Name Index


Historic Collections relating to the Monasteries of Devon


Rev. George Oliver

Exeter: Published by P.A. Hannaford (1841)

Original from the New York Public Library

Index prepared by Michael Steer

An original copy of this book is held at the Harvard University Library. There was an earlier edition in 1820. The book was digitised in 2007 and can be downloaded from: https://books.google.com/ Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired. The Appendix to the book presents a large number of documents, mostly in Latin and offered in support of claims made throughout the text.


To the Right Honourable
Charles Lord Clifford,
Baron Clifford of Chudleigh,
the following collections are,
with sincere respect
and a lively sense of gratitude,
by his Lordship's
most obliged and faithful servant,
George Oliver.



St. Nicholas' Priory, Exeter1
St. Andrew's Priory, at Cowic10
St. Catharine's Priory, at Polslo16
St. James's Priory, near Exeter21
Collegiate Church, at Crediton24
Plympton Priory30
Tavistock Abbey40
Ford Abbey49
Newenham Abbey56
Buckfastleigh Abbey67
Buckland Abbey71
Dunkeswell Abbey75
Hartland Abbey79
Collegiate Church of St. Mary, of Otery    83
St. John's Hospital, Exeter93
Franciscan Convent, Exeter98
Dominican Convent, Exeter101
Frithlestock Priory105
Totnes Priory107
Canonsleigh Nunneiy112
Cornworthy Priory116
Modbury Priory119
Barnstaple Priory124
Pilton Priory127
Slapton, Collegiate Church130
Haccombe Archpresbytery133
St. Gabriel's Chapel, at Clyst140
Ipelpen Priory142
Otterton Priory143
Carswell Priory149
Chulmleigh, Collegiate Church150


Abbot, William81
Abraham, John47
Abree, Jane114
Adam, Abbot of Ford51, 53
Adam, Abbot of Tor61
Adams, Prior of Pilton126
Agnes, Abbess of Sion House146
Albo, Robert de144
Alday, William128
Aldred, Abbot of Tavistock41
Alexander IV, Pope58
Alford, William58
Alforde, Richard58
Almer, Abbot of Tavistock40
Alured, Abbot of Tavistock42
Alured, Prior of St James Priory21
Alyn, John38
Andover, John128
Anselm, St.2
Anstis, John143
Anthony, Prior of Plympton Priory31
Apulia, Simon de, Bishop3
Aquitain, William Duke of21
Arcedeakne, Sir Odo le43
Arguellus, Brother98
Arundell family79
Arundell, Jane114
Asterege, John62
Athelstan, King126
Attemore, Andrew89
Aucneye, Simon de127
Augustinus, Prior of St James Priory22
Auncell, Richard147
Aunger, Margaret113
Avenel, William31
Avery, William68
Avranches, Aubert, Bishop of146-7
Axworige, John47
Ayssheforde, Christina114
Bagwell, Henry62
Bakewell, Richard131
Baldwin, Abbot of Ford50
Baldwin, Abbot of Tavistock41
Baldwin, Prior of Plympton Priory31
Banham, Richard45
Bastcombe, Baldwin89
Batokewaye, William130-1
Battle, Odo, Abbot of93
Battle, Walter, Abbot of93
Beaghe, William68
Beauchamp, Mary114
Beaufort, Margaret119
Beaumont, William80
Becket, St Thomas14, 67
Becket, William7
Bedford, Francis Earl of12
Bedford, John33
Bello Campo, Sir Robert de (Beauchamp)105
Bemell, Stephen47
Benedict XII, Pope91-2, 134
Benett, John47
Benette, John76
Bennett, Elizabeth18
Benselyn, William120, 123
