Extracts relating to Chittlehampton from 18th and 19th Century Newspapers - 2

Provided by Lindsey Withers

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, October 2, 1800
Devon - to be Leased, for 99 Years, determinable on three Lies, to be named by the Purchaser, all that Messuage and Tenement, called Coomb, consisting of a good farm-house, and convenient Out-buildings with 80 Acres, and upwards, of Orchard, Meadow, Arable, and Pasture Land, in very good Condition, situate within the Parish of Chittlehampton, distant from Southmolton 4 Miles, and 8 Miles from Barnstaple, two very good Market Towns, and within two Miles of two Lime Kilns, now in the Occupation of Mr John Smith.
For which Purpose a Survey will be held at the King's Arms in Chittlehampton, aforesaid on Monday the 13th Day of October next, by Four o'clock in the afternoon.
For a View of the same apply to Peter field at Hudscott, Southmolton.
N.B. If the Estate is not leased at the Time aforesaid, it will be then put up for a term of 14 Years.
Possession may be had immediately or at Lady-day next, as may best suit the Purchaser or Taker.
Dated 22nd September 1800.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, March 11, 1802
Devon - To be Let for 7, 11, or 14 Years, and entered upon at Lady-day next, all those three capital Messuages and Farms called Higher, Middle and Lower Bradbury, in the Parish of Chittlehampton, about three Miles from Southmolton, and eight from Barnstaple - two excellent Market Towns; consisting of upwards of 250 Acres of very rich Arable, Meadow and Pasture Land, with extensive Orchards in a high State of Cultivation, and the Estate altogether in the best Course of Husbandry, having been farmed by Mr Henry Baker, the late Owner for at least 50 years. There are 6 Acres of Ground now in Tillage with Wheat, and excellent Grass, and the Lent Arishes are in great Forwardness for Spring Corn
For which Purpose a Survey will be held at Higher Bradbury House on Tuesday the Twenty-third Day of this instant, March, precisely at Four o'clock in the Afternoon.
And on the two following Days will be sold by Auction,
All the Capital Stock, Corn, Hay, Wood, Implements of Husbandry, and Household Furniture of the said Mr Henry Baker, with several Pipes and Hog-heads of prime Cyder.
The Sale will begin precisely at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon of each Day, and six Months' Credit will be given for the Stock, on such Security as shall be required.
For viewing the Premises apply to William Magrah at Higher Bradbury aforesaid, and for particulars to Messrs. Foote and Karslake, Attorneys, Southmolton
Dated March, 1802

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, June 27, 1805
Devon - to be Sold, the fee-simple and inheritance of all those Messuages and tenements called Higher and Lower Tredown, in the parish of Chittlehampton, in the county of Devon; consisting of two dwelling-houses, and convenient outbuildings, and about 94 acres, by comparation, of good arable, meadow, pasture, and orchard ground, now tenanted by Mr Voter, and whose term therein will expire at lady-day next.
These premises have for several years past, been let at a very low rent, are capable of considerable improvements and commodiously situated for manure, and for Southmolton, Barnstaple and Torrington markets.
For which purpose a survey will be held at the king's arms inn, in Southmolton, on Saturday the 13th day of July next, by four o'clock in the afternoon.
For a view, apply to the tenant, and for further particulars, to Mr Thorne, at Meeth; or to James Pearse and Son, attorneys, in Southmolton, aforesaid.
Dated 10th June 1805

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, November 29, 1810
Ran Away from John Tinson, in the parish of Chittlehampton, wheelwright, John Ridd, his parish apprentice, about 5 feet 7 inches, light hair and has a cut across the back part of the left thumb; wore away a dark fustian jacket and leather breeches; he works occasionally either in the line of a blacksmith or wheelwright. Whoever harbours or employs the said apprentice, after this public notice, will be prosecuted to the utmost severity of the law, by me.
John Tinson

