Will of Dame Susan Buller, Widow of Churston Court

Proved 3 December 1810

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/1517/142, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Elizabeth Kipp

1 This is the last Will and
2 of me Susan Buller of Churstone Court in the County of Devon widow made and
3 published this twenty third day of September one thousand eight
4 hundred and five first I will and direct that all my just debts and Funeral
5 Expences shall be fully paid and discharged and subject thereto I give and bequeath
6 unto my good friends Edmund Bastard of Sharpham in the said
7 county Esq[uie]r and James Templer of Stover Lodge in the said County
8 Esquire their Ex[ecut]ors and Advisors all my Goods Chattels Monies and
9 securities for Money person and Testamentary Estate and effects
10 whatsoever Upon Trust that they or the Survivor of them or the Ex[ecut]ors or
11 Adm[inistrat]ors of such Surv[iv]or shall and do stand possessed of the same and of every part
12 thereof for the use and benefit of my Grandson Edward Buller Yarde
13 Buller the now second son of my son Sir Francis Buller Yard-Buller
14 Bar[one]t and pay or transfer the same over to him when and as soon as he shall
15 attain the age of twenty one years But if my said Grandson shall happen
16 to die under that age then In Trust for and for the use and benefit of my two
17 Grand daughters Susanna and Elizabeth Buller the two daughters
18 of my said son on their attaining their respective ages of twenty-
19 one years or Marriage which shall first happen in equal proportions
20 share and share alike and if either of my said Grand daughters shall
21 die under the said age of twenty one years and unmarried then it is
22 my Will that the share of her so dying shall go and be paid to the
23 Sur[vi]vor of them for her own absolute use at the same time that
24 her own orig[ina]l share will become payable under this my will and I
25 do hereby request and desire the said Edmund Bastard and James Templer
26 and the sur[vi]vor of them and the Ex[ecut]ors and Adm[inistrat]ors of such Sur[vi]vor and I do hereby
27 authorise and empower them and him during the Minority of my said
28 Grandson or during the Minority of my said Grand daughters as the case
29 shall happen to be to manage and employ my said Trust Estate in such
30 manner as in their of his judgement will be most for the advantage
31 of the person or persons who are or will be entitled to the same under this
32 my Will and I do declare that it shall and may be lawful for my said
33 Trustees to retain deduct and reimburse himself and themselves all Costs Charges
34 and Expences which they may incur or be put into in the execution
35 of this my Will and that each of them shall be answerable for his own
36 acts only in or about the trust hereby by me created and not the one for the
37 other and I do make and appoint them the s[ai]d Edmund Bastard and James
38 Templer Ex[ecut]ors of this my Will upon Trust and for the intent and purpose
39 afores[ai]d In Witness whereof I the Susan Buller the Testatrix
40 have to the first sheet of this my last Will and Testament contained
41 in two Sheets of paper) set my hand and to this second and last sheet
42 thereof my hand and seal the day and year first above written Susan
43 Buller Signed sealed published and declared by the abovenamed
44 Susan Buller the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testam[en]t in the
45 presence of us who at her request in her presence and in the
46 presence of each other have subscribed our Names as Witnesses
47 hereto A T Farnett Benjamin Turpin
48 Proved at London the 3d dec[embe]r 1810 before the Judge by
49 the Oaths of Edmund Bastard and James Templer Esq[uie]rs the Ex[ecut]ors
50 to whom Adm[inistrati]on was granted having been first sworn duly
51 to adm[iniste]r

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