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Combe Martin Local History Group (1989)

Prepared by

Fenella Rook

[Also contains a list of 300+ names of persons who contributed to the cost of the publication of this book in 1989.]



A Remarkable PlaceRobin Stanes1
Mediaeval Combe MartinRobin Stanes4
The Bay and HarbourJoyce and George Payne13
The Combe Martin Silver Mines     Peter Claughton24
The MillsKeith Taylor55
The FieldsRobin Stanes59
The HempRobin Stanes62
The Challacombe FamilyDaphne Challacombe68
West Challacombe FarmRobin Stanes73
Hangman HillNorah Gregory75
The Earl of RoneTom Brown81
George LeyJohn Sharp85
Lime BurningDaphne Challacombe and Gerald Walters    96
TurnpikesMichael Beaumont104
The VestryMichael Beaumont112
Tithes and EnclosuresMichael Beaumont129
The Village StreetCelia Dexter146
MinersMike Warburton159
StrawberriesJenny Cox and Daphne Challacombe163
WaterKeith Taylor171




?, Richard1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Ackland, Saml1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand occupier108
Acland, Sir William  Advocated Coulsworthy Spring water174
Adams, John1842 Tithe map occupier133
Allen, Edwin1855Free schoolschoolmaster94
Allen, William1881 Gardener154
Anne, Duchess of Exeter  Sister of Edward IV75
Ashton, Hugh  Clerk of the Demesne7
Atkinson, Stephen1619Combe Martin mineWrites regarding profit of the mine33, 34
Audley family  Property holder6, 11
Bacon, Francis1635 Former Lord Chancellor35
Bale, Anthony1618MarlboroughAsked for assistance64
Bale, James1837 Schooner launch for John Dovell17
Barne, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Barne, Thomas1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Bartlett, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Basset, Arthur1866WatermouthSquire of Watermouth commissioned boat to be built19
Bassett, J.D.1842Of BerrynarborLandowner, Squire132, 135
Bathurst, Earl  Advocated Coulsworthy Spring water174
Beels, Anne1732 Sold hemp64
Bell, Dr.  Invented Madras" system of education91
Bennett, John1550Combe Martin mineGarden with water conduit33
Benson, Thomas1747Of Bideford and AppledoreSmuggler, M.P. for Barnstaple16
Berry, Joanna1794 Mother of illegitimate child124
Berry, Margery1784 Apprenticed to Francis Ridd127
Blackmoor, William1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Blackmore, Nicholas1758 Church warden invoice for mending church seats116
Blackmore, Nicholas1798 Parish account & loan125
Blackmore, William and John1842 Tithe map occupier133
Blake, John1382Combe Martin mineMine overseer30
Boone, George1754 Church warden invoice for killing hedgehogs117
Bourchier, William Combe Martin minePresentation by Bevis Bulmer35
Bowden, George1693 Overseer121
Bowden, H.K.1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand occupier108
Bowden, John1769 Parish assistance with Window Tax126
Boweland, Thomas1423Combe Martin mineGranted mine30
Boyle, John1842Of Wester Park FarmAwarded plots of common land137
Brake, Mr.c.1891From SouthamptonOffered Building plots for sale on Holdstone140, 141, 142, 144
Brantley, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Bremridge, Mr.1798Of BarnstapleParish account123
Bremridge, Richard1840Attorney of BarnstapleVestry meeting of Landowners129
Brictric  Saxon landholder before 10864
Brook, George1834Eastercott quarryAccidental death102
Brook, Richard1783 Parish loan126
Brook, William1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine46
Brook, Wm1758 Church warden invoice for mending church seats116
Brook, Wm.1751 Church warden invoice for killing hawk117
Brooks, Thomas,1881 Gardener154
Brownscombe, Joan1590Of DawlishInventory of belongings62
Bulmer, Bevis1587Combe Martin mineMining entrepreneur34, 35
Burgess, Christopher1781 Poor Law account123
Burgess, Henry1835 Parish compensation for carrying body126
Burgess, John1910Lower MillReeve of the Manor58
Bush, George1860sOf WiveliscombeLeased mining rights135
Bushell, Thomas1635Combe Martin mineLeased mine35, 36
Bynon, Jane1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner108, 109
Carew family   10
Carrington, Rev.1750s Assessment for poor rate, Rector of Parish120, 124
