A few headstone inscriptions from Cookbury Churchyard

Transcribed by Nicola Aldridge

Cookbury Church, with its unique dedication to St. John the Baptist and the Seven Maccabees (the children of Judas Maccabeus who helped to free the Jews from the Syrians in 166 BC), was declared redundant in 1982. The nave and chancel are Norman with the North aisle added about 1500. The fine East window dates from about 1300. It has escaped much of the alteration that has affected so many other churches in the region.

On 1st March 1987 Cookbury Church was restored as a Chapel of Ease in the Parish of Bradford with Cookbury. The Church is open to visitors and monthly services are held there from April to September. An appeal was launched in 1987 for repair work to the roof and windows. This work was successfully completed in 1992 at a cost of over £25,000 with generous help from English Heritage.

The above text taken from historical notes in a booklet at All Saints Church, Bradford.

Index of headstones

Badcock Mary 06 Sep 1847    Aged 44    Wife of Samuel
Badcock Samuel 11 Jun 1854 Aged 57 Yeoman
Balsdon Frederick John 21 Apr 1919 Aged 33 Of New Inn
Brimacombe    Catharine 21 Apr 1881 Aged 84 Died Hollacombe
Cole John 25 Feb 1877 Aged 83 Husband of Susan
Cole John 06 Oct 1900 Aged 72 Of Upcott Moor
Cole Susan 16 May 1880 Aged 74 Wife of John
Fry Nellie 22 Sep 1937 Aged 33 Wife of Thomas
Fry Thomas Norman 16 May 1969 Aged 73 Husband of Nellie
Gilbert Maria Ann 08 Jul 1867 Aged 37 Wife of John
Hicks Dorothy 26 Nov 1866 Aged 47 Of Stapleton
Manning Grace 09 Mar 1883 Aged 74 Wife of Stephen
Manning Stephen 06 Apr 1883 Aged 77 Husband of Grace
Maynard Eliza (nee Courtice)    31 Dec 1843 Aged 29 Wife of John
Sanders Catherine 10 Mar 1844 Aged 80 Wife of Emanuel
Sanders Emanuel 16 Feb 1837 Aged 72 Husband of Catherine
Saunders Charles Hicks 26 Apr 1866 Aged 23 Of Upcott
Slee Clara Andrew 10 Feb 1919 Aged 59 Wife of Daniel
Slee Daniel 18 Dec 1926 Aged 70 Of Thornbury
Ward Mary 04 Jun 1846 Aged 3 Daughter of John
Ward Mary 12 Oct 1849 Aged 73 Wife of William
Ward William 10 Sep 1852 Aged 76 Yeoman

Sacred to the memory of Mary, Wife of Samuel Badcock of Stapledon in this Parish. Who died 6th Septr. 1847. Aged 44 Years
              My friends come view and call to mind
              That death is due to all mankind:
              My Husband & my Children dear,
              I am not dead but sleeping here

Sacred to the Memory of Samuel Badcock, of this Parish, Yeoman, who Died June 11th 1854, Aged 57 Years
              Farewell my loving Children dear,
              Be to each other kind:
              Remember too what Christ hath said;
              "Ye must be born again"

In Loving Memory of Frederick John Balsdon, of New Inn in this Parish, who fell asleep April 21st 1919, Aged 33 years
              He bade no one a last farewell
              He said good bye to none
              His spirit fled before we knew
              That he had from us gone

In Memory of Catharine Brimacombe, who died at East-Combe, Hollacombe May 10, 1881 Aged 84 Years.
              Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord
              their works do follow them

In Memory of John Cole of this Parish who died Feb 25, 1877, Aged 83 Years. Also of Susan, Wife of the above who died May 16, 1880, Aged 84 Years. They rest from their labours

In Loving Memory of John Cole of Upcott Moor in this Parish, who departed this life 6th Oct 1900, Aged 72 Years
              Afflictions sore long time I bore,
              Physicians were in vain,
              God thought it best that I should rest,
              And eased me of my pain

In Loving Memory of Nellie the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Norman Fry, of Lake Farm, Shebbear, who passed away at the Royal Devon Hospital Exeter September 22nd 1937, Aged 33 years.
              Farewell my husband and children dear,
              I leave you all to God's good care,
              To dwell together in peace and love,
              Until we meet in Heaven above.
Also of her beloved husband Thomas Norman who died May 16th 1969, Aged 73 years

Sacred to the Memory of Maria Ann, Wife of John Gilbert of Anvil Corner in the Parish of Holsworthy: who Died on the 8th of July 1867. Aged 37 years
              Submissive to thy will my God
              To thee my partner I resign:
              And humbly bow before thy rod
              I mourn, but dare not to repine

Sacred to the Memory of Dorothy Hicks of Stapleton in this Parish: who Died November 26th 1866. Aged 47 Years.
              "God will redeem my soul from the
              power of the grave"

In Loving Memory of Stephen Manning, of this Parish, who died April 6, 1883, Aged 77 Years. Also of Grace, his wife, who died March 9, 1883, Aged 74 Years. They rest from their labours

Sacred to the Memory of Eliza Wife of John Maynard & daughter of Daniel & Susanna Courtice of this Parish: Who died 31st Decr. 1843 Aged 29 years
              If love and care could death prevent,
              My days would not so soon be spent
              But death it did too soon destroy
              The Childs care and the Husbands joy

Sacred To the Memory of Emanuel Sanders of this Parish (Carpenter) Who departed this life on the 16th day of February A.D. 1837 ætatis suæ 72. Also in Memory of Catherine his Wife, who departed this life on the 10th day of March A.D. 1844: aged 80 years.
              We brought nothing into this
              world, and it is certain we can
              carry nothing out

In affectionate Remembrance of Charles Hicks Saunders, of Upcott, in this Parish, who Died April 26th 1866, Aged 23 Years. "For ever with the Lord"

In Loving Memory of Daniel Slee of Thornbury, late of this Parish, who fell asleep Dec 18th 1926, Aged 70 years. Also of Clara Andrew beloved wife of the above who fell asleep Feb 10th 1919, Aged 59 years.
              Until the day break and the
              shadows flee away

In Memory of Mary, daughter of John & Mary Ward of Stapelton in this Parish, who died 4 June 1846 Aged 3 Years
              Farewell dear Parents cease to mourn,
              Unto my God I must return:
              'Twas He that gave me to your store,
              And took me hence for ever more

To the Memory of Mary the beloved wife of William Ward, Yeoman, of Stableton in this Parish: who departed this Life on the 12th day of October in the year of our Lord 1849. Aged 73 Years.
              My Husband dear forbear to grieve,
              My Children cease to mourn:
              He that at first my Spirit gave,
              To him it must return.
              Hope then in Christ the bleeding Lamb
              Who all our sorrows bore;
              That we in Heaven may meet again,
              Where we shall part no more

To the Memory of William Ward, Yeoman, of Stabledon in this Parish: who died Septr. 10th 1852. Aged 76 Years.
              Children forbear to mourn and weep,
              Whilst in the dust I sweetly sleep:
              This vain world I've left behind:
              A crown of glory for to find