Preface and List of the Devonshire Entries in:

The Clerical Guide or Ecclesiastical Directory

Containing Complete Register of the Dignities and Benefices of the Church of England,
with the Names of Possessors, Patrons etc.
And an Alphabetical List of Dignitaries and Beneficed Clergy


Richard Gilbert

London: Printed for C.J.G. & F. Rivington, St Paul's Churchyard
and Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. (Third Edition, 1829) 310 pp.

An Original Copy is held at the New York Public Library

Extracted by Michael Steer

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Note: Parish names are spelled as they are in the directory.


THE Proprietors of the CLERICAL GUIDE, in offering the Third Edition to the Public, return their respectful thanks for the favourable reception of the former Editions, and beg to add that no labour or expense has been spared to render the Work worthy of a continuance of their patronage.

In the present Edition, amongst other improvements will be found enumerated such Churches and Chapels as have been built, or are in progress, by His Majesty's Commissioners for building additional Churches and Chapels, in pursuance of several Acts of Parliament passed during the late and present reigns for that purpose; distinguishing such Parishes as have been divided by the Commissioners into Ecclesiastical Districts, by virtue of powers granted to them by Parliament.

The Proprietors have to offer their best acknowledgements to the numerous gentlemen who have furnished them with information of the changes and alterations that have taken place since the publication of the Second Edition; and they trust that in consequence of these communications the names of the Incumbents and Patrons of Benefices, will be found more correctly described in the present, than in the two former Editions.

London, March 23, 1829.


Rt Rev. William Cary DD
Very Rev Whittington Landon DD.
Canons Residentiary

Thomas Bartlam MA
Chancellor of the Church
Archdeacon Pott MA
The Lord Bishop

J. Parker Fisher DD
Thomas Heberden BD
George Martin MA
George Rogers MA
Archdeacon Bull DD
Ven John Moore MA (Exeter)
Ven R.H. Froude MA (Totnes)
Ven John Bull DD (Barnstaple)
Ven John Sheepshanks MA (Cornwall)
Gilbert Burrington MA
John Robert Hall MA
Charles Davie MA
William Oxnam MA
Phillip Fisher MA
Hon. Henry Leslie MA
Richard Ellicombe MA
Jno. Pom. Gilbert MA
Chas Chichester MA
J.H.P. Polson MA
Archdeac. Moore MA
J.B. Copleston MA
Rob. Holdsworth MA
J.D. Coleridge BCL
Edward Rodd DD
Priest Vicars
D. Chave MA
William Turner MA
Geo. M. Slater BD
A.T.R. Vicary BA
Chancellor of the Diocese
Worshipful George Martle MA
Bishop's Chaplains
Archdeacon Bull DD
D. Longlands MA
William Oxnam MA
Jas. Duke Coleridge BCL
Registrar - Thomas Turner Esq.
Secretary to the Bishop - J. Burder Esq.
Ditto to Exeter - D. Turner Esq.