Challacombe family1332 Landowners68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 165
Challacombe, Anne1756 Overseer of the poor71
Challacombe, David1569 Archer69
Challacombe, Davidd.1597Challacombe EstateGentleman, leaves will70
Challacombe, Edwin1873HoldstoneLandowner72
Challacombe, Edwin1881 Gardener154, 165
Challacombe, Elizabethc.1750 Innkeeper71
Challacombe, Evelyn Ley1930sSeasidePhoto72
Challacombe, Frederick Philip1883-1983 Photo70
Challacombe, George1779Poor houseCarpenter72
Challacombe, George1825Vicary's FarthingLandowner72
Challacombe, George1792 Parish assistance to buy leather126
Challacombe, Isaac1881 Gardener155, 165
Challacombe, John1449Challacombe EstateTax commissioner69
Challacombe, John1569 Mustered able men for defence69
Challacombe, John1641Challacombe EstateGentleman, chief landowner70
Challacombe, John1674Of WestleighGentleman, owned house with seven hearths71
Challacombe, John1674Of CountisburyOwned house with one hearth71
Challacombe, John1674Of TrentishoeOwned house with one hearth71
Challacombe, John1675KentisburyMarriage to Dorothy Harding70
Challacombe, John the younger1456Challacombe EstateGentleman69
Challacombe, Mr. Geo.1778 Overseer115
Challacombe, Robert1674Of SwimbridgeOwned house with three hearths71
Challacombe, Robert1715 Leased mines in Molland37
Challacombe, Robert1763 Church Pew payment118
Challacombe, Thomas1719 First schoolmaster90
Challacombe, Thomas Challacombe EstateSon of Thomas Challacombe, regains forfeited land69
Challacombe, Thomas1507Challacombe EstateForfeits land due to felony69, 73
Challacombe, Thomas1674 Owned house with five hearths71
Challacombe, Thomas1716 First teacher at school71
Challacombe, Thomas1734 Churchwarden71
Challacombe, Thomasd.1630NutcombeYeoman, son of David Challacombe, will70, 71, 72
Challacombe, William Buzzacott LaneStrawberry grower165
Challoner, Williamd.1670Of BrauntonVicar, Will94
Chalvecombe, David1428Challacombe EstateFreeholder69
Charles II  Battle of Worcester117
Charleton, William1406Combe Martin minePrior of Pilton, mine supervisor30
Charley, J.M.1934 Coulsworthy Spring water172
Charley, James1842Of CoulsworthyLandowner132
Charley, Richard1840Of Nutcombe and BlakewellVestry meeting of Landowners129
Charley, Richard1842Of NutcombeLandowner132
Charley, Wm.1840Of East ChallacombeVestry meeting of Landowners129
Chedzoy, Mr.  Strawberry dealer168
Chichester family   83
Chichester, J.H.1842Of TrentishoeLandowner132
Chichester, Lady  Advocated Coulsworthy Spring water174
Chichester, Rev. James Hamilton1840sChurch TurnpikeTurnpike Trustee107
Chichester, Sir Arthur1607Of Raleigh near BarnstapleUncle of Sir John Chichester83
Chichester, Sir John1607 King's Deputy in Ireland83
Cholecombe, David1524Challacombe EstateTax payer69
Cholecombe, John1524Challacombe EstateTax payer69
Chugg, John1784Of Lower CoulsworthyParish compensation for apprentices127
Clendon, C.H.1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand occupier108
Clogg family1800s Limeburners & Strawberry growers98, 169
Clogg, Mr.1787 Overseer, paid parish compensation for Wm. Willis' trial126
Clogg, Mr.J. , J.P.1913 Chairman of Jam company169
Clogg, Nicholas1863 Quarry owner102
Clogg, Richard1778 Paid for supplying shirts and shifts126
Clogg, Timothy1842Of Locks, Eastcotts and Touts   Landowner, Turnpike Trustee107, 132
Coffin, Sir William1300sDeer parkDeer park keeper11
Coles, John1783 Father of illegitimate child124
Colle, Richard1360Combe Martin mineLeased mine29, 30
Coloign, John1370Combe Martin mineLeased mine30
Comer, Alexander1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine46
Comer, Alexander1842 Tithe map occupier133
Comer, Henry1881 Gardener155
Comer, Richard  Accidental death in lime kiln102
Comer, Simon1792 Parish assistance for fishing boat126
Comer, Simon - his wife1798 Needed midwife services125
Cooksley, James1850Combmartin TurnpikeTurnpike surveyor111
Corelli, Marie1896 Wrote "The Mighty Atom"163
Cornish, Mr.1842Vestry meetingAt vestry meeting114
Courtenay family   10
Courtice, Thomas1869Combe Martin mineExpressed interest in the mines37
Crang, Walter1842Of West ChallacombeLandowner132
Crascombe, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Creek family  Strawberry growers169
