Prepared by David Gilbert, Auckland, NZ

ABBOT William         1817   Ch rate Justment in Kimthorn                 0078ALLEYN Edward         1642   Killing of Vermin                            0063ALLIN                        present occupier of house at Leyhay          0030ALLIN John            1592   Tombstone, of Church Tn 73yrs                0039ALLIN Wm                     present tennant of K                         0016ALLYN John            1597   occupier Corcot                              0026ALLYN John            1592   death recorded Clawton Church Tn             0030ALLYN John            1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0050ALLYN Peter           1599                                                0016ALLYN Thomas          1640   death recorded Clawton Church Tn             0030ALLYN Thomas          1640   Tombstone                                    0039ARSCOTT Ar            1737   fines pd for Horselett                       0027ARSCOTT Arthur        1596   first corne list                             0060ARSCOTT Edmond        1650   Justice time of C'wealth                     0067ARSCOTT Henry         1650   Justice in time C'wealth                     0067ARSCOTT Jno           1680   granted Horselett 99yrs by Duchy of Cornwall 0028ARSCOTT John          1738   held Fernhill until d17 Jan 1788             0017ARSCOTT John          1768   pt owner K                                   0016ARSCOTT John          1699   Church Corn                                  0062ARSCOTTE J            1684   rates pd for Poor Relief                     0034ATKIN W               1749   pd church rates Clawton Tn                   0029BAILEY                1696   Additional services Clawton Ministry         0044BAILEY Daniel         1842   occupier Leyhay                              0030BAILEY Eliz           1842   owner Eastacombe                             0027BAILEY John           1787   pd church rates Clawton Tn                   0029BAILEY John           1822   Fernhill, occupier                           0017BAILEY John           1795   pd church rates for Eastacombe               0027BAILEY Rd             1817   pd church rates Clawton Tn                   0029BAILEY Richard        1817   pd church rates for Eastacombe               0027BAILEY Richard        1817   Ch rate Clawton Tn,Eastacombe                0078BAILEY Robt           1696   rated pt Beer                                0029BALL                         tenant Higher Tinacre                        0019BALSDON Mrs           1902   sold Folley to Wm Clarke                     0027BANBURY John          1806   occupier Corcot                              0026BANBURY John          1842   occupier Corcot                              0026BANBURY Rd            1795   pd rates Cholditch                           0030BANBURY Richard       1780   pd rates Sellek                              0030BANBURY Richard       1763   Churchwarden                                 0025BANBURY Richard       1808   died 70yrs old                               0073BANBURY Richard       1817   Ch rate Gunnacott Woodland Metherells Zellick0078BANBURY Saml          1817   pd rates Cholditch                           0030BANBURY Samuel        1775   bptm                                         0025BANBURY Samuel        1842   occupier of Sir W Molesworth ld at K         0016BANBURY Samuel        1817   Ch rate Cholch Baileys Kimthorne, Abbotts Ham0078BARDEN John           1615   pd Parish armour                             0059BARRETT                      tenant Higher Tinacre                        0019BASSETT Frances       1699   Church Corn                                  1699   BATHE Augustin de     1303   held sub-manor Tinacre                       0018BATHE Augustine de    1276   Fernhill, held by & A's heir in 1303         0016BATHE Walter de       1254   Fernhill, sold to                            0016BAWDEN John           1594   Churchwarden Corcot                          0026BAWDON John           1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051BAYLEY Jas            1737   rated pt Bear (Beer)                         0029BAYLEY Samuel         1693   pd for titwork                               0069BAYLY                 1737   at Higher Tinicor                            0019BECKETT Nicholas      1684   pd rates for Poor Relief                     0034BECKETT Nicholas      1693   Tombstone                                    0040BECKETT Nicholas      1677   Minister Clawton b 5 Mar 1693                0044BECKLEY John          1698   pd for old Ch Brasses                        0069BENNETT                      owner & farmer of Tinacre                    0019BERE Hugo de          1332   pd subsidy to Ed III                         0028BERRIMAN              1851   tenant Higher Tinacre                        0019BERRY John            1762   from Barnstaple, supplied sundials Eastacombe0027BETTY Wm                     farmed Bettys pt of Arscott prop             0021BICKLE Thomas         1633   Repairs Ch Tower                             0041BICKLEY John          1816   Tombstone                                    0039BICKLEY Rd            1758   pd church rates Clawton Tn                   0029BICKLEY Richard       1763   pd church rates for Eastacombe               0027BICKLEY W (Vicar)     1737   rated for Sellek                             0030BICKLEY William       1739   inscription on bells                         0060BISHOP William        1844   Fernhill, occupier                           0017BISHOP Wm             1842   occupier Horselett                           0028BISHOP Wm             1842   farmed Kennicott                             0019BLACKDON Antony       1624   Ashwater Ch. bptd Margaret dgtr A & Susanna  0018BLACKDON David        1611   Ashwater Church Warden's