EXTRACTS FROM WILLS PROVED P.C.C. relating to the pshs of Shute and Colyton

collected by Samuel Anderson Smith of Kilburn, Middlesex.

Indexed by Jean Harris

This is the title of a book that seems to have been published in the early 1900s and which the Latter Day Saints has filmed (1559420 Item 10). There is no introduction to tell us why Smith did this project where he includes wills not only of Shute and Colyton but also those individuals of other places where he found that they had a connection with one of these parishes either relatives, land or sometimes by just leaving monies to the poor there. Smith has all these wills listed on chronological order by the year it was proved in the P.C.C. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury). Here they are listed alphabetically by surname with a brief note to record the connection with Shute or Colyton of those "out of county" testators. For the abstracts themselves this film can be loaned from the L.D.S. or the P.C.C. will ordered from the National Archives, Kew, London.

ABBOTT Allen the elder mercerof Coliton1656120Ruthen
ANTIS John[connection with Colyton/Shute not stated]174360Anstis
   Garter Principal King of Arms    
BAILEY Robert gentto son Tristram estate in Colyton17055Eedes
   of Northleigh, Co Devon      - see also Shute   
BAGWELL Peter yeomanof Colliton1659351Pell
BAGWILL Charityof Collyton165450Alchin
BARNES Gabriel merchantdaur Margaret wife Thomas BUNSTON of Culeton168071Bath
   of Honiton, Co Devon    
BARNES Gabriellmy two brothers Zachary MAYNE of Dallwood1685181Cann
   of the Inner Temple [London]      & Mr Tho. BUNSTON of Colyton   
BARTOLL Sarah widowto Lydia SEWARD & Tabitha CLARKE1695127Irby
   of Chard, Co Somerset      widows - both of Culliton, Co Devon   
BEALE Thomas"an infant of nineteen years"173799Wake
   of Yeovill, Co Somersetto Benjamin SPENCE of Collyton &   
       William HEWITT of the same place   
BIRD Georgeto Mary VICARY of Colyton1684142Hare
   of Libnash psh Chatcome, Co Som.    
BLACKALLER Peter gentof Stoford in psh Colyton161339Capell
BLACKALLER Thomas the elderof Stofford in psh Coliton1659194Pell
BLAMPYN Cecilie spinsterbro-in-law Richd NEWTON late of Colliton165612Ruthen
   of Gittisham, Co Devon    
BOND William yeomanof Coliton164987Fairfax
BOROUGH Philip gentof Collyton164827Fairfax
BOUDAGE Thomas yeomantenement Colliton known as Wislade164014Evelyn
   of Northleigh, Co. Devon    
BOWDAGE Tristram yeomancloses in psh Coliton bought of Wilmot WISLADE163760Goare
   of Northley, Co Devon      widow & John WISLADE her son   
BOWDAGE Trestram yeomanto son Tho. land called Tredhayne in Colliton1705131Gee
   of Hambourhayne, Co Devonto dau.Sarah BAYLIE tenement in Culliton   
BRAGG George genttenement in psh Coliton now in tenure of167111Eure
   of Libnash, Co SomersetFrancis READ mercer & one acre in Colliford   
       tenure Sr Walter YONGE   
BUCKLAND John yeomanof Trichaine, Colliton165558Aylett
BUCKNOLE William yeomanof Colyton165059Pembroke
BUNSTON Thomas gentof Colyton168118North
BURNARD Benedicta widowof Gitteshayne, Coliton169299Fane
BURNARD John gentof Hewberhaine, Colyton1653351Brent
BURNARD John gentof Coliton168528Lloyd
BURY Thomas esqof Colliton1724106Bolton
BUTTER Dorothy widowof Colyton1727107Farrant
BYRDE Johnof Colyton155823Noodes
CARSWELL Joseph gentof Coliton1655121Berkeley
CARSWELL Robert yeomanunto my brother & sister at Colyton166982Coke
