The River Runs By:

A Childhood Remembered With
This and That

By Jim Board

Published by J.D. Board, 1999
Colyvale, Colyton EX24 6PZ
Printed by Creeds the Printers, Broadoak, Bridport DT6 5NL

Index prepared by Julie Anning Fletcher

(E-mail: lookup.jfletcher[at]westnet.com[dot]au)

Jim Board was the local postman for many years, born in Colyton. A good deal of the book follows his postal round naming roads, farms and families along the route, with some historical information and lots of childhood reminiscencing.

Illustrations and photographs

(Many not dated but thought to be early-mid 1900's}

 Front cover The River, Colyton.
1.    Town Map of Colyton, hand drawn, present day street names, 1928 street names, places of interest, i.e. Houses, businesses [see index]
2.Photo of seven Board siblings 1930's
3.Chantry Bridge, with the beginning of the breakup of the weir
4.The Ford, Farway Village
5.The Rickety Bridge at Heath-Hayne
6.The View of Colyton from Mount Hill
7.River Coly at it's most violent, taking away the end of a house below Umborne Bridge, 10th July 1968
8.Umborne Bridge, a favourite place for the Dipper to nest on it's steel supports
9.The Wesleyan Chapel where children attended Sunday School
10.A cottage where Mr Ralph Smith and family lived, here bicycles were repaired
11.Arial view of Old Cottages now long gone, foreground Church Path, where Mr. Newbury the Church sexton lived]
12.No.1 Restorick Row [home of Jim Boards grandparents]
13.Colyton Vicarage, taken from Church tower
14.The Old Smithy nearby the Bear Inn, Frank Turl, Farrier and Smithy
15.The fateful bollards at Church Path & iron railings removed during WW2
16.The Colyton Industrial & Provident Society, Harold Purse, Mr. Jay, Manager, Rene Restorick, Bill French, Unknown, Donald D. Purse
17.Colyton Primary School 1971
18.Rendell's House, Queens Square
19.The White Hart, Queens Square
20.Old School House 1908
21.Local Grammar School, now Old Church House 1978
22.Follett RH & J & Turl Brothers, Grocer & Ironmonger 1900's
23.Colyton Fair Day, early - unknown date
24.Colcombe Castle, Market Square
25.1937 Coronation Celebrations, Market Square
26.Barbers shop run by Ernest Matthews, now a library
27.Colcombe Castle, Market Square
28.Coronation Celebrations, Market Square
29.Board, James William, authors father
30.No.5 Stokes Row
31.Jim Board, Church Terrace
32.Butcher White's shop, Edgar White, Tom White, Reg Heard, Gwendoline White
33.Lower Church Street, Coronation 1937 children
34.Chantry Meadow
35.St Andrews Church fire, 1933
36.The church bells after fire, Harold Richards, Sir Rex Richards, Dick Barrett, Ned Moss, Mr. J Newbery
37.Grandmother, Lizzie Board
38.Stokes Row Court 1999
39.Gladys Elizabeth May Board with baby [Jim Boards' mother]



