Around the Churches of East Devon

Obelisk Publications, Exeter (1997) 32p.

ISBN 1899073515

by Walter Jacobson


Index prepared by Paula Musgrove, <paula.musgrove[at]talk21[dot]com>

St Margaret's Church, Topsham
Chantrey, Sir Francis British sculptor - carved action scene of Admiral Sir John Duckworth & son Colonel Duckworth p5
Duckworth, Admiral Sir John Captured Minorca in 1798; lived in property now occupied by Exeter Golf and Country Club p5
Duckworth, Colonel Died leading charge at Albuera in 1811 p5
Duckworth, Sir T.J.B. Name on corner stone when church rebuilt in 1874 p5
Follett, Sir William Webb MP for Exeter & attorney general 1834-44; commemorated p5
Harrison, J.P. Churchwarden; name on corner stone when church rebuilt in 1874 p5
Hodder, George Master mariner - died 1700 - gave Dutch chandelier p5
Kymmyng, Rosemunda 1295 - left 4d to parish chaplain and 2d to parish clerk p5
Leaky, J.A. Vicar; name on corner stone when church rebuilt in 1874 p5
Pennel, Richard Died 1797 - ship's commander - brass eagle lectern in memory of. p5
Rundle, Thomas Memorial - quartermaster on HMS Victory at Trafalgar p5
Walrond, William Churchwarden; name on corner stone when church rebuilt in 1874 p5
Church of the Holy Cross, Topsham
Barrett, Bishop Of Plymouth, in 1932 p6
Cahill, Father J.J. Established church; church built by Turl Bros; church dedicated by Bishop Barrett on Feast of Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 14 September 1937 p6
Hems, Harry Devon sculptor p6
Turl Brothers Builders of Topsham p6
Turl, Frank Nephew of Turl builders p6
Topsham Methodist Church (built 1867)
Holman, Capt John Bagwell Leading figure in Methodist community & town early 1800s; ship owner; built dry dock; pioneered marine insurance in Topsham & Exeter; died 1863 p7
Sanders, Mr First resident minister; appointed 1820 p7
Waights, Rev. Kenneth Minister early 1900s; became President of the Methodist Conference in 1971 p7
Parish Church of Clyst St George
Brimblecombe, Prof. Freddie Wrote history of church p8
Ellacombe, Rev H.T. Engineer apprenticed to the Brunels; Rector 1850-1885; died 1885 p8
Gibbs family Of Pytte House p8
Longley, Charles Thomas Archbishop of Canterbury; planted Wellingtonia Pine in 1868 p9
Seward, Lady Hannah Founded Lady Seward Church Primary School in 1704 p8
Seward, Sir Edward Of Clyst Court p8
Clyst St Mary Church (built medieval times)
(Flashpoint for Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549)
Gybbe, Rev William Rector 1542 to 1562; also for Clyst St George from 1554 p9
Noel, Denise 29 March 1383 - ordered by Bishop Brantyngham to walk around church barefoot for 3 successive days for an unnamed sin p10
Tapley, Charlotte 1856 - given job of sexton p10
St Petrock and St Barnabas, Farringdon
Drake, John 1614 - earliest recorded burial p10
St Mary's, Aylesbeare
Bronescombe, Walter Bishop p11
Carwithin, William Henry Vicar 1848 to 1887 (memorial window) p11
Drake, Robert Appointed vicar in 1545 p11
Gregorius or Gregory First named Vicar of Aylesbeare in 1261 p11
Newbolt, Lady Memorial window p11
Stapledon, Walter Bishop p11
Poltimore Church
Bampfylde, Francis Born at Poltimore House 1615; nonconformist minister; refused to take oath to James II; died Newgate prison p12
Bampfylde, John MP for Devon in 1429 p12
Bampfylde, John (another) First Tiverton MP 1615 p12
Bampfylde, John Codrington Poet; committed to Newgate prison p12
Bampfylde, Sir Charles MP for Exeter six times from 1774 to 1809 p12
Bampfylde, Sir Coplestone Nephew of Sir John; active role in restoring Charles I; appointed first Sheriff of Devon p12
Bampfylde, Sir John Supported Parliamentary party during Civil War; Exeter Royalists signed surrender in Poltimore House on 3 April 1646 p12
Bampfyldes Owned Poltimore manor from about 1300 to 1940; a Bampfylde became the first Baron Poltimore in 1831 p12
