Marriages of Devonians in Cornwall


J. Hambley Rowe, M.B.

Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries; 2:3, (1902) pp. 77-79.

Transcribed by Jonathan Frayne

54. Volume xv of Phillimore's Parish Register Series, consists of the marriages that have taken place in thirteen parishes of Cornwall in the deanery of Trigg Minor.

They have been transcribed from the Parish Registers and collated with the Bodmin Transcripts by the Rev. T. Taylor, M. A., Vicar of St. Just in Penwith, whose efforts to rescue from oblivion the contents of the Cornish Registers is worthy of all praise. This reason for a sufficient reason, has no index. I have gone through the entries and compiled a list of extra-parochial alliances. A number of these concern Devon, and below I have arranged them alphabetically as regards their parishes. Notes should be made of these entries and placed among the Registers of the particular "parish of origin" named.

May Devonian names occur with only the description "sojourner" after them.

Bride and Groom Date Venue Notes
John Snell of Beaford & Mary Bant, lic. 15 May 1789 S. Teath  
Anthony Snell of Beaford & Mary Bant, lic. 29 Apr. 1779 S. Teath  
John Venton of Bradford & Mary Watts 2 Apr. 1789 S. Teath  
John Langford of Bratton Clovelly & Francis Veale 23 Nov. 1682 S. Teath Son of John Langford, gent; Dau. Of Sam. Veal, vicar of S. Teath
Wm. Pethicke & Damaris Pamer of Buckland Brewer 14 Jun. 1676 S. Juliot Son of Wm. Pethicke.
Francis Rawle & Lucy Stevens of Buckland Brewer 12 MAy 1668 S. Juliot Sr. gent.; Dau. Of Henry Stevens, Esq
Richard Luxton of Buckland Brewer & Elizabeth Avery 14 Feb. 1617 S. Teath Of Tintagel
Wm. Snowden of Cheriton Bishop & Ann Polsur lic. 19 Aug. 1795 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Humphrey How of Clawton & Susanna Turner wid. 13 May 1757 Otterham  
John Henwood of Dodbrook & Mary Chipman 15 Sep. 1810 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Thomas Bosanko of Down S. Mary & Mary Crispin 7 Oct. 1756 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Matthew Trevan of Egg Buckland & Ann Bake lic. 4 Jan. 1782 S. Teath Junr. Yeoman
W. Ashley of Exeter & Elizabeth Lucas lic. 19 Feb. 1800 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Henry Michell of S. Edmond, Exeter & Mary Pope 2 Apr. 1785 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Jas. Vining of S. Laurence, Exeter & Catherine Martyn lic. 9 Jun. 1761 S. Teath  
John Hart of S. Petroc, Exeter & Mary Inch, sojourner 7 May 1804 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Thos. Norman of Ilfracombe & Mary Bray lic. 14 May 1807 Otterham  
Ricd. Rendel of Lamerton & Margaret Rawle 2 Sep. 1745 S. Juliot Dau. Richard Rawle, gent., by his second wife (Anne Gillard).
Geo. Sheir & Susan Hocking of Lankey 7 Oct. 1678 S. Juliot Junr., gent., of Poughill; Dau. Of Edward Hocking, Gent.
Thos. Gerry & Grace Robins of Lifton 24 Feb. 1700 S. Clether  
Chris. Turner of Lifton & Christian Hardy 31 Jan. 1689 S. Clether Of S. Petherwin.
Henry Braddon of Lifton & Sarah Clode 2 Dec. 1782 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Henry Rickard of Modbury & Elizabeth Bele 4 Nov. 1746 Lanteglos by Camelford  
John Page of Morchard Bishop & Mary Jewell lic. 6 Jul. 1788 S. Juliot  
Samuel Scott of Northam & Honor Gerry 29 Mar. 1713 S. Clether Of S. Petherwin.
Walter Goode of North Petherwyn & Margaret Rogers 24 Nov. 1658 S. Breward Son of Jacob Goods; Dau. Of Reg. Rogers.
Joseph Forde of North Petherwyn & Mary Hutton 5 Jun. 1673 Michaelstow  
Thos. Chapman & Jane Row of North Petherwyn 5 Jul. 1683 S Juliot  
Richd. Hawke & Margaret Yeo of North Petherwyn 17 Ayg. 1741 Lesnewth  
Jas. Cock & Elizabeth Cock of North Petherwyn 15 Feb. 1781 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Jas. Gilbert of Pilton and Mary Martin lic. 29 Sep. 1812 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Peeter Emmett of Plymouth & Mrs. Mary Benney, sojourner 9 Jul. 1672 S. Breward  
Wm. Cummings of Charles, Plymouth & Mary Benney, sojourner 8 Jul. 1805 S. Clether  
Geo. Savage of Plymouth & Thomazin Sergeant 29 Mar. 1707 S. Juliot Dau. Of Richd. Sergeant.
Wm. Pearson of Plymouth & Catherine Harvey 5 Mar. 1797 Lanteglos by Camelford Sergeant of Marines
John Rawle of Plymouth & Elizabeth Huper 20 Sep. 1729 Trevalga  
Mr. Ralph Grange & Mrs. Susannah Kendall of Plymouth 17 Aug. 1719 S. Teath  
John Adams & Ann Madcott, both of St. Andrew's, Plymouth 17 Jun. 1746 Trevalga  
John Anstis of St. Budeaux & Elizabeth Prideaux 18 Nov. 1724 S. Clether  
John Alford of Sourton & Ann Herrings 30 Oct. 1789 S. Clether  
Jas. Fry w. of South Molton & Sarah Hockin lic. 16 Dec. 1797 S. Teath  
John Keat of Stoke Damerell & Avis Libby 26 May 1801 S. Teath  
Mr. John Carpenter of Tavistock & Mrs. Christian Phillipps lic. 4 Jul. 1759 Lanteglos by Camelford  
Thomas Rundle of Tavistock & Johanna Biscombe 29 Mar. 1676 Michaelstow Of S. Tudy.
Mr. Jacob Saunders of Tavistock & Prothesia Pike 14 Feb. 1724 Lanteglos by Camelford All entries under Lanteglosmean Lanteglos-by-Camelford and not Lanteglos-by-Fowey
John Parsons & Mary Ellis of Yeamton 2 Feb. 1726 S. Teath Of Trevalga.
The Guival Registers transcribed by the late G. B. Millet and Wm. Bolitho, contain only two references to Devon. Among the births Richard Wakeham, of Modbury, 21 Nov. 1784. Among the burials Samuel Brown, of Honiton.
Bradford, Yorks.     J. HAMBLEY ROWE, M.B.