'Clapps' HayfieldTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
'Slippery'A travelling fruit and vegetable purveyor and character, used a horse and cart and was partial to a drink 133
5, Stokes RowTown Map of Colyton, author born1928-1999Preface
 Now Church Terrace, photograph 82
 James Board, photograph 84
AllotmentsWill Hayne, the Ridgeway and Colcombe, about 100 plots 40
Appledore FarmFarway, rivulet joins River Coly 9
Axe Valley HuntMet in Market Square 67
Bailey, BillSpent school years with author in Colyton 13
Bake HouseLower Church Street 91
Baker, J & FCurrent owners of Hamlyn Mill 43
Barrett, JohnChildhood friend of author 132
Barrett, TomTimber hauler, two saw mills South Street 78
Barton Stacey, HampshireJim Board 18 years old at Transit camp, death of grandmother Lizzie Board1946123
Bastable, Mr ETaught Sunday school, Vicarage Street, buried at Loughwood Chapel, lived at Berry House, bakery 106
Bastables shopVicarage Street 90
Bear InnPublic House 94
Beer QuarryBeer stone 67
Beer stoneUsed in cottages in King Street 45
Berry HouseTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
Berry HouseOverlooked Colyton House, originally two storey 37
Board FamilyPhotograph1930's7
Board, James DouglasBorn 22 August, 1928 82
Board, James siblingsJim, Denis, Sidney, Margaret, Alan, Hubert, Christine, Gladys, Malcolm, Ronald 86, 102
Board, Vera, Robert, JoanneChildren of Jim Board 107
Board, Jack & Board LizzieShearscroft Farm, drover and slaughterman 13
Board, James William & Board, Gladys Elizabeth MayParents of fourteen children born in Colyton, No.5 Stokes Row [now Church Terrace], Lower Church Street [then called Cross Street & also Tiger's Bay]Late 1800's-early 19008
Board, JimJames Douglas Board, Date of birth, 9th child of James William Board & Gladys Elizabeth May Board. Five children born after22nd August 19288, 81, 82
Bolshayne FarmSee Cottshayne Cottage 22
Bonehayne FarmSouthleigh, rivulet joins River Coly 9
Borwick, AndrewBoyhood friend of James Board, son of local magistrate193870
Boycombe FarmBoycome Lane, Farway, views to St. Andrews Church Colyton & Musbury Castle. Mural on wall of restored farm house, with inscription Hidden staircase 10,11
Bright, 'Granny'Cottshayne Cottage 22
Bright, LeonardA school friend of Jim Board 54
Brinkley BrookBubbles forth at Appledoore, joins River Coly 9
Brown familyOwns current business estate agent and solicitor 64
Bull, MissA teacher in mid-school 53
CeramtecWest Street, for past 25 years, the towns main employer 49
Chantry BridgePackhorse bridge where the Chantry Oak grewWeir on the north diverted water from Coly for the paper mill, now washed away 8
 Where the Coly continues to meat the River Axe 29
Chantry FieldsJim Board's sister Margaret rabbit snare 27
Chantry MeadowColyton 8
 Childhood play area 28
Chantry WeirLong washed away, diverted water for saw and paper mill 98, 113
ChardNets manufactured, local women examined them for defects, including aunt Mabel Littley 47
Church StreetUnitarian Chapel, now used as youth club 58
Clarence HouseColyton 55
Colcombe AbbeySee Colcombe Farmc.128030
 Once famous Abbey, made of Beer stone 67
Colcombe CastleMarket Square, photograph 66
Colcombe Castle InnMarket Square 67
Colcombe FarmAt Colcombe Lane, Colyton, Colcombe Abbey, a royal ring found 30
Colcombe MillThe Mill Stream drove a water wheel for Colyton's power supply 31
Coles MillMidway between Colyton and Colyford, still a working mill 29
ColyfordAncient Borough, River Axe 29
 New school built in 1929 58
Colyton CottageA second Colyton ghost, in the form of a gentleman, cottage once owned by Powell Family 57
Colyton Council SchoolMrs Kann and Mrs Wilmott, teachers193350
Colyton Fair DayPhotographUnknown65
Colyton HouseTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
Colyton HouseColyton, a grand house, owned by last family of leather tanners 36
Colyton Industrial & Provident Society ShopSign, West Street opposite the blacksmiths, established 1894, bread and cakes made on premises189449
CookshayesLies north, across the valley from Farwood Barton 16
 Jim Board's aunt worked as an 'indoors' servant190918
Coronation CelebrationsMarket Square, photograph193766
Coronation George VICelebrations193797
Cottshayne CottageGranny Bright, lived here, down the lane from Bolshayne Farm, close to Wiscombe Brook 22
