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Colyton Hundred Subsidy Tax - 1524

Transcribed by Christopher Wicker

John Hame G 10
John Rede G 3
Cecilia Rede G 4
William Byrde G 3
John Byrche jun, G 3
Alice Rode wid, L 1
William Macy G 4
Nicholas Lechelond G 10
Richard Lampay W 1
Walter Austyn W 1
John Rede sen, W 1
John Weston jun, G 13
John Moxam W 1
John Lyllyn G 3
Walter Rowlyn G 26
John Perrock G 26
John Peny W 2
John Nuton of Lowdeshayne G 40
John Nuton jun, W 1
Richard Dassell G 14
John Vye G 10
John Follet G 10
Robert Follet G 2
John Michell G 20
John Wyker G 20
Henry Vye G 10
John Domett L 1
Richard Huytt W 1
Jn Touker Baker W 1
Jn Strobrygge jun, G 66
Richard Cockes W 1
Thomas Morys W 2
Jn, Strobrygge sen, G 100
William Pester W 1
Wm, Leychem frenchman W 1
John Gye Sen, G 2
Hugh Quyntyn G 5
John Quyntyn W 1
Joan Stocker wid, G 8
Alice Baselegh wid, G 3
Robert Phelyppe L 1
Thomas Merwode G 4
Hugh Buckelonde G 21
Jn, Nuton Weaver G 6
Jn, Nuton of Wilhayne G 4
Jn, Nuton jun, of Lowdehayne G      5
William Merwode G 3
John Nuton of Yeardebury G 10
John Honnte W 1
Thomas Rowe W 1
John Stokey W 1
John Macy L 2
Simon Carter G 6
Michael Carpenter W 1
John Smythe G 10
William Parson jun, G 4
John Rowe sen, G 4
Thomas Hayman G 3
Henry Huytt G 2
Wm, Seward sen, G 3
Wm, Parson sen,, G 3
John Ruste G 5
Thomas Gyll jun, G 7
Jn, Franckelyn sen, G 21
John Wattes G 2
Stephen Wilkens G 2
Thomas Gill sen, G 4
Richard Gye G 3
Jn Seward [W26/8] G 1
William Crabbe W 1
Robert Lugge W 1
William Wode W 1
Thomas Sterre W 1
Nicholas Hamlyn W 1
William Sprake W 1
Nicholas A Bancke G 2
William Ham W 1
John Stocker sen, G 3
William A Seller G 5
Robert Gye G 3
William Gye G 2
Robert Keate L 2
John Crabbe G 2
Walter Yonge L 3
Henry White G 2
John Rowe jun, [G4] G 4
Thomas Parsons W 1
Jn, Franckelyn jun, W 1
William Gyll W 1
John Michell W 1
John Furnex W 1
Thomas Ruste W 1
William Touker W 1
John Grenefeld G 12
William Denys G 5
John Wyndeover G 8
Edmund Lentall G 6
Francis Bever W 1
John Blakemore W 1
John Cocke W 1
William Touker G 3
John Kynge G 2
Andrew Hame [G25/4] W 1
Robert Verrer G 2
Roger Gill G 2
John Peroke W 1
John Peryham W 1
John Blakemore W 1
John Stocker jun, W 1
William Freer W 1
Robert Peryham W 1
John Brown jun, W 1
John Spycer W 1
Ralph Keate W 1
Chris Glover [Olyver] W 1
Thos Cheke W 1
Philip Vyssher W 1
Thos Glover [Olyver] W 1
John Strange W 1
John Keate W 1
John Pykett W 1
William Helyer W 1
Robert Martyn W 1
John Davy W 1
Nicholas Pawsent W 1
Robert Vye W 1
Rich Scorche [W26/8] W 1
Henry Mondey W 1
William Dene W 1


John Chester[1525] assessed at W 1 and not more, because he is poor.
Joan Garnesy wid, [1525] lately for lands and
tenements £4 nothing because John Sherman
of Otery has lands and tenements and is assessed there,//
Richard Paytewen executor of the will of John Paytewen.
Alan Haydon 1525, lately for goods 100 marks whereof is allowed on his oath £10 which-
Henry late Earl, of Wiltshire, owes him, and £15, which Robert Vyne owes him, and £8, which-
Richard Predeaux, butcher, owes him of which one and all, will never be recovered, remains £33.13.4.

Brian Randell, 30 Jul 2010