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Tenth Report of the Committee on Church Plate - Deaneries of Collumpton and Tiverton

Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and the Arts. Vol 51, 5th Series

Plymouth: W Brendan & Son (1919). Paper read at Tiverton, 23rd July, illus. pp 80-113.

Prepared by Michael Steer

During 1919, the author visited and inspected all the plate in each of the parishes in the Rural Deaneries of Collumpton and Tiverton, excepting certain Collumpton parishes visited in 1916. The Deanery of Collumpton consists of 19 parishes and the ancient chapel of Culme Davey, as well as several modern chapels. With the exception of Collumpton, Uffculme and Bradninch it is entirely rural. The Rural Deanery of Tiverton contains 21 benefices, all of which are rural. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Adams, Mr Maxwell80
Amery, Mr J S80
Angel, Joseph & John87
Ayre, Arthur & Katherine106
Ayshford family85
Baker, I101
Barbitt, Joseph86
Barnard, Messrs E & J82, 85-7, 90-3, 103, 107, 111
Bayley, Richard110
Baynard, Mrs Mary91
Besley, William Henry83
Bluett, Mrs Eliza90
Bluett, Mrs Frances90
Bowden, Henry S83
Burrows, Alice & George110
Cadbury, Elizabeth89
Cann Hughes, Mr T80
Carew, Rev Theo100
Carew, Rev W101
Chadwick, James95
Chanter, Rev J F80, 98, 113
Clarke, Miss K M81
Clarke, Richard96
Coffin, Thomas92
Cory, John95
Cotton, Bishop95
Cowler, John94-5
Cresswell, Miss80
Crossley, Dr Charles81, 84
Cruwys, Rev G S103
Culme, Philip84
Downe, Louisa Maria, Viscountess Dowager88
Drake, Rev George94
Drew, Charles & Elizabeth83
Eaton, W104
Egremont, Earl of82
Eley, William100
Elston, John94, 97, 101-2, 108
Elston, Philip87, 92, 106
Emes, Rebecca & Barnard, E105-6, 113
Ferris, George97
Foxford, John & Mary105
Fry, Henry Esq87
Gill, John100
Going, Richard86, 102
Goundry, J A111
Halwey, Mr James90
Ham, Mrs Margrett98
Henley, Rev Bertie95
Hatswill, William105
Hicks, Joseph113
Hodge, Mr99
Hole, Francis Esq110
Holway family96
Hoydes, Mr Barnett90
Ireland, Rev George William Rossiter, MA, PhD81, 94-5
Jones, Miss E M110
Jones, John81, 99
Jones, Rev J S89
Keith, John102, 107, 111
Kerslake, Rev William103
Lake, J E & Son82
Land, John96
Langwith, John111
Leakey, Rev H P83
Ley, Timothy90
Lias, J H & G100
Linnington, Dulcibella83
Manners, James104
Marker, Anna96-7
Marker family96
Marker, Richard John96-7
Mathew, Thomas99
Matthews, Charles83
Matthews, Henry83
Moxey, W101
Murch, John100, 105
Neale, Richard87
Newte, Rev John108
Northleigh, DR101
Oland, John104
Osborne, Richard99, 101
Osment, John109
Parkin, Isaac96
Parkin, Rev James104
Payne, Humphrey110
Pierce, I95
Pierce, W95
Popham, H L89
Portman family91
Radford, Mr A J80
Radford, Mr A L80
Rayer, Charlotte91
Rayer, Rev William107
Reed, Mr Harbottle80
Richards, Henry96
Riddell, Mrs103
Roberts family82
Roe, Thomas95
Ruslen, John92
Salter, Ernest John Richard111
Salter, Mary Rice111
Sanders, Robert94
Seymour family91
Sharland, Peter109
Speed, Mr Hugh87
Speed, Mrs Richard87
Strang, James97, 108
Talley, W110
Theakston, Louisa Agnes111
Tripp, Charles Llewellyn Howard105
Tripp, Mary Ethel Howard105
Tripp, Rev Robert93
Troyte, Arthur H D92
Troyte, Fanny92
Tucker, Nicholas105
Upcott, John109
Webb, Francis87, 96
Webber, John98
Were, Thomas gent88
Whipham & Wright89
Wilcocks, Rev N87
Windeatt, Major G E80
Worth family112
Worth, Johannes, armig.112
Wyndham family82