Country InnColyton public house 69
de la Pole, John George ReeveComing of age of de la Pole, Oxen Hill was named182926
Dowell, BillyChildhood friend of author 113
Dowell, GrandmotherNee Purse 85
Dowell, WilliamBorn Branscombe, at cottage known as 'Wobble' 84
Dowell, William & AnneParents of Gladys Elizabeth May Dowell, mother of author, born 1 Restock Row189884
Dowell, BillieGrandfather of Jim Board, mother's father 27
Dowell, William & Edith DowellParents of Jim Boards' mother, see Restorick Row 36
Down, MrSee Hardy's Hill Farm 23
Duke of MonmouthMonmouth's Room in the Great House, named for his visit in 1680168076
Ebdon, HarryFarwood Barton, original destroyed by fire 16
Edge HillPlace names at Farway 12
Edwards, H EClerk of Works, of new sewerage system1935-692
 Construction supervisor of railroad in Kenya 95
EvansBought Hamlyn Mill186043
Evelyen, Dr.Ex prisoner of way far east, lived at Brook House 72
Far-a-way HousePlace names at Farway 12
Farway VillageAt the foot of Farway hill, a place of great antiquity 9
Farway Village ChurchYew tree, reputed to be one thousand years old 9
Farwood BartonPlace names at Farway 12
Ffeofees Town HallMarket Square built 1927192768
Follett, RH & JOnce a surplus storeEarly 1900's60
 Grocer & Ironmonger, photograph 62
Folletts shop  90
Ford, MrOwned 'Lookout' Branscombe1920's63
Fowler familyLower Church Street 97
Fox familyLower Church Street, several children 97, 105
Frankeheney familySee Heathhayne Farm page 26 26
Freakhayne BridgeThe Coly is joined by a brook beginning at Wiscombe Park 21
Freakhayne HouseDestroyed by fire in the mid 1800's, remnants of chimney with arched fireplace, refer W.H. Hamilton Rogersc.1800's24
Fry familyLower Church Street 97
Fry George'Clatting' for eels at Chantry Weir 113
Fry PeterChildhood friend of author 132
Gerrard ArmsColyton 35
 Public house, ladies outing to snug bar1900-194097
Gittshayne FarmOpen stream ran through land 113
Globe InnPublic house, ladies outing to snug bar1900-194097
Gover's BakeryOr Old Bake House, Dolphin Street, owned by Mr & Mrs Gover 94, 115
Grammar SchoolNow Old Church House, photograph197861
Great HouseTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
HamberhayneLies across the valley from Farwood Barton 16
Hamilton Rogers, W.H.History of the area of Freakhayne House 24
Hamlyn MillFondly known locally at 'The Tan Yard', a tannery where leather was produced from Roman times Leather works, water wheel diverted water from the Coly 29, 42, 116
Hann, BillShot rooks 112
Hann, MrHad full control of Colyton's first power supply 31
Hardy's Hill FarmOwned by Mr. Down, above Cottshayne Cottage 23
Hawkins, Doreen & BillSouthleigh Post Office 21
Heard, RegPhotograph White's butchers 94
Heathhayne FarmThe Rickety Bridge, spanning the Coly, 'alas long gone', wild raspberries grew 25
 Sitting under Oxon Hill, in local vernacular 'Yethin', Frankeheney family, heiress married Stroke, Denys Passmere, Pole Family of Shute 26
 House rebuilt in 1620 by Westonc.162026
Henry VIIIGranted market in Charter to Colyton154668
Higher WaddonSouthleigh farm name 21
Hooper familyLower Church Street 97
Hoopers shopDecorators, Dolphin Street 89
HornshaynePlace names at Farway 12
 Lies across the valley from Farwood Barton 16
HowberhayneLies across the valley from Farwood Barton 16
Howberhayne HouseStrowbridge family, a house of large proportions, restored 23
Hutchings, HumphreyLived at 'Money Acre' at the top of Farway Common, found a crock of coins and letter 9
Jacknell, JoeyA shoe repair man lived No. 1 Hillhead Road 134
Jefferies, JudgeMarket Square, Court House 67
 Plaque on wall with brief history, near King Street 45
Jenkins, MrHeadmaster of Colyton Council School, garden plotsAbt. 194450
JobblehayesPlace names at Farway 12
 Giles White, was a gamekeeper for Shute Estate 21
Joslin, MrA teacher 54
Kann, MrsSee Colyton Council School193350
King StreetThe old Smithy, once used for shoeing horses 39
 Previously known as Back Street 41
Kingdom CottageKing Street 67
Leather makingHistory and current methods 44
Lions Close HillRoad to picnic site 105
Liddons FarmSee Mr Loveridge 117
Little Downing FarmWW2 plane crashed, near Colyton 77
Littley, MabelSee Chard 47
 A cousin to authors mother, husband Sidney Littley 137
