818Thomasson ofSamuel and AnnHOLLANDDownsLabourer
15 November 1818EdwardBase Child ofMarySAUNDERSWorkhouse 
22 November 1818Johnson ofRichard and MaryBARROWBradburyYeoman
29 November 1818Robert Brooksson ofJames and AnnPARKINBradburyYeoman
29 November 1818Elizabethdaughter ofJohn adn MaryDAVYBradburyLabourer
6 December 1818Anndaughter ofJames and HannahLOCKVillageLabourer
27 December 1818Anndaughter ofGeorge and MaryTHOMASVillageSmith
10 January 1819Marydaughter ofGeorge and JaneRIDDBrightlyLabourer
15 January 1819John Hartnoldbase child ofMaryPALFREEMANVillage 
17 January 1819Marydaughter ofPhilip and JennyBURGESSFurseLabourer
2 Februray 1819Jamesson ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTVillageLabourer
3 Februry 1819Thomasson ofWilliam and MaryCHAPELVillageCordwainer
24 February 1819Williamson ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLINGEastcottLabourer
24 February 1819Marydaughter ofPhilip and HannahISAACVillageLabourer
24 February 1819Ann Rendledaughter ofEdmund and SarahHUXTABLEVillageClockmaker
27 February 1819John Brailyson ofPhilip and RebeccaGUARDNethercleaveYeoman
28 February 1819Johnson and base child ofAnnGUARDTownsend 
4 March 1819Richardson ofJohn and BettySLADERBlackmantleLabourer
6 March 1819Thomasson ofWilliam and MaryJOCEVillageYeoman
14 March 1819Thomasson ofJohn and MaryBARROWVillageCooper
21 March 1819Georgeson ofWilliam and MaryHANDFORDChittlehamholtMason
21 March 1819Christopherson ofHenry and JaneADAMSVillageMason
28 March 1819Danielson ofWilliam and MaryLOCKFurseCarpenter
28 March 1819Betseydaughter ofAbraham and ElizabethWALDRONBlackmantleCarpenter
2 May 1819Williamson ofAnnCAMPFurse 
2 May 1819Georgeson ofMathew and ElizabethKNILLChittlehamholtYeoman
18 May 1819Georgeson ofGeorge and BettySHOPLANDBradburyYeoman
20 May 1819Johnson ofGeorge and CatherineBEERChittlehamholtLabourer
23 May 1819Ann Rendledaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLOWAYVillageSmith
30 May 1819Johnson ofPhilip and RebeccaBRAYLEYNethercleaveYeoman
12 June 1819Williamson ofJohn and MaryCONGRAMTownsendLabourer
13 June 1819Janedaughter ofPhilip and GraceCROCKERHoeLabourer
13 June 1819Williamson ofJohn and MarySLEEChittlehamholtLabourer
13 June 1819Richardson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtLabourer
15 June 1819Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryGALLIFORDVillageLabourer
20 June 1819Marydaughter ofRichard and MaryCROCKEREastcottYeoman
27 June 1819Marybase child ofGraceRICHARDSVillage 
1 July 1819Gracedaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
4 July 1819Harrietdaughter ofWilliam and MaryWATTSVillageMason
4 July 1819Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethGRADDONWinsonYeoman
25 July 1819Marydaughter ofRichard and ElizabethHAMMETTVillageLabourer
25 July 1819Marydaughter ofSamuel and AliceRENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
28 July 1819Jamesson ofJames and MaryCAMPBrownlyLabourer
1 August 1819Williamson ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastcottLabourer
22 August 1819Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethEASTMONDAtheringtonLabourer
8 September 1819Johnson ofJohn and AnnSYMONDSAmbowLabourer
12 September 1819Tammydaughter ofJohn and ThomazineRENDLEHathercombeLabourer
21 September 1819Betseydaughter ofWilliam and GraceGUARDPittCooper
29 September 1819Richardson ofRichard and JennyBURGESSLangatonYeoman
29 September 1819Charlesson ofJacob and MarthaCHAPLEVillageCordwainer
4 October 1819Harrietdaughter ofJohn and GraceMORRISLerwellYeoman
10 October 1819Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryGODBEERNew buildingsLabourer
15 October 1819Edmundson ofEdmund and ElizabethHUXTABLEChittlehamholtCordwainer
17 October 1819Abrahamson ofJohn and AnnCLARKSwimbridgeYeoman
17 October 1819Anndaughter ofJames and MaryASHELFORDChittlehamholtLabourer
24 October 1819Mary Luxtonbase child ofElizabethGULLYVillage 
1 November 1819Janedaughter ofThomas and JaneMURCHHoeYeoman
1 November 1819Thomasson ofElias and AnnNOTTVillageCarpenter
28 November 1819Mariadaughter ofRobert and AnnPALFREMANVillageLabourer
28 November 1819Janedaughter ofPhilip and MaryHARRISLittle BlakewellLabourer
5 December 1819Williamson ofPeter and JaneGODBEARAmbowLabourer
26 December 1819Williamson ofWilliam and CatherineHUXTABLEChittlehamholtLabourer
26 December 1819Jamesbase child ofMarySAUNDERSBrightly Mill 
26 December 1819Thomasson ofFinny and MaryBUCKINGHAMCombeYeoman
16 January 1820Thomasson ofGeorge and MaryBATERChittlehamholtYeoman
25 January 1820Williamson ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLEChittlehamholtYeoman
30 January 1820Susannadaughter ofThomas and MarySNOWVillageTailor
6 February 1820Georgeson ofAnthony and MaryGULLYSwimbridgeLabourer
13 February 1820Richardson ofRichard and EleanorTHORNESwimbridgeYeoman
19 February 1820Williamson ofThomas and MaryWESTACOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
19 February 1820Abrahamson ofWilliam and AnnRICEChittlehamholtLabourer
20 February 1820Johnson ofJohn and GraceROWCLIFFSwimbridgeYeoman
21 February 1820Williamson ofSimon and AnnWHITEFIELDChichester, SussexSmith
4 March 1820Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryMINORSVillageCarpenter
5 March 1820Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethWEBBERChittlehamholtLabourer
12 March 1820Georgeson ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBidacottYeoman
14 March 1820Gracedaughter ofJames and MarySHADDOCKVillageLabourer
14 March 1820Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERSVillageMason
19 March 1820Johnson ofWilliam and MaryMILDONVillageLabourer
26 March 1820Anndaughter ofWilliam and SarahCOURTNEYDennisesLabourer
31 March 1820Jamesson ofWilliam and AnnSLEEWorkhouseLabourer
2 April 1820Johnson ofEphraim and ElizabethHOWARDNethercleaveYeoman
2 April 1820Susannabase child ofGraceBOWDENFurse 
6 April 1820Marydaughter ofGeorge and AliceALDSCOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
9 April 1820Henryson ofWilliam and GraceSNOWCleaveLabourer
16 April 1820Robertson ofRobert and EleanorRUDDAtheringtonLabourer
19 April 1820Marydaughter ofBartholomew and AnnLOCKVillageCarpenter
23 April 1820Georgeson ofJohn and JaneASHELFORDTraydownLabourer
23 April 1820Jamesson ofRobert and MarySCOINSTreydownLabourer
29 April 1820Williamson ofEdward and MaryFAIRCHILDDownsLabourer
7 May 1820Richardson ofJohn and MaryBAKERChittlehamholtCordwainer
20 May 1820Richardson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtYeoman
21 May 1820Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDENFurseLabourer
23 May 1820Edwinson ofThomas and SusannaEARLVillageMaltster
28 May 1820Mary Wattsdaughter ofJohn and BettyBUCKINGHAMChittlehamholtWheelwright
4 June 1820Johnson ofRobert and SusannaPATHERICKSwimbridgeLabourer
11 June 1820Robertson ofRobert and MaryMANNATONVillageThatcher
23 June 1820Charlottedaughter ofWilliam and MaryLAKEChittlehamholtLabourer
2 July 1820Thomasson ofHenry and SusannaGAYTONMiddlehillYeoman
9 July 1820Williamson ofJames and CharlotteRENDLEHathercombeMason
12 July 1820Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethPHILLIPSVillageMason
23 July 1820Johnson ofWilliam and MaryNICHOLLSWhitehallLabourer
6 August 1820Janedaughter ofJohn and CatherineBURGESSMoorYeoman
6 August 1820Catherinedaughter ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastacottLabourer
16 August 1820William Henryson ofEdwin and Maria Thompson MayEPSONBrattonSurgeon
3 September 1820Sarahdaughter ofGeorge and SarahBAWDENLittle BlakewellLabourer
17 September 1820Sarahdaughter ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageSmith
2 November 1820Johnson ofGeorge and HonorWESTCOTTBrightlyLabourer
9 November 1820Marenadaughter ofJacob and MarthaCHAPPLEVillageCordwainer
12 November 1820Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHUNTVillageWheelwright
12 November 1820Marydaughter ofEdward and AnnMACDONALDPlymouthMariner
15 November 1820Janedaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
20 November 1820Nicholasson ofThomas and ElizabethJOCELangatonYeoman
3 December 1820Sarah Toutdaughter ofWilliam and MaryWATTSVillageMason
7 December 1820Richardson ofRichard and MaryCROCKEREastacottYeoman
10 December 1820Joannadaughter ofPhilip and EleanorPARKINPark-EndSawyer
24 December 1820Williamson ofWilliam and AnnCROSSMANCourtLabourer
26 December 1820Jamesson ofJames and ElizabethRENDLEEastacottYeoman
4 January 1821Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and BettySHAPLANDBradburyYeoman
21 January 1821Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and SusannaSMALEVillageLabourer
29 January 1821Robert Bryantson ofJohn and MildredSKINNERFullbrookYeoman
2 February 1821Philipson ofPhilip and RebeccaGUARDSouth NethercleaveYeoman
4 February 1821Johnson ofJames and AnnGALLIFORDLittle BlakewellLabourer
11 February 1821Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryMARLOWVillageLabourer
