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Colytonia: A chapter in the history of Devon.
Being some account of the Old and George's Meetings, Colyton, from 1662 to 1898

Liverpool: F. & E. Gibbons, (1898), illus, plan, plates, pp. xv. 136..


G.E. Evans

Prepared by Michael Steer


George Eyre Evans (1857-1939) was a Unitarian minister and antiquarian.  He was educated at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School at Landysul and also, at Liverpool University. For some years he was minister of the Church of the Saviour at Whitchurch, Salop, and later devoted many years of his life without pay to the service of the Unitarian chapel at Aberystwyth. But he was, above all, a historian and an antiquary. For 18 years he was employed to conduct research for the Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments in Wales and Monmouthshire and for 30 years was secretary of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society. His publications include a long list of books and articles and it is claimed that his best and most important contributions were to local history. The author's father was for many years Minister of George's Meeting while his mother's family were Colyton natives. This rare and much sought-after book, autographed by its author, was produced digitally by Google from a copy in the Princeton University Library collection and can be downloaded from HathiTrust. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Alphabetic List of Subscribers, pp. v to ix

A Chronological List of the Ministers of George's Meeting is presented at p. 1.

Kingdon family pedigree, folded, p. 74

Author's Index of Names, pp. 125-135.



Abernathy, Dr John24
Abrahams, John69
Abrahams, Mary69
Abrahams, Unity69
Abrahams, William69, 123
Acton, Henry79
Aldborough, Earl of83
Amory, Rev Thomas DD17
Anne, Queen20
Anning, John68
Anning, Lady1
Anning, Sarah68
Anstis, Anne20
Anstis, Catherine20
Anstis, Elizabeth20
Anstis family20
Anstis, George LLB17, 20
Anstis, Harry LLD20
Anstis, John20
Anstis, John LLD, FSA20
Anstis, Mary20
Anstis, Matthew1, 20
Arragon, Catherine of4
Ayre, Anne78
Backshell, Rosa Marianne45
Backshell, Samuel Price45
Badcock, Lindsey Thomas50
Baker family73
Baker, Margaret66
Baker, Mrs Susan40, 65
Baker, Thomas40, 65
Baker, William66
Ball, Mr J11, 13-4
Barker, Matthew10
Barmby, Goodwyn45
Barnes, Frederick DD22, 124
Barratt, Sarah Ann58
Barratt, Walter58
Bartlett, Francis123
Bartlett, Hannah67
Bartlett, Samuel67
Bartlett, Thomas67
Batstone, Matthew60, 64, 99, 101, 119
Batstone, Mr & Mrs36
Batten, Robert1, 12, 16
Beaconsfield, Earl of24
Beatrice, HRH Princess97
Beevor, Sir Thomas Bt35
Behnes, Mr94, 97
Belgrade, Marshall89
Belsham, Thomas24
Bennett, Elisha105, 117
Bennett, Henry20
Bennett, Mary20
Berry, John69
Berry, Margaret69
Berry, Thomas69
Bevan, Watkin43
Beveridge, Bishopi
Bevor, Sir Thomas55
Bewes, Catherine20
Bewes, Thomas20
Bishop, Mr Francis36
Bishop, Johanna68
Bishop, Martha68
Bishop, Mary Crabb68
Bishop, Thomas68
Bishop, William69
