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Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Devon:

Being Observations on Many Churches in Devonshire.

Originally Published in the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, with a Letter on the Preservation and Restoration of Our Churches


Dr George Oliver

Exeter: Printed by E. Woolmer, Gazette Office (1828). xiii, 177 pp.

Provided by Michael Steer

The author was born at Newington in Surrey in 1781; died at Exeter in 1861. Oliver was a secular priest. As a student of archaeology he acquired considerable fame, and although some of his conclusions are not accepted at the present day, yet considering the limited sources of knowledge that were available when he lived, his researches show both industry and judgement. Most of his work had a local bearing. He became a well-known authority on the history and antiquities of Devonshire, about which he wrote several standard works. These became a quarry of information for his successors. A small section at the end of the book presents information on Cornish ecclesiastical antiquities. That section has been omitted from this index. This copy of the rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy held in the Harvard University Library collection that can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Abbot, Henry134
Aberdeen, Earl of93
Acland family31, 54
Acland, John55
Adam, first Abbot of Torre76
Adam, Jane54
Adam, John54
Adam, Michael54
Adam, William54
Albo Rivo, Richard de132
Alkeborne, John29
Aller, __, Rector of Clyst St George95
Aller, William57
Alyn, Roger57
Amicia, Countess of Devon46
Apulia, Bishop Simon de14, 33, 109
Arches family117
Arragon, Catherine of7
Arundel, Bishop John99
Arundell, John Esq22
Ashburton, Lady155
Ashburton, Lord86
Athelstan, King25, 108
Atwill, Sir Hewe128
Avenel, Emma de23
Avenel family136
Avenel, Ralph de40
Avenel, William de23, 39
Awliscombe, Walter de110
Badstone, Alexander de33
Bamfylde, Sir Amias102
Bamfylde, Dorothy102
Bampfylde family19, 26, 39, 54
Banaster, Thomas57
Banks, Rev William14
Baring family103
Baring, John Esq16, 101-2
Barrett, Rev Thomas48
Bartholomew, Bishop9, 69
Bartlam, Rev Precentor20
Bartlett, John, junr77
Bartlett, John, sen77
Bartlett, Roger, junr77
Bassett family54
Basill, Rev Edward91
Beauchamp, Endo33
Beauchamp, Sir Edmund80
Beauchamp family (Earl of Warwick)66, 92
Beaufort family54
Beaumont family85-6
Beavis family54
Becket, Thomas of6, 8, 29-30, 69-70, 161-3
Belebuche, Philip33
Bello Campo, Eudo de33
Benet, Thomas Esq16
Benyn, Hugh29
Berkeley family92
Bilbie family, of Cullompton117
Bilbie, Thomas37
Bishop, Thomas77
Blackall, Bishop Offspring14
Blund, Hilary97
Blundell family145
Bodley, Laurence, DD150-1
Booth, Bishop148-9
Borrington, Humphry, gent22
Botour family49
Bourchier family (Earls of Bath)26, 39, 42, 116, 128
Bourgeanyll, John29
Bowden, Margery47
Bowden, Mary47
Bowden, Walter47
Bradford, Rev John73
Brandon, Lucy75
Brantyngham, Bishop15, 60, 65, 87, 118
Brett, Sir Robert114
Brewer, Bishop60, 132
Brewer family76-7
Brewer, Isabella77
Brewer, William Lord (Briwere, Bruer)70, 72, 76, 109
Bridgman, __160
Bridport, John de110
Brioniis, Baldwin de23
Briton, John122
Bronescombe, Bishop9, 14, 28, 43, 47, 65, 70-1, 94, 109-10, 124, 139-40, 150
