North Devon History

Peter Christie (Edward Gaskell Publishing, 1995)

Contents Listing

In the following list of articles appearing in this book, indications have been added of the place or places, and the surnames of any individuals, that form the main subject of each article.

1. White Witches And Wizards To Cure All Ills (Combe Martin - Norman)
2. Folk-Beliefs Exposed (Barnstaple - Incledon, Wheeler)
3. Old Victorian Charmer (West Down - Harper)
4. Woman Who Died From A Wizard's Aid (Braunton - Harper)
5. Last Witch In Bideford Lived To 105 (Bideford -Lee)
6. That Well Known Cure For Spots! (Bideford - Perry)
7. Bride's Lucky Escape At The Reception (Bideford - Sargent)
8. Rare Shotgun Wedding . . . At The Age Of 80 (Morwood - Gould)
9. Couples Who Were Marched To The Altar (Barnstaple - Couch, Gibbins)
10. Lonely Hearts Advert From A 'Gentleman' (Barnstaple)
11. For Sale: A Wife He Didn't Want (Braunton - Lock)
12. Divorce More Like A Game Of Call My Bluff (Torrington - Kingdon)
13.The Shaming Of An Adulterer (Shebbear - Spear)
14. When They Carpeted A Road For A Bride (Barnstaple)
15. The Case Of The Lodger's Surprise (Barnstaple - Larcombe)
16. Mocking The Old Mayors (Parracombe - Lovering)
17. Day The Devil Appeared At Marwood (Marwood - Smyth)
18. Workhouse Governor Dismissed (South Molton - Leach)
19. What's In A Name? (Bideford)
20. Wooden Computer Invented In North Devon (Torrington - Fowler)
21. Musical 'Tonic' (Bishop's Tawton - Curwen)
22. Local Adventures Of Jerome C. Jerome (Appledore - Clapp)
23. Sad Case Of A Victorian Poor 'Lunatic' (Bratton Fleming - Lancey)
24. The Girl Who Didn't Eat For Six Months (Bideford - Mock)
25. Torrington's Election Scandal 1869 (Torrington - Toms, Thorne)
26. Strong Arm Stuff At A Barum Funeral (Barnstaple - Parminter)
27. The Man Who Lived In An Old Chimney (Woolfardisworthy - Becalick/Becklake)
28. Gregory: The Lost Poet Of North Devon (Bideford - Gregory)
29. First Pension Day Of The Welfare State (Bideford)
30. Town Crier A 'Colourful Character' (Ilfracombe - Martin)
31. Taskmaster Lost Out In Love Stakes (Bideford - Ebrey)
32. When Elections Were Fought With Fists (Bideford - Tithecott)
33. The 'Bad Old Days' Fondly Remembered (Bideford - Garnsey)
34. Eighty Years On: Childhood Remembered (Marwood - Lynch)
35. Water, Water Everywhere (Barnstaple)
36. Bideford . . . 'Remarkably Forbidding' (Bideford)
37. A Happy Ending For George (Bideford - Staveley)
38. When Was New Road New? (Bideford)
39. And Then There Was Light (Barnstaple)
40. New 'Gardens' For The Poor (Combe Martin - Ridd)
41. How A Poor Poem Reached Posterity (Barnstaple - Staveley)
42. Victorian Sentiments For Old Braunton (Braunton - Mortimer)
43. The Beginning And End Of The Victorian Pier (Westward Ho!)
44. How Bideford Won Its Free Library (Bideford - Narraway)
45. A Gift That Gave Northam Its Men's Club (Northam - Allen)
46. How Bideford's Market Hall Was Born (Bideford)
47. When A Town's Best Hotel Stayed Dry (Barnstaple)
48. Casting Light On The Past (Barnstaple - Sloman)
49. The History Of A Building (Bideford - Chope)
50. Bridge Marvel Stops Flooding (Bishop's Tawton)
51. Marijuana: An Old Crop For North Devon (Barnstaple)
52. Milling Corn By Steam (Welcombe - Facey)
53. Who Invented Estate Agents' Jargon? (Barnstaple - Ormond)
54. Dummett: The Blind Postman Of Braunton (Braunton - Dummett)
55. Description Exaggerates Reality (Lynton)
56. 19th Century Licensee Went Bust Over £25 (Bideford - Crocker)
57. The Early Gazette (Bideford - Haney)
58. Families In Distress As Shipyard Goes Under (Bideford - Cox)
59. Taking Strike Action For A Nine Hour Day (Barnstaple)
60. When Tuppence Ha'penny Was Paid For 1,000 Bricks (Bideford)
61. When Silver Was Mined (Landkey - Dennis)
62. A Garage That Made Cars In Barnstaple (Barnstaple - Prideaux)
63. One-Man Paper Printed In The Living Room (Hartland - Burrow)
64. The Morals of 17th Century Yeoman Beare (Chulmleigh - Beare, Hellyer)
65. When The Rector Sold Pews By The Year (Bideford)
66. The Woman Preacher (Clovelly - Prouse)
67. Colourful Customs From Old Devon (Bideford - Rendle, Wood)