   of Lime Regis, Co Dorset    
CARSWILL John the elder gentof Cadhaine in psh Colliton162551Skinner
CAREW Sir Coventry bart.[connection with Colyton/Shute not stated1748290Strachan
   of East Anthony, Co Cornwall      but ? through POLE family of Colyton]   
CHAPMAN John the elder mercerRichd DAVY of Chard & John PERKINS the168093Bath
   of Chard, Co Somerset      younger of Culliton phisician   
CHILCOTE William gentEdward CHILCOTT child of brother a dwelling169264Fane
   of Watton, Co Dorset      house in Colliton   
CLARK Mary widow[connection with Colyton not stated171694Fox
   of Stockland, Co Dorsetbut Robert STOKES appears here   
 - see his will below]   
CLEARKE John the elder merchantof Colyton158520Brudenell
CLERKE John yeomanpoor of Se[a]ton; of Beere & of Collyford159432Dixy
   of Axmouth Co Devon    
CLODE Mary widowof Colyton167317Bunce
COGAN Agnes widowJohn MORRISH the younger of Colyton155025Coode
   of Chard, Co Somerset    
COMBE John cooperMargery TEAPE of Coliton164788Fines
   of Widworthy, Co Devon    
COOKE Ellynor widowuncle John BUCKLAND of Truchin, psh Colliton161185Wood
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset      -overseer   
COX Johnof Colyton1660167Nabbs
COX John yeoman[connection with Colyton/Shute not stated]163168St John
   of Luppitt, Co Devon    
COX Thomas yeomantenement called Turlings in psh Collyton166262Land
   of Farway, Co Devon    
COXE Robert butcherof Colliton159778Cobham
DACKE John yeomanof Coliton168584Cann
DARE Thomas weavertenement of Bulkhayne called Dutchaine1634106Seager
   of Kilmington, Co Devon      [?in Colyton]   
DARSSELL Bernard gentof Colyton1658299Wootton
DASSELL Margaretland purchased in psh Colyton of my bro172650Farrant
   of Maidenhay, Musbury, Co Devon      Thomas DASSELL deceased.   
DASSELL Barnard the elderof Coliton1651208Grey
DAVIE Richard millerRobt WHITE of Shute oweth me xxs15939Dixy
   of Dallwood, Co Dorset    
DRAKE Edwardof Colyton1668153Hene
DRAKE John esqdue unto me from Robt BAKER of Coliton xxs1614114Lawe
   of Ashe, Co. Devon [Musbury]    
DRAKE John esqlease of Andrew RENOLLS of half the sheaf162838Barrington
   of Ash, Co Devon [Musbury]of Colliton; I have the Mills of Colliton   
DRAKE Sir John knt[?Colyton]16365Goare
   of Ash, Co Devon [Musbury]    
DRAKE John gentof Yardbury [Colyton]1649188Fairfax
DRAKE Thomas millerof Coliforde, Coliton164921Pembroke
DRAKE William gentof Yardbury, Colliton163925Coventry
DRAKE Sir William knt & bart.Sir Walter YOUNG then of Colliton171696Fox
   of Aish, Co Devon [Musbury]    
DRAKE William esqof Yardbury [Colyton]172778Brook
EDWARDS John genttenement in Colyton called Gitteshayne to my1733114Price
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorsetwife; also lands called Colhayne in Shute   
FOLLET William widowerof Coliford, Colyton16467Fines
FOWLER Robert merchantlands in psh of Colyton1711104Young
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset    
FRANKLYN Thomas the elder yeomanof Colliton163548Sadler
FREEKE John gentof Colliton1657167Ruthen
GODARD Richard husbandmanof Colliton164786Fines
GOULD John gentof Colliton1723207Richmond
GRANGE Bernardchildren of Edwd GRANGE now living in163784Goare
   ?of Chard, Co Somerset      Culliton   
GRIBBLE Samuel [?mariner]of Colyford, Colyton; of H.M.S. Chatham1712235Barnes
GREENWAY Margery widowto be buried in churchyard of Colyton by my late163832Harvey
       husband Aza GREENWAY   