Blake, Mr Edward Jarman102-3
Blake, Colonel Malachi Locke JP102
Blake, Mr William, DL, JP102
Blatchford, Rev Ambrose Nichols BA102
Bole, James68
Bole, Joseph65
Bole, Mary Elizabeth65
Bole, Sarah (Bowle)59, 67
Bole Susannah68
Bollard, Edwin Henry50
Bowle, Ann68
Bowle, Betty68
Bowle, Elizabeth67
Bowle, Fanny68
Bowle, James67-8
Bowle, Johanna68
Bowle, Nicholas68
Bowle, Patience67
Bowle, Robert67-8
Bowle, Samuel67
Bowle, Sarah67
Bowle, Unity67
Bowle, William67
Bowles, Elizabeth68
Bowles, Johanna (also Bowle)68
Bowles, Mary68
Bowles, Philip (also Bowle)68
Bowring, Sir John100
Brerewood, Canon Thomas3-4, 7, 119
Bretland. Joseph71, 73, 79
Bright, George66
Bright, Mary66
Bromhead, Anne Laetitia Barbauld34
Bromhead, Samuel34
Brown, Miss Frances94
Brunton, William1, 46
Buckland, Mariamne Harris56, 60, 63, 92
Buckland, Miss41, 94
Buckland, Rev Dr29
Bull, Ephraim58, 60, 64
Bull, James49, 58, 60, 64
Buller, Bishop22
Buller, Richard22
Buonaparte, Napoleon90, 123
Burbidge, William Cave88
Burdon, Thomas43
Burke, Sir Bernard82
Burnard, Anne67
Burnard, Betty67
Burnard, Edward67
Burnard, Sarah67
Burnard, William67
Bussel, Mr John10, 12, 16
Cairn, Elizabeth79
Cairn, John79
Calamy6, 8-9
Campbell, Captain Robert89-90
Carpenter, Dr Lant79
Carslake, Agnes Maria68
Carslake, Bampfield67
Carslake, Charlotte67
Carslake, Elizabeth67
Carslake, Frances68
Carslake, Lieutenant John23
Carslake, Judith67
Carter, Emma66
Carter, John66
Chamberlain, Joseph38
Champion, Mr John Kenrick102
Chapple, Betty68
Chapple, Henry66
Chapple, Henry snr66
Chapple, John68
Chapple, Mary66
Chapple, Pity Like68
Chapple, Sarah68
Chapple, William68
Chignell, Thomas William50
Chown family123
Christian, HRH Princess97
Clark, Miss86
Clarke, Samuel21
Clegg, Sydney27, 32
Cligg, James (Clegg)67, 123
Cligg, John67
Cligg, Mary67-8
Cligg, Philip67-8
Cligg, Sarah68
Cligg, William68
Clive, Colonel83
Clodd, Mr13
Coles, Adam Calverwell68
Coles, Prudence67-8
Coles, Thomas67-8
Coles, Thomas Bampfield68
Coles, William67
Colfox family73
Colfox, Mrs29
Colfox, Mr Thomas Alfred JP 
Colfox, Thomas William102
Colfox, Mr William BA, JP102
Collar, Dinah67
Collar, John67
Collar, William67
Collier, Thomas43
Collings, Jesse38
Cooper, James1, 38, 65
Corah, William38
Cornish, Charles35
Cornish, Jane77
Cornish, Rev Josephxiii-iv, 1, 3, 18, 20-3, 35, 41, 54-6, 66, 72, 81, 101-2, 122
Cornish, Sydney W, DD77
Courtenay, Henry, Marquis of Exeter98
Cox, Mr23
Cox, Mrs Mary64
Crab, Mary66
Crab, Samuel66
Crab, Sarah66
Croasdaile, Miss83
Cromwell, Oliver3
Cross, James69
Cross, Johanna69
Cross, John69
Crosskey, Dr38
Cudlipp, Elizabeth20
Cudlipp, Richard20
Daniels, Samuel122
Dare, Hannah48, 66
Dare, Henry Morgan1, 48, 50, 60, 66, 70
Dare, Mary48
David, Jenkin43
David, John43
Davidson, Andrew45, 65, 111
Davidson, Frances Elizabeth45, 65
Davies, Captain83
Davies, Dr36
Deakin, C W S38
Deane, Esther Anne51
Deane, Hugh51
Dean, James51
Dent, David64
Dent, Jane64
Disney, John DD24
Disraeli, Benjamin24
Doidge, Miss98
Dolling, George43
Dolling, Harry43
Drake, Francis Horatio Nelson119, 124