68. Bother At The Chapel (West Buckland - Rees)
69. A Sport Too 'Rude' For A Churchyard (Berrynarbor - Bussell)
70. Massive Town Row Over New Cemetery (Bideford)
71. When Hackles Were Raised By A Sect (South Molton - Hanham, Vickery)
72. Battling With The Evils Of The Demon Drink (South Molton - Whitwell, Dodge, Cole)
73. Trophies Of A Faith Healer (Barnstaple (Pearson)
74. Follow The Band With Parson (Hartland, Petrockstowe, Yarnscombe)
75. Bizarre Events In Quiet Places (Combe Martin -Seymour)
76. Supporting A Survivor Of The Civil War (Bideford - Jefferye)
77. Gruesome Clues To Fate Of Prisoners (Bideford)
78. Days Of Bideford Rifle Volunteers (Bideford - Rogers)
79. Navy Men Who Raised Cash To Pay Expenses (Appledore - Martin)
80. North Devon Territorials Led Britain (Barnstaple)
81. Vicar Kept The Home Fires Burning (Northam - Cook)
82. The Last Victim Of The War (Bideford - Guard)
83. Waiting For The Bombs To Drop (Bideford)
84. Stormy Night Or Judgement Of The Lord (Clovelly)
85. Hare-Brained Balloonists Go Backwards (Bideford - Simmons)
86. Wreck That Lead To Licensing (Ilfracombe - Rumson)
87. When Minstrels Played At Westward Ho! Railway Station (Northam)
88. Taking To The Air For One Short Minute (South Molton - Clayton)
89. Why Bailiff Was Hauled Up In Court (Alwington)
90. Transported For The Theft Of A Few Tools (Cornworthy - Crang)
91. Crime-Crackers Who Preceded The Police Force (Barnstaple)
92. Bideford Riot In 1816 (Bideford)
93. Poison Pens That Reached Whitehall (Bideford - Doidge)
94. A Murder Most Foul (Torrington - Chappell)
95. Grave Robbers Who Struck North Devon (Barnstaple - Bishop)
96. When The Poorest Rioted (Swimbridge - Barrow)
97. How A Town's Police Force Was Founded (Barnstaple)
98. Deportation For Boy Thief (Barnstaple - Thorne)
99. Great Alarm That Brought A Detective (Barnstaple)
100. Trial In 1844 Started Allotments Plan (Bideford - Bibb)
101. Orgies Spilling Into The Street (Barnstaple)
102. Prison At Barum In 1851 Was A Mixed Affair (Barnstaple)
103. When Appledore Sacked Their Policeman (Appledore)
104. Murder: When Crowds Bayed For Revenge (Taddiport)
105. Fair 'Target' Proved To Be Real Shocker (Barnstaple - Smith)
106. Disgraced In 19th Century Barnstaple (Barnstaple - Williams)
107. One In Eight Barnstaple Women Prostitutes in 1856! (Barnstaple)
108. Laws That First Began The Feminist Cause (Barnstaple - Coutts)
109. Lundy Islanders In Riot (Lundy - Ley)
110. Honeymooners Who Set A Man Free (Barnstaple - Holland)
111. When Plague Swept Through Barnstaple (Barnstaple)
112. Paid 2p For A Crier's Call (Barnstaple - Baker)
113. When Rivers And Limekilns Were Death (Barnstaple - Sandis)
114. Clue To Origins Of Kingsley's Westward Ho! (Northam - Chester)
115. A Mystery Of Missing Books (Bideford - Dunn)
116. A Storm Over North Devon's First History (Barnstaple - Cornish)
117. Where There's A Will (Bideford - Taylor)
118. 166 Not Out For Cricket Club Of North Devon (Barnstaple)
119. A Dead Man's Hand Provides A Cure For All (Combe Martin)
120. Sportsman Who Walked Away From His Debts (South Molton - Sutton)
121. 'Missing' Years Of History (Bideford - Crocker)
122. Miracle Cures At 90 Pence A Bottle (Pilton - Pearse)
123. Dispute Between Lawyers Drives Them To The Duel (Barnstaple - Clay, Roberts)
124. Bring Out Those Early Family Albums (Barnstaple)
125. Died In The Tent Where She Was Born And Lived (Appledore - Boswell)
126. Soup Kitchen To Feed The Hungry Poor (Barnstaple)
127. Eleven Died In Cholera Outbreak In Appledore (Appledore)
128. A School From The Pages Of Dickens (Ashwater - Rawlings, Veysey)
129. Revising The North Devon Ghosts Of Old (Buckland Brewer)
130. 'Coulsworthy Water' Was A Magic Potion (Combe Martin - Forsters)
131. Fortean Times (Were Giffard)
132. Mysteries In The Sky Are Nothing New (Ilfracombe - Wheaton)
133. Wifebeaters Who Became The Mayor (Barnstaple - Wheaton)
134. Ice Cream Cleared Of Typhoid Deaths (Barnstaple)
135. When The Fair Brought Freak Shows To Town (Barnstaple)
136. Pop Music Hits Town (Barnstaple)
137. The Pop Scene In '64 (Barnstaple)

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