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Parish Listing

Those Church Rate Lists that have survived provide useful mini-censuses of a good proportion of the adult males (and a few females too) in a particular parish in a particular year.
It would appear that church rates were in fact levied annually, to cover the costs of candles, communion wine, and other regular running expenses of the church. Interestingly, except for a brief period during the Commonwealth, the raising of Church Rates has never been confirmed by statute. It was always a matter of 'Common Law'. Paying the rate became increasingly unpopular among non-Conformists and Catholics until 1868, when the compulsory payment of Church Rates was abolished by statute. Till 1868 it was also a matter of Common Law that the fabric and furniture of the nave and tower were the responsibility of the parishioners, while the chancel was the responsibility of the incumbent. Thus, the cost of repairs to the chancel was borne by the parson, while repairs to the rest of the church were paid for by the parishioners.1
Such lists as were made for facilitating the annual collection of Church Rates have not usually survived. However, rate lists for a large number of Devon and Cornwall parishes were compiled in 1612/13, and these have survived. They were possibly the result of an edict from the Bishop of Exeter, who may have wished to compare the rates in all the parishes in his diocese. Other rate lists were compiled for exceptional or specific reasons, such as when the parish church concerned needed repair, or the bells needed to be re-cast or re-hung. Quite often the preamble at the head of a surviving list explains the reason for the rate being levied. When money was needed for repairs or renewals, the parish authorities appealed to the Bishop that they should be allowed to raise funds. The Bishop would (via an injunction or proclamation) announce that a rate should be raised, and officials in the parish itself would decide who should pay how much. The amount payable was usually based on the acreage (and quality) of land owned or leased by a person, not on the size or number of houses on that land. However in towns, where many people lived in houses on very small plots of land, a different (lower) rate was imposed on such house-holders. The list compiled by church officials was then discussed at a 'vestry' meeting, with many of the rate-payers present. Presumably most queries about the amount of an individual's rate were sorted out at this level. Sometimes, however, an individual's rating led to a legal dispute. A large proportion of the Church Rate lists which have survived have done so because there was a court case about certain details in the rate. For the court hearing a copy of the rate needed to be produced. The Devon Church Rates Lists that have survived are held at the Devon Record Office, Exeter (DRO), mainly in two collections within Diocesan Records:
1) Miss Olive Moger sorted and catalogued a vast number of ancient Devon records, shortly after a bomb had destroyed part of Exeter Cathedral near where the records were stored. Most of the church rates she collected together are now 'stored after basket D'. As can be seen in the Parish Listing below many rates lists are accompanied by other relevant documents. However, in several cases the church rate list itself has not survived, only some document concerning the raising of a rate - usually the Bishop's injunction. Also, Miss Moger's index of rates indicates that some of those she found are stored with the Glebe Terriers of a parish, and not within the main collection of rates. Terriers were surveys of church lands in a parish, but they often included church property too. The surveys were compiled by the parson (or his clerk) and sent to the Bishop. The parson's survey was sometimes accompanied by a rate list. The Terriers Index compiled by Miss Moger, parish by parish (with a supplement/addendum at the end), often exhibits the word 'rate' against parishes for which no rate is shown in her Rates Index. Sadly, it appears that such 'rate' entries in the Terrier Index do not refer to a list of rate-payers, but rather to a small mention of a rate in the Terrier itself.
In the Parish Listing that follows all documents catalogued by Miss Moger are marked 'M'. The documents themselves are original. Some - those marked * in the Parish Listing - are only partially legible, due to damage or fading. A few - those marked ** - are so dilapidated, sadly, as to be unsuitable for production in the search room.
2) The Revd. J. Chanter transcribed over 150 church rate lists. Most seem to have been used in evidence in a court case about the rates. His transcriptions of C17 rates are in four volumes, Chanter 854 c, d, f and g, while his transcriptions of C18 and C19 rates are in eleven 'volumes', Chanter 184-194. The later volumes are indexed, except for 190 and part of 189. In the earlier volumes only right hand pages were numbered - where the reference includes a 'v' the back of that page (folio) is where the rate will be found.