Drake, Jane5
Drake, John Bt5
Drake, Widow101
Drew, Eliza Emma65
Drew, George43
Drower, Molly66
Drower, Molly snr66
Drower, Zachary66
Dunne, Mrs Anne46-7, 60
Dunne, George Thomas BA46
Dunne, Harriet47
Dunne, Maria47
Dunne, Marianne Frances46-7
Dunne, Richard Edward1, 46-7, 55, 60, 65
Eastlake, William Henry50
Edgley Thomas11
Edwards, Albert43
Edwards, George69
Edwards, Mary69
Edwards, Theophilus79
Edwards, Thomas69
Evans, Anne82
Evans, Catherine Powell39, 70
Evans, Rev Professor David Lewis1, 37, 39, 41-3, 45, 49-50, 52, 55, 60, 63, 65, 70, 78, 91, 95, 102
Evans, E D Priestly39
Evans, Rev George Eyre39, 70, 78, 82, 98, 104
Evans, Herbert39, 60, 63, 70
Evans, Dr John53, 82
Evans, Mrs43
Evans, Mrs Ophelia Catherine39, 60, 63, 70, 78, 91
Evans, Owen39
Eveleigh, Mr11
Exmouth, Lord90
Eyre, Anne82-3
Eyre, John75-6
Eyre, Mary76, 80
Eyre, Colonel Samuel, MP82
Eyre, Sarah75
Eyre, Skelper83
Eyre, Colonel Thomas, MP82, 84
Farmer, Amelia105
Farmer family105
Farmer, Fanny100
Farmer, James105
Farmer, Mr Johnxiv, 22, 27, 31-3, 100, 105, 122
Farmer, Mary Ann100
Farmer, Robert100
Farmer, Mr Williamxiv, 43
Fewings, John43
Fisher, Mr14
Ford, Colonel83
Fothergill, Dr72
Fowler, Emma66
Fowler, Robert66
Fowler, Samuel66
Fox, John45-6
Franklin, Sir John85
Franklin, Sarah85
Freemantle, Rear Admiral Thomas Fras89
Froom, Eliza65
Froom, Mary Elizabeth65
Frost, Jack118
Fryer, William78
Furneaux, Rev Philip DD16
Gann, Miss Louisa94, 97-8
George, John118
Gifford, Admiral & Mrs37
Gill, James64
Gill, John1, 8, 52
Gill, Sarah64
Gilling, Isaac11, 13-4
Glass, Hugh SP38
Glover, Biddy82, 86
Glover, James Esq86
Godkin, Mr95
Good, Mr Samuelxiv, 30-1
Good, Mrs31
Goodwin, Miss Mary86
Gordon, Rev Alexander MA21
Green, Henry MA42
Greenway, S38
Groom, Corporal68
Groom, Sarah68
Gueritz, Rev Mamerto, BAxiv
Hack, Maria74
Hallett, Mr Joseph H, Snr11, 15, 30, 75, 91
Hamilton-Rogers, Mr W H, FSAxiv
Hanmer, Captain Job90
Harris, Jenny67
Harvey, J30
Harwood, Daniel42
Hayes, John Esq86
Hazlitt, William MA18
Head, William31
Henry VIII4, 98
Higgins, Mr B W36, 40, 44, 121, 124
Higgins, Eliza Emma65
Higgins, John Drew65
Higgins, Robert White60, 65, 99, 101
Hincks, Thomas BA42
Hincks, W85
Hirtzel, Catherine75, 78-9
Hirtzel, Clement75, 78, 80
Hitchcock, Robert16
Hodges, Elizabeth5
Hodges, Thomas Esq5
Hooke, Anne67
Hooke, Samuel67
Hooke, Thomas67
Horsefield, Mr36
Horsey, R M123
Horsham, Mr11
Horton, Mrs Jane64
Hoste, Captain William88
Hounsell, Mrs née Snook25
Howitt, Mrs & Miss94, 97
Humphries, Samuel67
Hunt, Augustus A78
Hunt, Sarah Emily78
Isaacs, Joseph48
Isaacs, Mary48
James, A68
James, B68
James II84
James, Rev William29, 68
Jeffreys, Judge107
Jenkins, D H47
Jenkins, Evan43
Jenkins, Maria47
Jennings, David DD17
Johnson, Francis34
Johnson, Jane34
Jolly, Robert38
Jones, Mr Arthur41
Jones, David43
Jones, Rev John Edward39-40
Jones, Robert43
Jones, William Arthur39, 42
Keech, William55
Kenrick, Timothy79
Kent, Jane75
Kent, William75
Kentish, John17
Kerr, Elizabeth85
Kerridge, John MA1, 8-10, 15, 53
King, Hannah50