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, March 7, 1811
To be Let for 14 or 21 Years, from old Lady-day next, all that Tenement, called Blakewell; consisting of a good dwelling-house, with convenient out buildings, and 80 acres and upwards of orchard, meadow, arable and pasture lands; eligibly situated within the Parish of Chittlehampton, Devon, as easy distance from Barnstaple and Southmolton markets, and of several lime kilns and the taker will be accommodated with 10 acres of Wheat in ground, and now in the occupation of Mr Eastmond.
For which purpose a public survey will be held at the George Inn, Southmolton, on Saturday, the 30th day of this instant March, by four o'clock in the afternoon.
For viewing the same, and for particulars, apply to the said Mr Eastmond.
Dated 2nd March 1811

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, December 19, 1811
Capital Estate and Lime Work, To be Let, for 14 Years
The Lime Work from Christmas next, and the Estate from Lady-day next.
All that capital Barton and Farm, called Larey Barton, situate in the parish of Chittlehampton, and county of Devon, about half way between Southmolton and Barnstaple, now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Huxtable. The said premises consist of a very good farm house, with convenient out-houses, about two acres and half of orchard, and upwards of 142 acres of rich watered meadow, arable and pasture land, with a lime rock near the house, now in full course of working.
For letting the said Estate and Lime Work, a survey will be held at the George Inn, in Southmolton, on Monday, the 23rd inst. December, at four o'clock in the afternoon. For a view of the premises, or any further particulars, apply to Mr Ballment, at Castlehill.
Dated this 5th December 1811

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, December 8, 1825
Marriage - At Southmolton, Mr Lewis, of Chittlehampton, maltster, to Mary, daughter of John Kingdom of Southmolton

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, June 28, 1849
Death - June 20, at Chittlehamholt, in Chittlehampton, at the advanced age of 87, Mr William Huxtable, for many years a farmer at that place, and an attendant at the Southmolton and Barnstaple markets, but who had some time retired from business.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, February 5, 1852
January 24, at Chittlehampton, from injuries she sustained about ten days previous, falling over a stool in her house, Sarah, wife of Mr James Baker, Ford Farm, in that parish.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, February 10, 1853
Death - February 1, at Chittlehampton, aged 75, Rachel, widow of Mr John Manning, Head Mills, in that parish.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, May 5, 1853
Chittlehampton, Fire - A house in the village has been destroyed by fire, it was in the occupation of the Misses Saunders. The house belonged to Mr J Burden, late of this place, but now in America. The premises we hear were insured in £200.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, April 13, 1854
Chittlehampton News
Poaching - John Dyer was taken before the magistrates at Southmolton on Monday last, by the police officer,. Who held a warrant against him for setting wires on the preserves of J Grant, Esq., in this parish, more than 12 months since. He was fined, with the expenses, in the sum of1s. 6d.
Parochial Officers for the Ensuing Year - Overseers of the Poor - T. Arthur, J. Baker, J. Harris, J. Huxtable, J. Brown Loosemore, Mrs Grace Morris, W. Mildon, Mrs A Skinner,
Way-Wardens - W. Graddon, J. Stone, J. Dyer, and J. Loosemore. At the vestry meeting for the determination of the above officers, Mr J Facey proposed the appointment of a vestry clerk; but the proposition was opposed by Mr W. Graddon and Mr G. Crocker, on the grounds of economy, whose views were borne out by the meeting, and Mr Facey dropped the unnecessary subject.
