Inquisition Post Mortem of John Wichehalse (1556)

John Wichehalse1, Chancery IPM, Series II Vol. 107 (28).

Writ dated at Westminster 8 Feb 1556 (2-3 Philip and Mary)

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Abstract from Devon Heritage Services, edited by John Moore

Delivered into court 7 Nov by … Collyns. Inquisition taken at Exeter Castle 8 Oct 3-4 Philip and Mary before John Evelegh esq., escheator, after the death of John Wychehalse of Chidley, by the oath of Edward Ford, Robert Pollard, William Coke, Leonard Stofford, esquires, Nicholas Fursse, John Snowe, Thomas Deane, gentlemen, Robert Hays, Francis Morrys, Robert Farrant, Richard Langisford, Bartholomew Staveley and John Pym; who say that John Wychehalse was seised of 13 messuages and gardens, 400 acres of land, 60 of meadow, 100 of pasture, 6 of wood and 16s rent in Estyngmouth, Ilsyngton; Harford, Dupeford, Radmansford, Brodewoodkelly and Bunley; Estyngmouth held of George Kerkham esq., of his manor of Ayshcomb by 4s rent; Ilsyngton held of Hugh Pomery's manor of Aynelysdon1 by 8s rent; Harford held of the same by knight's service and 5s rent; the whole worth by the year clear £9.19s.8d.

He made his will 20 Aug 5 Edw. VI [1551] and bequeathed the premises to Joan his wife for life.

Also he held 19 messuages, 18 gardens, 14 appleyards, and 8 acres of meadow in the borough of Chidley, held of Thomas Pomery, kt., of his borough of Chidley in free socage by 13s rent; worth etc., £14.12s; 2 messuages and gardens, 1 cornmill, 1 fulling mill, 100 acres of land, 8 of meadow, 20 of pasture, 30 of heath in Harcomb in the parish of Chidley, held of Henry Fortescue, Thomas Mounck and Thomas Trevylyan, esquires, of the manor of Harcomb by 5s rent; worth etc., £12.13s.4d, 1 messuage, 1 garden, 1 old lymekyll, 8 acres of meadow, 24 of pasture, 33 of heath in Kerswyll and Haldon in the parish of Chidley, held of Thomas Pomery's manor of Chidley in free socage, by 3s rent, worth etc., £6.

John Wychehalse died 31 Dec last past.

Robert son and heir then aged 20 years and 45 weeks.

1 Modern equivalent probaby Wichells. Also spelt Whichalse, Whitchalse, Witchehalse, Wichalls, Wichalse, Wichchals, Wichehals, Wichehallse, Wychehalse, Wichchelhalse, Wichhalse, Witchalles, Witchalls, Witchalse, Witchehalse, Withalse, Witshalse, and probably otherwise.
2 Or Ingesdon.