King, William50
Kingdon, Ann79-80
Kingdon, Catherine60, 62, 65, 75-6, 78-9, 81, 90
Kingdon, Catherine jnr76
Kingdon, Cecilia Janette78
Kingdon, Charles Henry78, 80
Kingdon, Mr Clement Boughton, JPxiv
Kingdon, Clement Eyre78
Kingdon, Clement Hirtzel76, 78
Kingdon, Dashwood80
Kingdon, Edward MP74
Kingdon, Elizabeth82
Kingdon, Ellen77
Kingdon family74-5
Kingdon, Frederick80
Kingdon, Frederick William60, 69-70, 81
Kingdon, Frederick William Washington70, 81
Kingdon, George76-7
Kingdon, George Boughton Esq74
Kingdon, Mr Harry De Spencerxiv, 25, 28-9, 31, 33, 40-1, 69, 80-2
Kingdon, James69, 80-1
Kingdon Jane69, 75-82
Kingdon, John76-7
Kingdon, John Eyre77
Kingdon, Joseph75-6, 78-9
Kingdon, Kent77, 79
Kingdon, Margaret77
Kingdon, Marianne77
Kingdon, Mary Ann Margaret81
Kingdon, Mary76, 78, 80
Kingdon, Mary Ann Margaret70
Kingdon, Mary Gwen81
Kingdon, Mrs35-6, 41, 91
Kingdon, Samuel75-9
Kingdon, Sarah75, 77-8, 82
Kingdon, Sarah Emily78
Kingdon, Susanna76-7, 79
Kingdon, Thomas76-8
Kingdon, Thomas Kingdon QC77-8
Kingdon, Thomas Medland76-7, 79
Kingdon, Walter74
Kingdon, William MP74, 76-7
Kingdon, William Page76, 78, 80
Kippis, Andrew DD21
Kittle, Fanny60, 63, 65
Kittle, Mr Richard48, 52, 65, 102
Kittle, Richard Walter, BA, LLB102
Kyngdon, Johanna74
Kyngdon, Roger74
Lamport, Elizabeth67
Lamport, Grace67
Lamport, William23, 67, 73
Lamport, William James23
Lane, Major Henry Eyre92
Latimer, Mr80
Legh, Mr82
Leigh, Edward5
Lethbridge, Robert105
Le Vieux, Maria71
Lewis, Idris43
Lewis, John43
Liddon, Captain4, 29, 113
Liddon familyxiv, 4, 116, 123
Liddon, Henry Parry4, 29
Liddon, Commander Matthew91
Lindsey, Rev Theophilus MA24
Lloyd, John41
Lloyd, John Briggs43
Lloyd. Rees Lewis34
Long, Betty66-7
Long, Elizabeth65, 70
Long, George65, 70
Long, John67
Long, Laura70
Long, Walter George70
Long, William66-7
Long, William snr66
Loosely, John5
Loud, Frederick66
Loud, Frederick snr66
Loud, Margaret66
Louis XIV71
Louise, HRH Princess97
Loveridge, Lisle43
Lymbrey, Mr William10
Lyster, Maria85
Magill, Henrietta82
Magill, John82
Major, Tom115
Manning, James21-2, 75-9
Manston, Mr11-12, 14
Manton, Dr3
Mardon, Benjamin MA42, 70
Mardon, Mrs Anne42
Martineaux, Dr45
Mason, Captain Henry Browne88
Matthews, Elizabeth25
Matthews, George25
Matthews, George Frederick1, 25
Matthews, Harry25
Matthews, Sarah25
Matthews, Selina25
Matthews, Selina jnr25
Matthews, William25
Maurice, Rev Frederick Denison24
Maurice, Rev Michael24
May, Nannie123
McCombe, Alexander1, 45-6, 60, 65
McCombe, Frances Elizabeth45, 65
McCombe, Rosa Marianne45
Means, William34
Medley, Rev Mr121, 124
Melhuish, Mr91
Meteyard, Miss Elizabeth92-4, 97
M'Ian, Mrs94
Middleton, John123
Mills, Bridget69
Mills, Harry43
Mills, James69
Mills, John Alfred43
Mills, Mary69
Mills, Samuel43
Mills, William43
Monmouth, Duke of112
Montgomery, Mr Mortimore36
Moor, Ann59, 69-70
Moor, Ann Higgins69
Moor, Edward59, 69-70
Moor, Frances Mary69
Moor, Philip60-1, 69-70
Moor, Philip snr59-60
Morgan, Rev Thomas20
Morgan, Walter41, 43
Mortimer, Mrs28-9
Mortimer, W, JP48