28 February 1821Gracedaughter ofPeter and AnnGOVIERFair OakYeoman
1 March 1821Elizadaughter ofThomas and ElizabethMOORELittle BlakewellLabourer
5 March 1821Philipson ofPhilip and GraceGULLYCourtLabourer
18 March 1821Anndaughter ofSamuel and AnnHOLLANDDownsLabourer
25 March 1821Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and EllenROWCLIFFEHarracombeLabourer
31 March 1821Johnson ofEdmund and SarahHUXTABLEVillageWatchmaker
31 March 1821Johnson ofWilliam and MaryLEWISVillageMaltster
3 April 1821Elizabethdaughter ofFrancis and ElizabethHOLLANDTownsendLabourer
23 April 1821Frederick Williamson ofWilliam and GraceLEWISChittlehamholtLabourer
24 April 1821Petertwin son ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
24 April 1821Williamtwin son ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
27 April 1821Georgeson ofJohn and MaryWESTACOTTCourtLabourer
27 April 1821Williamson ofRichard and MaryBARROWBradburyYeoman
29 April 1821Marydaughter ofJames and MaryASHELFORDChittlehamholtLabourer
29 April 1821Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and MaryPARKINFurzeSawyer
6 May 1821Williamson ofWilliam and MaryMARLOWTraydownLabourer
6 May 1821Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDENVillageLabourer
16 May 1821Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLEVillageCordwainer
30 May 1821Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethHOLLANDVillageLabourer
31 May 1821Ann Elliottdaughter ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtMason
31 May 1821Mariadaughter ofWilliam and GraceGUARDPittYeoman
4 June 1821Rogerson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARKEVillageYeoman
22 June 1821Anndaughter ofThomas and MaryCLARKEParkendBlacksmith
24 June 1821Jamesson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtYeoman
1 July 1821Edwinson ofCharles and MaryKNEELChittlehamholtLabourer
22 July 1821Harrietdaughter ofHenry and ElizabethBAKERBrightlyLabourer
28 July 1821William Guardson ofGeorge and GraceROOKVillageLabourer
8 August 1821Chapple Mayson ofEdwin and MariaEMPSONBrattonSurgeon
10 August 1821Thomasson ofPhilip and HannahISAACSwimbridgeLabourer
19 August 1821Charlottedaughter ofWilliam and MaryLOCKFurzeCarpenter
30 August 1821Janedaughter ofRichard and JaneBURGESSLangatonYeoman
9 September 1821Georgeson ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBiddacottYeoman
16 September 1821Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryDAVEYFurzeLabourer
28 September 1821Charlottedaughter ofWilliam and AnnRICEChittlehamholtLabourer
30 September 1821Henryson ofThomas and MaryHOLLOWAYVillageBlacksmith
30 September 1821Marybase child ofHonnerJONESSwimbridge 
14 October 1821Georgeson ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLINGTownsendLabourer
16 October 1821Rogerson ofJohn and ElizabethCLARKEVillageYeoman
7 November 1821Johnson ofSamuel and AliceHENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
7 November 1821Marydaughter ofThomas and JennyMURCHWhipplewillYeoman
18 November 1821Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryCONGRAMTownsendLabourer
25 November 1821Marydaughter ofJohn and GraceROWCLIFFESwimbridgeYeoman
2 December 1821Walterson ofWilliam and AnnELLIOTTVillageLabourer
9 December 1821Johnson ofThomas and AnnSTANDLAKEFurzeLabourer
9 December 1821Marydaughter ofJohn and SusannaBAKERVillageMason
16 December 1821Marybase child ofElizabethLOCKFurze 
18 December 1821Marydaughter ofRichard and BettyGOVIERVillageMason
6 January 1822Anndaughter ofWilliam and KatherineHUXTABLEChittlehamholtLabourer
6 January 1822Josephson ofJohn and ThomazinBLACKMOREFurzeMillerwright
14 January 1822Elizadaughter ofPhilip and JaneBURGESSStangsLabourer
14 January 1822Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and AliceMANATONHoeThatcher
20 January 1822Marydaughter ofWilliam and MaryCODBEERNewbuildingsLabourer
27 January 1822Janedaughter ofWilliam and MaryMILDONVillageLabourer
1 February 1822Thomasson ofMathew and ElizabethHORILLChittlehamholtYeoman
2 February 1822Mary Anndaughter ofHenry and SusannahGAYTONFurzeYeoman
10 February 1822Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and SarahCOURTNEYDennisesLabourer
10 February 1822Marydaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethHOLLANDTownsendLabourer
18 February 1822Johnson ofJohn and ThomazinRENDLEDownsLabourer
20 February 1822Harriettdaughter ofJames and MarySHADDOCKVillageLabourer
10 March 1822Marydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethDAVEYBiddacottLabourer
17 March 1822Elizadaughter ofPhilip and AnnPARKINFurzeSawyer
17 March 1822Johnson ofEdward and MariaSAUNDERSBlackmantleCarpenter
17 March 1822Jane Luxtonbase child ofAnnJOCEVillageWidow
3 April 1822Elizabethdaughter ofJacob and MarthaCHAPPLEVillageCordwainer
8 April 1822Anndaughter ofJohn and GraceMORRISLearwillYeoman
14 April 1822Henryson ofPhilip and GraceCROCKERHoeLabourer
21 April 1822Jamesson ofJohn and MaryCHAPPLEVillageLabourer
28 April 1822Johnson ofThomas and MaryWESTACOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
28 April 1822Jamesson ofRobert and SusannahPATHERICKSwimbridgeThatcher
12 May 1822Henryson ofJohn and BettyBUCKINGHAMChittlehamholtWheelwright
12 May 1822Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMAYNEChittlehamholtCarpenter
19 May 1822Jamesson ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastacottLabourer
25 May 1822Susandaughter ofThomas and AnnCARTERVillageLabourer
26 May 1822Mary Saundersdaughter ofRobert and MaryMANATONVillageLabourer
31 May 1822Richardson ofRichard and ElizabethHAMMETTVillageLabourer
9 June 1822Harriettdaughter ofWilliam and MaryHANDFORDChittlehamholtMason
9 June 1822Johnson ofWilliam and MaryBARTLETTChittlehamholtLabourer
9 June 1822Georgeson ofWilliam and JaneBADCOCKNorth ShilstoneLabourer
24 June 1822Elizabethdaughter ofJames and ElizabethRENDLEEastacottLabourer
29 June 1822Williamson ofWilliam and JoannaTAMLINDipfordYeoman
7 July 1822Thomasson ofWilliam and GraceSNOWTraydownLabourer
21 July 1822Williamson ofArthur and EleanorPHILIPSChittlehamholtLabourer
21 July 1822Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryBAKERChittlehamholtCordwainer
28 July 1822Johnson ofJohn and MarySLEEChittlehamholtLabourer
28 July 1822Thomasson ofEdmund and MaryHUXTABLEChittlehamholtYeoman
28 July 1822Elizabethdaughter ofBartholomew and AnnLOCKVillageCarpenter
4 August 1822Anndaughter ofRichard and MaryBARROWBradburyYeoman
7 August 1822Janedaughter ofHenry and MaryBUCKINGHAMCombeYeoman
11 August 1822Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethTOWELLBlackmantleLabourer
18 August 1822Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and MaryHARRISHoeLabourer
26 August 1822Janedaughter ofJohn and AnnSYMONSAmbowLabourer
15 September 1822Harriettdaughter ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERSBlackmantleMason
21 September 1822Richardson ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageBlacksmith
22 September 1822Anndaughter ofPhilip and SarahGRADDONBrowden HillLabourer
29 September 1822Johnson ofWilliam and GraceGUARDPittCarpenter
6 October 1822Williamson ofJames and MaryASHELFORDChittlehamholtLabourer
13 October 1822Mosesson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtMason
15 October 1822Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKINVillageSawyer
20 October 1822Jamesson ofGeorge and AliceALSCOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
20 October 1822Richardson ofRobert and MarySCOINSTraydownLabourer
20 October 1822Georgeson ofEdward and Mary AnnFAIRCHILDVillageLabourer
10 November 1822Williamson ofRichard and SusannaSMALETownsendLabourer
10 November 1822Johnson ofJohna and MaryBEERSymbridgeLabourer
17 November 1822Johnbase child ofGraceRICHARDSVillage 
1 December 1822Georgeson ofJames and CharlotteRENDLEHathercombeMason
4 December 1822Catherinedaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
8 December 1822Richardson ofWilliam and AnnSLEEVillageLabourer
9 December 1822Matthewson ofMatthew and ElizabethKNEELVillageLabourer
11 December 1822Anndaughter ofHenry and JaneADAMSFathers residence unknown, Mothers abode the WorkhouseMason
2 January 1823Williamson ofWilliam and MaryMAYBrightlyServant
2 January 1823Charlesson ofJohn and BettyCLARKEVillageYeoman
6 January 1823Anndaughter ofRichard and MaryCROCKEREastacottYeoman
18 January 1823Johnson ofGeorge and AnnPARKINEastacottLabourer
28 January 1823Betseydaughter ofWilliam and AnnRICEChittlehamholtLabourer
30 January 1823Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and BetseyJOCELangatonYeoman
1 February 1823James Lakebase child ofAnnTURNERChittlehamholt 
9 February 1823Georgeson ofPhilip and MaryPARKINFurzeSawyer
9 February 1823Anndaughter ofAbraham and MaryCOUCHSwymbridgeLabourer
12 February 1823Harriettdaughter ofThomas and ElizabethMOORLittle BlakewellLabourer
23 February 1823Harriettbase child ofElizabethSHORTFurze 
23 February 1823Thomasson ofRobert and AnnPALFREEMANVillageLabourer