Bercle, David32
Bere, Nectanus81
Berkedene, John62
Bewmont, John128
Billeyo, Gilbert de121
Bittendene, Richard de105
Blake, Eleanor116
Blancheville, Galpidus de56
Blondy, Chancellor Richard (Bishop)xi, 3, 56, 102
Bloyhon, Marcella17
Blundon, Robert de31
Bokeland, John75, 89
Bolchill, John96
Boners, John108
Bonet, Henry89
Boniface, Archbishop of Canterbury94
Bonus, Robert43
Bonville family59
Bonville, Sir William59
Boreman, William76
Bouges, Michael108
Bourgeanyl, John de11, 14
Bours, Adam de11
Bowyer, Jane114
Boys, Robert32
Bradford, Mabilla de116
Bramston, Roger89
Branescombe, Richard57
Brantyngham, Bishop William5, 22-3, 39, 48, 57, 62, 108, 115, 126, 128, 130, 141, 146-150
Bratton, Agnes115
Braybrook family87
Braybrooke, Mr Nicholas21, 87
Brente, Benedict131
Brechon, John de5
Bredon, Richard32
Bregg, Robert6
Brewer, arms60
Brewer, Bishop William3, 16, 28, 60, 75, 77
Briant, Sir Guy (or Brene)130
Brian, John131
Brianus, Abbot of Tor61
Bridgewater, John, alias Stone54
Brioniis, Baldwin de49
Brioniis, Richard de49
Brithwold, Bishop of Cornwall41
Broderidge, John97
Brokenborwe, Thomas127
Bronescombe, Bishop Walterxi, 3, 8, 13, 14, 17, 21-24, 26, 28, 31, 42, 51-2, 61, 71-2, 77, 81, 83, 91, 93-4, 101-2, 107, 111-2, 124, 129, 140, 142
Brooke, John74
Browne Willisxv, 4, 7-8, 12, 18, 61, 126, 132
Brugis, Richard de31
Brundon, John72
Bruton, Prioress Juliana de`16, 17
Brydgeman, Richard48
Brygeman, Thomas62
Bryton, John72
Buckfastre, Nicholas47
Bueys, Orgerius144
Burghe, Isabella17
Burke, Mr.xvi
Burlescombe, Alexander75
Burn, William de4
Burnet, Bishopxii
Burstok, Walter53
Byledene, William de22
Bysse, Edward83
Byton, Bishop Thomasxi, 21, 94, 99, 141
Cade, Richard62
Calwodeleigh family102
Campo Arnulphi family120
Campo Arnulphi, Ricardi di120
Camp Arnulphi. Thomam de121-2
Cantelbyri, William5
Cara Villa, Peter de147
Carew family139
Carew, Joanna139
Carew, Sir Henry, Bart.133, 139
Carew, Sir Nicholas139
Carewe, Agnes18
Carewe, Elizabeth114
Carewe family79
Carewe, Mary18
Carewe, Sir George18
Carewe, Thomasine18
Carre, Richard (Cary)125
Cartaret, Radulphus de147
Carter, John12, 47
Cary, Bishop Valentine64
Cary family64
Cary, James64
Cary, Sir George64
Castello, John de94
Cawe, John128
Celestine II, Pope41
Champeaux, Robert, alias Campell42
Champernon, Katherine109
Champernoun family119
Champernowne, Thomas121
Chard, Thomas89, 102
Charde, Thomas, alias Tybbes53, 54
Charleton, William128
Chelsham, Ralph125
Chester, William47
Chichester, Richard de57
Chichester, Sir John128
Chichester, Thomas128
Chubbe, John42
Chudley, Elizabeth115
Churstowe, John de67
Chylheglys, Abbot of Ford53
Clavill, William112
Cleaveland13, 15, 22, 49
Clement VI, Pope86
Clement, Thomas62
Clestina, Eliseus, alias Potter54
Clifford family83
Clifford, Lord Charlesxi
Clifford, Roger de83
Coffin, James38
Coke, Vincent131
Coke, William109
Coker, Edmund109
Cokeswell, Hugh de57
Cokyswell, John de57
Coldridge, Mr38
Cole, Bernard32
Collet, Dr Richard45
Collier (Ecclesiastical History)111
Collombers, N. de10
Collumpton, William6, 7
Columbers family95