Littley, SidneySee Littley Mabel 137
Littley, RegAnd his father lit huge fires to make gas for local supply 42
Long, Walter 'Walty'Foundry Cottage 136
Loud, GeorgeThe butcher would buy rabbits, see Chantry fields 27
 Butcher shop Market Square 125
Loveridge MrFarmer from Liddons Farm off Station Road 117
Lower Church StreetPreviously known as Cross Street, or 'Tigers Bay', where Jim Board was born, 60 children lived 35
Lower WaddonSouthleigh farm name 21
Market SquareOld Church House, once the Grammar School1547-192958
Matthews, ErnestBarber shop, now a library 72
MillhousePlace names at Farway, stands close to 'our new brook' 12
Minchinton, IvorChildhood friend of author, see Morton Cottage 132
Money AcreSee Hutchings, Humphrey 9
Morganhayes CopseEntry from Hary's Hill Farmhouse 23
Morganhayes Cover CopseBuzzard hawk nest 23
Morton CottageMinchinton family lived with four children 97
Mounthill, Ox Hill, Hillhead, Sutton ThornHills used for sledging with hill trolleys, rabitting1939103, 105
Mr. SnellOld Post Office, Farway 12
Netherton HallHistorical residence of the Lords of the Manor 11
 A refuge for young people198012
Newbury, JimmyCaretaker of St. Andrews Church, lived at Church Path, now gone 136
NorthleighVillage, dominated by village church St. Giles 13
Oak barkOld method for tanning leather, still used in Colyton 43
Old Blacksmith's ShopTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
Old Church HouseSee Market Square, secret panel leads to garden 58
Old CompassesColyton public house, South Street 74
Old School HousePhotograph190861
Old Shute HouseRoasting spit preserved from Oxen hill 27
Packhorse BridgeFifty yards from Woodbridge Farmhouse 13
Paper MillLong washed away on the Axe River 29
Parehayne FarmOwned by Mr Russell, corn grown 118
Parish Church of St. AndrewWith unique Lantern Tower, views to west rolling hills of Farway, Northleigh and Southleigh, views south to the English Channel, village of Axmouth 30
Parkes, Mr & Mrs & NorahLower Church Street 96
Passmere, DenysSee Heathhayne Farm page 26 26
Perham, HaroldAuto repairs, workshop overlooked Ham Fields 136
Pole Family of ShuteSee Heathhayne Farm page 26 26
Pole, Sir William TemplarHis son John George Reeve de la Pole182927
Powell familySee Colyton Cottage, employer of Jim Board's aunt who died aged 99 years, mid-shipman on Nelson's Flag ship, uniform and regalia held by Colyton Ffeofees 57
Prams, perambulatorsUsed for fetching nets, gathering wood, produce from allotment 48
Prince of WalesMonument erected by the Patriotic Protestants186370
Purbridge CrossWhere the Coly and Brinkly Brook merge 19
PurlbridgeColy river becomes fishable 9
Purse, Mr & MrsLower Church Street 96, 105
Queen SquareLong thatched dwelling of Colyton Cottage, dated 1620c.162056
Queen's HayeNext door to Queen's Square Garage, interesting house with indoor well 56
Queen's Square Garage and Cycle ShopOpposite Colyton Cottage, one the armoury for the local militia 56
RatsholeThe name an orchard, a mystery. An apple tree called 'Sheep's Nose' 23
Rendell's HouseQueens Square, photograph 59
Restorick RowJim Boards mother born to William Dowell and granny Edith Dowell 36
Ridgeway HouseThatched house on Ridgeway known for it's ghost, with main group of six houses 56
River AxeClose to Colyford, see Chantry Bridge 29
River ColyRises five miles west of Offwell 9
Road Green FarmRoad to picnic site 105
Road Pit FarmNorthleigh Colyton Road 18
Rosemary LaneColyton, once called North Street, once a thriving saw mill, Jim Boards father ground axes there 31
 Previously known as North Street, Restorick Row on right 36
Royal EngineersJim Boards regiment in Kenya 95
Saw MillLong disused on the Axe River 29
Scruel Barton FarmA stream veers past, joining the Coly at Bonehayne Farm 21
Shearscroft FarmSituated on hill overlooking village church, birthplace of James William Board & six siblings 13
Shiphay FarmNear Mill Stream, close to Colyton town 31
Shute Deer ParkSee Shute Estate 21
Shute EstateOwned by the Carew Pole family 21
Sir John Carew PoleOwned Shute Estate 121
Slyn familyLower Church Street 97
Smith, JohnChildhood friend of author 132
Smith, RalphFamily lived in cottage next to Gerrard Arms 35
 Ran cycle repair shop 82
Solicitors Chambers'Elizabethan' mural found in 1974, possibly wealthy merchants house, ghost of Abbot 65