A number of Chanter's early transcripts seem to have been of somewhat poorly compiled original lists. The amount of people named varies considerably. Quite often a person is just referred to as the 'occupier' of a certain property, no personal name being given.
In the Parish Listing that follows all transcriptions by the Revd. J. Chanter are marked 'C'.'
In a few cases Chanter seems to have transcribed a rate list of which the original has survived (in Miss Moger's collection), but fortunately there is very little overlap between the two collections. All in all about 60% of Devon parishes are covered, a good number of these being represented by more than one church rate list.
The following abbreviations are used in the following Parish Listing:
     M Rates = to be found in the Diocesan Church Rates Collection
     M Terriers xx = to be found as number xx in the Diocesan Terrier Collection
     M Terriers Supp. = to be found in the Supplementary Terrier Collection
     Epis. Inj. only = Episcopal Injunction to proclaim a Rate only
     plus accom. doc(s). = plus accompanying documents
3) The County Archivist at the Devon Record Office is certain that a few additional church rate lists have survived, and that they can be found among the records of a particular parish. If they do exist they will probably appear within the churchwardens' accounts material. No search of the separate records of the 475+ Devon parishes has been undertaken yet, but researchers who find no rate list for the parish of their choice in the Parish listing below are advised to examine the collection of documents held at DRO relating to that parish before giving up hope entirely!
N.B. Since both the original lists in Moger's Collection and the transcripts in Chanter's volumes are somewhat fragile, it is probable that photography rather than photocopying would need to be used to make a copy. All enquiries should be addressed to the Devon Record Office, Great Moor House, Bittern Road, Sowton Industrial Estate, Exeter, EX2 7NL or DevRec[at]devon.gov[dot]uk.
1 A little information on church rates is given in The Parish Chest, W.E.Tate (CUP, 1960).
Parish Listing
Devon ParishYearSourceNotes
Abbots Bickington   
Abbotskerswell1613M Ratestwo lists for this year
Alphington1669C 854c, f. 207 
Alverdiscott1613M Ratestwo copies, one poor
Alwington1613M Rates 
Ashburtonearly C17M Rates 
Ashburton1684M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Ashprington1683M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Ashprington1683C 854f, f. 219 
Ashreigney1601*M Rates 
Ashreigney1661M Rates 
Ashreigney1670M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Ashreigney1670C 854c, f. 214 
Ashton1613M Rates 
Ashwater1675M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Ashwater1675C 854f, f. 81 
Atherington1613M Rates 
Aveton Gifford1622M Rates 
Aveton Giffordearly C17*M Rates 
Awliscombe1597M Rates 
Awliscombe1613*M Rates 
Axminster1664M Rates 
Axminster1835M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Axminster1835C 189 
Axmouth1601M Rates 
Axmouth1609M Rates 
Aylesbeareearly C17M Rates 
Bampton1665*M Rates 
Bampton1821C 186 
Barnstaple1678M Rates 
Barnstaple1683M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Barnstaple1683C 854g f. 1 
Barnstaple1688C 854g f. 39v 
Barnstaple1690C 854g f. 73 
Beaford1613M Rates 
Beaworthyearly C17M Rates 
Bere Ferrers1613M Rates 
Berry Pomeroy1636*M Rates 
Berrynarborearly C17M Rates 
Bickleigh (near Plymouth)1674M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Bickleigh (near Tiverton)   
Bicton1599M Rates 
Bictonearly C17*M Rates 
Bideford1672M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Bigbury1616M Rates 
Bishops Nympton   
Bishops Tawton   
Black Torrington1605M Rates 
Blackawton1597M Rates 
Blackawton1674M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Bovey Tracey   
Bow [Nymet Tracey]1613M Rates 
Bradninchearly C17M Rates 
Bradninch1682M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Bradninch1682C 854f, f. 211 
Bradworthy1628M Rates 
Brampford Speke1613M Rates 
Branscombe1664C 854c, f. 164v 
Bratton Clovelly1601M Rates 
Bratton Clovelly1613M Rates 
Bratton Fleming1628M Terriers 54 
Brendon1683M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Brendon1683C 854g, f. 7v 
Brentor1665M Rates 
Brentor1667M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Brentor1669C 854c, f. 213v 
Bridestowe1571DRO 189M/6/2 
Bridestowe1596DRO 189M/6/3 
Bridestowec1620M Terriers Supp. 