Columbariis, Alionora94
Columbariis, Sir Philip de94
Colyford, John96
Combe, Robert96
Conka, Robert de107-8
Cono, Prior of St Nicholas1, 4
Cornewayle family119
Cornish, Thomas89
Cornwall, Alan de41
Cornwall, William de57
Cosseratt, Nathaniel, Esq.2
Coswell, Richard146
Cosyns, Robert54
Coterel, John89
Cotton, Bishop3, 109
Courtenay, Bishop92
Courtenay, Edward139
Courtenay family13, 22, 49, 50, 150
Courtenay, Henry69, 119
Courtenay, Isabella de100
Courtenay, Lord Hugh13, 130, 139
Courtenay, Lord John10, 43, 100
Courtenay, Philippa139
Courtenay, Robert10, 63
Cowle, John68
Cowystone, Sabina114
Cras, John61
Crassus, Luciusx
Creed, Ivota18
Crewnmake, Henry de112
Crika, William de51
Cromwell, Thomas109-111
Crukerne, Trystram57
Cryer, Thomas39
Crymes, Richard73
Cryspin, Thomas44
Cullyng, Thomas44
Cumbwell, Robert de4
Curceyo, Nicholaum de120
Curceyo, Robert de121-2
Curtepalatio, Theobald de124
Dalyngton, John7
Danyel, Walter131
David, John32
Demond, Robert32
Denbawde, Robert32
Dene, Thomas22
Denlyth, Thomas31
Dennis, Sir Thomas69
Denys, Sir Thomas9
Derke, John32
Derkeham, Robert73-4
Devon, Amicia, Countess of71
Devon, Thomas Earl of12
Devonius, John50
Dinant, Isabella100
Dinant, Lord Oliver100
Dogge, John68
Donne, Gabriel (or Dunne)68
Donyngton, William, alias Wilteshere54
Dormer, Robert148
Dounebant, William11
Dowrysshe, John96
Drake, Sir Francis73
Drokensford, Bishop John4
Dudman, Walter89
Dugdale, William8, 10, 11, 13, 18, 60, 68, 83, 87, 91, 119, 120, 124-5
Duke, Richard145
Dullion, Simon75
Dulond, Agnes114
Dyare, Thomas62
Dyeher, William89
Dynham, Avisia116
Dynham family79
Dynham, Sir Jeffery79
Dynham, Thomasina116
Dynyngton, John44
Ebbesworth, William73
Edgcumbe family116
Edgcumbe, Sir Peter107
Edmund, King & Martyr111
Edward the Confessor, King & Saint83, 91, 111, 147
Edward I, King8, 39, 51, 63, 81, 145, 148
Edward II, King39, 43
Edward III, King14, 67, 84, 86, 96, 108, 131, 142, 146, 148
Edward IV, King12, 103, 119, 120
Edward VI, King18, 29, 100, 132
Eggdcombe, Peter (Sir Piers)109, 110
Eggdcumbe, Sir Richard110, 111,
Eleanor, Queen71
Elizabeth I, Queen29, 59, 73, 117, 128
Ellys, John57
Elyas, Abbot of Ford53
Emet, Thomas62
Englebourne, John de31
Erinton, Richard28
Esse, Richard de44
Estrepeny, William de11
Etheldreda, Saint & Abbess of Ely113
Ethelred, King40
Eustachius, Prior of St Andrews11
Evesham, Thomas128
Ewiss, Sibilla de83
Ewiss, Sir Robert de83
Exeter, Bartholomew, Archdeacon of112
Exeter, John de88
Exeter, Matthew of5
Exmester, Richard alias Were54
Fawell, John54
Felgheres family142
Felgheres, Radulfus de142
Ferrys, Robert32
Feversham, Stephen7
Ffermer, John63
Ffranchillon, William123
Ffurnariis, Philip de121-2
Ffovea, John de121
Ffrye, Hugo97
Ffychet, John68
Ffysher, John89
Fisher, Jane116
Fitz-James, Richard45
Fitzwarren family79
Forde, Robert de31, 34
Fortescue, Phelippa114
Fouhill, Elizabeth (Fowell)114
Fowell, Sibilia115
Fox, Bishop89
Franklyn de144
Frid, William de57
Fulchis, Vincent de121
Galfridus, Abbot of Buckland72
Galfridus, Prior of Ipplepen142