Creek, Edward1881 Gardener155
Creek, George1930sSeasideDrapery shop owner72
Creek, Matilda1878 Gardener165
Crocker, Ann1784 Apprenticed to Richard Knight127
Crowther, William1758 Witness on security document124
Cryte, Robert1531Of IlfracombeWitness at hearing77
Cutcliffe family1800s Limeburners98
Cutcliffe, Ann1788 Playing violin118
Cutcliffe, Ann1778 Received clothing from the Parish125
Cutcliffe, Capt. Richard1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner108, 109
Cutcliffe, Edward1784Of Easter ParksParish compensation for apprentices127
Cutcliffe, Grace1702 Marriage to George Ley87, 89, 94
Cutcliffe, John1787 Limeburner97
Cutcliffe, John1803 Poor Law account123
Cutcliffe, John1758 Witness on security document124
Cutcliffe, Mary Ann1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner108
Cutcliffe, Nicholas1866Combmartin TurnpikeCottage owner108, 109
Cutcliffe, Nicholas1840Of Hatherley'sVestry meeting of Landowners129
Cutcliffe, Richard1839 Boat owner18
Cutcliffe, Widow1750sOf HatherleysAssessment for poor rate120
Dalling, John1693 Church warden121
Dallyn, Richard1784Of Lower BuzzacottParish compensation for apprentices127
Darch, George  Sailed under Capt. George Irwin18
Darch, Mathew  Strawberry growers165
Darvill, Bill  Local artist84
Davie, Lady Ferguson  Advocated Coulsworthy Spring water174
De Columbariis family  Property holder6, 11
De Brisele, Henry1360Combe Martin mineLeased mine29, 30
De Chalvecombe, John1332West Challacombe FarmTax payer68
De Columbariis, John1332 Tax payer, Lord of the Manor68
De Columbariis, Phillip1327-28Combe Martin mineLord of the Manor29
De Courtenay, Philip1388Deer parkGranted a deer park11
De Hulton, Vincent1292-3Combe Martin minesController of mines27
De Meydenestan, Walter1292-3Combe Martin minesController of mines27, 29
De Strode, Adam1325Combe Martin minePays rent for Combe Martin mine29
De Swensye, Thomas1299 Controller of mines29
De Wymundeham, William1292-3Combe Martin minesController of mines27, 29
Deacon, Mary1783 Mother of illegitimate child124
Dean, Mr.1773 Church warden invoice for viewing seats116
Defoe, Daniel1724 Author, comments about the mines37
Denham, Lieutenant, R.N.1832 Head of Admiralty Survey of Devon149
Dennett, Walter1531Of West DownWitness at hearing76, 77
Derby, Henry1406Combe Martin mineGranted mine30
Derby, John1406Combe Martin mineGranted mine30
Devonport, Lord  Advocated Coulsworthy Spring water174
Donn, Benjamin1765 Published map of Devon146, 147, 149
Dovell family1800s Limeburners98, 100
Dovell, John1823 Churchwarden19
Dovell, John1825 Harbouring smuggled goods17
Dovell, John1825 Entrepreneur, maltster, miller56
Dovell, John1837 Schooner launch for John Dovell17
Dovell, John1840sChurch TurnpikeTurnpike Trustee107
Dovell, John1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner108
Dovell, Johnc.1843Combe Martin mineSon of John Dovell, photo53
Dovell, John1840Of Barton GateVestry meeting of Landowners129
Dowdle, John1756 Church warden invoice for killing an otter117
Down, John1850Lower Mill, DolphinMiller57
Down, John1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand occupier108, 109
Down, Mary Ann1893Lower Mill, DolphinWidow of John Down57
Down, Thomas1842 Tithe map occupier133
Draper, Mary Ann1881 Gardener155
Draper, Thomas1842 Tithe map occupier133
Duchess of Exeter   76
Dudley1654Combe Martin mineExpressed interest in the mines37
Duke of Exeter   76, 79
Earl Goodwin  Father of Earl Harold of Wessex16
Earl Harold of WessexBef, 1052 Battle in Porlock15
Eastman, Mr.   109
Edmund, Harry1531Of NorthamFather of Thomas Edmund78
Edmund, Thomas1531Of NorthamWitness at hearing78
Edward IV   75, 79
Edwy  Saxon landholder before 10864
Elizabeth I   112, 164, 166
Elizabeth, heiress of Thorne1734Of Lee House, MarwoodMarriage to George Ley (3rd)91
Empstone, William.1840Of HoldstoneVestry meeting of Landowners129, 132
Facey, Capt. John1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand occupier108
Facey, John1839 Blacksmith114
Facey, Richard1840Of Blackmore HamVestry meeting of Landowners129
Fawkes, Guy1605  117
Filius, Petrus1524Combe Martin mineMine survey leader32
Fishley, George1725WatermouthTidesman17