Brusye, Magister Henricus155
Brydges, Thomas Esq11
Brydport, John (or Burford)144
Bryton, John29
Buckland, Robert97
Budgell, Anne31
Budgell, Eustace31
Budgell, Rev Dr Eustace31
Buller, Elizabeth29
Buller family31
Buller, James Esq29
Buller, Dr William19
Burch, Nicholas, AM129
Burdon family60
Burdon, Jane60
Burdon, John60
Burford, John (or Brydport)144
Burgoyn, John56-7
Burnham, John de13
Burrow, Thomas160
Burrows family54
Butler, Alban162
Cade, Alice141
Cade, John141
Calmady, Sir Shilston113
Calwodelegh family127
Calwodelegh, Johes de127
Calwodelegh, Humphry de127
Cambrensis, Giraldus69
Camden77, 162
Canute, King55
Carew, Sir Henry, Btx, 107
Carewe family (Carew)31, 104
Carewe, Thomas Esq7-8, 107
Carrington, Rev James19
Carwithen, John158
Carwithen, Mary158
Carwithen, Rev William, AB36, 158
Carwithen, William AM158
Cary, Edward, Esq80
Cary, Sir Edward123
Cary family76
Chaffy, William122
Chappyngton, Richard58
Chard, Thomas34
Charlemagne, Emperor18
Charles II10-1, 19
Chedder, William29
Chichester, Charles Joseph, Esq122, 127
Chichester family149
Chichester, Richard111
Cholwich, John12
Chuddelegh, Jacobi (James)138, 149
Chudleigh family53, 62, 137-8, 149
Chudleigh, Sir George138
Chudleigh, James137
Chudleigh, Margaret137, 149
Chudleigh, Lady Mary138
Clack family26
Clare, William97
Clarke, Dr93
Cleveland75, 106
Clifford, Lady Elizabeth22
Clifford, Lord Treasurer11, 22, 139
Clifford, Hugh139
Clifford, Mary139
Clifford, Thomas Lord, Bt10
Clistwick, David, Parson of97
Clivedon family (Cleivland)49
Code, Walter57
Coffin family39
Coffin, James41
Cogan family118
Cokeman, John77
Colcott, Thomas77
Colcott, William77
Colecote. Henry de13
Coles, George37
Coleshull, John de94
Coleton, Richard de57
Colles, Walter84
Collyer, Richard56
Collys, walter100
Colsworthy, John102
Colsworthy, John Olliphant, gent102
Commins, Rev John121
Compton, Alaurie de125
Compton, Cyriacus de125
Compton, Rev Thomas123
Compton, William125
Compton, Rev William59
Copleston family31, 76, 153
Copleston, Rev J B31
Cornwall, Earl of6
Cotton, Bishop26, 55
Cotton family19, 128
Cotton, Rev William19
Courtail, Rev John58
Courtail, Mary58
Courtauld, Lewis58
Courtenay, Carew Esq6
Courtenay, Catherine23
Courtenay, Sir Edward73
Courtenay, Elizabeth39
Courtenay family23-6, 37, 39, 54, 61, 73, 75, 82, 98, 106, 113, 137, 153
Courtenay, Sir Francis39
Courtenay, Sir Henry, Marquess of Exeter23
Courtenay, Sir Hugh (Hugonis) de24, 80, 98, 104, 106, 155
Courtenay, James Esq (Senior and Junior)130
Courtenay, Lady Jane65
Courtenay, Lady Margaret75
Courtenay, Lady Matilda72
Courtenay, Lady Muriel66
Courtenay, Peter84
Courtenay, Sir Peter6
Courtenay, Sir Phillip37, 84
Courtenay, Lady Phillipa104
Courtenay, Sir Robert72
Courtenay, Sir Thomas65
Courtenay, Sir William, Bt., Earl of Devon23, 75, 92
Coysh, John12
Crocker, Elizabeth62
Crocker, Sir John, Knt62
Cradock family31
Cromwell, Oliver48, 86-7, 119, 160
Cromwell, Thomasvii
Crooke, Humfry128
Crooke, John128
Cruse family143-4
Cruse, George144
Cruse, Thomas144
Cryer, Thomas40
Cudmore, Alice122
Cudmore, Daniel Esq122, 136
Cudmore, Edmund122
Cudmore, Joan136
Cudmore, Mary136
Cudmore, William15
Cudmore, Zachary Esq136
Davenport, Francis8
Davy, Rev William91
Davey, Rev Bartholomew116
Davye, Simon35
Denis, Rev John159-60