Galterus, John121
Gaudeleye, Sir James126
Gaufred I, Abbot of Tavistock41
Gaufred II, Abbot of Tavistock41
Gaumachiis, Imbertus de125
Geffry, Prior of Plympton Priory31
Gennyngs, John76
Gernon, Gaufrid de147
Geuyle, John22
Geytingtone, John de57
Gifford, William de67
Gille, Alfredus68
Glanvilla, Robert de11
Gloucester, Matilda, Countess of113
Goddard, John, Abbot of Newenham56
Godwin24, 98
Godwin, Thomas38
Gonisale, Richard de88
Goon, Henry109
Gordon, John de4
Gorlemont, Thomas de115
Grandisson arms91
Grandisson, Bishopxii, 3-5, 14, 22, 26-7, 31, 33, 36, 43-4, 53, 58, 61, 63, 83, 86-8, 90-2, 94-6, 105-7, 113, 120-1, 124, 126, 133-4, 141, 146, 148, 150
Grandisson, Otho86-7
Grandisson, Sibilla86
Grandisson, William86
Granger, Mr.64
Green, William54
Gregory, Richard47
Greynfeld, Richard73
Growdon, William47
Gunterus, Prior of St Nicholas1, 4
Gurneye, Simon124
Gwynne family55
Gye, William73
Gyll, Richard58
Gylle, Thomas68
Haccomb, Isabella de136
Haccomb, Jordani de136, 139
Haccombe arms139
Haccombe, John139
Haccombe, Sir Stephen de133, 136, 139
Hamlyn, Henry19
Hancock, John89
Hankesworth, Robert131
Hankherate, Thomas6
Hardy, John147
Harold, King41
Harriel, Roger148
Harris, Edward117
Harry, William109
Harrys, John47
Harrys, Richard96-7
Harvey, Hugo73
Hastyng, William de95
Hawys, Walter106
Hayn, Roger125
Haynes, Henry105
Hearne, Thomas, A.M.xv, xvi
Hellouin, Venerable10
Henry I, King2
Henry II, King10, 20, 67, 79, 93
Henry III, King38, 43, 56, 60, 83, 91, 94, 98
Henry V, King11, 120, 145, 148
Henry VI, King10-13, 22, 28, 56, 89, 109, 120, 124, 139
Henry VII, King93, 107, 119, 120
Henry VIII, Kingxv, 8-9, 12, 18-9, 24, 29, 38, 45, 47-8, 53, 55, 58, 62, 64, 68-9, 73, 77, 80-1, 89, 94, 97, 103, 106, 109-111, 114, 119, 125-6, 145-6
Henry, Abbot of Ford53
Henry. Prior of Otterton143
Herbert, Abbot of Tavistock41
Herford, John7
Heron, Robert33, 47
Hertford, Baldwin, Earl of90
Heskett, Rev. Thomas69
Heton, Jane18
Hieling, Hugone131
Hill, Johanna100
Hill, Robert109
Hoker24, 86, 98, 100
Holbayne, Christina114
Holmere, Geffery64
Honeton, William de112
Hooper, Thomas73
Horwell, John80
Houndaller, Leonard57
House, Waltre de la57, 59
Howard, Lord William59, 126
Howe, John32
Hugo, Abbot of Hartland80, 82
Humfridus, Coadjutor Prior of Frithelstock105
Hunteford, William57
Hyll, Richard96
Hylle, John72
Hylle, William32
Ilfracombe, John125
Ilminster, John, alias Cabell58
Ilminster, Robert54
Innocent III, Pope98
Innocent VI, Pope144
Isabella, Queen43
Isblincton, Robert31
James I, King77
Jamys, Thomas62
Jenkins93, 99, 103
Jermyns, William3
Jocelyn, Prior of Totnes107
Joel, son of Alured124
Johel, Prior of Frithelstock105
John, Abbot of Dunkeswell75
John, Abbot of Ford53
John, Abbot of Hartland80
John, Abbot of Tavistock41
John, Abbot of Tor61
John, Prior of Pilton127
John, King2, 16, 43, 50, 56, 60, 80, 83, 143
John, Prior of Barnstaple124
John, Prior of Otterton143
John, Prior of Plympton Priory31
John, Prior of St James Priory21, 22
John, Prior of Totnes107
John XXII, Pope43, 72, 84, 86, 92
Jones, Index100
Jones, Joannem144