HALL Gilbert husbandmanof Culliton16507Grey
HALLETT John esqColyton & Musbury, Devon & Lime Regis,1747152Potter
   of Stedcombe, p. Axmouth, Co Devon      Dorset   
HALLETT Richard merchantmeadows in psh Colyton169595Irby
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset    
HALLETT Richard esqhouse in Colyton purchased by me of1747182Potter
   of Stedcombe [Axmouth], Co DevonTho. DRAKE & Nathaniel HAWKER   
HALOWAY Richard inholderof Coliton166719Hene
HAM John gentof Colliton1622111Savile
HAM John gentto poor of Colliton & Halberton;1694154Box
   of Uplowman, Co Devonmy land is in Collyton   
HAM William merchanttenements in Colyton; tenement in Whitford in163323Seagar
   of Tiverton, Co Devonpsh of Shute; Lechlands & Langdownes in Shute;   
 to John SMITH of Heampton in Shute; etc   
HAMLING Robert yeomanof Colyton165559Aylett
HARVEY Tristram husbandmanJohane NEWTON of Colliton & Willm her son159224Nevell
   of Memburye, Co Devon    
HASSARD JohnJohn HARVIE of Coliton155850Noodes
   of King's Lyme, Co Dorset    
HAWKER William gentpayable out of lands in Culliton in1739180Henchman
   of Luppitt, Co Devon      possession of Mr LUCAS   
HAWKINS Philip esq[connection with Colyton/Shute not stated]174039Spurway
   of Trewithan, Co Cornwall    
HEATHFIELD John fullerof Coliton164898Essex
HILLYAR Margaret widowbrother Tho. WHYKER of Colliton15731Martyn
   of Combpyne, Devon    
HOARE Charitylands in Colyton held in trust for my dau Dinah172978Abbott
   of Kilmington, Co Devonwife of Saml MUSSON   
HOLMES Thomas merchantof Colyton167020Duke
HOLWELL Elnorof Collyton1647122Fines
HOLWILL Edward yeomanElizth CALLEY of Colyton widow16248Clarke
   of Membury, Co Devon    
HOOKE Johnlands called Radishe in psh Colliton15848Watson
   of Braunscombe [Devon]    
HORE Francis[connection with Colyton/Shute not stated]16269Skinner
Master of Arts in Oxford    
HUTCHINSON Dorothy spinsterof Coliton168060Bath
JENCKE John chirurgeonof Colyton162031Soame
JONES Priscilla widowkinswoman Agnes DRAKE of Culliton1702163Herne
   of Dorchester    
LEAR Dame Susanna relict ofnow wife of Dennis ROLLE of Stevenstone171214Leeds
Sir Peter LEAR of Lindridge, Co Devon      Co Devon esq   
   seat of LEAR @ Bishopsteignton[connection with Colyton/Shute not stated]   
LIPPINGOOTT Thomasfriend Simon VYE of Colliton one of the "rulers"162016Dale
   of Sidbury [Devon]    
LITLEJOHN Anne widowof Colwton [sic]15783Bakon
LOWD Robert yeomanof Coliton164790Fines
LOWD William butcherof Coliton1658511Pell
LUCAS John dyerland Coliton purchased of John NEWTON1660135Nabbs
   of Axminster, Co Devon    
LUCAS Richard esqof Colyton1742224Trenley
LUMBARD John yeomankinsman John READ of Collyton1742194Trenley
   of Chard, Co Somerset    
LYMBREY Grace widowof Colyton1725232Romney
LYMBURY Williamto my wife Grace close in psh Coliton   
   of Otterie St Mary, Co Devoncalled Stocker's close; my house now used1721149Buckingham
       as Meeting House in Coliton   
MACEY Joan widowof Coliton159234Harrington
MALLACKE John gent[?lands] lying in psh Collyton161130Wood
   of Crabbyn psh Exmouth [Devon]    
MALLACKE William the elder genttenements in pshs Collyton, Axmouth159432Dixy
   of Axmouthe, Co Devon    
MANNING Elias marinerof Cullitine [Colyton]1704224Gee
MARWOOD Benedictus gentsee Shute   
   of Hornhaies, Co. Devon    
MARWOOD Bridgettof Blampaine, Colliton1646141Twisse
MARWOOD Daniel gentof Coliton169344Coker
MARWOOD Frances widowof Blamphayne, Colyton170077Noel
