Rectors of the Parish of St Petrock, Clannaborough, Devon

Provided by John Williams

The information is from a board within the church. Clannaborough is a small parish church, of Early medieval origins and plan, rebuilt in the late 15th or early 16th century. Extensive renovation with new South Porch 1858-9 was paid for by Selina Ward-Wreford of Clannaborough Barton.
1272 Nicholas Blundel
1310 Richard de Sydewyne
1314 Robert de Moltone
1324 John de Sidemouthe
1329 Peter de Grenhulle
1330 William Trendelove de
1332 Thomas de Cardyngtone
1333 John de Camera de Broghetone
1351 Roger Lleyn
1373 Robert Doget
1417 John Thomma
1425 Richard Leche
1429 Henry Thomas
1431 Thomas Deymane
1450 Henry Blower
1471 John Davy
1476 Hugh Ryse
1491 Thomas Chymmaw
1498 John Coke
1541 John Bear
1562 Henry Redinge
1563 Andrew Bycklegh
1602 Arthur Snell M.A.
1612 Benjamin Newberye
1617 Philip Reyndl
1624 Robert Spencer M.A.
1625 Ambrose Frere M.A.
1663 Richard Richards B.A.
1688 Joseph Pridham M.A.
1707 Robert Shortridge M.A. B.D.
1733 John Freke M.A.
1754 Richard Freke M.A.
1783 Freeman Freke B.A.
1811 John Palmer M.A.
    (Prebendary of Lincoln)
1827 Peter Glubb M.A.
1853 Charles Bransby Auber B.A.
1867 William Beck M.A.
1906 Herbert St John Edmonson
1938 John Milford
1940 Claude Blakeley Armstrong
    Canon of Worcester M.A. B.D.
1943 William Arthur Molyneux
1946 David Morley Sale M.A.
1956 John Reginald Jackson M.A.
1968 Ernest Victor Garlick
1973 Robert Chancellor P.in C.
1975 Richard Michael Reynolds
    Dip. L.A., P.in C.