Parish Incumbent
Abbots Bickington P.D. Foulkes
Abbotsham William Walter
Abbots Kerswell William Kitson
Allington, East William Wells
Allington, West E. Edgell
Alphington W. Ellicombe
Alverdiscot John Rowe
Alvington William Spurway
Anstye East William Stabback
Arlington J.H.J. Chichester
Ashburton W.S. Cary
Ashbury Henry Woolcombe
Ashcombe W.H. Palk
Ashford John Fletcher
Ashprington Jacob Ley
Ashton Thomas Hole
Atherington George Burgess
Aveton Gifford B.K. Vaughan
Awliscombe R.V. Willesford
Axemouth R.H. Hallett
Axminster Charles Steer
Bampton Barth. Davy
Barnstaple J.H. Luxmoore
Beaford J.G. Russell
Beaworthy T. Molesworth
Beer Vicar of Seaton
Beer Ferris Hon. Henry Hobart
Belstone Willoughby Brassey
Berry Narbor (vacant ?)
Berry Pomeroy John Edwards
Bickington Vicar of Ashburton
Bickleigh Thomas Carew
Bickley W.Y.C. Hunt
Bickton, High David Honidon
Biddeford William Walter
Bigbury T. Livingstone
Bishops Nympton Thomas Heberden
Bishops Tawton I. Landon
Bishops Teignton John Comyns
Bittadon John Dene
Blackauton S.L. Adams
Blackbrough Robert H. Tripp
Black Torrington Reid, W. Bampfield
Bovey, North Hon. W. Annesley
Bowe J. Rowe
Bovey Tracey Joseph Domett
Bradford John Bampfield
Bradninch T.Tanner
Bradstone (Vacant ?)
Bradworthy John Stone
Bradworthy, St Pancras (?)
Bramfordspeke J. Mudge
Branscombe Whit Landon DD
Bratton Clovelly John Fellowes
Bratton Fleming Wm. Gimingham
Braunton J.W.R. Landon
Brendon Thomas Boyse
Brentor E.A. Bray
Bridestow Corynd. Luxmoore
Bridford R.P. Carrington
Bridgerule Thomas H. Kingdon
Bridock Vicar of St Andrew's, Plymouth
Brixham Robert Holdsworth
Brixham, Lower H.F. Lyte
Brixton Richard Lane
Broadclyst William Barker
Broadhembury Richard Green
Broadhemston John Pitman
Broadwood-kelly John Hole
Broadwood-wiger John Braddon
Budleigh C. Tripp DD (Corrigenda)
Burliscombe T.T. Jackson
Burrington Jas. Buckingham
Butterleigh J.T. Grant
Cadbury Chr. Birdwood
Cadeleigh William Salter
Calverleigh B. Davey
Chagford W. Hames
Challacombe W. Mold
Charlton George Smith
Chawley Pelham Clay
Cheldon James May
Cheriton Bishop Fred. Barns DD
Cheriton Fizpaine W.H. Arundell
Chittlehampton Robert Chichester
Chivelstone Chas. Holdworth
Christowe Hon. E Pellew
Chudleigh G. Burrington
Chumleigh George Hole
Church Staunton B. Bluett
Churston Ferrers Robert Holdsworth
Clannaborough P. Glubb
Clawton Thomas Melhuish, Jun.
Clayhanger William M Harrison
Clehydon John Clarke
Clist St George W. Rous Ellicombe
Clist Honiton H.W. Bagnell
Clist Hydon F. Huish
Clist St Lawrence Charles E. Walkey
Clist St Mary Thomas Strong
Clovelly O.H. Williams
Coffinswell Rector of Mary Church
Colebrook T. Robbins
Coleridge Thomas Cox
Colyton F. Barnes DD
Colyton Rawleigh Robert Greenwood
Coombe Rawleigh C.E. Band
Coombeintenhead B,W, Wrey
Comb-martin W. Jones
Combpyne E.C. Forward
Cookbury Rector of Milton Damerell
Cornwood William Oxnam
Cornworthy Charles Barter
Coryton R.V. Willesford
Cotleigh William Michell
Countesbury Vicar of Linton
Cove Brian Beauchamp
Creacombe William M Stawell
Crediton John Rudall
Cruwys Morchard F. J'Ans
Cullumpton John Temple
Culmstock Wm. Karslake
Dartington R.H. Froude
Dartmouth, St Petrox J.M. Glubb
Dartmouth, St Saviours Robert Holdsworth
Dawlish J.D. Perkins DD
Dean Priors Joseph Chilcot
Denbury R.H. Froude
Devonport Rector of Stoke Damerel
Dipford John Taylor
Dittisham Lord H.F.C. Kerr
Dodbrook Charles C. Owen
Doddiscombleigh George Hole
Dolton Wm. Kerslake
Dowland Hugh Northcote
Down, East J.P. Coffin
Down St Mary T. Freke
Down, West Richard Bryan
Drews Teignton Edward Trevenan
Dunchideock R.P. Wellond
Dunkswell John Clarke
Dunsford G. Gregory
Dunterton William Royce
Eade (or Ide) Thomas Bartlam
Egg Buckland George Hunt
Eggesford Pelham F. Clay
Ermington W. Cholwich
Ermington Mediety W. Cholwich
Exbourne Finney Belfield
Exeter, All Hallows Matthew Vicars
Exeter, on the Wall W. Carwithen
Exeter, St Davids John Abbott