Dennis family (Denis)54, 159
Dennis, Sir Robert15-6, 114
Dennis, Sir Thomas15-6, 80, 114-5
Despenser family66
Deules, Richard136
Dicken, Rev Perry120
Dinham, Dame Eleanor87
Dinham family (Dynham)86, 90
Dinham, Sir John87
Dinham, Sir Robert (Dynham)90
Dirling, Martin33
Dirling, William33
Doddridge, Dorothy102
Doddridge, Sir John, Knt102
Dodwell, Mr93
Douglass, Lady Margaret7
Downe, Mark36
Drake family112
Drake, John, gent, of Musbury112
Drake, Sir Trayton, Fuller Elliot65
Drew family54
Duck family39, 102
Duck, Richard16
Dudley, Sir Andrew45
Duffeld, Bernard30
Dugdale66, 76
Duke family131
Duke, Richard131-2
Duke, Robert131
Duke, Sarah131
Dunning, John (Lord Ashburton)144
Durandus, Thomas son of97
Dyer, William57
Dyere, Thomas77
Dynham, Lady Eleanor65
Dynham, Lady Jane65
Dynham, Sir John65
Eastchurch family103, 158
Eastchurch, Richard, MA157
Edmund, Saint152
Edmunds, Gideon97
Edward the Confessor42, 63, 152
Edward I15, 25, 46, 82, 110, 112, 163
Edward II11, 142, 155
Edward IIIii, 1, 9, 52-3, 56, 69, 108, 120, 127, 138
Edward IV23, 56, 80, 103
Edward VI5, 11, 24, 27, 45, 48, 51, 105, 142, 145, 150
Eedes, Theophilus97
Elford family153
Elford, John Esq153
Elford, Mary153
Egbert, Lord18
Elizabeth I26, 48, 51, 53, 62, 75, 87, 97, 101, 105, 127, 136, 155, 159
Ellicombe, Rev Richard Rous38, 41, 97
Elyot, Thomas Esq35
Epston, Simon de56
Eugenius III, Pope12
Eveleigh family71
Every, William51
Exeter, Gertrude, Marchioness of127
Exeter, John Bishop of9
Fane, Charles Lord Viscount127
Fane family127
Farthehull, John29
Ferrers family61, 73
Ffloyer, John29
Fiddes, Dr96
Fielding family22
Filmore, Miss87
Fissacre family117
Fitzhenry, Roger33
FitzPagan, Robert118
FitzRalph, Richard33
FitzWilliam family54
Floure, John57
Ford family86
Ford, Johes13
Forrest, John8
Fortescue, Edward, gent159
Fortescue family159
Fortescue, Rebekah159
Fowlett, Margaret64
Fowlett, William64
Fox17, 96
Freke, Robert51
Frenshe, Robert73
Froude, Rev R Hx
Fry, Alicia135
Fry, Elizabeth134
Fry family113
Fry, Nicholas Esq134
Fry, William Esq134
Furneaux family147
Furneaux, James147
Fynes, Dr84
Gale family150, 153
Gale, Mary153
Gambon family49
Gaydon, Elizabeth120
Gaydon, John120
George II127
Gervase, Nicholas33
Gervays, John109
Gibbes, Anstice96
Gibbes family95-6
Gibbes, John96
Gibbes, Mr George96
Gilbert, Bishop John144
Gilbert family126
Gilbert, Sir John62
Gill, Abbot John112
Godridge, Jane65
Godridge, John65
Godwin, Thomas41
Goietore, William de98
Gold, Roger35
Gorges, Thomas de118
Gould, Elizabeth29
Gould family31, 145
Gould, Moses29
Gould, William29
Grandisson, Bishop10, 24, 39, 43-4, 50, 73, 87, 90, 98, 103, 105-6, 120, 126-7, 136, 138
Grendon family27
Gubbs family31
Gulston, Dr William31
Gybbe, William73, 97
Gylberd, Elizabeth62
Gylberd, John Esq62
Gylberd, Otho62
Haccombe family104
Haccombe, Isabella de106
Haccombe, Jordan de106
Haccombe, Margaret104, 106
Haccombe, Sir Stephen104-6
Hale, Mr85
Hall, Bishop71
Hall family39
Hall, Dr Joseph19
Hall, Dr Robert20
Halse, John, STP6
Hamett, John97
Hamond, John57
Hancock, Dorothy102
Hancock, Edward Esq101
Hanford, Elizabeth35
Hancock family102
Hansford, William102
Harris family145
Harris, Joannes, LLB149
Harris, Mr149
Hartnoll, Thomas122
Heath, John132
Heath, Thomas (became Duke)132
Hele family26, 71
Hellier, Christopher12
