Armory of Pole Monument in Colyton Church


A.J.P. Skinner

Devon Notes and Queries Queries vol. XI, (January 1916 to January 1917), illus. pp. 1.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Perhaps the most interesting historic feature of St Andrew's Church, Colyton is its collection of monuments. Most of the best, ablaze with heraldry, are in the Pole Chapel, within which is a wonderful collection of historic tombs, many in Renaissance style, to the Poles of Shute. The earliest (of which Katherine Pole’s monument is an example) dates to 1587. The extract, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from google books, with a search by either author or title, and also from the Armory of . Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

On the monument in the "Pole Aisle," Colyton Church, to the memory of Katherine (died 28 Oct., 1588), wife of William Pole, Esquire, and daughter of Alexander Popham, of Hunts-worth, are four shields of arms in the cornice above the kneeling effigy. 

They are:

1. Argent on a chief gules two stags' heads caboshed or - Popham, impaling Paly of six argent and azure, on a bend gules three mullets or. - Stradling. 

2. Stradling impaling Sable, six hirondelles 3, 2, i, argent - Arundell. 

3. Popham impaling Gules, on a bend argent three escallops sable - Knoell. 

4. Knoell impaling Argent, a saltire gules between four eagles displayed azure - Hampden. 

Sir John Arundell,=Katerin, da. of Sir John of Yewton Arundell, Chideock, of Chideock. 

Sir Thomas Arundell=Katerin, sister and co-h. of John, Lord Dinham. 

Thomas Knoell,: or Sandford Orcas, son of Wm. Knoell. 

Kateryn =Sir Edward Stradling, Arundell, "my great-grandmother." 

Sir Wm. Pole. of St. Donat's, Glamorgan. 

Isabell=John Popham,  Knoell I of Huntsworth, Somerset. 

Elizabeth. da. Thomas Handen, of Mag Kimball, Bucks. 

Joan=Alexander Popham, Stradling of Huntsworth. 

William Pole, of Shute, born "within one year old at his father's death" died 15 Aug., bur. 24 Aug., 1587. in Colyton Church. =Katherine Popham, died 28 October, 1588 in Colyton Church. 

Sir William Pole, Knight, of Colcombe, Colyton, "The Historian," bap. Colyton, 17 Aug., 1561; bur. Colyton, 9 Mar., 1635. 

bur. 9 November.