Mortimore, Mr Thomas Sanford102
Mortimore, Mr William Sanford JP102
Mott, James38, 43
Murch family73
Murch, William3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 43, 123
Nettlefold, Edward38
Newbery, Misses4
Newman, Mary Ann Margaret81
Newton, Sir Isaac85
Noakes, Mr82
Noakes, Sarah82
Noble, Elizabeth57, 64
Noble, Hannah48, 66
Noble, John48, 66
Noble, Sarah56, 60, 64
Norgrove, Mr Walter103
Norrington, H, JP48
Northam, Elizabeth65, 70
Northam, Elizabeth Ann70
Northam, John65, 70
Nutcombe, Chancellor22
Nutcombe, George22
O'Brien, Lieutenant Donat Henchy89
Odgers, William James42
Oliver, Rev George DD5, 7
Osler, Mr41
Pady, Rev Jacob54, 124
Paley, Dr74
Palmer, Elizabeth65
Palmer, Roundell Esq29
Parry, Captain Edward4
Parsons, Amelia105
Partridge, John24
Partridge, Myra24
Pavey, John55, 65
Pavey, Maria65
Peirce, Mr James15, 79
Pellew, Sir Edward88
Peppin, Rev J H22, 29, 123
Peryam, Jane6
Peryam, John6
Phillips, Thomas43
Phillips, William Morgan41, 43
Phillot, Captain George Rodney88
Picke, Sir Vesian86
Picke, Willian Henry85
Pike, James Kirk38
Pike, William43
Pile, John43
Pinn, Elizabeth56, 60, 63
Pippen family123
Pitcher, Mrs Fanny100
Plimer, Andrew79
Pinn, Mrs92, 94
Pole, Elizabeth20
Pole, Lady29
Pole, Sir William Bt20, 30, 91, 118, 122
Pole, Sir William Templer Bt28-30
Polwhele, Rev Richard7, 54-5
Pope, Bartholomew Parr35
Popham, Captain William90
Popkin, Robert B43
Porter, James Nixon66
Pound, John123
Powell, Anna85
Powell, Anne46, 78, 82-3, 86
Powell, Lady Anne83
Powell, Biddy86
Powell, Caleb83
Powell, Caleb Eyre86
Powell, Mrs Catherine56, 59-62, 74, 76, 78-9, 90
Powell, Captain & Mrsxiv, 4, 23, 27, 35-6, 39-41, 79, 84, 87-8, 91-2, 102, 122
Powell, Charlotte85
Powell, Delia74, 92, 102
Powell, Edward Francis86
Powell, Eyre78, 84-6
Powell, Eyre Evans78, 83, 86
Powell family81-2
Powell, George83, 87, 90
Powell, George Caleb86
Powell, George Caleb Eyre85
Powell, George Eyre46, 59-61, 91
Powell, Commander George Eyre, RN32, 34, 39, 52, 56, 59-63, 65, 74, 76, 78, 82, 86, 88-90
Powell, Cornet Giles82
Powell, Captain Herbert Brace90
Powell, John82
Powell, John Le Touche86
Powell, Judith78, 83
Powell, Laura Hirtzeliii, 4, 74, 91
Powell, Lavinia60-2, 74, 92
Powell, Lieutennant89-90
Powell, Lucy78, 84-5, 90
Powell, Maria85
Powell, Martha82
Powell, Mary86
Powell, Miss52
Powell, Narcissa Henrietta60-1, 91
Powell, Ophelia Catherine39, 62, 65, 78, 90-1
Powell, Richard83, 86
Powell, Robert78, 82-3
Powell, Stephen Wright86
Powell, Rev Stratford83
Powell, Thomas Eyre85
Power, John123
Pratt, Jane69
Pratt, Mary69
Pratt, Robert69
Priestly, Mr Joseph24
Priestly, Rev Joseph LLD24
Pryce, F W25, 34, 70, 81
Pulman, Robert55, 60
Prussia, King of77
Pulman116, 122, 124
Purse, Charlotte Elizabeth70
Purse, Eliza65
Purse, James70
Purse, Kate70
Purse, William65
Pusey, Dr4
Pryce, Frederick William1, 33, 69
Radmins, John69
Radmins, Mary69
Radmins, Thomas69
Rattenbury, Johnxiv, 30-1
Restorick, Anne67, 69
Restorick, Elizabeth66
Restorick, Henry66
Restorick, Hilda Edith70
Restorick, John67