Jones, John Esq. of Franklynxi
Jordan, Abbot of Tavistock41
Jordan, John73
Jordan, Richard144
Julian, Rector of Thorverton3
Kengeswode, Richard128
Kelleye, Jane18
Kendall, Mr John133
Kenefeld, Peter98
Kennet, Bishop White70
Kernit, Ogerus de80
Kernit, William de41, 143
Keyser, Richard32
Kilkenny, Henry52
Kitecnol, Robert de41
Knolle, Thomas63
Kyne, Henry81
Kyngesbury, Richard, alias Sherman54
Lackenhull, John de127
Lacy, Bishop Edmundxiv, 10-12, 17, 27, 38, 44, 48, 87-8, 90, 92, 102, 111, 120, 142, 147, 150
Lacy, John de62, 95
Lambert, William147
Lamport, Richard75
Lampre, Juliana114
Lancastria, John de102
Lancell, Matilda de81
Lancell, William de81
Landaff, William, Bishop of52
Lane, John62
Langdon, Stephen44
Langton, William27
Lawdymere, John62
Lawrence, Robert96
Lechedon, William47
Legga, John57
Lelandxiii, 4, 16, 30-1, 38, 60, 79, 98-9, 101, 107, 119
Lelys, John7
Leo X, Pope12, 46
Leofric, Bishop of Exeter147
Leonibus, Thomas de11
Lercedekne arms139
Lercedekne, Cecilia139
Lercedekne, John139
Lercedekne, Matilda138
Lercedekne, Sir Guarinus139
Lercedekne, Sir John133-4, 136, 138
Lercedekne, Sir Odo de139
Lercedekne, Thomas139
Lesper, John de22
Leycestre, Richard123
Ley, John75-6
Leye, Ralph (Radolphus Legh)22-3
Livingus, Abbot of Tavistock40-1
Londa, Simon de148
Long, Gilbert94
Long, John94
Lovedge, Benedict73
Lovel, Robert144
Lucas, Prior of Ipplepen142
Lucy, Jane116
Luxton, Henry32
Lyndseye, Gilbert de5
Lyton, Hugo125
Magne, Robert145
Male, Thomas58
Mallyngo, Gencianus80
Malmesbury, William de40, 41
Marshal, Bishop Henry83, 146
Marten, Edward33
Martin V, Pope64
Martin, Prior of Plympton Priory31
Martyn, Alionora95
Martyn family102, 119
Martyn, William95
Mason, George28
Matthu, John68
May, John44
Maynard, Thomas73
Mede, Thomas44
Mershe, William6
Michell, Thomas89
Millaton, Cecilia17, 19
Milner, Dr4
Mimminglond, Matthew de31
Mohun arms60
Mohun, Reginald de56, 60, 61
Molton, Robert de31
Montacute arms91
Montacute, William91
Morchard, Margaret de17
Morton, Nicholas131
Mountenay, Theobald, Esq.87
Mountjoy, Lady Dorothy48
Mugg, Walter28
Mychel, John123
Mychel, William62, 65, 66
Myllford, William73
Mylton, Richard62
Nantolio, John de22
Necham, Alexander4
Newton, John7
Nicholas, Prior of Modbury121
Nicholas, Prior of Otterton143
Nicholas, Prior of Totnes107
Nicholous, Abbot of Ford53
Nicolles, John32
Norfolk, Thomas, Duke of59
Northampton, John de42, 57
Northumberland, Henry, Earl of131
Norton, William62
Nuatte, Roger de107
Oldeston, Thomas128
Oldham, Bishop17, 32, 45, 46, 53, 103, 111
Oliver, Prior of Frithelstock105
Olyver, John96
Olyver, Thomas72
Orchard, Paul, Esq82
Ordgar, Earl of Devon40
Orey, Thomas25, 26
Osbern, Bishop2
Osbert, Abbot of Tavistock41
Osborne, John106
Osmond, James131
Otery, John75
Ottery, Robert of104
Otry, Richard de88
Page, Thomas145
Palk, Sir Robert2
Paris, Matthew of16
Parker family, of Whiteway18
Parkinson, Rev Anthony100
Parr, Thomas106
Paul IV, Pope69
Paulet, Sir Amias55
Pawle, John131
Payne, John62
Peckham, Archbishop98
Peckyngehall, William de127
Pede, William58