Bridestowe1659DRO 189M/6/5 
Bridgerule1662DRO PR 517/241 
Bridgerule1662M Terriers Supp. 
Brixham All Saints   
Brixham St Mary1669*M Rates 
Broad Nymet   
Broadwoodkelly M Terriers Supp. 
Buckfastleigh1686M Rates 
Buckland Brewer1613*M Rates 
Buckland Brewer1675M Terriers Supp. 
Buckland Filleigh1613M Rates 
Buckland in the Moor   
Buckland Monachorum1619M Rates 
Buckland Monachorum1619C 854c, f. 75v 
Buckland Tout Saints   
Burlescombe1605*M Terriers Supp. 
Burlescombe1670M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Burlescombe1671C 854c, f. 223 
Burrington1601*M Rates 
Burrington1668M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Cadeleigh1617M Rates 
Challacombe1616M Rates 
Challacombeearly C17M Rates 
Challacombec.1628M Rates 
Charlesc1586*M Rates 
Charletonc1613*M Rates 
Chawleighearly C17M Rates 
Cheldonc1613*M Rates 
Cheriton Bishopearly C17M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1613M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1663M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1664M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1666M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1669M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1670M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1682M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1683M Rates 
Cheriton Fitzpaine1694M Rates 
Chivelstoneearly C17M Rates 
Christow1682M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Christow1682C 854f, f. 213 
Chudleigh1837C 189 
Churchstow1613M Rates 
Churchstow1616M Terriers 75 
Churston Ferrers1612M Rates 
Churston Ferrers1613M Terriers Supp. 
Clayhangerc1613M Rates 
Clayhanger1616M Rates 
Clayhidon1613M Rates 
Clayhidon1615M Rates 
Clovelly1612M Rates 
Clyst Honiton1675M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Clyst Hydon   
Clyst St George   
Clyst St Lawrence   
Clyst St Mary   
Colaton Raleigh1668C 854c f196v 
Coldridgeearly C17M Rates 
Colebrooke1670M Rates 
Colebrooke1683M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Colyton1726**M Rates 
Combe Martin1583M Rates 
Combe Raleigh1596M Rates 
Combeinteignhead1605M Rates 
Combeinteignhead1675M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Cookbury1613M Rates 
CookburyC17M Rates 
Cornwood1628M Rates 
Crediton1619M Rates 
Crediton1669M Rates 
Crediton1670M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Cruwys Morchard1604M Rates 
Cruwys Morchard1688C 854g, f. 48 
Cruwys Morchard1689M Ratespetition & Epis. Inj. only
Cullompton1690M Rates 
Culmstock1827C 187 
Culmstock1830C 187 
Culmstock1831C 188 
Dartington1613M Terriers 101 
Dartmouth St Petrox   
Dartmouth St Saviour   
Dartmouth Townstall   
Dawlish1638M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Dawlish1828M Rates 
Dawlish1829M Rates 
Dawlish1830M Ratestwo lists for this year
Dawlish1838C 190 
Dean Prior   
Denbury1671M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Dodbrooke1613M Rates 
Doddiscombsleigh1612M Rates 
Dolton1613*M Rates 
Doltonearly C17M Rates 
Down St Mary   
Dunkeswell1610M Rates 
Dunkeswell1660*M Rates 
Dunkeswell1678M Rates 
Dunsford1670M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
East Allington1628**M Rates[filed as Allington, East]
East Anstey   
East Buckland   
East Budleigh1616M Rates[filed as Budleigh, East]
East Budleigh1616M Terriers Supp.[filed as Budleigh, East]
East Budleigh1708C 854g, f. 159 
East Down1669M Rates[filed as Down, East]
East Down1671M Rates[filed as Down, East]
East Ogwell   
East Portlemouthearly C17M Rates[filed as Portlemouth, East]
East Putford   
East Stonehouse   
East Teignmouth1836C 189 
East Teignmouth1837C 189 
East Teignmouth1838M Rates[filed as Teignmouth, East]
East Teignmouth1839C 190 
East Teignmouth1840C 190 
East Teignmouth1840M RatesEpis. Inj. only; [filed as Teignmouth, East]
East Worlington   
Egg Buckland1621M Terriers Supp. 