Fleming, James1840Of Wringer's MeadowVestry meeting of Landowners129
Follett, F.V.  Wrote "The Strawberry Fields"163
Forbes, Norman1902 Coulsworthy Spring water171, 172, 173
Fox, Dr. Of ClaphamPurchased land on Holdstone142
Fox, George1796Combe Martin mineLease of manorial lands38
Fry, Elizabeth1800 Settlement cerificate121
Fry, Walter1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner108, 109
Gammon, Mary1764 Medical expenses125
Gear, George1881 Gardener155
Gear, John1780 Mill apprentice56
Geer, Nicholas1778 Paid for supplying breeches126
George III1743 Victory over France117, 118
Gilbert, Adrian Combe Martin mineLeased mine after new discovery34
Gonson, William1528 Agent for Cardinal Wolsey32, 33
Goss, Henry1784 Church warden invoice for clock repair116
Goss, Henry1779 Parish loan126
Goss, John1837 Schooner launch for John Dovell17
Goss, Mary1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine46
Gould, Ann1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand occupier108
Gould, John1835 Parish compensation for carrying body126
Green, James1827Combe Martin BayEngineer23
Gryffies, Rev. Timothy1764Free schoolSchoolmaster93
Gubb, John1812 Partish assistance for Inquest after drowning126
Gubb, Thomas1750sCloggs MeadowAssessment for poor rate120
Gubb, Thomas1765 Poor House accounts122, 125
Gubb, Thomas1842 Tithe map occupier133
Gubb, Thomas1881 Gardener155
Gullet, Mr.1790Combe Martin mineLeased mine38
Hamilton-Jenkyn, A.K.  Author159
Hancock, John1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine46
Hancock, John Esq.1674 Lord of the Manor, owned house with eight hearths71
Hancock, Robert1881 Gardener155
Hancock, William1573 Manor granted by Sir John Pollard12
Handcock, Richard1842 Tithe map occupier133
Hany, Richard1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Harding family BuzzacottLandowners73, 86
Harding, Amos  Father of Margaret Harding86
Harding, Dorothy1675KentisburyMarriage to John Challacombe70
Harding, James Nott1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner109
Harding, John  Yeoman, brother of Amos Harding86
Harding, Julian1763 Church Pew payment118
Harding, Margaret1633Of Holdstone FarmMarriage to George Ley86, 87
Harding, Mrs.1842Of Buzzacott and BearaLandowner132
Harding, Timothy1707 Dispute with George Ley86
Harding, Timothy1752 Church Pew payment118
Harding, W.1866 Payment from Rev. H.W.Toms119
Harris family1800s Limeburners & Strawberry growers98, 165
Harris Richard1693Of BerrynarborCarpenter, Settlement certificate121
Harris, James1802DeaconsSchoolmaster, lease of hemp ground64
Harris, Joshua1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine, Land owner, church warden46, 110, 111, 118
Harris, Joshua1842 Tithe map occupier, malt house owner133
Harris, May1693Of BerrynarborDaughter of Richard Harris, settlement certificate121
Harris, Wilmott1693Of BerrynarborWife of Richard Harris, settlement certificate121
Harry, John1531Of BerrynarborWitness at hearing77
Harry, John1531Of KentisburyWitness at hearing78
Hart, Mary  Painting reproduced on back coverBack cover
Hartnoll, Dr.1781 Bill for medical care125
Hartnoll, Dr.1800 Inoculated the poor against smallpox125
Hawker, Parson Of Morwenstow 16
Hawkins, W.B.1871From SurreyPurchased land140
Heddon, John1801 Miller56
Henry III1265 Grants a weekly market7
Henry VII  Manor accounts survive7, 75
Henry VIII  Gave the manor to Sir John Pollard7, 32, 62, 75, 112, 117, 164
Hill, Wm.1751 Church warden invoice for killing badgers117
Hinsey or Hensley, John1300sDeer parkDeer park keeper11, 75
Hochstetter, Daniel Combe Martin mineSon of Joachim Hochstetter34
Hochstetter, Joachim1528Combe Martin mineMine survey leader32, 33, 34
Hole, Mr.1842Vestry meetingAt vestry meeting114
Hole, Richard1840 Vestry meeting of Landowners129
Holland family  Property holder6, 76
Hoole, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Hooper, John1842 Tithe map occupier133
Horwood, Richard1719 Rector90
Hoyles, Elizabeth1798 Midwife125
Huxtable, Ann1831 Occupier of Kings Arms Inn87
Huxtable, William Nathaniel1847-1932 Limeburner, photo98
Incledon, R.N.1842Of KentisburyLandowner132
Incledon, Susanna1737Of BrauntonMarriage to George Ley (3rd)91