Exeter, St Edmunds T. Atkinson
Exeter, St George J.K. Cleeve
Exeter, St John J.M. Collyns DD
Exeter, St Kerrian & St Petrock    J.M. Glubb
Exeter, St Laurence John David Perkins
Exeter, St Leonard R.W. Smith
Exeter, St Martin & St Pancras G.P. Cosserat
Exeter, St Mary Arches Edward Chave
Exeter, St Mary Major J.H.P. Polson
Exeter, St Mary Steps T.A. Melhuish
Exeter, St Olaves W. Compton
Exeter, St Paul John Ley
Exeter, St Sidwell R.H. Tripp
Exeter, St Stephen Wm Stabback
Exeter, Trinity John Bradford
Exminster John White
Exmouth Vicar of Littleham
Faringdon Jona P. Fisher DD
Farway T. Putt
Feniton H.E. Head
Filleigh W.M. Stawell
Fremington (Vacant?)
Frithelstock R. Lloyd
Georgeham Thomas Hole
George nympton W. Fortescue
Germans week John Braddon
Gidley William Southmead
Gittisham Thomas John Marker
Goodley Wm. Churchward
Haccombe T.C. Carew
Halberton (Vacant?)
Halwell Vicar of Harberton
Halwill R. Stapleton
Harberton George Martin
Harford Robert Savage
Harpford Marwood Tucker
Hartland William Chanter
Hatherleigh John Chas. Glascott
Heanton Charles Davie
Hemiock James Sparrow
Hennock J. Turner
High Bickington W.M. Stawell
High Hampton Henry Woolcombe
Highweek Vicar of Kingsteignton
Hittesleigh R. Tothill
Hockworthy John Comyns
Holbeton Thomas Mends
Holcomb Burnell Richard J. Beadon
Hollacombe John Kingdom
Holne Samuel Lane
Holsworthy Roger Kingdon
Honeychurch Charles Sandby
Horwood J. Dene
Huish J. Knight
Huish, North Philip Perring
Huish, South Vicar of West Allington
Hunshaw Charles Heirn
Huntsham Edward Troyte DD
Huntsham Rector of Poltimore
Jacobstow Hugh Best
Iddesleigh John Russel
Ideford George Heywood
Ilfracombe (Vacant ?)
Ilsington (Vacant?)
Instow Arthur F. Lloyd
Inwardleigh Arthur Forbes Lloyd
Ipplepen R. Marriott
Ivybridge (Vacant?)
Kelley Edward Morehead
Kenn Henry Ley
Kennerley N. Lightfoot
Kentisbeare C. Tripp DD
Kentisbury Charlres Sweet
Kenton G.T. Chamberlain
Kerswell Vicar of Marychurch
Kilmington Rector of Axminster
Kingsbridge Vicar of Churstow
Kings Nympton Robert Tanner
Kingsteignton T. Whipham
Kingston Vicar of Ermington
Kingsware R.H. Teale
Knowstone John Froude
Lamerton E. Rodd DD
Lancross Philip Kelland
Landkey Vicar of Bishops Tawton
Langtree Joseph P. Prust
Lapford John A. Radford
Leigh, South Henry W. Marker
Leigh, West J. Torr
Lew Trenchard W. Elford
Lidford J. Rooke Fletcher
Lifton D. Sanders
Limpstone J. Bartholomew
Linton Charles Kekewich
Littleham John L. Harding
Littleham Richard Pratt
Little Hernston Richard Gore
Loddiswell Thomas Freke
Loxbeare William Karslake
Loxhore J.H.J. Chichester
Luffincott T.W. Martyn
Luppit John Cabell
Lustleigh John Mudge
Malborough Vicar of West Allington
Mamhead F.D. Perkins DD
Manaton W. Carwithen
Marlden George Smith
Martinhoe John Dowell
Martinstow Vicar of Tamerton
Marwood R. Riley
Mary Stowe J.T. Spry
Mary Tavy Reginald Pole
Meavy G. Jope
Meeth Edward Lampriere
Membury Rector of Axminster
Merton David Horndon
Meshaw William Tanner
Milton Abbotts John Jago DD
Milton Damarell John Clack
Milton, South Vicar of West Allington
Modbury W. Stackhouse
Monkleigh J.L. Harding
Monkokehampton Hugh Northcote
Morchard Bishope R.C.H. Tuckfield
Morebath Richard Bere
Moreton Hampstead William Clack
Morleigh S.L. Adams
Musbury George Tucker
Muxbear Vicar of Halberton
Netherex J. Bond
Newton Abbot Curate of Woolboro
Newton Poppleford Vicar of Aylesbeare
Newton St Cyres Andrew Quicke
Newton St Petrock F.D. Lempriere
Newton Tracey Thomas Law
North Lewe William Ketson
North Moulton John Hodgkin
Nymet, Broad B. Marshall
Nymet Rowland J.A. Radford
Oakford James Parkins
Offwell John G. Copleston
Ogwell, East T.E. Whidborne
Ogwell, West Henry Taylor
Okehampton H.B. Wrey
Okehampton, St James H. Northcote
Oldrudge N. Lightfoot
Otterton John Moore
Ottery St Mary George Smith
Paington John Templar
Pancras Vicar of St Andrew's, Plymouth
Pancraswike Vicar of Bradworthy
