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The Churches of Colyton and Shute, and the Pole Monuments There

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 33 (1901) pp. 714-741.


Arthur J. Jewers

Prepared by Michael Steer

Colyton's parish church (St. Andrew) is a large, handsome building, chiefly of 15th early 16th century date but with some earlier work in the chancel and tower. On the south side of the chancel is the Pole chapel, containing some splendid Pole monuments, particularly that of Sir John Pole (1658) and Elizabeth his wife. Sir William Pole (d. 1635), the great Devonshire antiquary, whose Collections have been quarried by generations of local historians and genealogists, lies buried in the chapel but without a memorial, As well as Shute Sir William owned Colcombe Castle which had been one of the seats of the ancient Courtenay family. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.

Ames, Levi Esq734
Anne, Queen714, 724, 728, 730, 736
Anstis, Elizabeth736
Anstis, Rev George736
Anstis, John Esq736
Arundell family717
Ashe family726
Baines, Charles Harmon738
Baines, William Esq738
Baker, John740
Barker, Sir Christopher725
Baron, Roger741
Barton, Henry Esq732
Barton, Margaretta732
Bastard, Edmund Polexfen Esq MP734
Bebb, John Esq734
Bonville family715, 726
Bruerton family715, 726
Camden, William725
Capenhurst family715, 717, 726
Carre, Josephine Catherine Denise733
Charles I730, 741
Charles II724, 732, 741
Clapp, John740
Cocks, Anne737
Cocks, Henry Somers738
Cocks, James Esq737
Cocks, Martha737
Cocks, Hon Reginald737
Code family717
Code, Jone716
Code, Robert716
Compton, Henry Esq snr730
Compton, Henry Esq730
Compton, Lucretia730
Courtenay family722
Cudlip, Elizabeth736
Dalditch de, family715
Dick, Captain Charles Cramond733
Dick, Fanny Inglis733
Drake, Agnes716
Drake, Dorothy722
Drake family of Ashe717, 722
Drake, John716
Drake, Letitia722
Drake, Margaret722
Drake, Richard722
Drake, William snr722
Drake, William722
Duke, Alice740
Duke, John740
Eden, Hon Frederick734
Edmondes, Hameline740
Edward III740
Edward IV725, 741
Elizabeth I741
Erle, Dorothy716-7
Erle family715
Erle, Thomas Esq716-7
Esse family726
Evedon, de family726
Farquhar, James Esq733
Farquher, John Esq735
Fife, Rt Hon Earl of735
Fleming, John Esq734
Floyer, Mary724
Floyer, William724
Forde family715, 726
Fraser, Charlotte733
Fraser family734
George, Sir John733
Gregor, Hugh732
Gregor, Jane732
Grey, Henry714
Harvey, Rev Thomas733
Havering family715
Head, Miss Fanny735
Hems, Mr Harry735
Henry VI740
Heslop, Rev Luke733
Hone family718-9, 726
How, Elizabeth718-20
How family726
How, Jane718, 720
How, Roger718-9
Inglis, Miss Fanny735
Inglis, William Esq735
Jode, William741
Kirkham family722
Knowle, William de la740
Lindores, Rt Hon Lady735
Lyte, John740
Mainwaring family717
Manwaring, Sir William716
Mare de la family726
Marshall, John740
Marshall, John jnr740
Marshall, Thomas740
Mary, Queen715
Membrey, de family726
Mills, Elizabeth730
Mills family727, 734
Mills, John730
Moor, Ann732
Morrice, Anne724
Morrice, Sir William724
Norwich, Henry Lord Bishop of734
Ofwell, de family715, 726
Orway family715, 726
Parker, Richard740
Parker, William740
Paul, Henry Esq738
Paul, Jane738
Periham family718-9, 726
Periham, Sir William Knt718
Petre, Sir William715
Place, Edward732
Place, Olivia732