MARWOOD James genttwo houses called Wetcote & Floods in psh of1722241Marlboro
   of Sutton, Widworthy, Co Devon      Colyton   
MARWOOD John gentof Coliton1626118Hele
MARWOOD William the elderof Colliton16332Seager
MARWOOD William yeomanof Cullington [sic]16508Grey
MICHELL John yeomanof Trichmarsh, Coliton1655278Aylett
 overseer John PARSON of Shute   
MICHELL Nicholas gentMr Tristram BOUDAGE of Colyton,an overseer1697144Pyne
   of Gittisham, Co Devon    
MITCHELL Philip the elderof Barrettshayne, Collyton1656290Berkeley
MOXHAM Robert the elder yeomanland in Colyford, Colyton165560Aylett
   of Beere in psh Seaton, Co Devon    
MYCHELL Johnoverseer John Mychell of Colyton157421Martyn
   of Stockland in dioc Bristowe [Bristol]    
MYDDLETON Henryeof Collington [sic]157117Holney
NEWTON John chirurgionof Colliton164769Fines
NEWTON Johnof Coliton1721115Buckingham
NEWTON Maryof Colliton172381Richmond
PARSON Henery merchantof Colliton165413Allchin
PARSON Mary spinsterburied in churchyard Colliton "as near166061Nabbs
   of Chardstock, Co Dorsetto my father as may be"; poor of Colliton   
 [to poor of Shute & other names that parish]   
PARSONS Simon clerklands in Colliton I had with my former169462Box
   of Sidbury, Co Devonwife [not my daurs mother]   
 "The children were by second wife"   
PARSONS Thomas weaverof Coliton165162Bowyer
PASSEMER Susannah widowLands known as Downhaim in psh Colyton1722103Marlboro
   of Honiton, Co Devonin tenure of Joanna BISHOP & granted by   
 Sir Courtney POOLE bart. decd to my late   
       husband George PASSEMER   
POLE Dorothie widow[connection with Colyton/Shute not stated]165141Bowyer
   of Talaton, Co Devon    
POLE Lady Jane widowof Coleton "last husband Sir Willm. POLE knt"165413Alchin
POLE Sir William kntof Colcombe, Devon [Colcombe in Colyton]163538Goare
POLE - others @ Shute    
PRIDEAUX Dame Anne widowlate husband Sir Edmund PRIDEAUX bart174126Trenley
 [connection with Colyton/Shute not stated]   
PYNNE Edward clerkland in psh Coliton in tenure Gilbert BURROUGH1650148Pembroke
   of Branscombe, Co Devon      called Cowchehayne ats Cotchehayne   
QUICK Henrya dwelling in Colleton1689103Ent
   of Hevitree, Co Devon    
QUYNTYNE Harye als FRYERof Colyton157114Holney
RAYMOND Samuel gentJohn BERRY of Collaton166399Jaxon
   of Oke, Co Somerset    
READ Henry citizen & merchant taylor[connection Colyton/Shute not stated]1660294Nabbs
   of London    
REED Aaronof Collyton169292Fane
REED John the elder tannerof Colyton1659477Pell
REED John yeomanof Colyton1738270Brodrepp
REEDE John the elder yeomanof Coliton165080Pembroke
REYNOLDS Richard yeomanto William REYNOLDS my son the sheaf &162490Hele
   of Cheritaine Fitzpaine, Co Devon      rectorie of psh Colliton, Co Devon   
ROBINS Alexander sergemaker[connection Colton/Shute not stated BUT1715120Fagg
   of Membury, Co Devonname of Robt STOKES is here   
       - see his entry below]   
ROSE Ellianor spinsterof Colliton1657165Ruthen
ROSE RichardWillm DAMUTT of Happerhaine in psh165172Grey
   of Exminster Co Devon      Coliton - overseer   
ROSE Richard esqgoods in my house at Morganhayes [Southleigh]165782Wooton
   of Wotton Fitzpayne, Co Dorsetor in any of my houses in Colliton psh   
ROSE Thomas gentof Colliton1660273Nabbs
SALTER William clerkeof Colyton1728164Brook
SAMSON Thomas yeomanof Colyton159070Drury
SAMPSON Thomas woollen drapermy cousin Tho SAMPSON of Colyton and1718151Tennison