2 March 1823Mariadaughter ofGeorge and AnnBOWDENLittle BlakewellLabourer
5 March 1823Emilydaughter ofEdmund and SarahHUXTABLEVillageClockmaker
8 March 1823Marydaughter ofGeorge and Fanny BerryBIRDFurzeLabourer
19 March 1823Margaretdaughter ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
30 March 1823Marydaughter ofFrancis and ElizabethHOLLANDTownsendLabourer
5 April 1823Williamson ofJohn and JaneBUDDEastacottLabourer
6 April 1823Thomasson ofJacob and MarthaCHAPPLEVillageCordwainer
13 April 1823Williamson ofGeorge and MaryGULLYWarkleighLabourer
1 May 1823Mildredddaughter ofJohn and MildreddSKINNERFullabrookYeoman
4 May 1823Philipson ofPhilip and EleanorPARKINPark EndSawyer
4 May 1823Carolinedaughter ofWilliam and MaryBARTLETTChittlehamholtRoper
11 May 1823Thomasson ofJames and MargaretNOTTVillageMason
18 May 1823Gracedaughter ofSamuel and AnnHOLLANDDownsLabourer
15 May 1823Jamesson ofRichard and BettyTHORNEChittlehamholtLabourer
20 May 1823Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and JennyMURCHHoeYeoman
27 May 1823Sarahdaughter ofPhilip and RebeccaGUARDNethercleaveYeoman
12 June 1823James Kellandson ofJames and MatildaSAUNDERSnydallsYeoman
15 June 1823Jamesson ofJohn and MaryBAKERWarkleighLabourer
29 June 1823Williamson ofWilliam and MaryISAACVillageLabourer
6 July 1823Georgeson ofGeorge and BettyBEERVillageCarpenter
13 July 1823Williamson ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBiddacottYeoman
20 July 1823Williamson ofThomas and ElizabethBLACKMOREChittlehamholtLabourer
21 July 1823Sarahdaughter ofJohn and EleanorROWCLIFFEDownsLabourer
25 July 1823Charlesson ofAbraham and JaneCHAPPLEMile HouseMason
29 July 1823Marydaughter ofRichard and EleanorTHORNESymbridgeYeoman
30 July 1823Elizabethdaughter ofJames and ElizabethBIRDFurzeLabourer
7 September 1823Michaelson ofThomas and MaryHOLLAWAYVillageSmith
28 September 1823Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryRICEBiddacottLabourer
5 October 1823Johnson ofWilliam and AnnBADCOCKMiddlecottCordwainer
10 October 1823Marydaughter ofJohn Browne and ElizabethBURDENBroomlyTimber Agent
16 October 1823Janedaughter ofWilliam and JoanneTAMLINDipfordYeoman
19 October 1823Sarahdaughter ofSamuel and AliceRENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
26 October 1823Mary Anndaughter ofThomas and ElizabethROWCLIFFEBrightly MillCooper
28 October 1823Robert Westacottbase child ofElizabethWALDRONVillage 
1 November 1823Emilydaughter ofEdward and MariaSAUNDERSBlackmantleCarpenter
9 November 1823Johnson ofWilliam and MaryMARLOWBishop's TawtonLabourer
18 November 1823Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethHOLLANDVillageLabourer
24 November 1823Jamesson ofRichard and ElizabethHAMMETTVillageLabourer
4 December 1823Anndaughter ofPhilip and HannahISAACSymbridgeLabourer
6 December 1823Gracedaughter ofJohn and MaryMANNINGSouth HollamoreLabourer
7 December 1823Jamesson ofHenry and SusannahGAYDONMiddlehillYeoman
16 December 1823Charlottedaughter ofGeorge and ElizabethSHOPLANDBradburyYeoman
17 December 1823Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINGSVillageMason
21 December 1823Janedaughter ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastacottLabourer
21 December 1823Richardson ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLEVillageCordwainer
28 December 1823Thomasson ofWilliam and CatherineHUXTABLEChittlehamholtLabourer
29 December 1823Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryWESTACOTTCourtLabourer
4 January 1824Johnson ofWilliam and MaryMARLOWFurzeLabourer
6 January 1824Johnson ofJames and JaneDAVEYHighwoodYeoman
11 January 1824Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethTOWELLWhite HallLabourer
8 February 1824Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnCROSSMANCourtLabourer
15 February 1824Henryson ofJohn and HarriottMULESVillageLabourer
16 February 1824Janedaughter ofWilliam and MarySHADDOCKVillageLabourer
3 March 1824Gracedaughter ofJohn and GraceROWCLIFFESymbridgeYeoman
14 March 1824Williamson ofWilliam and MaryGODBEERNewbuildingsLabourer
21 March 1824Hopedaughter ofWilliam and MaryPHILLIPSVillageMason
25 March 1824Thomazine Elliottdaughter ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtMason
28 March 1824Janedaughter ofJames and MarySHADDOCKVillageLabourer
30 March 1824Janedaughter ofRichard and ElizabethGOMERVillageMason
5 April 1824Christiandaughter ofPhilip and GraceCROCKERHoeLabourer
5 April 1824Robertson ofThomas and MaryWESTACOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
9 April 1824Johnson ofRichard and JaneBURGESSLangatonYeoman
25 April 1824Jamesson ofWilliam and GraceCOURTNEYDenesesLabourer
14 May 18124Williamson ofJohn and MarySAUNDERSBlackmantleCarpenter
16 May 1824Thomasson ofRichard and MaryCROCKEREastacottYeoman
23 May 1824Anndaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethWARDBishop's TawtonLabourer
6 June 1824Charlottedaughter ofWilliam and GraceLEWISChittlehamholtYeoman
11 June 1824Jonson ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageSmith
27 June 1824George Westacottbase child ofAnnJOCETownsend 
11 July 1824Jane Taylorbase child ofBettySLADERNewbuildings 
22 July 1824William Barry Wadeson ofCharles Poyntz and MargaretBYNESwimbridgeEsq
22 July 1824Charlesson ofCharles Poyntz and MargaretBYNESwimbridgeEsq
31 July 1824Williamson ofThomas and MaryCLARKEPark EndSmith
1 August 1824Marydaughter ofArthur and EleanorPHILIPSChittlehamholtMason
10 August 1824Thomas Crockerson ofJohn and BettyHOLLOWAYVillagePublican
15 August 1824Georgeson ofRobert and MarySCOINSTraydownLabourer
5 September 1824Gracedaughter ofJohn and EleanorROWCLIFFEHathercombeLabourer
10 October 1824George Trebbleson ofPeter and AnnGOVIERChittlehamholtLabourer
10 October 1824Jamesson ofPhilip and MaryHARRISHoeLabourer
17 October 1824William Bakerson ofJohn and SarahCLARKChittlehamholtYeoman
17 October 1824Richardson ofRichard and ElizabethWEBBERChittlehamholtThatcher
17 October 1824Jamesson ofWilliam and AnnRICEChittlehamholtLabourer
17 October 1824Catherinedaughter ofJohn and ThomazinRENDLENarracottLabourer
4 November 1824Jamesson ofJohn and AnnSYMONDSAmbowLabourer
30 November 1824Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and MaryBARROWBradburyYeoman
19 December 1824Thomasson ofPhilip and MaryPARKINFurzeLabourer
19 December 1824Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERSBlackmantleMason
20 December 1824Charlottedaughter ofGeorge and AliceARSCOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
23 December 1824Elizabethdaughter ofJames and AliceBRAYLYVillageYeoman
27 December 1824Thomasson ofThomas and JaneMURCHHoeYeoman
4 January 1825Tammydaughter ofRichard and SusannaSMALEVillageLabourer
6 January 1825Williamson ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
6 January 1825Georgeson ofEmanuel and ElizabethPETHERBRIDGEMiddlecottLabourer
23 January 1825Racheldaughter ofJohn and MaryMANNINGHollamoorYeoman
1 February 1825Sallydaughter ofPhilip and JaneBURGESFurzeLabourer
6 February 1825Williamson ofRichard and SarahMANNINGEastacottLabourer
13 February 1825Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryARTHURSFurzeLabourer
16 February 1825Charitydaughter ofWilliam and MaryBARTLETTChittlehamholtLabourer
16 February 1825Janedaughter ofJohn and AliceMANNATONHoeThatcher
13 March 1825Edwardson ofJohn and BettyBUCKINGHAMChittlehamholtWheel Wright
13 March 1825Thomasson ofCharles and MarthaCROSSMANBishop's TawtonLabourer
25 March 1825Anndaughter ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBiddacottYeoman
27 March 1825Anndaughter ofFrancis and ElizabethHOLLANDTownsendLabourer
1 April 1825Henryson ofRichard and MaryMORRISSwimbridgeLabourer
3 April 1825Charlottedaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINSBlackmantleMason
5 April 1825Charlottedaughter ofWilliam and MaryWATTSVillageMason
7 April 1825Charlottebase child ofAnnBEERPoor House 
17 April 1825Jamesson ofWilliam and AnnBADCOCKMiddlecottCordwainer
24 April 1825Mariadaughter ofRobert and HannahFEWINGSTivertonTailor
8 May 1825Jamesson ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLINGTownsendLabourer
8 May 1825Marydaughter ofJohn and MarySLEEChittlehamholtLabourer
29 May 1825Jamesson ofJames and CharlotteRENDLEHathercombeMason
19 June 1825Mary Anndaughter ofRichard and BettyTHORNEChittlehamholtLabourer
26 June 1825Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnSLEEVillageLabourer
26 June 1825Marydaughter ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
31 July 1825Williamson ofJohn and MaryDAVYFurzeLabourer
7 August 1825Philip Burgessson ofGeorge and MaryGULLYWarkleighLabourer
7 August 1825Williamson ofWilliam and FaithASHELFORDNewtonLabourer
7 August 1825Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and AnnSEAGEVillageSmith
21 August 1825Elizabethbase child ofElizabethBOWDENVillage 
18 September 1825Janedaughter ofJames and ElizabethTOWELLWhitehallLabourer