Hellyar, Sir William55
Hembury, John112
Henry (Monk of Cowick)28
Henry, Friar of Oxford78-9
Henry I47, 52, 60, 140
Henry IIii, 6, 161-2
Henry III6, 46-7, 66, 70, 94, 117, 132
Henry IV72-3
Henry V130
Henry VIiii, 22, 98-9, 116, 123
Henry VII18, 35, 54, 127, 153
Henry VIIIiii, vii, 23, 30, 34, 40-1, 47, 80, 104, 131, 150-1
Hensley, David27
Herbert, Lord24
Hill, Rev J151
Hill, Roger, gent154
Hode, Peter29
Hody family150
Hoker, John7, 16-7, 30, 41, 48
Holand, Richard29
Holbeam family64
Holbrine family64
Holbrine, John Esq64
Holbrine, Margaret64
Holby, Christina100
Hole, Richard, LLB160
Holland, family24
Holland, Richard, AM160
Holland, Roger127
Holrigg, Petronilla de72
Holway family39
Honiton, Nicholas de110
Honorius III, Pope59
Hooper, Mary36
Hooper, William36
Horsman, Rector of Calverleigh129
Howe, William40
Hull family103
Hull, John Esq103
Hunt family26, 54
Hunt, John12
Hutchinson family19
Hyll, John Esq49
Hyne family150
Hyngeham, Ralph de110
Ida, Saint18
Inglett, Giles12
Innocent III, Pope60
Innocent IV, Pope46
Isabella, daughter of Amicia, Countess of Devon46
Ivie, George93
Izacke, Edward, Esq6, 33, 36, 150
James I26, 63, 75
Jenkins, Joannes149
Jenkins, Mr55, 58
Jennings, Mr160
John, King33, 98, 109, 130
John XXII, Pope43
Jones, John Esq, FSA31
Jones, Penes Pitman, armig.33
Jones, Pitman, Esq15
Jordays, John57
Jurdan, John112
Kaleway, John Esq49
Kaylway, Giles Esq (Keleway)6, 27, 51
Keleway, Simon, gent51
Kelly, John Esq16, 35
Kelly, Oliver Esq16
Kendall, Mr John of Exetervii, x, 15, 157
Kirkham family123, 141, 158
Kirkham, Francis Esq158
Kirkham, Robert138
Kitson, Rev Edward64, 66-8
Kyng, John Esq49
Kyte, John29
Lacy, Bishop Edmund10-1, 27, 40, 43, 45, 53, 60-1, 99-100, 116-9, 120-1, 123, 137, 145
Lamplugh, Bishop Thomas30-1
Langton, Archbishop Simon132
Lane family48-9
Lane, Johs Esq49-50
Lane, Mr160
Lane Thomasia (Tomasyn)49-50
Langdon family92
Langdon, John Esq92
Lange, Jane65
Lange, Thomas65
Langley, John12
Lapflod, Andrew8
L'Archdeacon, Lady Cecily104, 106
L'Archdeacon family104
L'Archdeacon, Sir John Knt (Lercedekne)104-6
L'Archdeacon, Matilda (Lercedekne)106
L'Archdeacon, Philippa104
L'Archdeacon, Sir Thomas (Lercedekne)106
Laud, Archbishop71
Lavington, Andrew102
Lavington family103
Lavington, John102
Leeche, Adam de56
Leger family64
Legh, Alexander112
Legh, Dni Hugo13
Legh, Dni Johis13
Leland1, 104, 108
Leonard, William27, 51
Lewis, Samuel102
Ley family26
Ley, Rev Carrington135
Ley, Rev Henry27
Lingham, Robert8
Littlejohn, Rev Edward122
Long, Jane65
Long, John65
Louis, Sir Thomas, Bt64
Lucy family149
Lyde, Rev George154-5
Lylle, Adam de (also Lylborn)5
Lysons, Mr (Lyssons)6, 66, 90, 112, 142, 145, 150-1, 154-5
Madge, Mr Joannes149
Mainwaring, Christopher Esq55
Mainwaring family54
Majendie, Rev Andrew58
Manley, Worshipful John Esq80
Marshall, Bishop Henry14, 132
Martin V, Pope60, 118
Martyn, Lady22
Martyn, Matilda70
Martyn, Nicholas70
Mary, Queen48, 96
Mason, Rev J.H.154, 156
Matthew, nephew of Simon of Apulia109
Maud, Queen109
Mayne, John36
Mayor, John40
Meade, Robert154
Melhuish, Thomas120
Merivale, Mr155
Merton family31
Michel, William73
Miller, John132
Milles, Dean156
Millwood, Sibella154
Moggridge, Thomas150-1
Mohun, Alice de109
Mohun family76-7, 113
Mohun, Reginald de77-9, 109
Montgomery, George134-5