a/cs                0018BLACKDON Emma         0040   Tombstone, w Anthony                         0040BLACKDON John         1594   Ashwater Churcg warden's a/cs                0018BLACKDON Mrs Charity  1631   rec'd legacies for Ch                        0071BLACKDON Richard      1596   Ashwater Church Warden's a/cs                0018BLACKEDONE John       1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051BLAGDON Charitie      1631   Recd Mr Pote legacie of C B reparacion ch    0018BLAGDON Emma          1665   burial Ashwater ch wife of Antony            0018BLAGDON John          1685   Ashwater ch Wardens a/cs marriage            0018BLAGDON John          1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0049BLAGDON Mrs Anne      1762   Ashwater ch Wardens a/cs burial 26Apr        0018BLAGEDON Rychard      1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051BLAKEDON Richard de   1332   pd 2s towards Ed. III. subsidy               0017BLAKEDON Walter de    1346   held Blagdon. Also mentioned in Pote fam his.0017BOND John             1597   mentioned in Warden's Accounts               0016BOUNDY                       tenants Higher Tinacre                       0019BOWDEN John           1800   pd Church rep                                0042BOWDEN John           1594   Warden Ch Store                              0050BOX John              1758   occupier Corcot                              0026BRAGGS                1657   owner Leworthy                               0020BRAUND Arscott        1842   owner Clawton Tn                             0029BRAUND Arscott        1842   owner Clawton Church Tn, now pt of C         0030BRAUND Arscott        1842   owner N Beer                                 0029BRAUND Lewis          1789   owner Braunds Leworthy                       0020BRAUND Lewis          1765   Farmed Kennicott                             0019BRAUND Lewis          1808   died 93 yrs old                              0072BRAUND Saml           1754   rated for S Beare (BEER)                     0029BRAY Hannah           1755   m George Furse                               0028BRAY Wm                      occupier Sir W Molesworth ld at K aftr Stacey0016BRAY Wm               1795   tenancy Horselett                            0027BRENT                        modern tenant Langdon                        0026BRIDGEMAN William     1870   owner Clawton Tn                             0029BRIDGEMAN Wm          1842   owner South Down                             0021BRIDGEMAN Wm          1842   occupier Sellek                              0031BRIMACOMBE Rd         1817   rated for Bonds Beer                         0029BROWN Thomas Ward     1888   Asst Curate C                                0047BROWNE Thomas         1576   puchased Pote prop Milford                   0022BRYCE Richard         1618   Warden S Catherine's Store                   0061BUCKLAND William      1796   burial Ch Reg                                0043CALMADY Squire        1870   Lower Tinacre house replaced above Higher T  0019CANN Hugh             1785   farmed larger pt West Down                   0021CANN Thomas           1817   Ch rate Beer                                 0078CANN Thos             1817   rated for Beer                               0029CANN W                1795   pd rates for K                               0016CANN Wm               1788   pd 1s for one days work                      0074CANN Wn               1817   Ch rate Blagdon                              0078CARSLAKE Henry        1740   occupier Langdon                             0026CARWETHE Elizabeth    1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0053CARWETHYE David       1594   Ch Warden Accs                               0052CARWETHYE Jonas       1597   occupier West Down                           0021CARWETHYE Wm          1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0050CARWETHYE Wyllyam     1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051CARWITHY Mary         1678   b reg Clawton Tn                             0029CARWITHY Wm           1676   warden Clawton Tn                            0029CARWITHY Wm           1604   farmed East down                             0021CARWITHYE David       1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0049CATELL                1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0049CHOLWILL Thomas       1618   became pt owner of pt of Leworthy            0020CLARKE Juste          1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0052CLARKE Wm             1902   purchased Folley                             0027CLARKSON Christr      1855   Curate Clawton                               0046CLERK Adam                   held Leworthy                                0020CLIFTON Cptn          1865   owner Leworthy                               0020CLYVERDON Robert      1582   bought Leworthy prop                         0020COBHAM Arscott        1764   marriage Ch Reg                              0043COFFIN Richard        1650   Justice in time C'wealth                     0067COHAM Arscott         1780   held Tinacres                                0019COLE                  1939   tenant South Down                            0021COLE John             1418   granted messuages Loveworthy                 0020COLE Thomas           1420   granted messuages Loveworthy                 0020COLE W                1926   purchased Clawton Tn from Rev G D Melhuish   0029COLE William          1842   occupier Folley                              0027COLNER Wm             1862   owner Leworthy                               0020COLWELL Robert        1702   served Ministry Clawton                      0044COLWILL C             1842   occupier Grove                               0027COLWILL William       1817   Ch rate Beer Land, Beer Cocks.               