19 September 1825Georgeson ofGeorge and HonourWESTACOTTBrightlyLabourer
21 September 1825Thomasson ofWilliam and GraceGUARDPittCooper
25 September 1825Georgeson ofThomas and MaryWESTACOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
6 October 1825Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and ElizabethHAMMETTVillageLabourer
18 October 1825Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryMILDONVillageLabourer
25 October 1825Janedaughter ofWilliam and JennyRICEBiddacottLabourer
30 October 1825Anndaughter ofGeorge and FannyBIRDFurzeLabourer
20 November 1825Thomasson ofAbraham and JaneCHAPPLEMilehouseMason
27 November 1825Jamesson ofJohn and MaryVILEMiddlehillLabourer
30 November 1825Mary Anndaughter ofPhilip and RebeccaGUARDNethercleaveYeoman
4 December 1825Thomasson ofWilliam and SarahCOURTNEYDenesesLabourer
7 December 1825Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryLAKELangatonLabourer
18 December 1825Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryBAKERCleaveLabourer
27 December 1825Johnson ofJohn and MildredSKINNERFullabrookYeoman
29 December 1825Emmadaughter ofRichard John Browne and ElizabethBURDENBrimleyTimber Merchant
22 January 1826Catherinedaughter ofThomas and MaryHOLLOWAYVillageSmith
22 January 1826Williamson ofWilliam and JaneBULLLittle BlakewellLabourer
24 January 1826Robertson ofJames and ElizabethTURNERBrightlyLabourer
29 January 1826Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINSChittlehamholtMason
1 February 1826Philipson ofPhilip and HannahISAACSwimbridgeLabourer
12 March 1826Janedaughter ofSamuel and AnnHOLLANDDownsLabourer
19 March 1826Charlottedaughter ofSamuel and AliceRENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
28 March 1826Janedaughter ofWilliam and MaryMAYSouthcottLabourer
16 April 1826Henryson ofRichard and JaneBURGESSLangatonYeoman
17 April 1826Carolinedaughter ofGeorge and GraceROOKVillageLabourer
23 April 1826Edwardson ofEdward and Mary AnnFAIRCHILDDownsLabourer
4 May 1826William Rendle Huxtableson ofEdmund and SarahHUXTABLEVillageClockmaker
11 May 1826Susandaughter ofWilliam and MaryWATTSVillageMason
15 May 1826William Skinnerson ofAbraham and MaryCHAPPLEVillageMason
15 May 1826Robertson ofRobert and SusannahPETHERICKSwimbridgeThatcher
28 May 1826Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryGODBEERNewbuildingsLabourer
4 June 1826Johnson ofJohn and JaneBUDDEastcottLabourer
15 June 1826Charlesson ofJohn and GraceMORRISLerwillYeoman
26 June 1826Peter Parminterson ofRichard and ElizabethKNILLVillageTinman
23 July 1826Charlottedaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
25 July 1826Johnson ofThomas and JaneMURCHHoeYeoman
6 August 1826Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethFACEYSwimbridgeLabourer
17 August 1826Henryson ofWilliam and BettyHOLLANDVillageLabourer
3 September 1826Williamson ofJohn and HarriottMULESVillageLabourer
3 September 1826Williamson ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTTVillageCordwainer
24 September 1826Georgeson ofThomas and ElizabethJOCETownsendYeoman
25 September 1826Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKEVillageCarpenter
11 October 1826Jamesson ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageSmith
18 October 1826Charlottebase child ofAnnGULLYDowns 
29 October 1826Williambase child ofAnnTURNERChittlehamholt 
1 November 1826Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and MaryBARROWBradburyYeoman
5 November 1826Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethWARDHanbridge CottageLabourer
3 December 1826Thomasson ofWilliam and MaryMARLOWBishop's TawtonLabourer
12 December 1826Philipson ofJames and MatildaSAUNDERLangatonYeoman
1 January 1827Elizadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLUXTONEastcottYeoman
6 January 1827Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and SusannaDYERVillageCarpenter
14 January 1827Marydaughter ofRobert and SusannaGULLYEastcottLabourer
18 January 1827Elizabethdaughter ofHugh and MaryWARDVillageMason
21 January 1827Thomasson ofJohn and ElizabethHOOPERChittlehamholtLabourer
25 January 1827Marydaughter ofWilliam and SusannaSHAPLANDBradburyYeoman
3 February 1827Thomazindaughter ofJohn and ThomazinRENDLENarracottLabourer
4 February 1827Jamesson ofJohn and GraceROWCLIFFESwimbridgeYeoman
8 February 1827Richardson ofRichard and ElizabethGOMERVillageMason
11 February 1827Williamson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDERSBrightly MillMiller
18 February 1827Richardson ofRichard and AgnessGALLIFORDBrightlySmithshop Labourer
23 February 1827Jamesson ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERSBlackmantleMason
1 March 1827Georgeson ofGeorge and AnnPARAMORESalisburyServant
3 March 1827Mary Anndaughter ofThomas and JaneDOWNChittlehamholtCordwainer
11 March 1827Elizadaughter ofJames and ElizabethTOWELLWhite HallLabourer
11 March 1827Gracedaughter ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastcottLabourer
11 March 1827Janedaughter ofPhilip and MaryHARRISHoeLabourer
12 March 1827Marydaughter ofWilliam and TammyMANNATONVillageThatcher
18 March 1827Anndaughter ofPhilip and AnnPARKINFurzeSawyer
20 March 1827William Downson ofJames and AliceBRAILYVillageCattle Doctor
25 March 1827Anndaughter ofHenry and MaryLIVERTONWoodendLabourer
25 March 1827Jamesson ofMichael and MaryLOCKTraydownLabourer
25 March 1827Johnson ofJohn and AliceMANNATONHoeThatcher
15 April 1827Janedaughter ofRobert and MaryGALLIFORDBlackmantleTailor
22 April 1827Williamson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGChittlehamholtYeoman
22 April 1827Mariadaughter ofWilliam and AnnSEAGEVillageSmith
22 April 1827Johnson ofJohn and MaryWESTACOTTVillageMason
22 April 1827Henryson ofEmanuel and ElizabethPETHERBRIDGEFurzeLabourer
22 April 1827Elizadaughter ofPhilip and GraceCROCKERLittle BlakewellLabourer
13 May 1827Johnson ofJohn and MaryWHITEFIELDTraydownLabourer
24 May 1827Williamson ofWilliam and SarahCOURTNEYDennisesLabourer
24 May 1827Williamson ofMichael and ElizabethSEARLEHawkridgeYeoman
17 June 1827Elizabeth Skinnerdaughter ofAbraham and MaryCHAPPLEVillageMason
1 July 1827Jamesson ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBiddacottYeoman
1 July 1827Charlesson ofRobert and MarySCOYINSTraydownLabourer
1 July 1827Anndaughter ofPhilip and JaneBURGESSFurzeLabourer
5 July 1827Johnson ofRichard and ElizabethHAMMETTVillageLabourer
25 July 1827Robertson ofAbraham and AnnCHAPPLEChittlehamholtLabourer
31 July 1827Thomasson ofThomas and MaryCLARKEBrightley Smith ShopBlacksmith
1 August 1827Edmundson ofJohn and AnnHUXTABLEDitchaton WaterYeoman
1 August 1827Emilydaughter ofJohn and AnnHUXTABLEDitchaton WaterYeoman
18 August 1827Mariadaughter ofJohn and Mary AnnFEWINGSFurzeLabourer
2 September 1827Johnson ofJohn and EleanorROWCLIFFEBishop's TawtonLabourer
9 September 1827Johnson ofGeorge and MaryGULLYWarkleighLabourer
26 October 1827Henryson ofGeorge and MaryISAACVillageLabourer
28 October 1827Henryson ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINSBlackmantleMason
18 November 1827Anndaughter ofThomas and ElizabethDAVYBiddacottLabourer
25 November 1827Samuelson ofThomas and ElizabethJOCETownsendYeoman
30 November 1827Emily Blakedaughter ofSamuel and AnnBLAKEBlakewellYeoman
30 December 1827Johnson ofWilliam and FaithASHELFORDCleaveLabourer
13 January 1828Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryBARTLETTChittlehamholtRoper
13 January 1828Georgeson ofJohn and MaryDAVYFurzeLabourer
15 January 1828Williamson ofPhilip and RebeccaGUARDNethercleaveYeoman
20 January 1828Charlottedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethMAYNEChittlehamholtCarpenter
21 January 1828Michaelson ofMichael and MaryEVANSBrightlyLabourer
21 January 1828Georgeson ofMichael and MaryEVANSBrightlyLabourer
25 January 1828Susannadaughter ofJohn and MildredSKINNERFullabrookYeoman
27 January 1828Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ThomazinBREALYVillageMaltster
27 January 1828Thomas Elliottson ofJohn and HannahCLARKEWarkleighSmith
3 February 1828Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethPARKINNewbuildingsSawyer
9 February 1828Anndaughter ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
10 February 1828Johnson ofGeorge and FrancesBIRDStangsLabourer
20 February 1828Abrahamson ofThomas and ElizabethJENKINSSladeCarpenter
4 March 1828Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneBALLBlakewellLabourer
16 March 1828Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnRADFORDChittlehamholtLabourer
29 March 1828Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
9 April 1828Susandaughter ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLEVillageCordwainer
18 April 1828Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryVILEFurzeLabourer
23 April 1828Williamson ofFrank and ElizabethHOLLANDTownsendLabourer
27 April 1828Rebeccadaughter ofWilliam and MaryARTHURSFurzeLabourer
8 May 1828Thomas Chappleson ofJohn and ElizabethPHILPOTTVillageLabourer