Fidoe, William Coachman to Sir Richard Bampfylde; died aged 42 in 1752 p12
Broadclyst Parish Church
Acland, Ellen Daughter of Sir Francis Acland; died 1924 aged 11 p13
Acland, John 1614 memorial p13
Acland, Sir Richard 15th baronet; made Killerton gardens available to public with gift to National Trust p13
Westall, Wilfred Former Bishop of Crediton p13
Holy Trinity, Woodbury Salterton
Dagworthy Churchwardens p14
Dunboyne, Lady Lived in Greendale (house); gave parish hall that was opened by Bishop of Exeter in 1910 p14
Gibbins, John Died aged 12 p14
Phillpotts, Bishop Consecrated church 4 September 1844 p13
Pidsley, Miss Marianne Lived in Greendale (house); founder of church and school; died September 1847 aged 42 p13
Skinner, John Sexton for many years; died 1884 p14
Stephens, Mr Sculptor p13
Walling, Caroline Wife of John Walling p14
Walling, John School's first master p14
Wilson Churchwardens p14
St Swithun's, Woodbury
Brent, Dr Robert Lead group of parishioners to build Christ Church, Woodbury's Free Church p15
Drake, Sir Francis Descendants occupied parish's Nutwell Court from 17th century to 1938 p15
Fulford, Rev John Vicar in 19th century for 52 years p15
Pollexfen, Henry MP for Exeter 1688 and Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas; died 1691 p14
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Lympstone
Albermarle family Norman patrons p15
Albermarle, Reginald 1244-1274 - provided horses, bows and arrows for King when hunting in Dartmoor p15
Bartholomew, John 1833 - paid for church to be restored and extended; rector 1820-1840; Archdeacon of Barnstaple p16
Bass, Mary In 1796 paid 2 guineas to 'hold and enjoy a pew for 99 years' p16
Bonville family Successors to Albermarles; rebuilt church in 14th century p15
Drake, Henry Tombstone in main aisle p15
Lee, John Rector in 1733 p16
Lee, Nicholas Grocer; bust in belfry; 3 times mayor of Exeter and 'guardian of the poor'; bought patronage; appointed son John Lee as rector in 1733 p15
Peters, Admiral Arthur Gave east window p16
Phillpotts, Bishop   p16
Stafford, Bishop Re-consecrated church in 1409 p15
Tozer, Rt Rev George Bishop of Jamaica; assistant to Bishop Phillpotts; re-consecrated church in 1864 p16
Point-in-View Church, Exmouth
Parminter, Miss Jane 1798 - had built A La Ronde home (now National Trust); had church built; died 6 November 1811 p16
Parminter, Miss Mary 1798 - had built A La Ronde home (now National Trust); had church built p16
Holy Trinity Church, Exmouth
Abbot of Sherborne Lord of Manor in medieval times p17
Glenorchy, Viscountess Wilhelmina Established first free church in Exmouth in 1777 p17
Rolle, Hon Mark Financed extension in 1907 p17
Rolle, Lord Of Littleham Manor; built another church in 1824 p17
Ross, Bishop John Consecrated newly built Holy Trinity church in 1799 p17
Stafford, Bishop Licensed church in 1412 p17
Wesley, Samuel Sebastian Organist of Exeter Cathedral 1635-41 and organist of Holy Trinity in 1837 p17
St John-in-the-Wilderness Church, Withycombe Raleigh
Carr, William Holwell Artist Vicar of Menheniot in Cornwall; buried here p18
Danby, Francis Irish-born Victorian landscape painter; buried here p18
Mee, Arthur 1939 p18
Phillpotts, Bishop In 1852, granted Withycombe parish status p18
Raleigh Father of Sir Walter once owned Withycombe Manor p18
Raleigh, Sir Walter Born at Hayes Barton p18
Wilmot, Arthur Aged 90 in 1939; 80 years in choir p18
Wilmot, Raymond 1939 - 40 years as organist p18
de Littleham, Roger First recorded vicar; started building present church in 1231 p19
Drake, Joan Sister of Gilbert Drake; married Walter Raleigh (father of Sir Walter by a later marriage) p19
Nelson, Viscount   p18
Nelson, Viscountess Duchess of Bronti; widow of the late Viscount Nelson p18
Nesham, Christopher Native of Exmouth; Admiral in 1852 after 70 years in Royal Navy p19