0078COLWILL Wm            1817   rated for Beer                               0029CONDYE Margerye       1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0053COOM Richard          1749   pd church rate for Eastacombe                0027COOMBE Richard        1780   farmed East Down                             0021COPPIN, of HRT               impropiator Court Barn                       0031CORNER Robot          1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0053CORY                  1765   a cleric fmd pt K                            0016CORY (Vicar)          1765   pd rates Sellek                              0030CORY John             1855   d 1855 Record in St Leonards                 0038CORY John             1746   rated Vacy N Tamerton?                       0046CORY Rev Samuel       1734   d1782 Rector Tetcott, etc Min of Clawton     0038CORY Samuel           1782   rated Vacey N Tamerton                       0046CORY Samuel           1763   Minister Clawton m Honor Warren 1763         0046CORY Samuel           1765   bptm Ch Reg d Honny                          0043COTEL John            1420   Granted Messuages Loveworthy                 0020COUMBE Thos           1842   occupier Beer Mill                           0029COURTICE John         1817   Ch rate Affland                              0078COURTIS Richard       1652   Ch Proctor                                   0066COURTYES Clement      1599   occupier Corcot                              0026COURTYES Clement      1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0049COURTYES John         1599   rated part of Beer                           0029COURTYES Wm           1596   Coat-money                                   0059CROCKER                      modern owner Langdon                         0026CROCKER John          1795   occupier Langdon                             0026CROCKER John          1817   Ch rate Langdon                              1817   CROCKER Richard       1836   occupier Langdon                             0026CRODACOTT Joseph      1694   rated from Crossworthy                       0035CROK Richard                 held Kennicott. Son of Martin & Oresia       0020DANGER John           1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0052DANIEL Geo            1842   occupier East Down                           0021DAVEY Micall          1758   pd rates Cholditch                           0030DAVIE John            1584   Holsworthy pty sold to D by Holland          0016DAVIS Charles                owner of Wicketts Leaworthy                  0020DAW                          of Horslett                                  0019DAW J E               1873   occupier Horselett                           0028DAW Thomas            1696   farmed Kennicott                             0019DAWE John             1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051DENEYS Robert de      1239   middle lord Tinacre sub-manor                0018DENNIS                       farmed Tinacre                               0019DENYS John            1582   Leworthy prop sold to Clyverdon              0020DENYS William         1547   Leworthy prop owner                          0020DERRY Rd              1822   Blagdon conveyed to D                        0018DINGLE Edward         1619   pd for 3 Citations                           0068DOBLES                1712   owner Leworthy                               0020DOCKET John           1765   Church music                                 0064DOWN William          1699   Church Corn                                  0062DOWNE Wm              1701   Ashwater ch Wardens a/cs burial              0018DOWNE Wm              1692   rated pt Beer                                0029DOWNE Wm              1700   pd 4d rate Orchard Mill                      0077DREW & 0thers                modern owners Higher Tinacre                 0019DROWNE                       lately farmed Herdicott & Cholditch          0030ELFORD Lawrence       1635   Ch Dogge Whipper                             0065Elliott               1765   farmed Kennicott                             0019ELLIOTT                      farmed Tinacre                               0019EME John              1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0053ESECOTE John          1446   grtd prop in Leworthy by Thomas Viell        0020EWE John              1597   Ch yard acs shroude                              FACEY John            1821   resident Folley                              0027FACEY Leonard         1602   rated for Eastacombe Moor                    0027FACEY Thos            1795   rated for Moors, Higher Tinacre, Mays Tinacre0019FERERS Hugh de        1303   held Blagdon                                 0017FITZE Robt            1842   owner Beer Mill                              0029FITZJOHN Richard      1241   Fernhill, held by                            0016FORD Mrs              1800   donation Ch res from Molesworth prop         0042FORTESCUE Arthur      1650   Justice in time C'wealth                     0067FORTESCUE John        1650   Justice in time C'wealth                     0067FRENCHE Henry         1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051FREND W               1811   pd for doing sone Diel                       0070FRY Miss Fanny        1863   owners Leworthy                              0020FRY S                 1814   owner Braunds Leworthy                       0020FRY Samuel            1817   Ch rate Leworthy                             0078FRYS                         before 1806 pt owner Leworthy                0020FURSE Geo             1817   pd church rates Horselett                    0028FURSE George          1785   m Prudence Orchard                           0028FURSE George          1755   m Hannah Bray of Davies                      0028FURSE