12 May 1828Edwardbase child ofMaryBOWDENChittlehamholt 
15 May 1828Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and AliceRENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
15 May 1828Anndaughter ofSamuel and AliceRENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
1 June 1828Marydaughter ofJames and ElizabethTURNERSouthcottLabourer
1 July 1828John Crossmanson ofHugh and MaryWARDTownsendMason
7 July 1828Williamson ofThomas and JaneMURCHHoeYeoman
20 July 1828Marybase child ofMarySCOINSVillage 
25 July 1828Marydaughter ofWilliam and JaneRICEBiddacottLabourer
27 July 1828James Skinnerson ofAbraham and MaryCHAPPLEVillageMason
10 August 1828Thomasson ofWilliam and ChristianSTRIBLINGTownsendLabourer
16 August 1828Elizabethbase child ofMarySYMONDSAmbow 
31 August 1828Janedaughter ofWilliam and MaryGODBEERCleaveLabourer
14 September 1828Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MarySLEEBrowden HillLabourer
21 September 1828Bettydaughter ofGeorge and AliceARSCOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
25 September 1828Marthabase child ofAnnPEARCEPoor House 
28 September 1828Williamson ofEdmund and SarahHUXTABLEVillageClockmaker
19 October 1828Marydaughter ofStephen and JaneHAMMETTChittlehamholtLabourer
26 October 1828Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKEVillageCarpenter
26 October 1828Mary Anndaughter ofGeorge and BetsySAUNDERSBrightlyMiller
26 October 1828Eleanordaughter ofRobert and EleanorRUDDHawkridgeLabourer
16 November 1828Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINSBladen HillLabourer
18 December 1828Marydaughter ofJohn and SusanROWDENVillageLabourer
21 December 1828Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethFACEYSnymbridgeLabourer
28 December 1828Mary Anndaughter ofEdward and MaryFAIRCHILDDownsLabourer
3 January 1829Elizabeth Lewistwin daughter ofRichard and ElizabethWEBBERChittlehamholtThatcher
3 January 1829Mary Ann Isettwin daughter ofRichard and ElizabethWEBBERChittlehamholtThatcher
7 January 1829Johnson ofRichard and SusannaSMALEVillageLabourer
11 January 1829Anndaughter ofArthur and EleanorPHILIPSChittlehamholtMason
17 January 1829Johnson ofJohn and AnnHUXTABLEWarkleighYeoman
9 February 1829John Painbase child ofHannahBIGGSPoor House 
22 February 1829Johnson ofPhilip and SallyGRADDONVillageLabourer
15 March 1829Elizadaughter ofRobert and SusannaGULLYEastcottLabourer
17 March 1829Anndaughter ofWilliam and ThomasinMANNATONVillageThatcher
26 March 1829Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryFEWINGSFurzeLabourer
29 March 1829Henryson ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERSBlackmantleMason
12 April 1829Williamson ofWilliam and AnnSEAGEVillageSmith
12 April 1829Richardson ofRobert and MaryGALLIFORDVillageTailor
21 April 1829Henryson ofJoseph and MaryDUNNSwimbridgeYeoman
22 April 1829Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryTHORNEShilstoneYeoman
3 May 1829Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINSBlakewellMason
10 May 1829Williamson ofWilliam and SarahCOURTNEYDenesesLabourer
17 May 1829Johnbase child ofMariaCROSSMANPoor House 
7 June 1829Jamesson ofJohna nd MaryWHITEFIELDTraydownLabourer
8 June 1829Johnson ofWilliam and MaryISAACVillageLabourer
8 June 1829Mariamdaughter ofRichard and MaryBARROWBradburyYeoman
11 June 1829Williamson ofJohn and ThomazinBENDLEBlackmantleLabourer
20 June 1829John Clarkeson ofArthur and MaryBARNESFurze BarnYeoman
24 June 1829Simon Whitfieldson ofJohn and MaryROWDENVillageLabourer
19 July 1829Philipson ofPhilip and MaryHARRISHoeLabourer
23 July 1829Georgeson ofWilliam and MaryMILDENVillageLabourer
26 July 1829Georgeson ofJohn and GraceROWCLIFFESwimbridgeYeoman
26 July 1829Samuelson ofThomas and ElizabethAYERMariansleighYeoman
9 August 1829Johnson ofJohna nd HarriottMULESVillageLabourer
29 August 1829Williamson ofJames and AliceBREALEYBramblyCow-leech
8 September 1829William Pringbase child ofElizabethCHAPPLEVillage 
4 October 1829Henryson ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
11 October 1829Thomasson ofThomas and GraceASHELFORDEastacottLabourer
11 October 1829Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and EleanorPARKINPark-endSawyer
11 October 1829Johnson ofAbraham and AnnCHAPPLEChittlehamholtLabourer
18 October 1829Richardson ofJames and AnnWEBBERChittlehamholtYeoman
25 October 1829Louisadaughter ofJohn and MaryWESTAC0TTBiddacottMason
1 November 1829Emmadaughter ofJames and ElizabethTOWELLWhite-hallLabourer
7 November 1829Katherinedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLUXTONEastacottYeoman
14 November 1829Anndaughter ofWilliam and JaneRICEBidacottLabourer
23 November 1829Carolinedaughter ofJames and MaryMANATONWatergateThatcher
6 December 1829Eleanordaughter ofSamuel and AnnHOLLANDDownsLabourer
26 December 1829Georgeson ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageSmith
27 December 1829Georgeson ofMichael and ElizabethSEARLEHawkridgeYeoman
28 December 1829John Snellson ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBidacottYeoman
3 January 1830Williamson ofJohn and MaryCO[R]DERTownsendLabourer
6 January 1830Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and SarahMELHUISHBradburyLabourer
12 January 1830Richardtwin son ofRichard and SusannaSMALEVillageLabourer
12 January 1830Thomastwin son ofRichard and SusannaSMALEVillageLabourer
24 January 1830Elizabethdaughter ofRichard and AgnessGALLIFORDParkendLabourer
24 January 1830Mary Anndaughter ofHugh and MaryWARDTownsendMason
31 January 1830Johnson ofMichael and MaryLOCKBradburyLabourer
7 February 1830Racheldaughter ofRobert and MarySCOYENSTraydownLabourer
11 February 1830Harriottdaughter ofRichard and BettyGOMERVillageLabourer
13 February 1830Richardson ofGeorge and MaryGULLYWarkleighLabourer
21 February 1830Georgeson ofPhilip and HannahISAACSwimbridgeLabourer
19 March 1830Janedaughter ofJohn and JaneBUDDEastacottLabourer
21 March 1830Jamesson ofMatthew and ElizabethKNILLChittlehamholtCarpenter
27 March 1830Emmadaughter ofThomas and AnnMILFORDHead MillLabourer
28 March 1830Jamesson ofRichard and MaryMORRISSwimbridgeLabourer
9 April 1830Janedaughter ofThomas and ElizabethJOCETownsendYeoman
11 April 1830Thomasson ofSamuel and AliceRENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
14 April 1830John Parkinson ofJohn and MaryTHORNEShilstoneYeoman
18 April 1830Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPLEFilleighSmith
11 May 1830Arthurson ofEdward and Mary AnnFAIRCHILDDownsLabourer
1 June 1830Georgeson ofPhilip and RebeccaGUARDNeathercleaveYeoman
11 June 1830Marydaughter ofGeorge and SusannaSAUNDERBrightlyYeoman
23 June 1830Georgeson ofWilliam and GraceGUARDPittCooper
11 July 1830Mary Anndaughter ofGeorge and GraceROOKSVillageLabourer
1 August 1830John Philpottson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKEVillageCarpenter
1 August 1830Jamesson ofThomas and MaryCLARKEParkendSmith
12 September 1830Johnson ofWilliam and JaneBALLBlakewellLabourer
15 September 1830Edwardson ofWilliam and ElizabethHOLLANDVillageLabourer
29 September 1830Christopherson ofThomas and PrudenceSELDONSwimbridgeYeoman
3 October 1830Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and MaryCROCKERVillageLabourer
9 October 1830Sarah Elizabethdaughter ofEdmund and SarahHUXTABLEVillageClockmaker
16 October 1830Johnson ofSamuel and ElizabethWARDSouthcottLabourer
17 October 1830Ameliadaughter ofWilliam and MaryARTHURSFurzeLabourer
17 October 1830Betseydaughter ofHenry and MaryLIVERTONWoodendLabourer
19 October 1830Johnson ofJohn and MariaNICHOLLSLondonLabourer
31 October 1830Elizabethdaughter ofSamuel and JaneAVERYExeterLabourer
28 November 1830Thomasson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDERSBrightly MillMiller
28 November 1830Janedaughter ofJames and AnnGRIFFINVillageCooper
5 December 1830Emanuelson ofEmanuel and ElizabethPETHERBRIDGEFurzeLabourer
16 December 1830Emmadaughter ofJohn and ThomazinBRAILYVillagePublican
19 December 1830Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and AnnGUARDSwimbridgeLabourer
27 December 1830Elizadaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINSBrowden HillLabourer
1 January 1831Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethMAYNEChittlehamholtCarpenter
6 January 1831Rachel Grazildadaughter ofJohn and AnnHUXTABLEChittlehamholtYeoman
30 January 1831Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethWESTACOTTVillageLabourer
30 January 1831Georgeson ofRobert and SarahBAKERDownsLabourer
30 January 1831Emmadaughter ofWilliam and MaryGODBEERBlakewellLabourer
5 February 1831Abrahamson ofGeorge and AliceALLSCOTTChittlehamholtLabourer
7 February 1831Georgeson ofGeorge and HannahPARKINEastacottLabourer
16 February 1831Elizabeth Skinnerdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethGODBEERNethercleaveYeoman
27 February 1831Richardson ofJohn and MarySLEEBowden HillLabourer
4 March 1831Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and MaryLOCKVillageLabourer