Moore, Francis160
Moore, William, AM160
Morchead, William Esq129
More family of Morehays48-9
More, John Esq49
More, Sir John, Knt.51
Morice family54
Morier, Mr91
Morrice, William Esq5
Mortho, Rogerus de163
Mules, Sir John de (Molis)66
Mules, Lady Muriel66
Mules, Roger de (Molis)66
Musgrave, Dr101
Musgrave family33
Mylton, Nicholas57
Nagle, David Esq128
Nagle, Joseph Esq127-8
Nanson, Rev Philip86
Nation, Mr160
Nece, Rev Aaron66
Nevil family (Neville)37, 92
Nevill, Bishop22
Newton, William de8
Neyle, Celia Eliza101
Nicholas IV, Pope46, 98, 110, 124
Nicholls, Richard160
Nonant family52
Norman, Hugo39
Nothcote family153
Northleigh family39, 159
Northmore family26, 31
Northmore, Rev Edward12
Northmore, T Esq91
Nycoll, Thomas56
Olave, Saint55
Oldham, Bishop23, 34, 147
Osborne family95
Osborne, Julian96
Osmund, Rector of Bampton117
Otterton, Robert Vicar of132
Oxenham family26, 39
Palerna, Peter de33, 98
Palk family26
Palk, Rev J88, 142
Palk, Sir Lawrence, Bt144
Parker, Mr160
Parkinson, Anthony70
Patch, Rev Gayer102
Pate family31
Parr, Robert97
Parr, Thomas93
Parre, John150
Paston, Anna Maria128
Paule, Richard102
Paulet family21, 92, 137
Paulet, Sir William, Knt22
Pease, Francis97
Peet, John57
Peter, Mr John17
Petre family29, 31
Petre, John Esq80
Petre, Sir George29
Petre, John29
Petre, William29
Phelypp, John57
Philip, Rector of Witheridge119
Pinsent family150
Pipard family92
Pole, Cardinal24
Pole, Sir John William de la, Bt122
Pole, Sir William64, 70-1, 106, 131, 142, 162
Polwhele, Mr13-4, 18-9, 21, 38, 42-3, 48, 56, 66, 71, 84, 96, 107, 115, 130, 144
Pomeray, Sir Henry de la124
Pomeroy family85-6, 97
Pomeroy, Geffry97
Pontissara, Bishop John de46
Poole, Francis Esq142
Porteus, Bishopxii
Power, Walter98
Poyer, Peter98
Prideaux family26
Prince15, 76, 107, 128, 154
Prouse, Sir William90
Prouz family (Prouse)49, 90
Prouz, Rev John128
Prustaller, Gervase de109
Pudyng, John33
Pyl, Rev Robert de104, 106
Pylton, Thomas50
Pypard, Sir Thomas94
Pyry, Edward11
Quivill, Bishop118, 124, 155
Radford, Arthur101
Radford, Laurence, Esq101
Randal, William124
Raynell, Archdeacon73
Raynell family26, 54
Raynell, Jane75
Raynell, Lucy75
Raynell, Sir Richard75, 131
Raynell, Sarah131
Raynell, Thomas Esq62, 94
Rede, Simon65, 72, 150
Rennell, James12
Reynolds, Sir Joshuaxii
Richard I42, 150
Richard II63, 112
Richard III127
Richards family136
Richards, James57
Ridgeway family20, 76
Ridgeway, John Esq (grandson created Earl of Londonderry)80
Ridgeway, Robert (Earl of Londonderry)80
Risdon15, 53, 71, 75, 115, 161-3
Robert, Thomas163
Roe, Nicholas97
Rolle, Denys132
Rolle family159
Rolle, Lord132
Rolle, Rebekah159
Rolle, Richard159
Rous, Richard97
Rowe, Mr J H56
Rowe, John62
Rugge, Rev John30
Russel, Lord30
Russell family (Earls of Bedford)26
Sadler, Mr160
Salmonville, Philip de150
Sanxay, Mary58
Satterly, William, AM20
Schaplegh, Johes58
Scudamore family153
Segrave family37
Seldon family31
Serridge, Edward127
Seymour, Elizabeth39
Seymour family76
Seymour, Sir Edward, Duke of Somerset23, 39
Short family26
Sidwella, Saint25, 138, 152
Silke, John160
Simon, Abbot of Torre77
Sleghe, William1
Smith, Clement44
Smith family103
Smith, John44
Smith, Isabella44
Smith Thomas44
Songer, Thomas56
Southcot family (Southcote)39, 54, 71, 76, 127-8, 150
Southcote, __, Esq150