George          1795   Fernhill, occupier                           0017FURSE George          1807   Warden for 7yrs                              0028FURSE George          1843   different George warden for 3 yrs            0028FURSE George                 m Frances Metherell                          0028FURSE William         1806   m Jenny Metherell                            0028FURSE William Martin         son of George & Frances                      0028FURSE Wm              1842   owner Horselett with several occupiers       0028FURZE George          1817   Ch rate Horslett, Lower Horslett             0078FURZE W Martin        1930   Tscripts Old Reg found Exeter presented to pa0043FURZE W Martin               had music used Clawton Ch by his father      0065GALSWORTHYE Geoffrye  1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051GALSWORTHYE Jefferye  1603   pd plastering Ch Rodloft                     0067GERRY                        between 1724 & 1783 pt Leworthy sold to G    0020GILBERT Richard       1925   owner of Leworthy                            0020GIST Richard          1547   Erasmus Paraphrase                           0063GLOYN Mathew          1768   pd rates Cholditch                           0030HALLESWORTHY Alan de         middle lord Tinacre prior to 1239            0018HAMMETT Saml          1842   occupier North Down                          0022HARRIS G              1842   occupier Bests Sellek                        0031HARRY Richard         1428   freeholder Leworthy                          0020HARVEY Herbert Henry  1911   P C Clawton                                  0047HAWKINGS                     tenant Higher Tinacre                        0019HEARD John            1758   rated pt Herdicott                           0030HEARD Nathaniel       1825   occupier Corcot                              0026HEARD W               1817   Ch rate Zellick                              0078HEARD Wm              1842   farmed Higher Herdicott                      0030HEDDON Edmond         1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0052HEDDON Edmund         1604   rated for Eastacombe                         0027HEDDON John           1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051HEDDONS                      farmed Tinacre                               0019HEERD Wm              1795   pd rates Sellek                              0030HENDER Gabriell       1631   pd for mending Corbels                       0069HICKS J W & E A       1899   Mem Window to John Wale Hicks Bish Blomfontei0038HICKS Samuel          1880   owner Leworthy                               0020HILL James            1842   tenant N Beer                                0029HOCKIN Dorothy        1808   died 86yrs old, wife of Lewis Braund         0072HOLLAND Andrew               by m de Bathe became Holland bef1584         0016HONEY John            1819   Ch music rep bass viol etc                   0065HOPPER John           1829   occupier Langdon                             0026HOPPER William        1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0049HOPPER Wm             1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051HOPPER Wyllyam        1596   pd burial ground hedge, Ch yd accs           0040HORTOPPE Rychard      1596   Coat-money                                   0059HUTCHINGS             1842   occupier Metherells Sellek                   0031HUTHMANNE Henry       1719   Minister Clawton                             0044JACOB Mary            1610   m Cristopher Osmond                          0016JAMES                 1867   tenant South Down                            0021JAMES Thomas          1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0054JONES                        tenant Higher Tinacre                        0019JONES Jn              1737   Sexon                                        0065JONES John            1575   Elizabethan Chalice made by JJ of Exeter     0042JOPE Samuel                  owner Wicketts Leaworthy                     0020JORDAN                1868   occupier East Down                           0021JORDAN Thomas         1793   pd for base vile                             0064JORDAN Thos           0042   pd for Roofeing Church                       0042KELLY John            1428   freeholder Leworthy                          0020KEMPTHORNE Rev J      1775   d1838 DD eldest son Adm K, Fel of St Johns   0015KEMPTHORNE Rev J             Fellow of Trinity                            0015KEMPTHORNE Rev J A           Bishop of Lichfield 1913-37                  0015KEMPTHORNE Rev J L           Vicar of Enoder CON, well known in Clawton   0016KEMPTHORNE Rev L S           Bishop of Polynesia                          0015KEMPTHORNE Rev T             Vicar of Morwenstow                          0015KEMPTHORNE Sir John   1620   d1679 knghtd by CharlesII for services at sea0015KIEVILL John          1817   Ch rate Leworthy,Gerry's Leworthy,J'ment Lewo0078KINGDON R             1795   pd rates Leyhay                              0030KINGDON Rev T Hockin  1842   owner Folley                                 0027KINGDON Rev T Hockin  1842   owner Langdon                                0026KINGDON Richard       1783   owner Leworthy                               0020KINGSFORD John        1737   farmed East Down                             0021KINGSFORD John        1701   farmed West Down                             0021KIRKHAM Rev R A       1870   0wner Leworthy                               0020KIRKIE                       occupier Horselett bef 1873                  0028KNEEBONE Wm           1903   owner Clawton Tn                             0029LANFORD Mitress Sarah 1721   Tombstone                                    0038LANGDON Robert de     1332   pd subsidy Ed III                            0026LAWE William          1711   Minister