Burglary - On Thursday morning last, the dwelling-house of Mr John Burgess, at Moor Farm, in this parish was broken into by taking out a square of glass and opening the casements, it is supposed about 1 o'clock and a large quantity of edibles, clothing, &c., of the following description stolen, viz., about 100 lbs of pork, some butter, cream, six silver spoons, and clothing belonging to Mrs Burgess and the children. It appears the thieves were disturbed during the time they were in the house, as some candlesticks and other things had been taken from the chimney-piece and placed on the table, for the purpose of removal, but left behind. Some of the cream was found at a place called Way Lane and one of the hams near Umberleigh Bridge, the same morning. Our police was soon on the alert, and a young woman was taken up on suspicion, having on at the time one of Mrs Burgess' dresses, and the silver spoons were also found upon her. She will forthwith be taken before the magistrates for examination. Every exertion is making for the discovery of her confederates in this nocturnal affair, and it is hoped that it will soon lead to their apprehension.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Thursday, April 13, 1854
Death - April 8, at Bickell Farm, in Swimbridge, aged 69, Mrs Elizabeth Lock, many years occupier of Furze Farm in Chittlehampton.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, April 4, 1860
Obstructing the Highway - Abraham Chapple, mason, of Chittlehampton, was charged by Superintendent Wood, with leaving his cart on the highway, so as to obstruct the free passage thereof. Defendant was fined 2s. 6d. and costs of 7s. 6d.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, May 30, 1860
County Petty Sessions - R. Bowden, alehouse-keeper, Chittlehampton, was charged by Superintendent Wood with keeping his house open for the sale of beer, at prohibited hours, on Sunday, the 13th instant. Fined 10s. and costs.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, May 1, 1861
Southmolton, Divisional Petty Sessions - Felony
Thirza Slee, Chittlehampton, was charged with stealing a quantity of wood from Shilton Wood, the property of the Hon. Mark Rolle. Convicted and discharged with caution as to her future conduct, the Bench informing her that the conviction would be recorded against her.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, July 10, 1861
Marriage - July 1, at Southmolton, Mr W. Buckingham, of Combe, Chittlehampton, to Miss Grace Darch.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, October 3, 1866
Birth - September 22, at Chittlehampton Vicarage, the wife of the Rev. C. Mackworth Drake, a daughter.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, January 20, 1869
Marriage - January 12, Mr George Guard, of Chittlehampton, to Harriet Madeline, daughter of the late John Arundel Radford, rector of Lapford.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, May 25, 1870
Chittlehampton, Devon - Mr John Blackford will Sell, by Auction, at the Fortescue Arms Hotel, Barnstaple, on Friday the 17th day of June 1870, at three o'clock in the Afternoon, (subject to such conditions as will then be produced) the fee-simple of and in all that highly desirable and compact Farm known as BLAKEWELL situate in the parish of Chittlehampton, Devon, comprising about 102 Acres of very fertile and superior arable, meadow and orchard land, a thriving oak plantation, cottages, and farm buildings.
The estate is within a ring fence, very pleasantly situated, and distant about half a mile from the Umberleigh Railway Station and about seven and five miles respectively from the excellent market towns of Barnstaple and Southmolton.
The purchaser will be entitled to the reversion in fee of the chapel, cottages and gardens, some time since erected and laid out on part of the farm, and comprised in a lease for 150 years from Midsummer 1837, and to the rent of 7s. a year thereby reserved.
For viewing apply to Mr Howard, the tenant; and further particulars may be obtained at the 'Manor House', Chittlehamholt; of the Auctioneer, Southmolton, or of Cleave and Sparkes, Solicitors, Crediton.
Dated Crediton, May 21st, 1870