Exeter: Allhallows Goldsmith St1687C 854g, f. 35v 
Exeter: Allhallows on the Wall   
Exeter: Bedford Precinct   
Exeter: Cathedral   
Exeter: Heavitree1699C 854g, f. 108 
Exeter: Holy Trinity1681C 854f, f. 154v 
Exeter: Holy Trinity1709C 854g, f. 167 
Exeter: Holy Trinity1819C 186 
Exeter: Holy Trinity1820C 186 
Exeter: Holy Trinity1821C 186 
Exeter: Holy Trinity1822C 186 
Exeter: Holy Trinity1824C 186 
Exeter: St David1668*M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Exeter: St David1673C 854f, f. 49v 
Exeter: St Davidc1680M Rates 
Exeter: St David1701C 854g f. 140 
Exeter: St David1711C 854g f. 176 
Exeter: St David1816M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Exeter: St David1827C 186 
Exeter: St David1832M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Exeter: St David1832C 188 
Exeter: St David1832C 188 
Exeter: St David1835C 189 
Exeter: St David1836C 189 
Exeter: St David1837C 189 
Exeter: St David1838C 189two lists for this year
Exeter: St Edmund1701C 854g, f. 144 
Exeter: St George1667C 854c, f. 189v 
Exeter: St George1692C 854g, f. 90v 
Exeter: St George1834M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Exeter: St George1834C 189 
Exeter: St John1834C 188 
Exeter: St John1835C 189 
Exeter: St Kerrian   
Exeter: St Lawrence1674C 854f, f. 56v 
Exeter: St Leonard   
Exeter: St Martin1612M Rates 
Exeter: St Martin1682C 854f, f. 193 
Exeter: St Mary Arches1833C 188 
Exeter: St Mary Arches1835C 189two lists for this year
Exeter: St Mary Arches1838M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Exeter: St Mary Major1815M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Exeter: St Mary Major1815C 185 
Exeter: St Mary Major1817C 185 
Exeter: St Mary Major1818C 186 
Exeter: St Mary Major1824C 186 
Exeter: St Mary Major1825C 186 
Exeter: St Mary Major1826C 186 
Exeter: St Mary Major1827C 186also in C 187
Exeter: St Mary Major1828C 187 
Exeter: St Mary Major1829C 187 
Exeter: St Mary Major1830C 187 
Exeter: St Mary Major1831C 188 
Exeter: St Mary Major1832M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Exeter: St Mary Major1832C 188 
Exeter: St Mary Major1833C 188 
Exeter: St Mary Steps1701C 854g, f. 142v 
Exeter: St Olave1817C 185 
Exeter: St Pancras1612M Rates 
Exeter: St Paul1693C 854g f. 93v 
Exeter: St Paul1699C 854g f. 113v 
Exeter: St PetrockC19M Ratesobjection only
Exeter: St Sidwell1806C 185signed in 1811
Exeter: St Sidwell1824C 186 
Exeter: St Sidwell1825C 186 
Exeter: St Sidwell1826C 186 
Exeter: St Sidwell1827C 186 
Exeter: St Sidwell1828C 194also in C 187
Exeter: St Sidwell1829C 187 
Exeter: St Sidwell1830C 187 
Exeter: St Sidwell1831C 188 
Exeter: St Sidwell1832C 188 
Exeter: St Sidwell1833C 188 
Exeter: St Sidwell1834C 188 
Exeter: St Sidwell1835-9M RatesEpis. Inj. only; see also Basket D/6/8
Exeter: St Sidwell1835C 189 
Exeter: St Sidwell1835C 189 
Exeter: St Sidwell1835C 189 
Exeter: St Sidwell1835C 189 
Exeter: St Sidwell1839C 190 
Exeter: St Stephen1680C 854f, f. 122 
Exeter: St Stephen1830C 187 
Exeter: St Stephen1834C 188 
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1666M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1685M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1789C 185 
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1786C 185 
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1828C 193 
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1829C 187two lists for this year
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1830C 187 
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1831C 188 
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1832C 188 
Exeter: St Thomas the Apostle1833C 188 
Exminster1606M Rates 
Farringdon1604M Terriers Supp. 