Restorick, Joseph67
Restorick, Louisa69
Restorick, Samuel67, 69
Restorick, Samuel Henry66
Restorick, Susannah69
Richards, Ada Maria70
Richards, Bessie70
Richards, Mr Daniel70, 102
Richards, Ella70
Robberds, Charles William42
Robinson, Robert73
Rockett, Fanny65
Rockett, Sarah99
Rogers, Mr W H Hamilton, FSA40, 56, 95, 105, 115, 123
Rosewell, John1, 10-12, 14, 41, 53
Ross, Rev Mr47, 60
Rowley Sir Charles89
Rowlinson, William42
Russell, Lord John24
Salter, Mary67
Salter, William67
Sampson family113, 123
Sargent, Captain William90
Savage, George Morton DD17, 21
Scobell family123
Scobell Joseph123
Scobell, Richard123
Scobell, Sidney123
Scobill, John Spurway69
Scobill, Mary Anne69
Scobill, Mary Anne Sophia69
Scobill, William John69
Seal, Anne67
Seal, Elizabeth66-7
Seal, Johanna67
Seal, Mary66
Seal, Robert66-7
Seaward family37, 112
Selborne, Lord29-30
Sellwood, Anne85
Sellwood, Emily85
Sellwood, Henry85
Sellwood, Sarah85
Sharman, William50
Short, Ames, MA9, 55
Short, John1, 9-10, 15
Short, Samuel1, 15
Skey, Rev Frederic MAxiv
Skey, Charles Cowper24
Skey, Frederick Carpenter CB, FRS24
Skey, George snr24
Skey, George1, 24-5, 66, 69
Skey, George Washington24
Skey, Josiah Frederick24
Skey, Myra24
Skey, William Russell24
Skinner, Benjamin67
Skinner, Hannah67
Skinner, James67
Skinner, Joseph67
Skinner, Rachel67
Skinner, Richard43, 64, 117
Skinner, Sarah67
Slade, Anne71-3
Slade, Mr Benjamin10, 12, 14, 41, 71
Slade, Betty71-2
Slade family71
Slade, John23, 71-3
Slade, Maria71-3
Slater, Mary16-7
Slater, Samuel1, 16-7, 53
Smethurst, John42
Smith, Benjamin67-8
Smith, Esther (Hester)67-8
Smith, Jane17, 31
Smith, Rev John Bxiv, 1, 25-33, 55, 105, 107, 122, 124
Smith, John Lovelace68
Smith, Maria67
Smith, Mrs28
Smith, Samuel17
Smith, William Saltmarshe50
Smith, William Sunderland18
Snook, William25, 121, 124
Spence, James68
Spence, Jane67
Spence, Joseph67
Spence, Sarah67
Spiller, Mistress120
Spurway, Betty68
Spurway, Elizabeth68
Spurway, Hannah Knott68
Spurway, Jane81
Spurway, Mary Knott68
Spurway, Mr80
Spurway, Thomas68
Stanley, Rev Frederick William103
Stanley, George Heape BA42
Stevens, John36
Stirling, Mr Donald McNee40-1, 56, 60, 63, 98
Stirling, Elizabeth92-4, 96-7
Stirling, Elizabeth Mariamne41, 56, 60, 63
Stirling family92
Stirling, Mrs Jane56, 60, 63, 99
Stocker, Elizabeth Pring58
Stocker, George43
Stocker, Mr41
Stocker, Samuel43, 49, 55, 58, 60, 100
Stocker, Thomas43, 68
Stocker, William58
Stradling, Alexander65
Stradling, Elizabeth65
Stratford, Lady Anne83
Strawbridge, Elizabeth69
Strawbridge, Mr George52, 69, 103
Strawbridge, Mary69
Strawbridge, Mary Anne70
Strawbridge, Thomas69, 70
Strawbridge, Walter Thomas70
Street, Clerk117
Stucher, Edith66
Stucher, George66
Stucher, Walter66
Sutcliffe, Rev Alfred, BAxiv, 1, 50-1, 52
Sutcliffe, Arthur50, 55
Sutcliffe, Esther Anne51
Sutcliffe, Fred50
Sutcliffe, Mrs Hannah50
Sutcliffe, John1, 50-1, 55, 60, 70, 101
Sutcliffe, Mary Hannah50
Sutherland, William50
Suttill, Mr John Pickard103
Sweetland, James68, 74, 82, 92
Sweetland, Mrs James (Delia)52, 74, 82, 92