Pedirton, Richard de57
Peke, Richard47
Peke, William47
Penington, Robert50
Pereman, John32
Perer, Richard147
Person, Radulphus31
Pery, Agnes115
Peryn, Edmond47
Peryn, John46, 47
Peter, Abbot of Buckfastleigh67
Peter, John132
Peter, Prior of St Andrews11
Peter, Prior of St Nicholas4
Petre, Sir John59
Petre, Sir William69
Pewe, William44
Philip. Abbot of Buckfastleigh67
Philips, Nicholas89
Philippa, Queen16
Pilton, Richard128
Pirdoc, Reginaldus125
Plantagenet, Arthur106
Plympton, Robert de41
Plympton, Simon de61
Pole, Sir William64, 73, 77
Pollard, Margaret114
Pollard, Richard, Esq.54-5
Pollard, Sir Hugh64
Pollard, Sir John55
Pomerai, William67
Pomeri, Mary114
Ponte Episcopi, John de11
Ponti Roberti, John de56
Pope, Thomas80
Poper, John58
Porla, William de11
Postett, Robert41
Praeneste, Peter, Bishop of86
Pratellis, William de144
Preston, Matthew68
Prianho, Adam123
Prideaux family55
Prince (Worthies of Devon)51, 111
Prodom, Ralph93
Prodom, William93
Prust, John80
Pupplesbury, Robert de57
Puxeley, John47
Pyeres, William32
Pyl, Roberti de136
Pyllon, John125
Pylmyster, Richard75
Pynnoke, John106
Pythe, John58
Quivill, Bishop98-9, 112-3, 129
Ralegh, John de80
Ralegh, Richard de127
Ralph, Prior of Pilton127
Ralph, Prior of Plympton Priory30
Rede, John68
Rede, Simon62
Rede. Thomas106
Redmayne, John109
Redvers, Baldwin de21
Reeve, Rev. Joseph61
Richard, Abbot of Ford49, 50, 53
Richard, Abbot of Tavistock45
Richard, Abbot of Tor61
Richard I, King16, 50, 60, 83
Richard III, King107
Richard, Prior of Plympton Priory31
Ridgeway, John109
Ridgeway, Sir Thomas64
Risdon22, 51, 125
Robert, Abbot of Buckfastleigh67
Robert, Abbot of Ford50
Robert, Abbot of Tavistock42
Robryng, John131
Rockyngham, John de127
Rodebourne, John de127
Rodd, James, Esq.69
Roger, Abbot of Ford51
Roger, Prior of St Nicholas4
Rogger, John123
Rogger, Thomas68
Rolle, Denys, Esq145
Rolle, George69
Rolle, Henry69
Rolles, Humphry100
Ross, John128
Roswell, William55
Rothis, Alexander de11
Rouen, alias Becdenne, Robert de11, 12
Rouges, John le108
Rounde, Alice114
Rudge, Robert32
Rugewaye, Simon73
Rumold, Bishop of Dublin40
Rumsay, Simon128
Russell, David102
Russell, John Lord12, 48, 77-8, 103
Russell, William Lord12, 14
Ruswyl, Iwatys18
Rychard, Thomasxiv, 109
Ryder, William, of Totnes111
Rye, Robert de4
Rymer44, 89
Ryngswood, William128
Ryse, John32
Sancta Gemma, John de124
Sancto Antonio, Peter de31
Sancto Stephano, Durandus de11
Sarger, John89
Savage, Ralph33
Savery, Simon32
Scarlett, Andrew103
Schillyngford, Johanne131
Scotts, John97
Sedile, Thomas144
Seger, John76
Sele, Simon125
Selman, John92
Selman, Nicholas31
Seton, Christina de17
Seymour, Sir Edward64
Seynt, Peter de22
Shaldon, John31
Shalsham, Radolfus149
Shapeley, John62
Shaperville, Ralph de57
Shapter, William68
Sherburn, W. alias Rede54
Sherlande, William, Gent.9
Simon, Abbot of Dunkeswell75
Simon, Abbot of Tor61
Simon, Robert67
Sistricus, Abbot of Tavistock41
Slade, William67, 89
Smith, Oliver89
Smith, Walter109
Smyth, John106
Southam, John108
Southam, Thomas108