Irwin family  Strawberry growers, boat owners18, 165, 168
Irwin, Capt. George  Boat owner18, 140
Irwin, George1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner109
Irwin, John1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner108
Irwin, John1835 Parish compensation for carrying body126
James I   112
Jervis, Admiral1797 Victory over Spain118
Jewel, Robert1770 Church warden invoice for carving116
Jewell family1800s Limeburners & Strawberry growers98, 165
Jewell, Jack  Owned Berry's quarry, photo103
Johns, Richard1716 Mentioned in George Ley's Will89
Kahlmeter1724 Swedish engineer, comments about the mines37
King Edward the Confessor  Feud with Earl Goodwin16
Kingsley, Canon Charles  Author158
Kingson, George1842Of CoulscottLandowner132
Kipling, Mrs, Rudyard  Advocated Coulsworthy Spring water174
Knight, Frederick  Son of John Knight98
Knight, John1820Of ShropshireIronmasters, owned parts of Exmoor98
Knight, Mr.1827 Church bells118
Knight, Mr. Richd.1778 Church warden115
Knight, Richard1784Of BeerParish compensation for apprentices127
Knight, Richard1840Of SunnysideVestry meeting of Landowners129
Korriened.1952 Occupied hut on Holdstone142
Lancey, John1881 Gardener155
Langdon, George1840sChurch TurnpikeTurnpike Trustee107
Latham, John1881 Gardener154
Latham, William1863Clogg's quarryAccidental death102
Latham, William1842Of Wringers MeadowAwarded plots of common land137
Leigh, Sir James Of Bere FerrersKinship with George Ley85
Lerwell, John1507 Deputy Reeve of the Manor7
Lerwell, John1524 Tax payer68
Lerwell, Walter1732 Sold hemp64
Lerwill, Bill  Rescued miners in Combe Martin mine accident160
Lerwill, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Lerwill, Walter1752 Church Pew payment118
Lerwill, William1842Of West ChallacombeLandowner132
Leversedge, John1845 Land Surveyor135
Lewes or Lewis, William1507 Leases 2 mills7, 11, 12, 56
Lewis, Mrs. S.V.   110
Ley family   18, 86, 94, 95, 146
Ley, Capt, John  Boat destroyed in gale19
Ley, Catherine1765 Poor House accounts122
Ley, George  Founder of charity school17, 18, 71
Ley, George  Overseer of the poor, built Kings Arms Inn85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 92, 94, 153
Ley, George1750sOf HoulstonAssessment for poor rate120
Ley, George1800 Dispute with Sir Charles Watson57
Ley, George1781 Parish account125
Ley, George (2nd)  Son of George Ley, mentioned in father's Will89, 90, 91, 92, 95
Ley, George (3rd)  Grandson of George Ley91, 92
Ley, George (4th)  Son of George Ley (3rd)94
Ley, George (5th)1776-1828 Son of George Ley (4th)95
Ley, George (6th)1808-1842 Son of George Ley (5th)95
Ley, Henry1874 Sale of Lee House95
Ley, Johnd.1701Of Barton Gate FarmYeoman, father of George Ley85, 86
Ley, John the elderd.1605 Will86
Ley, Mary1781 Needed doctor125
Ley, Richard1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner109
Ley, Sarah1797 Poor House accounts122
Ley, Sir James1625Of TeffontBecame 1st Earl of Marlborough85
Ley, Susan1674 Owned house with nine hearths71
Ley, Walter1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing78, 79
Ley, William1709Beers TenementThreadmaker, lease of hempland64
Litson, Elizabeth1750 Governess of the Workhouse122
Lock, William1881 Gardener154
Lord Mayor of London Combe Martin minePresentation by Bevis Bulmer35
Lovering family  Boat owners165
Lovering, Elizabeth1842 Tithe map occupier133
Lovering, John1507 Steward of the Manor, lease of corn mills7, 56
Lovering, John1524 Tax payer68
Lovering, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Lovering, Richard1524 Tax payer68
Lovering, William - his son1793 Broken leg125
Low, William1825 Harbouring smuggled goods17
Luscombe, William  Apothecary from Exeter95
Lysons, Rev. Daniel1822 Quote from History of Devon85, 153
Manning, Dr.1930s Village doctor172
Margaret, Countess of Richmond  Mother of Henry VIII75
Marshall, Thomas1794 Parish account123
Martin family1186 Landholder by 11865, 6, 7, 8, 12, 55
Martin, Nicholas1286 Founded Borough of Combe Martin6
Martin, William1265 Granted the right to hold a weekly market7
Martin, William1326 Landholder6, 8, 10, 11, 59, 164
Midworth, M.M.  Painting reproduced on Back cover.Back cover.