   of city Exon [Exeter]      Eleanor his wife   
SEARLE Frances widowof Colyton168334Hare
SEAWARD John marinerof Colliton1720120Shaller
SELLER Johnto be buried in church of Colyton15731Martyn
   of Kilmington in dioc. Exon [Exeter]    
SERLE Bartholomew yeomanof Colyton167754Hale
SLADE Benjamin mercerof Colyton1725100Romney
SMITH Bernard clarkeground John FOLLETT renteth of mine in Colliton;1656440Berkeley
   of Uplyme, Co Devonground called Tarlinge Meadow in Colliton nr the   
 Mills; wife Sarah one qtr pt of house in Colliton   
STANINOUGH James clothierof Colliton16397Coventry
STANINOUGH Margaretof Coliton168482Hare
STOCKER Elizabeth spinsterMartha STOCKER of Culliton widow168887Ent
   of Stockland, Co DorsetMargaret wife Nicholas HORE of Colyton   
STOCKER Evan junr yeomanof Colliton165574Berkeley
STOCKER Evanof Colyton1669148Coke
STOCKER Nicholas tallow chandlertenement in Culleton in occupation of168887Ent
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset      William MURLIS   
STOKES Robert yeoman[connection with STOKES family of Colyton]171220Leeds
   of Stockland, Co Dorset    
STOKES Robert clarkeRichd STOKES tanner of Colyton - brother172652Farrant
   of Stockland, Co DorsetMary wife James STOKES of Shute - sister   
STRAINGEWALES Joane spinsterof Colyton1655347Aylett
STREET Grace spinsterto Tho. & James sons of Nicholas BATTEN168349Drax
   of Widworthy, Co Devon      of Colyton   
TANNER Edwardof Colyford; to be buried in Colyton churchyard157520Pyckering
THOMAS Henry yeomanoverseer Robt HUETT of Colyton gent1650101Pembrooke
   of Wydworthie, Co Devon    
TILLEY Elizabeth widowto Mrs Mary WILKINS widow of Colyton1714102Fagg
   of Plimtree, Co DevonRobt HALSTON of Colyton   
TIRKEN Peter yeomanof Colyton1655178Aylett
TISSARD Robert sheppardFrancis son of Edward PRATT of Colyton1676125Bence
   of Seaton, Co devon      whole executor   
TOMKINS Thomas gentestates in Axminster; Coliton; Colompton1689130Ent
   of Axminster, Co Devonpoor of pshs Shute; Axminster; Coliton   
TURNER Edmund yeomanof Colyton1658433Wootton
TURNER Robertof Colyton1660231Nabbs
TURNER Walterto John HOLCOMB of Collyton160010Woodhall
   of Stockland, Co Dorset    
TURNER William blacksmithJohn HALSON the younger of Colliton1655203Aylett
   of Axminster, co Devon    
TYRLINGE Johnto be buried in church of Colyton152116Maynwaring
TYRLING Jane widowof Colyton165583Berkeley
TYRLING John gentof Collyton1648100Essex
VEALE ThomasI give towards making of Colaton Havon xijs158024Arundell
   of Knighton, Beerhackett, Co Dorset    
VERIARD Thomas the elder yeomanof Coliford, Coliton1657101Wootton
VERYARD Henry see Shute    
VYE Harryof Colyton155863Noodes
VYE John husbandmanof Gyttesayne in psh Collyton157931Bakon
VYE Simon yeomanof Coliton1650123Pembroke
VYE Walter yeomanof Colyton167312Bunce
WADHAM Dorothy [widow]"to poore of twelve pshs"161860Meade
   of Edge, Co Devon[Culliford is one of those named here]   
   [Edge Manor, Branscombe][ & was dau/o Sir William PETRE bn c1534/35]   
WARREN Thomas yeomanland at Nunford in psh Colyton;1716240Fox
   of Musbury, Co Devon[?land]purchased of Robert HALSON of Colyton;   
see also entry @ Shute[one of witnesses:] Danl QUINTIN of Colyton   
WESTOFFER Williamof Yardebury in Coliton; lands in Coliton & Shute158733Spencer
WESTON John yeomanof Coliton155415More
WHICKER John the elder yeomanof Colyford, Coliton1659287Pell
WHYCKER John the elderof Colyford, Colyton158417Watson