Clawton                             0044LEACH G               1822   owner of Blagdon                             0018LEACH George          1826   vendor Folley                                0027LEVERE Rodger Pe de   1303   held Kennicott sub-manor                     0019LEWORTHY Richard de          freeholder prior to 1428 of Leworthy         0020LIGHT John            1776   pd for drawing Lords Prayer etc              0070LLOYD-LUGGER Rev John 1826   of Luuincott, vendor Folley                  0027LOVEWORTHY Richard de 1346   held Kennicott                               0020LOVEWORTHY Walter de  1346   held Kennicott                               0020MABYN                 1697   pd corn rent Tinacre                         0019MABYN J               1754   rated for S Beer                             0029MABYN John            1734   rated Sth Beere                              0029MABYN Margery         1721   Tombstone wife of Richard                    0039MABYN Mary            1734   Tombstone, wife of John, South Beere         0039MABYN Richard         1728   Tombstone                                    0039MADGE W               1889   Blagdon conveyed to M                        0018MADGE W W             1906   Blagdon conveyed to M                        0018MANNING Arthur Herbert1910   Curate Clawton                               0047MANNING John          1768   rated for Beare (Beer)                       0029MANNING William       1842   occupied Folley                              0027MANYARD John          1692   was at Kennicott                             0019MAPOWDER Gideon       1817   rated for N Beer etc                         0029MARFIT Oliver         1768   pd rates Cholditch                           0030MARLEGGHE Peter       1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0054MARSHALL B Mervey     1843   Blagdon sold                                 0018MARTIN John           1758   occupier Corcot                              0026MARTIN John           1842   occupier South Down                          0021MARTIN Nicholas       1631   had some pt of Leworthy                      0020MARTYN Sir Nicholas   1646   defaulter paying corn rent                   0071MASON John            1814   occupier Corcot                              0026MASON John            1817   Ch rate Corcott,Justment in Affland          0078MASTERS Francis       1923   purchased Blagdon                            0018MAUNDER Mary          1651   Tombstone, d Peter Porter                    0039MAUNDER Thomas        0039   Tombstone                                    0039MAY Humphrey          1817   Ch rate Northcotts                           0078MAYNE Richard         1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0050MELCHEWYSH Peter de   1303   were at Court Baron                          0032MELCHEWYSH William de 1346   were there at Court Baron                    0032MELHUISH George D     1891   Curate Clawton 1897 Rector Ashwater          0032MELHUISH Rev G D      1917   sold Eastacombe to Petherick                 0027MELHUISH Rev G D      1916   sold Clawton Tn                              0029MELHUISH Rev G D      1891   Curate Clawton                               0047MELHUISH Rev G D      1893   Supervised great Restoration & #200 donation 0042MELHUISH Rev Prebendar       sold prop Clawton Tn, Eastacombe, Beer, Court0033MELHUISH Rev T        1788   purchaser Court Baron                        0031MELHUISH Thomas       1709   b1709, bght advowson of Ashwater             0032MELHUISH Thomas       1811   Flw Exeter Col Oxford R of Ashwater P C Clawt0032MELHUISH Thomas       1746   b1746 Rector of Ashwater P C Clawton         0032MELHUISH Thomas       1811   Minister Clawton bp 27 Jul 1777              0046MELHUISH Thomas       1861   Tombstone, Curate of C                       0040MELHUISH Thomas       1788   Minister Clawton bp 18 Apr 1746 Cruwys Morcha0046MELHUISH Thomas Warren1811   b1811 Curate of Clawton                      0032MELHUISH Thomas Warren1835   Curate Clawton                               0046MELHUISH Walter Willia1821d1821 J P built Court Barn 1853    d1887        0032MELHUISH Warren       1861   Tombstone, curate                            0040METHEREL Philip       1806   Fernhill, occupier                           0017METHERELL Frances            m George Furse                               0028METHERELL Jenny       1806   m William Furse                              0028METHERELL John        1594   occupier West Down                           0021METHERELL John        1601   farmed East Down                             0021METHERELL John        1758   occupier Langdon                             0026METHERELL John        1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051METHERELL Philip             before 1817 pd church rates for Horselett    0028METHERELL Philip      1817   pd Church rate Fernhill Horslett Hortopps    0078METHERELL Richard     1698   occupier Corcot                              0026METHERELL W           1601   farmed pt West Down                          0021MEYRICK Owen Lewis    1782   Minister Clawton                             0046MINARD Elezabeth      1701   pd corn rent for alling mile                 0077MITCHELL John         1604   Minister Clawton                             0044MITCHELL T                   present farming Herdicott                    0030MITCHELL Thos         1595   occupier North Down                          0021MOLESWORTH                   after 1842 Horselett became M prop           0028MOLESWORTH Sir L      1842   Owner Sellek, Bests S, Mehterells S          0031MOLESWORTH Sir L      1842   owner Lower Tinacre                          0019MOLESWORTH Sir L      1842   owner Cholditch                              0030MOLESWORTH Sir L      1842   owner Corcot                                 