Sweetland, Joseph59, 68
Sweetland, Molly68
Sweetland, Robert68
Sweetland, Simon123
Sweetland, Susannah68
Symes, Anne Irish68, 71-2
Symes, Betty67-8, 71-2
Symes, Elizabeth60, 63, 67, 71-3
Symes family71
Symes, John67
Symes, John Lantrow68, 71-2
Symes, John Lantrow jnr68, 71
Symes, Le Vieux Slade23, 68, 71-2
Symes, Maria67, 71-2
Symes, Miss36, 40-1
Tait, Archbishop30
Tait, A C Esq29
Tanner family81
Tanner, Hester60, 63, 100
Tanner, James Newman77
Tanner, Margaret77
Tanner, Thomas4
Tanner, William60, 63, 100
Tanner, Rev William Alfric100
Taplin, Anne Laetitia Barbauld34
Taplin, James1, 26-7, 34-8, 42, 48, 54-5, 59-60, 64-5, 70, 80-2, 91-2, 99, 101
Taplin, James Francis MD34, 101
Taplin, Jane34, 38
Taplin, Julian Pascal34
Taplin, Lindsey MA34, 36, 42
Taplin, Russell34
Taplin, Sarah Jane34
Taylor, Judith78, 83
Taylor, Rev Philip85
Taylor, Richard83
Tennyson, Alfred Lord85
Tennyson, Lady Emily85
Terrill, James35
Thomas, Thomas43
Thompson, Mr Richard10, 12, 14
Toulmin, Harry17-8
Toulmin, Jane17, 19
Toulmin, Joshua DD1, 17-9, 21, 23, 36, 71, 73
Toulmin, Sarah Emma19
Towgood, Matthew15
Towgood, Micaijah15
Tratt, Sarah64
Trosse, George9
Tucker, Amy Sweetland68
Tucker, Arthur66
Tucker, Elizabeth66
Tucker, Hannah68
Tucker, James64
Tucker, Joseph68
Tucker, Mary64
Tucker, Richard68
Turner, John73
Veysey arms4
Veysey, Bishop4
Viveash, Hester100
Vychan, Ievan82
Vye family91
Wales, Albert Edward Prince of47
Wales, HRH Princess of97
Wallace, Robert40
Walrond, Mr11, 13
Walton, Izaac111
Warren, Susan65
Waters, George16
Watson, Thomas jnr73
Weeks, Clement75
Weeks, Elizabeth75
Weld, Miss Agnesxiv, 88
Weld, Anne85
Weld, Charles Richard85, 88
Weld, Edmund84
Weld, Elizabeth85
Weld family84
Weld, Rev Isaac, DD84-5, 90
Weld, Lucy84-5, 90
Weld, Nathaniel84
Weld, Rev Thomas84
West, Matthew52
West, William15
Westcott, John16
Westlake, Misses91, 121
Weston, James69
Weston, J65
Weston, Maria65
Weston, Sarah69
Weston, Thomas69
Whicker, John6
White, John43
White, Richard43
White, Thomas43
Whitfield, E T45
Wilkins105, 107
Wilkins, Ann4, 6
Wilkins, Edward4, 6
Wilkins, Elizabeth4, 6
Wilkins, Elizabeth jnr6
Wilkins, Johnxiii, 1, 3-8, 52, 71
Wilkins, John jnr6
Wilkins, Mary4, 6
Wilkins, Patience4, 6
Wilkins, Richard7
Williams, Mr93
Williams, Dr53, 55
Williams, James JP20
Williams, Thomas H79
Wilmshurst, Ann80
Wilmshurst, Thomas80
Wilson, Captain Henry36, 116
Winter, Delamore RN25
Winter, William25
Withers, Mr11-13
Withycombe, Jane82
Woods, John Crawford, BA42
Woram, Bellman95, 115, 123
Woram, Mary123
Woram, Mr William123
Worthington, Jeffery BA50
Wrench, Anne68
Wrench, Mary68
Wrench, Richard68
Wright, Lucy78, 84
Wright, Mary4
Wright, Stephen Esq84
Wright, Mr W H Kearley, FRHistS105
Wright, William4-6
Yeates, Matthew Lee (Yates)35, 59-60, 69
Yelland, Robert50
Yonge112-3, 123
Yonge, Elizabeth5
Yonge, Mrs Jane6
Yonge, Sir John Kt5
York, HRH Duchess of97
Youatt, Mary16
Youatt, William1, 16-7, 53-4
Young, Dr74
Yule, Captain RN24
Yule, John Carslake Duncan23
Yule, Lieutenant William Bamphfield, RN25