7 March 1831Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethTURNERVillageLabourer
7 March 1831Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethTURNERVillageLabourer
15 March 1831Mary Janedaughter ofArthur and MaryBARNESDownsYeoman
15 March 1831Johnson ofRobert and SusannaGULLYEastcottLabourer
16 March 1831Mariadaughter ofJohn and MildredSKINNERFullabrookYeoman
1 April 1831Sophiadaughter ofWilliam and AnnSEAGEVillageSmith
24 April 1831Williambase child ofAnnSYMONDSAmbow 
1 May 1831Anndaughter ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
1 May 1831Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryBRADFORDNew BuildingsCarpenter
3 May 1831Williamson ofWilliam and GraceSLEEChittlehamholtLabourer
8 May 1831Marydaughter ofWilliam and AnnSUMMERSVillageLabourer
8 May 1831Johnson ofJohn and MaryROWDENVillageLabourer
15 May 1831Marybase child ofMaryDALLINGVillage 
22 May 1831Mariadaughter ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERSBlackmantleMason
22 May 1831William Westernson ofWilliam and ThomazinMANATONVillageThatcher
22 May 1831Charlesson ofWilliam and MaryCHAPPLEVillageShoemaker
22 May 1831Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MargaretWOLLACOTTBidacottLabourer
22 May 1831Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryFEWINGSSwimbridgeLabourer
23 May 1831Jamesson ofAbraham and MaryCHAPPLEVillageMason
23 May 1831George Snellson ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBidacottYeoman
29 May 1831Johnson ofRobert and EleanorRUDDHoeLabourer
5 June 1831Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryWHITEFIELDTraydownLabourer
24 June 1831Janedaughter ofWilliam and SarahCOURTNEYDenesisLabourer
26 June 1831Georgeson ofJohn and MaryCONGRAMFurzeLabourer
26 June 1831Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and FaithASHELFORDEastcottLabourer
2 July 1831Robertbase child ofAnnPOLLBrightly Mill 
3 July 1831Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSMALDON Labourer
3 July 1831Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and GracePONSFORDBrawdon HillLabourer
3 July 1831Williamson ofJohn and AliceMANATONHoeThatcher
11 July 1831Jacobson ofThomas and ElizabethJENKINGSVillageCarpenter
11 July 1831Marydaughter ofThomas and ElizabethJENKINGSVillageCarpenter
24 July 1831John Bakerson ofJames and AnnWHITEFIELDTytesLabourer
14 August 1831John Jenkingsbase child ofMaryBRAYLEYChittlehamholt 
28 August 1831John Burgessson ofJames and MaryMANATONWater GateThatcher
4 September 1831Prudence Parkindaughter ofMichael and PrudenceSEARLEVillageLabourer
11 September 1831Johnson ofPeter and AnnGOVIERChittlehamholtYeoman
18 September 1831Gracedaughter ofWilliam and SarahMANNINGChittlehamholtLabourer
18 September 1831Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryTHORNEShilstoneYeoman
14 October 1831Ann Westacottdaughter ofEdward and MariaSAUNDERSWhitehallCarpenter
16 October 1831Mary Janedaughter ofJames and AliceBREALEYVillageCowleech
16 October 1831Johnson ofJohn and SusanROWDENVillageLabourer
23 October 1831Elizabethdaughter ofThomas and ElizabethHUXTABLEBlakewellLabourer
6 November 1831Williamson ofJohn and MaryARNOLDFurzeLabourer
6 November 1831Mariadaughter ofJames and ElizabethTOWELLWhitehallLabourer
15 November 1831Philipson ofPhilip and GraceCROCKERBlakewellLabourer
27 November 1831Francisson ofFrancis and ElizabethHOLLANDTownsendLabourer
26 December 1831Thomasson ofJohn and MariaNICHOLSBlakewellMason
26 December 1831Henryson ofJohn and MariaNICHOLSBlakewellMason
26 December 1831Susannadaughter ofGeorge and SusannaSAUNDERBrightlyYeoman
11 January 1832Janedaughter ofRichard and MaryBARROWBradburyYeoman
29 January 1832Williamson ofAbraham and AnnCHAPPLEChittlehamholtLabourer
29 January 1832Williamson ofJohn and SarahMELHUISHBradburyLabourer
29 January 1832Jamesson ofJames and AnnCLARKENew BuildingsLabourer
5 February 1832Henryson ofWilliam and GraceLEWISChittlehamholtYeoman
12 February 1832Marydaughter ofPhilip and SarahGRADDONVillageLabourer
26 February 1832Charles Markson ofJohn and GraceROWCLIFFESwimbridgeYeoman
26 February 1832Sallydaughter ofStephen and JaneHAMMETTSwimbridgeSchool Master
11 March 1832Frederickson ofEdward and Mary AnnFAIRCHILDDownsLabourer
24 April 1832Thomasson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKVillageCarpenter
24 April 1832Marydaughter ofRichard and SusannaSMALEVillageLabourer
2 May 1832Jane Luxtondaughter ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPLEClapworthySmith
6 May 1832Gilbertson ofMathew and ElizabethKNILLChittlehamholtLabourer
6 May 1832Mary Anndaughter ofJames and MaryMANNINGHeadYeoman
8 May 1832Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethBOWDENVillageLabourer
20 May 1832Georgebase child ofAnnSAUNDERSBlackmantle 
28 May 1832Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AnnHUXTABLEFeatherstoneYeoman
31 May 1832Elizadaughter ofGeorge and MaryCROCKERSwimbridgePublican
3 June 1832George Birdson ofGeorge and FannyBIRDDorridgeLabourer
11 June 1832John Tinsonson ofRichard and SarahHUNTVillageSmith
12 June 1832Williamson ofJohn and MaryWESTACOTTBiddacottMason
1 July 1832Williamson ofSamuel and AliceRENDLEBlackmantleCarpenter
4 July 1832Williamson ofThomas and MarySKINNERCleaveCarpenter
7 July 1832Elizabeth Rendledaughter ofJohna nd AnnDYERVillageGardener
15 July 1832Charles Parkinson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLLAWAYVillageSmith
26 August 1832Mary Lockdaughter ofGeorge and AnnCONGRAMVillageLabourer
9 September 1832Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryGULLYWarkleighLabourer
16 September 1832Marydaughter ofWilliam and SarahGUARDPittCarpenter
22 September 1832Margarettdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethGODBEERNethercleaveYeoman
18 October 1832Jamesson ofWilliam and MaryCONGRAMVillageLabourer
21 October 1832Elizabethdaughter ofPhilip and RebeccaGUARDNethercleaveYeoman
27 October 1832Harriottdaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
28 October 1832Simon Lewisson ofRichard and ElizabethWEBBERChittlehamholtThatcher
28 October 1832Marydaughter ofJohn and SusannaROWDENVillageLabourer
28 October 1832John Dyerson ofJohn and ThomazinBREALYVillageMaltster
31 October 1832Henryson ofWilliam and JaneBALLBlakewellLabourer
18 November 1832Janebase child ofMaryBRAILYTytes 
14 December 1832Marytwin daughter ofWilliam and MaryVALTERSouthbrayYeoman
14 December 1832Elizabethtwin daughter ofWilliam and MaryVALTERSouthbrayYeoman
23 December 1832Georgeson ofJohn and GraceSAUNDERSEastcottLabourer
23 December 1832Anndaughter ofMichael and MaryLOCKBrowden HillLabourer
27 December 1832William Snowson ofJohn and AnnSNOWBrowden HillLabourer
30 December 1832Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryCOWLERTownsendLabourer
30 December 1832Sarahdaughter ofSamuel and AnnHOLLANDDownsLabourer
1 January 1833Marydaughter ofJohn and GracePONSFORDBrowden HillLabourer
3 January 1833Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLUXTONEastcottYeoman
7 January 1833Marydaughter ofJames and AnnGRIFFINVillageCooper
8 January 1833Aaronson ofMichael and ElizabethSEARLEVillageLabourer
12 January 1833Henry Bakerson ofEdward and JaneSAUNDERSVillageLabourer
13 January 1833Elizadaughter ofPeter and JaneGODBEERAmbowLabourer
13 January 1833Charlesson ofPhilip and HannahISAACSwimbridgeLabourer
17 January 1833Eliasson ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINSBradburyLabourer
25 January 1833Williamson ofHugh and CatherineWARDVillageMason
30 January 1833Marydaughter ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBidacottYeoman
10 February 1833Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryVILEMiddlehillLabourer
17 February 1833Williamson ofJohn and MaryFEWINGSSwimbridgeLabourer
20 February 1833Margaretdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethGODBEERNethercleaveYeoman
3 March 1833Johnson ofWilliam and MargaretWOLLACOTTBiddacottLabourer
5 March 1833Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAMVillageLabourer
10 March 1833Williamson ofPhilip and MaryHARRISHoeLabourer
14 March 1833Thomasson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGHollamoorYeoman
17 March 1833Janedaughter ofSamuel and ElizabethWARDBrightlyLabourer
17 March 1833Mary Janedaughter ofJohn and MaryBRADFORDNew BuildingsCarpenter
31 March 1833Elizabethdaughter ofRobert and SusannaGULLYLillybanksLabourer
4 April 1833Peterson ofWilliam and MaryGODBEERBlakewellLabourer
19 April 1833Annbase child ofSarahCHAPPLEVillage 
23 April 1833William Clarkeson ofEdmond and SallyHUXTABLEProustburyYeoman
24 April 1833Ann Symondsdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDOWNVillageLabourer
25 April 1833Elizabeth Westacottdaughter ofRobert and ElizabethWESTACOTTBlakewellLabourer
28 April 1833Marydaughter ofJohn and JaneBUDDEastcottLabourer
7 May 1833Elizadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethDAVEYFurzeLabourer
