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Help and advice for References to the Plan of Clovelly Town 1815

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References to the Plan of Clovelly Town 1815

North Devon Record Office 1021M/E37

Transcription provided by permission of the Clovelly Estate Company

This four page document contains a table with the following columns: No. of House, Lessee or Occupier, Lives, Conventionary Rents, Heriots, No. of Gardens, Computed Measurement. The plan it refers to cannot be traced. Here just the house numbers, the original Lessee or Occupier names and the Lives columns (written in ink) are transcribed - no attempt is made to transcribe the many largely illegible pencilled amendments to these names, or any of the other columns. Uncertain transcriptions are marked with queries in square brackets.
No. Lessee or Occupier Lives
1 John Jennings  
2 Susanna Heard  
3 John Bragg {Lessee; Frances his Daur; Benjamin his Son}
4 Mr Dean  
5 Mrs Richards  
6 Mrr Main (New Inn) {Thomas Burnard; Ann Harris; After the death of Ann [?]}
7 Mrr Heard {Lessee; [?]; Ann Richards Daur of Captn Richards}
8        Do.  
9 Joseph Harvey {Maria wife of Lessee; Diana their Daur; Joseph their Son
10 Mrs Hamlyn {Robert [?] Hamlyn; Elizabeth [?] Hamlyn}
11 Charles Brent  
12 Capn. Marshall  
13 Peter Burnard  
14 Ambrose Curtice  
15 Mrs Hamlyn  
16 Danl Pilgrim  
17 Thos Burnard {Lessee; Charlotte his Wife; Mary Bryant}
18 John Whitfield  
19 Willm Colwill  
20 Rachel Whitfield  
21 Ambrose Tenant[?]  
22 Mr Barrow (part of the Blue Anchor)
23 Mrs Ebsworthy  
24 Richard Harvey  
25 & 28 James Finch  
26 Francis Bear  
27 Roger Main  
29 Joseph Westlake {Mary Ann; Thomas} Children of Lessee
30 John Dyer  
31 John Stroud  
32 George Crocker  
33 School Room &c.  
34 Thos Jennings {Lessee;Ann Brent ([?] Wife of Lessee); Christopher jennings (Bror of Lessee)}
35 Captn Lowther {Lessee; Eleanor his Wife; Charlotte their Daur}
36 Susannah Bragg  
37 Mr Main (Stable &c.)  
38 Mrs Webb  
38 & 43 Captn Hockin  
40 John Branton  
41 Wm Buckingham  
42 Geo Bryant Junr {Charity Bryant, Wife of Lessee; Charlotte, her Daur}
44 Jas Buckingham (let with No 41)
45 Jas Dennis  
46 Thomas Braund  
47 Captn Hocken {Lessee; Mary his wife; Eliza Jenkins]
48 Mr H. E. Heard  
49 Mrs Bond  
50 Richard Sharsall  
51 John Turner  
52 James Bear {Lessee; Elizabeth his Wife; Sophia their Daur}
53 Geo. Bryant Senr  
54 Wm Pengilly {Susanna, Wife of Richd Ashton; Mary Snow Ashton, their Daur; Richard Ashton, their Son}
55 Mr H. E. Heard  
56 Capn Richards {Lessee; Agnes his Wife; Alice their Daur}
57 John Jenkins {Lessee; Mary his Wife; Robert Gale}
58 Richard Turner  
59 John Lowther  
60 Robert Whitfield  
61 John Vine  
63 Ja3 Whitfield  
64 Geo. Bryant Senr  
65 Wm Turner  
66 Mr Barrow (Blue Anchor) Same lease as No 22
67 Thomas Burman  
68 Wm Richard  
69 Richard Prince {Bernard; Richard; Susanna} Children of Lessee
70 Ann Cloke  
71 Daniel Lane  
72 Thomas Brown  
73 Thos Lewis  
74 John Wade  
75 Eliz. Saunders  
76 Richd Nelson  
77 Wm Buckler  
78 John Bryant Hester, wife of Richd Sharsall
79 Mrs Whitfield  
80 John Lee {Lessee; Elizabeth his Wife; Priscilla their Daur}
81 Mr Barrow {Susanna Wife of Lessee; Elizabeth their Daur; Thomas their Son}
82 Margt Bartholomew  
83 Mr Barrow (Smiths Shop) Term of 14 years from Lady 1840[?]
84 Captn Hockin (Granary)  
85 John Waters  
86 Richard Prince {Lessee; Susanna his Wife; Susanna their Daur}
87 Robert Yeo {Lessee; Grace his Wife; Susanna their Daur}
90 Ed Hockin (Granary)  
91        Do.          (D o.)