WILCOX Margaret sempsterof Colyton1657218Ruthen
WILD Radford yeomanto William BAGWELL a cottage & acre land1659441Pell
   of Rockbeare, Co Devon      called Crosses lying in Coliton   
WILKINS Ann spinsterto Saml MUSTON 25s p.a. out of lands1728367Brrok
   of Hawkchurch, Co Dorset      called Chappell lands in the tytheing of   
       Watchcombe in psh Colyton   
WILKINS Edward plate workerof Colliton1678134Reeve
WILKINS John late vicarof Colyton166710Hene
WILLOUGHBY John esqto poor of Cullyton, Fareway & Sherford1658497Wootton
   of Payhembury, Co Devon    
WOOTTON William husbandmanof Culliton162294Saville
WYATT WilliamTho. RYDE of Culliton156053Millershe
   of Westwater, Exminster, Co Devon    
YONGE Jane widowof Colyton165557Aylett
YONGE John kntof Coliton1663116Juxon
YONGE Robert esqof Culliton168467Hare
YOUNG Janeof Colyton166674Mico
YOUNG Walter gentpshs Exmouth & Coliton167283Eure
   of Ford in Dalwood, Co Dorset    
YOUNG Sir Walter bartburied in vault - in church of Colyton;1731200Isham
   of Escott, Co Devonpoor of pshs Colyton, Talaton, Ottery St Mary   
YOUNGE William esqof Colyton164929Pembroke
ZOUCH Dno Johannade Colyton143926Luffenan
BAILEY Robert gentmy estate at Shute called Kilhayne17055Eedes
   of Northleigh, Co Devon[father-in-law Tristram BOWDAGE]   
BAKER Carolus esqnephew & niece Charles & Elizabeth AYRE172835Abbott
   of Ottery St Mary, Co Devonmy fields at Shutte to said John DAVY   
BANCKS William yeomanof Shute164685Twisse
BANCKES Bartholomew husbandmanof Shute1658568Wootton
BANKS William clarkebrother John BANKS of Shute in Devon164976Fairfax
   of Rime intrinseca, Co Dorset    
BONVYLE John kntof Shute149521Vox
BONVYLE Katheren widowof Shute late wife of John149820Home
 BONVILLES early owners of Manor of Shute   
BOWDIGE Margaret widowJohn QUINTIN of Shute163098Scroope
   of Hawkchurch, Co. Dorset      his four daus and Elizth his wife   
 friends William STOCKER & John QUINTIN   
       of Shute overseers   
CLARKE John yeoman[witness] John SMITH of Shute, yeoman1657333Ruthen
   of Branscombe, Co Devonand one of trustees for testator's children   
CORNELIUS Alexander yeomanEllen, wife of John AWDON of Shute1693153Coker
   of Dalwood, Co Dorset& their children John, George, Dorothy & Elizth   
COX Henry yeomanwife & sister to hold lands in psh of Colyton172543Plymouth
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset& then to remain to son Henry COX   
CRABBE Johnat Blackeyeate of Shewte in psh of Colyton15718Daper
DAVIE Richard millerRobt WHITE of Shute oweth me xxd15939Dixy
   of Dallwood, Co Dorset    
DAVIS Thomas yeomanHenry SMITH of Shute & Willm DAVY als1733114Price
   of Stockland, Co Dorset      WHEELER my son-in-law - trustees   
DOMETT Bridget widowof Shute1659513Pell
DOMETT George butchertenements called Marsh in psh of Shute1647256Fines
   of Dallwoode, Co. Dorset    
DOWNING Gracemy son Richd DOWNING of Shute1702159Herne
   of Cotley [Cotleigh, Devon]    
DOWNING John yeomanof Shute167074Penn
DOWNING Richardland called Whiteslade in psh of Shute162439Byrde
   of Dalwood, Co Dorset    
DOWNING Richard yeomanof Shute170366Degg
DOWNING William yeomanto son John DOWNING land in Shute1630113Scroope
   of Dallwood, Co Dorset      called Whiteslade   
DRAKE John esqdue unto me -- from Robt. BAKER of Coliton;1614114Lawe
   of Ashe, Co Devon [Musbury]Robt. FRANCKLING of Whitford [Shute]   
DRAKE Sir John knt & barttenement at Hampton in manor of Whitford &1669159Coke