7 May 1833Johnson ofWilliam and GraceLEWISChittlehamholtYeoman
13 May 1833Johnson ofWilliam and SusannaBEERBidacottLabourer
25 May 1833John Tyrrelson ofJohn and JaneSMALLRIDGEHoeLabourer
11 June 1833Sabinadaughter ofWilliam and AnnSEAGEVillageSmith
16 June 1833Mariadaughter ofWilliam and SarahRAPSONFurzeLabourer
23 June 1833Sarahdaughter ofJohn and HarriottMULESVillageLabourer
11 July 1833Anndaughter ofJohn and AnnHUXTABLEFeatherstoneYeoman
11 July 1833Susanna Skinnerdaughter ofAbraham and Mary AnnCHAPPLEUpfordYeoman
16 July 1833Johnson ofJames and CharlotteHOOKWAYBlakewellYeoman
21 July 1833Marybase child ofElizabethDAVEYStangs 
25 July 1833Ann Bryantdaughter ofJohn and MildredSKINNERFullabrookYeoman
26 August 1833Mary Huxtable Manningdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethMELDONHalswellYeoman
22 September 1833Anndaughter ofThomas and GraceJENKINSBlakewellLabourer
6 October 1833Henryson ofHenry and MaryLIVERTONWoodendLabourer
9 October 1833Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryTHORNEShilstoneYeoman
13 October 1833Henry Bakerson ofJames and AnnWHITEFIELDToils HouseLabourer
14 October 1833Mary Anndaughter ofJames and MaryMANATONWatergateThatcher
3 November 1833Samuelson ofJohn and MaryCONGRAMFurzeLabourer
3 November 1833Henryson ofEdward and Mary AnnFAIRCHILDDownsLabourer
3 November 1833Williamson ofJohn and AnnDYERVillageButcher
29 November 1833Mary Anndaughter ofEmanuel and ElizabethPETHERBRIDGEMiddle HillLabourer
30 November 1833Johnson ofThomas and PrudenceSELDONSwimbridgeYeoman
30 November 1833Jamesson ofThomas and JaneSMITHEastcottLabourer
5 December 1833Edwinson ofGeorge and ElizabethSAUNDERSBrightly MillMiller
8 December 1833Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryBARTLETTChittlehamholtLabourer
15 December 1833Charlesson ofWilliam and ElizabethTOUTFurzeLabourer
15 December 1833Anndaughter ofWilliam and FaithASHELFORDEastcottLabourer
15 December 1833Mariadaughter ofJames and ElizabethTOWELWhitehallLabourer
21 December 1833Thomasson ofHenry and AnnSKINNERCollinsesLabourer
1 January 1834Jamesson ofJames and MaryMANNINGHeadYeoman
5 January 1834Fannydaughter ofJohn and MaryARNOLDFurzeLabourer
7 January 1834Anndaughter ofGeorge and MaryCROCKERSwimbridgeInnkeeper
9 January 1834Sarahdaughter ofGeorge and JaneKINGDONSwimbridgeLabourer
12 February 1834John Jamesson ofJohn and BettyHOWARDVillageSchool Master
16 February 1834William Skinnerson ofJohn and ElizabethGODBEERNethercleaveYeoman
16 February 1834Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSMALDONTraydownLabourer
2 March 1834Edwardson ofAbraham and AnnCHAPPLEHead-postLabourer
9 March 1834Johnson ofWilliam and AnnSAUNDERSBlackmantleMason
13 March 1834Jamesson ofJames and SarahTAYLORVillageLabourer
14 March 1834Eleanor Charlottedaughter ofThomas and CatherineBEVANPrestonClerk
18 March 1834Henry Westacott Shipcottson ofJohn and SarahPALFREEMANChittlehamholtLabourer
23 March 1834Janedaughter ofJohn and GracePONSFORDBrawden HillLabourer
23 March 1834Mary Anndaughter ofRichard and AgnessGALLIFORDPark EndLabourer
6 April 1834Agness Chappledaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKVillageCarpenter
6 April 1834Sarah Janedaughter ofJohn and MariaNICHOLSBlakewellMason
6 April 1834Johnbase child ofMaryGALLIFORDVillage 
27 April 1834Mary Anndaughter ofJohn and MaryROWDENVillageLabourer
2 May 1834Jamesson ofCharles and ElizabethJONESChittlehamholtLabourer
4 May 1834Racheldaughter ofMathew and ElizabethKNEELChittlehamholtLabourer
4 May 1834Ann Lethbridgebase child ofAnnPEARCEPoor House 
8 May 1834Edmundson ofEdmund and SarahHUXTABLEVillageWhite Smith
20 May 1834John Bakerson ofThomas and MarySKINNERCleaveCarpenter
1 June 1834Thomasson ofPhilip and JaneBURGESSBlakewellLabourer
15 June 1834Anndaughter ofJohn and MarySLEEBrawden HillLabourer
22 June 1834Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINSNew BuildingsMason
6 July 1834Robert Kellyson ofJames and MaryCOXCollacottLabourer
6 July 1834Elizabethdaughter ofHenry and MaryWHITEFIELDVillageLabourer
6 July 1834Samuel Hollandson ofJohn and ElizabethTURNERVillageLabourer
17 July 1834Mary Janedaughter ofJames and AliceBREALEYVillagePublican
27 July 1834Thomasson ofRichard and SarahMAREChittlehamholtLabourer
30 July 1834Williamson ofRobert and AnnGOVIERChittlehamholtYeoman
10 August 1834Marydaughter ofJames and MaryYEOFurzeLabourer
24 August 1834Henry Skinnerson ofAbraham and MaryCHAPPLEDipfordYeoman
7 September 1834Georgeson ofWilliam and RebeccaACTYCourtLabourer
7 September 1834Marydaughter ofJohn and ElizabethSUMMERSTredownLabourer
8 September 1834Marydaughter ofJames and AmyBLAKESonnings MillMiller
17 September 1834Elizabeth Janedaughter ofJohn and JaneSMALLRIDGEHoeGardener
17 September 1834Georgeson ofGeorge and SusanSAUNDERBrightlyYeoman
27 September 1834John Manningson ofThomas and AmyLOOSEMOOREChittlehamholtYeoman
28 September 1834Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryLOCKVillageLabourer
28 September 1834Emmadaughter ofWilliam and MaryBURGESSKingsbeerYeoman
19 October 1834Georgeson ofEdmund and JaneSAUNDERSVillageLabourer
21 October 1834Elizadaughter ofJohn and BettyPHILPOTTVillageCordwainer
9 November 1834Johnson ofGeorge and MaryGULLYWarkleighLabourer
20 November 1834Ann Esserydaughter ofWilliam and MaryDAVYShilstoneLabourer
22 November 1834Fannydaughter ofWilliam and JoannaBUCKINGHAMEastcottLabourer
16 December 1834Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MarySNOWVillageCordwainer
19 December 1834Lucydaughter ofJames and MaryMANNINGHeadYeoman
21 December 1834Emmadaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethFACEYSwimbridgeLabourer
25 December 1834Sarahdaughter ofLewis and MarySOUTHCOMBE DILLINGPiltonTradesman
25 December 1834Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MargaretBURGESSBidacottLabourer
26 December 1834Jamesson ofJohn and ElizabethCHAPPLESouth MoltonSmith
29 December 1834Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethSAUNDERSChittlehamholtLabourer
1 January 1835Edwinson ofGeorge and AnnWEBBERBidacottYeoman
4 January 1835Anndaughter ofWilliam and MarySUMMERSChittlehamholtLabourer
26 January 1835Johnson ofHumphrey and AnnMILLSVillageLabourer
26 January 1835Robertson ofRobert and ElizabethWESTACOTTBlakewellLabourer
26 January 1835Johnbase child ofMaryCOURTNEYDeneses 
1 February 1835Georgeson ofWilliam and JaneBALLBlakewellLabourer
1 February 1835Henryson ofJohn and ElizabethDOWNVillageLabourer
8 February 1835Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MargaretWOLLACOTTBidacottLabourer
8 February 1835Robertson ofRobert and SusannaGULLYHawkridgeLabourer
15 February 1835Eleanordaughter ofJohn and MaryBRADFORDNew BuildingsCarpenter
15 February 1835Philip Burgessson ofThomas and MargaretBUCKINGHAMVillageLabourer
15 February 1835Anndaughter ofJames and ElizabethTURNERMiddlecottLabourer
1 March 1835Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge and AnnCONGRAMWhitehallLabourer
3 March 1835Jamesson ofThomas and MaryCLARKEParkendSmith
10 March 1835Mary Anndaughter ofWilliam and SusannaBEERBidacottLabourer
10 March 1835Williamson ofSamuel and ElizabethWARDBrightlyLabourer
14 March 1835Williamson ofPhilip and SarahGRADDONVillageLabourer
20 March 1835Gracedaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethJENKINGSBradburyLabourer
25 March 1835Williamson ofWilliam and ElizabethMILDONHalswellYeoman
5 April 1835Richardson ofJohn and MaryCOWLERVillageLabourer
5 April 1835Mary Janedaughter ofHugh and CatherineWARDCourtLabourer
12 April 1835Johnson ofWilliam and AnnHOLLANDChittlehamholtLabourer
11 May 1835Janedaughter ofThomas and GraceJENKINGSBlakewellLabourer
24 May 1835Samuelson ofWilliam and MariaBUCKINGHAMBishop's TawtonYeoman
31 May 1835Thomasson ofThomas and EleanorSNOWClapworthy MillMiller
7 June 1835Gilbertson ofJohn and GraceSLEEChittlehamholtLabourer
13 June 1835Marydaughter ofGeorge and BettyCHAPPLEChittlehamholtYeoman
15 June 1835Anndaughter ofJoseph and BetsyBUCKINGHAMVillageInnkeeper
21 June 1835Philipson ofJames and SarahTAYLORVillageLabourer
23 June 1835Jamesson ofWilliam and GraceGUARDPittYeoman
28 June 1835Samuelson ofEdward and MarianneFAIRCHILDDownsLabourer
1 July 1835Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHOOPERChittlehamholtLabourer
5 July 1835Anndaughter ofJohn and ElizabethGODBEERNethercleaveYeoman
5 July 1835Anndaughter ofJohn and SusanBEARDNew BuildingsTailor
5 July 1835Henryson ofArthur and MaryBARNESFurze BarnYeoman
8 July 1835Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethRENDLESladeYeoman
10 August 1835Williamson ofJohn and ThomazinSHAPLANDVillageInnkeeper
16 August 1835Johnson ofJohn and MaryDAVYFurzeLabourer
16 August 1835Johnson ofJames and ElizabethTOWELCourtLabourer
23 August 1835Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethCONGRAMVillageLabourer
23 August 1835Henryson ofPhilip and RebeccaGUARDNethercleaveYeoman
23 August 1835Johnbase child ofElizabethDALLINGVillage 