Milles, Jeremiah1750 Dean of Exeter171
Mohun family   10
Montgomery, John1300sDeer parkDeer park keeper11
Moore, Richard1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand occupier108
Morcombe, Capt. Richard1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner108, 114
Morris family   86
Morris, Richard1741Free schoolSchoolmaster92, 93
Mourush, Richard1292-3Combe Martin minesMaster of the mines27
Myddelton, Lady1635 Leaseholder of mines in Cardiganshire35
Nelson, Admiral1805 Battle of Trafalgar118
Newman, Samuel  Wrote book "John Winzer, Parish Apprentice"151
Newton, William and Mary1838 Occupiers of Kings Arms Inn87
Newton, Wm.1840Of Pack of CardsVestry meeting of Landowners129
Norcott, John1840Of Holland's ParkVestry meeting of Landowners129
Norman family  Strawberry growers165
Norman, Dick  Miner, worked in USA, was in Combe Martin mine accident160
Norman, Fred1806Of LintonSettlement cerificate121
Norman, James1881 Gardener154
Norman, James1896 Portrayed as Reuben Dale in "The Mighty Atom"164
Norman, Johnd.1648 Inventory of belongings62
Norman, John1835 Parish compensation for carrying body126
Norman, Magdalen1750 Governess of the Workhouse122
Norman, Mary1763 Church Pew payment118
Norman, Mary1881 Gardener155
Norman, Mr. Berry's quarry kilnAccidental death in lime kiln102
Norman, Richard  Cost of funeral122
Nutt, Mr. Richd.1778 Church warden115
Nutt, Richard1752 Church Pew payment118
O'Conner, Martin1748Combe Martin mineLeased mine37
O'Donnell, Rory, Earl of Tyronell1607 Fled from Ireland82
O'Neill, Hugh, Earl of Tyrone1607 Fled from Ireland82, 83
Oatway, James1808 Miller, maltster of Barnstaple56
Odda Earldorman878Of DevonDefeats Vikings15
Orchard, John1531West ChallacombeChief Steward of the Manor76, 77, 78, 79
Orchard, William1531West ChallacombeUncle of Lawrence Prouz75
Orchard, William1531West ChallacombeSon of John Orchard76, 77, 78
Packe, Edward1591Of TeignmouthInventory of belongings62
Palmer, C.E. Esq.1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine46
Parminter, Julian1752 Church Pew payment118
Parminter, Mary1715Of MarwoodMarriage to George Ley (2nd)91
Parminter, Peter Free schoolSchoolmaster93
Passmore, John1835 Parish compensation for retrieving and carrying body126
Payne, William1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Peak, John1851 Contract for cleaning highway115
Peak, John the elder1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Peak, Mr.1765 Poor House accounts122
Peake, William1842 Tithe map occupier133
Peake, Wm.1840Of Thorne's HayVestry meeting of Landowners129
Pearce, Mr.1806 Attorney121
Peard, Alice1752 Daughter of John Peard118
Peard, John1700 Lease of Manor property56
Peard, John1758 Church Pew payment118
Pearse, Edward1736Barkside or HemphayRoper, hemp grower64
Pepperell family1524Of Slapton 68
Perit, Runcin Combe Martin minesCuppellation overseer29
Pile, George1798 Singing teacher in Church118
Pine, Jno, Esq (Justice)1783 Order of loan to Richard Brook126
Pine-Coffin, Rev. Charles1840sChurch TurnpikeTurnpike Trustee107
Place, Francis1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine46
Place, Francis1842 Tithe map occupier133
Place, Frederick1840Of Hoyle's and GuessweedVestry meeting of Landowners129
Place, Frederick1835 Measured enclosed common lands137
Pole, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Pollard, Richard1538Deer parkRoyal commissioner12
Pollard, Sir John  Received the manor from Henry VIII7
Pollard, Sir JohnDied c.1575 Son of Richard Pollard12
Popham, John1789 Needed crutches125
Poppler, John Combe Martin mineLeased mine after new discovery34
Prescott, James1878 Gardener165