Southcot, John Esq (Southcote)72, 150
Southcott, George128
Southmead, Ann83
Southmead family83
Southmead, John, gent83
Soy, John127
Sparkwill, Ricardus de163
Speccot family127
Stafford, Bishop10, 14, 29, 51, 99-100, 141
Stafford family42, 113
Stanesby, Thomas (Scaseby)112
Stapledon, Bishop11, 24, 27, 39, 44, 59, 109, 113, 125, 142, 144, 163
Staplehill, Amy140
Staplehill, Elizabeth140
Staplehill family140
Staplehill, Hugh140
Staplehill, John140
Staplehill, Mary140
Staplehill, Roger140
Staplehill, Sabina140
Staplehill, Thomas140
Stawell family71, 147
Stawell, Hugh147
Stawell, Joanna147
Stawell, Penelope147
Stawell, William147
Stephen, King23, 39
Stephyns, John115
Steyngyngs, Alicia (Steynings)134
Steyngyngs, Philip Esq (Steynings)134
Stockman, Roger49
Stoke, Richard54
Stooke, John140
Stooke, Mary140
Stooke, Rev William140
Stourton family137, 149
Stourton, Margaret137, 149
Stourton, William Lord137, 149
Stremer, Thomas77
Strode family147
Strode, Mary138
Strode, Penelope147
Strode, Sir Richard, Knt147
Strode, Sir William138
Suchespick, Jordan97
Suffield, Bishop Walter46
Sutton, Bishop Oliver46
Sydenham, Rev J46
Talbot, John35
Taylor, Robert99
Taylor, Thomas10
Templer, James Esq62
Templer, Rev J49
Teng, Geffry de97
Thomas, Jane120
Thomas, Rev William Prockter119
Thorne, Daniel122
Throckmorton, Ann128
Throckmorton, Anna Maria128
Throckmorton, George Esq128
Tirell, Henry15
Tirell, Jane15
Toker, Abbot John117
Toker, Roger, DCL99
Toteness, Judel de92
Tothill family26, 39
Totton, Nicholas de56
Tracy family69, 162
Tracy, Henry de70
Tracy, Matilda70
Tracy, Oliver Lord (Tracey)161
Tracy, William de (priest)163
Tracy, Sir William de (Tracey)69, 161-3
Tremaine family137
Trescott, Mr160
Trowbridge family136
Tucker, Hugh117
Tucker, Robert117
Tucker, William117
Tuckfield, Mrs Joan17
Tuckfield, Mr John17
Turbeville, Bishop17
Quivil, Bishop8, 10
Upholl, Moran132
Upholl, Robert132
Uphome, Alic13
Uphome, Elizabeth13
Uphome, __13
Upton, Nicholas44
Vener, Johes13
Veysey, Bishop11, 14, 30, 48, 142
Vincent family54
Vivyan, Bishop Thomas114
Wake, Baldwin77
Wake family42, 77
Wake, Isabella77
Walker, James97, 129
Walker, John20, 51
Waller, Margaret75
Waller, Richard75
Waller, Sir William, Knt75
Wallys, Thomas (Walsh)57
Walrond family49
Waltham family26
Walton, Bishop155
Wappelegh, Thomas46
Warelwast, Bishop Robert40
Warelwast, Bishop William47
Warrin family, Lord Lisle92
Washer family150
Waty, Magister Johes112
Wavell, William, Esq, MD108
Waye, John77
Waye, Thomas77
Webber, Henry, DCL99
Weever, Honest John105, 139
Welshe, Rev Robert30
Wentworth, Lord86
Westcote44, 116, 120
Whiddon Ann83
Whiddon family83
Whiddon, Francis AM83
Whiddon, Rowland94
Whipham, Rev Thomas63
White, Miss155
Whyte, Abbot Thomas47
Wideworth, Sir William de97
William I (Conqueror)23, 55, 156
Wilforde, Robert35
Wilsford, William34
Wode, Anthony a96
Wolfrinton, John de70
Wolsey, Cardinal96
Woltheman, John17
Woodleigh, Agnes de8
Woodley, Ralfe148
Woolcombe family146, 153
Woolcombe, William146
Wooton family147
Wooton, Hugh147
Worcester, Thomas77
Worde, Wynken de41
Worth, Alexander36
Worth, Elizabeth134
Worth family134
Worth, John135
Worth, Henry134
Wykeham, William ofii, xii
Wynard, John56
Yard family (Yarde)61, 73, 150
Yard, Gilbert Esq63
Yard, Richard Esq62
Young family145