Lay Subsidy Roll of 1524 for Colaton Raleigh Parish


Devon Lay subsidy rolls 1524-7, edited by T L Stoat.

Provided by Ros Hickman, Otterton OPC.

Only the wealthier members of the community were affected, distinction was made between Land and Goods. The collector of taxes could choose between land or goods, whichever was deemed to produce more revenue. People who owned land in different parishes were charged in each parish, so the rolls are not a true list of inhabitants. The amounts paid were stereotyped and are not a real guide to personal wealth.

Nicholas Hert L 3 Thomas Frost G 2
Charles Hoppyng G 40 John Cruse Sen. G 1+1/3
William Peke G 20 Thomas Davy G 1
John Wechehals G 16+2/3 John Elyote G 1
Thomas Archeboll G 16 William Portebury W 2
Walter Hoppyng G 13+1/3 John Cruse Jnr W 1
John Ralegh G 13 Richard Cruse W 1
John Hoppyng G 13 Henry Conant W 1
Thomas Isaak G 11 Roger Hoppyng W 1
John Hayman sen G 8 Thomas Bedycombe W 1
William Hurth G 8 William Trygges W 1
John Trelete G 7 Clement Pyne W 1
Morys Hurth G 7 William Ferrant W 1
William Trelete G 6 John German W 1
John Ratclyffe G 5 John Dyer W 1
William Broke G 5 Richard Langlegh W 1
John Ollyver G 4+2/3 William Grygge W 1
William Trelete Jnr G 4 Roger Axe W 1
John Mey G 4 Charles Skewys W 1
Richard Scotte G 4 Richard Robyns W 1
John Peke G 4 John Snellyng W 1
Richard Pyne G 3 John Scott W 1
John Hayman Jnr G 3 John Lacye W 1
John Ferrant Jnr G 3 Richard Scott W 1
William Tryckehay G 2+1/3 Elys Tayllor W 1
Nicholas Portebury G 2 John servant of John Peke W 1
William More G 2 John Crosse W 1
Thomas Elyote G 2 John Skewys W 1
Thomas Rewe G 2      
Edith Tayllor Wid. G 2      
John Frost G 2      
Peter Upton G 2      
Richard Ferrant G 2