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Ancient Church Needlework in Devon

Trans. Devon. Assoc., 49 (1917) pp. 200-209.


Beatrix F. Cresswell

Prepared by Michael Steer

Beatrix Feodore Cresswell (d.1940) was a prolific author of books and monographs on Devon, and an avid local historian, daughter of Rev Richard Cresswell, (1848-82) a Devon clergyman. No official biography of this remarkable lady has yet appeared. However, she bequeathed her own and her father's diaries to the Exeter City Library in 1940, from thence to the Devon Record Office. Many of her books and articles, particularly those on Exeter and Dartmoor remain popular, with reprints still available through major suppliers. The majority of needlework produced during the Middle Ages was devoted to ecclesiastical use. Sadly only a very small number of examples still exist in Devon, and these have provided an interesting field of enquiry for the author. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Blackmoor, Rev John 205
Circuitt, Rev R W P 207
Churston, Lord 207
Edward the Confessor 203-4
Fulford, Rev John Loveband 209
Fulford, Mrs W 209
Harper, Mr Sydney 201-2
Houghton, Canon 209
Houghton, Mrs 209
More, Sir John 200
Peard, John 202
Peard, Mrs 201-2
Perry, Mary Phillips 202
Ralegh, Mr Walter 200
Rogers, Rev E L 208
Rowley, Mr F 205
Tothill, Rev C W E 208
Wainwright, Mr T 201
Whichehalls, Nicolass 202