Farringdon1626M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Farringdon1683M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Farringdon1683C 854f, f. 216v 
Feniton1613M Terriers Supp. 
Frithelstock1594M Rates 
George Nymptonearly C17M Rates 
George Nympton1669M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
George Nympton1670M Rates 
Georgeham1592M Terriers Supp. 
Great Torrington   
Halwell1605M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Halwill1608*M Rates 
Harfordc1613*M Rates 
Harpford1690M Rates 
Hartland1682C 854f, f. 183v 
Hatherleigh1608M Rates 
Hatherleighc1613M Rates 
Hatherleigh1671M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Heanton Punchardon1596*M Rates 
Heanton Punchardon1665C 854c, f. 170 
Hemyock1616*M Rates 
High Bickingtonearly C17*M Rates[filed as Bickington, High]
High Bray1690C 854g, f. 81 
Highamptonearly C17M Rates 
Highley St Mary   
Hittisleighc1613M Rates 
Hittisleigh1838M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Holbetonc1613M Rates 
Holcombe Burnellc1613M Terriers 144 
Holcombe Burnell1691M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Holcombe Burnell1691C 854g, f. 94 
Holcombe Rogusc1605*M Rates 
Holnec1613M Rates 
Holnec1613M Terriers 147 
Holsworthy1613M Terriers 148 
Holsworthy1620M Rates 
Holsworthy1671C 854c, f. 223 
Honeychurch1631M Terriers 149 
Honiton1621M Rates 
Horwood1613M Terriers 151 
Huishearly C17M Rates 
Huish1616M Terriers 152 
Iddesleighearly C17M Rates 
Ide1713M Ratesreceipts only
Ilfracombe1628M Rates 
Inwardleigh1665DRO PR 517/117 
Inwardleigh1667M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Ipplepen1622DRO CC198/19[?] 
Ipplepen1623M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Jacobstowe1613M Rates 
Kelly1613M Rates 
Kentisbeare1670M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Kentisbury1591M Rates 
Kentisbury1628*M Rates 
Kentisbury1634M Rates 
KentisburyC17M Rates 
Kilmington1579*M Ratestwo copies, one poor
Kilmington1664C 854c, f. 163v 
Kings Nympton1609M Rates 
Kings Nympton1670M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Kingsbridge1613M Rates 
Kingsbridge1616M Rates 
Kingsteigntonc1613M Rates 
Kingsteignton1614M Rates 
Kingswear1680M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Knowstone1613M Rates 
Knowstone1616M Rates 
Knowstone1622**M Rates 
Lamerton1613M Rates 
Lamerton1628M Rates 
Lamerton1633C 854d, f. 257vnot a rate, but a good list of contributors to fund for bells
Landkey1635C 854g, f. 59 
Landkey1671M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Langtreeearly C17*M Rates 
Langtree1679M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Lapford1631*M Rates 
Lew Trenchard   
Lifton1603M Rates 
Lifton1613M Rates 
Little Torrington   
Littleham (near Bideford)   
Littleham (near Exmouth)early C17M Rates[possibly the other Littleham]
Littleham (near Exmouth)1629*M RatesEpis. Inj. only; [possibly the other Littleham]
Littlehempstonearly C17M Rates 
Littlehempston1662C 854c, f. 161v 
Loddiswell1613*M Rates 
Loxhore1613M Rates 
Luppitt1603M Rates 
Luppitt1606M Ratestwo copies, one poor
Lustleigh1608M Rates 
Lydford1613M Rates 
Malboroughearly C17*M Rates 
Manatonc1613M Rates 
Mariansleigh1613M Rates 
Mariansleighearly C17M Ratestwo copies
Marldonc1560M Rates 
Marldon1622DRO cc128/146-7 
Marwoodearly C17M Terriers 207 
MarwoodC17**M Rates 
Mary Tavy1613M Terriers 209 
Marystowe1611M Rates 
Marystowe1612M Rates 
Marystowe1681M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Memburylate C17M Rates 
Merton1613M Rates 
Meshaw1613M Terriers 214 
Milton Abbotearly C17M Rates 
Milton Abbot1622M Rates 
Milton Abbot1674M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Milton Damerelearly C17M Rates 
Modbury1613**M Rates 
Molland1621*M Rates 
Monkleigh1613M Terriers 221 