Parracomb John Pike
Parskham H.B. Green
Payhembury P. Terry Jackson
Pennycross G.M. Arthur
Petherwin, North William Elford
Pilton William Spurway
Pinhoe Thomas Bartlam
Ploughill Perry Dicken
Plymouth, Charles James Carne
Plymouth, St Andrew J. Hatchard
Plymouth, St Andrew Robert Lampen
Plymstock, St Mary W.J.T. Coppard
Plymstock J.L. Harris
Plympton Maurice J. Arscott
Plymtree E.O. Holwell
Poltimore R.W. Bampfylde
Portlemouth Samuel Well
Powderham Daniel Nantes
Putford, East Vicar of Buckland Brewer
Putford, West Denys Yonge
Pyeworthy T.H. Kingdon
Rackenford J. Comins
Rattery John Jago
Revelstock Vicar of Yealmpton
Rewe Hon. H. Strangways
Ringmore R. Butland
Roborough Thomas May
Rockbear J.B. Fisher DD
Romansleigh J. Messiter
Roseash E. Southcombe
Rosedown R.S. Hallet
Salcombe Regis J.H. Cardew
Sampford Courtenay (Vacant ?)
Sampford Peverell R. Skinner
Sandford H. Bent
Satterleigh Richard Bawden
Seaton Robert Cutliffe
Shaugh Prior Samuel W. Pearse
Shebbear Thomas Trevethan
Sheepwash Vicar of Shebbeare
Sheldon C.E. Bond
Shepstor Vicar of Bickley
Sherford James Cory
Sherwell John Sanford
Shillingford Robert P. Trelland
Shipston Vicar of Bickleigh
Shobrook Bishop of Exeter
Shute Vicar of Colyton
Sidbury Henry Fellowes
Sidmouth William Jenkins
Silverton William Barker
Slapton H. Bradridge
Sourton Rector of Bridestow
South Moulton W. Toms
South Pool Henry Taylor
Sowton George Barnes DD
Spreyton Richard Holland
Star-cross (Vacant ?)
Stockleigh English John Starr
Stockleigh Pomeroy James Yonge
Stoke Canon Philip Fisher DD
Stoke Damarel W.J. St. Aubyn
Stoke Fleming William Manley
Stoke Gabriel F. Belfield
Stoke Rivers Charles Hiern
Stoke-in-Teignhead C.H. Collyns DD
Stokenham Charles Holdsworth
Stonehouse Robert Cox
Stoodeley Joseph Bockett
Stowford John Woolcombe
St Budeaux S. Rowe
St Germans Tobias Furneaux
St Giles Rector of Black Torrington
St Marychurch G.M. Coleridge
St Nicholas T. Westcott
St Pancras R.S. Hallet
St Peter Davy W. Macbean
St Petrock Stowe John Knight
St Thomas J.B. Copleston
Sutcombe Charles Lethbridge
Swimbridge Nicholas Dyer
Sydenham Damarel J.P. Carpenter
Tallaton R.P. Welland
Tamertonfoliot Charles G. Boyles
Tamertonfoliot North J. Rawleigh J'Ans
Tavistock Edward A Bray
Tawstock B.W. Wrey
Tedburn Charles Burne
Teigngrace John Templer
Teignmouth W.P. Richards DD
Teignmouth West J. Salter
Templeton W. Buckland
Tetcot Oliver Rouse
Thelbridge William Cockburn
Thornbury John Edgcombe
Thorncombe Charles Egerton
Thorverton Robert Gould
Thorverton Bryan Beauchamp
Throwley W.J. Birdwood
Thrushelton Vicar of Marystowe
Thurlstone Joseph Chilcott
Tiverton, Clare por. John Spurway
Tiverton, Pitt por (Vacant ?)
Tiverton, Tidcomb por. William Rayer
Tiverton, Priors qu. Samuel Smith
Topsham Henry Thorpe
Tormohun James Yonge
Torpoint John Nolan
Torrington, Great C. Morgan
Torrington, Little Peter Glubb
Totnes Joseph Cuming
Townstall Robert Holdsworth
Trentishoe Charles Griffiths
Trusham C. Buckland
Twitchin Vicar of North Moulton
Uffculme James Windsor
Uplime H.T. Tucker
Up-ottery J.B. Copleston
Upton-Helion J.H.P. Polson
Upton-Pyne H. Northcote
Virginstowe Jos. P. Prust
Walkhampton Sir R. Hughes
Warkley Richard Bawden
Washfield John Pitman
Wellcombe William Chanter
Wembury G.M. Scott
Weston Peverell Rector of Plymouth, St Andrew
Whimple Thomas Heberden
Whitchurch Peter Sleeman
Whitestone Charles Brown
Widdicombe-in-the-Moor James H. Mason
Widworthy John Tucker
Willand John Taylor
Wincksley C.H. Martin
Witheridge Perry Dicken
Withycombe Vicar of East Budleigh
Woodbury (Vacant ?)
Woodland John White
Woodley R. Edmonds
Woolboro' W.C. Clack
Woolfardisworthy William Soller
Woolfardisworthy East William Hole
Worlington East Benjamin Clay
Worlington West Charles Chichester
Wyer Gifford Hon. W. Fortescue
Yarcombe (Vacant ?)
Yarncombe W. Palmer DD
Yealmpton John Longmore
Zeal Monachorum J. Comyers
Zeal Monachorum South Vicar of South Tawton