Devon - Church History

Listing of books and papers on Devon Church History.

Further information about many of Devon's churches, not just ancient parish churches, can be found in the Devon section of the GENUKI church database. Here is a listing of the Devon section, in parish order.

Lyson's Magna Britannia - Vol 6, Devonshire (1822) - a complete transcript of this nearly 700-page general and parochial history of Devon, provided by British History Online.

Graham Jaunay has kindly provided a listing covering both modern and ancient parishes, and indicating how the modern parishes relate to the original ancient parishes.

Huguenots and Walloons in Devon - links and references.

An essay by John Lerwill: Devon Huguenots (archived copy).

Roger Peters provides a full transcription, complete with scanned photographs of Stabb's Some Old Devon Churches (3 vols.), 1980 , covering 261 Devon churches - consisting of 232 pages of text and over 500 photographs, which can be downloaded as one zipped archive.

Here is the full text of Michael J.L. Wickes' West Country Preachers - A History of the Bible Christians 1805-1907, (Second edition, February 2007) - completed by Rosie Wickes after Michael Wickes died in 2004, and made available here by her kind permission.

Devon Churchland - a very impressive lavishly-illustrated well-organised  set of descriptive and historical guides to Devon's Churches. Its alphabetic listing  of churches already covered contains just over a hundred entries (as of May 2024) - the plan is to add three to four further churches per month.

Devonshire Briefs: a series of detailed accounts of a large number of Church Briefs (royal warrants authorising collections in churches and chapels), containing many Devonshire names. (Indexes  to Part 1 and Part 2).

John Pritchard's account: The Presbyterian Church in Devon.

Official web-site of the Diocese of Exeter - this provides, among other information, a search facility for contact details for the incumbents and staff of all the Devon (modern) parishes.

Listing of parishes in the Diocese of Exeter that have web-pages, from Anglicans Online.

Studies in Anglo-Jewish History, by Rabbi Susser - contains transcriptions of wills, census records, MIs, etc., mainly relating to South-West England.

The Bible Christian Project is collecting information on the founders of this movement and their descendants - see also the Bible Christian Magazine.

Devon section of Steve Bulman's collection of photographs of the churches of Great Britain and Ireland.

Photographs of Devon Churches, from the Roughwood British Churches Album.

Old Devon Churches - a growing collection of well-illustrated detailed descriptive historical accounts of individual Devon churches,  by Graham Naylor.

Church Bells of Devon - listings of bellfounders and inscriptions, by Jean E. Harris.

Early Nonconformists in Devon - taken from G. Lyon Turner's Original Records of Early Nonconformity under Persecution and Indulgence, by Jean Harris.

Devonshire names, extracted from The Clerical Guide for 1829 by Michael Steer.

List of Friends of the Western Monthly Meeting of Friends in the county of Devon, 10.5.1809 - [Catalogue entry - full text viewable at LDS Family History Libraries]