South StreetOnce called Cuckoo Street 70
Southleigh BrookSouthleigh 21
Southleigh Post OfficeSouthleigh, owned by Doreen & Bill Hawkins 21
St. Andrews ChurchFire, bells removed1933111
St. Andrews SquareCentre point stood a water fountain 31
St. LawrenceVillage church of Southleigh 21
Stacey, ConstablePoliceman, fireworks damage to house 112, 127
Stedcombe HouseThree miles from Colyton 136
Strawberry LanePicnic site 105
Strawbridge, CharlesPlayed the hand bells 35
Strowbridge familyHowberhayne House, mentioned in connection with the Feoffees of Colyton, Royal Charter granted154623
Sunny Side CottageSouth Street, un-named volunteer soldier at Sedgemoor, marriage recorded Loughwood Chapel near Dalwood 74
Sweetland, MrsSold sweets from kitchen window 96
Taylor familyLower Church Street 97
TedbridgePlace names at Farway 12
The 'Old Gas Works'Town Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
The Bear InnPublic house next door to the Smithy 39, 69
The ButtsThe primary school, once named the Colyton Council School, Jim Board attended from 1933 aged 5 years 50
The CompassesTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
The CompassesColyton public house 69
 South Street home of author at 14 yrs old, 120
 Once a Coaching Inn 130
 Death of sister Gladys Board 131
The CottageKing Street, a beautiful thatched house 45
The Court HouseAcross the road, once stood three elm trees, where prisoners were hung 46
The FoundryTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
The GeorgeColyton public house 69
The GlobeColyton public house 69
The GroveTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
The GroveBeer stone house in South Street, requisitioned US Army WW2 78
The Wesleyan ChapelTown Map of Colyton1928-1999Preface
The White HartPublic House, fire destroyed thatch, photograph 60, 69
Toll HouseA toll paid for crossing the Umborne Bridge, entering the town or using the weighbridge 31
Town HallBuilt in Colyton by the Ffeoffees192958
Tracey, ArthurTravelling street singer 71
Tucker, HaroldChildhood friend of author 132
Tucker, Mr & Mrs & HaroldLower Church Street, Mr Tucker a military man 96
Turl BrothersCollecting town refuse by horse and cart, in Follett's Shop photographEarly 1900's62
 Disposed towns rubbish 137
Turl MrA shoe repair man at Cobblers, Dolphin Street 134
Turlings FarmOnce the dairy farm for Colyton House 45
Umborne BridgeRefer Toll House 31
 Birdlife 99
 Flood relief tunnels 136
Umborne BrookBelow Colcombe Farm House, diverted by Monks of Colcombe Abbey 30
Unitarian ChapelSee Church Street, burial vault underneath, 17 people buried 58
Vicarage10 years prior, made into two separate dwellings 37
Vincent, DickWorked for Folletts 63
 Lived at South Street, delivered groceries to Branscombe, Dalwood, Shute, Whitford, Farway and Northleigh 135
Waldron of Bovye HouseBranscombe, see Robert Weston page 26 26
Waldron, KatherynSee Robert Weston 26
Waterloo CottageThe Butts, last house before recent development, beyond is Ridgeway 55
Wesleyan ChapelOnce situated in Lower Rosemary Lane, children attended Sunday school 31
 Rosemary Lane, Sunday school 106
West StreetLeading to the Butts and Ridgeway, local school, dentist, new cemetery 47
 Blacksmiths 49
Weston, JohnSee Robert Weston 26
Weston, RobertOf Heathhayne, son of John Weston of Colyton, married Katheryn Waldron, daughter of Waldron of Bovye House, Branscombe19 May 156126
White family & Alec WhiteLower Church Street 97
White GilesLived at Park Cottage, Shute. Brother of Jim Board's grandmother Lizzie Board, gamekeeper for Shute Estate 21, 121
White, TomWhite's Butchers shop St Andrews Square 90
 Edgar, Tom and Gwendoline White photograph 92
 Butcher of Colyton, Ham Fields, slaughter house94, 13690
Widworthy SchoolA two & a half mile walk for authors father and siblings, Jim, Jack, Harry, Tom, Emma, Grace & Alan Board [see Board, James William page 8] 14
Willhayne LaneRoad to picnic site 105
Wimott, MrsSee Colyton Council School193350
Wiscombe ParkA handsome house stands 21
Wood, ReginaldBasket maker lived at bottom of Hillhead Road 135
Woodbridge FarmHome of Bailey family, long established Farway family 13
Yonge familyGreat House, Sunnyside Terrace, ghost 75
Yonge, JohnMerchant adventurer built Great House 76