Nisbet, Josiah Captain, RN; son of Viscountess Nelson p18
St Peter's Budleigh Salterton
Bickersteth, Bishop Bishop of Exeter; consecrated church on 25 April 1893 p20
Boucher, Rev James Retired clergyman who contributed to build St Peter's p20
Ewing, Lady Alice Sister-in-law of Mark Rolle; contributed to build St Peter's p20
Millais, Sir John Painted 'Boyhood of Raleigh' portraying Sir Walter Raleigh and half-brother Humphrey Gilbert p19
Perry, Kenneth Canon p20
Price, Rev Rees Curate p20
Rolle, Hon Mark Owner of Bicton Manor; younger brother of 20th Lord Clinton; considerable donation to build St Peter's p19
All Saints, East Budleigh
Conant family Coat of arms in church p20
Conant, Roger 1623 became founder of Massachussets and Salem City p20
Ford, John Vicar; taught Walter Raleigh p20
Preedy, Admiral Memorial window; Captain of Agamemnon p21
Raleigh, Joan Member of Raleigh seafaring family; memorial near nave; first of three wives of Walter Raleigh's father p20
Raleigh, Walter Churchwarden's son; born at Hayes Barton Farm in 1552 p20
Stapleton family 5 memorials record 10 family members p20
Stapleton, Ambrose Vicar 1794-1852 p20
St Mary's, Bicton
James, Noel Gave modern stained-glass window in memory of wife and son; churchwarden; land agent for Clinton estates (formerly Rolle) p21
Rolle, Denys Memorial; died aged 24 in 1638 p21
Trefusis, Louisa Daughter of 19th Baron Clinton; married John Rolle in 1920 (sic); lived Bicton Manor; widowed in 1842; built church in husband's memory p21
St Michael, Otterton
Coleridge, Lord of Ottery St Mary; has record book of priory made in 1259 p22
Conant, Richard East Budleigh Presbyterian Minister; vicar while Rev Venn imprisoned; became Anglican and vicar in 1672 p22
Duke, Richard Tried to clear a way for shipping in 1553 when estuary silted up p22
Dukes family Bought Otterton Manor from Church in Henry VIII's time p22
Gytha, Countess Mother of King Harold; owned Otterton Manor p22
Monks of St Michel, Normandy Received Otterton Manor lands from William the Conquerer; built abbey at Otterton - part forms church p22
Rolle family Bought Otterton Manor in 1785 p22
Rolle, Lord John Died in 1842 p22
Venn, Richard Vicar from 1625; imprisoned by Roundhead troops on December 23rd 1645; released 1660; died 1662 p22
St John the Baptist Church, Colaton Raleigh
Brewer, William Acquired part of land from Henry I; signatory of Magna Carta; founder of Torre Abbey (1196) and Dunkeswell Abbey p23
Brewer, William Nephew of William Brewer above; Bishop of Exeter 1224 to 1244 p23
Greenwood, Anthony Vicar in 1840 p23
Gregory Dobbs Dean; gave church Elizabethan tazza (shallow cup) p23
Hobbs, James Vicar; died 1809 p23
Raleghe, Peter In 1346 gained a share of manor p23
St Gregory's Church, Harpford
Adam of 'Clist St Mary' Vicar in 1272 p24
Arthur, George Vicar in 1551 and again from 1560 to 1583 p24
de Endwreth, Gilbert Vicar; installed by Henry de Molensis in 1208 p24
Hems, Harry Restored ancient churchyard cross in 1913 p24
Henry de Molensis Archdeacon of Exeter p24
Marshall, Bishop John Bishop of Exeter; died 1206 p24
Simon of Apulia Bishop of Exeter in 1214 p24
Toplady, Augustus Vicar 1766-68; transferred to Broadhembury p24
Walker, Sir James Memorial; died 1885 aged 76; Governor of Barbados p24
Ottery St Mary Church
Coleridge family Memorials inside p25
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Poet; lived at Cadhay; 13th child of Vicar from 1760 to 1781 p25
Grandisson, John de Ordered building of inside clock in 1340; Bishop of Exeter 1327-69; founded school in 1338 p24
Patteson, John Coleridge Bishop; son of Francis Duke Coleridge; served in South Seas; died 20 September 1871 p25
Southcott, Joanna Baptised June 1750 p25
Ottery St Mary United Reform Church
(First Ottery St Mary Congregational Church (now United Reform) church built 1688.)