0026MOLESWORTH Sir Lewis  1842   owner Leyhay                                 0030MOLESWORTH Sir Lewis  1842   owner Forda                                  0030MOLESWORTH Sir Lewis  1842   owner Herdicott                              0030MOLESWORTH Sir Lewis  1842   owner East Down                              0021MOLESWORTH Sir W      1842   owner North Down                             0022MOLESWORTH Sir W      1842   owner of K                                   0016MOLESWORTH Sir W      1842   owner West Down                              0021MOLESWORTH Sir Wm     1789   50ft oak Church Rep                          0042MOND William          1346   held sub-manor Tinacre                       0018MOONE Roger           1680   from Aishwater married d of Rev N Beckett    0044MOORE Gideon          1785   farmed pt West Down                          0021MORICE William        1650   Justice in time C'wealth                     0067MOULSWORTH John       1758   farmed Kennicott                             0019MYCHELL Bartholemew   1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051MYCHELLE John         1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051MYLE Robot            1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0054NANCEKIVELL T         1806   became owner both pts Leworthy               0020NANSCARROW Henry      1631   Minister Clawton                             0044NEWETON William de    1303   held Kennicott                               0020NICHOLL John          1817   farmed Kennicott                             0019NICHOLL John          1817   Ch rate Kennacott                            0078NORTHEY Saml          1817   farmed East Down                             0021NORTHY Samuel         1817   Ch rate Easterdown, The lower living in EastD0078NORYS Thomas          1421   given livery of Tynacre                      0018NOVANT Rogerus de     1303   held Corcot                                  0025NUNS Elizeus          1636   Minister Clawton                             0044OLD John              1631   pd of Mathew Whytes calyver                  059 OLD John              1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051OLDE Tristram         1643   Tombstone                                    0040OLIVER                1868   farmed pt West Down                          0021OLIVER Edmond         1758   rated for Herdicott                          0030OLYVER John           1619   pt owner of Leworthy                         0020ORCHARD Prudence      1785   m George Furse                               0028OSMOND Christopher    1628   owner Zellake (Sellek)                       0030OSMOND Cristopher     1631   d at Fernhill m1 Mary Jacob m2 Mary Porter   0016OSMOND Robert         1626   owner of Fernhill & 1628 Selleck             0017OSMOND Thomas                m Elizabeth Turner father of Cristopher      0016OXENHAM George        1842   owner S Beer                                 0029PAGE John             1597   pd for Redeemyinge of his hosen              0068PALMER James          1795   rated for Tinacor                            0019PALMER James          1817   Ch rate Tinacor                              0078PALMER Rd             1817   rated for Beer                               0029PALMER Rd             1842   occupier of Tinacre                          0019PALMER Simon          1817   & 1842 pd rates Leyhay                       0030PALMER Simon          1817   Ch rate Hole, Lehay.                         0078PARNELL                      bef1939 tenant South Down                    0021PEARES Roger          1597   pd shroude John Ewe Ch yd accs               0040PEARSE                1724   pt Leworthy sld to P                         0020PEDELIVER Walter de   1346   held Kennicott sub-manor                     0019PENWARDEN John        1758   pd rates Leyhay & pt Affaland til 1780       0030PENWARDEN John        1795   occupier 1780, 1795 Corcot                   0026PENWARDEN John        1687   Gravestone                                   0040PENWARDEN John jnr    1765   pd for singing in Ch                         0064PERKIN Jas            1842   occupier Grove                               0027PETHERICK J           1917   purchased Eastacombe                         0027PETO John Frederick   1902   Curate Clawton 1897                          0047PHILIP Robert         1701   farmed East Down                             0021PHILIP Simon          1737   farmed East Down                             0021PHYLPE Robert         1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0054PIDSLEY Edward        1834   Minister Clawton                             0046PINNINGTON John       1738   pd running two bells                         0060PITMAN John Coffin    1788   sold Court Barn                              0031PITT-JOHNSON Richard L1909   P C Clawton                                  0047POOLEY                1833   owner Braunds Leaworthy                      0020POOLEY Chris          1660   rated for Ford (Forda)                       0030POPE John             1594   of Tawton, Ch Wardens Accs                   0050PORTER Mary           1626   m Cristopher Osmond his 2nd m date estm      0016POTE                  1664   Ch Proctor                                   0066POTE Capt Samuel      1770   m Marblehead MA USA                          0025POTE Edward Ephraim   1832   died. Fellow Kings College                   0025POTE Elizabeth        1699   Church Corn                                  0062POTE John             1499   pd subsidy Ed III                            0022POTE John                    Tombstone                                    0040POTE John             1578   Gunnacott church burial                      0022POTE Joseph           1704   b Truro 1729 took over Eton bookshop         0025POTE