Morchard Bishop1601M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Morebath1607M Rates 
Moreleigh1613M Rates 
Musbury1622*M Rates 
Musbury1665M Rates 
Newton Ferrers1613M Rates 
Newton Ferrers1619*M Rates 
Newton Poppleford   
Newton St Cyresc1620C 854c, f. 47v 
Newton St Petrock1613M Terriers 232 
Newton Tracey   
North Boveyearly C17M Rates[filed as Bovey, North]
North Bovey1814C 185 
North Huish   
North Lew1613M Rates[filed as Lew, North]
North Lew1633M Rates[filed as Lew, North]
North Molton1607M Rates[filed as Molton, North]
North Molton1674M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).; [filed as Molton, North]
North Petherwin   
North Tawton1613 [filed as Tawton, North]
North Tawton1621*M Rateswith Poor Rate; [filed as Tawton, North]
Northleigh1679M Rates[filed as Leigh, North]
Nymet Rowland   
Oakfordearly C17M Ratestwo copies
Offwell1578*M Ratestwo copies
Offwell1674C 854f, f. 69two copies, one poor
Otterton1613M Rates 
Ottery St Mary1616M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Ottery St Mary1669M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Ottery St Mary1673M Ratesobjection only
Ottery St Mary1820M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Ottery St Mary1820C 186 
Ottery St Mary1822M Ratesobjection only
Ottery St Mary1828C 187 
Paignton1613M Rates[probably actually Marldon]
Pancrasweek1613M Rates 
Parkham1674M Rates 
Parkham1675M Rates 
Parracombec1631M Rates 
Parracombe1705C 854g, f. 148 
Payhembury1613M Rates 
Peter Tavy1613M Rates 
Peter Tavy1672M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Peters Marland   
Petrockstowe1613*M Rates 
Piltonearly C17M Rates 
Pinhoe1670M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Plymouth: Charles the Martyr1818C 192 
Plymouth: St Andrew1817M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Plymouth: St Andrew1817C 185 
Plympton St Mary   
Plympton St Maurice1630M Rates 
Plymstockearly C17 (2)M Rates 
Plymstock1666C 854c, f. 76v 
Plymtree1613M Rates 
Poltimoreearly C17M Rates 
Poltimore1613M Rates 
Rewe1613M Terriers 267 
Rockbeareearly C17M Rates 
RockbeareC17*M Rates 
Rockbeare1674M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Rose Ash   
Salcombe Regis   
Sampford Courtenay1677M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Sampford Peverell1613M Rates 
Sampford Peverell1815C 185possibly lists of other years included too
Sampford Spiney1613M Terriers 276 
Sandford1675C 854f, f. 71v 
Seaton and Beer1613M Ratestwo copies; [filed as Beer]
Shaldon [St. Nicholas]1800M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Shaldon [St. Nicholas]1840C 190 
Shaugh Prior1601M Rates 
Shebbear1662M Rates 
Shebbear1666M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Shebbear1667M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Sheepstor1673M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Sheepwash1612M Rates 
Sherford1613M Rates 
Shillingford St George   
Shirwell1613*M Rates 
Sidbury1662M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Silverton1665M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Sourtonc1613M Rates 
South Brent1613M Rates[filed as Brent, South]
South Brent1658 arrears only; [filed as Brent, South]
South Brent1668 plus accom. documents; [filed as Brent, South]
South Huish   
South Milton1613M Rates[filed as Milton, South]
South Moltonearly C17*M Rates[filed as Molton, South]
South Molton1613M Rates[filed as Molton, South]
South Molton1618M Rates[filed as Molton, South]
South Pool   
South Tawtonc1601M Rates[filed as Tawton, South]
South Tawton1683C 854f, f. 227v 
Southleigh1628M Rates[filed as Leigh, South]
Spreyton1599M Rates 
Spreyton1619M Rates 
Spreyton1836M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Spreyton1836C 189 
St Budeaux1613M Terriers Supp. 
