Clawton War Memorial

transcribed by

John Williams

To the Glory of God
And in memory of the following
Who died in the Great War 1914 - 1918
Harris A. Perkin C.
Harris F. Sleeman H.
Ley L. Stacey F.
And in grateful recognition of the following who served in it.
Allin W.H. Kerslake J.
Barkwill W.H. Ley F.
Budge W. Lockett E.
Cloak A. Martin H.
Cloak R. May L.
Collacott T. May M.J.
Collacott A. May W.
Daniel F. Mitchell F.J.
Davey A. Mitchell Cs.
Daw H.C. Sleeman E.
Gliddon W.H. Sleeman Ed.
Gliddon W.H. Smale F.
Griffin W.J. Smale H.
Griffin J. Smale W.
Jeffery F.A.  
Hambley F.  
Harris J.H.  
Headdon W.J.  
Headdon W.F.  
Jones F.