2 September 1835Janedaughter ofWilliam and AnnSUMMERSChittlehamholtLabourer
2 September 1835Elizadaughter ofHenry and MaryLIVERTONWoodendLabourer
17 September 1835Marianne Maredaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethTOUTVillageLabourer
23 September 1835Johnson ofJohn and AnneHUXTABLEFeatherstoneYeoman
17 October 1835George Evansson ofWilliam and ElizabethCROCKERDownsLabourer
19 October 1835Mary Annedaughter ofWilliam and MaryGODBEERBlakewellLabourer
21 October 1835Eleanordaughter ofJohn and ElizabethLUXTONEastcottYeoman
25 October 1835Elizabethdaughter ofJames and AnneSNOWBlakewellLabourer
28 October 1835Mariannedaughter ofAbraham and MaryCHAPPLEDipfordYeoman
5 November 1835Thomasbase child ofMaryCOURTNEYWoodend 
8 November 1835Marydaughter ofJames and MaryCOXFurzeLabourer
8 November 1835Williamson ofThomas and AnneLOOSEMOOREChittlehamholtLabourer
15 November 1835Elizadaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethLEATHERBYBrightlyLabourer
30 November 1835Edmundson ofWilliam and AnneHUXTABLEChittlehamholtCarpenter
2 December 1835Henryson ofHenry and MarianneRADFORDChittlehamholtLabourer
3 December 1835Catherine Parkindaughter ofJohn and MaryTHORNEShilstoneYeoman
6 December 1835Georgeson ofJames and ElizabethJENKINSVillageLabourer
13 December 1835Marianne Mooredaughter ofWilliam and MaryTOUTVillageLabourer
25 December 1835Mariannedaughter ofJohn and FrancesANDREWHeywoodYeoman
1 January 1836Johnson ofAbraham and SarahWALDRONPlantationLabourer
1 January 1836Johnson ofJames and ElizabethWESTACOTTWhitestoneLabourer
6 January 1836Rebeccadaughter ofWilliam and MarySLEEWhitehallLabourer
17 January 1836Mary Anndaughter ofThomas and MarySAUNDERWarkleighLabourer
24 January 1836Jamesson ofJohn and MaryARNOLDFurzeLabourer
24 January 1836Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and AliceSNOWClapworthy MillLabourer
24 January 1836Aaronson ofJohn and ElizabethSAUNDERSChittlehamholtLabourer
25 January 1836John Francisson ofJohn and AnnTAYLORWood EndLabourer
28 January 1836Johnson ofJohn and GracePONSFORDBrawdon HillLabourer
8 February 1836Henryson ofHenry and ElizabethDYERVillageCarrier
14 February 1836Ann Mariadaughter ofThomas and SallyCLARKVillageButcher
17 February 1836Marydaughter ofJames and ElizaTINSONHill HeadWheelwright
21 February 1836Elizabethdaughter ofJames and SarahHILLSNew BuildingsLabourer
13 March 1836Georgeson ofMichael and ElizabethLOCKBrawden HillLabourer
12 April 1836James Buddson ofJohn and JaneBUDDEastcottLabourer
25 April 1836Williamson ofJames and AnnWHITEFIELDToits HouseLabourer
8 May 1836Susandaughter ofJohn and MaryCAMPMile HouseSawyer
15 May 1836Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryCONGRAMFurzeLabourer
15 May 1836Georgeson ofJohn and MaryMANNINGClapworthy MillYeoman
31 May 1836Thomas Andrewson ofThomas and MarySKINNERWhitestoneYeoman
11 June 1836James Rendlebase child ofAnneCOURTNEYDeneses 
12 June 1836Henryson ofCharles and ElizabethJONESVillageLabourer
12 June 1836Henryson ofWilliam and ElizabethCLARKEVillageCooper
24 June 1836Lucindadaughter ofJohn and ElizabethBUCKINGHAMChittlehamholtCarpenter
26 June 1836Annedaughter ofJohn and MaryVILEMiddle HillLabourer
29 June 1836Thomasson ofWilliam and MaryHEARDChittlehamholtCarpenter
3 July 1836Johnson ofHenry and MaryWHITEFIELDEastcottLabourer
6 July 1836Thomasson ofThomas and MarySKINNERCleaveCarpenter
10 July 1836Marydaughter ofJohn and AnneDYERVillageLabourer
11 July 1836Jamesson ofJames and MaryMANNATONWater GateThatcher
17 July 1836Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryWESTACOTTBidacottMason
17 July 1836Johnbase child ofSarahHUXTABLEHead 
24 July 1836Marydaughter ofJohn and MaryLAKEChittlehamholtLabourer
24 July 1836Johnson ofWilliam and RebeccaACTEYVillageLabourer
2 August 1836Johnson ofJohn and MaryFACEYGambustonYeoman
25 September 1836Thomasbase child ofHarriotMULESVillage 
3 October 1836Georgeson ofGeorge and MaryBATERVillageCordwainer
9 October 1836Elizabethdaughter ofJohn and MaryHUXTABLEPrestburyYeoman
10 October 1836Williamson ofEdward and JaneSAUNDERSVillageLabourer
23 October 1836Williamson ofJames and MaryCOXFurzeLabourer
25 October 1836Sarahdaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHOLLAWAYHill HeadServant
30 October 1836Elizabeth Rendlebase child ofMary AnneMOSS  
1 December 1836Sarahdaughter ofJames and SarahTAYLORVillageLabourer
4 December 1836Williamson ofJohn and SarahPALFREEMANVillageLabourer
11 December 1836Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and MaryVICARYFurzeLabourer
11 December 1836Johnson ofJohn and MarySAUNDERSBlackmantleCarpenter
13 December 1836Mary Annedaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethVICARYOldridgeLabourer
15 December 1836William Mortimerbase child ofElizabethLEWISChittlehamholt 
18 December 1836Thirzabase child ofMaryTURNERVillage 
1 January 1837Mary Janedaughter ofEdward and AnnCLARKEVillageMason
22 January 1837Janedaughter ofRobert and SusannaGULLYHawkridgeLabourer
23 January 1837Williamson ofWilliam and AnneSAUNDERSBlackmantleMason
25 January 1837Emmadaughter ofGeorge and AnneWEBBERBidacottYeoman
29 January 1837John Crossmanson ofWilliam and MaryBRADFORDNew BuildingsCarpenter
29 January 1837Henryson ofThomas and GraceJENKINSBlakewellMason
29 January 1837Marydaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethVICARYMeethLabourer
2 February 1837Marydaughter ofRobert and ElizabethWESTACOTTBlakewellLabourer
7 February 1837Johnson ofJohn and ElizabethHOLLOWAYVillageSmith
12 February 1837Anndaughter ofMatthew and ElizabethKNILLChittlehamholtLabourer
13 February 1837Josephson ofEdward and Mary AnneFAIRCHILDDownsLabourer
5 March 1837Thomasson ofWilliam and MaryLOCKVillageLabourer
5 March 1837Johnson ofWilliam and MariaBUCKINGHAMBishop's TawtonYeoman
16 March 1837Elizabeth Rendledaughter ofEdmund and SarahHUXTABLEVillageClockmaker
19 March 1837John Philpottson ofJohn and MarySNOWVillageCordwainer
19 March 1837Susannadaughter ofThomas and EleanorSNOWClapworthy MillMiller
25 March 1837Williamson ofAlexander and ElizabethSKINNERCleaveYeoman
2 April 1837Williamson ofPhilip and SarahGRADDONSwimbridgeLabourer
6 April 1837Williamson ofJohn and ElizabethPHILPOTTVillageCordwainer
28 April 1837Johnson ofWilliam and AnneRICEChittlehamholtYeoman
30 April 1837Williamson ofWilliam and MargaretWOLLACOTTBidwellLabourer
4 May 1837Johnson ofWilliam and AnneWALDRONRockLabourer
6 May 1837Johnson ofWilliam and SarahMANNINGChittlehamholtLabourer
7 May 1837Susandaughter ofJohn and SusanROWDENWarkleighLabourer
14 May 1837Mariannedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethGODBEERNethercleaveYeoman
3 June 1837Jamesson ofJames and Eliza CarderTINSONHillheadWheelwright
4 June 1837Elizabethdaughter ofJoseph and ElizabethBUCKINGHAMVillagePublican
2 July 1837Johnson ofJohn and BettyDOWNVillageLabourer
2 July 1837Sarahdaughter ofJohn and BettyDOWNVillageLabourer
6 July 1837Sarahbase child ofElizabethMOOREPoor House 
6 July 1837Harretbase child ofSarahBAKERPoor House 
6 July 1837Williambase child ofElizabethREMMETPoor House 
7 July 1837Sybelladaughter ofJohn and ElizabethJENKINSChittlehamholtMason
9 July 1837Martha Hodgedaughter ofJohn and MaryROWDENVillageLabourer
16 July 1837Aaronson ofHugh and CatherineWARDBlakewellMason
16 July 1837Williamson ofThomas and MarySOMERVILLEChittlehamholtMason
18 July 1837Mary Janedaughter ofJohn and ElizabethHILLChulmleighYeoman
20 July 1837Mariannebase child ofElizabethRAWLEPoor House 
20 July 1837William Treblebase child ofElizabethGOULDPoor House 
23 July 1837Jamesson ofPeter and AnneGOVIERChittlehamholtYeoman
24 July 1837Susannadaughter ofWilliam and SusannaBEERChittlehamholtLabourer
27 July 1837Marybase child ofAnneELWORTHYPoor House 
30 July 1837John Skinnerson ofAbraham and MaryCHAPPLEDipfordYeoman
30 July 18137Annedaughter ofWilliam and JoannaBUCKINGHAMBlakewellLabourer
10 August 1837Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam and ElizabethMILDONHalswellYeoman
14 August 1837John Skinnerson ofHenry and Mary AnneBAKERVillageTailor
17 August 1837Susannabase child ofElizabethTURNERPoor House 
3 September 1837Elizabethbase child ofElizabethDALLINGFurze 
6 September 1837Jamesson ofJames and AliceBREALEYVillagePublican
6 September 1837Edwardson ofEdward and AnneCONGRAMWhitestoneLabourer
8 October 1837Henryson ofWilliam and JaneBALLBlakewellLabourer
22 October 1837Marybase child ofMaryCOURTNEYDeneses 
1 November 1837Johnson ofWilliam and ElizabethCROCKERDownsLabourer
5 November 1837Ameliadaughter ofGeorge and MaryANDREWBiddacottLabourer
7 November 1837Richardson ofThomas and AmyLOOSEMOOREChittlehamholtYeoman
15 November 1837Marydaughter ofWilliam and FaithASHELFORDEastcottLabourer
19 November 1837Williamson ofHumphrey and AnneMILLSSouth MoltonLabourer
20 November 1837Williamson ofHenry and MarianneRADFORDChittlehamholtLabourer
10 December 1837Elizadaughter ofWilliam and MaryGODBEERBlackmantleLabourer
29 December 1837Elizadaughter ofJohn and FrancesANDREWHowardYeoman