Collins, Robert Rector of Talaton during Charles II reign; died 1697 p26
Cromwell, Oliver Once stayed at Chanter House; gave jewel to Sir John Fairfax for his victory at Naseby p26
Haydon, Nicholas Of Cadhay p26
Pepys, John Built clock between 1680 and 1708 p26
Prideaux, Sir Peter Of Netherton Hall, Farway p26
Walrond, Rev John Vicar in 1698 p26
St Andrew's, Feniton
Churchill, Charles Rector 1642-1657 and 1660-1690 p27
Hart, Mrs Wife of William Hart p27
Hart, William Rector 1899-1918 p27
Malherbe family Lords of the manor for 300 years p26
Patteson, Frances Wife of Sir John; member of Coleridge family of Ottery St Mary p26
Patteson, John 1827-1871; pioneer missionary, martyr and first Bishop of Melanesia in Pacific; Patteson chapel in church p26
Patteson, Sir John Judge; father of John p26
Pring, John Rector 1525-1558; Bishop of Exeter 1551-1553 p27
Watson, Rev Henry Rector between two world wars p26
St Mary's Church, Whimple
Cotton, William Rector in 1608; son of Bishop of Exeter; appointed by Earl of Bedford; became Archdeacon of Totnes p28
Heberden, Thomas Canon; Rector 1786-1843 p28
Phare, John Curate to William Cotton p28
Pincerna, William First recorded Rector in 1258 p27
Sanders, Andrew Son of Lloyd; rector 1899-1928 p28
Sanders, Lloyd Rector 1843-1899; rebuilt church except tower in 1843 p28
St Giles, Sidbury
(Honorary archivists: Alan and Barbara Softly)
Courtenay, Hon Rev H. H. Some time Rector of Powderham p28
Cave, Sir Charles Cave Churchwarden in 1924 p28
Stone, John Memorial; died 1 January 1617 p28
Fellowes, John Vicar in 1817 p29
Murch, John Of Honiton; made clock inside church p29
St Giles and St Nicholas, Sidmouth
Bronescombe, Walter Bishop; dedicated second church in 1259 p29
Gulielmus First recorded Vicar in 1175 p29
Earl of Buckinghamshire Chief memorial is East window p29
Hutchinson, Peter Orlando Lived in house nearby p29
Fish, Thomas Leversedge Church window in memory p29
Fleming, Sir Ambrose Memorial; died 1945; inventor of valve used in radio p29
St Peter and St Mary, Salcombe Regis
Stapledon, Bishop Visited ca. 1311 p30
Banister, Miriam Memorial; died aged 111; baptised 1817 p30
Lee, Robert Memorial; died at sea September 1 1761 p30
Hall, Joseph Vicar 63 years; died 1791 p30
Lockyer, Sir Norman Founder of observatory on hill above church; buried in churchyard p30
Fleming, Sir Ambrose Buried in churchyard p30
Cornish family Local family; one member was first Bishop of Madagscar 1874-1905 p30
St Winifred's, Branscombe
Branscombe, Walter (Sometimes spelt Bronescombe) Bishop of Exeter 1258-1280 p31
Wadham, Nicholas Memorial; wife founded Wadham College Oxford in 1613 p31
Wadham, Joan Wife of Nicholas p31
Bartlett, Anna Memorial p31
Cardemaker, John (aka John Tailor); Vicar 1539-1555 p31
Puddicombe, Thomas Vicar 1794-1827 p31
Brondich, Richard Vicar; 1320 contracted leprosy; died 1332 p32
Brerewood, Thomas Vicar 1524-44; built vicarage p32
Yonge family Lady chapel was once their private chapel p32
Barnes, Dr. Frederick Vicar 1807-59 p32
Wilson, Rev W. G. Vicar 1936-64 p32
Pridham, Lewis Leading Devon clockmaker in 1710 p32

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