Leonard          1684   pr rates for Poor Relief                     0034POTE Leonard          1589   m Willmote d of Hugh Gifford                 0022POTE Leonard                 Tombstone                                    0040POTE Mrs Elizabeth    1693   Warden                                       0035POTE Richard          1645   Rector of Lidford                            0024POTE Richard          1329   pd subsidy Ed III                            0022POTE Roger            1641   pd subsidy                                   0022POTE Roger            1641   of Budock, pd subsidy                        0022POTE Thomas           1691   appealed against father Leonard's will       0024POTE Thos             1661   Killing of Vermin                            0063POTE Walter           1733   m Susannah Bickle of Beaworthy               0024PRESTWOOD George      1595   of Whitcombe owned Tinacre sub-manor         0018PRIDHAM               1894   tenant South Down                            0021PROUSE John           1618   Warden S Catherine's Store                   0061PROWTE John           1614   resident of Folley                           0027PROWTE John           1596   rated for Beer                               0029REDWOOD                      present farmer Sellek                        0031REM John de           1241   Blagdon, held by                             0017RICHARD Thomas        1816   occupier Corcot                              0026RISDON Anthony        1704   Warden                                       0035ROCHE Richard         1619   became pt owner Leworthy                     0020ROGERS W              1817   pd rates for Daws Kimthorn                   0016ROGERS Wm             1817   Ch rate Daws Kimthorn                        0078ROLLE Robert          1650   Justice in time C'wealth                     0067ROUTLEY Abram         1806   farmed East Down                             0021ROUTLEY John jnr      1817   rated for Higher Tinacor & Mays Tinacor      0019ROWTE John            1603   pd layed out Sheryffes Return                0066SARGENT Edith         1754   rated for N Beare (Beer)                     0029SARGENT John          1842   tenant N Beer                                0029SARGENT John          1819   Ch music pd J S teaching singing             0065SARGENT John          1631   pd for mending Corbels                       0069SARGENT John          1813   pd for Bread & Cheese                        0070SARGENT Roger         1612   pd for 300 helling stones                    0068SATTERN Anthony       1694   Minister Clawton                             0044SAUNDERS auctioner    1868   owner Wicketts Leaworthy                     0020SAYERS Rogers                held Leworthy                                0020SCOTT John            1660   mending great bell clapper                   0060SHELL Edith           1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0053SHERMAN Adam          1668   Minister Clawton                             0044SHUTT Wyllyam         1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0053SILAPHANT Richard     1826   pd for Rising grevel                         0070SILKE James           1710   Minister Clawton                             0044SLEEMAN J & Robt      1795   occupier Forda                               0030SLEEMAN J & S         1842   occupiers pt West Down                       0021SLEEMAN J & S         1842   farmed West Herdicott & Forda                0030SLEEMAN J & S         1842   owner Lower Sellek bght from Kingdons        0031SLEEMAN Jane          1875   owner S Beer                                 0029SLEEMAN Peter         1691   farmed K & Stockham & Ford                   0016SLEEMAN Peter         1783   warden for 3yrs pd rates Forda               0030SLEEMAN Peter         1780   farmed pt West Down                          0021SLEEMAN Robert        1737   farmed East Down                             0021SLEEMAN Robt          1758   pd church rates Forda                        0030SLEEMAN S J                  owner Lower Sellek, Parish Warden & occupier 0031SLEEMAN Wm            1817   occupier Forda                               0030SLEEMAN Wm            1817   rated pt Herdicott                           0030SLEEMAN Wm            1806   farmed pt West Down                          0021SLEEMAN Wm            1817   Ch rate Forda,Westdown,Herdicott,Affland Mill0078SMITH Joseph Ford     1842   owner Grove                                  0027SNOWDEN John          1817   rated for Beer                               0029SPECCOTT              1601   Church Bell                                  0060SPECCOTT John         1617   warden of St Catherines Store                0033SPECCOTT Tristram     1597   in Clawton pd corn rent                      0033SPECOT Tristram       1610   Tombstone                                    0039SPECOTT Margret       0039   Tombstone, d Anthony Copelstone, w Tristram  0039SQUANCE W             1817   rates for Kimthorn & Battens Kimthorn        0016SQUANCE Wm            1842   occupier Sir W Molesworth ld at K            0016SQUANCE Wm            1817   Ch rate Kimthorn, Battens Kimthorn           0078SQUIRE Herbert Upton  1881   Minister Clawton                             0047STACEY Peter                 modern owner Kennicott                       0019STACEY Peter          1876   occupier Sir W Molesworth ld at K            0016STACEY Peter          1876   farmed Kennicott                             0019STACEY Wm             1915   Kennicott purchased from Molesworth Ttees    0019STEVENS John          1750   owner Wicketts Leaworthy                     0020SYMCOCK               1709   owner Braunds Leaworthy                      0020SYMTHE John           1594   Ch Wardens Acs, ofLondon x prisoner Spaniyard0053THOMAS Abraham        1692   