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First Report of the Church Plate Committee

Trans. Devon. Assoc. (1905), vol. 37, illus. pp. 146-153.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Association's Committee on Church Plate was formed in 1900 to prepare a detailed report of church plate in the Deanery of Totnes. At the Teignmouth meeting in 1904, its scope was extended to the while diocese, dealing with each of the rural deaneries in turn. The Committee's first report, read at Princetown in 1905, focussed on Devonshire goldsmiths and provided a comprehensive list of all goldsmiths and plate workers in the county. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

See also Chanter 1907 and Punchard 1907.
The Committee - all listed on page 146
Adams, Mr Maxwell  
Amery, Mr J S  
Brooking Rowe, Mr J  
Brushfield, Dr  
Cann Hughes, Mr T (Secretary)  
Chanter, Rev J F  
Edmonds, Rev Chancellor  
Harbottle Reed, Mr (Secretary)  
Lethbridge, Sir Roper  
Reichel, Rev O J  
Windeatt, Mr George E  
Adams, Edward 149
Adams, John 149
Adams, William 149
Anthony, Edward 149
Arno, Peter 149
Ashe, Mary 149
Audry, John 149
Babbage, Benjamin 149
Babbage, John 149
Balle, J 149
Beer, Thomas 149
Bennet, Sampson 149
Bently 149
Birdlake, Richard 149
Bishop, Francis 149
Blackford, Samuel 149
Blake, Thomas 149
Boutell, John 149
Briant, William 149
Brimley, A 149
Brimley, John 149
Broadhurst, Edward 149
Browne, Benjamin 149
Browne, John 149
Browne, Nicholas 149
Browne, William 149
Burdon, John 149
Byne, Thomas 149
Carne, George 149
Catkill, Robert 149
Caunter, William George 149
Clarke, Thomas 150
Coffin, Thomas 150
Coffin, William 150
Coleman, Daniel 150
Coles, Joseph 150
Collier, Joseph 150
Collyne, Thomas 150
Coton, J 150
Cotton, John 150
Cotyn (Cotton), William 150
Courtail, Lewis 150
Davy, John 150
Dock, Andrew Wortheday 150
Drake, William 150
Easton, C (or Elston) 150
Easton, G (or Elston) 150
Edes, John 150
Ekins, William 150
Elliot, Peter 150
Elston, John 150
Elston, John jnr 150
Elston, Philip 150
Eustace, John 150
Eveleigh, William 150
Eveleigh, ___ 150
Evans, Nicholas 150
Ezekial, Abraham 150
Ferris, George 150
Ferris, George jnr 150
Ferris, Richard 150
Freeman, Richard (1) 150
Freeman, Richard (2) 150
Foote, Thomas 150
Fowler, John 150
Geen, J T 150
Gidley, J 150
Gillard, Samuel 150
Glyde, Samuel 150
Hall, William 150
Harvey, William 150
Hawkins, David 150
Hayshaw, Thomas 150
Head, Joseph (five Josephs) 151
Horwood 151
Hutchins, Adam 151
Jacobs, Alexander 151
Jenkins, James 151
Jenkins, Richard 151
Jenkins, William 151
Jones, John 151
Jones, David 151
Jouette, Peter 151
Kaynes, Thomas 151
Keen, H 151
Lake, Henry 151
Lake, John Elett (seven listed) 151
Mallet, John (three listed) 151
Marshall, James 151
Maryew, Jane 151
Mathew, T 151
Matthews, Robert 151
Maynard, W T 151
Melun, Micon 151
Mortimer, John 151
Moy, J 151
Muston, Henry 151
Nathan, Benjamin Symons  
Osborne 151
Osment, John 151
Palmer, Robert 152
Parkin, Isaac 152
Peard, George or John 152
Peard, John 152
Pearse, Joseph 152
Pelet, Moses 152
Peke, John 152
Plint, Richard 152
Pope, W 152
Punchard, Richard 152
Quycke, Peter 152
Radcliffe, Jasper 152
Raynes, Thomas 152
Reed, John 152
Reynolds, Thomas 152
Richards, Edward 152
Rickards, S 152
Ross, James Croad 152
Rowe. ___ 152
Rowe, Benjamin 152
Salter, Thomas 152
Sampson, Thomas 152
Sams, Richard 152
Sandford, Frederick 152
Seldon, John 152
Servante, Henry jnr 152
Skinner, Matthew 152
Slade, Daniel 152
Smith, John 152
Sobey, William Rawlings 152
Spicer, Edward 152
Stevens, James 152
Stone, John 152
Stone, Thomas Hart 152
Strong, Edward 152
Strong, James 152
Strong, Thomas 152
Sugar, John 152
Sweet, Edward 152
Symons, Pentecost 152
Symons, Roger Berryman 152
Thorne, Thomas 152
Tincombe, John 152
Tolcher‚___ 152
Torkington, John 152
Trehane, Sampson 153
Tripe, Anthony 153
Trowbridge, Francis 153
Trowbridge, George 153
Turner, G 153
Tythe, Jacob 153
Vavasour, Richard 153
Webber, John 153
Welch, Thomas 153
Welch, William 153
Wentingworth, John 153
Wilcocks, Richard 153
Williams, James 153
Williams, James 153
Williams, Josiah 153
Williams, Zachariah 153
Wilmott, Samuel 153
Worth, Andrew 153
Yeds, B 153