Soyer, John124-5
Speed8, 18, 20
Speke, arms60
Spelman's Glossary86, 134
Spersholt, Henry de56
Splate, Richard68
Spore, John72
Stafford, Bishop Edmund6, 13, 14, 28, 38, 39, 59, 65, 66, 87, 102, 106, 111, 131, 148
Stafforde, Thomas, alias Bate54
Stamel, Walter51
Stanlake, William de75
Stanlegh, John de127
Stapledon, Bishop Walterxiv, 25, 39, 42-3, 53, 59, 79, 95, 105, 107, 111, 113, 125, 130, 139, 141, 148
Stephen, Abbot of Buckfastleigh67
Stephen, Abbot of Tavistock41
Stephen, Prior of St James Priory22
Stephens, Thomas89
St Leger, Sir John64, 115
Stoke, Richard108
Stokeman, Roger89
Stone, Roger80
Stowell, John, Esq.64
Sturgeon, John106
Sturt, John de la31
Suing, Robert alias Laurentius de4
Suing, Thomas5
Sumpter, Dean67
Sutton, Henry39, 125
Sutton, John38
Sutton, Thomasine114
Suyffmore, John de103
Sydnam, Eleanor18
Syndon, Margaret de17
Synforde, Thomas108
Talbot, Mathildis17
Tanner, Dr.7, 9, 19, 64, 100, 116, 128, 143
Tawton, Richard80
Taylor, Richard68
Thelford, John22
Theobald, Archbishop67
Thomas, Abbot of Buckland72
Thomas, Abbot of Dunkeswell75
Thomas, Abbot of Tavistock41
Thomas, Henry, Yeoman38
Thomae, Prior of Ipplepen142
Thomas, Prior of St Andrews10
Thoris, Roger de99
Thorn, Roger125
Tiverton, Matilda de94
Toker, John (also Tucker)72-3
Tone, Philip80
Toope, Robert73
Totnes, Judhel de (Joel)107
Tracy, Sir William19, 20
Tregoney, Richard de31
Tregors, Andrew de133
Trentheful, Philip41, 42
Trewtronk, Isabella17
Trey, William131
Trigal, Sampson148
Trowe, Margaret18
Trowt, Walter131
Turbeville, William143
Turberville, Jane16
Tylleye, Radegundis18
Typson, Thomas76
Tyrel, John89
Underdowne, John7
Underwin, William143
Upton, Robert128
Valle Torta, Walterus de30
Veysey, Bishop7, 13, 27, 46, 48, 58, 89, 90, 92, 117, 150
Volant, John de147
Vyvyan, Honora116
Wakeham, Richard47
Walker, Edward83
Walkyngton, Thomas131
Walsh, Robert47
Walter, Abbot of Tavistock41
Walter, Richard106
Wappelegh, Thomas72
Ware, Sir James40
Warham, Richard45
Warlewast, Bishop Robert21, 30
Warr, Lucy114
Warwick, John, Earl of18, 51
Watts, John68
Webbe, John76
Wedmore, William de75
Weke, Thomas51
Wele, John47
Werpelisdon, William de94
West, John73
Westcott, John80
Westfield, William7
Westminster, William, alias Faute58
White, Thomas58, 72-3
Whitmore, John75
Whyte, William53
Wilcocks, Thomas32
William, Abbot of Buckfastleigh67
William, Abbot of Dunkeswell75
William, Abbot of Ford53
William, Prior of Modbury121
William I, King (the Conqueror)1, 49, 83, 107, 124, 143
William II, Rufus1
William III, King9
William, son of Baldwin10
Williams, John117
Willis30, 31
Willyams, William47
Wodeford, Richard96
Woodxiii, 51
Worcester, John de22
Worcester, William of28, 56, 128
Worthie, Avys18
Wortheham, Margaret116
Wrokeshale, William127
Wybbebir, Thomas80
Wydepole, Margaret de17
Wye, John de5
Wyll, John62
Wylsham, Richard7
Wymond, Abbot of Tavistock41
Wymond, John32
Wynsor, William, alias Hyde54
Wysbech, Nicholas57
Wystcote, David de80
Yerde, Matthew62
Yerne, Richard45
Yong, Richard63
Yonge, Rev. Duke4, 143
Zouche family79, 107, 111, 116