Price, Dr. of Redruth1761Combe Martin mineSilver assay38
Prince Edward   79
Priscott, Charles1840sChurch TurnpikeToll collector, Clerk to Churchwardens106
Priscott, John1835 Parish compensation for carrying body126
Prouse, John1569Challacombe EstateRichest man in the village70
Prouz family  Landowners73
Prouz, John Challacombe EstateNamed in document69
Prouz, Lawrence1531West ChallacombeNamed in document, Witness at hearing69, 75, 76, 78
Prudom, Robert1772Marwood BartonSilk merchant of Exeter94
Pugsley family  Strawberry growers169
Pugsley, Mary1743 Parish account125
Pyke, John Esq.1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine46
Pyke, Rev. John1840sChurch TurnpikeTurnpike Trustee107, 119
Raby, Alexander1802 Iron works at Llanelli38
Radford, John1881 Gardener155
Read, William1827Dovell's quarryBuried by rock fall101
Reddaway family1524Of Sampford Courtenay 68
Rede, Conrad1423Combe Martin mineGranted mine30
Reed, William1784 Apprenticed to Edward Cutcliffe127
Reynel, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Richards, James1854 Relieving Officer, Report from Petty Sessions153
Richards, Mrs Frances Hangman HillDonation of land to National Trust74
Richards, Philip1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner109
Richards, Phillip1881 Gardener155
Richards, William V.1840sChurch TurnpikeTurnpike Trustee107
Ridd, Francis1784Of CoulscottParish compensation for apprentices127
Ridd, John1840sChurch TurnpikeTurnpike Trustee107, 109
Ridd, John1840Of Libra ParkVestry meeting of Landowners129
Ridd, Surgeon1819 Inoculated 95 children against smallpox125
Risdon, Tristiamc.1640 Wrote a description of Combe Martin62, 96
Roach, Mr.1761 Church warden invoice for deals116
Roberts, Richard1550Combe Martin mineGrant of land33, 34
Robins family1800s Limeburners98
Rock, Mr.1773 Church warden invoice for deals116
Rook, George1881 Gardener155
Rook, James1881 Gardener155
Rook, Richard1881 Gardener155
Rottenbury, Richard1781 Parish assistance with cost of house126
Rowe, Abezier Mr.1842Of BarnstapleSurveyor129
Rowlandson, Thomasc.1850 Wrote accounts of hemp growing65
Saunders, Anthony1766 Lessee of two corn mills56
Seccombe family1524Of Germansweek 68
Sedgbeer, John1844Of LyntonSettlement cerificate121
Serlo de Burcy  Father-in-law of William de Falaise6
Sharland, John1773 Church warden invoice for viewing seats116
Shelley, Sir John  Advocated Coulsworthy Spring water174
Simmons / Symonds  Shipwright19
Skinner, David1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Slowly, Nicholas1693 Constable121
Smallridge family  Strawberry growers165
Smith, John1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Smith, Mr. Thos.1778 Overseer115
Smyth, Dr.1793 Paid for setting child's leg125
Smyth, Dr. James1797 Parish Surgeon, contract to care for the poor of the Parish125
Snell, Frank1919Lower MillPurchased mill58
Snow, Agnes1789 Lease of garden and hemp plot64
Somerville, William1897Lower MillMiller57
Somes, Mr.1854Of TawstockReport from Petty Sessions153
Southern, Robert1382Combe Martin mineGranted mine30
Squire, James  Owned Bridgelands134
Staddon, Edward1758 Father of illegitimate child124
Stambray, Nicholas1693 Church warden121
Stanbury, Nicholas1798 Church warden invoice for killing foxes117
Stephens, Richard1700 Dispute over two corn mills56
Stoyle, Henry1752 Church Pew payment118
Street, Richard1827Dovell's quarryBuried by rock fall101
Swayne, Mr. Marshall1743 Church warden invoice for 12 red deals116
Sweet, Mr.1782 Church warden invoice for killing a fox117
Swete1796 Author, comments about the mines38, 87, 153
Sydenham, Mr.1773 Church warden invoice for oak116