   of Trill in Axminster, Co Devon      psh of Shutt   
DRAKE Mary widowTho. LANE of psh Shute1687113Foot
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset    
DRAKE Mathew clarkeland lately purchased in Whitford in psh Shute1653311Alchin
   of Mushburie, Co Devon    
EDWARDS George yeomanThese Shute names appear here:1654225Aylett
   of Dallwood, Co DorsetNicholas CLEGGE; Symon BROOME;   
 Tho. WHITE; John NEWTON;William BROOME;   
 John SMYTHE   
EDWARDS Mary widow[names of Shute STOCKER families here]1668116Hene
   of Dallwood, Co Dorset    
FRANKLINGE Thomasof Showte [shute]157019Lyon
GILL John gentof Whiteford [psh Shute]159232Harrington
GILL Walter clothyerof Shute15901Sainberbe
GREY Thomas Marquis Dorset[GREYs owned manor of Shute]15027Blamyr
GREY Thomas Marquis Dorsetmy manours of Shute153110Thower
GUNDRY Nathaniel merchantto dau Wallis my leasehold estate in Shute1736268Derby
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset    
GUY John yeomanof Shute1647239Fines
GYLL Stephenof Whiteford in Shute156431Stevenson
GYLL William yeomanof Whiteforde in Shute156329Chayre
HAM William merchantsee Colyton163323Seager
HARRINGTON Cecill Marques Harringtonsons Lord Richd., Lord John & Lord Leonard153022Jankyn
   & Bonvill late wife of Thomas MarquisGREY   
   Dorset & after wife of Henry Earl of[Thomas GREY Marquis Dorset PCC 1502]   
HAWKER Jamesto dau Hannah land in psh Shute168357Drax
   of Luppitt, Co Devonto wife Elizth estate in Shute & Colyton   
HEWITT Robertof Shute16394Coventry
HORE RobertJohn VYE of Hampton in psh of Shute;160847Windebanck
   of Kilmington Co DevonBarnard BYRD of Luppitt & John SMYTHE of   
       Hampton [Shute] my exors in trust   
KYTE JohnWm POLE of Shute Esq157216Peter
   of Stockland, Co Dorset    
LANE Caleb marinerof Shout [Shute] & now of H.M.S. London169612Pyne
LOVERIDGE Bernard yeomanof Shute1729139Abbott
MANFEILD Thomasone tenement psh of Shute to Elzth MANDFEILD164673Twisse
   of West Mannaton, Co Somerset      late wife of bro Willm   
MARWOOD Benedictus genttenement called Moor Cox in Shute1745304Seymer
   of Hornehaies, Co Devon    
MICHELL John yeomanof Trichmarsh in Coliton1655278Aylett
 John PARSON of Whitford in Shute overseer   
 close called Okehame in manor of Shute   
MICHELL John tayler[connection Colyton & Shute not stated]168049Bath
   of Stockland, Co Dorset    
NEWBERY John genttenement called Kilhaine in Shute164677Twisse
   of Widworthie, Co Devon    
NEWBERRY Robert the elderof Shute husbandman165561Aylett
NEWTON Raynbourne yeomanone messauge called Humborne in Shute1654261Aylett
   of Kilmington, Co Devontwo closes called Raweshayes pt Humborne   
 one close called Paynters Moors pt Humborne   
 other parcels of Humborne called Bankes   
 Chapplemead, Chapple Moors & Little Heale   
NORMAN Richard husbandmanRichd AUDLY of Shutt son of John AUDLY1657143Ruthen
   of Dallwood, Co Dorset    
PARSON Dorothy widowof Whitford, Shute164769Fines
PARSON Henry yeomanof Shutt [Shute]167027Duke
PARSON Mary spinsterto poor of Shute; Margaret MATHEW of Shute:166061Nabbs
   of Chardstock, Co DorsetPhilipp wife of John SELLER of Shute;   
 Phillis CRABB of Shute   
PARSON WilliamPeter WILCOX of Shute; John PARSON of160140Woodhall
   of Musberry, Co Devon      Whitford [Shute]   
PARSONS Henry yeomanof Shute163751Goare
PERSONNES Johnof Whytford in psh Showte [Shute]157929Bakon