rated for Eastacombe                         0027THYNNE John, of London1539   granted tithes & lands of Clawton            0031TICKELL William       1785   Minister Clawton                             0046TICKELL Wm            1758   sgd Church Reg                               0043TRIBLE John           1713   recasting bell                               0060TRIBLE Samuel         1826   purchased Folley                             0027TRICK Elizabeth       1842   farmed pt West Down                          0021TRICK Elizabeth       1842   occupier Trillick                            0030TRICK John            1806   farmed pt West Down                          0021TRICK John            1817   farmed Trillick                              0030TRINCK Gerance        1758   farmed Trillick                              0030TURNER Elizabeth             m Thomas Osmond mother of Cristopher         0016TURNER Elizabeth      1751   Tombstone, mother of Elizabeth Warren        0040TWYLLYNG Walter       1418   granted messuages in Loveworthy 16 Feb       0020VALLETORTA Reginald de1241   Middle lord Kennicott                        0020VEALE Anthonye        1643   pd for dais worke uppon Ch                   0074VEALE Cotton          1740   pd church rate Clawton Tn                    0029VEALE John            1827   Church Warden between 1827 1840              0026VEALE John            1768   aft 1768    & Oliver occupier Affaland       0026VEALE John            1817   Ch rate Affland, Metherell Affland.          0078VEALE Mark            1649   Killing of Vermin                            0063VEALE Oliver          1842   tenant N Beer                                0029VEALE Oliver          1768   occupier Affaland                            0026VEALE Oliver          1835   pd church rates Clawton Tn                   0029VEALE Oliver          1815   Parish Clerk                                 0026VEALE Oliver          1800   Wardens pd O V for teaching poor children    0073VEALE Rd              1768   rated for Beare (Beer)                       0029VEALE Richard         1768   rated pt Herdicott                           0030VEALE Robert          1836   Schoolmaster at Corcot cross                 0026VENNING J J E         1876   clerk to Clawton Bridge School Board         0073VENTON John           1601   occupier West Down                           0021VENTON Robart         1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0052VIELL Thomas          1446   grtd prop in Leworthy to Estcote & Wovedon   0020VYELL John            1481   Leworthy prop passed to V & wife Irate       0020WALE James                   son of Hicks ch warden                       0020WALTER Richard        1788   Minister Clawton                             0046WARD Joan             1795   farmed East Down                             0021WARD Stephen          1780   farmed East Down                             0021WARREN Elizabeth      1746   Tombstone, w Thomas                          0040WARREN Honor          1763   m Samuel Cory                                0046WARREN Mary           1746   Tombstone, d Thomas & Elizabeth              0040WARREN Mary           1744   Tombstone, d Thomas & Elizabeth              0040WARREN Rev T          1790   date approx owner of Court Barn              0031WARREN T (Vicar)      1758   pd rates Sellek                              0030WARREN Thomas         1763   Tombstone                                    0040WARREN Thomas         1762    MA Balliol Ox. b 4 Jul 1735. Lived at Sellek0044WARREN Thos           1740   farmed pt K                                  0016WEBBE Anthony         1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0052WEBBE Joan            1754   rated for S Beer                             0029WEBBE John            1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0051WEBBE John            1596   payment Fifty Dole                           0062WEBBE Mathew          1594   Ch Wardens Accs                              0050WEBBER William        1726   Minister Clawton, burial 15 Aug 1761         0044WEBBER Wm             1738   held Tinacres                                0019WEST Temple Walter    1862   Minister Clawton Widow Mrs TempleWest m SirWM0047WESTLAKE              1902   tenant South Down                            0021WESTLAKE Francis      1737   rated pt Bear                                0029WESTLAKE Thomas       1737   occupier Langdon                             0026WHITE Mrs F B         1894   sold Folley to Jas Balsdon                   0027WHYTE John            1594   Ch Wardens Acs                               0049WHYTE Matthew                acted as Justice for Parish                  0066WICKETT John          1821   owner Wicketts Leaworthy                     0020WICKETT Wm            1898   owner Clawton Tn                             0029WILLS Geo             1842   occupier Langdon                             0026WINSCOTE Elias de     1385   owner Fernhill                               0016WOLF                  1768   rated for Beare (Beer)                       0029WOLVEDON Richard      1446   grtd prop in Leworthy by Thomas Viell        0020WOOD Christopher      1650   Justice in time C'wealth                     0067WOOD S                       farmed Sellek                                0031WOOLACOMBE John       1749   occupier Langdon                             0026WORTHEN Thomas        1602   farmed Trillick                              0030YEO Charles           1618   became pt owner of pt of Leworthy            0020YEO R                 1738   Ashwater ch Wardens a/cs sold Blagdon        0018YEO Thomas            1681   Overseers A/c pd Y for Besse Ellen           0034YLOND John            1428   freeholder Leworthy                          0020
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