Symons, George1746 Limeburner97
Tamlyn, William1840sChurch TurnpikeTurnpike Trustee107
Tenow, Nicholas1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Thomas a Becket  Murdered by a Tracey7
Thomas family1800s Limeburners98
Thorn, Henry1812 Partish assistance for Inquest after drowning126
Thorn, John1773 Contract for church seats116
Toms, Mrs Kathleen1902 Published 'Notes on Combe Martin''65
Toms, Rev. H.W.1866 Payment to W.Harding119
Tossell family  Strawberry growers165
Tracey family Of Barnstaple 7
Tracey, John1531West Challacombe 77
Tracey, Thomas1531Of BerrynarborWitness at hearing77
Treweek family1792 Came from Cornwall160
Treweek, John  Mine captain, went to Butte, Montana, USA160
Treweek, Percy  Miner, returned from USA160
Truro, the Bishop of  Advocated Coulsworthy Spring water174
Tucker, James1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand occupier109
Tucker, William1531Of Combe MartinWitness at hearing79
Tucker, William1845Combe Martin mineReceived dues from the mine46
Turlow, John1693 Overseer121
Turner, Elizabeth1806Of BarumSettlement cerificate121
Turner, J.M1775-1851 Painting reproduced on front coverFront cover
Turner, John1842 Tithe map occupier133
Ulf, John1360Combe Martin mineBerrynarbor parson, mine surveyor29
Usticke, Henry1700 Dispute over two corn mills56
Vellacott, John1531Of KentisburyWitness at hearing76
Vesey, George1792 Parish assistance after loss by fire126
Vicary, John, widow of1630 Mentioned in will72
Vivian, Sir Richard1654Combe Martin mineExpressed interest in the mines37
Watson, Mrs.1773 Owner of Lady's Wood116
Watson, Rebecca, Lady of the Manor1773 Owner of two corn mills56
Watson, Sir Charles1800Lord of the ManorDispute with George Ley57, 95
Watson, Sir Chas.1866Combmartin TurnpikeLand owner108, 109, 114, 130, 135
Watts, John1832 Occupier of Kings Arms Inn87
Watts, John1840Of HighfieldVestry meeting of Landowners129
Watts, John1881 Gardener155
Way, Edward1784 Church warden invoice for killing badgers117
Wedlock, Catherine1758 Mother of illegitimate child124
Westcote, Thomas1630 Calls Combe Martin a "poor haven", describes hemp growing13, 62
Whitefield, Nicholas1531Of IlfracombeWitness at hearing78
Whitefield, Thomas1531Of IlfracombeFather of Nicholas Whitefield78
Whitehear, John1531West ChallacombeServant of John Orchard76
William de Falaise1086 Domesday Book4, 6
William of Orange1688 Landing at Brixham117, 123
William son of Robert son of Martin tenant to Warin de Morcelles     Transfer of property55
William the Conqueror Battle of Hastings 4
Williams, Ann1792 Parish assistance to repair table126
Williams, John1837 Schooner master for John Dovell17
Willis, Robert1778 Paid for supplying shoes126
Willis, Sarah1784 Apprenticed to Richard Dallyn127
Willis, Thomas1842 Tithe map occupier133
Willis, Timothy1784 Apprenticed to Timothy Willis127
Willis, W.A.1911EasticottsStonemason, erected horse trough106
Willis, William1798 Instrument repair118
Willis, William1787 Abused son, trial, and sent to gaol126
Willis, William1840Of NethertonVestry meeting of Landowners129
Willis, William1842 Tithe map occupier133
Willis, William  carrier165
Willis, William - his son1787 Died, abuse by father126
Winzer, John  Character in book written by Samuel Newman, founder of Baptist Chapel   151
Witheridge, John1773 Lessee of two corn mills56
Witheridge, John1881 Gardener155
Witheridge, William1791 Miller, son of John Witheridge56
Wolsey, Cardinal1528  32
Wood, William Bryan1868HoldstoneLand Surveyor, leased mining rights135, 142
Wyatt, Philip1601 Town Clerk of Barnstaple83, 84
Wyborn family  Strawberry growers165
Yonge, John1382Combe Martin mineGranted mine30