PETRE family of Essexowned land in Devon incl.Colyton & Shute   
PETRE Robert Lordpoor of Shute iiijs1638?Lee
   of Writtle, Essex    
PETRE Robert Lord Bart 171387Leeds
mansion house @ Ingalesone Hall    
PETRE Robert James Lord 1742253Trenley
PETRE William kntManor of Shutt als Shete1572?Peter
   of Ingatstone, Co Essex    
PETRE William Lordmy son & heir Robt PETRE sole exor163792Goare
   of Writtle, Essex    
PETRE William Lord 16837Hare
PINNEY John apothecarytenement in Shute to my wife Mary sole extrix169339Box
   of Axminster, Co Devon    
POLE Annerelict of late Sir John POLE of Shute171357Aston
POLE Carolus clerkto poor of Shute; tenement called Lexhain in1731159Isham
   Rector of psh St Breock, Co Cornwallpsh Shute which I hold lease of Lord PETRE   
POLE Sir John bartof Shute1708123Barrett
POOLE William esqof Shute158762S[encer
POOLE Sir William bartof Shute1742165Trenley
PRINCE William yeomanBarnard PRINCE & Leonard PRINCE1678144Reeve
   of Yarcombe, Co Devon      my bros of psh of Shout [Shute]   
PUSS Danielwill proved by Danl. PUSS of Shute,1745232Seymer
   of Uplyme, Co Devon      nephew by his brother   
QUINTIN Joane widowof Shutt1656147Berkeley
RATCLIFFE John commonly calledLady Mary PETRE my aunt173122Bedford
   Earl of Derwentwater    
READ Faith widowSmith's note: Faith READ born HORE of1681171North
   of LondonKilmington her first husband was Francis SMITH   
 of Whitford - married at Shute 1633   
RODFORD John husbandmanof Shute16581Pell
SELLER Francis grometo poore of Shute; to poore of Colyton161537Rudd
   of Kilmington, Co Devon    
SMITH Francisof Shute15989Kidd
SMYTH Elizabeth widowWillm SMYTHE of Whitford [Shute] - overseer158419Watson
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset    
SMYTH Henryof Showte [Shute]157019Lyon
SOUTHCOTT Thomas gent[connection with Colyton/Shute not stated BUT166332Bruce
   of Doulishayes, Kilmington, Co Devonhis bro-in-law was Sir Courtenay POOLE bart   
STOCKER Francis the elder yeomanof Shute1693117Coker
STOCKER Robert yeomanestate in Shute called Woodend & estate173925Browne
   of Dallwood, Co Dorset      called Culleys & Whits ground   
STOKES John gentbro-in-law William STOCKER the elder166552Hyde
late of Plymouth, Co Devon      of Smithers Pitt in psh Shute executor   
TAMMAS John husbandmanof Shute1657270Ruthen
VERYARD HenryFrancis SMITH sole executor [?of Shute]1653209Alchin
   of Branscombe [Devon]left farm to Francis SMYTH son of sister Joyce   
 wife of Francis SMYTH the elder [exor]   
VEY John of Bulmore,Devonson-in-law John SMYTHE of Heampton161412Rudd
   [?possibly @ Kilmington]      in psh Shute   
WALRONDE Humfrey esqoverseer Willm POOLE of Shute Esq158036Arundell
   of See, Co Somerset    
WALTER Johnof Shutt1656101Wootton
WARHAM Nicholas the elderof Shute      sope boyler170186Dyer
WARREN Thomas yeomanleasehold estate in Shute; poor of Musbury &1716240Fox
   of Musbury, Devon      Shute [see also @ Colyton]   
WELCH John yeomanto Marques wife of Richd SELLER of Shute;1662160Laud
   of Dalwood, Co Dorsetto Anne wife of Willm WHITE of Shute   
WHETCOMBE William merchantto dau Mary MABEL leasehold estate psh Shute170554Eedes
   of Lyme Regis, Co Dorset    
WHITE Johane widowof Shute163515Pile
WHITE Richardof Shute159157Sainberbe
WHITE Robert taylorof Shute171249Leeds
WIATT Nicholas yeomanone chattel lease granted by Sir Courtney1698135Lort
   of Lyme Regis, Co DorsetPOOLE of psh Shout in Co Devon & his son   
       John POOLE esq