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Help and advice for Clayhanger: Listing of Wills

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Listing of Clayhanger Wills

Compiled by

Kathryn Barnett

DRO Estate Duty Office Wills:
Taken from A2A - Catalogue Ref. 1078/IRW
Year A2A Ref Testator
1814 1078/IRW/B/1068 Hannah Nutcombe Bluett of Clayhanger, Devon
1820 1078/IRW/M/601 Philip Merson of Clayhanger, Devon
1823 1078/IRW/T/385 Margaret Timewell of Clayhanger, Devon
1824 1078/IRW/P/1216 Thomas Pring of Clayhanger, Devon
1831 1078/IRW/G/30 John Gamlin of Clayhanger, Devon
1833 1078/IRW/P/661 William Perry of Clayhanger, Devon
1835 1078/IRW/S/496 Thomazine Sharland of Clayhanger, Devon
1848 1078/IRW/H/862 John Heywood of Clayhanger, Devon
1851 1078/IRW/H/863 John Heywood of Clayhanger, Devon
Death Duty Registers
Year PRO Testator
1803 IR 26/335 Will of Michael Bryant of Clayhanger, Devon. Proved in the Court of Exeter.
1811 IR 26/336 Will of Benjamin Hill of Clayhanger, Devon. Proved in the Court of Exeter.
1811 IR 26/336 Will of Thomas Phillips, Husbandman of Clayhanger, Devon. Proved in the Court of Exeter.
PCC Wills
Year PRO Ref Testator
1579 PROB 11/61 Will of Hughe Osmonde of Clayhanger, Devon
1587 PROB 11/70 Will of Geffery Potter of Clayhanger, Devon
1597 PROB 11/89 Will of Joan Potter, Widow of Clayhanger, Devon
1602 PROB 11/100 Will of Robert Chalacombe, Clerk and Parson of Clayhanger, Devon
1603 PROB 11/101 Will of Thomas Gifford or Gifforde, Yeoman of Clayhanger, Devon
1617 PROB 11/129 Will of Agnes Stoone of Clayhanger, Devon
1623 PROB 11/142 Will of Thomasin Nutcombe of Clayhanger, Devon
1626 PROB 11/149 Will of John Potter of Clayhanger, Devon
1628 PROB 11/154 Will of Thomas Stone of Clayhanger, Devon
1634 PROB 11/165 Will of John Burge alias Sayer, Yeoman of Clayhanger, Devon
1635 PROB 11/167 Will of Thomas Stone, Husbandman of Clayhanger, Devon
1635 PROB 11/168 Will of Nicholas Tucker of Clayhanger, Devon
1637 PROB 11/175 Will of John Stone, Weaver of Clayhanger, Devon
1638 PROB 11/177 Will of Honor Stone, Widow of Clayhanger, Devon
1650 PROB 11/214 Will of William Stone of Clayhanger, Devon
1654 PROB 11/242 Will of Richard Stone, Yeoman of Clayhanger, Devon
1655 PROB 11/249 Will of John Fleed or Fleede of Clayhanger, Devon
1658 PROB 11/276 Will of John Nuttombe of Clayhanger, Devon
1660 PROB 11/299 Will of Thomas Stone, Husbandman of Clayhanger, Devon
1665 PROB 11/316 Will of Thomas Comer, Yeoman of Clayhanger, Devon
1669 PROB 11/330 Will of Sarah Northover, Spinster of Clayhanger, Devon
1673 PROB 11/342 Will of Christian Nutcombe, Widow of Clayhanger, Devon
1674 PROB 11/345 Will of Elianor Stone, Widow of Clayhanger, Devon
1674 PROB 11/345 Will of Nicholas Burge, Yeoman of Clayhanger, Devon
1681 PROB 11/365 Will of Richard Nutcombe, Gentleman of Clayhanger, Devon
1718 PROB 11/565 Will of John Southele, Gentleman of Clayhanger, Devon
1726 PROB 11/609 Will of John Southele, Gentleman of Clayhanger, Devon
1762 PROB 11/878 Will of John Norman, Yeoman of Clayhanger, Devon
1798 PROB 11/1315 Will of Francis Timewell, Yeoman of Clayhanger, Devon
1819 PROB 11/1613 Will of Robert Crook, Yeoman of Clayhanger, Devon
Wills and Administrations proved in the Bishop of Exeter, 1559-1799
Court of the Archdeaconry of Exeter.
Year Type Testator
1592 W. Burdge, Christopher, Clayhanger
1740 W Dawe, John, Clayhanger
1740 W. Davey, Susanna, Clayhanger
1741 W. Davey, William, Clayhanger
1744 W. Blackmore, William, Clayhanger
1744 A., W. Surridge, Francis, Clayhanger
1745 A. Prout, Robert, Clayhanger
1749 W. Timewell, Francis, Clayhanger
1750 A., W. Sillick, William, Clayhanger
1753 W. Bishop, John, Clayhanger
1753 A. Stone, Matthew, Clayhanger
1762 W. Daniel, Robert, Clayhanger
1765 A. Bray, Samuel, Clayhanger
1766 W. Blackmore, Mary, Clayhanger
1769 W. Pole, Betty, Clayhanger
1777 W. Bryant, Elizabeth, Clayhanger
1788 A. Kerslake, William, Clayhanger
1788 W. Daniel, Joan, Clayhanger