Pole, Agnes716
Pole, Amy717
Pole, Alexander717
Pole, Ane718
Pole, Anne724, 731, 737
Pole, Arthur716, 718
Pole-Carew family724
Pole-Carew, Sir Reginald, KCB724, 734
Pole, Rev Carolus724, 738
Pole, Charles724
Pole, Charlotte733
Pole, Dame Charlotte733
Pole, Sir Courtenay, Bt723-4, 726, 738, 741
Pole, Dorothy716-7
Pole, Edith716
Pole, Sir Edmund de la738
Pole, Eleanor718
Pole, Elizabeth (also de la Pole)718-20, 728-30, 736, 738
Pole family714-9, 721-7, 734-6, 741
Pole, Francis718
Pole, Georgiana736
Pole, Mrs Grace720, 724
Pole, Gulielmi721
Pole, Henry de la740
Pole, Hugh717
Pole, Jane724
Pole, Jane Maria733-4
Pole, Jane Victoria736
Pole, Johan716, 721
Pole, Sir John, Bt716, 718-20, 722, 724, 741
Pole, John (2)716, 724
Pole John (3)724, 729
Pole, John George Esq731, 737-8
Pole, Sir John Reeve, Bt732
Pole, Sir John William de la, Bt730-1, 737, 738
Pole, Jone716
Pole, Julia Margaret736
Pole, Kateryn716-7
Pole, Katherine718, 724
Pole, Lucretia730
Pole, Margaretta de la732-3
Pole, Margaretta Luchesa Jane Maria732
Pole, Margaret Victoriosa736
Pole, Mary718, 724
Pole, Penelope724
Pole, Periham718
Pole, Reginald Esq737-8
Pole, Reginald Frederick733-4
Pole, Richard717
Pole, Sophie Ann728, 731
Pole, Urith724
Pole, William Esq716-7, 720-1, 724, 741
Pole, William (2)718
Pole, Sir John William de la714
Pole, Sir William Bt719, 721
Pole, Sir William (antiquary)714, 724
Pole, Sir William (Master of Royal Household)714, 717, 724, 728-30, 736
Pole, Sir William, Knt of Wirrell716, 724
Pole, William Edmond734
Pole, Sir William Edmund Bt738
Pole, Sir William Templer, DCL, Bt728, 731, 733-5, 741
Popham, Alexander Esq716-7
Popham family717
Popham, Sir John Knt717
Popham, Kateryn716-7
Purce, Abigail740
Purce, Daniel740
Pyne, Johanna741
Pyne, John741
Pyne, Roger741
Radnor, Lord723-4
Radnor, Lady Penelope724
Reeve, Anne732
Reeve, Francis732
Reeve, James732
Reeve, Jane732
Reeve, Olivia732
Reeve, Richard732
Reeve, Richard (2)732
Reeve, Sir Thomas732
Robartes, Lord721
Roberts, Hon Francis Esq723, 726
Rogers, Mr Hamilton722
Sandere, Richard740-1
Seyle, James740
Seyle, Joan740
Schenley, Edmund Wyndham Harrington Esq734-5
Schenley, Fanny Inglis735
Schenley, Jane Maria734-5
Shapcott family724
Shapcott, Thomas724
Shapcott, Urith724
Sidenham, Humphrey724
Sidenham, Jane724
Somers, Anne Dowager Lady738
St Barbe, Henry724
St Barbe, Katherine724
Suffolk, Duke of714
Symes, John720
Symes, Robert, gent720
Talbot family735
Talbot, Admiral Sir John GCB735
Talbot de Malahide, Lord735
Templer, Anne731
Templer, Charles Beckford738
Templer family727-8, 738
Templer, George Esq728, 731-2, 738
Templer, James arnig731, 738
Templer, Jane738
Templer, Rev John731
Templer, Sophie Ann728
Templer, William731
Tremaell, John740
Trenchard, Mrs Anna Maria735
Trenchard family721
Trenchard, Grace721, 724
Trenchard, Sir Thomas Knt721
Tytherleigh, Edith716
Tytherleigh family717
Tytherleigh, Rychard716
Vaughan, Dorothy717
Vaughan, Walter, Knt717
Warrie, Elizabeth728-9
Warrie, Robert (also Warry)728-9
Warry family729
Warry, George729
Warry, Mr Nicholas729
Warry, Mrs Sarah729
Watson, Martha737
Watson, Vice Admiral737
Weryn, James741
Weryn, Johane741
Weryn, Thomas741
West, Colonel John Temple733
West, Lucy733
West, Margaretta Luchesa Jane Maria733
Westover, Elizabeth722
Westover, Margaret722
Westover, William gent722
White, Joan729
Yppegras, John741