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, May 17, 1876
Southmolton District News - Savage Assault on a Constable.
At the Divisional Police Court on Saturday, before the Rev. Prebendary Karslake and the Rev. Joshua Bawden, a young labourer, of Chittlehampton, named William Slee, was charged with assaulting P.C. Hooper at Chittlehampton on the 3rd of February. Prisoner absconded immediately the assault was committed, and was not heard of until the assembly of the Devon Militia Artillery, when being one of the regiment, the authorities were communicated with, and he was apprehended. Slee pleaded guilty, and said he had been drinking. P.C. Hooper stated that the assault arose in consequence of a young man named Vicary having given the prisoner into custody for stealing a florin. On endeavouring to apprehend prisoner, he and his mate set upon him, kicked him in all parts of his body, and blackened his eyes. He was bruises all over from head to foot, and had not been well since. The Magistrates commented on the savage nature of the assault, and sentenced prisoner to two months' hard labour.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, September 3, 1879
Southmolton County Petty Sessions
Charles Allen, alias Benjamin Gedge, from Dorsetshire, was charged with housebreaking. On Sunday afternoon he forced an entrance into the dwelling house of William Taylor, of Chittlehampton, and stole 14s. 11 1/2d. , a purse, pair of shirt studs, and pocket-knife. The same evening he broke into another house about two miles off, occupied by Henry Knight of Kingsnympton, and stoke a scarf and neck-tie. The hole of the property, with the exception of the money and purse, were found on the prisoner, who was committed to the Sessions for trial.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, October 1, 1879
Southmolton Divisional Petty Sessions
Charlotte Gulliford, for throwing stones at William Cox, at Chittlehampton, on the 28th September was fined 1s.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, April 7, 1880
Death - March 30, at Whitstone Farm, Chittlehampton, Bessie, wife of Mr T. Huxham, aged 77.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, November 17, 1880
County Petty Sessions, Southmolton
Walter Cox, junr., a young man, for being drunk at Chittlehampton on the 27th October was fined 9s. 6d.
John Walrond, a labourer, for a similar offence at the same place on the 7th of November, was fined 10s. and costs, he having been previously convicted.
Eli Pickard, a young man, was summoned for maliciously damaging a mare, to the extent of £5, the property of Mr Loosemore, of Chittlehampton, on the 28th ult. Mr Thorne, who appeared for defendant, said he was prepared to admit that the mare was damaged by the defendant. It appeared that the defendant was pruning a hedge when a lad rode the mare along. He aimed a blow at the mare, intending to hit it with the flat of the hook, but unfortunately he cut the animal. He denied thee was any malicious intent. The lad was very sorry for what had occurred, and he was willing to make reparation. Eventually the summons was withdrawn.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, September 10, 1884
Chulmleigh, Brewster Sessions. The annual licensing sessions for the Southmolton division, were held at Chulmleigh on Wednesday. Superintendent Baker stated that he had given notice to Mr William Taylor, of the New Inn, Chittlehampton, of his intention to oppose the licence. Superintendent Baker said Mr Taylor had been twice convicted for offences against the Licensing Acts, once on the 16th June last, and also in September 1882. Many persons leaving the applicants house had been summoned for drunkenness and other offences against the Licensing Acts and the house bore a bad character. Mr Seldon, appearing for William Taylor, urged that defendant was not a strong man, and had a long family. His father-in-law, to whom the house belonged, had laid out a considerable sum of money on it. If the Bench did not think Taylor a proper person to hold the license he would apply on behalf of the owner to have the licence in his name. P.C. Hockridge stated that applicant's father now lived with him, and that there were already two licensed houses in the village. The Bench declined to grant the renewal.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post - Wednesday, March 18, 1885
Southmolton - the County Magistrates, sitting at Southmolton on Monday, had before them William Clarke, of Chittlehampton, late of her Majesty's Navy, charged with committing a burglary on the morning of the 4th of March at Preston House, Warkleigh, the residence of Mr Wilson N. Hoare, and stealing various articles of silver and plate therefrom. Lena Jane Nott, Parlourmaid at Mr Hoare's stated, that on the morning of the 4th March a large number of articles of plate (enumerated by witness) were stolen from the dining and drawing-rooms of the house, where she had placed them the day before. An entrance, it was found, had been effected through a window, concerning which witness could not say whether it was fastened or not. Witness had seen the prisoner only days before. That was at a concert at Chittlehamholt she attended one evening with Mrs Hoare. Superintendent Robert George Baker deposed that on the day of the robbery, which took place on the morning of the 4th of March, he went to Preston House, found footprints of bare feet under a window of the house. He traced them over two fields. Beyond that it appeared as if the feet had been scraped, cleaned and the boots or shoes put on. The footsteps were traced to the prisoner's house, but could not afterwards be seen. From information he had received he would apply for a remand for a week, when he should be in a position to prove that the prisoner delivered a hamper containing most of the stolen property to the driver of the mail-coach, from Southmolton to the Southmolton-road Station one day last week, and that the hamper was addressed to the prisoner's brother, a gardener, residing at Alresford, Hants. He had that morning received from Sergeant Mitchell, whom he sent to Alresford last Saturday to execute a search warrant, a telegram to the effect that he had possession of all the articles except two cups, having found them in the keeping of the prisoner's brother. Some two cups were on Monday found on the gate posts leading to the Satterleigh churchyard. They had the prosecutor's monogram on them, but how they came there he was as yet unable to prove. Prisoner was remanded until Monday next.

Trewman's Exeter Flying Post, Saturday, October 29, 1892
Birth - October 18, at Simmons, Chittlehampton, the wife of Thos. Holland, a son.