St Giles in the Woodearly C17M Ratestwo copies
St Giles on the Heath   
St Marychurch   
Stockleigh English   
Stockleigh Pomeroy1789C 185Epis. Inj. only
Stoke Canon   
Stoke Damerel1696C 854g, f. 104 
Stoke Damerel1818M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Stoke Damerel1818C 191 
Stoke Fleming   
Stoke Gabriel1608M Rates 
Stoke Rivers   
Stokeinteignhead1835M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Stokeinteignhead1835C 189 
Stokenham1612M Rates 
Stowford1613M Rates 
Sutcombe1601M Rates 
Sydenham Damerel   
Talaton1593M Rates 
Tamerton Foliotearly C17M Rates 
Tavistock1682C 854f, f. 203v 
Tedburn St Mary1708M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Teigngrace M Rates 
Templeton M Rates 
Tetcottc1613M Rates 
Thorverton1604M Rates 
Thorverton1653M Rates 
Thorverton1669M Rates 
Thorverton1672M Rates 
Thorverton1673M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Thorverton1831C 188 
Thorverton1832C 188 
Thorverton1833M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Thrushelton1609M Rates 
Thurlestoneearly C17M Rates 
Tiverton1779C 184 
Tiverton1780C 184 
Tiverton1781C 184 
Tiverton1782C 184 
Tiverton1784M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Tiverton1786C 184 
Tiverton1787C 184two lists for this year
Tiverton1788C 184 
Tiverton1790C 184 
Tiverton1792C 184only partial
Tiverton1832C 188 
Tiverton1835M RatesEpis. Inj. only
Tiverton1835C 189 
Topsham1686M Ratespetition and certificate of publication only
Topsham1686C 854g, f. 26v 
Totnes1664M Rates 
Totnes1664C 854c, f. 192 
Totnes1699C 854g, f. 110v 
Trentishoe1613M Rates 
Trusham1613M Terriers 324 
Ugborough M Rates 
Uplowmanc1613M Terriers 326 
Uplowman1816C 185 
Upton Hellions   
Upton PyneC17M Rates 
Venn Ottery   
Warkleigh1628M Rates 
Washfield1604*M Rates 
Washfieldc1613M Rates 
Washford Pyne   
Weare Giffard1613M Rates 
Weare GiffardC17M Rates 
Welcombe1613M Rates 
Wembworthyearly C17M Ratestwo copies
Werrington1601*M Rates 
West Alvington   
West Anstey   
West Buckland1665M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).; [filed as Buckland, West]
West Down   
West Ogwell   
West Putford1628M Rates[filed at Putford, West]
West Teignmouth1662M Rates[filed as Teignmouth, West]
West Teignmouth1639M Rates[filed as Teignmouth, West]
West Teignmouth1699C 854g, f. 115v 
West Teignmouth1825C 186 
West Teignmouth1836C 189 
West Teignmouth1839C 190 
West Teignmouth1840M RatesEpis. Inj. only; [filed as Teignmouth, West]
West Teignmouth1841C 190 
West Worlington1622*M Rates[filed as Worlington, West]
Westleigh1613M Rates[filed as Leigh, West]
Whimple1668C 854c, f. 197v 
Whitchurchc1613M Terriers 340 
Whitchurchc1624M Terriers 341 
Whitestone1798C 185 
Whitestone1806C 185 
Widecombe in the Moor   
Winkleigh1606M Rates 
Witheridge1586M Rates 
Witheridge1619**M Rates 
Witheridge1682C 854f, f. 194 
Withycombe Raleigh1626M Rates 
Woodleigh1663M Rates 
Woodleigh1664M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Woodleigh1674M Ratesplus accom. doc(s).
Woolfardisworthy East   
Woolfardisworthy West1621*M Rates[possibly the other Woolfardisworthy]
Woolfardisworthy West1670M Rates[possibly the other Woolfardisworthy]
Yarcombe1701C 854g, f. 153v 
Yealmptonearly C17M Ratestwo copies
Zeal Monachorum1613M Rates